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    hmm...pretty good bod
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    Jah & Jakajun (PART I)

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    Chompoo Araya

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    Ploy Cherman

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    yesss. i know its the thai forum... but i want to share my special experience with EVERYONE! im still high from it!! rain had a concert in sydney lastnight.. and his 'after party' was suppose to be at this club.. but he never turned up. some ppl were pissed off coz we all waited till 2am. but...
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    can u spot the difference??

    paula & taya aum & kob marsha & tata paula & tata tuk & ning kob & aff kob & pinky kob & ploy nadia & aum aum & yard (??) noon & jar
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    X Piya [not for the lil kids... again]

    lol.. yes.. this is another 'not for the lil kids'.. but this time.. im posting this coz i reckon its funny... unlike Utt's photoshoot.. i thought that was hot (but gayish) ... wassup with the pose and the TIGHTS??
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    zaza - new 'sexy' look

    i love this shoot! everyone so pretty, cute.. gorgeous.. pim always have nice hairstyle~~~~
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    8 top actresses

    this was LISA MAG celebrating its 8 year anniversary by putting the top 8 actresses in the cover. the actresses are Mew Lalita, Aum P, Paula, Nat Myria, Poo Praiya, Pancake, Kwan & Rita. these are the pix i have.. wanted to see mew and pancake.. oh wellz
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    Nok Jariya

    for anyone who doesnt know, shes the mother in Bua Prim Num very pretty i reckon i duno her age tho
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    Sara Malakool

    shes so white!!
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    Noon Sirapun

    hmm.. doesnt the cake/pie thingy looks delious????
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    Taya Rogers

    if theres any taya fans.. thought id share she sorta got the same facial expression in all pix...
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    Im Achita

    For those that duno her, shes an actress.. always get those crazy roles. shes in Laong Dao and i think Puen Sanit (not quite sure, cant remember) .. and was she the ghost in Shutter?
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    Jeed Saangtong

    i thikn shes Ananda's gf
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    sexy photos

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    more pix

    thought id share this.. theres a few HOT pix of him.. i love those facial hair! love his nose.. his lips...
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    Aey Pornthip

    very cute.. totally differnet from her n'rai roles