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  1. solin

    [Ch3] Raeng Ngao (Broadcast)

    Finally Nin ! Can't wait to see the strong twin in action lol.
  2. solin

    [Ch3] Raeng Ngao (Broadcast)

    I'm just waiting for Moonin to show up ! I just can't like the stupid Moota lol.
  3. solin

    [Ch5] Dok Soke (Exact)

    Just watched the ending...and I was so so so disapointed. The worst ending ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. solin

    [MBC] The Moon that Embraces the Sun

    I'm totally crazy about this drama ! The story and the actors are so good
  5. solin

    Klin Gleab Kaa Sa Loong (Exact)

    I want to see Aerin as n'ek for once ! She should get the chance to portray the lead role because out of the CH5 newbies she is the best actress.
  6. solin

    Nang Sao Jumlang Ruk [Exact + CH7]

    The storyline seems funny but why out of all Ch5 actress they have to choose Pang ? However, I will probably give to this lakorn a try just because of Grace ! They should have made her be the n'ek instead.
  7. solin

    Kwarm Lub Kong Superstar 2 (Exact - Scenerio)

    I was very surprised to know that it will have a second part to this lakorn. I liked the first one but it was pretty boring to watch. With this presume cast, I think that it will be about the son or maybe a new story around new stars lol.
  8. solin

    [PPTVHD] Prissana The Series (Srikhumrung Production)

    But Prissana without her short shorts isn't really Prissana :lolyup:
  9. solin

    [Ch5] Koo Kum (Exact)

    Another remake of Koo Kum ? I think that it is pretty soon to remake this lakorn Nadech is a good choice and it will be interresting to watch him in this role Moreover, his father could help him to speak japanese lol. But much as I love her, she looks too much chinese to be the n'ek...
  10. solin

    [Ch3] Kon Ruk Luang Jai (Uma 99)

    Just watch the teaser and it makes me become even more excited :nailbiter: I love the teaser a lot and I know this lakorn will become one of my fave Janie was super funny in the beginning when she meets Ken lol. Everythig about this lakorn seem and look so perfect !
  11. solin

    [Ch3] Majurat See Nam Pueng (Broadcast Thai)

    Ken & Aff ? This lakorn doesn't interrest me anymore !
  12. solin

    [PPTVHD] Prissana The Series (Srikhumrung Production)

    Since it is unconfirm I would prefer he rejects the one with Susie if he has the makes a choice lol. If I can see my Andrew with Yaya and Ann so it would be the best thing ever !
  13. solin

    [PPTVHD] Prissana The Series (Srikhumrung Production)

    I really hope that CH3 producers will listen to viewers because I think that there is no more perfect couple for this remake than Yaya & Andrew ! These two perfectly match the characters and I can already imagine them in their roles. They not only have the physical look but also the vibre...I...
  14. solin

    Ruen Phaa (Exact & Scenerio)

    I just watched the first episode and the only thing which makes me want to continue this lakorn is Aerin in the opening lol. I don't really like the cast and especially the n'ek girl and the storyline seems already sad and boring...but I am a fan of Aerin so ...what kind of role will she portray...
  15. solin

    [Ch3] Majurat See Nam Pueng (Broadcast Thai)

    I also wish that Rita & Ken could act together just for once ! And to be honest I am tired of Ken & Anne together even if they are among my top actors...too much is too much ! Ken & Aff could be nice because it will be their second lakorn together but I am not a fan of Aff lol.
  16. solin

    [Ch3] Pim Mala (Tv Scene)

    It makes me feel sad that Rita isn't the n'ek because Aum & her would make a very nice couple !
  17. solin

    [Ch3] Kon Ruk Luang Jai (Uma 99)

    I really like all these photos from Prague Ken & Janie have never disapointed me with their lakorn together And this new one won't be an exception...I am sure now lol.
  18. solin

    [Ch3] Kon Ruk Luang Jai (Uma 99)

    Thank for sharing all these wonderful pictures They all look so great and it makes me be so excited Prague is one of the most beautiful city I have never been there but plan to go during this summer My piano teacher used to live there before coming in France And she gave me the will to visit...
  19. solin

    [Ch3] Kon Ruk Luang Jai (Uma 99)

    Since it will be Ken's first lakorn abroad it gives me another reason to watch it I usually like lakorns with scenes abroad...I don't really know why lol. I have this strong feeling that I will love this lakorn :thumbsup:
  20. solin

    [Ch7] Fah Jarod Sai (DIDA)

    When does this lakorn will be aired ? I just can't wait to watch this one lol.
  21. solin

    [PPTVHD] Prissana The Series (Srikhumrung Production)

    Tai Chai character and Ruj character may seem similar at first sign but they are in fact very different Ruj in Kehard See Daeng is an haughty and stiff person who is somehow very mean But Tai Chai is just a well educated prince who considers the others as his "equal" Moreover Tai Chai develops...
  22. solin

    [Ch3] Sai See Plerng (Makers Y Group)

    To be honest if they decide to drop this remake I won't be mad lol. I am a big fan of Mew & Willy but don't really liked this lakorn because n'ek is too selfish If they really want to remake a good lakorn they should take Tam Hua Jai Pai Sood Lah instead
  23. solin

    [Ch3] Por Kai Jaae (Who & Who)

    I am very excited ! I am a fan o Ja but her last lakorn with Por disapointed was so boring to watch Rome and Ja previous lakorn was nice but the story didn't mainly focus on their relationship and it missed cute scenes I really hope that this one will be nice with many scenes between...
  24. solin

    [Ch3] Kon Ruk Luang Jai (Uma 99)

    So they will film this lakorn in Prague...very interresting ! I just realized it but isn't the first lakorn of Ken abroad ? I know Janie has filmed abroad several times already but I can't remember one for Ken lol.
  25. solin

    [Ch3] Kon Ruk Luang Jai (Uma 99)

    Thank for the information ! So it will be a "fake marriage"...but do you know if Ken and Janie get along well from the start ? I think it would be cool if a fake mariage starts with a good relationship between p'ek and n'ek I am quite tired of fake mariages in which the two hate each other so...
  26. solin

    [Ch3] Kon Ruk Luang Jai (Uma 99)

    I wonder where they are going to film it ! The storyline sounds cute and even if I don't enjoy the family thing I think it will be cute to see Janie loves Ken since she was a kid Because it will differ from their others lakorns where they always started to dislike each other I hope in this one...
  27. solin

    [PPTVHD] Prissana The Series (Srikhumrung Production)

    I also vote for Andrew ! Great acting, handsome, tall and forever young : the perfect prince lol. Moreover, Yaya and Andrew would make a such cute and perfect couple ! Andrew is maybe way older than Yaya but he still looks so young...even youger than many of the new generation actors
  28. solin

    Kehad See Daeng(Pau Jing Jong)

    One of the best lakorns out of this year and definitely my favorite one lol. I can rewatch non stop the moments Ruj said to Araya he loves her : so many times In fact, I didn't expect at all to have so many sweet scenes between p'ek and n'ek Andrew's acting is the best and he still looks so...
  29. solin

    [Ch3] Buang (Broadcast Thai)

    Period lakorn again ? Rita + Period costume = I love it already lol. I am not really fan of the storyline but with these two elements, I will enjoy it.
  30. solin

    [Ch3] Bupae Sanaeha (Lakorn Thai)

    I want a confirmation now lol. Just to imagine Andrew & Ann on screen, I can already say it will be great With two are amazing can only be amazing
  31. solin

    Kehad See Daeng(Pau Jing Jong)

    This lakorn gets better and better with each new episode and I am now totally addicted to it lol. In a way, I really like Chalie and Araya together...they make a cute and innocent couple But in the same time, now that Ruij starts to be nice with Araya, I just becomes crazy lol. The old ladies...
  32. solin

    The Best Classic Lakorns

    La Ong Dao : Ann Siriam & Warut Prasard Mued : Lalita & Willy Tam Hua Jai Pai Sood Lah : Lalita & Willy Wanida : Lalita & Saranyu
  33. solin

    [Ch3] Kon Ruk Luang Jai (Uma 99)

    Ken & Janie ? I really didn't expect it but It is a great news to me ! I am a big fan of Ken & Janie couple...they are my favorite screen couple lol. These two have so much chemistry together and I can rewatch their lakorns over and over again. Now...this lakorn becomes the one I will anticipate...
  34. solin

    Kehad See Daeng(Pau Jing Jong)

    It is finally out ! After all this waiting I am not deceived at all ! I am already in love with this lakorn...not only because of my Andrew lol. But mostly because of the atmophere of the lakorn itself I find the lakorn very beautiful...from the sceneries to the music
  35. solin

    [Ch3] Kon Ruk Luang Jai (Uma 99)

    I wish n'ek to be Rita lol. I dream to see Ken and Rita paired up together in a lakorn for once !
  36. solin

    [Ch3] Raeng Ruk (Broadcast Thai)

    If Ken and Cherry have rejected the roles so is there a chance that Rita can become n'ek instead ? But in a way, I also want Rita to reject this lakorn because I have the feeling it will be a boring one lol.
  37. solin

    Kehad See Daeng(Pau Jing Jong)

    I think the same :coverlaf: Andrew and Yaya would be perfect in Prissana But for the moment, I only want to see KSD because It just like forever I'm waiting for it to be aired.
  38. solin

    Thai people in France !

    I am currently conducting a survey for a school project about Thai community in France. That is why I am looking for Thai people living in France and especially in Paris or its suburban, who could meet answer some of our questions. If you can help me or know people who could, please PM me...
  39. solin

    Kehad See Daeng(Pau Jing Jong)

    I am so excited about this lakorn ! Hope that Mint will improve her acting but I know that Andrew will do great as always. The song in the traler sounds so nice but why do Andrew looks so mean toward Mint lol.
  40. solin

    [Ch3] 3 Musketeers Series 1: Maya Tawan (Tv Scene)

    Aum and Yaya will make an interresting couple !
  41. solin

    [Ch3] Pim Mala (Tv Scene)

    Rita is so beautiful ! She looks like an angel in her pink dress !
  42. solin

    [Ch3] Raeng Ruk (Broadcast Thai)

    Why are they doing that to me ? When finally Rita and Ken are in the same lakorn...why can't they be paired up together and why does Rita have to play n'rai ? I hate it already !!!! I sure that Rita & Ken would form a great couple on screen ! It will be a challenging role for her but in...
  43. solin

    [Ch3] Roy Marn (Tv Scene)

    Rita and Andrew again would be great !
  44. solin

    [Ch3] Raeng Ruk (Broadcast Thai)

    Great news ! I miss Rita and expected a lakorn from her ! Revenge lakorn ? Can't wait to have more information about it For P'ek...I want to see Rita and Ken just for once lol.
  45. solin

    Siwalai(Who & Who)

    I used to like Mew has n'ek but I find her too old now So if she is in this drama so I hope Rome won't be p'ek Because they would make a very bad and weird couple lol.
  46. solin

    Kehad See Daeng(Pau Jing Jong)

    Does someone have some news about this lakorn ?
  47. solin

    Tard Rak (Lakorn Thai)

    Great ! Another period lakorn ! I love priod lakorns and CH3 is the best to make them Moreover, Janie will play in it so I will watch it for sure
  48. solin

    Sua Sung Fah (Kantana)

    I feel that Shut should be n'ek instead of Ying Shut has this n'ek aura that I couln't find in Ying when I see those pictures
  49. solin

    Yaya Urasaya & Susie Susira rising star of ch3!

    Susie is very pretty but I find her quite plain. Yaya is my new favorite : this girl is so cute, pretty and adorable. She has something which makes me like her so much and I hope she can go far in the entertainment. In fact, I wish success for both of them !
  50. solin

    Huajai Rak Kaam Pop [ TV3 Cholumpi ]

    Donut as n'ek again ! I'm so happy ! Moreover, It's a two life lakorn and I love this kind of story lol.
  51. solin

    Kram Wela Ha Ruk (Exact - Scenario)

    Koo Gum ? I think it's quite soon to remake this classic since Num/Benz version was not that old And if Bie will be the p' much as I love him, he doesn't fit the role at all
  52. solin

    Kehad See Daeng(Pau Jing Jong)

    I really hate Mint hairstyle It makes her look so weird
  53. solin


    Have some old lakorns ?
  54. solin

    beautiful pictures of Cambodia

    Welcome back ! was your first time in Cambodia ? What impressions do you have from our dear country ?
  55. solin

    Buy,Sell,Trade Thai/Chinese Dramas & Lakorns

    Why ? I have bought it here and had no problem ! I agree 28$ is quite expensive but it's worth The quality is good for an old lakorn
  56. solin

    beautiful pictures of Cambodia

    I really want to visit the National Museum I have been in Cambodia 4 times already but have never visited it The reason is because my mother was angry against the girls who wre selling the tickets lol. We arrived in Tuk Tuk with my uncle (who lives in Cambodia) and we asked the cambodian price...
  57. solin


    I'm so sad Love Ya promotion ended so fast ! Hope their contract issue will settled very soon
  58. solin

    Min Pechaya: The next rising actress for ch7

    She is really pretty but I have never seen her act yet !
  59. solin

    simply..ROMANTIC lakorns

    I would say Prasard Mued (1997) with Willy and Mew This lakorn is the most romantic lakorn I have seen until yet ! Dr Parot (Willy) is a total gentleman while Uma Rangsee (Mew) is the perfect princess The p'ek isn't stupid and knows whom he is in love with Moreover, we have lot of sweet moments...
  60. solin

    Ch3 New Actress

    They are all really pretty ! My favorite are Yaya and Gigee ! I find that Yaya is the pretiest amonf all of them. However, they look in the same time so young. Now CH3 has to promote new p'ek lol.
  61. solin

    Jao Sao Rim Tang (Kantana)

    I totally agree ! With two of the worst actors in the industry, I can't even imagine how it will be possible to watch lol. But my little sister will probably watch it since she likes Poo : not because of her acting but because she finds her pretty.
  62. solin

    Duay Rang Attitarn (Kantana)

    When does this lakorn have to be aired ? I can't wait to watch this new version !
  63. solin

    Ngao Pray [TV Scene]

    I share the same idea ! I don't care if she don't re-sign with CH7 because I actually want to see her play with new p'ek. However, I hope she won't sign an exclusive contract with Ch3 and would prefer her to be a free agent.
  64. solin

    Kehad See Daeng(Pau Jing Jong)

    Mint ? I'm so disapointed ! I don't really know this actress but how could they paired up my great Andrew with a newbie ? Even if the n'ek has too be young, they could have chosen someone with more experiences ! And sorry to say it but she doesn't look pretty at all in those pictures. However...
  65. solin

    Pieng Jai Tee Pook Pun (TV Scene)

    I hate seeing Donut as n'rai ! But Aum and Teaw make a good match
  66. solin

    beautiful pictures of Cambodia

    Great pictures indeed ! When I see Cambodia in picture it is so beautiful but when I went there it is not as beautiful as in the pictures lol. Well, some landscapes are trully amazing and beautiful ! I want to return this summer again but the ticket plane is too expansive and I need to save...
  67. solin

    Mayura is back!!!!

    It's so wonderful ! I didn't expect them to be here again ! I so happy because I can now return to the good voices lol.
  68. solin

    [Ch3] Plerng Torranong (Makers Group)

    I really was expected this couple lol. At the moment Mario signed with Ch3, I knew he would play with Teaw
  69. solin

    Duay Rang Attitarn (Kantana)

    I'm happy if they changed the plot a little to make the storyline match Wier role. But except some small details, I want this remake to stay close to the original. ....It's the very first time I'm anticipating a Pancake lakorn lol.
  70. solin

    Tat Dao Butsaya [Wave Media Production]

    Just finished this lakorn few minutes ago and I simply love it ! One of the best lakorn of this year until now lol. I so wanted to see Punch in a lakorn but since I'm not really fan of Por, I didn't expect much. Not only Punch didn't deceived me : she did really great as Tad Dao but I may start...
  71. solin

    Why are khmer and Thai ppl hatin' each other? Help me!!!

    Khmer people (and also in Cambodia) are still watching and selling thai lakorns and music lol. And my familly in Cambodia still wants to go to Thaialand ! Actually "atheaketchone" just means "foreigner" in a way...khmer people call every khmer coming from oversea like that lol. The word itself...
  72. solin


    They will make their comeback in May with a second album ! I'm so excited and can't wait for it lol.
  73. solin

    Why are khmer and Thai ppl hatin' each other? Help me!!!

