bank artit

  1. Maricon

    ❤[CH7] Ra Bum Marn (Ninobrothers) : Vee Weraparp / Preaw Tussaneeya / Bank Artit / Katreeya English

  2. A

    [CH7] Kamin Kub Poon (Pordeecom) Green Atsadaporn / S Kantapong

    hi guys i recently read that this lakorn will be remade and im excited :dance1: i will post source as soon as i get it, but i actually saw it on a news channel while watching live. i normally just read this forum without account but since i know this lakorn will be remake i want to make an...
  3. M

    [Ch7] Sanaeha Maya (Gao Neung See Entertainment): Ann Sirium/Sammy Cowell/Kelly Thanapat

    Ann Sirium's first project as a producer for Ch.7. Sammy and Kelly will star together for the first time. Dear lord why him?!???? It's a cheewit lakorn so another challenging role for Sammy. I'm so sad. Why Kelly? Give him a father role.    แนะนำละครใหม่ 7 สี "เสน่หามายา" ผู้ผลิต บริษัท...
  4. K

    [Ch7] Koo Wun Lun Pan Ruk (Prakotkarndee)

    yay :)
  5. krisayaporn

    [Ch3] See Loh Koh Sueb (TV Scene)

      New lakorn from Tv scene, It fitting yet. It has new four pra'ek. It is    - Bank Artit from Cubic (Lin Pei Ing) - Ohm Kanin from Thong Nuer Gao (Apichart, Guang's son) - Chap Warakorn from Samee (police who is friend with n'ek)  - Kwan Kpn (New Actor)     and it has four new n'ek,  - Fortune...