1. B

    is there anyone willing to put subtitles for Thai boran?

    I'm wiling to pay. I can't understand thai well so I need someone to sub it for me if possible? the vidoes are on yt. If you can download it and add in subs, that would be nice.. lmk.
  2. B

    Please help identify these old thai boran lakorns

    First one I'm trying to find has to do with a guy who was born retarded? When he find his chest armor, putting it on will change him into a handsome man with powers. He has multiple guys and powers in him when he uses the chest armor. The second one has a mother who gives births to 4 sons. They...
  3. M

    Name of Thai Lakorn!

    Hello there! I have been looking for the name of a thai lakorn I watched when I was a kid. All I remember about the plot was that it took place in the period of historical. The main girl and the main guy were in love but the nang'rai was from a rich family, obsessed in love with the main guy...
  4. darlingyaya36

    Please help me find this lakorn!!!!!!

    So i saw snippets of a lakorn in an mv on youtube and I can't seem to find the lakorn, I've looked everywhere and I really wanna find out what the lakorn is, or even if u know the actors name, then just tell me thatt this is the mv and the lakorn i wanna find shows up from 0:07-0:25, then...
  5. M

    1998 Romantic Taiwanese Hmong Dubb??

    I know the original title for this drama, but I don't know the Hmong title for this drama. I remember seeing it when I was a kid, and now I want to watch it again. Any clues on what the Hmong title is?  The original title is "Tears in Heaven"  "苍天有泪".      Synopsis: Xiao Yifong is the oldest...
  6. xodxo

    I need to get him out of my system!

    I have a huge thing here! I am really curious to know your opinion about what I have to say. There is this one guy I went to college with. it seems we used to like each other, but some things come up. His friends seem to really despise me because at one point in college I told everyone I didn't...
  7. A

    How can you tell the difference between love and like?

    I have been dating my bf for over 4 yrs. He wants to get marry, but I am not. My mind is telling me, "He has too many flaws for me to accept him as a husband.” My heart can not tell the difference between love and like. My friends tells me, "love is blind. If you love some one, you can...