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  1. ImQueen

    Re-Life: Promise Not to Love Again (JJ&Taew)

    Disclaimer: I am not a historian, so the story may contain false history records and information for the purpose of enhancing the story's plot. I highly encourage you understand that some of the historical facts are inaccurate and does not represent the real histories of the countries involved...
  2. 040156

    James Ji activities in Japan

    I suppose this one needs a separate thread since he'll be doing more stuff there. As a recap, James had released a debut CD "James Jirayu" with two songs, his Japanese Cover of Loving You Too Much (originally by P'Bird Thongchai) and Kimi Dake I Love You, which is the Japanese title of Ruk Sud...
  3. S

    Various Stars (OHO vol. 8 no. 178 August 2015)

  4. C

    4+1 superstars versus The 5 Lions!!!

    Which team is more HOT POPULAR CUTE HANDSOME