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  1. kaye

    how do we delete our account in here?

    How do I delete my account? I'm really busy with many things in my life right now, I won't be using this account anymore. Could someone delete my account for me or is there a way I could delete my account? Thank you! :)
  2. kaye

    [Ch3] Mam Gaem Daeng (Guts Entertainment)

    Looks good can't wait! (: Is that Dunk Punkorn in the opening with them? Cool if he is in here too! (:
  3. kaye

    Good Movie

    My favorites: 3 idiots Ye Maaya Chesave (2010)
  4. kaye

    Taew Nattaporn

  5. kaye


    Pao is starring as Pumpuang Duangjan in a new movie called The Moon (Pumpuang Duangjan) with Poh Natawat :) Credit: Magazinedee
  6. kaye

    [CH5] Mia Mai Chai Mia (EXACT)

    Cool! Can't wait! :)
  7. kaye

    Happy birthday! : )

    Happy birthday! : )
  8. kaye

    Album Covers

    Is there any sites on Thai Album Covers? I tried searching for them but couldn't really find a site that had thai album covers like english album covers. Thanks in advance :]
  9. kaye

    Plerng Ruk Fai Kaen

    Hi, I wanted to know if anyone can help me with finding an old lakorn. It's called Plerng Ruk Fai Kaen with Ae Sasikarn and Joe Ninard. I couldn't find it on youtube. Thanks if possible.
  10. kaye

    Fai Ruk Arsoon (Lakorn Thai)

    I didn't want it to end so fast. But then again the airing for the lakorn is Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Still didn't want it to end so fast.
  11. kaye

    Jam Luey Gamathep (Maker J.Group)

    that's so cool, i love the pair can't wait!!
  12. kaye

    Pookarn Reuy Lai(Step Onward)

    yeah, i liked the old one with johnny and ann niron, it was cute can't wait to see yard and por tidsadee in the remake.
  13. kaye

    Soo Sarn Poodaesah(Chulumpee)

    loved the pic with tye and rita!! so cute!! waiting to see this lakorn, thanks for sharing.
  14. kaye

    Rae Rai Loog Sao Paa (Campordee)

    They both look cute together, thanks for sharing!
  15. kaye

    Trab Sin Din Fah(Exact)

    cool, can't wait, my auntie is so obessed with sam that she called the thai store to see if it was coming yet lol. thanks for sharing the summary!
  16. kaye

    Cute site of Pat!! Thanks for sharing.
  17. kaye

    Tui AF3 & Diana Jong

  18. kaye

    Tui AF3 & Diana Jong

    Credits to Alice@Spicyforum; Tv-inside
  19. kaye

    Tida Daodum

    omg, i remember this lakorn, i liked it a lot, i watched it when I was young. thanks for sharing, they should do a remake of this lakorn.
  20. kaye

    What's your favorite lakorn theme songs?

    for me i like ~mee pieng ruk: kong saharat & pok ~Por Nattawut: Ending song in dao lhong fah poo pah see gern ~Pim Zaza: Ubathedet Hua Jai ~Ruhat Rissaya ~Ruk Kol Game Payabat
  21. kaye

    Poo Praiya Suandokmai

    Thanks to yimsiam
  22. kaye

    Poo Praiya Suandokmai

  23. kaye

    Bee Namthip & Kelly

    credit Alice @ spicyforum and yimsiam
  24. kaye

    Araya Chompoo Hargett

    credits to Spidey from araya forum, Alice from spicyforum
  25. kaye

    Nook and her baby!

    aww!! i love nook and her baby is so cute!! Thanks for sharing!!
  26. kaye

    Thai Stars English forum/site

    here are some forums
  27. kaye

    Thai Stars English forum/site

    these are all good sites of the stars. i can't get into the one with amy and cee forum, it doesn't work. really like the couple, thanks for sharing!
  28. kaye

    Araya and Amy K

    amy and araya both look pretty! thanks for sharing the pics!
  29. kaye

    Tye's pixs

    Tye is so cute and hott! Thanks for sharing the pics! :D
  30. kaye

    Vee & Pok

    so cute! love pok! like the pairing! thanx for sharing :)
  31. kaye

    Stefan boast but can't carry....

    cute! lol! :D
  32. kaye

    Pinky on Proud

    wow! pinky is so pretty! love the eyes! thanx for sharing B)
  33. kaye

    Perng Mang

    noon looks pretty!
  34. kaye

    Pinky on I-spy

    pinky looks so cute! thanx for sharing!
  35. kaye

    Tang & Noon S. on PREAW Magazine

    aww! they both look so cute together! thanx for sharing :D
  36. kaye

    --{7}-- Se7en --{7}--

    I am a major fan of Se7en! I love him so much! i love his songs! he is cute and hot! :w000t:
  37. kaye

    Jun Rue Jah Chai

    Yeah! Job Niti! i like him haven't seen him in a while, this lakorn looks good! yardtip is pretty thanx for the screencaps! :D
  38. kaye

    Amy & Cee @ Ning's (Yui friend in Nok Ork) Wedding!

    thanx for sharing! the looks cute! :D
  39. kaye

    Cee & Amy wuttisak member master card @ ฟิวเจอร์ปาร์ค รังสิต

    Amy and Cee look cute together! thanx for sharing! :D
  40. kaye

    Jui and Cherry

    Jui and Cherry looks so pretty thanx for sharing! :D
  41. kaye

    ArNAs-Pinky Sawika

    arnut and pinky so cute together!