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  1. bxz88

    Mixed Thai Stars

    This Brenda Song thing is outrageous. Why does it matter, aren't we talking about "Thai Mixed Celebrities" here? I don't think she's a Thai celebrity at all. And about her ethnicity, Song claims that her mother is Thai; was adopted by her Hmong grandparents. Who knows what the heck she is. For...
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    Lakorn Review Website

    Hi i'd like to be a part of this lakorn review website of yours! so what is your address?
  3. bxz88

    Actresses and actors (not newbies) that still needs to improved their acting.

    I second that! I honestly don't think she's able to act as well as the others that's been in the industry as long as she has.
  4. bxz88

    Stars [Vote-Aum Patcharapa vs. Chompoo Araya]

    I can't vote on this one, because they're two different girl with very distinctive beauty and personalities. There's no way to compare them. They both have the beauty, talent, and personality. Really can't vote. :(
  5. bxz88

    Pok Piyatida [Enjoy Life]

    One of the most beautiful actress!
  6. bxz88


    I like the up close shot of her full face. She have such a pretty face. I think this girl can be really sexy, but too bad she mostly get to do kiddy photo shoots :(.
  7. bxz88

    Chompoo Araya [Double Vision]

    She looks like a doll in some pictures.
  8. bxz88

    Noon Siraphun [Chic Style]

    She's a pretty girl, but she's a little on the thin side right now. And definitely grow out her hair!!! Very photogenic.
  9. bxz88

    Namcha [It's a Girl Thing]

    She's the girl who's dating Tangmo's ex bf. I'm not sure what his name is, but I saw him on Ratree Samosorn with two other guys; one of which is Marsha's son. And she's really pretty and can really sing.
  10. bxz88

    Pae Arak Says Thai Girls Are Much More Beautiful Than Laotian Girls

    I agree with you, but you're obviously not reading most of the comments. The majority of people here are bashing just Pae, not the Thai people. So calm your horse woman. About what Pae said was pure ignorance and not thinking before speaking. I believe what he said was what he truly feel and...
  11. bxz88

    Pae Arak Says Thai Girls Are Much More Beautiful Than Laotian Girls

    Haha I never liked Pae and this comment makes me see why I didn't like him to begin with. No offense to Goi's lover out there, but I don't find her attractive. So for him to point out what beauty is sort of a joke because his gf isn't that pretty.
  12. bxz88

    Kob & Brook's Wedding After 11 years of dating they finally got married! I'm happy for Kob Suvanant Kongying and Brook!
  13. bxz88

    I want to buy an old lakorn

    Thank you Amythao!
  14. bxz88

    Selling my thai and chinese lakorns....pretty cheap...

    Hi, I'd like to buy Hua Jai Mee Ngao with Patson and Ning. Please email me at Thank you.
  15. bxz88

    Pinky & Aum: It's over...

    OMG I totally agree! I really want Win and Pinky to get together! Although I am sad for Aum.
  16. bxz88

    I want to buy an old lakorn If anyone have Hua Jai Mee Ngao, an old lakorn by Ning Kullasatree and Patson please sell it to me. Thank you.
  17. bxz88

    Kua Namsaeng

    nope. sorry.
  18. bxz88

    Kua Namsaeng

    Good luck Kua! It's going to take a lot of work and determination, but I believe you can become anything that your heart truly desires. Just be yourself and work as hard as possible. Only hard work will bring you success. Good net working is also a key, which I can see you're already working on...
  19. bxz88

    Recipe Help

  20. bxz88

    can i say something about ch7 and ch3??????

    You must be kidding me right? About ch. 7 having the higher rating among the other channels! That says a lot about the viewers out there, no offense. Frankly speaking, people obviously like dramas that can't seem to pull the whole story together and a seemingly never ending story. All I see from...
  21. bxz88

    IMAGE Magazine : AFF

    Yeah she's really gorgeous I agree. I hope she'll come out with more good lakorns!
  22. bxz88

    Rising or popular n'ke for 2008

    For Ch. 3 I definitely see Aff being the most popular nang ek, and for ch. 7 it is probably Pancake. Even though I don't like Pancake, but I can see that she'll be popular for many more years to come. Anyway I don't even like ch. 7 lakorns, so it don't matter.
  23. bxz88

    who do you think are the strongest and weakest pa eks by carrying their nang eks?

