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    Asian Fuse Idol

    Are you really going to post up past entries Tina? What I really want to hear are mine and lek's entries! Cuz I lost all my recordings.
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    Going to see Luna Sea in LA in December!!!

    Going to see Luna Sea in LA in December!!!
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    What song are you listening to right now?

    2ne1- In the Club
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    i was just thinking about you...i was listening to my old recordings the other day...and...

    i was just thinking about you...i was listening to my old recordings the other day...and remember that song we sang for sarnie idol?....i sounded horrible
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    What are you thinking right now?

    you'll never know what you've put me through....broken sand dollars anyone?
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    What are you thinking right now?

    i need to find a dress....quick
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    What song are you listening to right now?

    OneRepublic - Come Home
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    What song are you listening to right now?

    a fine frenzy- almost lover (album version)
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    Asian-American (APA) Acting Audition

    thanks so much for the info d....i've been actually thinking about trying to make a niche for myself in the asian american theatre community...but this is even better!
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    dbsk's purple line single made number 1 for the only beat out the no. 2 single by like 500 copies so it was really really close....anyway...a number 1 single is a number 1 single...should be good publicity for their album
  14. P's been forever and a day...anyway...check out ingrid michaelson if you haven't...'s been forever and a day...anyway...check out ingrid michaelson if you haven't already..she sings that cute song from that old navy sweater commercial.
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    sup homes

    sup homes
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    1. Opening Credits: Amuro Name- So Crazy 2. Waking Up: Christina Aguilera- Impossible 3. First Day At School: Amuro Namie- Dreaminig I was Dreaming 4. Falling In Love: DBSK- Hey Girl (lol...i didn't actually came up!) 5. Fight Song: DBSK- The Way U Are (eh?) 6. Breaking Up: DBSK-...
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    What song are you listening to right now?

    anna tsuchiya inspi' nana- kuroi namida
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    SarnWorld Meetup

    i thought california was the cheese know...good cheese comes from happy cows...happy cows come from california
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    Your Last Thought of The Day

    i kicked ass today...i'm so proud of myself
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    Fah Mee Tawan Hua Jai Chun Mee Ter

    i tried giving this lakorn a shot...i just saw the first tape...and it was hard getting through it...i mean the storyline seems interesting but...i don't like the pacing...i mean like nothing happened...and also i think jui is an awful actress her posture's bad...she has no idea what to do with...
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    Plastic Surgery

    i got the most recent issue of marie claire in the mail a little while ago...and there's this special beauty report on plastic surgery and other things called erasing ethnicity...and they talked to suchin pak...the korean mtv vj...and she mentioned how before she became a vj and started working...
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    What song are you listening to right now?

    amuro namie- dreaming i was dreaming
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    yah...totally gotta spread the yunho love...and the jaejoong love..and the junsu, yoochun, and...

    yah...totally gotta spread the yunho love...and the jaejoong love..and the junsu, yoochun, and changmin love!!!...i would just die if dbsk serenaded me with hey girl
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    come into chat now please

    lol time offer eh?...i remember you made that offer once before in chat!
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    i heard this song song yesterday...and i was like...this kind of sounds like paolo nutini...and...

    i heard this song song yesterday...and i was like...this kind of sounds like paolo nutini...and it was him!...the song was last request...totally dig it
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    Summer is Over!!

    i actually had a great summer...went wine tasting 3 times (i'm not an alcoholic!)..twice in napa and ate at the culinary institute of america...try to top that...and once in amador...had lots of family get togethers with plenty of good food...really good food...went to santa cruz...i actually...
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    come into chat!!!

    oh my freakin''s genkers
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    khmer face inside Cosmo

    he looks ok in that pic...he's tall though..that's nice...but that really gay
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    The story behind ur member name

    um...i like pink
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    What song are you listening to right now?

    OLIVIA- Under Your Waves
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    Subject: Psychopath Test

    haha...i got the answer right...but that's cuz i've already heard of this.
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    What song are you listening to right now?

    dbsk- hey girl
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    The Guess Who Game

    lol paris hilton... i am not a crook
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    Yay or Nay to Violet

    where's pink?...i pick teal...cuz there's no pink
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    Karaoke Night

    i know!!!...thank you guys again!!!...don't forget to tune in again next week!!!
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    Karaoke Night

    Karaoke Sessions 6PM Pacific 7PM Central 8PM Mountain 9PM Eastern Well this concept was conjured last year but unfortunately we didn't have the time. Now it's summer - so let's get to singing! Join or tune in every Tuesday Night for some singing fun and of course some music requests! The...
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    Tookata Rerng Rabahm

    hmm...i'm not sure i'm going to like paul or pancake playing the lead roles...i might be a bit biased because i love this lakorn so much...but eh...i'm not excited about this remake...i'm so afraid they're going to ruin a bunch of the other remakes.
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    Fresh preview of next album

    that was way awesome...nai's got the cutest voice!
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    when was the interview and what show was it on?...i won't be able to help you with the subbing...but this namie forum i go to has some translations of her appearances on tv.
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    all the world's a stage

    these aren't just of me...these are pics from the current production i'm's a musical called "damn yankees" onstage the way..that lady's 47! you can't really see me here...but i'm in the red hat! backstage
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    lol...i knew that was coming
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    you don't want anything too warm don't want to shock your throat...when you're singing or about to temperature water is best....but nice warm tea afterwards feels really really good!
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    lol...yah lek..i remember trying to explain everything to you!...that whole gut/stomach thing still bothers me...i know i pointed it out...but it's still i'm like grr...also i don't know about using cough drops for your throat...there are special throat lozanges or like sprays...cuz...
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    you DO NOT sing from your gut or your's called your DIAPHRAGM
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    Pictures from your childhood

    i'm bored...
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    K-Drama Association Game

    goong/princess hours!!!...and that's all the kdrama i know
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    i don't think you need an you?..i mean it's open to actually liked it more when it was only open to college students...i know that was really exclusive..but yah.
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    it's good

    it's good
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    Pictures of your Meal

    omg..lek..i want some!!!'s new years...i usually have some during the new years festival..but i haven't had any...but that doesn't look so spicy...i don't see little any chili peppers!!!
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    Bie the star?

