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    Noon Woranuch

    wow, she's so pretty!!
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    Nadia Nimitwanich

    I almost didn't recognize her, she looks so young and fresh and pretty.
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    Nathalie Davis

    I like her very much in the pic with the glasses.
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    Pinky Savika

    wow, very pretty but i like the pics toward the end, the first ones just looked a bit off for me.
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    Ann Thongprasom

    nice and pretty but her eyebrows stand out too much, i just want them to be a bit more defined and tamed.
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    Siriam Pakdeedamrongrit [Ann]

    wow... very beautiful.
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    Araya A Haget [Chompoo]

    it looks like she has contacts on cuz her eyes look a bit blue.
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    Num Sornram & Noon Woranuch (Mae Ying)

    I love num in these roles and the shades are hot but i'm not digging noon's wigs, a bit too fake.
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    Ann Alicia & Puri

    I like the 2nd pic, very cute. I think the dark eyebrow on her makes her look older though.
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    there's something about her eyes that i just like.
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    Kwan Usamanee

    she looks very pretty here and i can't believe how skinny she is too.
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    Anne Thongprasom & Aum Aritichart:When we First Met

    the cover shocked me. skin & touching.
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    Pirates of the Carribean 4

    no bloom or knigthly? sad but yah! cuz i'm sure that it will be one heck of a story... can't wait!!!
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    Kaew Lom Pet (Exact)

    thanks for the translations, I love the song even more now that i know the meaning behind it. i'm starting to get hook on this lakorn. i hope the pra'nangs will improve their acting cuz i want to see them more in the future, they're doing very well but i think it still easy to spot them as...
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    Paula Taylor

    her hair is crazy but i think it's still okay, what i don't get is that pink thing she has on in the first and 2nd pic.
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    Buachompoo Ford: Feeling Pretty

    she has such a cute face and i like her hair too.
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    Bie Sukrit & Pat Suthasinee

    I like the third pic of bie but the brush up is bad.
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    Janie Tienphosuwan: Roly-Poly

    I don't know but the pics looks like those that people would take at home, non-professional... but Janie still looks very pretty.
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    Stefan Sunti & Kwan Usamanee

    I like stefan more in the black suit.
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    Pat Napapa

    I really like how her bangs look.
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    Pat Napapa

    I like how they curled her hair in the pics.
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    HAMBURGER vol. 7 no. 124 October 2008

    the shoot is kinda wierd for me... I though it was por inf the 2nd pic.
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    Taew Nattaporn: Winter Love Song

    She's really cute but I'm not loving the beanie either.
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    Marisa Anita: Flower Princess

    I think this was a very pretty shoot, I also liked aff's too.
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    Wow, they're almost hitting 30 and they're still very beautiful.
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    [Ch3] Plerng Boon (Makers Group)

    I can't believe they're pairing up again so soon, not that I'm against it. but the story line sounds evil. i didn't like that one evil scene in JLR, I don't want to have more evil scenes, it'll ruin my ideal image of their characters. :spin:
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    Mario Maurer & Lee Dong Wook: Binary Star

    what is the shoot/article about?
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    Jooy Warattaya

    she's very pretty! I like the background.
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    New Wongsakorn & Jui Warattaya: Sweet

    too much lipstick.. that is not his color!!! :P
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    Chompoo Araya & Pancake Khemanit

    The wig was okay, it made her look like a little kid. Pancake's shoot did not look like fun.
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    Paula Taylor

    I just like how the second picture looks.
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    Academy Fantasia 5: Star Entourage

    I think it's the outfits that make the girls look older... but it looks pretty nice of the guys.
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    Silamanee (Compordee)

    I was excited when I read that they were doing a remake but then there was Paul. Oh well, I'm still anticipating for it to air. Kob looks really pretty.
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    Sanae Narng Ngiew (Kantana)

    the teaser don't look that good. there seems to be a lot of sadness and crying and not enough happy moments but it's worth giving it a try i suppose.
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    Sapai Look Toong(Lakorn Thai)

