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    Din Lom Phet (Dirt Encircled Diamond)

    Here I go again... Another BieNa FF, along with Bella and Mark. FF- Din Lom Phet (Dirt Encircled Diamond) Cast: Noona Neungthida, Bie Sukrit, Bella Ranee, Mark Prin Summary Karatkaew (Noona) is a young woman who was abandoned by her biological parents when she was a baby. She was brought by a...
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    Peua Wun Proong Nee (For Tomorrow)

    Upcoming FF inspired by Sood Sai Paan's plot and Bie's "Kam Taam Kaung Kwaam Wai Jai". This was a last minute thing. I've been so busy with work lately so I'll try my best to squeeze in some FF time here and there everytime I get the chance.   A BieNa/ VillTam FanFiction: Peua Wun Proong Nee...