    Angkor Wat is the symbol of Cambodia and khmer culture ! However, the actual royal family of Thailand also descends from khmer kings and since the north/west of Cambodia (including Seam Reap) was Siam during several centuries (until the French came), and forced them to return some of the...
  74. solin

    Kehad See Daeng(Pau Jing Jong)

    It would be awersome if Ann plays with Andrew but from the storyline she doesn't match the character To play n'ek, only a young actress would do so I say Teaw, Ja, Susie or maybe Pat... However, as much I like the new generation, I don't want to see tham paired up with my Andrew because they any...
  75. solin

    4 Hua Jai Haeng Khun Khao

    Twin role for Boy ? I'm glad he changes role again ! Love actors who keep taking new characters to portray. Boy and Margie look nice together
  76. solin

    3 Hua Jai (Ukrapon Media)

    I agree ! In Hua Jai Song Park he did really well again ! And I find him better than Por : not only his character but also his acting lol. He has nothing in common with other newbies because his acting is even better than some old actors. I trully believe that if he continues to have good...
  77. solin

    Ghep Tawan Wai Tee Plai Faa [Exact]

    Thank Dancy for the kissing pictures Like a lot Son 's face in the picture in which Grand laugh lol. Those picture really give hope to me to see a happy ending and honestly Namchiew and Napatsarawadee really deserve to be together ! I'm quite sad it will end soon and I can't believe the...
  78. solin

    [Ch3] Mia Teng (Maker J)

    That's a good thing ! I also didn't find they suit the roles lol.
  79. solin

    Nak Soo Pun Khao Niew (Ch7 / Compordee)

    New and Cheer ? It will be their first time together and I can't wait to watch Actually, I prefer this cuple than Wier/Cheer ! I really like New for some unknown reasons :lol:
  80. solin

    Duay Rang Attitarn (Kantana)

    Don't know :lol: Ahahahaha ! You make me laugh by trying to search for the nosebleeds parts :lol: But I understand you because now I am obsessed by this stupid and not important nosebleeds thing lol. And for your question...I get my own copy of this lakorn in tape ! Since I'm ill and...
  81. solin

    Ruk Son Rote (CH7---Kantana)

    Honestly, Pinky and Stephan together look quite cute and well matched But we can already see in this picture that the chemistry isn't here ! And if It's really a remake of korean drama Shining Inheritance, so I will dislike Stephan even more lol.
  82. solin

    Duay Rang Attitarn (Kantana)

    If you say so...I think I need to rewatch it again and find when she has nosebleeds :lol: About Pancake, as I already said I used to really dislike her but for my mother likes her lakorns a lot. So I have watched almost all her lakorns and I must admit they are pretty good but if I have...
  83. solin

    Nak Soo Pun Khao Niew (Ch7 / Compordee)

    I didn't like their first lakorn together because it was quite boring and I couldn't even be able to finish it lol. But I will watch this one because I really like Cheer and miss her as n'ek !
  84. solin

    Duay Rang Attitarn (Kantana)

    This lakorn is one of my favorite lakorn so I also have watched it many but many times and I have not noticed the nosebleeds thing : each time she uses her powers, her mother knows it because she feels very tired and has marks on her arms. There is also the scene she faints in the lake because...
  85. solin

    Duay Rang Attitarn (Kantana)

    I think the main problem of this lakorn is that the whole casting is too young lol. ....except for Pancake
  86. solin

    Duay Rang Attitarn (Kantana)

    I used to really dislike Pancake but now I don't care and even like some of her lakorns. Even if Pancake does a great job in this lakorn it won't change the fact that Wier is too young to portray p'ek role ! Come on, he was more than 20 when she died so It makes him at least 40 when he meets...
  87. solin

    Duay Rang Attitarn (Kantana)

    The old version was very good and is also one of my all time favorite lakorn. Since I don't like Pancake, I was upset to learn she was n'ek here. But at the end It doesn't bother me that much because I have learn to watch her lakorns lol. The main problem for me in this remake is Wier because he...
  88. solin

    Ghep Tawan Wai Tee Plai Faa [Exact]

    If it's really true so It gives me some hope to see a happy ending possible :lol: After all they have lived, they really deserve to be together ! But I still have the very first scene of the lakorn in mind : the image on Namchiew alone in from of the sunset at the sea and with a gun in the...
  89. solin

    Ghep Tawan Wai Tee Plai Faa [Exact]

    Only 6 episodes before the end ? Well, I think It's time for this lakorn to end. As much as I love it, I found the 2/3 last episodes were quite boring. So it's good they decide to don't drag it because It could ruin the whole lakorn. And I want to keep good memories about it lol. Here is the...
  90. solin

    [Ch7] Dao Pra Sook (?)

    Since It's CH7, I don't think It's possible and moreover they are too old for the roles lol. I really want to see Pinky as the adult n'ek :lol: and maybe Off could be p'ek !
  91. solin

    4 Hua Jai Haeng Khun Khao

    I understand your point of view because we have different feelings toward someone. It's like me and Aff lol. Everyone say she is great, pretty and all but even if I admit she is a good and pretty actress, I still don't like her (I don't hate her either) because I find something is missing. As...
  92. solin

    Duay Rang Attitarn (Kantana)

    Add a pair of glasses and some white hair lol.
  93. solin

    Ghep Tawan Wai Tee Plai Faa [Exact]

    I also don't know if it's due to the story or not but I find Son has more chemistry with Grand than with Vill. Honestly, I didn't like Son/Vill couple in KLP because they were quite boring and not natural. But with Son/Grand we can see a real passion playing on screen. Or maybe the reason is...
  94. solin

    Por N leaving Ch7?..

    I find he is doing well with Ch7 so I would be surprised to see him leave for Ch3.
  95. solin

    Ghep Tawan Wai Tee Plai Faa [Exact]

    This scene was so sad and Son broke my heart when he tried to jump in order to hold the helicopter : he has done his best and even almost died but couldn't protect her at the end. I feel so sorry and sad for Namchiew at this moment. Two episodes has passed and I really need a scene between...
  96. solin

    Wonder Girls

    I can't believe that SunMi will leave the group in order to pursue her studies. She was my favorite member ! I will miss her a lot for sure. Hae Lim who was supposed to debut with the Chinese version of WG will replace her
  97. solin


    My new favorite member is now Park Jun Min : he is so cute, funny and charismatic !
  98. solin

    Duay Rang Attitarn (Kantana)

    Do you talk about Prasard Mued ? Because even in this lakorn Nat still look good and young with the mustache and the character isn't that old. But for Wier, he will need more than a mustache in order to portray the role lol.
  99. solin

    Duay Rang Attitarn (Kantana)

    How will they be able to make Wier pass for a man in his 40s ? It would be easier to take someone old and make him look young for the previous life part. But Wier as a man who can be Pan's father : I just can't believe it ! Except if they plan to make a long development of the past life and...
  100. solin

    Ghep Tawan Wai Tee Plai Faa [Exact]

    I agree, only by look, Grand doesn't seem to be a singer or a dancer at all but she has such an amazing voice lol. When I said to my mother she was a singer and sings the ending song of the lakorn, she didn't believe me lol. By the way, I got my DVD yesterday and watched it until 1AM...Grand...
  101. solin

    Ghep Tawan Wai Tee Plai Faa [Exact]

    I'm glad she finally finds out he loves her. From what I have understood, he wrote letters to his parent in which he told them about his work and the girl he has to protect. And in the second letter, he confess to them he is falling in love with this girl. I was so proud of myself for beeing...
  102. solin

    Ghep Tawan Wai Tee Plai Faa [Exact]

    I have to thank this lakorn for making me discover Grand lol. Because I was quite curious, I started to search about her as a singer. And now the only thing I can say is that I love her voice so much ! She is a good singer and It has been a while I didn't fall for a singer. I even asked my...
  103. solin

    Ghep Tawan Wai Tee Plai Faa [Exact]

    Thank Drancy for the caps ! It's quite crazy in this episode : how can the King stay in thai ambassy while thai goverment decides to send the princess back lol. Poor princess who has now nowhere to go ! And from exact caps, next episode seems to be cute lol. I agree with you ! It would be so...
  104. solin

    Ghep Tawan Wai Tee Plai Faa [Exact]

    Thank Grace for the clip : Son and Grand are so cute indeed ! It's strange but I find Grand prettier here than in the lakorn. You really should give a try to this lakorn because It deserves to be watched. Even me who isn't a fan of Son like this lakorn a lot lol. If you already like him, you...
  105. solin

    Ghep Tawan Wai Tee Plai Faa [Exact]

    I think the same that It will last more than 16 episodes ! Thank a lot Dancy for the caps ! I loved this scene in the water a lot : It was maybe the cutest and most romantic scene until now. I have rewatched it several time on youtube already lol. Just watched episode 14 and I felt so sorry...
  106. solin

    Ch 3 New On Screen Pairing for 2010

    Aum-Teaw ! I was wishing to watch this pairing since a while already lol. But the couple I really want to watch one day is Rita-Ken : when will they decide to pair up these two ?
  107. solin

    Duay Rang Attitarn (Kantana)

    Hope they will change the pranangs ! Wier is way too young to play p'ek role and Pancake...I don't want her lol. If they are confirmed, I don't know if I will watch this remake.
  108. solin

    Ghep Tawan Wai Tee Plai Faa [Exact]

    I agree that people can have their preferences and nobody will blame someone. But the problem is like Miko said, It becomes boring and unnecessary when we have on every pages comments saying that people would prefer Pueung or Vill more than Grand who is playing in the lakorn which is aired yet ...
  109. solin

    [CH.3] Rak Nakara (Act Art) : Mark / Taew / Mew

    Aff and Teaw in the same lakorn ? It's really interresting ! I have not watched the Noon and Aum version but my aunt did and she liked it. But seriously why does Aff always play in remakes ? As for p'ek, I want someone new who has never played with any of the girls.
  110. solin

    Liem Prai Lai Ruk (Broadcast)

    I don't like Aun hair in this lakorn but Rita looks good with this new hairstyle !
  111. solin

    4 Hua Jai Haeng Khun Khao

    Yeah ! Something new about Boy and also Margie. They will do good together I think.
  112. solin

    4 Hua Jai Haeng Khun Khao

    Nepal ? Really interresting ! I will looking foward it just because of the location lol. But I wonder what the storyline could be about.
  113. solin

    [Ch7] Seur Sa Ming (Colosium)

    I also find It will be strange to have Kwan and Wier in a lakorn together since Kwan doesn't get along with Pancake lol.
  114. solin

    Duangta Sawan(Who & Who)

    It will be hard for me to wastch Janie as n'rai but I think It's a good challenge she has to take in a her carrer !
  115. solin

    Ghep Tawan Wai Tee Plai Faa [Exact]

    I am happy you guys think the same way : People should stop judging only on look but on talent. And Grand has a real potential ! The fanvideo of Son and Grand is good : I like this lakorn more and more there is many cute scenes between the two leads and the story doesn't drag to much...
  116. solin

    Ghep Tawan Wai Tee Plai Faa [Exact]

    Grand is cute and her acting is decent which is the most important. Pueung is ok but her acting sucks and If she has to play again she has to improve a lot lol. Sorry to say but I begin to get tired to see comments about how people would like to have Pueung or View instead of Grand who is doing...
  117. solin

    Duay Rang Attitarn (Kantana)

    Hope It will not be true : Everyone expect these two please ! Wier isn't old enough for the role. Pancake doesn't suit and sorry to say but since I really don't like her so I don't want her in the remake of one of my favorite lakorn !
  118. solin

    Ghep Tawan Wai Tee Plai Faa [Exact]

    Thank a lot for the covers Love the 3rd one : Son and Grand look really good togeter there ! Now I really like Grand lol. She is really good actress for a newbie
  119. solin

    You're Beautiful Vs. BOF

    Vote for You Are Beautiful because of the new storyline lol. Love Boys Over Flowers but prefer Hana Yori Dango !
  120. solin

    Ghep Tawan Wai Tee Plai Faa [Exact]

    Are you really serious ? I though It would be a 16 epsiodes lakorns lol. 50 episodes is too long even if I love I also hope It won't drag ! I am the same...waiting and expecting at any moment to have a cute scene with Son and Grand lol.
  121. solin

    Selling Chinese and Thai Series in Khmer $15 and under

    Of course I want to buy it ! I was looking for that serie evrywhere ! Used to have it but I lost some tapes when I moved lol.
  122. solin

    Ghep Tawan Wai Tee Plai Faa [Exact]

    This lakorn is better than I expected : I was very affraid because of Son but he has improved a lot because now I can enjoy his acting lol. Grand 's acting is pretty good and that's the most important to me but I agree about her hairstyle...It is quite annoying. Even so she is really cute ...
  123. solin

    Selling Chinese and Thai Series in Khmer $15 and under

    Do you have the old version of Laor Dao with Ann Siriam ?
  124. solin

    Duay Rang Attitarn (Kantana)

    Por N. is the better choice to me and Pinky is fine !
  125. solin

    Pieng Jai Tee Pook Pun (TV Scene)

    Aum and Taew make a so cute couple ! Since I love both actors I was hopping to see them paired up one day and now It really happen lol. One of my dream is coming true ! However, I don't want to see Donut as n'rai again : when will she go back to n'ek role ?
  126. solin

    Sai Soke(No Problem)

    Period lakorn ? I take it lol. Ja is so cute !
  127. solin

    Selling Chinese and Thai Series in Khmer $15 and under

    Do you sell oversea ? I live in France.
  128. solin

    Ghep Tawan Wai Tee Plai Faa [Exact]

    From the teaser It really seems to be pretty good ! I'm not a fan of Son (he left me a very bad first impression with KLP) but I will give him another chance lol. Just hope he has improved if not It would suck ! Grant is really cute and her acting looks not bad.
  129. solin

    3 Hua Jai (Ukrapon Media)

    In a way I wish It wouldn't be Pat. I used to like her a lot but now she is just too boring ! Alex again ! I don't like him either lol. Why must he be in this lakorn ? I could skip this one but I really want to watch Boy because he impressed me so much with Fai Ruk Arsoon.
  130. solin

    Huajai 2 Park (Act Art)

    Wow ! The opening even befre It's aired lol. Love the song and the lakorn look good already. Can't wait to watch it ! Never have seen Teaw as beatiful before. I found her cute and pretty but she is sublime here. Don't know who I prefer between Por and Boy lol. Both look good and Boy was so...
  131. solin

    Fai Ruk Arsoon (Lakorn Thai)

    I just finished this lakorn last night and honestly I don't know how to reack r even my feelings lol. The first part was quite boring but there are some nice and funny moments. And the p'ek is a love : good husband and perfect father. But things change when they decide to go to Bangkok and I...
  132. solin

    MungKood Sang Jun(PJJ)

    Just watched the first episode and It was really good ! I knew I would love it because of Andrew and Rita but I didn't expected to be that good since It was a patriotic theme lol. Sisira is a so sweet and nice princess and moreover really beautiful ! On the contrary, Teetayu is a real jerk...
  133. solin

    Yok Lai Mek(Broadcast Thai)

    I finally watched this lakorn and I really love it ! Great casting with a very good plot. I didn't expected it to be so good lol. The elder story is quite sad : Hui Son and Anthony love each other so much. Kat and Paul relation is very sweet but they need more scenes together. I also like...
  134. solin

    The Myth (series)

    No, the korean princess is played by a chinese actress called Bai Bing. I don't really know her but she quite looks Kim Hee Soon.
  135. solin

    Aff confim break and is talking to songkran

    She really shouldn't get involved in a story with Songkram and break up with her over 10 years old boyfriend in the same time. I hope they are just friend but can we really be just a friend with a guy like Songkram ?
  136. solin

    The Myth (series)

    Actually, It's the chinese serie I anticipate the most since months ! I love Hu Ge ; he is my favorite chinese actor and when I learnt he would play in the serie adaptation of the Myth I was crazy lol. Have you heard him sing Endless Love (OST from the Movie) ? It really was something to me ! I...
  137. solin


    I have never watched We Got Married because, since I don't understand Korean, I don't like to watch something I can't understand. Plus, I am not a fan of reality shows. But my sister watchs this show and she also find it hilarious. As for leader, I don't know lot about him but I'm sure the real...
  138. solin

    Wanida(Lakorn Thai)

    Wannida is one of my mother favorite lakorn and as a big fan of period lakorn, I have watched it several time. I am sad Rome isn't p'ek anymore but Tik will do well in this role. But for Aff, I still can't imagine her as Wannida. I don't think this remake could be as good as the original with...
  139. solin

    MungKood Sang Jun(PJJ)

    Thank you very much for the new pictures ! I really can't wait to watch this lakorn. Andrew and Rita look so good together. Ahaha!!!!!!! I also want to watch this scene !!!!! From what I can see, n'ek don't look sad or furious against p'ek I guess It's a willing scene too lol.
  140. solin

    Actresses and actors (not newbies) that still needs to improved their acting.

    Except for Ann Thongprasom, Ken Theeradeth, Andrew Gregson, Chakrit Yamnarm, Noon Woranuch and Poh Nattawut who are really good, other actors still can improve their acting lol. But actors who really need to improve are : - Poo Praiya : this girl can't act ! - Pancake Khemanit : she has always...
  141. solin


    SS501 is my second faorite korean boy group. In fact, I only like Cho Shin Sung and SS501 lol. I love Young Seang 's voice and Kim Hyun Jun because he is so cute. Leader Kim Hyun Joong is also really cute but I found his acting horible in Boys Over Flowers lol. Actually SS501 is the 3rd most...
  142. solin

    Who believes lakon ratings?

    Rating are rating and we can't change something lol. I prefer Ch3 lakorns over Ch7 because I find they are better quality. But I think thai people don't care about it and are more fans of Ch7. We don't have to judge them : each people have their own taste. It is just that I have different taste...
  143. solin

    Your Favorite Actor Ching Chang?

