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    [Ch3] Samee (Maker J)

    Please do not put ken p. He is too young and i think he still needs to improve on his acting. I think it dhojld be sff snd aum, a reunion from the twowith this lakorn would be awesome. If not then kim and aum is good too.
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    [Ch3] Game Rai Game Ruk (Lakorn Thai)

    So what are you guys going to do when it all ends. I am going to miss them so much. I hope they come up in another big lakorn soon besides Toranee since the storyline is ok not as thrilling as this one. Nadech and Yaya are so adorable together I want them to remake Willy and Lalita movie the...
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    [Ch3] Game Rai Game Ruk (Lakorn Thai)

    I am in love with Nadech and Yaya. They so remind me of the young Willy and Lalita.
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    Looking to buy Noosaba Lakorn

    Hi I am looking to buy noosaba and ?? in khmer. It is the old version of the new lakorn Noon and Pong is playing. Here is a preview. Please email me at or please PM me. Thank you.
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    [Ch3] Roy Mai (Act Art)

    I miss ATEAM to. I stayed up all night watching jum leur ruk again. Man I really want them to play a kiss/slap movie again. They make the sutest couple. How do we petition for Ch3 to remake Samee and cast Aum and Aff as lead. Wouldn't that make everyone's day. It would make my day.
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    Roy Ruk Roy Baht

    I don't like the ending with Kwan.
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    Namtan Mai(Tv Scene)

    wait i am confused. Doesn't he know she is a virgin when he slept with her. Someone help me.
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    I think we should all email Mayura and asked that they dubb Sawan Being. I mean come on the biggest hit lakorn in Thailand and they are not dubbing it what is wrong with them. I emailed them already so hopefully the more requests they receive the higher chance that we will al get to see Sawan Bieng.
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    Is Mayura going to do a voice over for Sawan Bieng?

    i emailed mayura so u guys should too so that we can watch ann and ken again. i miss them so much.
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    Buy,Sell,Trade Thai/Chinese Dramas & Lakorns

    Does anyone have Immortal Love?? Its an ATV series that came out in 1997. I would really really like to watch it again!!! Thanks
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    Fai Ruk Arsoon (Lakorn Thai)

    Please change pek to aum please
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    Sawan Biang (completed)

    Thanks so much!!!! Your awesome :]
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    Sawan Bien Beat JLR!

    I like both sawan bieng and jum leuy ruk but i found myself downloading and looking forward to each week for jum leuy ruk rather than sawan bieng. I think it is the hotness of aum and aff and don't get me wrong i love ken and ann but I've seen them play before so maybe that is why I wasn't all...
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    Which Lakorn you couldn't finish watching?

    Janie and Rome (they had no chemistry)
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    [Ch3] Sawan Bieng (Lakorn Thai)

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    Jamleuy Ruk (Makers Group)

    Oh my god teh ending was too cute. Did you guys see their eye contact when he was about to kiss her i was like man aum and aff you guys need to go out. They have so much chemistry. I'm sad to see it end now what are we going to watch now. I can't seem to enjoy kob and stephen, it's not clicking...
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    Jamleuy Ruk (Makers Group)

    I love Jum Leur Ruk so much. I am going to be so sad when it ends, nothing to look forwward to on Mon-Tues anymore. Hey you know what I noticed Aff played in so many lakorns as supporting actress and that is why I never noticed her. She even played with Aum once where Bua was teh girl character...
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    Worst Lakorn of 2007

    I think Ken and Janie lakorn wasn't so good. I was so excited for it but it let me down.
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    Best lakorn of '07

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    Likit Kammatep(Broadcast Thai)

    I am gonna miss his lakorn. This is one of teh ebst after Mafia Tee Ruk.
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    Likit Kammatep(Broadcast Thai)

    Whoah ending so soon. Well I guess we have Jum Leuy ruk to watch but I am so hook on this lakorn. I luv it. Haven't seen a lakorn this good for so long.
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    Likit Kammatep(Broadcast Thai)

