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    Boy Pakorn & Margie Rasri

    I was like I thought they have their own relationship, I mean is boy has gf and Marg has bf.... I saw those pics on their instagram, tehy are really closed each other, the way they make goofy faces, and they even hang out each other with their common friends.. I would be much happier if they...
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    Boy Pakorn & Margie Rasri

    I love them ever since I watched them and my first Lakorn, Ive got hooked on them, I even follow them in instagram, they are really indeed look a real couple...
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    Aum Young Photoshoot

    good looking, but sad that he is now a married man...hehehhe
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    [Ch3] Mia Teng (Maker J)

    this is one of the best lakorn Ive seen so far, I fell in love with Rome! their lovey dovey scene looks real!
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    Sao Chai Hi-Tech (DaraVDO)

    Im enjoying watching this lakorn, its been 3 months I guess I started to watch lakorns... this lakorn got me hooked, Im still on ep19, waiting for other episodes to be fully subbed... does anyone who can share a website where Can I watch lakorn with sub?
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    Wanida(Lakorn Thai)

    I love this lakorn... highly recommended!
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    Cherry Khemupsorn

    is this here official thread? I am new here, I admire her when I watched in her lakorn with Smart, and then I got addicted to lakorn found out another drama of her, with Tik.. I hope I can see more of her drama's with subs, but some of them are not translated yet..
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    Cherry & Tik

    they are pretty good on screen together. too bad Tik is already married.....
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    [Ch3] Noom Ban Rai Gap Wan Jai Hi So (Good Feeling)

    hi its my first time here in thai forum,Im not a thai. Ive been addicted to lakorn since I watched ROy Marn by Boy and Marge, I love chompoo when I saw her in MIa Teng, she is so pretty, I wonder if her drama is still airing? and is there any eng subs available?