    This lakorn is crazy and I don't like the characters. But I vote for Pepper since he is my favorite actor among all this casting lol.
  144. solin

    Aff Taksaorn broke with 10+ years boyfriend Oor

    if this rumor is confirmed It would be sad. To break up after dating for 10 years.
  145. solin

    3 Hua Jai (Ukrapon Media)

    I really like Boy in Fai Ruk and think he has potential to become someone later. Chompoo has done a good choice to move to Ch3. Even if her first two lakorns wasn't that great, at least she has work contrary to when she was in Ch7.
  146. solin

    Suay Rerd Cherd Sode (Broadcast)

    How come I didn't see that earlier lol. It is like a dream coming true ! I have always wanted Oil and Rita (my favorite actor and actress) together. Even after Oil works with CH3 with his lakorn with Bua, I didn't expect to see him paired with Rita on day. If it is confirmed so It will be the...
  147. solin

    Prasart Mued (Bangkok Drama)

    Episode 2 was good again ! I love the scene when Uma walks in the hill to leave for the raillway station and Parot follows her in his car : the scenerie is so beautiful there. The more I see Nat the more I find him good as Dr Parot : Nat has the look and since he doesn't talk fast it makes him...
  148. solin

    Prasart Mued (Bangkok Drama)

    Finally watched episode 1 and not dissapointed at all ! As I thought, this new version gives a different feel from the old version. This first episode is interesting and we can feel the mystery around this house. I really like it ! Nat's acting isn't that bad lol. Moreover, the costumes, the...
  149. solin

    Prasart Mued (Bangkok Drama)

    I want to watch !!!!!!!!! I watched the teasers over and over again in waiting for someone to upload the episode. Hope someone will do it very soon. The setting look so beautiful and so real.
  150. solin

    MungKood Sang Jun(PJJ)

    Rita and Andrew are so cute together ! The scene of the bed makes me be so excited about this lakorn. I love agressive Andrew because he is so cute like that lol. Really...I can't wait for this lakorn to be aired.
  151. solin

    Prasart Mued (Bangkok Drama)

    Thank a lot for all these pictures ! Rita is stunning. I love the costumes and the setting of this lakorn. It's classic and sophiticated in the same time, and Rita is so gorgeous like that lol. Nat looks quite funny with his fake mustache but he's still good looking. I really hope he has...
  152. solin

    Prasart Mued (Bangkok Drama)

    It's coming out finally ! I am so happy after waiting for so long. I miss Rita a lot too. The taser looks good but It really seems that this new version will be more dark than Willy version. I am too excited lol.
  153. solin

    Kularb Neua Mek (DaraVDO)

    Aum plays better n'rai than Noon lol. I have never seen Noon as n'rai to be honest. I like Aum in this kind of character because she is so great that even if I want to slap her I still love her. I hope n'ek won't be a weak but more a confident and strong role. It's nice to see Stephan and Aum...
  154. solin

    Duay Rang Attitarn (Kantana)

    Oh please ! Not Pancake...she will ruin one of my all time favorite lakorn ! Num and Pinky are be the best choices for this remake.
  155. solin

    [Ch7] Dao Pra Sook (?)

    I hope Pancake wouldn't be n'ek ! First because she doesn't fit the role at all and then because she is always on screen which bore me. If Pinky isn't chosen to be Dao, I prefer to see a new face because honestly, CH7 need to have fresh n'ek ! I really like almost all n'ek from CH7 but we always...
  156. solin

    wouldn't it be cool...

    I prefer to see Andrew and Janie together again lol.
  157. solin

    Let's vote

    So Saneha with Oil and Aum is a very good lakorn !
  158. solin

    [Ch7] Dao Pra Sook (?)

    Another remake of Dao Pra Sook again ? I think this lakorn shouldn't be remade yet since there was already one not so long ago. Must wait 10 years or more to be credible ! Anyway, now that It was decided, we can't change anything lol. I hope CH7 will choose good actors for a classic like...
  159. solin

    Prasart Mued (Bangkok Drama)

    I want to watch this lakorn so bad ! When is it supposed to be aired ?
  160. solin

    MungKood Sang Jun(PJJ)

    Thank you so much Tina for posting all this pictures ! It makes me want to watch the lakorn already and some pictures are so cute and especially this one lol I agree that the costumes are too simple but after a while I begin to like them. And everyone look good in it : Rita is still so pretty !
  161. solin

    tik got married!

    It was very fast ! My sister is so disapointed lol. They look very happy and all my congratulation !
  162. solin

    Margie & Taew [Can't Get Enough of You]

    They are so cute ! Love them both a lot and especially Teaw !
  163. solin

    Following Your Footsteps

    I can already see the problems coming lol. Wonder how these two will meet !
  164. solin

    Pinky & Aum: It's over...

    I think they were not fated to each other lol.
  165. solin

    Huajai 2 Park (Act Art)

    Seeing all these pictures makes me want to watch the lakorn already lol. Teaw and Por look so great together ! I knew Teaw is small but seeing Por stretching out his legs like that is funny.
  166. solin


    I agree same for me lol. I complain about other companies but still watch them just because It's free. Usually I buy my lakorn at the thai store because everyone in our family understand thai, but my aunt who doesn't understand thai, buy them in khmer (not expansive at all) and she gives me the...
  167. solin

    Huajai 2 Park (Act Art)

    Thank for sharing all these pictures ! Teaw is so pretty and she looks good with Por.
  168. solin

    Best vs Toey

    My vote goes to Best because she is cuter than Toey and even if her acting was very bad she has something who makes me like her.
  169. solin

    Taew Nathaporn

    She's so cute ! I love Teaw and I'm sure she will make big with time.
  170. solin

    MungKood Sang Jun(PJJ)

    Thank you for the video link ! It's so nice to have some more news about this lakorn ! Can't wait to watch Andrew and Rita together lol.
  171. solin

    [Ch3] Sai See Plerng (Makers Y Group)

    Moreover I somehow think that Ann is maybe too old for the role.
  172. solin

    Taew vs. Vill (article)

    I agree with you on that point ! I found View really pretty in Keaw Lom Phet at the beginning but not that much toward the end. And the more I see her in Sakul Ka the more I find her less attractive. On the other side Teaw grows up more and more pretty each time I see her !
  173. solin

    Soo Sarn Poodaesah(Chulumpee)

    I just finished this lakorn yesterday and It was a good one in general. The actors were good and the plot was interresting. It's not usually my type of lakorn and during the second part when they are in the jungle I feel asleep at some moments lol. The ending is weird ! I loved watching...
  174. solin

    Taew vs. Vill (article)

    My vote goes to Teaw in every categorie ! Teaw's acting is better and her crying is more more real. As for looks both are good but I just prefer Teaw. And she seems to be a very adorable person. I love Teaw since her first lakorn Naruk while Will still doesn't really appeal to me yet.
  175. solin

    Sai Soke(No Problem)

    Until now I didn't see a P'ek with whom Ja could match but at the final she still does well. In Sood Tae Fah Gumnod I found Pip too old but it fits the story. So does Awejee See Chompoo even if Por looks less old than I expected it to be : Ja and Por were so perfect and I love the lakorn. I...
  176. solin

    Message from Aom Phiyada about her engagement!!

    Thank a lot for the translation She seems to be happy and It's the most important I'm so glad for her and can't wait for her next lakorn with Pong
  177. solin

    Ice Sarunyu & Takkatan Chollada In Europe

    Too bad I can't go to see Ice ! Why does he come to France when I am not in the country ? The funny thing is that at the moment Ice will be in France I will be at my uncle's house for the week-end in Germany lol.
  178. solin

    Sai Soke(No Problem)

    Ja is really cute and I like her since Sood Tae Fah Kamnod ! I'm glad she will be paired up with Rome. Will watch this lakorn for sure just because of the casting lol.
  179. solin

    Dok Bua Kao (Kantana)

    Glad to see another lakorn from Poo ! I love Pinky and a Bollywood movie is more amazing lol.
  180. solin

    Liem Prai Lai Ruk (Broadcast)

    I'm happy to see that Rita will have another lakorn but why must it be with Aun ? He doesn't look really bad but he doesn't match with her at all : very weird paring. But I think I will end to watch it just because of Rita lol. She needs more interesting P'ek like Ken for example !
  181. solin

    aom phiyada get engagement!

    I didn't even know she is dating someone lol. All my congratulation to her !
  182. solin

    Khmer Food

    I love khmer food : It's so delicious. Seeing all this pictures makes me want to go to Cambodia only for eating lol.
  183. solin

    MungKood Sang Jun(PJJ)

    I like seeing Joy in N'rai because her acting is really good which make it be realistic. Her character seems to be very intesresting for making someone be so pleased to play an evil But in fact I have always found evil characters more interesting lol.
  184. solin


    Pretty and Cute !
  185. solin

    Cambodia For Sale

    It's not very a surprise ! Hun Sen has always been a selfish evil man who doesn't care about Cambodia but only aims to be richer and richer. It's sad to see all these poor people lose everything like that without beeing able to do something...but what can we do ? Actually, I just hope that Hun...
  186. solin

    Taew, Best & Pancake Presenter of Yves Rocher

    Teaw becomes prettier and prettier and Best is so cute !
  187. solin

    Huajai 2 Park (Act Art)

    Por and Teaw ? Very interesting ! A lakorn to watch lol.
  188. solin

    Weewaa Whaa Woon (Good Feeling)

    Another supposed one with these two ? I really can't wait how they will look together.
  189. solin

    Prasart Mued (Bangkok Drama)

    Rita is so gorgeous in the last photo ! This kind of outfits suit her so well. Can't wait for this lakorn to aired already lol.
  190. solin

    Kwarm Lub Kaung Superstar (Exact)

    It's quite natural since Bee acts longer than best and moreoever her character is the main femal character : so more important and interesting than Best's one.
  191. solin

    Tye Payu formerly Known as Tye Nattapol

    I have heard lot of rumors about them but have never seen real pictures of that mentioned moments ! And since both still denied things, It's quite hard to believe sometimes. What I think is that Tye fall for her but she doesn't lol. Lets see what will happen later.
  192. solin

    MungKood Sang Jun(PJJ)

    Thank for the picture ! Rita looks pretty even with this costume and Andrew is still so cute. Elephant ride with Andrew
  193. solin

    Sririta Jensen in Slimming's May/09

    Rita can looks good in anything even if the outfits are bad !
  194. solin

    Fly to the Sky

    just discovered this duo whith their last album few months ago and fall for their voices. They are just amazing and I love their album.
  195. solin

    Duay Rang Attitarn (Kantana)

    Still no news about the cast ? I really only can see Pinky in the role of Kob. She is really perfect for the role.
  196. solin

    [Ch3] Sai See Plerng (Makers Y Group)

    Yeah I understand you ! I think Rita could pull of Sai's role but I don't want to see it. I prefer seeing her as a nice girl lol. I really can see Chompoo in the role : she has the talent to play it well. But in a way I don't want Ken in Willy's role...he is a great actor but to me he doesn't...
  197. solin

    Suay Rerd Cherd Sode (Broadcast)

    I love Rita but It becomes to be too much lakorns for me ! The problem is that even if I heard she will have upcoming lakorns only a few are confirmed and have some news. Anyway I'm happy to see her on the roll now and I hope she could get paired with p'ek she has never worked with before.
  198. solin

    MungKood Sang Jun(PJJ)

    I think we are all disapointed by the costumes : when I heard that Rita gets the role of a princess I imagined a beautiful dress but the real one is just so plain. But she still looks pretty in it lol. I just hope that the storyline will be good because It's the most important think after all ...
  199. solin

    Fan's Outraged!! Ken gives back Trophy.

    At first read I quite feel bad for him lol. Great Joke !!!!!! But I will be more happy if It was the true I love Ken but since he doesn't deserve this trophy and that public are against this fact It would be better if he has refused it I think.
  200. solin

    top 7 actresses

    I know that Chompoo has lot of upcoming lakorns but I still think since she has just moved to CH3 and none of her lakorn has been aired yet, she doesn't deserve to be in the top. I also think that Ploy shouldn't be in it because she has only played n'ek a very few time. As for the rest I agree !
  201. solin


    I have only watched the movie and liked it a lot. Now I want to watch the drama but the cast doesn't appeal to me like the movie.
  202. solin

    Ryusei No Kizuna (2008)

    At first, I was reticent to watch this drama but It ends to be a very good one. Koichi character is so funny sometime (Ariake 3 lol.)...Like him the most !
  203. solin

    MungKood Sang Jun(PJJ)

    I also saw these rumors with Tye ! Rumors between co-stars is a way to promote a lakorn in the same time. Wonder if this time there also will have some rumors with Andrew : I think it won't bother me If there is some lol.
  204. solin

    Daddy Duo-Khun Por Jom Fiew ( Yaak)

    I love Film and I like Four a lot so I must sure watch this one lol. They are cute together !
  205. solin

    MungKood Sang Jun(PJJ)

    Rita seems to lost some weight...I just hope It's not because she works too much ! Even if I don't like the fact she cuts her hair (I love her gorgeous long hair) she is still very beautiful. Andrew & Rita are so well matched lol. and I really hope this lakorn will be a good one because with...
  206. solin

    Oil Thana GM Magazine

    I love Oil Lol. He looks so handsome here.
  207. solin

    MungKood Sang Jun(PJJ)

    Andrew is so cute ! I can't wait for some couple pictures of Rita/Andrew Didn't know Nott will play in this lakorn I really like him lol. And Joy is N'rai ? She is great in this kind of role.
  208. solin

    Liam Ruk

    It is always a good news to have another Kwan's lakorn and moreover with Cee ! I love Cee lol.
  209. solin

    [Ch3] Yah Leum Chun (LakornThai)

    Oil & Kwan together again ! I was waiting for that.
  210. solin

    Soot Saneha (Lakorn Thai)

    Ken & Willy in the same lakorn ? Ann is such a lucky girl to have by her side two hot p'ek lol. But It's quite weird because if Ken is the p'ek so what will be Willy role ? I can't imagine him outside the p'ek role !
  211. solin

    Vill and Aerin on 3 Num 3 Mum Show

    Nobody is such popular in all Asia ! They were funny lol.
  212. solin

    Andrew, Chakrit, Ken, Tik J, Aum A, and Pong N.

    I pick Andrew Gregson ! He has a killing smile ! It used to be Tik but since I watched Tang Parn Kammathep two months ago I became all for Angrew lol.
  213. solin

    MungKood Sang Jun(PJJ)

    So true ! Rita always looks good
  214. solin

    Will cambodia be better in the future?

    From what I have heard the project has already begun and the first realisations (fundations) already appear. It's South Korea who is at the origin of this project and will finance it (South Korea’s Shinhan Bank). I read that the project have been proposed to others countries before but only...
  215. solin

    Andrew on At Ten

    Thank for the links ! Andrew is so cute
  216. solin

    MungKood Sang Jun(PJJ)

    I agree Rita hair is so plain and the costumes is also so simple but even so she is still gorgeous and each time I see her she gets prettier. Rita is the kind of person who even ugly dressed still looks good lol. I 'm so happy to finally have some news about this lakorn and wish to see...
  217. solin

    [Ch3] Sai See Plerng (Makers Y Group)

    So It ends with Ken as P'ek...I think he suits the role. I can't believe the luck Chompoo has : she just moved to CH3 and has already 2 lakorns with Ken.
  218. solin

    [Mainland] Let's Watch the Meteor Shower

    I don't care how many version there will be because I will watch them all lol. I so love this story that I can watch it again and again without getting bored. And each version has its own particularity.
  219. solin


    I like Poo a lot but this time she goes too far. Personally I don't care about things like that because It's her own life. If she was a hollywood actress it won't be a big deal but she is a thai actress and she must know how thai people are hard on these kind of things. She perfectly knows that...
  220. solin

    Favourite on screen couple Son&Vill or Pan&Weir

    I choose Son & Will because I don't like Pan even if I like Wier I can't choose Pan for anything lol.
  221. solin

    The new RHM's singer is...

    I didn't know her but if she has the same voice as Meas Sok Sophea so she must be a good singer.
  222. solin

    Prasart Mued (Bangkok Drama)

    Thank for the pictures so much ! I really can't wait to watch this lakorn. And the sceneries : wonderful It really seems as we are back to the past. The mansion looks like one of this old mansion which could hide some secrets lol. Sririta is so cute in the first pic and is it Maprang in short...
  223. solin

    Koo Pbuan Olawon (Dida)

    I just finished watch it and It was so boring ! If Cee wasn't in it I would never continued it I think. I like Mo but her character is so boring. Vee can't still act and I don't understand why he is main p'ek. At the beginning I find Mo/Vee funny but after the second episode they just became...
  224. solin

    Oil and Fang back together

    This two will always make me laught a lot when It comes about their relashion lol.
  225. solin

    Wong Wian Hua Jai (Ch7 Kantana)

    The plot sounds so good ! Makes me really want to watch it. I didn't like the first lakorn of Pinky and Wier so I'm so happy thay could get paired up again.
  226. solin

    Destiny Water

    The lake is really beautiful : the water is clear like crystal and shine like diamond. A small but fresh breeze is blowing making shudder Oil who is not used to this kind of weather. It toke them a moment before seeing the small boat with the three girls. When khun Wasit sees it, he takes the...
  227. solin

    Destiny Water

    Chapter 3 : At the airport, the whole filming team is ready to take the plane and It is time for the last goodbyes. Even surrounded by the cameras of the reporters who want to take pictures of their goodbye, Oil strongly hugs Pim in his arms, he so wants to take her with him but she has...
  228. solin

    Destiny Water

    I think It's time for them to meet lol.
  229. solin

    Sapai Gon Krua (Exact)

    I just watched this lakorn and if at the beginning I didn't expect much from it (just watch for Pepper lol.) I was surprised I really enjoyed it. It was hilarious and Pepper and Amy make a cute couple. The ending was so cute too ! I so wanted a baby and they give me a small taste at the end of...
  230. solin

    Nichkhun Horawechakul [Khun]

    I find him cute but I don't really like 2PM
  231. solin

    Game Loon Rak (Mana Production)

    I really dislike Noon S but I miss Andrew so much that I will probably end up to watch this lol. When I saw him yesterday on tv (they talk about this serie) standing next to Noon...I just wanted to watch it already. He looks still so good and cute !
  232. solin

    Thida Wanorn Part 2

    A part 2 ? I didn't even watch the lakorn lol. Did this lakorn really made big in Thailand or what ?
  233. solin

    MungKood Sang Jun(PJJ)

    I count the days just in order to wait to have some photos of this upcoming lakorn...some pictures of Andrew and Rita lol.
  234. solin

    A new star is born: Amy Amelia

    I didn't even try this lakorn because the plot sounds so weird but now I wonder if I shouldn't try it just to watch why Amy won best raising star lol. She looks cute in that picture.
  235. solin

    Top Award 08'

    Congratulation to Ann & Ken ! They really deserve to win.
  236. solin

    Destiny Water

    Since few days, the girls are really excited from the coming of their uncle : a famous film director in Thailand who has chosen Geneva as a setting for his drama also called in Thailand lakorn. She has never seen a lakorn before and her knowledge in Thai entertainment is very limited since the...
  237. solin

    [pic]daras @ ch 3 big boss son's wedding

    Best Dress - Sririta : Perfect dress - Ja : very nice and pretty dress Worst - Noi : How could she wear that ? - Jenny : she will never change I guess lol. - Araya : weird dress As for men they all look ok since they all wear almost the same thing lol.
  238. solin

    Destiny Water

    Chapter 2 : Geneva is really beautiful and she loves to live here. At first, Sririta was afraid at the idea to live in a foreign and unknown country alone but since she came here she learnt to know and to love this city. But sometimes she miss her old and dear Paris with her family and all her...
  239. solin

    latest Oops! mag.