    I was laughing so much during the first episode, so yeah, they did a great casting job. The dad's just funny.
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    Botun Greep Sood Tai(Tv Scene)

    Does anyone know what his novel (botun greep sood tai) is about? I don't understand thai but I think he published it already? I'm just curious to know. So far, I haven't watch everything bcuz my internet is not working but I really like it even though to me, it's a very sad lakorn.
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    Jai Rao(Makers Group)

    The synopsis totally got me hooked!! thank you for translating. I read it earlier today and then tonight, I remembered and I got really excited about it and then I really wanted to watch it so badly. Aff is so gorgeous in the pics and Ken just keeps getter hotter and hotter.
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    what do you look for in a guy?

    higher education don't necessary mean you'll be hired, it's just that when you do get hire, you get paid more. Degree or no degree, it's not a big issue. Except that they would have missed out on the college experience, in which I believe is where a lot of growing, self-learning and...
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    Ciaj Sia

    I went to high school with him and for what I remember, he's a pretty decent guy. He was friends with my cousins and they were one of the first to listen to his music. Haven't seen him for couple of years now and don't know if he's changed but he was pretty nice back then.
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    Sririta Jensen

    What is up with this beautiful, beautiful hair on this beautiful, gorgeous girl? Really love this shoot!! Her hair is so amazing in this.
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    which thai actor/actress would you like to be stranded on an island with?

    totally Aum A. or Ken cuz those men know how to survive! plus they are hot!!!!
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    Silamanee - remake lakorn by Workpoint

    I liked the old version and I'm alright with Kob... but I don't know about Paul.
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    "Agean Sea" by: Destiny

    thank you for the song!
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    Nok Jariya Enfone: As Time Goes By

    very nice close up's.
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    Mario Maurer

    yes he does look like won bin in that last pic.
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    Monica Muller

    very baby face but very cute too! and cute smile!
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    Cherry Khemupsorn

    I think this is very cherry-like! classy!
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    did you like Pancakes latest lakorn?

    I though it was kinda boring but I'll try to watch it again.
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    Noon Woranuch: Eternal Flame

    she's still very pretty but I think she looks old/older in the 2nd pic.
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    Bow Chayada & Achi: She's the One

    her son is so cute!!
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    Janie Tienpusuwan:A Modern Bride

    I'm envious! she has on a lot of pretty dresses.
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    Nok Usanee: Only the Strongest Will Survive

    wow, I really like her photos, she looks so pretty here and her hair is so beautiful too.
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    "My Lucky Star" starring Jimmy Lin

    I didn't finish this cuz I think Jimmy Lin just didn't fit this type of genre... i'm more used to seeing him in wusia. I think there's like 20 episodes so I do wonder how many parts they cut out? I might just finish the drama now, then watch the dubbed version.
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    Faked tear of N'ek

    I think Aom cries so beautifully.
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    Weir Sukollawat & Noon Sirapan

    lol.. the same hair. I'm a fan of wier but he just does not take good photo shoot and I've seen good pics of Noon but she's just not wowing me rite now.
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    MtvAsiaAwards 2008

    Way to go nicholas & i'm not too suprise for super junior.
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    Yard & Rita @ the Titan runway

    wow! I think rita looks the best in that red dress.
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    Which was your favorite Ken drama?

    My favs are also those two with Aom!
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    Who is your favorite actress right now????

    still loving Aff and Kwan!!
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    Thai star is also very popular in the mainland of China

    how interesting... it's cool that lakorns are getting popular...
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    Nok Usanee

    she looks pretty.
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    Weir Sukollawat & Pancake Khemanit

    They look so cute... but somehow wier always look not right, except in some of the pics when he's not looking into the camera.
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    Namfon Patcharin

    she looks pretty but totally different... I think her skin's lighter or something.
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    Arena Women of The Year Award 08

    How do we vote cuz I can't read thai? just click on the "vote" under her photo? and who's the girl in the lead?
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    Jeab Pijita

