1. V

    Selling/Trading Thai and Chinese Novels

    So I bought some Thai novels and for some reason, I’d like to get rid of it. However, it’s difficult for me as I live...elsewhere than Thailand. Except for one (I forgot the title, I’ll add it later), all of these novels were adapted in tv series, so that’s how you can know the synopsis. As for...
  2. S

    Novel You Would Like To Be Made Into A Lakorn?

    Which books/novels would you guys like to be made into a lakorn?
  3. roselovesice

    [UPDATE 2.07.2017] Selling Thai Lakorns, VCD's & Lakorn Magazines (1st & 33rd POST)

    I'm selling each magazine on the first picture for $4 a piece. Retail is like 8.50+. The prices includes shipping, so don't worry about the shipping price. For the premiums, I only have Neua Mek 2 left. They're all still in mint condition with scratches here and there because i've had them for...