    now everytime i hear that i need somebody song..i'll think of him doing that ridiculous heart speedos..not a very pretty picture.
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    Kongjuk Lai Dork Bua

    i cannot wait to see this...i absolutely love joy...and aum's hot!
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    Bie the star?

    lol...omg...looks like him
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    What song are you listening to right now?

    trespassers william- i know
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    What song are you listening to right now?

    guns n roses- november rain
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    Jen's Fashion Photos

    i totally love the coat!!!
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    X Piya [not for the lil kids... again]

    him being in musicals makes him even hotter
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    ::hums:: it's a small world after all...

    ::hums:: it's a small world after all...
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    the koolest thing about you is that i'm your homie.

    the koolest thing about you is that i'm your homie.
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    X Piya [not for the lil kids... again]

    i take it he's a dancer...he's in first position...i know it's the concept of the photoshoot...but it looks like he's a dancer..i mean...look at him at first looks good..looks like he does jazz and ballet..i see him in ballet slippers and jazz sneakers.
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    What song are you listening to right now?

    ella fitzgerald- someone to watch over me
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    Daily Addiction

    lipgloss or lip balm
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    Your favorite childhood tv show

    definitely fresh prince!!...are you afraid of the dark...hey dude...and that camp anawana or something like that...clarissa explains it all
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    Lip GLOSS - what kind do you use?

    i love love love lipgloss!...i'm not complete if i don't at least have one in my purse!..if i were to be an inanimate object...i'd be lipgloss (yes...i was asked that...and i actually said lipgloss!)...i also love lipbalms...but lipgloss more! i love this one...i have it in red currant.. this...
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    Do u speak a good english?

    so i had my sister take the test...and she got... English Genius You scored 100% Beginner, 100% Intermediate, 86% Advanced, and 86% Expert! You did so extremely well, even I can't find a word to describe your excellence! You have the uncommon intelligence necessary to understand things that...
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    My Soundclick

    so...i finally did more recordings!!..yaye!!!..just 2 though...they are "reflections" from mulan and "a walk in the park" by namie amuro!!..please listen...and leave comments...yah? my soundclick
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    Do u speak a good english?

    Advanced You scored 100% Beginner, 92% Intermediate, 93% Advanced, and 73% Expert! You have an extremely good understanding of beginner, intermediate, and advanced level commonly confused English words, getting at least 75% of each of these three levels' questions correct. This is an...
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    Some of The Stupidest Song's I've Heard Is..

    seriously..there's just not that much good music on the radio right now....i hate anything and everything by hinder and blue october...i don't understand how crap like that can get so much airplay...and avril's "girlfriend" is so old is she now...23?..and married and she's still...
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    You're Song

    there are so many songs that i feel that are for's hard to choose one particular song that'll describe myself because i'm so many different things hah!...but um yah...these lyrics that i'm posting are from a song called "seven years" by norah's not that i think it's "my"...
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    The Blah Thread

    i bet they were mormon.
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    What song are you listening to right now?

    New (The Star 3)-Khon Mai Kao Tah....yah...i'm in one of those moods again.
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    where have you been?!'s been forever and a day since i've seen you on!

    where have you been?!'s been forever and a day since i've seen you on!
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    Long Hair

    woah..if it's that long i say cut it!'ll be easier to take care of...and easier to style...and brush!
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    Word Association Game

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    What song are you listening to right now?

    namie amuro- baby don't copy came in the mail today!! (also..i got 300 posts!..woot!)
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    Word Association Game

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    At The Moment I want To........

    sing my heart out
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    Word Association Game

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    even though our session was cut short...for reasons still unkown to was fun!!!

    even though our session was cut short...for reasons still unkown to was fun!!!
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    Alphabet Game'07

    s- shipoopi
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    My Soundclick

    i just deleted a lot of the songs...just 5 left
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    you remembered!!...thanks!

    you remembered!!...thanks!
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    Word Association Game

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    Have you ever...

    yes! have you ever had a grilled cheese sandwhich with pickles?
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    tina...i ruk you!!!!

    tina...i ruk you!!!!
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    your arrow was supposed to be pointing in this ----> direction shipoopi!

    your arrow was supposed to be pointing in this ----> direction shipoopi!
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    i'm on aim

    i'm on aim
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    The Blah Thread

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    What song are you listening to right now? too!!!
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    Word Association Game

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    What song are you listening to right now?

    me'- naun mai lub (tah mai glub prom tur)
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    Kongjuk Lai Dork Bua

    i hope this lakorn will be good..i love aum and joy..and they actually look as weird as i thought they would together...they actually look cute.
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    T.V. Show Ugle Betty

    go watch it at!!'ve gotta see was good!
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    Aom Phiyadas new haircut!

    looks like a wig to me
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    Dome lips
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    Rai Rissaya(Tv Scene)

    this sounds really aum's a jerk?..the last time i remember him playing a jerk was with his lakorn with nadia...gosh..he was a hot jerk.
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    What song are you listening to right now?

    peck- jai neung gor ruk eek jai gor jeb
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    Ning Kullasutree Married

    why is the reception so late?
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    The Blah Thread

