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    adobe CS6?

    nvm, got my own copy :S
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    adobe CS6?

    does anyone have a free download to that photoshop CS6 or 5 master collection (or something like that)? i havent been here for so many years i dont even know if this forums is alive or not >_<
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    Chaleuy Suk(Who & Who)

    i have nothing more to say to u than this face --> :rolleyes: i was stating my opinion, dude. and in MY opinion, ann is tooooooooo old for my rome =p excuse moi.
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    Chaleuy Suk(Who & Who)

    uh...sorry but ann looks too old for my rome -_- ... they could have chosen a younger girl for my baby -_- -not gonna watch-even though i LOVE rome...sorry baby i have to pass this lakorn bc i dont like ann T_T forgive me love..
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    Super Natural?

    i just heard today that in MN theres a number that calls people. when you answer "hello" the voice (man or female, its a mystery) on the other line will say "lets go (in whatever language you speak)" then hands up. couple days later you are announce dead. happened to couple people (hmong peeps...
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    what annoys you the most about your boyfriend/girlfriend?

    hmmm i dont have a bf now but *FLASH BACK* traumatize -i even dream about it sometimes-
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    well i used to play PWI (perfect world international). got to level 76 and gave up because it was hard to level aha! good thing i stopped playing though, was losing my reality life over that game. omg
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    got scammed from the internet charge me $180

    well i never got scam i was just stupid :mellow: .. it was for ring tones. forgot to cancel it and it was charged on my bill...yuck. never got my $10 back.
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    For those looking to make some money online

    writing is no no for me. i suck down to the bones. just yesterday i was trying to figure out how to spell "owe". is there any other online jobs that is not about writing??
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    bare mineral bobbie brown victoria something... hmm i dont have that much make up .... honestly make up makes me look 10 times better but the next day two or three pimples would come. thats why i only wear it when i really need to
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    sister mess up

    i WAS about to reply but i saw your siggie and totally forgot what i was going to say O_o.. he brain washed me in that second.
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    you said pickles and i was trying to imagine pickles. but i was imagining the slice up piece you put in hamburgers... and im thinking 'what the hell is this girl talking about?'.... then i thought again... if the pickles were sliced up, then they had to come in some kind of shape... damn my IQ...
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    omg! lmfao you think dirtier than me! but it depends... if the woman had a lot of sex but with small patricks, then it's 50 50 her vajayjay is getting cut. so yeah...depends on the size too :mellow:
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    Is it me or

    omg! let me borrow some of those!
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    they dont cut loose holes, only tight ones lmfao :ph34r:
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    Is it me or

    computer games... or wii games... it keeps me happy!! never bored
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    i WAS thinking about having a lot of babies. BUT then i thought again.... im gonna be one ugly fatass. no thanks. two babies are fine. i want to be 30 and still be able to date a 21 yrs.
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    TWiLiGHTERS?? watch that... anyways well... i WAS a twilight fan and i became a vampire for a while. now i have a change of heart! i now LOVE goo jun pyo!!!
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    let me see i used to be a big freak on anime. many more theres always crunchyroll this ... shows a list of what kind of anime you're looking for i guess? hmmm i forgot how much i love...
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    [KBS2] Boys Before Flower

    damn im totally cheating on my bf with goo jun pyo.
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    [KBS2] Boys Before Flower

    Ya Goo Jun Pyo... STOP BREAKING MY HEART!! YOU DAMN FLAWLESS PERFECT MAN!!!! i've gone crazy. and i need help because im going crazy.
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    palm reading

    first of all shake away the emo-ness. now that you know your future, why dont you cheat it. dont make that mistake? your future isnt as bad as mine. for me, the guy told me i was going to have a beautiful baby girl. but he didnt mention my husband or boyfriend. so in conclusion, i think i wont...
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    i have facebook and myspace. those who dont have myspace i can get in contact with them through facebook. and if they dont have facebook, they have myspace. im connected ;)
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    Gift Ideas for My Bf's Upcoming Birthday

    last year i got an ex a box that had three spaces. decorated the box with the mofos name and my name. in one space filled it with hershey kisses. in the second filled it with hershey hugs. in the bigger space placed a scarf i knitted. wrote a letter somewhere alone the line of if you're...
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    Baby names?

    Jasper ..... no.... jasper sounds like a dog name. i like Julian and i want twins (boy and girl) SOOOOOOOOO bad.
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    be invisible! lol twilight obsess i see
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    what was that? lol ... your husband sure is funny!

    what was that? lol ... your husband sure is funny!
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    chinese shaman

    ^yea my sister IS paying the guy. but only if she has a boy. which is good. i feel so sad for my sister though...she just wants a boy! i told her many many times to just go to the hospital! yet she believes in this hmong thing.
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    hmong vampires? CHANGED to family gossip.=]

    ^thats horrible! how can a person do that to the dead!
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    hmong vampires? CHANGED to family gossip.=]

    couple years ago my uncle passed away and my mom went up to MN for that. my mom said she "SAW" the man and the woman. everyone got up immediately..all running to block the victim. my mom said she was so scared and that she had never experienced something like that in her life. after they kicked...
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    chinese shaman

    ok this is like the first time i ever heard of a hmong boy that has chinese spirits. wtheck someone explain well my half sister has like, 6 girls and they say shes going to have 3 more girls. but this hmong boy that only communicates with chinese spirits said he can do his thing and switch the...
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    Good Samaritan Being Sued For Helping

    i thought the law applied in every state?! wtheck!
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    omg now be aware of your eyes!!

    omg its as scary as the boob picture. OH LORD OMFG i gots the chill again
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    Hunting for a diamond in the toilet?

    if i was her id probably do the same thing.
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    advice on Losing Actually weight?

    the thing about losing weight is, my boobs and butt went with it.
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    Plastic surgery gone wrong ..

    man im reconsidering plastic surgery after seeing harisu. off to ASIA. first gotta find a rich man so i can hand him the bills. omg im so suing disney for making me believe i have a rich prince out there. how dare they lie to me....
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    Disrespectful SPICY FORUM

    dude that was totally rude.
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    hmong gossip! :D

    if the guy is hmong then get marry?! ARE YOU KIDDING?!? hmong or not hmong, do not get marry at that age.
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    i once had a picture of me sitting on the toilet too.. it was a bomb ass picture.. i just can't find it in my computer anymore. sheit. shes just having fun.
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    ugh i have a headache. is this pat?!

    ugh i have a headache. is this pat?!
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    mcdonalds mcrib

    ^omg i was thinking the same thing and was wondering what is mcdonald's crib
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    Guys who don't take no for an answer
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    welcome =]

    welcome =]
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    everyone is sharing

    i guess the mask IS a good idea since this is the internet lol ... i should start doing that.
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    because Sala is beautiful

    you look korean! pretty!
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    Noy's Wonder World

    lol i usually just cut them out... you're so pretty!
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    such a weirdo

    lol we should have a emo competition to see who looks the emo-est lol ...
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    no pic no care
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    when curiosity strikes...

    a woman and a horse omg. thats a downhill first impression of porn LOL a lot of guys wanted to me watch two girls and a cup. but i refused to watch it. why would i want to see two girls eating poop! thats disgusting!
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    when curiosity strikes...

    your story is on the front page lmao ---- well i first saw porn when i was around 10yrs. my brother and his friends were watching some thai porn when i walked in on them. for some odd reason i sat there and watched it with them. then my sister and mom came in and we ended up watching porn as a...
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    Fashion discuzz

    Whats IN now that makes you go fitteds? UHHHHH i dont know about some people but i personally think it's straight up ghetto and it's not hot. especially that gold sticker. WTF? guys who approach me wearing fitteds are -_- how about these? well, it was nerdy back then, still nerdy now...
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    everyone is the same. us females are just better at hiding it.
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    I hate it when...

