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  1. Iya for Simmers Here!

    Hey everyone! I just want to give a shout out to all simmers here at AsianFuse. If you like to play any version of the Sims franchise, come join us here @     We've been away for so long and now we're back. so come join us and share your simming experiences.  Happy simming...
  2. Iya

    A Shout Out for My Channel

    Hi guys! I've been bored lately so i created a new Let's Play Channel. Come watch, enjoy, and subscribe to support me. Comments are encourage because what's a let's play without people poking fun at it?  :bhehe:   So whether it's bad, needs improvement, or is just plain funny, let me know. See...
  3. Iya

    C H E R I S H E D [M&M]

    Cherished an M&M Fanfic     Casts:       Mark Prin as Mark Suparat     Mint Chalida as Mint ‘Fai’ Niwayakul     Barry Kujimiya as Charles Knight     Yaya Urassaya as Fahlada 'Fah' Niwayakul     Boy Pakorn as Lom Suparat     Margie as Montra 'Kati' Niwayakul Suparat   Foreword:       Mint...
  4. Iya

    Seeking advice for an age old dilemma, unrequited feelings

    The Story: I've been neighbor/friends with this family for almost fifteen years and it wasn't until my high school years, seven years ago that I've started noticing the family's eldest son, Gray and developed a crush on him. Now, that was weird that I did because were not even friends, more...
  5. Iya

    Once Upon Your Shadow

    Okay, I admit, I've officially caught the GRGR fever, so another fanfic is born. I hope you guys will like this one. I will try to make this a short fanfic. Please bear with me. I'm kinna writing this story in bits and pieces. As of now, my beginning is a bit choppy as I am writing the middle of...
  6. Iya

    Credit Card

    Okay, so I'm going on a trip out of state soon and the one thing I know is that you need at least 1 major credit card for emergencies. Well, with all the problems with people going into debt with credit card, I am very cautious about getting one. In fact, I don't even want one at all. However...
  7. Iya

    Lakorn similar to "Love Never Die"

    Okay, so ever since I saw "Love Never Die" with Dome/Ploy, "Recipe of Love" with Ken/Anne, I realized that I love these similar types of lakorn where the female lead is like cute, cheerful, and not weak in character. IN other works, I don't want anything that has the n'ek being too weak. I...
  8. Iya

    [FIC] Once Upon Your Shadow

    So I've been cleaning up my hard drives and found this fanfic that I've had finished writing a long time ago but never put up. The story originally stars Ariel, Joe, and Wuzun from around the ISWAK and Tokyo Juliet days but now I've decided to change it to Barry, Yaya, and Mark since I totally...
  9. Iya

    Join the Challenge!!!

    I recently upload my website and is looking for contestants in my challenge. If you have free time or is just plain bored, check out my challenges...and maybe join a few. :D ROUND ONE Deadline is Nov. 26th. Have fun!!! BTW, I also have a lakorn gallery. If you have a lot to share, let me...
  10. Iya

    s ♥ r i y a ' s . g a l l e r y

    Soriya's Art Gallery10/11/10 - Wanida Icon Batch Latest WorkIcons Get singles @ Elusive Colorization Previous Arts (ordered by Post): Drama Banners (365 Days of Love ft. Ken&Anne) Colorization & 1 Icon (Challenge) Colorization (Challenge) Colorization (Challenge ft. Stock Photo) Icons (365 Days...
  11. Iya

    Ever been guilty?

    I found these while browsing on google... For the teens: For the parents: LOL. i cracked up so hard looking at them. it brings back memories of my very first bf. anyone been guilty of it?
  12. Iya

    A Relationship with a Best Friend

    Okay, so I've been stumped with this questions for about four years now and I feel like I still don't know an answer to it. Here's the story: I met a guy friend the first day of my freshman year and had instantly clicked. We felt as if we have known each other forever and get along better than...
  13. Iya

    [REQUEST] Neak Tumley Mekong

    I was wondering if anyone has this drama with Khmer Dubbed. I've been looking around different sites, but they are too expensive and is wondering if anyone has it and want to get rid of it. let me know.
  14. Iya

    Need help figuring something out.

    i've been wondering what a certain is called for a long time. what is that metal basket thing called, the one where you use to bring food to the temple or to work when you bring food from home (only in Asian country though). it usually comes with a few bowls that you can stack atop of one...
  15. Iya

    Ngao Ruk Luang Jai

    i was playing around with burst capture on my GomPlayer and got crazy. Figure i share them for fans and for artists who may find them useful. Examples: Download the rest of the opening theme here. It's my first time using burst capture, so it turns out not that great.
  16. Iya

    2 Simple 2 L O V E || a double love story | CH. 8 UP!!! 7/12/10

    Staring: Son Songpaisan: Son is Thailand’s superstar and is still on the rise. He is arrogant, hard to please, and is thought to be selfish by his acquainted. But only very few knew that he isn’t what he appeared to be. Mos Patiparn: Mos Patiparn, or Gun to his friend, is a cop in...
  17. Iya

    Princess Only Hero || starring Aum Articart & Pinky Savika

    Staring: Pinky Savika as Alyse Savika, Princess of Anasia Aum Artichart as:Koravic Artichart, owner of a popular vineyard and resort in ThailandPete Pathiparn, Alyse’s personal bodyguard and fiancé Other characters will be listed as appear in the story. Foreword: Alyse Savika is the only heir...
  18. Iya


    i've been trying to upload a pic for my profile but i kept on gettin the same error message over and over; "uplaod failed. contact administrator" can anyone help? thanks.
  19. Iya

    Always in My Heart || Aum & Aff [CHAPTER 8 UPDATED!!!]

    Staring: Aff Taksaorn as Soriya Taksaorn Aum AtiChart as Harit Rangsiman His family is blood related to royalty, deeply respected with strong power and influence Kwan Usamanee as Thawan Rangsiman Harit's younger sister, Soriya's best friend Peung Kunya Leenuttapong as Bpeeyachat Pitchaya a long...
  20. Iya

    New HQ Thai Gallery

    Hey guys, I just opened a gallery for my website featuring pics from some of Thai's dramas & actors, and some from others countries as well. I just want to ask anyone here to help upload some HQ pics of your favorite dramas into the gallery and help us grow. If you don't want to contribute...