    I think she's pretty but she looks uncomfortable on the cover and they totally used photoshop cuz what's up with the 2nd to last pic?
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    Jai Rao vs. Borisud Bumbut Kaen

    I'm excited for both but... I think Jai rao... funny on the voting poll cuz right now it's 50-50 with my vote.
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    IMAGE vol. 21 no. 7 July 2008

    They all have nice body but I'm not digging most of the pic.
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    Chompoo Araya, Nok Usanee, Yardthip: Single & Sexy

    I think Nok looks very pretty here on the cover... almost didn't recognize her.
  70. greenapple2

    Nat Myria

    haven't seen her in a while... I don't know but I think the makeup makes her look old.
  71. greenapple2

    does anyone know what happened to tik jesadaporn?

    I prefer him clean cut/dressed up but I admit that he looks natural in the jungle environment... his navigator show is fun to watch.
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    Chompoo Araya: Beauty & Style

    she's pretty... I like her close up more though.
  73. greenapple2

    Tender Kiss

    It's Bpee... before they actually kissed, there was a tiny gap between them and she was the one who move and closed that gap, so she wanted to kiss him.
  74. greenapple2

    Hellboy II

    there's going to be an anime/cartoon movie too.
  75. greenapple2

    Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wo Suru - Movie

    What happened at the end? I don't understand that last scene of him carrying her on his back and then???
  76. greenapple2

    Margie Rasee:

    margie looks fitting here..
  77. greenapple2

    Aum Patcharapa

    this is a pretty nice shoot.
  78. greenapple2

    Aum Patcharapa: Let's Get Naughty

    she's looks alright here, but what's with the bra & bikini combo?...anyway
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    Pat Napapar

    pat looks very nice and pretty.
  80. greenapple2

    Pueng Kanya

    wow, she so pretty on the cover.
  81. greenapple2

    Rome Patchata

    The dog is so cute... rome too!! why did they choose a happy looking dog to go with his serious look? anyway, he looks good though.
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    your first thai forum

    i think my first was spicy but not really because I would have things to do for some time, then I check in and the forum was closed to certain members, so I guess it was my first encounter with a thai forum but when I think of thai forum, I instantly think of Sarn so Sarn is my first...
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    next rising actress of ch3

    I saw bits and pieces of each their lakorn... mostly of margie but I think Taew is really pretty and have some good qualities so i choose her.
  84. greenapple2

    Margie Rasee:Colorful Girl

    i think she looks pretty in these pics, to me she looks younger than in BJ.
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    thanks for the pics... he looks buffer than what i remembered.
  86. greenapple2

    The happening

    I didn't know this was by M.Night... usually for his movie, when the trailer is about to end, they would say his name like ominously and stuff... okay, I might watch it. to me his work is not all that original/terrifying/good twists but i'm partial to them.
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    Upcoming Hollywood Flops or Hits;

    There's gonna be another fast and furious movie... uh... why? oh well.
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    yeah she's not that bad looking... when she wears decent clothing that fits her age but i've seen some that just throws me off. overall, she looks pretty good in the music vids, due to photoshop or whatnot, and she looks or is tall, so that's also something that people are drawn to.
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    Gae Roy Ruk(Bangkok Drama)

    August 2nd = yeah!!! before school starts!!!
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    Hana Yori Dango Movie

    I got the link from asianfanatics' forum it's very long but fun to read!
  91. greenapple2

    Bangkok Dangerous (2008)

    this looks interesting... chakrit speaks english pretty good... I wish they would have said his name after they said nicolas cage cuz chakrit is pretty big in thai... and I like the title, it's intriguing.
  92. greenapple2

    Hana Yori Dango Movie

    Oh goodness, I really really want to watch this now!!! even though I've read the spoliers and know everything that is going to happen, I still want to see in front of me!!! I like that there's a conclusion to this drama. I can't wait.
  93. greenapple2