    ^ i feel like blowing that candle out!!!...i kid! i kid!!!... anyway...i don't want to feel anything...that's how i feel right now
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    Word Association Game

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    What song are you listening to right now?

    dome-ya hai jai gun leuy
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    Alphabet Game'07

    i- ingenue
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    Beckham joining MLS!!!!!!!

    i thought MLB stood for Major League Baseball...there's another MLB?
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    This or That

    tank tops showers or baths
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    Western Entertainment Association Game

    the first winner for dancing with the stars was kelly monaco
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    sarNie Roll Call

    lol crack me up..but's not just you.
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    T.V. Show Ugle Betty

    i love ugly betty..cannot miss an episode..i even went to a party as ugly betty hah!....i think betty should hook up with the cute nerdy guy!
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    Alphabet Game'07

    m for mafia
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    Have you ever...

    if you mean love as in something you feel towards your significant other..then nope..not yet.. have you ever kissed a banana slug?
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    What song are you listening to right now?

    amuro namie- baby don't cry (yes again...been listening to it all puts me in a good mood)
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    At The Moment I want To........

    throw everything against the freaking wall...throw my tv remote at the tv...just because i've never done anything like that before.
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    new namie amuro single!!

    finally!!!..covers are out!!! cd cover cd+dvd cover also..there's a radio rip of the song's very...uplifting..haha..i think it'll do's very pop
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    My Soundclick another song added...yet again...but it's not that new...i realized i haven't posted my rendition of "ruk tua eng mark pai" for the second round of sarnie idol goes..i'm not particularly fond of the way i sound.
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    Me Singing

    nice's kool that you write your own stuff..that's why i need to try to darvil need an you know anyone that can do that kind of stuff?..or do you know how to do that kind of stuff?
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    What are you thinking right now?

    i miss ethan
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    What song are you listening to right now?

    incubus- anna molly
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    What song are you listening to right now?

    amuro namie- baby don't cry
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    My Soundclick new song added!!!'s yume no uta by koda kumi!!'s my first attempt at recording a koda kumi song!!..hope you like it!
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    How Are You Feeling? (2nd Version)

    i feel...bleh
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    DeNNiS O'NEiL!!!!!!!!!!

    oh my..i just discovered him..someone here had a very hot sig of him...he is so hot.
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    This or That

    different colors! sugar or honey?
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    Alphabet Game'07

    g- guitar
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    Word Association Game

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    Word Association Game

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    Word Association Game

    hot! ( crack me up!)
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    Alphabet Game'07

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    Western Entertainment Association Game

    nick lachey was in the boyband 98 degrees
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    What song are you listening to right now?

    prodigy-smack my bitch up
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    What song are you listening to right now?

    prodigy- breathe
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    Person above you...

    ^ she's my number one fan!!!..haha
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    Maddox and Jolie

    they are like one of the best looking families!
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    Kim Leakhena go married!

    he's old..and ugly...i hope he has lots and lots of money
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    Aum sexy pics

    he's so hot.
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    What song are you listening to right now?

    the flare- don't forget you (i'll never ever)
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    Lakorn Association....

    ann t.
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    VJ Ja

    i find her face very annoys me
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    How Are You Feeling? (2nd Version)

    i'm feeling really tired right now...but i don't want to go to sleep yet.
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    This or That

    christmas! aim or msn?
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    Five things about yourself

    1. i have a 2. i hate being late 3. i like making and rolling egg rolls 4. i love karaoke!!! 5. i can only cook with a recipe right in front of me
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    My Soundclick

    thanks guys!!...i added a 4 more songs...2 of them are forgiveness by ayumi hamasaki and never end by namie amuro..the other 2 are another of recording featuring my very talented sister..and cross over by namie amuro..also featuring my sister!
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    My First Thought Upon Waking Up..Today..

    aw sore throat is back...ugh
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    [Quiz]What is Your Love Element?

    hmm..this is mine.. Your Love Element Is Metal In love, you inspire and respect your partner. For you, love is all about fusing together for one incredible life experience. You attract others with wit and a bit of flash. Your flirting style is defined by making others want and value you...
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    My First Thought Upon Waking Up..Today..

    crap..i haven't gotten any better..actually i got worse...freaking airborne does not work!!!
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    **New Year Resolution 2007**

    my new years resolution is to drink more water
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    What song are you listening to right now?

    can you celebrate? by namie amuro
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    My Soundclick

    alrightie..2 new songs is moments and the other is no way to say...both of these songs are originally by jpop artist ayumi hamsaki...but i would like to say..i am in no way an ayu fan..i just like to immitate her and her vibrato..but in these recordings..i'm not trying to immitate...
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    peppers new lakorn!

    aw man..if ann dies in this lakorn..then i hope pepper wont' be in it..cuz that would be the second lakorn that they won't end up together...i also think it's kind of interesting that alicia is going to be in a lakorn with pang...because of puri..i mean..remember those reports about alicia and...
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    Singing From the Heart Part II

    woohooo...i'm excited you're recording again!!...but yah..we need to start on this collab...i wonder if sah still knows that it's still going on?
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    Maddox and Jolie

    lol..i'm not calling angie a homewrecker...i'm just saying other people and tabloids would call her a homewrecker..i love angelina jolie (and i've never liked jennifer anniston) that interview that came along with a photoshoot..she said she would never sleep with a married...
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    Reun Ruk Reun Taut(Who & Who)

    i'm actually not happy that it's ending so soon..i think they could've expanded the story more...everything went by so fast...but at least it's better than it being dragged out....but and her mom are such evil bitches!!!....and did you guys see chakrit's face when tanya...
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    Arrested sarNworld Spammers