    :ph34r: you guys can stop pointing the blinking thing in my face now lol i will try to remember to use the blinks from now on. lmfao dangerous chic..
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    I hate it when...

    er i'm guilty for that one right there. like when im in a rush and the car beside me is too slow. i quickly turn. sorry! :ph34r: .. actually i do that all the time. sorry sorry! umm here goes my hate list. -when people go "ewWwwWWwW" when i tell them i take showers every other day. what is...
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    BTW your signature quote is risky as hell! what if i met the love of my life and i just left like that! probably not the love of my life then eh. if i think negative it does make sense.
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    share girl SHARE! once you're done with him pass it over here. i can handle the left over. i dont mind at all! i also want a new car! or at least winter tires god damn it.
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    What are you wearing right now?

    red robe. the best thing in my closet.
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    More than one?

    uh i think liking more than one dude is fine. you need options, i know i do.
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    dont use a pencil then. get this anastasia beverly hills tinted brow gel $19 it'll look just like a tattoo or whatever
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    Where did your boyfriend take you on your first date?

    with the ex.. i think it was at olive garden? it was kinda sweet.. i told him i didnt have a phone (i lied) so he gave me a stack of quarters worth ten dollars. i still have the stack of quarters. kinda miss the guy sometimes when i see the quarters lol .. he held my hand as we walked back to...
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    what is the MOST expensive

    my gum disease *sigh* at least im gum disease free now. cant believe it, my mom wanted me to use the money to fix my car instead. oh lord.
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    Video Site Banner Poll

    i voted 2. simple and i like it. the other ones are a bit too BOOM BOOM BOOM! and i'm like woah woah WOAH! lol .. for a site/forum banner i like it simple.
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    do you coloror hilite ur hair or is it ahhhh nattturrallll?

    i was born with blonde hair. when i turned 5 my hair suddenly turned black. its something i can't figure out. but i love black hair .. simply bc it makes me look older... but not even old enough to look my age -_- bummer... i freaking look like a little girl.
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    PRESIDENT OBAMA!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG IM SO HAPPY... IT'S THE FIRST TIME I SCREAMED LIKE A LITTLE GIRL!!! I WAS HOPPING AROUND THE HOUSE THEN WENT OUTSIDE AND AND YELLED OBAMA! and my black neighbors were crying outside!! AHHHHHHHHH I'M SO HAPPY!!!! i seriously sat my ass in front of the tv from...
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    The REAL MabSua Lis:

    ^i look younger than my age *sigh*
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    For Green Mong...

    this song turned me fob LOL ... i keep listening to it!!! i'm green but SOMEHOW i speak white -_- .. is there a class in madison to learn how to speak green?! i need to get back to my original accent! i think it's hot
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    Whats the dumbest spam mail you ever got?!

    Whats the dumbest spam mail you ever got?! Whats the best?! Dumbest- From: Do You Want To Own Your Own Destiny, Penny! Literal Ability! Enlarge your penis! :rolleyes: Sorry.. my invisible penis can wait. I can imagine those losers (men/boys) clicking on it asap PUAHAHAH...
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    mai moua

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    mai moua

    hi guys =] ... does anyone happen to know that one song that goes like "che cha koj sia koj yoj neeg zong"? i dont know how to spell in hmong, but the song goes somewhat like that. please help? :( thanks!
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    i'm "mong leng". i think the little accent is very sexy.
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    Beautiful Hmong Girls???

    she "admitted" wow such honest :rolleyes: .. we dont have time to email her. we just like to gossip =] again, i dont even know her.
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    Beautiful Hmong Girls???

    must be proactiv lol kidding. i dont even know her.
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    that cop is so gay. how can he not know its a penis! of course every guy (well most guys) have a penis. stupid cop. we need smarter cops out there. if he was confused about the big lump, he should have taken couple seconds to think about it instead of asking a dumb question then answered it...
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    best site to buy plane tickets?

    hi guys what's the best website to buy plane tickets? that is, cheap or affordable. i'm planning to visit colorado (my lovely home town) for halloween. searched up a few but wasn't sure if it was scams or whatever. where do you guys buy your tickets? thanks =]
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    Funny picture

    actually it looks really gay and pathetic, BUT i would LOVE to take a picture like that one day for laughs LOL i'll be the girlxpole LOL i just wont post it on the net haha.
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    Funny picture

    no i dont know them. a friend sent it to me on myspace LOL .... just look at their expressions LOL
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    Funny picture

    girlxgirl boyxboy ...... poor girlxpole LOL .. i bet it's the guy in white's idea haha
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    What sort of work do you do??

    i used to work as a receptionist at a hotel. one time the computer caught a virus and my manager blamed me because i was on myspace. whatever. since i dont have the guts, i wrote him a long letter of how much of an ass he was, taped it on the computer screen and took off. told him to send me my...
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    R.I.P Scrappy

    T____________________________________________T Everytime an animal dies I have a heart burn. Well, tell her, FROM PENNY: live happily in the after life with your babies. T_____________________________________________T sorry to hear that and i hope you feel better. adopt other dogs to love...
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    I cant believe it's gone...

    i spent my summer crying over my stupid ex. i miss that fool.
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    having problems...

    they're just lazy haha.. patience my love =]
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    Eh Leej Muam

  83. Q

    Shaman lady

    all i gotta say is, GOOD GOD I'M NOT THE CHOSEN ONE. they can see ghosts and it's scary. one of my uncle was "the chosen one". but he refused to be one so instead he went to church. he died. doctor explained as "a stroke"
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    I say it when i want to be funny (around people i know), and it does come out funny when i say it, cuz i dont usually say that word.
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    Beautiful Hmong Girls???

    ok you Punk.... first, chill. Second, you must be those who uses toooo much makeup. Third, no one is jealous of a clown. :rolleyes: ... FYI: pretty girl | Ugly girl +LOTS of make up | + LOTS of make up the LOTS of makeup covers up most of her natural pretty face | the LOTS of make up covers...
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    UH i haven't been to the new years in ages. so the club or elsewhere... i usually go stand next to him and pretend looking around (at the same time pretend i dont see him), like i'm looking for a friend. if he likes me he'll talk to me. if he doesn't talk to me after a while, i pretend i found...
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    Opposite Sex

    think they're all that. PSH nigga I LOOK BETTER THAN YOU. shut up already. lord. but in reality, when they think they're better than me and go flashy all over me, i give them a friendly smile because they're blind. :) . but if they are better than me, i still smile.
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    Basket Lady

    SAY WHAT? I'LL PAY ANYONE! I WANT A SIMPLE ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha kidding (not)
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    So, I heard some rumors about me...

    She thinks- left family = freedom = shes sooooooo good. No?
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    So, I heard some rumors about me...