    Phom Ruk Roy Adeed (Dida Vdo)

    Um... I totally really like win. I though he look too young at first but he fits the role of the not so smart but very caring and loving p'ek. the scene (after torfun's engagement) in ep 10 was really sad that I had to skip it the second time that I rewatched ep 10. I was actually sad for...
  94. greenapple2

    Sung Tong

    wow, so it's just not me who feels like they've been dragging to on and on. Some of the parts are funny but seriously, please do something new and exciting and please hurry up and take off the mask!!! it's been like a month or two, maybe more!!!!
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    Ib Leeg Tub

    I'm watching this right now and overall, it's better than i expected. The acting is pretty good and the storyline is not corny or anything.
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    this song is disgracefull!!! by emotion band.

    well, some of the people who go clubbing, go with this intention, so i say they're just saying what some people are thinking.... anyway, it's a stupid song. i admit that it has good rhythms but aside from that, it's a total waste of 4 minutes of my time and a total waste of the band's investment...
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    17 year old Hmong girl killed by her step-father in Merced

    It always saddens me to hear things like this... and rape too??? what's even sadder is that some people don't learn from this, to handle their dispute rationally, but instead they imitate or do something along this line, which sets a bad example for other irrational people to follow.
  98. greenapple2

    Sawan Bien Beat JLR!

    Well, no matter what, I still love JLR. SB was a bit too "violent" for me, I'll have to rewatch it to see why they ended up liking each other. JLR... at this point in my life, I love, love that lakorn. I didn't learn some big life lesson from it, but it influenced me in lots of good ways...
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    Ken Teeradeth & Aff Taksaorn, Ginnie Thanida: Cheers

    Wow, they both look really good... but I'm just not feeling the high class, etc feeling of the shoot.
  100. greenapple2

    Hmong History

    My thoughts are which text is the bill referring to? Will it be a part of American History or be taught as a part of World History? I'm not swaying toward one or the other, I'm just pondering. :mellow:
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    Hmong in Clint Eastwood New Movie

    if it's true, I wonder who the director is that he's taking on the project.
  102. greenapple2

    relatives liking each other

    I can't quiet figure the relationship out, your dad's 1st cousin's brother in law? unless there are other connection, he's not really related (as in blood) to your dad except the "in-law" connection. still, i see your point about relatives liking each other, however, we're hmong so we basically...
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    this just baffles me!
  104. greenapple2

    We : AFF : A Sneak Peak Behind the Scenes

    such beautiful eyes
  105. greenapple2

    Aum Atichart / Aff Tuksaorn Forum

    didn't know there was forum, thanks for the info and redirecting.
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    beautiful aff

    she is perfect for doing cosmetic ads cuz she is beautiful.
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    Aff Taksaorn:Vivid Glamour

    I love Aff's hair when it's down, it looks all right here but she is still gorgeous.
  108. greenapple2

    Bee Siwak

    yes, I've been thinking 'bout him too and want to watch more lakorn with him in it!
  109. greenapple2

    sarNworld video streaming site!

    I've been gone for a week and so many new things are happening... love the streaming site!!
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    ❤️ AsianFuse's Wiki!

    wow, this is super awesome! awesome! awesome! thanks to everyone for working hard on getting it up!!
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    rome & aff presenter of a drink

    aff has super beautiful eyes!!
  112. greenapple2

    Anne Thongprasom

    the make-up is kinda weird for me, but I like the last picture on the first post.. it's interesting.
  113. greenapple2

    Por Thrisadee & Pat Napapa

    wow.. pat looks super gorgeous!!
  114. greenapple2

    Xab Thoj or Tub Yaj

    Voting for Xab Thoj cuz he's pretty funny... Tub Yaj is just too fake for me. Xab's acting is crude but at least it's honest effort, I just don't know what Tub Yaj is doing -_-
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    I too didn't there was a miss hmong american, thanks for the info. as for the girl, can't say that she's beautiful but she looks all right.
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    High Voltages

    thanks for the collection, can't wait to start listening ^_^
  117. greenapple2

    masquerade ball in sac

    yeah there's hmong people there... most of my high school friends ended up going to Davis, I should had gone too, oh well...
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    Yes! I like the attempt scene but I have to speak out AGAINST R-Scene. I guess I'm Anti-R. It just burns me! cuz I can't imagine what the n'ek is thinking about him afterward. I don't care if she does like him. Imagine when everyone is happy at the end and she thinks back to that incident...
  119. greenapple2

    Where is Tik Jesadaporn?