    They look so cute together !
  240. solin

    Which nang'aek was the worst and the weakest?

    Peung - Ngao Asoke : I just want to hit her more lol. View - Kaew Lorm Petch : She seems ok at first but now she is just stupid. Aff - Jamleu Ruk : I so couldn't stand her that I stoped watching.
  241. solin

    What's your favorite KIND of nang'ek?!

    I like strong n'ek but not stupid and blind by revenge. Just strong enough to be able to stand up in front of problems and critical situations. The kind of woman who don't like to give until the last moment. Easy going, nice and with light weak moments sometimes. And I also like the bitch...
  242. solin

    Soot Saneha (Lakorn Thai)

    Ken and Ann again ? I don't know if I am excited or not.
  243. solin

    MungKood Sang Jun(PJJ)

    I already want to have some pics lol. Yeah ! The filming will begin soon !
  244. solin

    Prasart Mued (Bangkok Drama)

    Thank for the pics : It is good to see some news from this lakorn. I like the scenerie very much. I understand you :lol: the old version is great and also one of my favorite lakorn Willy was so HOT but I find Nat not that bad from what I can see and I just think I should try just because It...
  245. solin

    Willy n'ke

    I love Mew and Willy but actually I find Mew too old to get paired with him lol. Plus I really want to see Ann & Willy one more time.
  246. solin

    Power Couples

    Willy and Mew ! They were so great even if I don't like their last lakorn. I can watche and rewatch their old lakorn forever lol. No one could surpass them.
  247. solin

    Poo Praiya's partying photos leaked...

    She is young and has the right to have fun....I don't see anything wrong in this ! Sometimes I really find that thai reporters, or even entertainment, like making a big deal for nothing. Plus she is in a foreign country and in a new environment ! Even Benazir Bhutto used to have parties when she...
  248. solin

    [Movie] Twilight

    I just watched this movie two days ago and I love it ! It can't surpase the book but it was really well done/adapted Plus, Robert is so hot lol. but I still don't really like Kristen interpretation
  249. solin

    Lakorn DVD for sell (cont.)

    Really ! You are my saver ! Yes Yes I am interested and I live in France I PM you in that case
  250. solin

    Lakorn DVD for sell (cont.)

    Does someone have Hua Jai Lud Fah with Film and Donut ?
  251. solin

    Destiny Water

    Maybe not :lol:
  252. solin

    Ching Chang (Exact-CH5)

    The trailor seems so good ! It makes me want to watch it already lol.
  253. solin

    Destiny Water

    Today was the last day filming in Thailand and next week the whole team will fly to Switzerland to film the rest of the lakorn there. At first he didn’t really want to go abroad because he didn’t want to let Pim alone so close to their weeding, but It was a very good role which could give him...
  254. solin

    Destiny Water

    This night is an ordinary night in Bangkok for Oil. He is again in a club with some friends who are only here to drink, dance or seduce some pretty girls. Sometimes life could be so boring ! But suddenly, comes from the other side of the club a man in white casual Oil knows very well : James ...
  255. solin

    10 Nang Ek CH3.

    Sririta ! she is not only my favorite CH3 actresse but also my favorite actresse I love her : she is just perfect ! gorgeous, good acting, nice person
  256. solin

    10 Pra'Ek CH3.

    I am torned between Ken and Aum : I love them both so much But vote for Ken because if I would choose someone for being my P'ek It will be Ken for sure great actor and good looking : he is simply the best !
  257. solin

    10 Pra'Ek CH7.

    I choose Cee Siwat because I am in my Cee phase actually lol. He has something which attract me without noticing it.
  258. solin

    10 Nang Ek CH7.

    Pinky !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she is not only pretty but very talented too she can portray many kind of roles and she is a good singer
  259. solin

    10 Pra'Ek CH5.

    It was difficult to make a choice ! I wanted to vote for Tik Jadsadaporn because I love him but to me he isn't an exact actor so I decided to chosse Pepper because I like him the most among the others lol.
  260. solin

    10 Nang Ek CH5.

    Aom Piyada ! She is the best among all these actresses.
  261. solin

    Game Loon Rak (Mana Production)

    Good to see more Andrew and moreover he will be the productor ! but why Noon while there are so many better choice than her ? I don't want to offend her fans but Noon will looks bad next to Andrew
  262. solin

    [pic]Ch3 dara attended a wedding

    I agree :lol: They should pair Rome with Rita instead of Tye Everyone look good in all these white outfits
  263. solin

    Kob's Wedding Picture

    She is beautiful and I am happy for her to finaly get married with the man she loves even if I don't really like him I wish her the best for her future life but too sad she decided to leave the entertainment
  264. solin

    2009 LAKORN

    I think this year will be another CH3 year for me !
  265. solin

    [preview]Ch3 upcoming lakorn of 09

    thank for the clip there are so many lakorn I want to watch this year
  266. solin

    Destiny Water

    Chapter 1 : Oil : But I love you ! How can I hide my feelings for you any longer and see you get married with my brother without doing anything ? Aum : I know…but what can we do ? Oil : Cancel the weeding with P’ Por and marry me instead ! Aum : It’s totally impossible ! It only left one...
  267. solin

    Destiny Water

    Destiny Water is a story which is in my mind since a while but I didn't find the time to write it. In this story I just wanted to see my two favorite actors together because I know there is almost no chance for them to be paired up in reality. The story is about two people who are fated to...
  268. solin

    The Serenade Of Love

    Chapter 22 The morning comes and Ann is taking her break fast in the dinning room. Even if she returned home late yesterday night, she has to work this morning. She is joined by her father who come to sit next to her. He asks her about her party of yesterday and makes her details everything to...
  269. solin

    Duay Rang Attitarn (Kantana)

    Is there any news about n'ek ?
  270. solin

    Dong Phoo Dee (Act Art)

    Just realize that this lakorn uses old costumes from 60's-70's so it means It will take place during this period which makes me anticipate even more love all costume lakorn :lol: Donut looks so pretty and evil dressed like that ! really can't wait to watch it hope it will be aired soon or...
  271. solin

    Upcoming Lakorns for '09 / '10.

    There are so many lakorns I am waiting :lol: Soo Sarn Poodaesah : Chatchai & Tye & Rita Prasart Mued : Nat & Rita Mung Kood Sang Jan : Andrew & Rita 365 wan haeng ruk : Anne & Ken Sakul Ka : Mos & Wiew Yok Lai Mek : Rome & Janie Wian Goom Garm : Rita & Rome Koon Grabeu Seu Ruk : Tye & Ja Leh...
  272. solin

    Snow ***

    I was snowing all day yesterday and It was really pretty even so it wasn't enough to really cover the ground this morning everything is white but the cover of the snow is very slim lol. but I am still happy to have some snow for new year eve !
  273. solin

    Din Neua Tong(PJJ)

    I finally finished this one and I didn't like it at all ! I still don't understand this lakorn : I mean I understand the storyline but It is just the scenes sometimes I find there is no sens to some scenes or it is like that I had an impression of big mess when I watched this lakorn and It was...
  274. solin

    Actresses Vs. Actresses

    Yeah ! I agree with you that they don't just debuted which is quite hard to put them in the last categorie but to me it is weird to put Poo, Pat, TangMo, Fang, Cheer, Pancake, Namfon, Noon S, Mod 3G etc. who debuted years before Ja, Teaw or even Margie (in some way). I just though it would be...
  275. solin

    Actresses Vs. Actresses

    Ann T - Kob - Noon W - Aum P Yui - Janie - Sririta - Aff Pinky - Yard - Kwan Pat - Tangmo - Ja - Namfon P Wiew But to be honest I don’t see why Ja, Teaw and Margie Rasse are not in the last categorie. I know they debuted before (one/two years) but they are still considered as newbies compare to...
  276. solin

    Paula Taylor: An Angel On Earth

    she is really sexy in this shoot
  277. solin

    The Serenade Of Love

    Chapter 21 Sitting next to Sririta, Aum just notices that Ann isn’t here so he asks khun Nuttapong if she would come to dinner with them, that is how he learns she isn’t at home but went with her colleagues to celebrate their victory for a difficult case and will probably come back home quite...
  278. solin

    Am I the only one that doesn't like Khmer entertainment?

    Yes Cambodia is poor and corrupted today compared to Thailand/Korea/Chinese but It's so far better now than 10/15 years ago and if you compared khmer entertainment todays to khmer entertainment from 10/15 years ago...well there is no improvement but a fall instead. Don't talk about the post-war...
  279. solin

    Ching Chang (Exact-CH5)

    A twisted lakorn again ! well they like this kind of lakorn a lot lol.
  280. solin

    Duay Rang Attitarn (Kantana)

    It would be better if CH3 remake this once because they have a more large choice of n'ek but also a p'ek who answered to the cast. I agree CH7 actors are quite limited for this remake. The only one I could see as p'ek is Por since he is old enough (but not too much) and has a good acting. As...
  281. solin

    Am I the only one that doesn't like Khmer entertainment?

    "It is because of the WAR" I am bored to hear the same excuse ! I agree the war is responsible of many problems in Cambodia but war is over since a moment now and I don't believe war has something in entertainment lack nowadays. Why do I say that because khmer can sometimes do good and creative...
  282. solin

    Snow ***

    I want snow so much ! But it is only very cold : it was snowing few weeks ago but not enough to cover the ground.
  283. solin

    Duay Rang Attitarn (Kantana)

    I agree ! Kob can't play in a remake of her own lakorn :lol: They must choose a newbies for sure ! Moreover n'ek is quite young : she is just around her very early 20. and there is only a gap of around 20 between n'ek and p'ek since she died when he was still in his early 20 then she reborns...
  284. solin

    Duay Rang Attitarn (Kantana)

    Yeah I agree ! Please not Vee, nor young actor (Wier, Stephan, Cee etc.), nor Kade and nor Paul ! I think Por could be a good choice !...or maybe Sornram ? (even if he isn't enough good) In fact I think I can't figure someone who could equal Saranyu lol.
  285. solin

    Rome & Rita

    They are already hot like imagine them with less clothes :wub: I am becoming creazy :arrg:
  286. solin

    Duay Rang Attitarn (Kantana)

    Imposible ! Duay Rang Atitarn ! finally my dream is coming true ! It is one of my favorite among my favorites lakorns : I love it so much that I can watch it every month lol. but most of all it is the only lakorn in which I like Kob : she and Saranyu were just great ! I hope they will choose...
  287. solin

    Kaew Lom Pet vs Jai Rao

    Even if it is a remake I vote for Kaew Lom Pet Jai Rao is quite boring even with my Ken in it lol.
  288. solin

    Ken's upcoming co-star for 2009

    I am anticipating 365 Wan Haeng Ruk because It souds different and interesting !
  289. solin

    Will cambodia be better in the future?

    Well I agree to say now that the project has started the only thing we can do is to wait and see ! a miracle is always possible :lol: and even If I don't believe in this project It seems that khmer people believe in them let see them all fall : It is not the first time after all :lol:
  290. solin

    MungKood Sang Jun(PJJ)

    I agree Rita has a unique voice but I like it lol.
  291. solin

    Rome & Rita

    Love ! Love ! Love ! Love ! these photos are great Rome and Rita are HOT and I want more photo shoot of them together in the future !
  292. solin

    Pirate Territory (complete) 6-25-09

    I love Ann character lol. and Rome makes me laugh !
  293. solin

    Will cambodia be better in the future?

    I know all of this but do you really thing it will create as much work ? I don't think so. OK...they will shoping center but who will afford to buy in these shopping centers ? except rich or foreigners ? idem for sport facilicies and restaurant who will mostly be luxury too. School : I think...
  294. solin

    The Serenade Of Love

    Chapter 20 : When Ken arrives, Sririta is still here waiting for a taxi to come and he joins her. Ken : Why don’t you want me to take you home ? Don’t you trust me or something like that ? Because if It’s so I can promise you that I am this kind of person ! Sririta : Will you follow a...
  295. solin

    MungKood Sang Jun(PJJ)

    I wonder when they will start to film this lakorn !
  296. solin

    Will cambodia be better in the future?

    I hate this project !!! First because with something like that Phnom Penh will lost a big part of his charm for becomeing another comon ugly big town of the south. Then because do you really think that this project is for comon people : it will only profit to the foreigners or rich khmer people...
  297. solin

    [Ch7] Ban Sai Tong (DaraVdo)

    Kwan and Wier are cute together but with this one it will be their second remake together and I am not really fond of this idea.
  298. solin

    margie's new look

    I find her prettier with short hair !
  299. solin

    The Serenade Of Love

    Chapter 19 : The meals tasted really good and both Ken and Ann enjoyed their lunch together, but It’s time for Ann to return at her office. She wanted to call the waiter for checking her bill but Ken stops her saying he will do it for her for thanking her for helping Aff and him in their love...
  300. solin

    The Serenade Of Love

    Chapter 18 : In his office room, Ken wonders what Aff could do at this moment, even if they were both at the funerals, they didn’t even talk to each other because of the presence of his parents. He takes his cell-phone to call her but no answers ; She must has forgotten her phone again : such...
  301. solin

    Racist parents

    I totaly understand ! parents say they are not racist or something like that but the true is that they and their friends are just racist people but who refuse to admit it. Since I could remember, they always have the same discour : black and arabians are bad people who see their wife...
  302. solin

    Ching Chang (Exact-CH5)

    I agree too Jieb is a good actress and I don't find her not pretty ! she is maybe less pretty than some n'ek but she is also prettier than others.
  303. solin

    Sanae Ha Ngern tra(Step Onward)

    I agree ! Margie did well in Badarn Jai with Aum and she is definitely better than many others newbies ! She needs to have more scripts to show what she is able to do and I am happy she is now more exposed. Por is a good actor and I find that he suits young n'ek like in Awejee See Chompoo with...
  304. solin

    Ch3 new actresses and actors

    Except the first girl who is quite cute the others...they just look...I don't know what to think lol. just hope they have good acting at least !
  305. solin

    Prasart Mued (Bangkok Drama)

    Well It may sounds strange but I am glad that she doesn't have tone of lakorns in a year :D I love Rita ! She is even my favorite thai actresse but I don't see her as an under-rated actresse at all but more than a reasonable one ! The fact that she has less lakorns than others makes me...
  306. solin

    MungKood Sang Jun(PJJ)

    So is it now really confirmed that Rita is n'ek ? I so want to watch this new pairing !
  307. solin

    new on screen pairings of 2009

    Andrew & Rita Aum & Ann Ken & Chompoo Mart & Teaw Mos & Wiew
  308. solin

    Dok Ruk Rim Tang [Exact]

    In a way I want Best as the n'ek for this lakorn because even if she was very bad in kwarm lub kaung superstar, I want her to try again ! Plus, I also think it was also due to Parn character. And sorry but Peung was just a little better than her in Ngao Asoke so I think Best could do well...
  309. solin

    Sedtee Karng Kiang (PJJ-Hunk Manoga)

    Oh ! Four is in it ! I was just wondereing how I will be able to see her in a lakorn again. The only one from I have watched is Hima Tai Prajun with Film/Pat/Num/ and she wasn't not bad...I know she has made another one but didn't find it so I think I will try to catch this one !
  310. solin

    Prasart Mued (Bangkok Drama)

    I am happy she isn't seriously injured ! thank for the news I hope the same thing lol.
  311. solin

    What time is it?