    "It doesn't matter what people say or think, because I know myself, and it's not true." WRONG. IT DOES matter what people think. I don't where people get the "I don't care, it's not true" line from. It's foolish and dim. If i wasn't so lazy right now, I would type out an essay explaining why I...
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    15 Laws for Women to Live By

    12 is so true. 13 is my favorite.
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    QUESTION about hair

    two sarnies want to see your crappy hair. SHOW IT NOW! haha kidding i bought mine at walmart for 50 bucks <_< .and it's only OK. your after look :wub: i'm jello! omg i should have bought one when that girl tried it on me years ago! i was such a in a hurry so i passed. now i can't find...
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    I find this stupid

    Something call Oh yeah. I go there and complain all i want, then set to private, and no one gives =] .. the best part, i can complain however i want and Xanga WILL agree with me! haha years later go back and read your entries, you'll laugh your head off. at least i did when i was...
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    QUESTION about hair

    Thanks natty! =] haha saved me some research! hmm take a picture of your crappy hair. I dont believe till i see =p I was thinking about a sedu hair straightener?! I heard it's "da bomb".
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    QUESTION about hair

    thanks guys! I'll try out the products and order one of them hundred dollar hair straightener. you guys def helped. =] HOLLY her hair is FDSFJSDGJL;SDJG;FDJG;. My hair is NOTHING like that. haha
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    I need some guinea pigs

    1) Where do you live? Wisconsin 2) How old are you? 20 3) Do you work? Yes I do work 4) How often do you shop at stores like Bath & Body Works? like once every two months. 5) Do you like scented soaps? I don't care as long as it smells good 6) Do you like decorative soaps? ahah it's...
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    QUESTION about hair

    I'm saying the hair relaxer will cost that much, not the products lol No I don't have curly hair. It's kinda wavy yet straight at the same time??! Thats what I'm sick of. If its wants to be wavy, why can't it be wavy all the way....and if it wants to be straight, why can't it be straight all...
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    QUESTION about hair

    my hair is getting on my nerves because after a shower it gets really puffy and i have to spend 30-1hour with the straightener plus adding all these expensive products (that i can't afford anymore). SOOOOOOOOOOOOO i'm thinking about getting an anti-curl (?). It's around $200 +. You guys think...
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    is it just me?

    Who knows. Shes Hmong, and Hmong guys are abusive haha. If it is a hickey. it's gross. Looks like a disease.
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    So, I heard some rumors about me...

    In reality (adult hood), if someone is constantly talking about you in a bad way, it's not so good. Putting in my thoughts, I think laughing after bad rumors had been spread is really.....dumb. If I were you, I would be thinking of a comeback instead of wasting your time laughing while others...
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    I find this stupid

    if it bugs you THAT much just chop the darn thing off. and chop your roommates off as well. problem solve.
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    am i'm attractive

    arg "baby girl" is as annoying as "ma". "ma" is just ten times more annoying. and "shorty"?<-- -_- . i'd rather be your mom.
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    am i'm attractive

    reminds me. my last comeback was black dude "HEY MA...." me: (half annoyed) "i'm not your mom" i HATE that "ma" word. it's plain annoying.
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    The picture I have been looking for, I found it!

    lady, theres a video on the page i posted. still don't believe? :mellow: in the video you can see the doctor plucking the thinges out :ph34r:
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    When did you start using the internet??

    i can survive without the net. i'm fine.
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    Bernie Mac dies

  107. Q

    The picture I have been looking for, I found it!

    and i said i was going to find this picture no matter WHAT. i found it. finally. ok just go there. too scared to post the picture here. I saw it years ago, but now i'm screaming and jumping again trying to rub it off me. and it's not even on me...
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    Num Sornram & Yardthip Rachapal

    Either someone has been working out, ORRRRRRRRR, they over exaggerated the cover to "make" it seem like he has muscles :rolleyes:
  109. Q

    The power of makeup

    3rd lady major change. wow. she looks hot.
  110. Q

    the dark knight

    AHHH no spoils please!!!! when i saw "died" i stopped reading and literally freaked. no spoils! :mellow:
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    you know, for photos, you need to wear heavy makeup so it'll SHOW in the photos. you might look hideous in person, but you'll turn out really hot in the pictures (thats if the make ups are worn right). im assuming you dont know how to put on make up, since you said you dont wear make up. Laura...
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    Kashie's Diet Challenge

    laziness gets in my way.
  113. Q

    Kashie's Diet Challenge

    at least thats much easier than trying to get some booty, like me. im not completely flat, but i just dont know how to make it bigger.
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    May I take your order???

    i see, you like to be kept warm.
  115. Q

    May I take your order???

    i still think you're gay.
  116. Q

    May I take your order???

    it's kinda annoying you know. i mean, i used to work at M.D when i was 15yrs, and they ALWAYS make me take orders for the drive through. it was annoying. i'll be all pmsing and sometimes when they want the b-n-tasty, i hear big-n-chasy- and im like, "a what?" then they say it again, and again...
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    lmao yeah yeah I know its gross

    i dont fart. but when i do fart, it smells like flowers.
  118. Q


    omg, you got the perfect first kiss!!! SJF;SJDG'LSKDG'LMSFDLGH girl you dont understand, my dream was to be kissed under the fireworks!!! never happened! you lucky bastard! my first kiss was some unknown (cute) dude (he looked 20yrs), turned out we have the same last name, and he was only 16yrs...
  119. Q

    I wish.....

    thats my ONLY wish. but i do wish my dad was still alive so i can drop kick him. i hate him to the core. i also wish my ex would stop being a bitch.
  120. Q

    Turn on and off by his kisses

    omg i had the same issue with my ex, except i have kissed before. but i solved this issue by getting drunk. he sure did turned me on when i was drunk LOL.. but before that, he sorta forced kissed me while i was watching tv. so we made out while i watch tv. it was awkward to me but he was getting...
  121. Q

    hate peeps flatter & degrading

    haha. reminds me of my sister. but my sister always kid around, in your case, just tell her she's a disrespectful person and drop kick her.
  122. Q

    What are you 4th of July plans?

    my 4th of july was fun=].. there was only five people but we went crazy and it fun =] ..
  123. Q

    Fortune Tellers/Oracles/Mor Du?

    it says im going to die around 60 and my sister is going to die around 30. kinda scary.
  124. Q!

    ^that would be me. i want to break up with the bf, but i dont know where to start. the last time i tried to break up with him, i started with "i dont think we're going anyway, let's break up." he yelled at me for hours and hours and hours. it felt like a year. i ended up with tears and didnt...
  125. Q

    What's up with all the spamming and long signatures?

    i dont mind the posting, but the super long signatures ARE annoying. oh well =]. my computer loads it up pretty fast, so im not gonna complain.
  126. Q!

