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  1. tye-niranh

    [Ch3] Yah Leum Chun (LakornThai)

    I'm sorry if someone already asked this. When will YLC air? I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. tye-niranh

    [Ch3] Qi Pao (Broadcast Thai)

    To me, low ratings don't mean anything. I think this lakorn is great! There are a ton of lakorns with high ratings that I do not care for. Different people, different preferences.
  3. tye-niranh

    [Ch3] Leh Roy Ruk (Uma)

    I absolutely love this lakorn! Great and Cherry awesome chemistry and he's so cute and yummy to look at. I keep smiling to myself when I watch the sweet scenes. lol Anywho, does anyone know where I can find the song that played the part when Great almost got shot? Love that song but can't...
  4. tye-niranh

    Dok Som See Thong(Broadcast thai)

    To me too! Please explain why it's bad to be a gold colored dok som?
  5. tye-niranh

    [CH3] Ruk Mai Mee Wun Tay (Polyplus)

    aw that's too bad he's a jerk in reality...i didn't follow news on him but i was going to start. maybe i shouldn't so it doesn't ruin the feeling. lol. now that i really think about it, it's traipoom that i am in love with. i usually fall for the character first before noticing an actor...
  6. tye-niranh

    [CH3] Ruk Mai Mee Wun Tay (Polyplus)

    I feel the same way! I've heard of him and I've seen him in music videos and such but never really cared for him. Maybe I have a thing for vampires. I dunno but dude is HOTT!! LOL
  7. tye-niranh

    [CH3] Ruk Mai Mee Wun Tay (Polyplus)

    omg, where has dome been all my life? dude is hot! i am so in love with him right now! i know his acting isn't the greatest but this is his first lakorn, correct? his hotness makes up for it. every time i hear the song that he sings to this lakorn, my heart drops to my toes.!
  8. tye-niranh

    4 Hua Jai Haeng Khun Khao

    It shocked me that they made Mark the oldest but then I remembered, they're twins and are probably minutes apart so really, they're all playing the same age. There are a few people I work with who are years younger than I am but look 10 years older. :)
  9. tye-niranh

    4 Hua Jai Haeng Khun Khao

    So far so good. I am a little annoyed by the brother's over-protectiveness too. It does make it seem a little unrealistic. It's a good thing they're cute. lol. Anyway, Kim is so pretty to me. I like her. This is my first time seeing her.
  10. tye-niranh

    thank you for the bday wish. so far so good. :)

    thank you for the bday wish. so far so good. :)
  11. tye-niranh

    Sao Chai Hi-Tech (DaraVDO)

    Great rant! LOL. I agree with you completely. It's a good thing you took the time out to write it. I am a little frustrated with Rin's character at the moment too. I feel what she's doing isn't right...Yes, I know that Rin and Nol will end up with each other bc they are the pr'nangs (and I...
  12. tye-niranh

    Ruk Nai Marn Mek (Dida)

    is it just me? or is pr'akes's mom's acting really bad? besides that, so far so good.
  13. tye-niranh

    [CH3] Ngao Ruk Luang Jai (Makers J.)

    i am so confused. so who's the main pr'ake? nawa or techit? the one that gets with khaohom?
  14. tye-niranh

    Dok Ruk Rim Tang [Exact]

    Me too! I am loving this lakorn so far. And Vill is cute in here. I love Bie's singing and his acting isn't too shabby. His voice is very unique. There are worse singers and actors out there than him. I am loving Fang in here and do miss her coupling with Bie. Loved her and Bie in Hua Jai...
  15. tye-niranh

    Prajun Lai Payak (Polyplus)

    I believe they already did...He's supposed to be in a lakorn with Jui. Not sure when it's coming out though. I am so ready for this lakorn to end!! omg, it's getting out of control. how do they always manage to screw up a perfectly good lakorn but adding more episodes? seriously!?!?!?!?
  16. tye-niranh

    Prajun Lai Payak (Polyplus)

    i love this lakorn but am so ready for it to end. omg!!
  17. tye-niranh

    Liem Prai Lai Ruk (Broadcast)

  18. tye-niranh

    Prajun Lai Payak (Polyplus)

    Got it. Thanks for explaining. I must've missed it somehow bc I was too busy staring at him hot he is! lol
  19. tye-niranh

    Prajun Lai Payak (Polyplus)

    okay, i must have missed something. when did wayu get his eye sight back?
  20. tye-niranh

    Prajun Lai Payak (Polyplus)

    so glad i'm not the only one going gaga for wayu. he's so hot!! i love a man that treats a lady well.