    LOL this thread makes me laugh hahaha cause there are so many weak pr'ek in Thailand! The weakest pr'ek would have to be Paul Pattarapon! And the strongest pr'ek would have to be Aum Arttichat!
  24. bxz88


    I agree haha! Jeaw is Thai's best movie. It's so funny that I had to buy a dvd for my sister in another state because they don't have access to Thai movies. Everyone that I bought the dvds for all love the movie! I think I watched the movie more than one time hahaha.
  25. bxz88


    I like all the pictures! Thank you for sharing. Although, they could've use different backgrounds.
  26. bxz88

    Who play/act best as TWIN!

    Do we have to choose only one? I like Aum Patcharapa, Ann Tongprasom, and Jui Jiranun. But if I only have to choose one out of all three I'd have to go with Aum Patcharapa. I like her character as a twin.
  27. bxz88

    choose your company

    I used to love watching anything from Ch7 but now I'm leaning more towards Ch3 because I think they have better lakorns. I think I also like the actors and actresses more from Ch3. So I choose Ch3 all the way!!!
  28. bxz88

    Kwan Usamanee

    I chose Win and Golf, she is dating Golf by the way. But, I'd like to see her with Win more. Think they'd look better together.
  29. bxz88

    do you consider any nang ek chubby or fat?

    I agree with a lot of people on here, most actresses are way way too skinny (some even look anorexic!). Girls that look healthy are more attractive to me. Aum Patcharapa for example used to look ok, not too skinny or too fat. And now? She's way too skinny. The one nang'ek that is way to skinny...
  30. bxz88

    Aum A.

    Honestly Aum don't look good with a lot of the lead actresses that he star with, but I really like him with Aff! They look so good together ^_^
  31. bxz88

    n'ek or p'ek

    Shouldn't be... Nang'ek 1) Bee Namthip -- Can't act at all. Super boring to look at. Maybe better off as a villain haha (she's pretty good as one) 2) Bee Matika -- Can't stand her, she acts the same way for every lakorns. She's better off with Bua-Laan... 3) Pang Onchira -- Really pretty, but...
  32. bxz88

    Recommended Thai Drama's

    hahaha Jieb Lover you watch a lot of Thai drama... hehe Most of the ones you listed are pretty good actually...
  33. bxz88

    do you think Pat and Aff Tusakorn look alike?

    I have to say that they look nothing alike especially when you compare them by watching their films. I think that Aff look more thai than Pat, and Aff is somewhat prettier.
  34. bxz88

    Pat Naprapa Almost got ROB and SHOT!!!

    Omg that's crazy! Good thing she's safe. Must be some anti-Pat person... or rival in the industry. Just taking a guess lol.
  35. bxz88

    Your Fav Thai Stars

    Female: Aum Patcharapa Cherry K. Aff Pinky Savika May (Aum's friend) Noon Warranuch Benz Pornchita Noi Bussagorn Male: Paul Cee Siwat Chakrit Oil Thana New Wonsagorn Vee
  36. bxz88

    Best lakorn of '07

    Also Nong Miew Keaw Petch - pinky and cee Leh Kularb - yardthip Likit Kamathap - ann and mark
  37. bxz88

    Worst Lakorn of 2007

    Poo Som Fow Sup - Stephan and Kob Prueksa Sawad - Chutchai and Namfon Satree tee lok leum - Noon and Oil Kasa Naka - Noon and New Rang Rit Pissawad - Aum and Stephan
  38. bxz88

    Best lakorn of '07

    Rahut Rissaya!!!
  39. bxz88

    Channel 3 2008 Calendar

    Thank you for sharing! I like the February the most, and November is also good.
  40. bxz88

    Natural Beauty

    I had to go with Cherry K. Honestly, I think she's truly beautiful. Maybe not pretty all in your face, but surely beautiful :)... This poll is very hard nevertheless, because I think that most people you have on there all have a natural beauty to them. Some just prettier than other.
  41. bxz88

    describe these actress looks :

    Aum Patcharapa - sexy, pretty Joy Rinlanee - cute, pretty Ann Thongprasom - beautiful, pretty, gorgeous Kob Suvanant - cute, pretty Benz Pornchita - pretty Janie Tienphosuwan - cute Numfon Kullanant - pretty (kinda plain?) Yui Jiranan - cute Ning Kullasatree - pretty Noon Woranuch -...
  42. bxz88

    Pinky's P'eak

    I voted for Cee, and then Paul hehe
  43. bxz88

    Tik Kanyarat

    She's a true beauty, cause she never had any surgery. She's all natural! Thank you for sharing :D
  44. bxz88

    Favorite Actor - lists them ^_^

    We seem to like the same ppl lol... I like the above list too, but I also like :lmao: 4. Vee 5. Oil
  45. bxz88

    Tata young & Prem's Engagement

    i saw it on Tee Sip (At Ten) They're real cute together.
  46. bxz88

    Thai 2007 Super Model

    Yeah I totally agree. They didn't even introduce the contestants. Most of the time they show performance by former actresses/actors/singers, and cute kids modeling.
  47. bxz88

    Friends with Who?

