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    Cinta Laura--Indonesian Pop Star

    I was bored and was surfing youtube when I came across this cute teenage Indonesian English-Speaking pop star who likes Poo Praiya. What do you all think? Plus, the songs is catchy and cute.
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    Need soundtrack help

    I don't know the title of the lakorn in Thai... but the Pat plays as a rich girl impersonating as an Isan maid with dark features, curly hair and a big mole on her face. She's investigating her future money grubbing fiance (Nat). Here is the video clip from
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    Be Very Careful!!!

    Hi Everyone, This was an e-mail sent from our IT personel about malicious attacks on PC's. Consider yourself lucky everyday when nothing happens to your PC ... but if you are *_un_*lucky, spyware will leave your computer as good as useless, steal your personal data, banking information...
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    "E Turk" aka Aump P with the large forhead? I don't know what to it true?
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    Dawson's Creek final Episode

    I'm contemplating on buying the Dawson Creek series but I'm unsure about the final episode. Does Joey end up with Pacey or Dawson? will help me make a decision sooner, :spin:
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    rice inflation?

    In long beach, as of today--all 50 pounds rice bag are $50 per bag. What's going on with that? It was only around $28 last month for 50 pound bag. could someone explain to me what's going on? I hear rumors but am not sure.
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    Im Srey Pov

    I"m looking for this song in audio by Im Srey Pov. Can anyone help? I would like to purchase all her songs--especially this one. thanks ;) Here is a clip of the music I'm talking about:
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    Lady Topic

    Out of curiosity, how many of you have 10 or more bras? Is it just me or bras are very expensive these days? :huh:
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    Recession Era

    America is in such a recessin era that I'm afraid of spending money like I use to. It is a known fact that American's dollar has dropped signficantly and people are still spending money like crazy and not thinking of the consequence. We need to save more money because America can go bankrupt at...
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    Need help

    Could someone tell me what I can and can't bring with me on my carry-on bag? Please, what are the do's and don't to put in your luggage to Cambodia? Any helpful suggestions would be very much appreciated. ;)
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    Cambodia genocide tribunal begins

    The article is about the trials of various ex-Khmer Rouge who are being persecuted according to the law. ;)
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    Expressing my frustration!!

    I'm so mad, forgive my grammar. I got back from a wedding reception in Rosemead/San Gabriel, California. It was a Khmer/Chinese wedding. The wedding was perfect, but---the guests weren't. Damn! these Chinese people were so stuck up. ohm, they like look down on me and my sister because we were...
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    Are women a depreciating asset?

    I came a across a topic on a certain forum, the topic was: What am I doing wrong? Written by: Kounsreyyeak Okay, I'm tired of beating around the bush. I'm a beautiful (spectacularly beautiful) 25 year old girl. I'm articulate and classy. I'm not from New York. I'm looking to get married to a...
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    I just discovered this website. It has a lot of korean dramas and animation you can watch-- it's all free!!!! Go check it out everyone. Enjoy your crunchyroll :rolleyes: :D :P
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    Which star are you from?

    Can someone upload it please. Please..pretty please with a cherry on top? :D
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    Need your help ASAP. does this drama have a good ending? I bought the drama but haven't opened it. If good ending I will open the package, if not I will return it back to the store. thank you.. :unsure:
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    United States Citizenship Test

    My interview is next month and I need to prepare for my citizenship test. the interview going to be difficult? What are some of the questions they do ask? Because I am a college student, will the questions be harder for me because I'm a college student? Need help...any advice is better...
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    Car Accident

    Last week I got into a car accident where I rear-ended someone. It's my first accident and my car is totaled. What will happend then. My insurance has accepted liabilty to the other party. Does this mean that I'm at fault? Forgot to mention, I live in California... any advice is good..thank you
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    Austrlian Open 2007

    It will be aired on ESPN2 on Saturday, 28th at 1:30pm. :yahoo: Who do ya'll will win? I choose Serena Williams ***GO USA***!!!!! she will win the match.
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    What is the latest volume for this Manga? So far I know that it is up to vol.17. I wanted to know when will theis series end. I can't wait any longer, I'm going crazy. I know that it already ended in the Japanese Version, but how about the English version. How many more volume until the end...