    ^omg tina, something similar happened to me. i was talking to my ex friend on myspace, and she said her uncle liked to party and stuff. so we went to the club and then his uncle started myspacing me and crap. as for me im just being nice and replying to all my notes like i usually do. AND THEN...
  127. Q

    Saying "I Love You"

    ^LOL omg that got me laughing. anways topic starter, you need to date my bf, he says "i love you baby" sooooo much that it annoys me. sounds so fake now. but when he first said it to me, which had only been ONE month, I awkwardly replied "thank you" LOL. not only that, he added a really gay...
  128. Q!

    all i know is i dumped my bf three times bc he was too much of an ass. 1st time: he called me a "bitch" three thousand times. 2nd time: he didnt come see me for a month 3rd time: ok that time it was my fault. i liked someone else. anyways... someday i will go lesbo bc of him. i swear.
  129. Q


    ^dude im about to ask the same thing. but i always thought nameless was a girl. everyone is hooking up in sarnworld. i should too, or maybe.
  130. Q

    what is/are your career goals

    well, my dream goal is to marry a rich man and live off his mulas.
  131. Q

    what is this a sign of??

    double posting is not cool.
  132. Q

    what is this a sign of??

    oh. well, i tell my bf he's boring and weird all the time. and it doesn't mean i want to end it, i just mean hes boring and weird HAHA. BUT, when HE tells me im boring and weird, i bitch at him for couple minutes, then we go back and talk about our day and stuff.
  133. Q


    i also found my elementary crush (from colorado) on myspace. too bad hes hella ghetto now. and he has a gf. i finally did it though, i confessed that he was my long lost crush. hes pretty cool. &&&&&& hes STILL HOT. my beloved Ming Dong. lol i loved him for sooo long aha i still have that...
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    The Cutest Thing Part 2

    ok you can stop it with your cute stories now. you're making other girls jealous (ME)
  135. Q

    whats your favorite

    ^i used to eat it like chips when i was little, makes me poop alot.
  136. Q

    whats your favorite

    any chicken flavor. i just, like chicken.
  137. Q

    The Cutest Thing LOL

    i hate it when my bf whines. it gets on my nerves. especially when he pouts. OMFG. have a nice trip ^_^
  138. Q

    Getting sick...

    i feel sorry for myself. i get sick everytime the day after i get drunk. first comes hangover, then comes coughing, then blowing nose, then i start to spit. i do all that for about a month. im so use to it now. im starting to think im allergic to alcohol. but hope you feel better ^_^
  139. Q

    Who do you pity more? Kawee or Harit

    ok MOST of you obviously need 10 years to think this out. FTW. Kawee is just an asshole.
  140. Q

    My Girlfriend is a Cyborg (2008)

    THAT girl is the himono-onna??!! ok i gotta see this one.
  141. Q

    Absolute Boyfriend (2008)

    OMG !!! next episode please!!!
  142. Q

    Would you ever... do this...

    i dont think it's anything bad if you do it for your s/o.. it's part of the fun and game and to spice up the relationship. just keep your face out of the picture/S, please.
  143. Q

    cereal boxes

    lol i know. it's fun seeing my little niece pissed out cause i got the toy. LOL. i give it to her after shes gone mad enough LOL
  144. Q


    OMFG 800?!?!??!?! crazy ass. i only have 18 people (yes i just counted). and i dont know six of them, besides those six, i know all of the others in reality. i dont even like msn.
  145. Q

    Filipino Dramas

    i only watched ONE episode of ONE filipino drama, which was LOBO (crunchyroll?). i only watched it for the language because my bf is filipino.
  146. Q

    Funeral Experience

    i cant cry either (i cant even cry at my own my grandma and uncle's funeral). so i'm always the photographer. but yea, hmong cries for the dead are like the scariest. i only saw one dead person in my whole life, and thats my grandma. when i get to any funeral, i can never visit the person in...
  147. Q

    sarn is missing !!

    you're obsess with sarn. chill. that girl ain't going nowhere.
  148. Q

    Man marries a snake

  149. Q

    Tattoos are cool!

    ^omg *faints* the pain!!!! thats so cool compare to my sister's girly one it matches her because she's girly like that. now we need to see sandy's tramp stamp lol
  150. Q

    Funny Things You've Heard People Say!

    when is 4th of july? omg, i felt so stupid after asking that. good thing i never made that mistake again.
  151. Q

    Tattoos are cool!

    i heard a tongue pierced can break your teeth O_O
  152. Q

    Tattoos are cool!

    WAIT LOL. maybe i read to fast yesterday, i thought you said dragonFLY, not a DRAGON FLYING LOL.. omg, you just gave me a good idea. *runs off to discuss with dude*
  153. Q

    Tattoos are cool!

    ^anything but a tramp stamp lol .... that's hot BTW.
  154. Q

    So Strange: My Husband Is My Dad

    yea i do look like my bf's daughter. im alot shorter and i look young. i dont really care, sometimes i go with the flow and call him "dad", then he gets all mad and corrects them himself since i never care to. the bf looks his age though, I'M the one who looks young. tina, that means we're...
  155. Q


    never mind. it seems my keyboard is ok now. maybe i just had to restart my computer. thanks though guys ^_^
  156. Q


    ok, like when i type fast, the letters are NOT in order. example, i'm going to type fast here. ---the chap stick i was using yesterday is like, the wron kid! n THAT, is supposed to be wrong kind! what is wrong with my keyboard? T________T help?
  157. Q

    Tattoos are cool!

    tattoos are only cool if you get cool ones. like my sister has a tattoo that says "vangsta" WTF is THAT. well, THAT was during her ghetto days, damn she regrets. now she has a pretty flower with a butterfly color purple. it's so pretty ^_^ i want one, but scared of needles. like, i want some...
  158. Q

    Man marries a snake

    there is no such thing as snake human! deform human, yes. but snake human? no. that guy has mental issues. he needs help. if it was america, he'll be in the mental hospital. this story is trash till i see a human head with a snake body or the other way around. humans and animals cant make...
  159. Q

    Man marries a snake you guys should try to watch it high LOL ....
  160. Q

    Better in time....[i hope]

    yet another heart broken. ohgosh, i wrote this whole essay about how i feel about my ex, but i think i prefer to keep it to myself. but yea, same here. when i hear the song that reminds me of him, which is "make love in this club" (LOL), i froze till the song is done. it's sad actually.
  161. Q

    i hate it when

    when i was at the thai airport last year EVERYONE thought i was japanese b/c my hair was super blonde. but yea i get call that alot. when im pmsing i usually just say "i'm not" in a rude tone then walk off. but days like this, i simply go with the flow. who cares. i can be any kind of asian they...
  162. Q


    I, on the other hand. DONT multi task, AT ALL. i do one thing at a time. i hate when my computer freezes. pisses me off. like my friend keeps wanting me to come on webcam when im on msn, but NO. i went on webcam couple times and it really pissed me off. freeze every 30 second. dang i need more...
  163. Q

    How does it feel like to get kick in the nuts?

    ^i think giving birth hurts ALOT more. because the tissue RIPS guhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! sacred now. maybe not all, but all the girls i know, theirs totally ripped. ahhhhhhhhh and the sewing back together part, AHHHHHHHHH. AHHHHH. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. AHHHHHHHHH! that's not as scary...
  164. Q

    Who got their REBATES?

    i already got mines. haven't got the third one yet.
  165. Q

    My Husband So Fat.

    LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL i thought that only happen in movies LOL he's not fat, the pants were toooo small!
  166. Q


    no care. not into fighting movies. and its not even that good.
  167. Q

    what is she doing?

    a complete turn off.
  168. Q

    How does it feel like to get kick in the nuts?

    sooo i asked my bf. and this was what he said "it feels like when a dick hits the top of your vagina taking your virginity" eek.
  169. Q

    A National Hmong Event (BIG BANG)

    uh too late. ..........
  170. Q

    How does it feel like to get kick in the nuts?

    ^PUAHAHAHAHAHAH. You will forever be a part of him LOL. i should start doing that to my crushes. i want to be remembered too. even if they hate me like hell, at least they'll remember me LOL
  171. Q

    How does it feel like to get kick in the nuts?