    hey..i was told escargo is pretty damn good...still haven't tried it..i guess it can't be that bad if it's worse than spam..spam is good..with rice!!!
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    Arrested sarNworld Spammers

    i think this thread about the for the spammer to spam even more...cuz that's certainly what i'm doing right now.
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    Arrested sarNworld Spammers

    really?..i remember reading it over twice..and i didn't see my name!!
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    Arrested sarNworld Spammers

    haha...glad to see you edited the list to add me in there!!!...oh tina...your sig...we're not WTF should really change it!!!...if i were really really spamming i would try to make this post as long and pointless as i can..and go on about things that i don't like and dislike and...
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    Maddox and Jolie

    yes..maddox is such a cutie!...i have that issue of vanity faire...i believe it was vanity faire...with the photoshoot with mother and son...the interview was really interesting!...and the article cracked me up..maddox..a homewrecker?! guess at least they're not pointing fingers...
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    Arrested sarNworld Spammers

    hahahhaa...i'm not on the list!!! like i said..i'm just not lazy to post anymore...i'm not spamming!
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    This or That

    lol...spreading gas cds or mp3s?
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    My First Thought Upon Waking Up..Today..

    crap...i'm sick...and right before finals...i feel really crappy
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    What song are you listening to right now?

    jimmy eat world- last christmas
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    How Are You Feeling? (2nd Version)

    jerk..i spent almost 600 bucks on books this semester and got back 89!...grrr
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    Veth Rattana's Wedding

    i think she's so gorgeous!!..but her husband...not very goodlooking...but i guess she found stability..cuz he owns a america.
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    What song are you listening to right now?

    currently listening to sarn radio...and right now it's playing sugizo's super love..i love this's my jam!
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    Ideal Lover, Descrbe that person!

    Name: Sex: Male Age: my age...or just a few years older...4 years at most though! Nationality: Asian Birth Place: Anywhere..does it really matter?...actually I won't marry anyone that's not a US citizen..he just might be using me for a green card! Current Place: I hope he's either at...
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    This or That

    surfing/frolicking on the beach cappuccino or frappuccino?
  172. P

    Have you ever...

    yes..i have actually... have you ever sky dived?
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    The Atk Shop Game

    i'm still awake...watching out for my life....and waiting to get my attacks pathetic is that?
  174. P

    What song are you listening to right now?

    i'm listening to myself...singing pooying kee'm not conceited..i swear!!
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    A chain letter

    chain letters are sooo annoying...they were fun when i was 14...but that's they're just plane dumb and annoying.
  176. P

    Life Lessons...

    things that i've learned... -ask for help when you need it..just because you need help doesn't mean you're stupid and incompetent -your best friends in high school may not end up being your best friend throughout the rest of your life -college students are not all smart...some of them...
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    [QUIZ] Your Ideal Gentleman

    Name: Sokhom Age: 20 Fav: Color pink Your Gentleman will be Funny ... Smart as Hell ... Plays Classical Guitar Have Gorgeous Blue Eyes Annual Salary $423,020.11 Will Spend the Rest of Your Lives Together (8) - Better not tell you. - <--what the hell is that supposed to mean?!
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    Reun Ruk Reun Taut(Who & Who)

    ^^..yup..yup..couldn't agree more!!..anyone know what happened in today's episode..a short little summary would be quite appreciated..seeing as how episode 11 hasn't been posted in buddie media yet.
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    The Atk Shop Game

    i have to admit..i'm pretty into this game..and that i'm quite addicted..but everytime i wake up in the morning i'm dead!
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    How much money did you spend today?

    today...nothing...i havn't eaten.
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    i just thought of more... -i want a nice coat or peacoat -i don't want an ipod -i want some really good shampoo or conditioner..something that contains olive oil. ..but am i getting everything on my list....probably not..but i want at least one thing that i've listed.
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    <span style="color:red"><b>How Do Men See You</b></span>

    Men See You As Understated You are an intreguing mix of girl and woman. You're feminine, quiet, and a total mystery to most men. Yet they often feel the urge to protect you, even if they don't know you. You *are* a flirt, but you usually only flirt with those you know well the last part...
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    Five things about yourself

    1. i've never been drunk...yet 2. i have just one nephew and i love him to death 3. i'm the youngest in the family 4. i love reading trashy romance novels 5. i think namie amuro is the best singer/dancer out there!
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    Khmer girls and Guy funny...he doesn't even know you're doing this? what would you tell him if you did find someone here...that lives 200 miles away from him... that's interested?
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    hmm..i can list lots of things right that i've really thought out everything.... -digital camera -namie amuro 1st anniversay live at chiba marine stadium on dvd -namie amuro concentration 20 live at tokyo dome dvd (i only have this on vcd..and it's old!) -namie amuro sweet 19 blues...
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    Kongjuk Lai Dork Bua

    man..i really want to see pics of the both of them together..i love them both..but i'm not sure how they will look together.
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    La-ong Dao(Scenario)

    omg..omg..omg..aom looks gorgeous...and pol is in this too?!..i'm so late!...although i don't find kong attractive..i think he's a good actor..and he gets like all of the good lakorns and n'eks!..but man..i want to see pol in a leading role again...with oom!..haha
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    Reun Ruk Reun Taut(Who & Who)

    yah..i hope these are just rumors...i don't really see it ending anytime soon..unless it were really rushed..which would totally hate. i've to say the cast in this lakorn is amazing!..i'm a big joy fan..and i think she is such an amazing and versatile actress..and chakrit..this so...
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    peppers new lakorn!