    10.00 PM It's really cold since weeks and there was even snow during this afternoon.
  312. solin

    Weirdest Celebrity crush

    I used to love Tom Cruise ! I loved him that much that when he was still with Nicole I prayed some night for him to get divorce Lol. Sometimes I still can't understand why I was so crazy :lol: Now I always find him hot but nothing more. And also Richard Gere : this man could be my father but...
  313. solin

    Sanae Ha Ngern tra(Step Onward)

    Margie ? I liked her in Badarn Jai : she was pretty when she payed Keaw ! and at least he will be able to play with another new n'ek
  314. solin

    MungKood Sang Jun(PJJ)

    Andrew is confirmed :D great news for me ! now just need to hope Rita will be confirmed too Lol.
  315. solin

    The Serenade Of Love

    Chapter 17 : Starring through the window at the round moon, Sririta sits on the balcony of her bedroom like she used to do in Saint Petersburg. She feels so lonely in this strange place around unknown persons, and only the moon which is the same everywhere on the earth can comfort her a little...
  316. solin

    The Serenade Of Love

    Chapter 16 : A New Life has Begun Today, the weather is very hot in Bangkok, and khun Pimada is still waiting for some news from her husband. Almost two weeks has passed since the last time she heard him on the phone, when he announced her the death of their elder child, but nothing since. She...
  317. solin

    Friendship (Ch.4) 3-10-09 (on hold)

    Ken & Rita ! and poster is so nice can't wait to read it
  318. solin

    which celebrity you wish they could date in real life?

    - Rome & Rita - Por & Pat
  319. solin

    MungKood Sang Jun(PJJ)

    Don't take me wrong ! I didn't mean that Aff won't make a good contrary I'm sure she will be a pretty princess... but what I wanted to do is a kind of fun Lol. Since I'm a big Rita fan (and not really liking Aff) It's quite normal that to me Rita will make a better princess :D...
  320. solin

    MungKood Sang Jun(PJJ)

    I prefer to have Andrew and Rita for this one ! first because It will be great to see Andrew comeback on screen then because I get tired of Aum & Aff (don't be mad please lol) last because Rita makes a better princess than Aff
  321. solin

    Am I the only one that doesn't like Khmer entertainment?

    RHM sucks but I only buy their dvd lol. Yes ! I know I'm strange ! Well...I watch RHM because of their music video who for me are the best done : I just want to collection them even If I rarely watch to them Reading RHM karaoke is a good way to practice khmer lol. I know that It's not a khmer...
  322. solin

    Am I the only one that doesn't like Khmer entertainment?

    I am not a fan of khmer entertainment too... I am proud of my khmer culture but as for entertainment they just suck look at their music most of their singers can't sing and they only know to translate songs from others (thai) It's really rare that I love a song Lol. as for their movies or drama...
  323. solin

    Rome had a crush on Rita

    Each time I see Rome looking at her I always thing that he isn't insensible to her charm ...and It won't surprised me at all if Rome has really a crush on her ! as for Tye I didn't know he does too but who wouldn't fall for my lovely Rita ? She isn't only pretty outside but also inside...the...
  324. solin

    How come Rita jensen and ken Therdeth dont have a lakorn together yet?

    I also don't understand why Ken and Rita have never been paired up together until now ! Ken and Rita is the couple I wait for the most ! To me, they will make one of the hottest couple on screen because both are so perfect Hope one day they will be able to share a lakorn : the sooner the better...
  325. solin

    Kaew Lom Pet (Exact)

    Finally succed to catch it on tv well It's not that bad and View does pretty well but I hate Son 's face Lol. don't find him attractive at all
  326. solin

    Ken Teeradeth & Aff Taksaorn (Pics Updated)

    Ken is hot ! but I don't really like Aff in this shoot
  327. solin

    Ngao Ah Soak (Exact)

    I was finally able to watch this famous one and to be honest I don't like it at all ...I'm very dissapointed after hearing all the good things about it The story is boring and the girl Peung can't act ! Well, everyone say Best (Kwaam Lap Kong Superstar) can't act but Peung is not really better...
  328. solin

    Sapai Look Toong(Lakorn Thai)

    Just finished it yesterday and I liked it a lot This lakorn was so funny and was even able to make me like Mart I can't say I have become a fan but now I can appreciate him lol. his character was so cute and funny ! and I totally adore Art character : he was the one who maked me laught the most...
  329. solin

    [Ch3] Sai See Plerng (Makers Y Group)

    Since It is a remake I was searching on youtube for the original version and when I saw the opening I imedialtly recognize this lakorn lol. the one with Miew and Willy in Monaco ! I think I was too young to remember the title. I still don't want Pat to be in it since n'ek is the elder...
  330. solin

    Chompoo Araya: Naughty & Nice

    SEXY !!!!!!!! and really pretty in the same time lol.
  331. solin

    The Serenade Of Love

    Chapter 15 : Time to say goodbye Paris hasn’t changed at all since the last time, and this cemetery is the same as the one of her child memories. Under the rain, in a long black dress, Sririta is standing near her grand-father just in front of the coffin in which laid the peaceful corpse of her...
  332. solin

    [Ch3] Sai See Plerng (Makers Y Group)

    Well...the issue looks so sad :mellow:
  333. solin

    Wanida(Lakorn Thai)

    I just wish they could switch Aff for someone els !
  334. solin

    ch7,ch3, and ch5, who is your most favoites couples???

    CH3 - Ken & Janie - Rome & Rita - Pat & Por - Aum & Cherry CH7 - Oil & Aum - Cee & Cher - Wier & Kwan - Cee & Alexandra - Oil & Pinky CH5 - Tik & Aom
  335. solin

    [Ch3] Sai See Plerng (Makers Y Group)

    I hope Pat won't be in this lakorn I really like her and I hate to see her alone at the end of the lakorn like this one with Yardthip and Tye and if Chompoo is casted...I think she will be paired up with Rome
  336. solin

    Sakul Ka (Exact)

    Great ! I love this kind of storylines : I find them so cute lol. ....a daddy long legs story like Narak ! I will sure wait for this one
  337. solin

    Wanida(Lakorn Thai)

    What ? A remake of Vanida ! I was waiting for that since a long moment one of my favorite lakorn all the time Saranyu and Miew were great Yes Sajenna Vanida is a period drama ! I think Rome will be perfect but I can't picture Aff in this kind of role I mean...I have already seen her in period...
  338. solin

    The Serenade Of Love

    Chapter 14 : Friends When Aff arrives at the Tongprasum house, Noy comes to open the door and tells her Lady is actually in her room and asks her if she wants her to call Lady or if she wants to join her in her room. Few minutes later, someone in knocking on the door of Ann’s bedroom, she...
  339. solin

    Aum Athichart & Chompoo Araya: Tantalizing Makeover

    They look so good together ! make me want to see them paired up together one day
  340. solin

    Ch3 2009 Calendar

    The concept is pretty good : so green and ecology lol. I want to have a copy but don't know how to do... Oh ! and my Rita is the prettiest out of everyone to me...but It's also because I love her lol. ...everyone look great !
  341. solin

    Ching Chang (Exact-CH5)

    Wow ! I love the cast and I finally could see my Pepper again ! I hope he will ends up with Pim ! Can't wait for next year Exact lakorns look so good !
  342. solin

    Sakul Ka (Exact)

    So It will be Mos and View : I think they make a cute couple ! The trailer was interesting but what is the plot of this lakorn ? It is so funny all the screaming when Mos apears on the screen lol. he really became more and more popular !
  343. solin

    Katreeya English may have tour in US and Europe!!

    It would be amazing if she come to France (Paris) 'cause I so want to see her for real once !
  344. solin

    Prasart Mued (Bangkok Drama) we just should give a chance to Nat maybe he will impress us lol. I mean he may will sucess to prove that he can act :lol: Wonder when this lakorn will be aired ?
  345. solin


    It makes me strange to see that big names of thai entertainment don't even apear on the list ! I didn't even think of most of the stars listed lol.
  346. solin

    ken and ann hope they going to pair up again!!!!

    I hope to see them work together again and again lol. Next year will already have 365 wan hang ruk but hope more
  347. solin

    Becoming a Family Again

    Trying to imagine Rome as a doctor...he must be very hot lol. Can't wait to see how he will get Rita ! make me strange to see my dear Oil be such a bad guy :P
  348. solin

    The Serenade Of Love

    Chapter 13 : Secrets Today is very quiet, Aum has just finished to exam his last patient from the morning and decides to take lunch at the restaurant next to the hospital. Once again, he takes lunch alone, he has tried to called Ken several time during the morning but no answers, so he guessed...
  349. solin

    Lome & Pancake @ Siam Square

    Rome looks good !
  350. solin

    ❤️You know you are watching a Thai lakorn when...

    Well...I had always wanted to see a lakorn filming but two years ago during my summer vacation in Thailand, at the Siam Paragon, I saw many people standing around a stand...and realized it was a filming but instead of watching, I just pass my way in front of the actors who were acting a scene...
  351. solin

    Gae Roy Ruk(Bangkok Drama)

    I have finally been able to finish this lakorn and I wasn't deceived The plot is interesting and since Rome and Rita are in lol. no..I really enjoy this kind of story plus for the plot I was happy that It wasn't too long : just what is need ! I couldn' believe the end : I suspected everyone...
  352. solin

    Sakul Ka (Exact)

    Can't wait to see kwo will be p'ek ! I hope for Pepper because I miss him a lot but if It's really Mos...It is ok because I like him a lot too :lol:
  353. solin

    Paula Taylor: A little Magic girl

    Really pretty !
  354. solin

    French Language (help please..)

    Hi ! thank, everybody's fine. Say hello to your family for me and I miss you all !
  355. solin

    Prasart Mued (Bangkok Drama)

    It is true that Nat and Rita look good together even if we still notice that Nat is younger than her. At first I was shocked and sad to know that Nat will be the p'ek but now I think It's not a so bad choice because physically they really match each other !
  356. solin

    The Serenade Of Love

    Chapter 12 : One night can change the world Aff slowly opens her eyes, near her, laying on the bed, Ken is sleeping, his arms around her. She stares at his beautiful and perfect face, puts her hand on his lips and then, gradually drag it until his waist : last night was simply magic and...
  357. solin

    The Serenade Of Love

    Chapter 11 : Mother/Daughter In her room, lonely and laid on her bed, khun Pimada can’t sleep : she is so worry about her husband and most of all about her daughter. She so would like to be with them in Russia. Moreover, since she knew she has also a grand-daughter, she feels even more...
  358. solin

    Janie Tienpusuwan & Jan(her sister)

    I knew she has a sister but I haven't seen a lot about her she is really cute and have lot f similarities with Janie : eyes, nose and even smile lol. ...and Jenny is really pretty in this shoot !
  359. solin

    Rome's n'ek

    I think It's ok because he looks older than his real age : Rita is 2 years older but she looks younger than him lol. but as for Ann I don't know because even if she is still beautiful...she looks quite older too Plus, his n'ek are maybe older but they are good actricese contrary to young n'ek...
  360. solin

    The Serenade Of Love

    Chapter 10 : Love Birds All this day was a boring day for Ken because he hasn’t seen his dear Aff until now. He had tried to call her many times during the day but she must be very busy because nobody answered his phone, except the stupid messenger voice. All he has in mind is Aff : what is she...
  361. solin

    The Serenade Of Love

    Chapter 9 : End always goes with beginning Two weeks has passed since Sririta has returned home. Today is an usually winter day in Saint Petersburg : cold, snow but really beautiful. She loves this city and during the two years here, she learnt to know every places, every street, every...
  362. solin

    The sadness end you hate or love?

    For me I say Luerd Kattiya : It was the first time I feel very sad for a lakorn ...I have never cried for a lakorn ^_^ I was also very touched by the end of Song Rao Nirund Dom with Ken and Aom
  363. solin

    aum and pinky photoshoot in japan

    Pinky is so pretty and they look great together ! First time seeing them together in photoshoot and It's simply amazing. There is something between them...It makes me want to watch them in a lakorn together even if I know I is imposible lol.
  364. solin

    The Serenade Of Love

    Chapter 8 : Water and Oil Ann is in her new office, she has been hire by a big lawyer company, but can’t stop thinking about her sister. She was so young when Natharika left home, and the only clear thing she can remember is that she used to really love her sister. Natharika was a gentle person...
  365. solin

    do you coloror hilite ur hair or is it ahhhh nattturrallll?

    I used to dye my hair a lot but stop since 2 years now. I tried so many colours but I love my natural color the most lol. I have black hair with brown reflect under the sun.
  366. solin


    I didn't vote because I am not american and not even live in America but when I discovered this morning that Obama won I was really happy. America could be proud of itself !
  367. solin

    what the title of this lakorn

    I have this lakorn, the beginning is quite good and I loved it but after It's become more and more anoying !
  368. solin


    I understand you but what can we do ? and It's so rare to have someone who have a nice voice nowadays in khmer music. I don't try to be mean but most of today khmer singers can't sing
  369. solin

    Ch3 2009 calander!

    Time passed too fast ! They look all good. I hope Rome and Rita will have a shoot together.
  370. solin


    I rarely listen to khmer music and most particularly to "new generation singers" But I really like Chhorn Sovanareach 's voice, he is the first khmer singer I like since a long time. My mother had heard him sings live and she says he is really good.
  371. solin

    The Serenade Of Love

    Chapter 7 : The propose Today is a same usually day, Ken had left home very early in the morning to escape from his parents : he didn’t want to fight with them again about Aff. He passed all the morning to work at the office and now It’s time to lunch. He picks he cell-phone and composed Aff...
  372. solin

    Prasart Mued (Bangkok Drama)

    Thank a lot for the caps ! Now I can see how they will look and I must admit they are not preety good together and Nat doesn't look that young stand next to Rita not like in Mae Krua Kon Mai. I just realize Nat is so tall...I think It's the first time I see Rita with a p'ek who is really taller...
  373. solin

    The Serenade Of Love

    I think this Chapter 6 is not really interesting but It a must one because It's a kind of transition.
  374. solin

    The Serenade Of Love

    Chapter 6 : Sririta In the Tongprasum house, everything seems to be so quite since khun Nuttapong ’s departure last week. Khun Pimada and Ann are having their breakfast when the phone rings. Few seconds later, Noy comes to tell that It’s Khun Nuttapong on the phone : so Khun Pimada goes to...
  375. solin

    I have ordered from them several time and have nerver had any problem.
  376. solin

    The Serenade Of Love

    When the plane lands, khun Nuttapong rushes to go down from. Alexander, the Jensen lawyer, was waiting for an hour ; he’s a young twenty-six-years old lawyer born in Saint Petersburg but with Thai origins since his parents are both Thai expatriates. He only knows khun Nuttapong across an old...
  377. solin

    What time is it?

    It's 8.31AM and It's cold outside and I may rain !
  378. solin

    The Serenade Of Love

    Chapter 5 : When The Past Surfaces In this freezing morning, the red car cross the road in direction of the Summer Garden. It rained all night making the road as slippery as the ice. In the red car, khun Natharika and Sririta are listening to the Serenade of Schubert, one of Sririta ’s favorite...
  379. solin

    Stefan Sunti & Kwan Usamanee

    I find these two physically really match each other !
  380. solin

    Taew Nattaporn: Winter Love Song

    Very nice pictures. Teaw is really cute.
  381. solin

    Kob Suvanant Leaving The Industry!

    I'm shocked by this news ! Even if I don't really like her, I have grown up with her, she was one of the first actress I know and also one of the best.
  382. solin

    French Language (help please..)

    Maybe they live in this small town in the Morbihan (a département of Bretagne) called Saint-Claude Pluméliau ?
  383. solin

    Janie Tienphosuwan: Roly-Poly

    She's really pretty in these pics ! I think she gets prettier with time.
  384. solin


    I wish them both a happy birthday ! Rita & Aff : hope you the best. They look so young for their age...I can't beleve they are almost 30.
  385. solin

    French Language (help please..)

    As Cappy already said, we are a brunch of french here and we will be please to help you to tanslate. You said your cousin don't know english : did he study in France 'cause English is learnt by every students as first or second language. If you need some help you can also contact me. I know...
  386. solin

    The Serenade Of Love

    To answer about the couples in my fanfic : I don't know lol. I just write what comes to my mind. Actually, what I wanted to do is to show 5 differents characters and also different approachs of life but I don't know yet who will be paired with who everything could happened !
  387. solin

    The Serenade Of Love

    Sit on a table in Silamon Reastaurant, Aff and Ken are waiting for Ann. It’s already 12.30 am and no Ann around. Aff could call her friend but she forgot her cell-phone at home, moreover, Ann has forgotten to give her new phone number : the only thing they can do is to wait ’cause she knows Ann...
  388. solin

    The Serenade Of Love

    Chapter 4 : When Destinies Meet Each Other « Stupid car ! Why must you broke at this moment ? » Ann is furious, she was so happy this morning but now her good mood flew away. Last night, she called her friend Aff and they decided to meet each other today at 12 am in Silamon restaurant, plus Aff...
  389. solin

    Klien Kaew Krang Jai(Broadcast)

    Just re-watched it for the 3rd time and can't get enough of this lakorn. Rome and Rita should just date together in real life lol. They are a so perfect couple !
  390. solin

    Kaehard Saeng Jun

    Finally to be aired soon ! After watching the trailer It looks quite good ...and Poo is very pretty. At first, I found Num/Poo a weird couple but they are not that bad together lol.
  391. solin

    Soo Sarn Poodaesah(Chulumpee)

    Maybe Chatchai is the main character but Rita will be paired up with Tye ...Rita/Chatchai : don't even want to think about lol. Poor Rita ! She works too hard
  392. solin

    Another Ch.3 Sex-Scandal

    I think It's look like her but not 100% sure. If It's her she should admit it like Aon did lol and if not It's not funny at all but since Janie has so much ennemies It could mostly be a fake and in the same time she's such a scandalous girl too. I don't really care if It's her or not...I will...
  393. solin

    Por T., Ja Jittapa, Aun W., Yardthip: 38th Anniversary

    Ja is so cute !
  394. solin

    do you think Ploy C and Yard look alike?