    I really love this lakorn. Love Ann and MArt.
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    Thai and Chinese Series in Khmer

    I am selling thai and chinese series in khmer for a very cheap price so if ur interested feel free to pm me. Love Strawberry- yardtip and tye Thep Tida Jomlaek- namfon and ta Ha Slak Kjek Sleng- tao somchai, ae, aon Prasat Omarith- yardtip, paul, ploy Saop Nass Srawline Nass- Ta, noon Vonveng...
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    Buy,Sell,Trade Thai/Chinese Dramas & Lakorns

    I'm selling some old and chinese series and lakorns on dvd in khmer. If anyone is interested, feel free to pm me for a list. Old chinese series i have are like Revelation of the Last Hero.
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    Buy,Sell,Trade Thai/Chinese Dramas & Lakorns

    Hi, i'm looking to buy or trade for this series in cambodian. If you have it please pm me cuz i really would like to get it for my sister for christmas. Thank you Sramoal Derm Asoke- ae and ekgarat Ponlork Snaeh- noon and kade Tuk Jet Mdai
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    Drama for sell

    please list the dramas you have and the prices thanx
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    Vimean Maykala (Kat English & Johny )

    Hey Bluemoon here is the pic. I'm not sure if its the one your lookin for :)
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    Vimean Maykala (Kat English & Johny )

    Lol yea the new series are sort of boring. I pm u the price already and I have chor lau 1984 and Gods and demons of the zu mountain. I'm still currently lookin for others so u can check the website for any other updates :)
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    Vimean Maykala (Kat English & Johny )

    Lol yea, my dad really likes it. It was funny!
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    Vimean Maykala (Kat English & Johny )

    Hey i have the lakorn and its much cheaper. Recorded from original vhs so qualoty is superb. And this month theres a freebie. You get 3 vcds of ch3 33rd anniversary. You can go to this website for more info. And u can email for more info.
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    Buy,Sell,Trade Thai/Chinese Dramas & Lakorns

    Thank You Sarn Ur sooo Sweet :)
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    Buy,Sell,Trade Thai/Chinese Dramas & Lakorns

    Hey Yak here is my website so u can look at the pictures heheheh
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    Episode 20 end!!!!!;/fileinfo.html
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    Episode 19;/fileinfo.html
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    Buy,Sell,Trade Thai/Chinese Dramas & Lakorns

    Hey everyone, the video store near my house just shut down so i bought a few old lakorns like thampang snong resea so if u want to buy a copy on dvd u can pm me. Its at reasonable price and its free shipping :)
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    Episode 16;/fileinfo.html Epi 17;/fileinfo.html Epi 18;/fileinfo.html
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    Buy,Sell,Trade Thai/Chinese Dramas & Lakorns

    hey i was wonderin if anyone would like to buy a copy of daoprasook with num and kob?
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    true beauty

    Luv noon i think she is just hot. She's pretty, funny, cute, traditional and talented hehhhe
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    <span style="color:blue"><b>Duang Jai Patiharn(Red Drama)</b></span>

    oh i cant until this lakorn comes out heheheh. I hope its a revenge drama instead of comedy. If it is i'm ddefinetly watching it.
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    Buy,Sell,Trade Thai/Chinese Dramas & Lakorns

    Hey I'm lookin for Pkai Pruk and Sai Lo hid, Snaiyha Neang Dor-ak He, Svamei Kaht Kai, Veangknown Bahng Chet and ton ruk on Dvd in good condition. Please pm me. Thanx
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    Buy,Sell,Trade Thai/Chinese Dramas & Lakorns

    Hi everyone, I'm also getting rid of some of my series that are on DVD so if u want to see the list and price, please pm me :)
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    Ruk DAi Mai Eppi 3:;/fileinfo.html Eppi 4:;/fileinfo.html Eppi 5: Missing Eppi 6:;/fileinfo.html Eppi 7...
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    Delightful Girl Choon Hyang