    I've seen clips of his navigator show, it's alright... yeah, want to see him back in lakorn too!
  120. greenapple2

    Japanese High School Musical

    why didn't this suprise me?.... not to be mean but I though HSM was kinda cheesy = perfect for a Japanese version ; not hating on HSM or anything its' just while watching HSM, it reminded me a lot of Japanese drama because of all the exagerated stuff that they usually have (which I loved and...
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    Edison Chen leaving showbiz indefinitely!

    I think his people are advising him to keep a lowER profile for now... then make a BIG comeback.
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    Jamleuy Ruk (Makers Group)

    thanks for sharing all the pictures... he looks so hot... he's like the hottest man alive right now!!!!
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    hMONG wOMEN has GONE wILd..

    hey the guy in the background in the first pic is that actor guy in "Nuj Nphaib thiab Ntxawm.� One of the old ladies is in a movie with him, that movie was so horrible!!! It was about him being new to America, working for the old lady and falling in love with her daughter. SUch a sad movie...
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    I can't really say that it's fake cuz she looks at the appropriate time, like it is not when she's changing keys on the piano... but there's no heart in the playing so it can't be considered as a talent cuz anyone could do it... i didn't like the musical sound they choose too... overall, it's fake!
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    hmong title for

    Hey I like all these titles but I know that if it is translated, the title will be butchered!!!
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    i want ur opinions

    Your defense should be that you are not being selfish but that you know that SF is best school for you because it offers more or THE opportunity for you to reach your GOAL, and that is what college is about and that is what is important!!! You may not be able to help out now but you will be in...
  127. greenapple2

    i want ur opinions

    college is EXPENSIVE!!!!! (me = 40G/Yr) that's just undergrad too... but I think far would be better. No matter near or far, u will have to worry 'bout bills, rents, etc. Only difference is that at home, you'll worry less but you will feel like you have to help out, so a job is still a...
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    LISA : AFF : Good Hairs Day Always

    lovely hair... so beautiful...
  129. greenapple2

    Jamleuy Ruk (Makers Group)

    Didn't know it's his B-day, happy B-day!!! How old is he? Just wondering...
  130. greenapple2

    Aum Atichart

    he alway looks/is hot!!!!
  131. greenapple2

    A Couple....who knew

    they look happy together, that's all that matters.
  132. greenapple2

    Janie's grand opening yogurt store

    It's good that she branching out toward other ventures....
  133. greenapple2

    Harit----aka Aum Atichart

    love him in those white muscle shirts!!!
  134. greenapple2

    Subbed: King Kaew Kar Fak

    will the subs be posted here?
  135. greenapple2

    tax season!

    I got 10 dollars back!! YEAh!!!!!
  136. greenapple2

    hnub qub

    I like the first three... the rest, especially the ones with her sister, NO!
  137. greenapple2

    Jamleuy Ruk (Makers Group)

    there's needs to be some conclusion on the loose ends... but I'm satsified with the ending overal still I would been estatic if there were more -_-
  138. greenapple2

    Wu Zun!!!

