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    vacancy..who seen it???

    i was kinda spooked here and there but dang wth was the point of was a disappointment...dang but kinda weird too...
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    piCs...PicS...of jEnjeN...

    okies i want to share my pics tOo...
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    omg i the imax theater and i thought it was awesome...such a heartbreaking movie..ehehe it was entertaining and gosh so good!!!
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    omg! i hella u??

    o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0ooo...omg this is so funnie...umm...i got this of sumbody's myspace bulletin...ehehe... Anybody under the age of 13 should not read this, and if you do, you should not repost this. Just because you were born in '97 doesn't mean you're a 90's...
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    who's planning to go to china for olympics???

    okay well i am..just wanted to see if anyone else is too...
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    anyone been to china???

    im plannig on going to china in summer of next year...i was wondering if u had to get the visa thingy before u go or not...becasue my parents went to laos and the had to send their passports to this one place to get it stamped and stuff..but when i went to thailand the did that when u entered...
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    link to what kind of asian quiz

    i remember that someone posted up this asian quiz where ther eis a whole bunch of pics of asians and you guess if they are chinese japanese or korean...i need cause for my ethnics class i have to find stereotype in america blah blah blah and i thought it would be appropriate to use
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    hlub tiag yeej tau

    please...imma dying to noe the title...goSH!!! i was up late looking on the net...but nuthing....please can someone give me the name so i can go rent it and watch...i only seen the hmong version which is like a dream...ehehe because everything is cut it real good...its only one tape! eheh please...
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    kev hlub nyob qhov twg

    its the one where her mom and she lives in the forest and she meets the guy and yea i guess they get together but she cant speak and when her mom died she ate a pearl and can speak...gosh cant reamber how many parts to this movie but yea i want to see again...anyone got info on it??? ehehe o0o...
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    a old dubbed chinese movie i think...

    well i was wondering if any of u seen this was waaay back like in 1997-98....i remember like sumthing like her dad like hunting deer and somehow she was turned into one...i wanna see..and um i think like this dude fell in love with her and then he turned younger....umm im not sure if...
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    rats in the house!!!

    well its kinda late but i cant go to sleep knowing that there is rats in the house...eeewww...i think even in my room cause this morning at 5 my mom woke me up for work and i was still lying in bed and i heard like scratching on the wall...eeewww...i was so grossed out i jumped out of bed and...
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    song in "ntej ntws tsi rov qab"

    umm i was wondering if anyone knew the song in there...its actually in part 3 where i think they are riding the motorcycle to go play or sumthing...i noe for sure its an old song and the girl part is tshaus hawj but iono about they goes sumthing like this... "tsi thas hais tias kuv...
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    help! i deleted my computer's sound device!!!

    okies it was way back like when "house of flying daggers" came out and i downloaded it..and while i was watching it the sound was tweaking on me...but it still played...just skipped then play skip then play....i was so madd so i tried other clips and the same problem...i was so madd -and crazy-...
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    huab tais xya leej nthxais...aka nananuna

    dang saw it again yesterday...all day ive been thinking about it...just wondering if ya can help me get info on where i can get the music and the movie itself.