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    [CH3] Leh Lub Salub Rarng (No Problem) : Nadech Kugimiya / Yaya Urassaya

    I had watched a couple of Yaya's lakorn and this is my first Nadech one. I love Yaya. I need to watch more of Nadech. However, I agree with some of you that the side characters add nothing to the storyline. Yaya and Nadech's acting is awesome. I think the producers focused too much on the...
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    [Ch3] Sai Lub Rai Ruk Puan ([email protected])

    Anyone know if anyone else is picking up the subs for this lakorn?
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    [Ch3] Sai Lub Rai Ruk Puan ([email protected])

    I just finished ep.6 subbed, and I can't wait any longer so I will watch it raw. I would love to see Ploy and Andrew star in another lakorn together.
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    [Ch3] Sai Lub Rai Ruk Puan ([email protected])

    I agreed. Now that I see how Andrew is so funny in here I couldn't think of Peter. I feel like Peter's comedic side is almost too 'serious' if that makes any sense. I am also thinking that Ran is an agent in another branch or something.
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    what is consider the saddest lakorn ever

    Ruk Tur Took Wun with Aom Piyada and Ken. First lakorn I ever cried too. Koo Kum with Noona and Bie because the story of Koobori and Angsumalin will never have a happy ending.
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    [Ch3] Sai Lub Rai Ruk Puan ([email protected])

    Thank you. Really appreciate it.
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    [Ch3] Sai Lub Rai Ruk Puan ([email protected])

    Anyone subbing this? I am watching it raw and it is so funny. But I do really want to completely understand it.
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    Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon [ Starplus ]

    I'm in love. I very much enjoy this drama. I love the fact that Arnav trust his wife unlike Mr. A. Sarun's chemistry is so strong. "What the...damn it..hello hi bye bye." Who else find themselves saying the phrases?
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    Taew Graduates

    I love her. Congrats to her. Full time actress and still at the top of her peers...WOW! already have another job too.. My inspiration right here.
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    Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon [ Starplus ]

    I hate you all in a good way. I decided to click on one ep to see if I would like it as this is my first bolly soap. I am glad I clicked on the ep when Khushi went back home to visit her family after the wedding. I cried a full 2 liters of tears...and from there I knew I will be an addict. It...
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    Parents thought about me?

    Why r u at his house??? Not to sound rude but u don't need to Be over there. You guys r not even dating. He has no right to treat u that way. You deserve a ton better. It is also Good to hear that u r distancing urself from him. In my opinion I think his parents like u very much.
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    about tub yaj?

    never heard about that..but.. i hope he is doing good..that is like i don't know...
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    Aom Piyada

    I love Aom, so beautiful.. Love her in the first picture.
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    ::Brenda Song::

    Brenda is so pretty. I am proud of her... Well at least she doesn't claim not to be hmong.. Hmong or not i am still proud of her. American Dream is what they call. Go BRENDA!!!!!!
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    Demand the money back. And if she don't get it back. Report her.At this point don't even mind your niece/nephews.. I am guessing they are in good hands of your parents. That is wrong if she did forged your signatures.. This is bad.
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    Rock Superstar Vs Pop Superstar Battle

    Go Toon Bodyslam!!! Hit It..You can do it..... Next, they should have a singing contest.. <sneeze> toon <sneeze> Gotta say.. I didn't really think that Bie can do as much as Toon.. but Go Bie!!!!!!
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    i need oipions plz....

    forget deserve him that you don't need him.. he don't deserve you.
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    Kwan Usamanee: Spectrum Lush

    for a while i thought you got the wrong name.. wow..she looked amazing. love the make up. i agree this is BOLD.
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    N.C shooting

    that is just sad.. wtf..are they thinking...these shit need to stop..
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    You are my destiny-New drama

    I love this drama....Yoona..Main dude is hot.. I am on ep. 46...out of like 130ish. But I think that this should be in the Korean section...