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    Before the Moon Cries

    "Before the Moon Cries" Synopsis: After the death of her mother, Bai Yun was forced into a ghost marriage initiated by her father. From there, she met the compassionate eldest son of the Cao's, Qiu Ru, who was the brother of her dead husband, Tian Wei. I'm aware that I have like two other...
  2. Calligraphy

    HELP ME!!!!

    My sincere apologies y'all. I don't know where to post this question in this forum, so I decided to create a new thread. So.... Can you guys help me identify this lakorn with Kwang and Not? I don't care if it has English subs, or not, I just want to see it. What is the name in...
  3. Calligraphy

    Kwarm Ruk Boran (Ancient Love)

       Ancient Love/ ความรัก โบราณ     ​Synopsis:  The King of the Kingdom Honthara had two daughters; Chantara Raksomari (Vill Wannarot) being the oldest, and Phitchaya Raksomari (Pinky Savika) being the youngest. Chantara had more beauty and more manners than her younger sister, Phitchaya...
  4. Calligraphy

    Sia Tsai (Regrets)

    Regrets/เสียใจ     Description:  When a young lad visited the temple to meet up with Monk Songthanari, she asked the Monk, "Who should I marry? The one that loves me, or the one that I love?" Monk Songthanari gave a gentle smile to the young lad, and simply replied, "There is a story that will...