    LOL i guess whatever the feeling is, we'll never know.
  172. Q

    How does it feel like to get kick in the nuts?

    ok so last time i was with my bf, and bla bla and bla and that and bla and i accidentally (i swear) bump his nuts (I SWEAR it was a tiny bump) and he, acted like he was going to die! he's laying there half dead while i laughed my ass off. LOL. his face was priceless! i wouldn't know how that...
  173. Q

    No More Internet?

    i have at&t. oh crap. it's a pretty good deal too man. crap crap. i need myspace, it's like my phone.
  174. Q

    dating younger guys???

    UMMMMMMMM I'm only 19yrs, so he needs to be at LEAST 21. i need someone to buy me liquor. and since i sneak into bars, i dont want him sneaking in with me, too ghetto. my fake ID is already ghetto. BUT, if im 30yrs, he can be 21. the youngest i would date is 21! dont need to deal with little...
  175. Q


    LOL tina, when i was still 16-17 i was chubby, so i told myself i would start my diet the next day. next day comes i say next day and so on lol. gosh now i probably need to eat more. an 85lbs girl is NOT hot. my boobs totally went FLAT and i had to start buying wonder bras. nowadays, the more i...
  176. Q

    Eye Makeup

    omg what the hell is THAT <_< . waste of money for reals.
  177. Q


    omg im soooo behind. in my WHOLE life i got starbucks twice. and i dont even remember what i got. some cream on top, i remember THAT part.
  178. Q

    american idol

    ok i read too fast. i thought the topic said "american's next top model". i will leave now.
  179. Q

    Where Do You Live..?

    omg i used to live there!! colorado is such a beautiful state! when i lived there i didnt' realize how beautiful it was b/c i was a kid. now that i'm all "grown" i went back to visit last summer and mygod! it's BOOOOOOOOOOtiful!
  180. Q

    if a man wants you..

    man i knew all of those a long time ago, and where am i now? stuck. and doing things to keep this thing going. gawd. this is why they say "love is blind." im currently blind, but i can't seem to let go. dang i have issues. i tell my friends and family to not be so stupid, but im turning stupid...
  181. Q

    You're invited to UW-Madison's Hmong Cultural Night

    when i see HASA, i think of PARTAY! lol though ive never really been to one. i heard its awful.
  182. Q

    my signature. ah yes i get what you're saying. my cousin (dont really know her) signed up and her age is "supposedly" 16yrs. so i got confused and was like, "do i know you?" and she was like, "it's me! [insert name]!" and i'm like, 'oooooooooohhh, WHY THE HECK YOU FAKE YOUR AGE LITTLE GIRL...
  183. Q


    SUCKSSSSS. i would have explode at someone and that would would go to the guilt thread. i had bad days before, but something calmed me down. that something works everytime =]
  184. Q

    Happy Friggin' Birthday Darvil

    yea, the man deserves his own thread. he's a rare one. happy birthday!! XD
  185. Q

    The Guilt Thread

    i used to feel bad for cheating on the bf, but now i dont and he deserves it. i dont feel guilt for anything, gosh im just plain sad.
  186. Q

    My POWER Couples =(

    i always though jolie was younger than pitt? maybe i was wrong. oh well. but i would totally date a younger guy. they treat the girls better =] as of right now, i need a older guy (b/c i'm still young), but when i turn 30yrs, i would date a 21yrs LOL for cheesy.
  187. Q

    Teenage Girl Beat Unconscience

    i used to beat up boys when i was like 13-14yrs. you dont understand, i was the bomb and i was a stick too lol. now i cant fight for crap. its not like i need to know how to fight nowadays, my mouth is enough, if not then i'll end up like that girl. BUT i dont pick fights, i chicken out. yee...
  188. Q

    Super! BAM!!

    OHHHHHH so this is another SPAM thread? ok..............well, I LOVE THE Wii
  189. Q

    Man marries a snake

    how touching and how fascinating!!!! i don't think he feels anything emotionally cus she's a snake first of all n the reason he married her is because they said that something bad is going to happen but then again i'm pretty sure that he's a nice guy and truly believe the story too...
  190. Q

    Rice production

    eh i dont care about rice since i only eat noodles, but my mother T___________T
  191. Q

    Baby with 2 Faces - India

    i'm speechless. sad and amazing at the same time.
  192. Q

    Super! BAM!!

    i dont understand this thread. O_O
  193. Q

    "i'M tAlkInG To yOu!!!"

    make up your mind moron.
  194. Q

    Experiences with White Guys

    they're more crazy and def. funner to be around.
  195. Q

    What's your sign?

    it says i took a wrong turn and ended up on pluto! thats my favorite planet, but i made a mistake. screw it. thanks though =]
  196. Q

    This or That

    i pod? marriage and sad/angry for life, or single happy life but then ends up getting herpes
  197. Q

    What's your sign?

    virgo = virgin =] dragon = the virgin dragon O_O at lease i'm not a wet dog :P but how do i know if i'm sun, moon or mars or whatever?
  198. Q

    What kind of rice do you eat?

    whats the difference between steam and brown?!
  199. Q

    rice inflation?

    WHAT?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that means no more rice for me. good, i can lose weight.
  200. Q

    what happens after dropping 40-100 pounds?

    ^eat more and dont exercise! or you know, some people, no matter how much they eat, they dont gain weight. =[
  201. Q

    Teenager drowns newborn baby by flushing

    uh for some girls the stomach dont really show on the first child. thats why you dont have sex if you dont now how to. or just dont have sex at all. dang. i'll slap my future daughter up side down if she dates under 18. kissing age is 18yrs, sex is 21. =]
  202. Q

    what happens after dropping 40-100 pounds?

    uh hello *waves* that's why you jog/exercise! i guarantee you 100% your skin wont be hanging if you exercise! you're not planning to starve alone are you? by reading what you wrote, it seems like you're going to. BUTTTTTTT in SOME case, no matter how much they exercise, their skin sags. sadly...
  203. Q


    thats around how much it takes to fill up my tank too. *sigh* but knowing the bf's SUV needs around 60 dollars, i'm trying to chill. 30 is better than 60.
  204. Q

    Man Pregnant with Baby Girl

    i'm disappointed. i wanted to see a born MALE get pregnant. my hope is gone now.
  205. Q

    why R u so big!

    uh, i'm not tall and not fat. my mom thinks i'm a bulimic <_< . whatever, i go to the bathroom to poop, not to puke.
  206. Q

    Please take GOOD care of your eyes!

    ^ no. you need to see the picture ning and i are talking about. you would faint! i seriously feel like it's on me right now *takes chill pill*
  207. Q

    Travel Buddy

    you shutup. my FRIEND was RICH. but you rejected him, so now we're back to being losers. i blame YOU! we could be in japan right now ditching him to be with our new japanese lovers. <_< . oh the pain. i also blame myself for rejecting him three times T_T . I know exactly how much he has in his...
  208. Q

    Please take GOOD care of your eyes!

    ^it's ok. i'll search the net :mellow:
  209. Q

    racism or satire?

    i wonna play beer pong. but i read half of it then got tired. but from reading half of it, that guy is just retarded.
  210. Q

    Please take GOOD care of your eyes!

    ^do you have the picture? i want to show some people HUAHAHA
  211. Q

    Please take GOOD care of your eyes!