    Aum (male actor) + Benz Ponchita Benz Ponchita, Tao Sarocha, Ao (from Leh-Ku-Rab), Eh Isiriya Cheer & Tangmo Pinky, Cee & Amy Klinprathum Amy (from Nong Meow Keow Petch), Jieb, Noon W., & Ning (nang rai) Pang Onjira, Woonsen (DJ), DJ Ja, & Pitta Tanya & Numfon Kullanut Oil Thana & Lift...
  48. bxz88

    Concert - Minnesota

    OMG I wish I can go to the concert, but I live too far :( Do you know how they bring Thai singers to perform in America? I wish I can bring GM.
  49. bxz88

    Pinky Savika

    Don't know if you guys have seen this yet, but I'll share it anyway.
  50. bxz88

    Pat Napapa

    Thought I'd share these to Pat's fans out there. If you want to add more pictures of her, feel free to do so.
  51. bxz88

    Thai 2007 Super Model

    Thai 2007 Super Model Contest was on Nov. 15th Samie, a sixteen year old Thai/look-krunge won... she said that she wants to go into the entertainment industry. She will be going to China next year to compete against other countries for the next top World super model. here are pics of her...
  52. bxz88

    Who do you want cee to be with in the future?

    Honestly I like Cee with Amy. I think they're real cute together. Cee would look good with Pinky too, but it's not likely to happen because Pinky and Amy are good friends, and Cee even said so himself on Tee Nee Mochit that he can't picture himself with Pinky.
  53. bxz88

    who do u want oil to play with?

    I like Oil with Aum more, but he look good with Noon too.
  54. bxz88


    hehe cool thread ok here are mine 1. Win and Pancake 2. Cheer and Nam Raveepat 3. Kwan and Golf 4. Pinky and Aum (the male pra'ek) and here are the ones I want to get together 1. Pancake and Weer (only because I dislike them both) 2. Yardthip and Tai Nattapon 3. Pinky and Aum Can't think...
  55. bxz88

    ❤️You know you are watching a Thai lakorn when...

    LMAO Omg the above list is so true!!! #77 is so true, and sometimes annoy the crap out of me when I watch Thai lakorns lmao
  56. bxz88

    Thai Stars - That you dislike

    I totally agree with every you said!
  57. bxz88

    Thai Stars - That you dislike

    I like most actresses and actors, but here are the ones that I really don't like... (not hate) 1. Pancake - too full of herself 2. Weer from Plik Din Su Dao - seems rude 3. Bee Matika - Only because I don't think she can act 4. Jui - she's not fit to be nang'ek, other than that she's alright
  58. bxz88

    who do you think will look odd by pairing up in lakorns?

    haha yeah I can't picture Dan and Kwan, but they might make a good couple "shrug"... OOooh Num and Yard? Odd pairing I say... Num and Pinky would not look good at all, because Pinky look too young for him. Pinky needs more lakorn with Cee!!! I hope they have more romantic/comedy coming out...
  59. bxz88

    Set: Ken & Noi Wedding

    I'm so happy for them! I heard that Ken would call Noi every other hour just to see what she's doing... so sweet... I guess part of it is that he's excited about the upcoming wedding.... Congrats to them! My fav. celeb. couple to date.
  60. bxz88

    Mixed Thai Stars

    I'm pretty certain that Num is mixed with chinese, and so is Beam. Tik look like he might have some Indian in him... maybe? Noon, she may be Laos, cause of her last name... it's a common Laos last name 'Wongsawun"... but who knows... for sure Aom, Ken, and Janie are full... and yeah they all...
  61. bxz88

    Mixed Thai Stars

    "Cindy Burbridge (Sirinya Winsiri) - She is mixed with American (Dad) and Thai/Indian (Mother)...very pretty." I don't think she's mixed at all, she's full white, or at least that's what I heard.
  62. bxz88

    Mixed Thai Stars

    hehe you'd probably have to post almost all the thai celebrities on here, because they all seem to be mixed with something. but here are the obvious ones... Luktarn Alisa Wills Araya A. Hargate Marsha (thai/german) Sara Marakul Lane
  63. bxz88


    this is a tough question considering that there are sooo many nang 'ek out there, plus we don't see many of them without make up. I honestly think that most nang'ek or even all, look great or else they wouldn't be nang ek, right? Unless you give us a list of names, this is a tough one to decide on.
  64. bxz88

    Your favourite n’ek out of these…

    aum patcharapa always
  65. bxz88

    N'eak Facial Features

    I went for Poo P. I really think that she's gorgeous
  66. bxz88


    I like them both, can't choose... They're both pretty, in their own way. Pat is just too skinny in my opinion, and Namfon is just right. Now, if you were asking about acting abilities, I'd have to go with Pat. I really think
  67. bxz88

    A site to hear Thai song Hmong copy off!