    I want to see how much he has improved in his acting skills..he's one of the few actors i like even though his acting skills are mediocre..maybe because i was always a fan of his..from uht...but...let's see..his acting was awful in leh was a little better in the other one with...
  190. P

    new namie amuro single!!

    namie amuro will be releasing a new single entitled "baby don't cry" which will also be the theme to a jdrama...not sure what the drama is...but the single will be released in 2 and cd+dvd..."baby don't cry" is decribed as a mid tempo pop i'm expecting something like "girl...
  191. P

    My Soundclick sang on my own in high school?!...was it for choir?..i love on my's my audition song for everything!
  192. P

    What are you thinking right now?

    i need some milk with my brownies.
  193. P

    Captain & Pim (Zaza) New lakorn

    oh man i can't wait to see this...i love pim zaza..and captain...hope this will be a good one...i have high expectations when it comes to xact lakorns.
  194. P

    Any1 heard of.....

    yes i've heard of them..i think they're alright...i actually prefer old skool jrock.
  195. P

    This or That

    basketball spring break or winter break?
  196. P

    [MBC] Goong (Princess Hour)

    haha..goong was my second korean drama...and i actually really liked shin's character...i'm kind of hoping this will get dubbed in cambodian.
  197. P

    Kim Leakhena go married!

    anyone have pics of her hubby..or of her wedding...i'm curious as to what he looks like.
  198. P

    Five things about yourself

    1. i love singing 2. i love acting 3. Namie Amuro is my idol..i've been listening to her since i was 12!! (in other words..for 8 years!) 4.i hate when people say's like just freaking say it. 5. i love strawberries and strawberry flavored..and anything minty!
  199. P

    This or That

    boba drinks tennis shoes or flip flops?
  200. P

    I Love sarNworld v.Plus +

    yes..sarnworld rocks my socks...especially the flashchat!!
  201. P

    Kongjuk Lai Dork Bua

    i love it when the n'ek and p'ek hate it each other and argue at always cracks me up..and i also love wanisa as n'rai..i think she's so gorgeous with an incredible body!
  202. P

    Oobatthihed Hang Ruk

    i'm seriously anxious to see this lakorn..i love pim...she's so pretty!..and i need me some some good drama!
  203. P

    Ruk Ter Took Wun

    i can't wait for much as i loved song rao nirundun...there needs to be a make up lakorn for it..because i want to see a lakorn with them where there's a happy ending...they look really cute together.
  204. P

    Kom Ruk Kom Sanae ha (ITV - Polyplus)

    yes no more twists..i hate the break up and make up stuff too..but i'm glad baibua is pregnant!
  205. P

    Reun Ruk Reun Taut(Who & Who) soon?..i certainly hope not..i think it needs to be a little longer
  206. P

    P'Aof R.i.P

    i'm somewhat hesitant to watch this...
  207. P

    Cherrys new haircut

    i don't think this haircut suits her face shape...she has a really pointy jawline...and big cheekbones...and this haircut doesn't help her hide that.
  208. P

    Your 411

    wow...only 2 guys voted so far...i know there are more guys than that...
  209. P

    Jet Li’s Mansion The Number One in the Celebrity World

    man...i'd like to see a pic of his mansion.
  210. P

    This or That

    uhh...neither? bears i guess... apples or oranges?
  211. P

    The story behind ur member name

    hmm...let's see it started out in high favorite color is pink. and i wore pink to school like everyday..with a hot pink backpack...and i hung out with different groups of people...and one of them just decided to call ourselves the pink mafia. So the pink mafia was just one of the...
  212. P

    What has done to you?

    sarnworld took away my social life!!!!!
  213. P

    peppers new lakorn!

    are you serious?!!!??!!...sounds like a drama...right?...who's the n'ek...hope it's ann alicia..again..ahah.
  214. P

    How do you express your feelings

    i listen to music..and/or sing...a song that's currently on repeat is jem's "missing you"
  215. P

    Jamleuy Ruk (Makers Group)

    i really wonder who the p'ek is going to be..ti would've been kool to see mr. hottie ken with her again..but then it would be even better to see her with tik..or andrew.
  216. P

    What are you thinking right now?

    uh oh..i killed 2 people today
  217. P

    Reun Ruk Reun Taut(Who & Who)

    hmm..I am actually loving this lakorn...although i don't really like how joy and chakrit are kind of weak. And i kind of blame joy's uncle that's raising her a bit for what has happened...again. I mean if he told joy about what happened to her mom...maybe history wouldn't have repeated itself...
  218. P

    Does anyone in here smoke? i try to bring as little harm to my vocal chords as possible...but like a lot of people here..i have second hand smoked..i try to avoid that as much as possible too.
  219. P

    Kim Leakhena go married!

    man...why did she marry such an old person?..i thought she was older than 26...cuz she looks it..and she's been around for such a long wishes to her and her husband!
  220. P

    My Soundclick

    another new song's namie amuro's "body feels EXIT" doesn't make much sense but it's a good catchy song!
  221. P

    What are you thinking right now?

    just one more week after this week..then class ends..please please please let it go by quickly.
  222. P

    J-Pop princesses in dirty duel's common..celebs do it all the time..especially the ones that go from dark to light...for light hair..your brows should be a little darker..and for dark hair..your brows should be a little bit lighter... anyway... i'm happy someone is overthrowing ayumi..haha..i mean it'll be hard to...
  223. P

    My Soundclick i don't.
  224. P

    How Are You Feeling? (2nd Version)

    I don't know what i should feel...or even if i have the right to feel anything... requietum in pacem
  225. P