    ^omg i saw that breast one about two years ago! that one is MORE disgusting!! you know how much i freaked trying to rub it off me(even though it's not there, it felt like it was there)! i shake and hop around the whole house screaming "EW EW OMG EW EW OMG!" *shivers* thinking about it now, it...
  212. Q

    Two Faces People

    screw them, what else. i had a friend like that. long story short, i hadn't seen her in a year, so when i saw her, i got all happy and ran to her, but that whore walked RIGHT pass me. gosh i felt dumb. THEN, she called me a 'bitch' b/c i was having a good conversation with her new best friend, i...
  213. Q

    just a story..... hehe...

    ^ i think the point is, there is NO point. just go with the flow.
  214. Q

    WHO'z all pack up to see p' soram thepitak

    i thought you wanted soram (sp?), i'm the one who wants prince harry. winner what? did you misspell that? i think it's spell "loser". =]
  215. Q

    hmong hater right here

    you deserve your own thread to get bashed upon. you have mad issues. AND, if you hate hmong people so freaking much, why are you even in this HMONG section? To laugh? you're just as pathetic. so dont even say. ------------ back to topic. that viet girl had issues. and she's not even pretty. like...
  216. Q

    Are you the HATED one in your family?

    no i am not hate. it's more like, they dont give a shit. which i could careless. i still talk to them and do stuff with them, its just, we all dont give a damn. the family spoils my brother and sister alot, sometimes i secretly cry when i REALLY think about. but most likely, i just DONT give a...
  217. Q

    WHO'z all pack up to see p' soram thepitak

    i wont fight for him or any celebrities. i'll fight for prince harry though XD
  218. Q


    20/20 here. i have a cool emo glasses i just bought last month though! i look smart with it lol. plus prettier O_O
  219. Q


    to be honest, no. it looks rather crappy, like you rushed it. it looks ok, but not my style. =] . maybe other sarnies might like them ^_^
  220. Q

    Please take GOOD care of your eyes!

    Bizarre as it may seem, the preceding photos are authentic, though the same cannot be said of the accompanying narrative, which is a fabrication. We don't know who assembled the emailed collage, but after a painstaking search we did find the source of the individual images, an article entitled...
  221. Q

    Travel Buddy

    you better find a good buddy, last time i went to laos i was stuck with this old lady! so annoying! she ruined my whole trip! i need a rich bf so i can travel T_T
  222. Q


    OMG that's awful! :o poor girl!! i'm not getting internet for my future kids, but hmm, they can use the school internet. AHHH what to do what to do!
  223. Q

    My sarNworld Projects;

    ahah i sure did caught DJ. G.O.D is full action. first class. but she disappeared again.
  224. Q


    hehe i admit my sins. i did that once (creating an imaginary person). BUTTTTTTTTTT. i did it on a girl! haha. i got bored so i told her the truth, we became friends ^_^ .. i was good too man, since i have a girl mind, she was so in love with that fake guy(me). ahah it sure was stupid. we had a...
  225. Q

    Escorts, marrying for money, etc.

    i have no comment on this one. yes and no.
  226. Q


    omg i had the SAME issue! back in high school this girl ditch me b/c she wanted to hang out with the "cool" girls. so i was like, ok whatever. then one day she came running back b/c i "change" and i somewhat looked "cool" too. you know, the change of style and all. i didn't care, if she wanted...
  227. Q

    Hey Sarnies...Need advise and opinion

    hehe i had to laugh. you say IT instead of HE LOLLLLLLLLLLL. maybe i'm a bit hyper today, everything makes me laugh LOLLLL wish you luck lilo!!!!!!! laters.
  228. Q

    I wanna Start Fresh

    *sigh* i dont know what to say. down to relationship issues i'm the most clueless one. hope you're doing better though. lets see, my last break up, i started smoking! GUH! i dont smoke anymore though b/c my current bf now doesn't smoke.
  229. Q

    Hey Sarnies...Need advise and opinion

    OMFG <_< . if my bf did that, i'll just tell him to go eat grass.
  230. Q

    Hey Sarnies...Need advise and opinion

    omg it's myspace. UHH at age 23 <_< .first of all i would just tell my bf he's retarded. it's not even worth arguing over.
  231. Q


    UHHH now that i thought about it, your friend reminds me of me. especially the HOT CHICK part, but for me it's the hot guys. i shall leave this thread and never come back.
  232. Q


    i'm currently jobless at the moment. and i plan to be jobless for the next month or so. yep.
  233. Q

    Ok sooo

    if i was tall like you, i'll probably slap you out of my way. but why not try out normal import modeling? if you're popular there, you get a better chance of the "high" agencies accepting you. aiming high is good, but risky. good luck O_O. come back and tell us, or me, how it goes.
  234. Q

    Waiting for Something/Someone

    oh i felt the same way. no biggies. actually right when i felt i wanted someone, that person came to me. so good thing cuz i didn't have to look =P. best of luck! like the others say, explore.
  235. Q

    Female Genital Cutting

    when i first heard it back in high school, ummm. may the lord bless. i rather have 10 kids starting at age 16 then have my vagina stitched up. or, i lied. i rather have none.
  236. Q

    HOT PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!

    Paul Telfer is too buff that it's scary >_<. maybe i'm just not attractive to really buff men. i do think Kwon sang woo is hot. and TOP in big bang. not to mention my one and only hottie, Brent Kutzle.
  237. Q


    v day could have been better. WHAT THE FEHEZIE. WHO, i SAY WHO makes their gf walk across the snowy street in her heels to get to the car and then later acts all sweet rubbing her feet?! lord.
  238. Q

    Random Survey

    I like surveys! i do them all the time on myspace! XD 1. Name a quote from the song you're listening to? "Do you know where your heart is?" 2. Do your jeans have rips, tears, and holes in them? some, yes. 3. What book are you reading right now? umm textbooks 4. What are you seriously...
  239. Q

    Lady Topic

    UMMM no bra = saggy breasts?! oh man i have to start wearing bras then. when i'm home or sleeping i usually dont wear bras, and half of the time i go out i dont even wear bra too. bras bug me.
  240. Q

    MidWest Snow Storm

    do you mean stuck in the drive way? good thing i was driving my sister's car so i made it to work safe and back safe! her car is a little Toyota but it's the shit in the snow.... but umm, it's scary out there. I HATE WISCONSIN.
  241. Q

    What's your style?

    some people dont match that coat T_T (points to self)
  242. Q

    Post desktops

    my screen
  243. Q

    Taking Care of The Bill

    ah, either we split the bill, or they pay. the more they offer to pay, the more happy i get. i might offer to pay, but i usually end up not paying, and i'm happy. i'll only pay for ONE person, and that's a good friend of mine. i dont even pay for my bf. i love my money too much.
  244. Q

    What attracts you?

    my current bf is skinny, but good thing he's bigger than me. ah i dont know about other stuff, but i'm in love with his morning look XD.. messy hair no glasses and a bright smile in front of me saying, "wake up penny" and repeats that till i wake up.
  245. Q


    come on now, share one of them boys.
  246. Q

    Post desktops

    7270 got no style. what's up with your wallpaper. and putting useless icons on your desktop when you can put them in your document's folder. i can't get it pass my brain that you're not mizterkevin. somethings up.
  247. Q

    recent movies you've seen...

    i'll have him any day. i'll wax that stuff off him.
  248. Q

    Post desktops

    ahah dont we have a thread like this floating around somewhere. anyway i'll post my desktop wall paper later when i get home XD ... you have the new Microsoft Office T_T
  249. Q

    What's your style?

    boy, or girl, you're missing out. and most def. t-shirts. if there were no more t-shirts in this world, i would die be so depress.
  250. Q

    recent movies you've seen...

