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    Are Hmong star[s] approachable?

    Proto J---yess! he seems shy but he's really nice!!! His music is okay..
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    thank you for the birthday wish...

    thank you for the birthday wish...
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    3 lub tooj npab........

    yes their booth was very hidden...and i even saw them walking around..they looked stuck up..but watever they are just shy. the story line is intersting, but the acting is sorta bad..and some parts was very hard to understand. lol..the hmong speaking is very annoying because some words are...
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    when's it coming out???omg i cant wait either!!!!!! tahnks for the info.
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    omg!!! cute dogs...puppies...ehehe...
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    o0o thanks...february!!! can't wait..
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    i can't wait either for their cd to come out... okay stupid question---> is it korean or japanese album?? Im assuming Korean cause didnt "Five In The Black" just came out this year for japanese...??? thanks for the songs...omg all sound sooo good!!!...but...
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    omg how cute!!! mini xiah is sooo cute i can just pinch his cute little cheeks....aaawww.. those minis are so cute heka look like the orignial dbsk.. thanks for the pic...
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    i voting everyday for our dbsk boys...shinhwa is leading at the moment... ehehe...omg yuhno such a workaholic! i felt so worried when i heard the news...then i watched youtube clips of the encore concerts and dang he was trying his best to not make us worried too much by showing us that he can...
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    i was wondering if anyone knew where i can buy dbsk's dramas... with eng subs??? omg i cant seem to find it anywhere...
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    Yang Brothers

    not bad... it was HAIB KAWG...ehehe...i only watched the last one closely...the one with 4 of them on a field, and the sprinlers was think they all got nice voices...yes tub yaj is the better looking and better singer but i guess all of them got good voices..i dont noe if it was that...
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    Interview with Flim Maker Moua Lee (Golden Path)

    i agree with u all..the way he said it makes Tub Yaj look bad..if i was him i would be bothered by that comment...but moua lee did say acting AND personality wise...i mean we dont get to see the real behind the scenes moments so like he meant that maybe Tsab Ham is easier to work with and better...
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    Who's going to the 2007 SACRAMENTO SEA GAMES???

    i did not go...the website sucks...where's all the winners of each event?? i wanna knoe who won the swim suit and the girls soccer...ehehe...
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    General Vang Pao Arrested????

    omg...some random person just messaged me on myspace about this...and i thought it was a joke...but i guess not...wat the heck is going on???omg...
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    movie- Kev Hlub Nyob Qhov Twg? parts 1-3

    o0o u have a whole waiting list lol...ehehe...
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    it's been out of stock for a while u think its ever gonna be back on stock??lol...i want to get a copy too...dang it i should've gotten it when i have a chance...dang dang dang...well yea please tell me if there is another place i can get it at...or if someone has a copy of it...and...
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    movie- Kev Hlub Nyob Qhov Twg? parts 1-3

    my uncle was so into the movie that he named his kids nkauj hli and tswv dead serious...i think i should tell him about part 4...hehe....
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    vacancy..who seen it???

    i was kinda spooked here and there but dang wth was the point of was a disappointment...dang but kinda weird too...
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    movie- Kev Hlub Nyob Qhov Twg? parts 1-3

    o0o thanks so much..i think my brother inlaw is able to convert vhs into dvd...he did it for some of my mom's hmong thailand if u need any help ican ask him..but are u doing it in a professional way or not??? ehehe..thanks..
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    movie- Kev Hlub Nyob Qhov Twg? parts 1-3

    yes!!!! omg! that will be so0o great! dang i would like the movie parts if u have lots of copies...please i would like so how old are u now??? ehehe...