    Interesting picture of Benz Pornchita

    that is a funny shirt!!..i love it...but i would never wear it...i don't thin benz is that pretty..but she looks pretty in the second pic.
  226. P

    J-Pop princesses in dirty duel

    it was 1000 words and real emotion that was a hit..because of the tie ins..although i wouldn't say they got her popular i said before...she was almost a one hit took her a few years and a new image to come out with another hit and stay popular. You guys know that max...
  227. P

    Khmer girls and Guy

    lol...he really wants a girl huh?..dude sounds desperate.
  228. P

    Namie Amuro scans from SCawaii

    here yah go! * credit goes to catslaughing at
  229. P

    [MBC] Goong (Princess Hour)

    i finished this drama in 2 days a few days ago..and man i love it!..i'm obsessed with joo ji hoon was such a good drama..right amount of comedy and drama!
  230. P


    is it wrong of me to not be suprised by this news..and be happy?
  231. P

    Amuro Namie Tour and Pamphlet Pics

    here are just some... there are way more than this..but i just wanted to show the different outfits she wore! and just 2 for now from her tour pamphlet *Credits to
  232. P

    If I Could Be Someone For A Day I Would Be...

    if i could be anyone for a day i would by amuro namie cuz she's so hot, kool, talented, and rich.
  233. P

    Reun Ruk Reun Taut(Who & Who)

    i absolutely cannot wait for this lakorn to air!!..i love joy s. and chakrit..they are both amazing performers. And Channel 3 lakorns that are set in this era are always good!
  234. P

    Bua Chompoo "Bright Side"

    she's soooo pretty!..i love this photoshoot!...thanks for the scans!
  235. P

    My Soundclick

    update! update!!! i jus added one more's my cover of amuro namie's "wishing on the same star"..please give it a listen and hope u guys like it!!!
  236. P


    does anyone know if there's a chance the video stores might have it for rent?...i don't want to buy any video stores u guys go to have it for rent?
  237. P

    Quotes and Poems

    these are 2 of my favorite poems...the first is a metaphysical poem by john donne called "a valedition forbidding mourning"...john donne describes what true love is...just read's just so good...the second one is "if you were coming in the fall" by emily dickinson. It's about love, time...
  238. P

    What are you thinking right now?

    this is wat i'm thinking right now....."aww crap... gotta sing in thai!"
  239. P

    Singing from the Heart.....

    lek!!!...i finally got time to listen to ur songs!!!...omg...ur voice...has so much emotion behind it!!!...really good job..i love it!
  240. P

    My Soundclick

    okay...i added one new song!!!..please listen!!!!
  241. P

    Ann and Andrew new photoshoot

    aww...i was actually expecting to see the pics!...thanks for the heads up...i hope andrew vut his hair though...what magazine is it going to be for?
  242. P


    lol...very it!!!
  243. P

    This or That

    egg rolls! white bread or wheat bread?
  244. P

    Japanese Stars

    i don't know why namie amuro's on there...she looks the same..she's always had double eyelids...since she was small...and her nose has always been pointy...they just contour her nose more nowadays...cuz they have better make up.
  245. P

    Roy Adit Hang Ruk ('Xact)

    man..the n'ek is fugly!!!...the guy's not all that either...but the lakorn looks really really really good....but i'm going to look past their looks and watch for their talent and storyline
  246. P

    new Ch3 Lakorns

    por and joy?!..woohoo...i'm so joy!
  247. P

    how to make yourself lol

    How to make a sokhom Ingredients: 5 parts intelligence 3 parts crazyiness 5 parts empathy Method: Blend at a low speed for 30 seconds. Add a little lustfulness if desired!
  248. P


    here's my myspace! pink mafia
  249. P

    Sarnworld Chat...

    i remember this...i was a little slow on getting it.....
  250. P

    Ever had thoughts about commiting suicide?

    no...but i witnessed somone who trying's changed me
  251. P


    wow...thookatha very nicely put!...i would never try to write this well for the internet! welcome back...i noticed you were gone when the results were announced and was wondering where you were!
  252. P

    Singing from the Heart.....

    hurry up and post your songs!!!!...i wanna hear!
  253. P


    i know she said we pick from 2 songs...and we have to sing the same song..i know one of the songs...but she hasn't officially announced it yet!!!
  254. P


    kkrysta!!!!...when are you going to tell us what song we're going to sing!!!!????
  255. P


    oh...well...i certainly didn't see this as an argument...but i'm just speaking for myself...i thought we were just having a discussion.
  256. P


    ..i know your comment wasn't directed to anyone in least it doesn't seem like it, but i really do want to know how you came to the conclusion that everything was based on favoritism. i really do. You know why? Because what you said about favoritism may make others feel...
  257. P


    eh...i don't think it's favoritism at all...if it would be based on their favorite voice...that's it...i mean..people don't really know me here...i'm not much of a regular..but i made it to the second round...i mean if you don't want to ask the judges why they picked us..then ask them...
  258. P


    haha...congrats did i!!!....anyway...i think the other girls and guy that made it to the next round are amazing...there was no doubt that they would make it to round 2!
  259. P

    My Soundclick

    thank you much!!!!...glad you liked the songs!...also thanks for visiting my page!!!!
  260. P


    thanks twinky for the compliment!..yay!..i actually got a compliment...hehe...yah.."on my own" is kind of a tough one...i don't think it's the notes that are's just tough to impress people with it because it's such a popular song...and people have really high expectations when they...
  261. P

    My Soundclick

    i added three new songs...they are "something just broke" and "unworthy of your love" from the stephen sondheim musical "assassins" and "part of your world" from "the little mermaid"..please listen and comment..thanks!
  262. P


    lol...oh...yah..right...thanks for telling me...did not think of that at all!
  263. P