    i've been wanting to see 27 dresses! but whatever, 300 is still the best thing i've seen SO FAR. i mean, the part where he says "you insulted my queen" <--HOTNESS
  251. Q

    What's your style?

    like, where did you buy that? i love it so much :drool: that's hot. sirena you're 5'9?! you can like, go be a celebrity in asia, even without talents. you know english, you're tall and pretty, you're in the show biz ok as for me, i like clothes that makes me look skinny XD. rock, pretty...
  252. Q

    The power of makeup

    i will go to the store, buy the things i need, and come back in here to fallow the steps. yea.
  253. Q

    asian breast

    true. so i might be wrong about normal men, but i'm 90% sure. either way, i shall not argue.
  254. Q

    asian breast

    HELLO! that's why theres wonderbras for the asian chicks and whoever who isn't satisfy with their small tits. Small boobs are fine. i think it's hot (must.defend.self) but asian dudes do have small "peppers". i've learned from taking care of disability people. Hip? Legs? Eyes? Butt? Peppers...
  255. Q

    Wonder Girls

    ahh, they're just skinny and cute. i think these girls are annoying. dont come after me, just stating my thoughts *runs*
  256. Q

    wat r ur dreams?

    at first i was like, "dreams?" as in when you sleep and dream? i was so ready to tell my weird dreams about how many times i have died. anyway i WAS going for my medical assistant, but i started skipping class cuz i bot bored. i only started that path after i saw 1 litre of tear, cuz like Aya...
  257. Q

    Wisdom tooth

    i think i still have all four of my wisdom teeth, that's why my teeth are so not cool. they're so close to each other and i have short fangs. i need dentist.
  258. Q

    One Litre of Tears

    the special is sad. too bad 90% of it is flash back. but the sadder part is, there will be no more Erika-chan for 2008. Stardust replaced her. T_T
  259. Q

    Stolen Loan Money

    but hell, i'll beat the crap out of my roommate if i was you!!! it's time to kunfu(sp?) on her, seriously.
  260. Q

    Stolen Loan Money

    ^ah sucks. like the detective says, no proof, no case. now sit and weep. i'm still weeping since my money never came in, i owe the school about a thousand.
  261. Q

    A song you can't stop listening to...

    Thank you for getting me addicted to Jay Chou now, KRISTY S. -_- now i'm addicted to this song PLUS the video. god whatever he's doing is so gay but he looks so hot doing it!
  262. Q

    New Year Resolution 2008

    i need liposuction, i hate being forced to play tennis in the summer.
  263. Q

    Breasts, boobs, jugs, tits...

    ^oh i like how you said that. you buy stuff you want, it's the same thing as buying a new breast cuz you just want it. i find nothing wrong with that, though i would never get implants.
  264. Q


    shes so overrated. i never liked her. the only thing I've ALWAYS like is her different hair styles.
  265. Q

    Death Note

    umm i was sOOOoOooO into this anime till my beloved L died.
  266. Q

    What are you thinking right now?

    ^ oh crap!! i never knew you could do that!! me turn me turn.
  267. Q

    Cring Out Love From the Center of the World

    OoOoOooOoH really? no surprise, typical dying drama these days. but i guess i'll have to watch and prepare a roll of toilet paper. and if it's really good and sad like people say i'll stamp the cover right below my other one on myspace. BTW, in 1 liter of tears, it's not about the lovers, it's...
  268. Q

    Lost my purse!! :(

    damn i wanted to reply so i spent about 10 minutes trying to log-in as Penny, then i remembered it wasn't Penny anymore -___- anyways happened to me. muddie i can cry for you, after i cry for myself. gotta spend mola to get new SSC too man. wait, do you have to spend money, cuz i lost my card...
  269. Q

    Cring Out Love From the Center of the World

    ^really? i heard 1 litre of tears was sadder. i watched about 2 episode of Crying Out Love From the Center of the World, and it was so boring i stopped O_O.. i wasn't even a bit sad. but in 1 litre of tear, i totally cry at the end of episode 1 where they showed the real aya's photos. O_O
  270. Q

    Wish List

    i dont know, i think because i have older friends? ahah. that must be it. seriously, they be doing some cool stuff and i'll be home because i'm not 21 -________- . i was fine with my life till my 'other' I.D expired. yea i'm officially sad. i feel like crying T_T
  271. Q

    Wish List

    my only wish, i need to hurry up and turn 21yrs!! urgh i hate being left out!
  272. Q

    it's--> Baby do i know you?

    it's--> Baby do i know you?
  273. Q

    Question about Limewire

    ok for some reason it works again. thanks though guys =]
  274. Q

    Question about Limewire

    I dont know if i can ask questions about limewire here, so if i'm not allow, tell me and it's ok. so i have limewire pro and somehow when i double click the song for it to download like i usually do, it doesn't download. like, it doesn't do anything. you know how when you double click the song...
  275. Q

    Personality Test

    aha i remember taking this test somewhere a long time ago.
  276. Q

    america next top model

    what the black girl won? i wanted the white girl to win too. T_T .. i'm surprised, tyra seem like she liked the white girl (gah i forgot their names) .. whatevers, the girls wasn't as pretty as the girls from last season anyway.
  277. Q

    ok how do u ....

    this is why you stay single. guys are soooo dumb sometimes i just wonna choke them and slap them out of their sense. most of them has no feelings T_T . Tina. i wish your tim was my tim. i hate working. -_________- . thats what a guy needs to tell me "dont get a job, i make enough for both of...
  278. Q

    i dnt noe wat u wanna call this but it a game

    then flew back planning to take over planet earth
  279. Q

    Bi-Rain Official Thread

    i see SHK everywhere i'm annoyed. sure she's hot, but overrated. i've been annoyed with her since autumn tale. and rain i'm annoyed because he "tries" too hard these days his songs are crap, and he turned into this unhot ghetto man. wheres the it's raining bi at? T_T Shin Mina needs to be with...
  280. Q

    Go Younha

    Go Younha born April 29, 1988 in Seoul, Korea is a K-Pop and J-Pop singer.(ALSO sings GREAT in English) this girl deserves her own sarnworld thread. she's super talented with her voice and the piano. she's a true singer, unlike those wackos lol Younha - Password 486 MV(English Subtitles)...
  281. Q

    i dnt noe wat u wanna call this but it a game

    (ahah so wacked.) they wished upon a star to bring them away from humans
  282. Q

    Japanese IQ

    finally, took me about 7 minutes.
  283. Q

    Kyoko Fukada

    she's really cute, but some of her dramas just suck.
  284. Q

    One Litre of Tears

    ^because drying is her "thing" ahahah... hey, she's good at those roles though. and the good thing is, her dying dramas doesn't drag like dying k-dramas *coughAutumnInMyHeartcough*. they fit all that tears and happiness into 11 episodes and it's satisfying. even though she died the ending leaves...
  285. Q


    i need to re-watch this movie. didn't know erika was in there.
  286. Q

    Aya's baby's father?!

    this is a good j-drama. i still LOVE it! been too long i forgot their names, all i remember is Aya. but i think it's Shuichi's baby. i complained over months who is the daddy, then i concluded myself that it's Shuichi's baby.
  287. Q

    One Litre of Tears

    umm my grades actually dropped because her acting was so good i went looking for more of her dramas and then i did research on Ryo because he's hot. then i fell in love with the singer who sung "Only human" and found out his name was K and he's also pretty hot too, and i went on from there.
  288. Q

