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    Sawan Being

    Who wouldn't! It's KEN!
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    Ken & Aff and Ann & Aum Switches again!

    Nice 1! U really got me good!
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    TIK or NUM

    What happened with Tik? Haven't see him in a.while. Any news about him u guys?
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    Thai Stars with perfect english

    My Aum.A sang in English!!!!
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    which guys is hotter?

    Hard question! I'll go with my Aum first, then Ken, then Rome. These three are hot :drool:
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    How long does it take for you guys to get over Lakorn fever???

    Believe me, u are alright. I don't know. It took me about 3 months to get of my lakorn fever. Right now I have a really bad JLR fever. I keep watch this lakorn over and over for about 1 month already. I think about 4 times i watched it over...
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    Atichart Chumannon : PROFILE

    OOo! that is sweet how she called him p'! Don't u think they have feeling for each other? Even though, they have their own people.
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    Atichart Chumannon : PROFILE

    Wait minute! He's younger than Aff! Doesn't matter, age is just a number. They still look perfect to me!
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    Who are your favorite couples?

    In my opinion, my favorite couples are: Aum and Aff Tik and Aom Sonram and Kob Ken and Ann Por and Pat Pancake and Weir Pinky and Cee more............... H about u guys?
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    Real Aum Fans!

    I felt for him since Lom Houn lakorn. That when I saw him the first time. He is soooooooooo hot.
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    Por Thrisadee & Pat Napapa

    2nd cute couple after Aum and Aff! Do you guys think that pat is little bit too skinny?
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    Aum. A speaks English really well!

    I heard that Aum's English is really good! Is he grew up in US or somewhere? Too bad, I never saw him speak English. Does anyone has any proves? :huh:
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    Thai and Cambodian Collabration

    she's sok srey neang(Cambodian) n Ice(thai)! By the way, where was this? at Thai or at Cambodia?
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    Actor Sornram's car allegedly hits and kills woman

    :spin: Oh, that is so sad 4 both of them. Hope Num is ok! N hope not go to jail. N also the lady go peace place. Just try to tell everybody, do not hate him. I think he didn't want that happend, either. Wish good luck for him, n also the lady's family to live happy from now on. Does anyone have...
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    Best of the Best 2007 (The complete concert)

    Thanks so much! Pleang sney U are the best!
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    Best of the Best 2007 (The complete concert)

    :) Hi! So, does anyone has the complete concert of Best of the Best? Please, If anyone has it please upload it! Thanks!