    I only see two different people !
  395. solin

    Pinky Claims: "Aum Gave Me This Ring"

    I agree ! but what a weird couple lol.
  396. solin

    Kua Namsaeng

    I think you should try if you can ; you don't lost nothing in trying and maybe will you become a next star. I will glad for you if I see you on tv one day !
  397. solin

    Pat Napapa

    Nice pics !
  398. solin

    The Serenade Of Love

    So the first 3 chapters are done ! They are here to introduce my main characters and to make a quick bief from the past. But it's now that the story really begins.
  399. solin

    The Serenade Of Love

    Chapter 3 : The Lonely Ice « Bravo ! Bravo ! Bravo ! Bravo ! » The hall is instantly under the acclamations and the loud applause. Once again, It’s a triumph for this young twenty-years-old pianist. In spite of her youth, Sririta Jensen is no way new but has already a long experience and has...
  400. solin

    Ken suits...?

    Well...I think Ann and Janie suit both Ken very well. Ann/Ken or Janie/Ken are such both good chemistry couple on screen. But if I must choose only one, I take Janie/ken only because I love the 3 lakorns he did with Janie. I can say Ken/Janie is my favorite couple on screen ! As for Ann, even if...
  401. solin

    Pinky Savika

    Really pretty as always !
  402. solin

    Sanae Narng Ngiew (Kantana)

    I miss Film so I will try this one ...but except Film, I don't really like the cast
  403. solin

    Who is your favorite actor?

    Well among all these I vote for Ken but I was very torned by Ken & Tik lol. My real n°1 is not in the list lol.
  404. solin

    The Serenade Of Love

    Chapter 2 : Two People, Two Lives « Welcome to Thailand ! » says the voice when the plane finally landing on the ground. It’s so good to be back ! Ann was absent for so long but now she’s here : her dear country ! She missed everything so much after she left for America : her parents (khun...
  405. solin

    Leighton Meester@magazinedee?

    Yeah ! She really looks like Leighton !
  406. solin

    The Serenade Of Love

    Chapter 1 : The promise of an eternal love Banging the door behind him, Ken was furious against his parents : why can’t they just understand him and, accept his feelings and the woman he loves ? Is money and name the only important things in this world ? Not for him, he will never lost the...
  407. solin

    The Serenade Of Love

    After reading all your fanficts, It makes me want to write one too :lol: So I decided to begin one ! ------------------------------------------------------------------- Cast : Ken Terradeth Aum Atichart Ann Tongprasum Aff Tusakorn Sririta Jensen Summary : Ken and Aum are best friend since...
  408. solin

    if YOU could STAR in a lakorn who would you....

    If I could play n'ek I want Oil, Ken or Aum as my p'ek !
  409. solin

    Prasart Mued (Bangkok Drama)

    Nat will look like a newbie compare to others ...oh ! he's already that lol. My mom is glad from the cast lol. She likes Nat a lot and say It's a good choice. I just think that Nat with younger or n'ek as the same age as him, is hot but with older n'ek, looks like a teenager lol.
  410. solin

    pix of bollywood'actress

    Indian actresses are so beautiful ! They are almost perfect !
  411. solin

    Plerng Pray (Uma99)

    So It's comfirmed. Tye & Chompoo will make a cute couple ! Sweet choice !
  412. solin

    Kaehard Saeng Jun

    Can't wait to see this lakorn. I have waited it since a while now !
  413. solin

    Prasart Mued (Bangkok Drama)

    Nat Nattarat ? NO WAY ! He may have the misterious look but this guy can't act and moreover he's TOO YOUNG for Rita. Now I want Por back lol. Did they really have nobody els 'cause this choice suks ! Rita/Nat will make the weirdest match of the history !
  414. solin

    [Ch3] Sawan Bieng (Lakorn Thai)

    Yeah ! I remember this lakorn ! I think It was their first lakorn mom said It was a sad ending so I didn't watched until the end :D
  415. solin

    Pinky Calls Aum Her BF

    I'm a fan of both ! Pinky & Aum ! But just don't want them to be a couple 'cause she's too young for him...he need someone more mature and she has time other people. Anyway, I wish them the best for one, two or even ten years !
  416. solin

    Prasart Mued (Bangkok Drama)

    Wow ! It's the first time I'm so relief lol. I like Por but I wished so hard he will not play Dr Parot and now that I know he isn't the p'ek anymore I'm so happy ! It's the most important thing for me about this lakorn. I just want to see Rita in Mew's role 'cause she's perfect for it. Yeah ...
  417. solin

    Rita Jensen & Jui Warattaya for L'Oreal

    This pictures are amazing and both girls are wonderful especially Rita who is just gorgeous ! Her hair make her be so western lol.
  418. solin

    Pinky Calls Aum Her BF

    I didn't really hope that but I think It was quite obvious...It just wasn't officiel and now It is lol. Glad for them if they are happy !
  419. solin

    Kularb Son Narm

    A new lakorn with Oil ! I will sur watch it :lol: I don't know who is Bow but I find her pretty in that picture. Love her eyes !
  420. solin

    Prasart Mued (Bangkok Drama)

    :lol: Funny :lol: but I think the same way :D I don't want Por to paired up with Rita !
  421. solin

    Janie Tienphosuwan: Spicy Lady

    I love Janie but these photoshoots are not good ! She can be so far better than in it.
  422. solin

    Aon sex clip SCANDAL!!!!!

    I feel sorry for him : It's not like if he has done something terrible like killing someone lol. But can't understand why he has done the clip...out of fun ? Now It's not really funny !
  423. solin

    Leh Kularb (Master One)

    I just finished watching this lakorn and I loved It. Wow ! It's the first time I like Yardthip :P I usually can't stand her but her character here was so interesting ...I love this kind of n'ek :lol: At first, I just watched It for Ta but this lakorn was really good and intense ! Ta was...
  424. solin

    [Ch3] 365 Wan Haeng Ruk (Makers J)

    So It's Anne & Ken again ! I would prefer soemone els in fact but It's ok 'cause after my dissapointment from Sawan Bien and Oum Ruk, I should give a chance for this couple one more time.
  425. solin

    Kwarm Lub Kaung Superstar (Exact)

    Just finish it today and I must say that the end is quite disappointing ! I would love to see Tee and Gaye together and Naith should not die but suffer all her life, something more hurtfuf than death. But the last scene is cute even if Gun didn't tell that he loves Parn even if It's quite...
  426. solin

    Dong Phoo Dee (Act Art)

    I already can't wait to see this one ! LOL It's the first lakorn of Mart I really want to see. Maybe because I love this kind of storyline !
  427. solin

    Plerng Pray (Uma99)

    I think Rome would be a good choice ! Plus, I want to see him paired with her lol.
  428. solin

    [Ch3] 365 Wan Haeng Ruk (Makers J)

    Yeah ! Plus she said that her first lakorn with CH3 will be with Ken lol.
  429. solin

    Chompoo Araya Moves to Ch.3 (Confirm) !

    Very interesting news ! Plus, her first lakorn will be with Ken ! I like her and I hope the best for her to star a new life. I hope she will stay n'ek 'cause It means another good point for CH3 ...but It will be strange at first to see her not with CH7 anymore lol.
  430. solin

    Weir sukollawat

    I like him in Dung Duang Harutai but I'm not a fan of him even if I think he's a good actor.
  431. solin

    Aff Taksaorn: Delightful Day

    Nice shoots of her !
  432. solin

    margie and some guy

    Margie is pretty like this and I also hope that the guy is just a friend and not her BF. But I think he's not that bad...It's just his eyes lol. It seems he want to sleep or something like this !
  433. solin

    kwan usamanee

    It's not only a Pancake question. True or not Kwan have so many troubles with her co-workers and It isn't good for her carrer ! That is why, I (big fan of Kwan) want her to stop to behave like this. Yes we (her fans) will always love and support her but what could we do if Ch7 or companies don't...
  434. solin

    Din Neua Tong(PJJ)

    Bua & Oil match each other very well ! And the cover is just so cute.
  435. solin

    Sririta Jensen

    Fantastic ! Rita is simply gorgeous ! Love the outfits a lot.
  436. solin

    Sawajiri Erika

    Erika is a really good actress : I loved her in 1 Litre of Namida & Taiyou No Uta ! She also sings well. I really want to see her more in drama in the future but please with a happy ending lol.
  437. solin

    The World That They Live In

    I love them both a lot !
  438. solin

    Actors That Don't Look Their Age...

    Margie looks older : I was shocked by discovering she's younger than me. Pancake also looks older than what she's. Cherry...she really looks old sometimes but still pretty. Rome looks a little more older than his age. Ken is still so young and handsome ! Aom P looks like more 25-27. Rita : I...
  439. solin

    kwan usamanee

    I'm not a fan of Pancake but Kwan just stop making problems with everyone for her own safe ! Even if there is two side of the story, and that she's the most favorite target of the media, she should be more mature 'cause if It continues like this nobody wouldn't work with her again or if not...
  440. solin

    Janie Tienpusuwan:Along Came Janie

    She looks good in all pictures !
  441. solin

    Prasart Mued (Bangkok Drama)

    Por ! I like him. But he really doesn't suit the character at all. Don't try to be mean but if It's the remake will be a faill. Plus, if It's Por, Sririta won't be n'ek I assume ...and she really suits the role ! No ! I don't want Por !
  442. solin

    Nakak Dok Son Klin (TV Scene)

    Personally It's not because she's dark that I don't like her ...It's just that I don't like her but I have nothing special against her. Maybe I will like her after watching this lakorn but I the chances are slim lol.
  443. solin

    Nakak Dok Son Klin (TV Scene)

    So is Noon S ! I don't really expect be honest I don't really like her. But I will try it only for my Aum still think he's too hot for her and she doesn't match him at all.
  444. solin

    That's Not Fang

    It rally looks like Oil ! I expect she's just a friend lol. Don't know who she could be but since I don't like Fang, I prefer seing him with this new girl. Why doesn't Oil like to be clear about his private life ?
  445. solin

    Who do you really want to see Sririta with?

    I love Rome & Rita but I really really really want to see her paired up with Ken ! Ken is one of the most handsome actor and Rita is one of the most gorgeous actress I have seen. I think they perfectly match each other and could make one of the most beautiful and romantic couple on screan.
  446. solin

    After watching Kwam Lun Kong Superstar, it makes you wonder about thai daras

    So do I...It wouldn't surprised me if some thai stars are really like that !
  447. solin

    in love with CHAKRIT!!!

    This lakorn is really good ! Even me, a really not fan of Chakrit, was in love with the p'ek lol. Chakit is one of the best thai actor (to me) but in a way I can't stand him. The only other lakorn with him I achieved watching completely was Poo San Dao with Janie and he was amazing.
  448. solin


    So True :lol: I'm always mad because they don't dub the lakorn I want, or take too much time to do it, but I still prefer waiting rather watching the others companies.
  449. solin

    Nakak Dok Son Klin (TV Scene)

    What does the story deal about ? I don't remember watching this one. I just hope the n'ek will match Aum.
  450. solin

    Rita's sister commits suicide

    This really sad...for Rita and her family. All my thoughts are for them ! When I learnt the news at Rome & Rita forum, I was quite shocked ...first 'cause I didn't even know that she has a sister, then because It's really a big drame. The press should givr her some time before making a press...
  451. solin

    Cambodian Surnames

    Mine is really not cute :( "kohong" (not sur for the spelling) which means tadpole in khmer.
  452. solin


    I'm pretty sur ! that you said they haven't dubbed all Ch5 lakorn yet but I'm sur they will slowly do it : It's just that they take more time. Look at Hua Jai Chocolate or Maya Pissawat who has been released after almost two years ...or even Song Kram Nang Fah
  453. solin

    Poo Praiya: Shining Star

    She's really gorgeous here !
  454. solin

    actors and actress that look alike or singers

    I find Teaw & Pat really look alike ! The first time I saw Teaw I though It was Pat lol.
  455. solin

    Who are your favorite couples?

    I'm only a fan of two couples : - Ken & Janie - Rome & Sririta But I also like : - Oil & Aum P. - Aum A. & Cherry - Cee & Cheer - Pat & Por - Willy & Mew
  456. solin

    all time favorite lakorn

    My all time favorite lakorns are (not in order) : La Ong Dao : Anne Siriam & Waroot Doy Raeng Athitarn : Kob & Sarunyu So Sneaha : Aum P & Oil Jun Euy Jan Jao : Sririta & Kong Hua Jai Lud Fah : Donut & Film Hua Jai Chocolate : Aom & Mos Dao Long Fah : Cherry & Aum A Keaw Ta Pee : Cherry & Tik...
  457. solin

    Nakak Dok Son Klin (TV Scene)

    So true :lol:
  458. solin


    Somtimes I can understand Mayura ! Why dubbing if no money will be make...It's just a waste. But I'm pretty sur they will dubbed Ngao Asoke 'cause I have constated that they have dubbed all CH5 lakorns...and It's just a question of time. As for Badarn Jai, I hope they will dubbed it soon !
  459. solin

    Prasart Mued (Bangkok Drama)

    I remember this lakorn : one of the first lakorn I have watched...I was still a child (6/7) and watched It with my mother. Willy and Mew were great ! I'm glad Sririta will play in it (Is It confirmed yet ?) 'cause It's a really good lakorn. She will be perfect for the role. But I wonder who...
  460. solin

    Chaleuy Suk(Who & Who)

    I will make a try because I like Ann and Rome. But honestly, I'm affraid : Ann looks old for Rome...and if she plays a younger role, It will look weird for Pat & Nat.
  461. solin

    Nakak Dok Son Klin (TV Scene)

    I really want to know who will be n'ek ! Hope It will be someone he's never paired up like Rita...or maybe Ja. But please don't tell me Aff again.
  462. solin

    Opinions on Secrets of A Superstar!!^^

    I'm addicted to this lakorn ! The plot is really good and everyone is so great : I love Captain's character the most lol. But Best's acting really sucks ; she doesn't express any emotion and looks always the same. I can't even distingue when she's happy from when she's sad. Plus, her character...
  463. solin


    I really like her and want her to return n'ek !
  464. solin

    Who Looks and Acts Better?

    I like them both a lot but my favorite has always be Aum. Even so, to be honest, Ken is a better actor and looks so far better too : Ken is hot contrary to Aum who is just awerage to me.
  465. solin

    Rita's Choice @โรบินสัน รัชดา...New Fashion

    She's so adorable ! And I like her hair, make her be so cute.
  466. solin

    can i say something about ch7 and ch3??????

    This plot turn to be so funny ! Rating is sur very important in television 'cause as you said is what makes money and It's a question a taste. Viewer have different taste, and if Ch7 win rating in Thailand, I not totally sur they will if It's in another country...but It's a thai chanel ! But...
  467. solin

    Mix european or white child stars

    Rita looks so cute in this pic and I sometime wonder if It's really her 'cause she looks so western child and she has blond hair !
  468. solin


    I liked her in Badarn Jai but must see other lakorns to make a real opinion. Her acting is just ok...but she has just debuted.
  469. solin

    [Movie] Twilight

    I have read the book and I loved it. Now I want to see the movie but must wait until december, can't wait ! I saw the casting and I think It's quite well chosen ...Kristen Stewart match the Bella image I had and so does Robert Pattinson for Edward.
  470. solin


    How come I didn' see this tread before ? What can i say except that I'm a very big fan of Gossip Girl and for a very long time. I mean, I'm a fan of the books since more than 4 years, folowing and waiting each tome to come out...but now it's over ! Some people say they may will have a second...
  471. solin

    list ch.3,5,7 I said I wasn't totally sur !
  472. solin

    list ch.3,5,7

    Just a list but not totally sur. P’ek - Ch3 - Aum Attichart - Ken Theeradeth - Kong Saharat - Mart Krissada - Nat Nattaraht - Por Sahawong - Rome Patchata - Ta Warit - Tye Nattapol - Willy McIntosh N’ek - Ch3 - Anne Thongprasom - Aff Takasorn - Benz Pornchita - Cherry Khempsorn -...
  473. solin

    can i say something about ch7 and ch3??????

    I don't want to be mean but I hated this two remakes : Sawan Bieang and JLR ! I have loved in Ch3 : (the most recent) - Klien Keaw Klang Jai - Rai Rissaya - Ruk Nee Hua Jai Rao Joang - Aweejee Chee Champoo - Ruk Leh Saney Luang - Thep Thida Khon nok - Kaew Ta Pee ...and some others more old...
  474. solin

    which lakorn should remake

    I want to see a remake of Wanida too ...but not with Mart please :P anyone except him lol.
  475. solin

    Cheer Thikumporn hair style

    I go for Edges look ! As for her hair cut...I say n°7, 9 & 15.
  476. solin

    can i say something about ch7 and ch3??????

    I agree ! Ch7 win almost always awards but It doesn't mean they are the best. Plus, sorry to say, but nowadays It seems so easy to win something and sometime award isn't really deserved. Award these days are most of the time given for popularity ! Ch7 have more popular young actresses but they...
  477. solin

    can i say something about ch7 and ch3??????

    I don't care about the chanel 'cause the most important is the lakorn itselfs and It chanel have good and bad lakorns. But I quite agree to say that actually Ch3 have better lakorns than Ch7...their plots are more interesting. During the 3 last years, I enjoy lot of Ch3 lakorns contrary to Ch7...
  478. solin

    Happy Birthday To P'num sornram !