    Sok Sreynouch died?!

    didn't she die awhile ago?..i remember my dad reading the cambodian newspaper out loud....i also saw pics of her the crash and of her funeral...i didn't know who she was at the time...i don't think i have any dvds of her....her face just doesn't look familiar to me at all.
  264. P

    J-Pop princesses in dirty duel

    ai otsuka didn't come out of nowhere...she started out popular..i think. it's koda kumi who came out of nowhere...she was almost a one hit wonder....koda kumi has not had an original album sell over 800,000 copies otsuka has...her "Love Cook" album. i wouldn't pay too much attention...
  265. P

    What's Your Favourite Bubble Tea ?

    i just like the regular milk tea flavor..nice and cool and light.
  266. P

    What song are you listening to right now?

    i'm going old school rnb right now... en vogue- "my lovin' (never gonna get it)"
  267. P

    "In Party"

    i just got the last few tapes for this lakorn..i'm just waiting for some time i can just watch it all in one sitting...hehe
  268. P


    is voting going on for the whole week? the way...everyone sounds awesome!!!...the judges for sarnie idol 1 had a hard time picking the top 5...but the judges this time around are going to have an even tougher time...cuz i think that these contestants are even better than the last contestant...
  269. P

    Aump Patcharapa

    i read about this also...and it's obvious that people were offended and hurt by what she said...i could care less whether she didn't mean to look down on people...the fact is i think that she's really stupid for saying what she's been saying in interviews...i mean she's been in the industry for...
  270. P

    My Soundclick

    wow...7 in the morning...are you serious...that's damn good for just a warm up...i was never able to sing so voice cracks when i sing in the morning...also...i kind of sound like a man in the
  271. P

    Thai Singing Collab

    u guys sound really cute...hiatus...i especially like your voice...with some more practice and experience...i think you might have something there!
  272. P

    My Soundclick

    haha...thanks so much thookatha...i remember you were in the first competition for sarnie was are really good also!...nice control and very nice vibrato...i like your voice...i wanna hear you sing some show tunes!!!! some!!! and thanks everyone for the comments. I really...
  273. P


    hehe...ok now you are extra kool....haha...i'm a theater arts major...even though i love musicals and singing...the conservatory of music at my school intimidates me...cuz i've never had vocal lessons and everyone in the conservatory have had professional lessons for a long time. "kiss me...
  274. P


    no!...of course not!!!..u know much as i love the songs from there...i've never seen a production of it...i think when i do see it one day...i want to see a professional production...because i want to be blown away...haha.
  275. P


    really?!...i so love this song too!!!....hehe...we're so kool! hah!....this is song is like my audition song for everything! u like any other musicals? get back on subject...i'm so excited for this contest...there seems to be more hype this time around than the first...
  276. P


    okay...i've finally decided to join... SW name: Pink Mafia nickname: Sokhomish song name: "On My Own" from Les Miserables email: IM: naturalbrnfaker
  277. P


    i have a question...are you still keeping the same judges?...also...if we entered into the first sarnie idol...can we enter again...hehe?
  278. P

    Aom Phiyada

    i absolutely love the platform heels that she's wearing!!!!
  279. P

    Reun Ruk Reun Taut(Who & Who)

    they just had the closing ceremony?...please please please let it air soon...i've been waiting so long for this's been hard cuz there weren't that much news on it...and i just know this lakorn is gonna be good...come's a period lakorn by channel 3.
  280. P

    Namie Amuro....

    actually...that's where it is!!! looks really gorgeous...i want to go there someday...just because namie was there...hehe!
  281. P

    Namie Amuro....

    i don't think she looks tired...she looks hot!...haha...have u seen the other pictures?...they are sooo hot..i love her...she's my are the other scans... *credits to catslaughing at
  282. P

    Kathreeya English

    you forgot "baby i miss you"...hehe
  283. P

    Happy 20th to..

    20th?...i thought she was turning 19....isn't that why her new album is called 19?..but happy birthday to her!
  284. P

    My Soundclick

    hey all!... please come listen to some of my singing at my soundclick page...feel free to leave comments and criticisms! naturalbrnfaker's soundclick
  285. P


    what do you mean kob isn't there?...she's made the top 100..or are you talking about not making it in the top 3? me kob is pretty/beatiful..but she doesn't have that hot/sexy look or image especially compared to angelina jolie and aump (even though i don't think she's that hot or pretty)
  286. P

    Lakorn Game

    i don't know the title in thai...i know it in's "khat veyha tham snaeh" and it's with mam jintara and the guy she dated...the parents from rachinee morlum..and with noon (Ploy's sister) and fluke...i love the theme song for that.
  287. P

    Reun Ruk Reun Taut(Who & Who)

    not only and chatchai have played siblings....i believe it was joy's first lakorn...she wasn't the n'ek...she was the was with chatchai and paired up as brother and sister, a couple, and father and daughter...that's a bit weird.
  288. P

    Sadut Ruk(Mana)

    they were in the remake of massuya
  289. P

    Thai celebrities on Myspace?

    the louis, anan, and joni are real can just tell...louis has taya and his girlfriend as his buddies
  290. P

    Ayumi Hamasaki

    haha..i think it's so funny when fans are like there's no proof that she's had plastic surgery...well...i like to think that there's no proof whether she HASN'T had surgery...and i don't think it's just the eyes...cuz for eyes you can use the tape's her nose!!!....oh...and that...
  291. P

    <span style="color:blue"><b>Lhong Ngao Jun (หลงเงาจันทร์)</b></span>

    wow...they both look really good in that pic...i cannot wait to see this!!!
  292. P