    Wu Zun is very pleasing to the eye!!!
  139. greenapple2

    Alyssa Chia

    I like Alyssa too... I thought she was pretty in Heavenly Sword but I really liked her Empress Wu or something like that. I think her lastest drama is something like "When you're sad" it's a contemporary one.
  140. greenapple2

    American Idol

    This season is allright, I think there's some talent but no one really stands out for me either.
  141. greenapple2

    Sai Yai Sawaad (Dida)

    all other stuff aside, what gets me most is their theme song and the house scene after they return from commercial. It looks like a horror story with Stefan acting like a mad person and we see a scared kob. The song just makes it even more scarier 'cuz it has a warning tone/melody, but I don't...
  142. greenapple2

    King Kaew Kar Fark (Maker Group)

    I hoping they switch roles soon but I think it'll be a while since Pat & Por's relationship still has to develop more and so does the other pat's relationship too. Unless they speed up the pace but I think it'll be at least two more episodes before the switch.
  143. greenapple2

    Jamleuy Ruk (Makers Group)

    hey great mv, I like the song you used.
  144. greenapple2

    Aum goin out wif VJ Jar

    ummm... I'm so behind, I though he was going out with Pinky or was that just a rumor, or did they already break up? Just wanting to know...
  145. greenapple2

    Aum and Pinky pictures

    pinky's hair bothers me, but she still pretty.
  146. greenapple2

    kwan usamanee

    she's very pretty... I like the her best in the first pic
  147. greenapple2

    Sai Yai Sawaad (Dida)

    I think Sunti is still very stiff and his acting still has room for improvement, but he's alright... as for Aum, I think he's just great (great body) and very good facial expressions and acting... (it's funny how JLR fever is leaking to threads that not even 'bout it) ^_^
  148. greenapple2

    King Kaew Kar Fark (Maker Group)

    THanks for the summary, is it possible to give a short summary of each episode (probably asking too much), cuz my thai understanding is only picture wise. It's kool if y'all can't^_^ . As for the look-a-like but not twins, well take Britney Spears and Jamie-lin Spears, I think they two look a...
  149. greenapple2

    Song Request anyone??

    I think request for this thread is close for now.... but I've uploaded your request under the download thread.
  150. greenapple2

    why go to college?

    ^_^ good luck!!
  151. greenapple2

    NOSE JOBS!!!!

    my mom says that too but I don't know...
  152. greenapple2

    Jam Leuy Ruk : FANMADE MV

    very nice mv, i like your choice of songs and the clips too
  153. greenapple2

    why go to college?

    I think people are constantly growing and college is a good environment where we can meet new people, get introduce to new ideas and really grow up. Not to diss people who don't go to college or that you can't grow if you don't go to college, but that college do expose us to other issues out in...
  154. greenapple2


    well, this doesn't surprise me.
  155. greenapple2

    Jamleuy Ruk (Makers Group)

    Everytime I watch JLR, it seems like Harit just keeps getting hotter, hotter!!! Can't believe it ends next week. The preview don't look too promising but I know that there'll be sweet scenes in it, so can't wait. I still think that there will be a baby!!! Gonna stream it live next Monday cuz...
  156. greenapple2

    favorite scenes from JLR drama aka "Defendant of Love"

    off the top of my head -scene where kwin was leaving the farm and asked if soriya would like to go with and harith told him no. they just look so hot here. harith in a white t-shirt and soriya's complexion looks so good when she wore that green shirt. -scene at the beach where he apologises...
  157. greenapple2

    Aff and Sririta

    hey, great observation. totally agree ^_^
  158. greenapple2


    I like Wier and Kwan ^_^
  159. greenapple2

    Aff Taksaorn:Face To Fate

    she's still pretty but I've preferred it if they've used a more reddish tone lipstick.
  160. greenapple2

    imagine if ann t would have accepted JLR, would the reception be the same?

    So true... Ann and Ken are great actress/actors but Aff and Aum have sizzling hot chemistry!!!! I haven't watch many of Aff's lakorn but I seen a few of Aum's. From what I've seen, his acting in JLR is superb and really showcase what a talent actor he really is. I mean his facial expression...
  161. greenapple2

    a girl in sac is ordering tub yaj

    hmm... okay...this type of marriages are alway fishy and usually don't work out.. hopefully there will be some intervention on her part.
  162. greenapple2

    [MBC] Thank You

    I though it was slow at first but it has a very good story line and I ended up liking it too.
  163. greenapple2

    actresses who look best with dyed hair

    I just love love Aff's hair!!
  164. greenapple2

    Do you want to see Jieb as nang'ek?