    Happy birthday !
  479. solin

    10 best actress from this ages! HAMBURGER magazine

    I almost totally agree with this list. These actresses are great actresses ! But I think others deserve better than some here and are not listed ...for exemple Kob, Aum P or Noon.
  480. solin

    Dung Duang Haruethai

    I finally watch this lakorn and I love it ! ...become one of my fave now. I lost my interest in kwan since a couple time but after watching this lakorn, I love her again...and also begin to like Wier. I find this lakorn so cute and Wier and Kwan make a good match. But there are so many...
  481. solin

    Mix european or white child stars

    Rita : she really doesn't look thai (or even asian) at all. Even with black hair, she looks western ! Among all thai actress she's the less thai look ! Paula Alexandra Kwan : even if she's full thai, she looks mixt. Pinky looks not thai but more indian (but India is ansian we can...
  482. solin

    which n'ek and/or p'ek shouldn't/never pair up??

    Pancake and Oil Kob and Stephan Rome and Benz
  483. solin


    I agree too ! you think they will dub Badarn Jai or Aweejee Chee Champoo ? I hope so !
  484. solin

    Anyone in France?

    Je ne vois que celle là  aussi (mais comme c'est trop cher je n'achète jamais lol)...j'ai fait presque tout Paris mais je n'ai rien trouvé. D'habitude, je me l'ai procure par une amie à ma mère qui part souvent au Cambodge ou en achetant sur internet, ou encore en VO (c'est moins cher) comme la...
  485. solin

    Anyone in France?

    Il-y-a pas mal de khmer en France mais ils n'habitent pas tous près de souvent une communauté khmer autour des grandes villes française : Paris (bien sûr) mais aussi Amien, Lyon, Toulouse, Troyes, Mulhouse, Nice/Marseilles etc. Creteil c'est une ville typique de la banlieue...
  486. solin

    Ken and Noi have baby boy!!

    Congrat to them ! They must be so happy...a baby born from their love.
  487. solin

    Save The Last Dance For Me

    This drama is so boring ! It's one of the worst I have seen until yet.
  488. solin

    What song are you listening to right now?

    Double Je - Christophe Willem
  489. solin

    they should starr in lakorn or movie

    I think Mod isn't ready for a movie or a lakorn...can't imagine her ! ...but I also want Lydia plays in a lakorn.
  490. solin

    What's Your Favorite Cee Lakorn?

    I like the one with Cheer the most !
  491. solin

    Your favourite Aum lakorn

    For me...Dao Lhong Fah ! It's how I discovered him and maked me become a fan, but It's also one of my favorite lakorn. But I also love Rai Rissaya and Badarn Jai.
  492. solin

    Rome & Rita

    I forget about this :lol: ...Rita looks so young for her age and Rome really looks older than her ! Anyway...just two years is nothing : look at Ken and Noi for exemple.
  493. solin


    Wow ! You have seen so many !
  494. solin

    Rome & Rita

    ...and Rita ? What does she think about Rome ?
  495. solin

    Siam Paragon World Watch and Jewery Fair 2008

    Rita is freaking gorgeous ! ...she looks so not thai with this hair color.
  496. solin


    But I think that he isn't...a rumor stays a rumors until the persom confirm it himself if he's gay, why is he interested in Pinky ? And even so, I don't care if he's gay or not 'cause I love him for his talent before all !
  497. solin

    your Lakorn Awards

    I love so many lakorns but my faves of faves are : - Klien Keaw Klang Jai : What can I say except that It's will be my forever favorite lakorn I love everything in It : the setting, the characters, the story, the music, the cast ! ...My favorite dramatic/cute/sweet/romantic/emotional lakorn -...
  498. solin

    Rome & Rita

    :lol: So do I :lol: She's so gorgeous that anybody can't resist to her...boys or girls ! It would be great if they date together 'cause they are so perfect as a couple, but reality is not lakorn :lol:
  499. solin

    Kwarm Lub Kaung Superstar (Exact)

    It becomes more and more interesting ! ...Mos is a real jerk and Best is so cute. The theme song is awersome too.
  500. solin

    Which Lakorn you couldn't finish watching?

    I must agree with you ! I love Rita but this lakorn was so fact I just saw the first episode, their past life and the 20 last minutes :D
  501. solin

    temple in cambodia

    Yes only a part of thai protest...but I don't think there is not something really big 'cause this temple is khmer by international laws and I don't think thai govement is stupid enough to do something against international instances. My father follow the problem and he have a very political...
  502. solin

    Actress weight

    I can understand you ! I worke for two years as benevol with a group of children who are good in classes but have some social/family problems ...and one of them is an idian 14 years old girl. I can understand that It's difficult to say Russia is european considering that a part of it is in...
  503. solin

    Actress weight

    I quite agree that indian actresses usually look so good ! But not totally agree 'cause the phenomenon spread in India entertainement now. I notice that the new popular actresses (and mostly young actresses) tend to be skinnier and skinnier...and some are very skinny. But I always find that...
  504. solin

    Kob and Brook

    Kob & Brook are good together but I think that if she marry him, she will be sad for the rest of her life with this stupid mother-in-law ! She deserve something better...and I don't even like Kob lol. But, if It's really true, I hope she will take some time before going into a new relashion...
  505. solin

    Kwarm Lub Kaung Superstar (Exact)

    I just catched the episode of yesterday and I find it quite interesting. Captain is so good in the "evil" role and Mos...I want to hit him lol. The new n'ek...Best, is really cute and I want to know what will happen next ...Mos will meet Best today ! I have a total oposite opinion ...I love...
  506. solin

    Ngao Asoke 2008

    I'm almost sur that mayura will dubbed it 'cause It's CH5...and they have dubbed almost all Ch5 lakorns. ...even so, I don't think I will rewatch it in khmer !
  507. solin

    What time is it?

    It's 15.23pm and It's too hot !
  508. solin

    Which Lakorn you couldn't finish watching?

    Actually : Jam Luey Rak : try to watched it 'cause people say It's good but It's so annoying and stop after 5 episodes. There is anything except Aum who pesters/hurts Aff in this boring and stupid island. Oum Ruk, Sawan bien & Likit Khammetep : what can I say...I love Ann but these lakorns are...
  509. solin

    Which Lakorn you couldn't finish watching?

    Actually : Jam Luey Rak : try to watched it 'cause people say It's good but It's so annoying and stop after 5 episodes. There is anything except Aum who pesters/hurts Aff in this boring and stupid island. Oum Ruk, Sawan bien & Likit Khammetep : what can I say...I love Ann but these lakorns are...
  510. solin

    ❤️You know you are watching a Thai lakorn when...

    When It's 4am and that you know you must go to bed but you can't saying "just another episode and I stope" but watch until the end...and It's 9am ! Or when at school you wait the end of classes, counting each minutes, and rush at home to pursue the next episodes.
  511. solin

    DeNNiS O'NEiL!!!!!!!!!!

    I just know him with Witch Amusement. At first, I just found him cute but with episodes I love him more and more. And now...I find him so hot and totally fall for him ! I hope he will have more drama in the future ...and that he will have lead roles.
  512. solin

    Hyun bin

    Because i can't believe it, I check some informations about them and ask some people on other korean forum, and they said me that he used to date with her but It's now over. So my lovely Hyun Bin is still single !
  513. solin

    Nodame Cantabile (drama 2006)

    I love this drama ! It's so funny and cute. Plus, I love classical music.
  514. solin

    Yard & Rita @ the Titan runway

    Rita is just so gorgeous in red when she did the ad for Lux !
  515. solin

    Which was your favorite Ken drama?

    I love ken's lakorns with Janie the most and my favorite is Ruk Nee Hua Jai Rao Jong ! He & Janie are so amazing cute together.
  516. solin

    Janie Tienpusuwan:A Modern Bride

    Janie is cute and the dress are amazing Love it !
  517. solin

    which thai actor would you marry?????

    If I must be marry to a thai actor ...It would be my Oil but Tik, Aum A or Ken would be ok too :lol:
  518. solin

    Who is your favorite actress right now????

    Sririta forever ! but also love Janie & Pinky.
  519. solin

    What are you thinking right now?

    at that moment I think that I shoul feed my cat but I'm so angry at him for waking me up this morning too early ...and how I will pay the japanese restaurant tonight since I have no money !
  520. solin

    K-Drama Association Game

    a love to kill
  521. solin

    What time is it?

    10.22 AM Sunny but not too hot !
  522. solin

    If tik were ever to play in a lakorn again, who would make a cute couple with him?

    Tik & Aom are great Tik & Ann could be very good Tik & Rita will be gorgeous
  523. solin

    Tik and Aom Piyada or Ken and Ann T ?

    I prefer Tik & Aom !
  524. solin

    Anyone in France?

    J'habite aussi en France mais à côté de Paris ! ...Lyon ? C'est une jolie ville...une amie de  ma ma mère vit là  bas.
  525. solin

    recommended film: Neak Sré, Rice people

    I know this movie 'cause my parents love Rithy Pahn. They just bought this one last month when they found the dvd...but they have seen it years before on tv. It's a very good movie dealing about society and poverty in Cambodia ...but the story is so sad !
  526. solin

    Thai star is also very popular in the mainland of China

    It's so great ! I have always thought thai lakorn was very not popular in Asia I think thai lakorns are always behind korean or chinese dramas (even japanese) but It's so cool to hear that mainland china like thai lakorns ...and hope It will become more popular is whole asia !
  527. solin

    Anticipating New Lakorns...?

    I love to see "Gae Roy Ruk" because of Rita & Rome !
  528. solin

    n'ek or p'ek

    Mart - can't act at all Pancake - don't suit to n'ek role & bad acting Poo Priya - very pretty but as an actress she really sucks ! ...don't have other ideas yet
  529. solin

    Who Looks Better?

    Cee 'cause I find him quite cute. I don't find Win good looking nor cute.
  530. solin

    Who has the natural beauty out of these N'ek

    I say Sririta & Pinky.
  531. solin

    Aum and Pinky seeing eachother

    I can't understand why pinky doesn't want Aum...'cause he's so hot and great !
  532. solin

    Din Neua Tong(PJJ)

    When does this lakorn must be aired ? I can't wait to see Oil again !
  533. solin

    [Ch3] Satroo Saneha (Lakorn Thai)

    I love Cherry & Ken ! I didn't even know that they have already played together before.
  534. solin

    [Ch3] 365 Wan Haeng Ruk (Makers J)

    365 Days of Love : It sounds romantic and sad in the same time because It remainds me of the Kdrama 90 days falling in love. I want Rita as the n'ek...they could be so perfect together !
  535. solin


    So good to have SW back ! I really missed It.
  536. solin

    What is something you hate about lakorns?

    I totally agree with you !
  537. solin

    Current fav. drama

    I vote for Badarn Jai...It become more and more interesting and I love the song.
  538. solin

    Fortune Tellers/Oracles/Mor Du?

    I don't believe in fortune tellers...why ? Because they use people to get money ! My grand-mothers and my mother are strong believers. Once, my grand-mothers, my tant, my mother and I went to see one to ask her about my uncle mariage. She said that my uncle and his fiancee are pre-destinated...
  539. solin

    Thai Actors and Actresses and Parents

    Ae's mum could be her sister...she's so young ! thank Sajenna...I have never seen Aum's parents before and Kwan is different from her parents a lot.
  540. solin

    Celebrities and their BABIES

    I like Paula's car very much !
  541. solin

    resemblence of anne and nat myria

    They have the same style !
  542. solin

    what is/are your career goals

    Perdu...pas INALCO : je suis jamais allé à l'INALCO ! I learnt khmer through an association for khmer in France : good and not expensive but I stoped to go after having my baccalauréat. I also plan to take chinese courses but actually have too many thing to do. You remaind me my little...
  543. solin

    How come alot of you guys hate Pancake?

    The fact that I hate her doesn't mean I'm jealous of can I be jealous of someone I find so ugly ? Is just that there are so many good actresses...contrary to her !
  544. solin

    Your Favorite Role

    Sririta : thai father & french mother...arrogant & sexy girl but with a big heart (dramatic lakorn) Janie & Pat : a fantasy role Pinky : a star since her childhood with anorexia problems Kwan : an angel send on earth to help the pe'ek Teaw : a nasty princess because of her loneliness Ja : a...
  545. solin

    How come alot of you guys hate Pancake?

    If she has connection, It's more easy for her to have get roles and be to be popular ! She is popular just because she is everywhere and not because of her talent.
  546. solin

    Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wo Suru - Movie

    I have seen It and It wasn't good. It was boring and the action was very slow. I was very disapointed !
  547. solin

    How come alot of you guys hate Pancake?

    Yes It's producteurs who gave her this role but as an actress she can refuse It ! but she won't just because she want to be promoted. Moreover, with all experiences she had with this role she has not improved at all and always can't play her can you really think she can improve again ...
  548. solin

    How come alot of you guys hate Pancake?

    My reasons is simple : Why her while there are so many prettier and better actresses ? - Sorry to say but how can you say that she's pretty ? I find her so ugly and only make up can make her be ok...and all people in my relatives think the same. - She can't act but is actually an over-rated...
  549. solin

    The Nostalgia Thread

    You closed your eyes and when you wak up your are already an pass so fast ! I sometimes miss old days when life was so everything is so complicated. I used to play with my grand brother and now he just moved and my mother's heath become so fragile. each time, the scent...
  550. solin

    what is/are your career goals

    Thank...It's always good to hear people saying that money is not the most important. Just to be clear...I don't live in cambodia but I used to attend khmer courses because my parents wanted me to be abble to speak and write khmer. But I agree that Cambodia is a nice country since I was there...
  551. solin

    what is/are your career goals

    I agree...most of asian parents want their children have a good job that is why they want them to pursue a scientist way. I remember my khmer classes when my teacher used to tell us that the only good job is engineering and plus all my parents' friends want their children to be engineer. That is...
  552. solin

    Stop this please!

    You are not alone...I also like cultural music ! I don't think Korean artists are so popular because they are good looking...except some of them, the mass is very common.
  553. solin

    Kwan and Win or Pancake and Weir

    Since I don't like Pancake and that I am a fan of vote goes to Kwan & Win !!!
  554. solin

    Stop this please!

    I like listening to korean music because the songs are very catchy but I think thai music has more talents (voice and creativity) than korean artists. Indeed, korean songs usually sucess thank to a catchy music but there is a big lack in lyrics and the successuf singers (mostly groups) are not...
  555. solin

    Pinky Savika @ IIFA AWARDS

    Pinky is sari looks like e real indian ! She could perfectly make an indian actress.
  556. solin

    what is/are your career goals

    My dream is to wook for the United Nation (and more exacly for CNUCED) but If I can't I just wish to work in a humanitarian organisation. Just want to be present for poor people who need help ! That is why I just applied for a master of development in south countries ; I have worked hard to...
  557. solin

    Gae Roy Ruk(Bangkok Drama)

    It looks to be very funny ! Can't wait to see it !
  558. solin

    who misses anne and willy?

    They should be paired up together again for sur ! Their chemistry on screen is just awersome.
  559. solin

    summer scent, khmer dubbed?

    I don't think so ! This drama was so good that if It released in khmer I sur want to have it for my mother.
  560. solin

    who makes the BEST drama/movies

    I vote for Korean drama because their storylines are usually great ! Then I say American. Thai lakorns are good but too bassic.
  561. solin

    I'm afraid to leave my house

    I understand that It was a very scary episode but I think life should be lead without fear like this paralize It because if you are affraid to go outside because of car accidents is stupide because you can also die when you are at home...I have always thing that is It's time for you to go so you...
  562. solin

    next rising actress of ch3

    I also go for Teaw & Ja !
  563. solin

    Soo Sarn Poodaesah(Chulumpee)

    Rita & Tye are very cute together !
  564. solin

    Dong Phoo Dee (Act Art)

    So great ! Even if I don't like Mart, It's good to see Teaw be promoted with more famous actor. Hope It will be good.
  565. solin

    Sompong Nong Somchai

    I love this lakorn one of the funiest I have watched ...and I can rewatched it again & again ! It's also the one who make me discovered Janie and love her. I love when Paul dreams to marry with Sompong and when she discovered that she called him at night to tortured him ...and he begin to...
  566. solin

    Ploy Cherman & Oil Thana

    Good shoots ! It was a while since I havn't seen Oil's photoshop !
  567. solin

    I heard Yardthip and Tye Nattapol are dating??

    If they love each other, they should dating even if I don't find them cute at all !
  568. solin

    Oil & Fang

    I wish they will never be back together because I really don't like Fang ! Please not with my Oil !!!!!!!!!!!!
  569. solin

    Taew, Dao, Pueng, & Aek

    Thank for the pics ! Teaw is really so cute !
  570. solin

    Janie T (June 2008)

    I don't really like these shoots !
  571. solin


    So hope she can become so great as Noon is !
  572. solin

    Who do you want to see as Fairy Tales n’ke?

    Bell ( Beauty and the Beast )……………Pinky Snow White …………………………Sririta/Kwan Sleeping Beauty ……………………Sririta The Swan Princess ………………… ? Cinderella …………………………Pat The Little Mermaid.........................Teaw...
  573. solin

    Ken/Noi first baby

    To me It will be a cute baby GIRL !
  574. solin


    I like her sice her first lakorn Naruk : she was so cute ! At first, I thought it was Pat but when I see her longer she is prettier. Moreover, she is a good actress and I hope CH3 will promote her more later on !
  575. solin


    I find that they are better singer than Wonder Girls & SNSD (and in live they are the best) but they are not so good dancers and their songs are less catchy and comercial than the two other groups. That is why they are not so popular. I am so happy because they will come back soon ! I have...
  576. solin


    I don't really know them but what I hear about them is not bad. I mean they sound good and even in singing live... ...but I don't like their single and their Noona is very pretty. Maybe later, but until now I am not fan !
  577. solin

    Look a like or not at all...What do you think???

