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    List of Korean Series - Dubbed in Khmer

    I know there aren't much out there, but they've begun to dubbed some in Khmer. The completed ones that I know of are: - Sunshine of Love - A Love to Kill - Damo Read somewhere Fullhouse was being dubbed in khmer a while back in one of the threads. Any others you guys know of out there?
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    Knyom mean kom hor a veay - old thai series

    I'm looking for 'Knyom mean kom hor a vay' ( don't know if you guys understand my khmer/english). Anyways it's an old movie probably early 90s maybe even earlier. I think there was even a remake (with John Nuvo later...and remember nek...but I don't want that one...I want the original). Here's...
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    What's your favorite lakorn theme songs?

    Some lakorn have some pretty good theme songs. Sometimes, i'll get movies that I've already watched...but just am not sure. Once I pop in the tape and hear the beginning theme song, I'll know right away (if I've seen it or not), even without watching the screen. You'll notice that most series...
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    ME rapping LAO (video)

    One of my friends sent me this link, thought I'd share. I have no idea who this guy is.......but I had a good laugh.
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    K ( I love this singer...he's got an awesome voice)

    I just discovered him, and love his voice. He a Korean singer, he sang the them song for 1 litre of tears (which was sung in Japanese though). Anyone have any of his songs, I've been trying to find, but have no luck.
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    [KBS2] She is Back (Ice Girl)

    Anyone seen this series, if so what did you think of it. I'm debating whether or not I should bother watching it.
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    Vimean Maykala (Kat English & Johny )

    Anyone have this movie. It's one of my fav. trying to see if anyone else has a copy on hand ....before I consider ordering from this place.
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    Lakorns from the 1990s

    Now that I look back the 1990s produced some really...really good lakorns, especially the late 1990s. As much as the movies now are great and all (definintily a larger selection of actresses and actors alot younger....blah..blah), the storyline now just don't hook me as much as the ones before...