benz punyaporn

  1. inbetweener_guy

    [CH8] Poot Ratikarn (A Plus): Ohm Atshar / Benz Punyaporn / Mint Nutwara

    Trailer is here. Looks like this will be the first new primetime drama of Channel 8 post-lockdown.
  2. Mannie

    [PPTV] Montra Maha Sanae: Oil Thana / Benz Punyaporn / Namwaan Kannaporn

    Not sure if this thread was created yet but another lineup in PPTV lakorns. They got a lot coming! This one looks good. I created a thread for it cause I love Benz P and I'll check this lakorn out for her haha. cr Rakdaradotcom IG
  3. Maricon

    [CH7] Nark Boon Song Klot (Khon TV): Mik Thongraya/Green Ausadaporn

    Opening ceremony
  4. krisayaporn

    [CH7] Payasoke (Dida Video Production)

    This will be primtime, remake from old movie by the same title. It's tragic story about love between Mother, her son and son's lover. This will poignant so much, when mother have to willing kill her son.   Cr.     I heard that
  5. K

    [Ch7] Lilawaadee Plerng ( Prakotdarkradee)

  6. S

    [Ch7] Sapai Hua Daeng (DIDA VIDEO)

    Sapai Hua Daeng = Red Head Wife (lol)   LOVE BENZ and POO! Sexy ladies!!! Tle looks good too.     I miss them since Plerng Prom. kekeke     Credits to Benz and Tle's IG
  7. Zowie_lol_Sin

    [Ch7] Ubathteehet (DaraVdo)

    It seem the top pic was talking at Pantip [webboard Chalerm Thai] about DaraVDO have plan to remake lakorn "Ubattihet" and they said that the P'Ek n N'Ek is Om Akapan n Kwan Usamenee... อุบัติเหตุ [n.] (ubattihēt = ubatthēt) EN: accident ; crash FR: accident [m]
  8. J

    Somwung Soo Soo (Showing)

    Somwung Soo Soo OPENING CEREMONY