    Yea I luv this series too. At first i was just trying it out so i downloaded from clubbox, but then i got so hooked on i couldnt stop watchin so i bought it and it was great. I think the copy was from china so it was really clear. Subtitles are okay. If anyone wants a copy, just pm me and maybe...
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    Buy,Sell,Trade Thai/Chinese Dramas & Lakorns

    Domlai Ney Manous Santisok & Nousaba Ksae Lohet Dodo-Tik K & Bee-Ning Sramoal Derm Asoke Ae and Egkart Thompeng Snourg Resae Num and Kob Ponlork Snaeh Noon and Kade Moranak Meada- Thai Version- Khmer Dubbed Nam Jai Mae How much would these lakorns cost Noon-ster?
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    Buy,Sell,Trade Thai/Chinese Dramas & Lakorns

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for these lakorns in khmer that are in great condition preferably in DVD format or vhs is fine too. I would like to trade. Domlai Ney Manous Santisok & Nousaba Ksae Lohet Dodo-Tik K & Bee-Ning Sramoal Derm Asoke Ae and Egkart Thompeng Snourg Resae Num and Kob...
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    Kaen Lum Kong

    noon is so cute in this movie her and oil make sucha good couple
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    Kaen Lum Kong

    I can't wait to see Noon sing in the lakorn her voice sounds so nice. Wow they are just so cute Noon and Oil all the way. I am dying to see this movie. :w000t:
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    Kaen Lum Kong

    they are so cute hopefully they'll win Top Away 2006
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    Kasa Naka

    i hope noon is the lead i just don't like mo
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    Request : Khmer Song/Karaoke/Movies

    can some1 upload moranak meada please. Thanx
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    Eugene Official Thread

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    Song Hye Kyo

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    Ruk Dai Mai Episode 1:;/fileinfo.html Episode 2:;/fileinfo.html
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    [KBS2] Sweet 18

    yes mskinyi it'll be great if u could upload it for us. Thanx :)
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    Updated episode 12-17end Next upload: Cheer and Kade Credit to Petey Start some time next week
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    [DL] Labech Banchort Snaeh

    Hey Sarn, here is the pic. Thanx for helping me.
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    [DL] Labech Banchort Snaeh

    hey sarn, do u think u can get cha cha ta ruk from cambodia, cuz i would really like to see that lakorn and i would like to buy it from u if u can get it. Thanx
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    Anyone Currently living in Thailand?

    hey everyone. I was just wondering if anyone in the forum is a resident in thailand?
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    Pao Pla Lai (Khmer language) Starring Siriam and Willy Episode 1:;414...;/fileinfo.html Episode 2:;414...;/fileinfo.html Episode 3:;414...;/fileinfo.html Episode 4...
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    Note: Lakorns are dubbed in khmer unless stated otherwise :) :) Gonna upload some lakorns and stuff so brb with the links
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    [DL] Labech Banchort Snaeh

    i heard that it won't get translated by mayura cuz entree pich already translated it is that true
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    Bi-Rain Official Thread

    this is his new movie right the storyline sounds so good i want to see it man they should hurry up and release it
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    Si Yod Ku man pictures

    is this movie good and how many tapes is it in khmer anyone know
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    Ken & Noi

    wow new pics i never saw before. Man they look good. Can't even tell who is older
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    Boy Blinya

    you know that boy also play in saradara with noos and likit. His name in that movie was Alease and I fell in love with hime from that point on
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    I want ning, kob, aum and especially noon. I think they would look the best in boran clothes Boys I think Num and I don't know who else would fit
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    [CH3] Ruk Lamoon Loon Lamai

    i luv ann t she is so pretty i hope this lakorn is good but not such a big fan of Kong he is ehh ;)
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    Nueng Tawan Paan Dao

    it do sound good i just might give it a try