    LMAO not to be mean... but I totally agree. The girl cannot sing, she sounds like a dying cat lol oh god I sound too mean but anyway... she can't sing... but maybe her translation is accurate? At least she tried though, so I give her prop cause I can't sing either hehehe I probably sound...
  68. bxz88

    Aump Patcharapa

    I Looovvvee Aum She's so sexy... thank u for sharing
  69. bxz88

    Which Lakorn would you want to watch with English Subtitles

    You do subbing? hmm that's cool... I tried, but got lazy too much work haha got a lot of thai lakorn with sub titles I think you should sub Ra-Hut-Rit-Sa-Ya with Noon and Paul Best movie of the year so far...
  70. bxz88

    Rome with spikes, slick or long hair?

    yup yup slick or spikes.... no long... doesn't suits him hehehe HoT be mine... lol
  71. bxz88

    Rome Pictures

    Damn I wanna do him :yahoo: I love this guy... especially when he speaks E-San hahahaha
  72. bxz88

    Event Pictures

    do you guys have her hi5? you should go check it out... she got lots of picz on there... i like her latest lakorn leh-ku-larb
  73. bxz88

    Paul & Aump

    aww so cute together, I wish they would really get together but aum and paul both like younger people lmao paul is hot... reminds me of my ex hehehe
  74. bxz88

    Aum and Vee: Sweet Love…Save Sex

    I don't think they look good together... I think aum look best with Oil Thana hehehe... super duper cute oooh aum is so pretty but she's too skinny
  75. bxz88

    Supporting Actress

    I like Mieng too! But I had to pick Jieb because she has more lakorn than Mieng.
  76. bxz88

    Chakrit and his co-star young n'ke

    I chose Pat Nappapa and Cheer I think it'd be different to see Chakrit and Cheer... cause she's so funny hahaha
  77. bxz88

    Paul at Joa Jai
  78. bxz88

    thai transexual

    hahaha i love this post! I totally agree with Sirena that the Thai transsexual are so pretty! Some are prettier than real girls >___< so sad hehehe
  79. bxz88

    Laos people in the U.S. looking like Thai Lakorn Stars

    I think the reason why the Laos in America can pass as a thai star or model is because of the good life in America compared to the people in Laos that barely have enough to eat. I'm sure any person living in the U.S. would look better than a person that lives in the third world country.
  80. bxz88

    Do you look laos?

    i look cambodian or filipina...
  81. bxz88

    boran lakorn or modern fantasy lakorn lol

    I would have to say modern fantasy, boran is not my cup of tea.
  82. bxz88

    Thai Womans Trying to Look Like Western (White) Womans

    LMAO to the above :lmao: my parents dye their hair too! I think it's normal to dye their hair, have surgery, and what not.
  83. bxz88

    Pratin Nawong

    OOOoh Pra tinawong ... I got so into it at the beginning, but it starts to get boring. The main guy, pra tinawong is starting to get on my nerves, he's such a jerk! Is it me, or all the girls in there are stupid except for the villain girl, Gallawan and the giant girl (the younger sister).
  84. bxz88

    what's better or what do u like RS or Grammy

    Grammy all the way... cause of the artists they have, GM, Ice, Bie, Aof, Peck, and more great ones :)
  85. bxz88

    Best Revenge Drama airing right now

    Buasaba Reh Ruk all the way :yahoo:
  86. bxz88

    Top Ten Pretty Nang Rai (Villian)

    Please vote only once so we can have a fair poll of who is the prettiest/hottest. Thank you. Rule: 1) vote for only one person 2) vote once This will give us an idea of who's the hottest/sexiest/prettiest as a whole (sarnworld's community). The reason why I chose these fours is because...
  87. bxz88

    true beauty

    Noon is the most beautiful on the poll... i'm a little disappointed though because the other girls aren't beautiful, so this poll is very easy to decide on who's the most beautiful.