    She's cute, but theres no WOW factor for me, so supporting role would be better.
  165. greenapple2

    Rising or popular n'ke for 2008

    Aff's getting a lot of notice eversince JLR and I think that Kwan's popularity is going to get even more bigger!!!
  166. greenapple2

    Fahrenheit or Lolipop??

    Still love and rooting for Fahrenheit!!!
  167. greenapple2

    [DL] Kev Hlub Muaj Nqis [2007]

    thanks for sharing
  168. greenapple2

    Kwan Usamanee

    picture-wise I like her with Wier, but she can go out with who ever she wants ^_^
  169. greenapple2


    Pat looks like a princess in the pic with the crown, so pretty!!
  170. greenapple2

    Ezyhealth & Beauty : AFF : Love Actually

    the picture on the cover kinda bothers me, but she still looks very pretty!
  171. greenapple2

    Dung Duang Haruethai

    Just finish watching this. I think it's pretty good and the love story is cute. It takes a while to get over Kwan's crazy hair that keeps changing color one moment after the next, but she's really pretty and I love her makeup, it makes her eyes looks very bright and pretty.
  172. greenapple2

    Sai Yai Sawaad (Dida)

    My thai is not good. Can anyone recap the storyline please?
  173. greenapple2

    WE : Prisoner of Love : Aff & Umm

    I just love this shoot!! The roses are so pretty too!
  174. greenapple2

    I read that Aum Atichart is gay or bi, I want the 411 people!

    Just because he's hot, doesn't mean he's gay :P
  175. greenapple2

    Ken Theeradeth & Noi Bussakorn's Wedding?

    wow, Feb 3rd? That's like this weekend!!!
  176. greenapple2

    Sai Yai Sawaad (Dida)

    Thanks for the recap and the spicy link... I'm not too fond of Stefan's character either, but it would be interesting to see if his character will change for the better. Right now, he's like the spoiled, rich evil girl/girlfriend that thinks they're all that and try to sabotage everything in...
  177. greenapple2

    Favorite Hmong Band

    I remember the Sounders very distinctively but I was around Paradise's fans more so I heard more of Paradise and still like their music.
  178. greenapple2

    What Is Your Opinion On Dating Other Ethnicity?

    I think that there are no boundaries when you're looking for that special someone, but I agree that my parents do want me to meet a nice Hmong guy and I do too!! but it's so hard. Sometimes I wonder if I'm too picky too but sometimes I wonder whether I had made enough effort to try and find him.
  179. greenapple2

    Jamleuy Ruk (Makers Group)

    thanks for the spoiler... it seems as though parts of him were relief that she keeps denying of having been Harin's girl because everytimes she denies it, he replied that she'll be his then... we all know he wants her ;)
  180. greenapple2

    F4 new mv's

    Just saw F4's new mv's "Goodbye" and "Waiting for You." They looked really different but I really liked how Jerry looked and his voice is awesome.
  181. greenapple2

    Best Teen Actress

    All of these actress are very pretty and unique in their own way but I really like Ariel the most.
  182. greenapple2

    Ariel Lin w/ Mike, Wu Chun or Joe?