    Your First Manga

    wow alot of dragon balls are people's first. i hate reading fighting stuff. i think my first manga was Hana-kimi, i think.
  289. Q

    Sawajiri Erika

    omg i came into sarnworld today about to make a thread on her, damn i guess i was a bit too late. but anyway, i LOVE her! i totally cried 1 Litre of Tears in 1 Litre of Tears!!! and when i found out it was base on a true story i cried more. then i went all over the net searching for the REAL...
  290. Q

    Free Money???

    i've taking free money before. except my story line was much more dramatic. but at the end, i got ALOT of money.
  291. Q

    Cellphone Suggestions

    girly phones are annoying. and i dont know how some girls can hang so much stuff on their phone.
  292. Q

    Cellphone Suggestions

    def not the LG chocolate. that phone is so sensitive, piss me off sometimes. but it's really cute and pretty, so i suggest that =]
  293. Q

    i dnt noe wat u wanna call this but it a game

    turned into mermaids
  294. Q

    Christmas present!

    if he's over 21yrs - bottle of wine over 18yrs - playstation 3 under 18yrs - clothes
  295. Q

    thanks! <3

    thanks! <3
  296. Q

    wet bed normal??

    girl it's either you are VERY sick, or you're bored and just posting around. :huh: . girl you just need to stop asking questions and go to the hospital asap. if i were you, i'll be sitting in the doctor's office half freaked out right now(according to all the things you told us).. and since im...
  297. Q

    back at you tina ;]

    back at you tina ;]
  298. Q

    What's Hanging In Your Car?!

    this is why you watch the news muddie. hmm, if i can remember, it's illegal because it can block a person, or something like that. eck. i dont even know why they made that rule, i see alot of cars with big dice, that totally blocks 5 people.
  299. Q

    What's Hanging In Your Car?!

    ^ i heard it's true.
  300. Q

    Wish List

    ahah i'm with you and chhom. but i dont need sleeping pills, i need diet pills.
  301. Q

    Tina's Album

    :r-scene-pop-corn: ....
  302. Q

    Tina's Album

    not fair. you didn't post the one where timmy is grabbing your boob =p
  303. Q

    Secret Santa!

    i'll out on this. too poor to buy anything, i can't even buy myself a present. =[
  304. Q

    periods problem normal?

    mine never comes on time too. i kept track once and it was totally out of order. but it usually comes in the morning. god do give me warning when i'm going to have it, as in my breasts starts hurting and when i become a big time bitch. no wonder they use the line, "you must be pmsing"
  305. Q

    E.T Yang

    ahah babe, well then you keep supporting him =] ... untill you know the real him, keep supporting till your heart pops out. so funny.
  306. Q

    E.T Yang

    ^ LOL you make me laugh by saying he has alot of pimples out of nowhere and it's true! that dude needs pro active AHAHAHAH my mistake. i think i was thinking about another hmong celebrity. LOL ... ok, this time. E.T yang. he's not a stuck-up dude, he's actually dumb<---that's what my brother...
  307. Q

    E.T Yang

    ^PUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA. anyway, i see him plenty of times, he's actually one of my guy friend's friend. i dont like him though. he's like, what should i say? an ass. everytime i see him i want to throw rockS at him, seriously. he's very stuck-up. just because he thinks he's a 'star', he acts...
  308. Q

    pee um not sure??? scary

    wow i skip your A rational explanation there. too long =p... but yeah, my sister and brother had that too,i never had it though. good thing. but in my culture, that happens when some sorta spirit is on top of you O_O. freaky thing alright.
  309. Q

    periods problem normal?

    6 month?! :o . i'd be really sacred. 3 day is already hard enough. but are you sure she's telling you the truth? that's so not healthy. she needs doctor asap.
  310. Q

    periods problem normal?

    talking about scary. i have alot of serious problems with my body. but brown is scary. i have mine once every 2 months but it's red. i'm already 50% sure i wont be able to have kids, but that's because i dont take good care of my body -- which i should start. but yeah, you need to see a doctor...
  311. Q

    Is this a Hmong Tradition Skirt? kOREAN?

    PUAHAHAHAHA. i look weird everytime i try mine on that's why i never wear mine, or do i even have one. but yeah, time to take out the skirt and mix it with fashion =D
  312. Q

    " How does one translate this into English?"

    omg, i can never read that. i need to take hmong class.
  313. Q

    My Apologies

    ^woah i thought you was speaking some sorta demon language. then i realize it was japanese, so i had to throw in my japanese skills to read that.
  314. Q

    pix of ur accomadation & ur stuffs

    ice had your mom's house ever been in a lakorn? you know, for them rich people. i dig kevin's place.
  315. Q

    Basketball Fire

    express yoself all you want. but if you dont like someone, say you dont like them in a nicer way. ....umm... yea. no hard feeling dude =]
  316. Q

    Basketball Fire

    i'm not supposed to post (personal issue), but i seriously can't stand you. keep your rude ugly ass opinions to yourself will ye? i'm def. not a jerry fan, but your butt needs to be more respectful. the end.
  317. Q

    i dont know. i'm a useless person. too sad for my life right now. Sorry kevin.

    i dont know. i'm a useless person. too sad for my life right now. Sorry kevin.
  318. Q


    but i think theres more girls than guys, so girls just dont care about looks anymore, but the kindness of a man. i need a sweet boyfriend. SCREW LOOKS, MY HEART IS FOREVER BROKEN !!
  319. Q

    get a noisy jealous girlfriend. bingo. dont bug sarn if you dont have a good reason levin...

    get a noisy jealous girlfriend. bingo. dont bug sarn if you dont have a good reason levin conditioner.
  320. Q

    not just that, all my posts are gone too =] . but sarn picked that name out for me, do you like...

    not just that, all my posts are gone too =] . but sarn picked that name out for me, do you like it? aha. it had to be done for personal reason. laterz
  321. Q

    you are loved.

    you are loved.
  322. Q

    oh my god. i'm like..on your myspace listening to your song. i find myself in your page every...

    oh my god. i'm like..on your myspace listening to your song. i find myself in your page every 10 minutes lol.. such a loser... but what is it call so i can DL it and stop going there lol...if you dont mind =]
  323. Q

    yo you back@ ^-^.. miss you!

    yo you back@ ^-^.. miss you!
  324. Q

    no sir.

    no sir.
  325. Q

    in laos. i got some pictures in myspace =]. and you kevin, where have you been?

    in laos. i got some pictures in myspace =]. and you kevin, where have you been?
  326. Q

    hot. you're very pretty.

    hot. you're very pretty.
  327. Q

    wow you're popular as hell as a newbie. if you're gonna take a picture of your abs, might as...

    wow you're popular as hell as a newbie. if you're gonna take a picture of your abs, might as well do it all the way. as in lower your pants so I can see the V-shape. that's the sexy part O_O. excuse me now.
  328. Q

    THANKS! you too! =].. and happy late b-day!!! Did you OD on food? ahah

    THANKS! you too! =].. and happy late b-day!!! Did you OD on food? ahah
  329. Q

    ahah i love you too! (^-^). You.Are.My.Hero.

    ahah i love you too! (^-^). You.Are.My.Hero.
  330. Q

    lol what was that for?

    lol what was that for?
  331. Q

    Yes I heard that a billion times. Farewell. =]

    Yes I heard that a billion times. Farewell. =]