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    IPTv satellite or Thai tv movie box

    Which one do you guys have? Is the Thai tv movie box easy to install? Do I have to buy some other part for this installing for Thai movie box? The reason I ask you guys this kind of question is because when I there customer service they don't explain that good. Thanks for all your replied to...
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    IPTv satellite or Thai tv movie box

    Don't know which one is better to order? any advance on this? which one do you guys have? Thanks in advance! :D
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    Pancake Khemanit & family

    Pancake and her sister look nothing alike. How come her mom not in the pic with them?
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    Your favourite Aum lakorn

    I never like Aum Atichard......I watch some of his lakorn beacuse I like N’ek or the story of the lakorn is good. Like I watch “Jum Leuy Ruk� because I like Aff, but the more I watch this lakorn the more I start to like Aum more and now I think he HOTTTT (never thought I would say...
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    Laos to Host 2009 SEA games

    Anyone know when is the Sea Games date?
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    Thanks so much "Darvil" for the advice.
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    Hey Darvil, A year ago when I got my computer fixed they put in "Spy Sweeper" and Norton Internet Security" for me and now it going to expire in a couple of week and I want to know if I should continue using both of them or can I just use "Norton Internet Security"? What kind of computer...
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    Rome on AT 10

    I thought that Rome is half white too.
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    Pix of Rome,Janie,Ken and Boom on At 10

    I was watcing this show yesterday.....Rome look so cute.
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    Tinawong and Prommin Debate

    I would choose Prommin, beacuse he single, nice, and he really love Tipmonta.
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    I really like the Ninja one. Very cute!