    I really liked her in ISWAK with Joe, but picture wise, I like her photos with Wu CHun.
  183. greenapple2

    Jamleuy Ruk (Makers Group)

    Wow... I tried to stay away for two days and there are over twenty pages to go through ;) Thanks for the spoiler... can't wait for the next episodes to air.
  184. greenapple2

    sexy photos

    He's so masculine... love it :D
  185. greenapple2

    Nraug Laib Tus Txim Hlub": Mafia Tee Ruk (My Beloved Mafia)

    My grandma was watching this but I couldn't bring myself to watch it completely... I'm not hating, but the dubbed voices really annoyed me because I mentally know what the actor/actress' voices are really liked and I felt so cheated of the actual storyline.
  186. greenapple2

    underage kids

    she actually looks pretty with all of her clothes on...
  187. greenapple2


    Is it an old or a new movie?
  188. greenapple2

    Guess What?????

    yeah i wonder if she will still sing.
  189. greenapple2

    maiv xyooj's rumor

    they got the big D. I though they are still together. Basically, living in the same house, but nothing more than that. oh well.
  190. greenapple2

    Teem Caij Yuam Kev

    I tried translating... but don't know how to exactly translate the title. Sorry for any/many grammar mistakes and anything that could have been translated more accurately. Please correct if anything is wrong. I don't get some stuff in the story, like how does daylight saving have anything to...
  191. greenapple2

    Ariel Lin, one of the luckiest Tawainese actress!

    I though she looked wierd at first in her dramas, but I saw some of her photo shoots and though she looked very pretty and cute.
  192. greenapple2

    FAHRENHEIT'S NEW MV!!!!!!!!!

    yeah wu chun improved a lot and he gets to sing more parts too. I love this song, although I don't understand a bit of it. I love the middle where there's no singing and just the music. I love their singing too but having the music solo was so cool.
  193. greenapple2


    so glad they finally came out with a new album even when they're so busy with all their other projects.
  194. greenapple2

    Li Bing Bing!

    she's also in Strange Tales of Liao Zhai with Jimmy Lin.
  195. greenapple2

    Questoin about Ariel Lin

    thanks for all the pictures of ariel, I haven't seen some of the them before.
  196. greenapple2


    correct me if I'm wrong, but the satellite is just for watching one channel, which is Hmong network, or does it comes with other channels too?
  197. greenapple2

    97% of Hilton inheritance goes to charity

    paris is already making her own money anyway and chances of her donating to a charity are pretty slim for now, so her grandfather is just looking out for the good of the family name by doing something charitable.
  198. greenapple2

    New Hmong Movie: 5 Lab Dollars

    my dad bought this movie at the new year for like $40 and it had 3 parts. All political comments aside, it has a good and funny plot but they drag some parts so long, like the ending, that my dad and I agreed that it just didn't tie back to the storyline. Overall, I though their sounds...
  199. greenapple2

    Fresno Hmong Inter. New Year

    what suprised me most was that there was a lot of new singing groups this year, maybe just new to me because I don't really know what's going on. But that there was a lot of booth selling just their specific album/albums.
  200. greenapple2

    Thai Lakorn w/Eng Sub

    there's not a lot of fansub group subbing thai dramas. The few I know of are from YT. This person has the most sub dramas that I know of You should also check let me know if you know of any other places. ^_^
  201. greenapple2


    I had to watch her music video, she's okay but her voice is kinda screechy and bothersome. Maybe I forced to listen to it, which made me dislike it even more.
  202. greenapple2

    Tsis yog Laib

    I saw the preview and I think it looks pretty good. The storyline overall is well written. I hope it doesn't end in a tragedy because if I directed this movie, I would have made it a tragedy, but that just me, I'm a trajedy theatre lover (Romeo and Juliet) :P
  203. greenapple2

    Fresno Hmong Inter. New Year

    I'm suprised they didn't dub Kling Keaw Kang Jai. It looks like one of those that they would.
  204. greenapple2

    Tu Siab

    Ahh... don't give up hope. Hold on to what you have. Questions that I have is are you of age (over 18)? Is he of age? Love has no boundaries, but we have to respect our parents and show them that we are responsible people who can make wise choices and decisions. Figure out why they don't...
  205. greenapple2


    I checked out their site and one of their objective is to "showcase all the beautiful Hmong ladies out there" and "showcase them...for the rest of the world to see." All I'll say is that Please don't showcase them for all the world to see, especially when it presents a negative image of Hmong...