    Books u'd recommend..or currently reading

    brave new world is a great book...i like it way more than 1984
  293. P

    Books u'd recommend..or currently reading

    porno is actually the sequal to trainspotting
  294. P

    Books u'd recommend..or currently reading

    a few books that i've read recently or am currently reading are: frankenstein by mary shelley lolita by vladimir nabokov north and south by elizabeth gaskell wives and daughters by elizabeth gaskell trainspotting by irvine welsh porno by irvine welsh 100 years of solitude by gabriel garcia...
  295. P

    what is ur favorite perfume or cologne?

    my fav perfumes are cool water and clinique happy/clinique happy heart
  296. P

    who here carries a name brand purse?

    i sooo agree with you!!!!...they're so ugly and not just because everyone has thing is...i don't like wearing things that have the brand written across's like...i'm paying to advertise for them...when usually it's the other way around...and i'm not big on purses...i'd rather spend...
  297. P

    Sarnie's Idol

    awesome...i made it to the second round!!! wen are you going to announce what song we're going to sing?
  298. P

    What's you major?

    i'm majoring in Theater Arts and minoring in English and Film Studies i was originally just going to double major in theater arts and film studies...but i want to get my teaching credential to teach high school theater...but in California you can't get a theater arts credential you just get an...
  299. P

    Ayumi Hamasaki

    and...with all that make up...who wouldn't look pretty?
  300. P

    Ayumi Hamasaki

    haha...yah..she's totally had plastic surgery
  301. P

    Sarnie IDOL

    hehe..thanks sarn!...this song is one of my favs also...i'm glad ur impressed!
  302. P

    Sarnie IDOL

    there's going to be a round 2?...ok...gotta start picking songs to sing...that is..if i make it to the second round
  303. P

    What song are you listening to right now?

    amuro namie- white light
  304. P

    Angelina Jolie vs Jennifer Aniston

    i didn't say that she wasn't doing this out of the goodness of her heart...that's why i said she wasn't doing it as a tax write off...even if it were for a tax write would still help...why wouldn't it help much? is still going to charity...and about jennifer aniston doing...
  305. P

    Angelina Jolie vs Jennifer Aniston

    angelina...she's hot..and a better actress...and she's so not doing all the charity she does just for a tax write off
  306. P

    Kob Suvanant Fix her teeth

    have u guys heard about what they do in japan? get straight teeth without getting braces...cuz u know...they take forever....they perform this surgery where they take out all the teeth..and then they put them back in and straighten them so they look nice...insane huh?
  307. P

    jpop/jrock collection

    wow...u'd rather buy 10 dollar singles than a 30 dollar album?
  308. P

    jpop/jrock collection

    list what you own!!! amuro namie: cds: genius 2000 Style Queen of Hip-Pop girl talk/the speed star want me, want me (cd and cd+dvd version) dvds: genius 2000 tour break the rules tour so crazy tour vcds: concentration 20 live at tokyo dome best clips luna sea: cds: mother slow eden image dvds...
  309. P

    Your favorite Japanese Entertainers

    amuro namie!!!!....luna sea (even tho they've disbanded since 2000...every time i watch their concerts...i'm just so amazed at how talented each member was)...tourbillon...fake? (even though inoran left ken for tourbillon)...inoran (as a solo artist)...malice mizer (only with gackt...
  310. P

    Sarnie IDOL

    everyone sounds pretty good so far!!!...and there are still more coming!!...this is a tough competition!...anyway...why are some of the files so large?..i mean...40 and 30 megs...for an audio file?
  311. P

    What song are you listening to right now?

    led zeppelin- Kashmir
  312. P

    What college/university do you go to?

    kool!...i'm a sophomore majoring in theater arts...are u from stockton?
  313. P

    What song are you listening to right now?

    Tourbillon- "Heaven"
  314. P

    What song are you listening to right now?

    amuro namie "violet sauce"
  315. P

    What song are you listening to right now?

    "something just broke" from the musical Assassins
  316. P

    bloody mary

    ^...interesting....anyway...i just did a little research and it turns out that the bloody mary myth thing isn't supposed to be queen's actually mary worth (a witch) that's supposed to show up in the mirror...did anyone else not know this before? are you doing a paper on queen...
  317. P

    Cirque du Soleil

    my brother saw a show in Las Vegas...he said it was one of the best and coolest performance ever!...and i was like...u course i don't mean...but i was just so jealous
  318. P

    bloody mary

    i know this isn't really relevant to what you're really looking for...but since you titled it "bloody mary" i automatically thought about the whole bloody mary mirror thing...has anyone ever tried that? anyway...queen mary was queen elizabeth the first's sister....she died so elizabeth became...
  319. P

    Meet anyone famous?

    let's see...who have i met... sok srey mom youk vovanak and this singer lady...(these three people toured together in mama sang with them) choum nimol choum bonyong choum chovin noy vanneth kat sokim (twice) ouk borey (remember her?) krem chapchean that comedian lady that's...
  320. P


    here's mine... naturalbrnfaker
  321. P

    What college/university do you go to?

    i go to University of the Pacific...stockton, CA..go pacific tigers!! (big west champs for basketball!)
  322. P

    Request : Khmer Song/Karaoke/Movies

    does anyone one have the song "chope srolanh own thouv (sp?)" it translates into like "please don't love me" or something like that...i would be happy with anyone's rendition in mp3 format
  323. P


    can we sing acapella?...or de we have to sing with a backtrack?
  324. P

    Sarnies Idols

    Name: Sokhom Age: 19 Location: stockton, CA Song that you will sing: not sure yet Language of the song: english, japanese, or khmer Email: