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    TiK vs Oil

    Oil.. beacuse he's taller than tik!
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    describe these actress looks :

    Aum Joy Rinlanee...pretty Ann Thongprasom...beautiful Kob Suvanant...pretty Benz Pornchita...beautiful/cute Janie Tienphosuwan...cute Numfon comment Yui Jiranan...o'k Ning comment Noon Woranuch...Gorgoeus Ae comment Aom...
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    benz on the cover of TV.inside Magazine Man! she's got a strong looks... it's looks like she's gone skinnier too.. i don't really like these pic the only one that i like is the one where she is smile..she's looks beautiful there.
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    Kat English

    wow, she looks very pretty here!
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    Araya Inside dara~*~

    she's pretty cute!