    Not really look alike for me !
  578. solin

    Bringing family to the states

    I am not american but my brother has searched some informations about immigration for USA few years ago for his intership there and he said me that it's more easy to immigrate if you are a student and have diplomas. Just to say that the idea of a student visa is not bad at all !
  579. solin

    The new group of N'ke...

    Taew Nataporn because she has everything to be a rising star and I like her very much !
  580. solin


    I have watched It since a that time I rent It from a friend of my mother I will try to ask her again. It was a great lakorn !
  581. solin

    Sririta Jensen

    Looks like a doll !
  582. solin

    Sririta Jensen

    Looks like a doll !
  583. solin

    Sririta Jensen

    Looks like a doll !
  584. solin

    Sririta Jensen

    Looks like a doll !
  585. solin

    Nataporn Teemayruk [Taew]

    Teaw is really a cute girl !
  586. solin

    9 Entertainment Awards 2008

    Some realy doesn't deserve their price ! Thai artists are really influenced by korean and Japanese style.
  587. solin

    Mayura's main actor dubbed voice

    Thank ! I have never thought that he can look like that.
  588. solin


    I don't think so !
  589. solin

    Read any good books lately???

    Try Gossip Girl from Cecily von Ziegesar I am addicted to It since 4 years !
  590. solin

    What nationality are you?

    I say I am Asian - My mother is laos, khmer & chinese - My father is 2/3 khmer & 1/3 french (his grand-father was french)
  591. solin

    Pancake Khemanit & Ann Thongprasom

    Ann is still so gorgeous !
  592. solin

    post picture of ur skool

    Maybe because London and Paris are old cities so the architecture can sometime looks alike !
  593. solin

    Janie Tienphosuwan

    She becomes so prettier than before ! I love her hair !
  594. solin

    Gae Roy Ruk(Bangkok Drama)

    Rita & Rome will always be the best couple on screen for me !
  595. solin

    How much do Thai stars get paid?

    It's reasonable. That means It depend on their popularity. 10 000$ to 100 000$...the marge is important ; some can be jealous lol...
  596. solin


    So do I ! If someone els doesn't think the same way and say mean things about my favorite stars, I don't care because the most important is that I like them and that I know why, and also because I can also say mean things to another star. Plus, I think that sometime it can be benefit to listen...
  597. solin

    TV dramas must stop justifying rape

    I can explain...I have the habit to stop watching after some episodes because I don't like watching more than 3 episodes a day. But my mother and my sister like to continue lakorns without I have the habit to ask them what happened next and if they tell me an aspect I don't like, like a...
  598. solin

    TV dramas must stop justifying rape

    I have also thought that lakorns shouldn't use rape as a storyline and more especialy if at the end the lead roles are together. I think this way not because I think that It can justify rape in real life but just because there is no sense. I mean how can the lead femal fall in love with this...
  599. solin

    WHo in here like's Cee Siwat?

    I just begin to like him...before I didn't very care. I can't say I am a fan but maybe in the futur because he keeps growing on me !
  600. solin

    Cute pics

    They make such a cute couple and match each other so well !
  601. solin

    willy on praew

    Willy is older but It's quite normal ! For his age he looks very good...I really want to see him play with Ann again.
  602. solin

    starting to DISLIKE kwan U

    Sorry...I don't mean kwan is not good, I just miss a word I wanted to say that she hasn't got good roles since a long time.
  603. solin

    Vier + Pancake: Rao Pben Fan Gun

    They are stars It's mean that they must live under criticisms...It's like a movie or a book, if you didn't like it, you tel that you don't like it and explain why you don't like can't stay quiet. It's not a question to be mean, it's just opinions...why bad opinions can't be said ? why...
  604. solin


    Yeah ! When I learnt that Sung Hee had left the group I was very sad because she was my favorite member...and until now I can't accept her departure. I trully hope that the new KARA will be good ! I am waiting for their come back since so long.
  605. solin

    DeNNiS O'NEiL!!!!!!!!!!

    so handsome !
  606. solin

    Hyun bin

    I am a little jealous but if she makes him happy so It's OK !
  607. solin


    Only the p'ek voice annoye me !
  608. solin

    How much do Thai stars get paid?

    It's more easy to live a rich lifestyle in Thailand because life is cheaper so I think 10,000 $ is a very important sum...and if they make two or tree lakorn, it's lot of money !
  609. solin

    When you come into sarNworld

    The first think I did was to check the thai section !
  610. solin


    I am agree with that ! I may be a little selfish but even if you cancelled the prom the situation won't change for him...and I think that if you cancell it you will regret it and he will always thing he is the cause.
  611. solin

    post picture of ur skool

    Institut of Geographie & also the biggest public library in geographie publications Instiut of Arabian World : one of the modern building & also a national museum Hispanic Instiut and lot of other buildings....
  612. solin

    post picture of ur skool

    Your schools are awersome...I really want to study in places like that ! I go to Sobonne and it's very different. First we don't have a real campus and the buildings are spread everywhere in Paris, plus we sometime have to share locals with others. The buildings are very old and sometime it's...
  613. solin

    starting to DISLIKE kwan U

    I agree that she is not a perfect artist but who is ? Kwan is prettier and better actress than lot of others...she is maybe one the better young actresses. The problem is that she hasn't got good since a long time.
  614. solin


    I don't have problem with that because like most of you I believe that we can choose what we want to be like a person...and if they are happy like that so it's even better for them. Moreover, they don't make any troubles for the others !
  615. solin

    aum or noon? ...

    Aum because she is prettier and more atractive than Noon !
  616. solin

    Do most thai stars come from wealthy families?

    I think that like everywhere some come from rich family and others from common background...but to me background family plays because of relations. I am sure that some actresses and actors are offered a role because of their social place in thai society.
  617. solin

    Are Thai stars approachable?

    I have never met one until yet !
  618. solin


    - Pancake - Kob - Cee - Yarthip - Fon
  619. solin

    How do you guys watch Lakorns?

    Buy DVD at a thai store
  620. solin

    Pancake becoming most popular

    Sorry for all her fans but I promise that what I say about her is very nice compare to what I really think !
  621. solin

    Kunfu Lovers

    Cool...Hu Ge plays in it ! LOVE HIM !!!!!!!!!!!!! But Wu Chun very looks odd in ancient clothes !
  622. solin

    DeRunWu (The Big Shot)

    I like Big Shot...the storyline is good and the actors too ! I agree that Angelica looks older than Nic...but she is so cute in her role. Maybe that Gillian match Nic more in Spirit of the sword...but I really didn't like her in this serie and prefer Angelica & Nic in Big Shot more !
  623. solin

    Any manga readers?

    I am not a fan of manga but I like to read them sometimes. I have read : - Suki Dakara Suki - Clover - Angel Sanctuary (very disapointed) - Imadoki - Wish - Zettai kareshi - Alice 19th - Ouran Hight School Host Club (LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!! My Favorite until now !) In fact, I read what my sisters...
  624. solin

    Pancake becoming most popular

    ...maybe not ! Some decisions in thai entertainment are very strange & nonsense...I think It's more because she is very well promoted by Ch7 !
  625. solin

    Actress Face Shapes

    Beauty - Oval - Pinky Ugly - Flat - Pancake
  626. solin

    if u see ken on the street

    I maybe just approach him...then tell him few words about him, his wife and how I like to see him on screen, take a picture with him and go away !
  627. solin

    Which Thai dara do you want to see in the U.S?

    I really want to see Oil..........but in FRANCE !
  628. solin

    Anne & Ken's future lakorn

    Period with romance drama !
  629. solin

    Over Rated Actors

    I love Am but I think he makes to much lakorns even if he is a good actor. Stephan is also overrated, but contrary to Aum, he can't really act ! Mart ! Why there are so many lakorns with him since last year ? Rome is just a rising star but must wait to see. Por is also overated, but it's ok
  630. solin

    Pra'ek With Hot Bod

    To me Tik & Ken ! But the others are Hot too !
  631. solin

    Pancake becoming most popular

    Sorry to say but when I see Pancake before (her first lakorns) and now, I am sur that she has done some surgeries ! But I don't really care if someone make surgery or not, I just like them for them...and it's cool if Pancake become more popular each day but it can't make me like her.
  632. solin

    Aum A & Pinky

    She should seriously date with him because he is really a perfect man who is creazy of her !
  633. solin

    spicy forum

    Yeah ! I also want to know what happened to Spicy becouse I have the same problem.
  634. solin

    SAWADEE KHAA from thailanddd

    Have a lot of fun in Thailand ! Ad don't forget to come with lot of photos to share
  635. solin

    over rated on screen couple

    - Stefan & Kob - Wier & Pancake (sorry for double post)
  636. solin

    over rated on screen couple

    - Stefan & Kob - Wier & Pancake
  637. solin

    over rated on screen couple

    - Stefan & Kob - Wier & Pancake
  638. solin

    Pancake becoming most popular

    Share the same opinion ! I think she is popular just because she is very well promoted. Her acting is basic and she always portray the rich girl for her beauty I don't find her cute or pretty at all, plus it's fake.
  639. solin

    Overrated Actress

    Pancake ! ...and also Kob
  640. solin

    Thai Dara Fanficts

    That is cool ! I also like fanfict a lot...
  641. solin

    Rita Jansen

    Very beautiful as always She is the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  642. solin

    Sooo many pa'aeks to choose from!!!

    Mine are : - Oil - Tik - Film - Ken - Aum - Pepper - Cee - Num
  643. solin

    Dao Prasook remake

    - Pinky & Cee - Rita & Thana - Pim & Mos
  644. solin

    TIK or NUM

    Tik of course !
  645. solin

    Which New Couple Will Be Hotter?

    I say Ken & Aff I prefer Aum & Ann but to be honest I find that they don't really match each other
  646. solin

    Mayura's main actor dubbed voice

    I prefer Mayura voice to the others companies but now I only buy Mayura for old lakorn because I prefer watching in original version for the news because it's less expensive in France & we can really feel the emotions - see their talent. And in the same time I really can improve my Thai.
  647. solin

    Jannie Tienposuwan

    She is pretty ! I love the scenery & her dress...I love Janie new style !
  648. solin

    Lakorn Tittle

    Thank a lot !
  649. solin

    If you could marry anyone...who would it be???

    For me Oil or Tik ! Can't choose between them
  650. solin

    who is this girl with MY man??????

    Teaw looks like Pat in the first glance...but if you look at her longer you can see that she's younger, paler & prettier than Pat.
  651. solin

    Willy Mcintosh is back!

    Happy to see him back ! Wonder his co-stars for the two others lakorns
  652. solin

    Need Translation!

    Thank for the translation ! She is so young but very talented & pretty I don't think so ! I just know her as an actress in Naruk at the beginning of 2007
  653. solin

    Sirita Jenson

    Sririta is half thai-half danish She is my favorite actress only because of her beauty !
  654. solin

    do you think that weir and alexandra

    Yeah !...and he is so dark & her pale ! I liked them in Pleng Ruk...I want to see them play together again but not now, maybe in two or tree years.
  655. solin

    Taew with who?

    Man They made a such cute couple in Narak !
  656. solin

    p'ek and n'ek that can sing

    Actor : - Oil (love his voice) - Wier - Paul - Cee Actress - Pinky - Noon : like her voice in Pleng Din Klin Dao
  657. solin

    who is this girl with MY man??????

    Teaw...I remember now It's the girl who played Narak no ?
  658. solin

    great news film rathapoom fans

    What a good news ! I miss Film so much...hope it will be with someone I like
  659. solin

    Remake Anyone??

    Yeah ! I remember this lakorn & it was a good one. It will be cool if there is a remake from Vanida...Tik is the best candidat (or maybe Ken) with Ann or Vicky.
  660. solin

    Sirita Jenson

    Simply gorgeous ! Sririta is really the most beautiful thai star I have seen until now...she is perfect. Her hairstyle suit her so much !
  661. solin

    How about a Rita and Chakrit Lakorn??

    I don't like the idea to see them paired up ! I think they make a odd couple
  662. solin

    Rita @ Scotch Collagen E event

    Yes I know it from my sisters who are big fans of her and I was a little surprised because their ages are so different !
  663. solin

    Mayura Voice Production

    Thank a lot !
  664. solin


    Oil has been with Ch7 for so long so It will be strange to see him with Ch3 but I find that it's a good move. First because I prefer Ch3 and then there are so many actresses in Ch3 that I want to see being paired up with Oil. The only think I realy regret is Aum because Oil & Aum are so...
  665. solin

    Mayura Voice Production

    How ? Tell me please because until now I can't get the original disc
  666. solin


    I'll go to Wat...and have a big party at home with all our relatives like every year !
  667. solin

    ❤️ AsianFuse's Wiki!

    Great news !
  668. solin

    FINALLY going to thailand...

    Good luck to you and have lot of fun ! I go to thailand so many time but never see stars...except one time at the Siam Center when a movie were shooting. I think each time I am more focus on enjoying my stay than to look after stars :P Normally I must return this summer but I choose to go to...
  669. solin

    who you want to see in a princess/soldier role

    Rita & Rome could be perfect for this kind of role !
  670. solin

    Ch 3 & Ch 7 Actors

    So do I...but now that you montione it
  671. solin

    Rita @ Scotch Collagen E event

    Sririta is very gorgeous & I find that she is the prettiest thai actress ! Corlor clothes suit her very well and her hair is so beautiful. Yeah, Katrina Kaif is very pretty and the first time I saw her I found that she looks like an thai star, if I know she is also mixte (her mother is english...
  672. solin

    are most thai celebs mixed?? SO PALE!

    I say that Pat is darker than Aff Thai actors and especially actresses are pale & before I went to Thailand I though thai people are pale but it's not that at all ! I think that it's because most of thai actresses are mixt with american or european
  673. solin

    Ch3 Upcomings of 08

    Mart is very promoted these times ! Can't wait to see PPJ first lakorn with Ch3, moreover it's with Oil & Janie :yahoo:
  674. solin

    Who do you want to see Rome play next with?

    I want to see Rome plays with Donut next time because I really want to see her in lead role again. For Sririta, I have always wanted her paired up with Ken because I love Ken and I think that they really matched each other, moreover he is tall enough to stand next to her ! I also want to see...
  675. solin

    Khem Lam Khong

    I love the songs ! But personally, It's not my kind of lakorn, I have only watched it for Oil.
  676. solin

    Lady Mahachon

    I found this lakorn very funny even if the storyline was not great. It is also my first lakorn from Tye ; at the beginning I didn't like him but when they fall in love, It was so cute that I become to like him a lot (now I am a fan :lol: ). Paula is so pretty & perfect for her role of super-star !
  677. solin

    tata young or Kat english

    I prefer Kat to Tata ; she sings & dances better, is prettiers but as for the songs I vote for Tata because there are most better songs from Tata.
  678. solin

    Do you have any Lookreung family members??

    Two half french cousins who have almost the same name : Angelina : My sister and little Angelie who doesn't look asian at all :
  679. solin

    Lakorn Tittle

    I am looking for an old lakorn for my sister but I don't know the Title. All I know is the general plot : The main actress wear glasses with hair in plaits, and she is in love with her Neighbor's second son who hates her. When he has a girlfriend, she finally accept to go study to Austria. There...
  680. solin

    Ch3 2008 Lakorn List

    None with Sririta :lmao: Thank for sharing !
  681. solin

    Harit----aka Aum Atichart

    Dirty & Scruffy ! Love him like this !
  682. solin


    I say Pancake because I find Alexandra too pretty for him & I have only seen two lakorn from him so can't tell for the others.
  683. solin

    Mayura Voice Production

    Are you relly sur ? Because I don't see it at
  684. solin

    Top 4 Actors

    Ken - I love him Mart - I don't really have an opinion because I don't have seen enough lakorns from him yet Rome - Don't care Aum - Love him but I prefer Ken !
  685. solin

    Next n'ke for Por T.

    I vote for Four because I think it could be interesting !
  686. solin

    Guess This Star??

    She has always this same expression when she smiles !
  687. solin

    Your favor n'ke for ch 3, ch7, ch5?

    Ch7 - Pinky Ch3 - Sririta Ch5 - Pim
  688. solin

    Which is your favorite couple?

    Pinky Sawika & Aum Artichit because I love both very much
  689. solin


    I say Janie, Ann, Aom or Aum !
  690. solin

    Kwan and Pancake

    I say Pancake with Wier... and Kwan with Stephan because they look so perfect in this teaser and I find Oil a little too old with Kwan.
  691. solin

    Ken & Janie Vs. Andrew & Janie

    Love Ruk-nee Hou-jai Rao Jong the most ! Ken & Janie is my favorite couple on screen !
  692. solin

    Na Rak [CH3]

    Teaw is so pretty and I am sur she will grow up more pretty. I really hope to see more about her because her acting is quite good. In fact she looks like Pat very much but she is more pretty ! To me Narak is an adaptation of Daddy Long Legs because we have lot of similarities even lot of scenes...
  693. solin

    Kade new girl is....

    I want to see Kade with Pinky again.
  694. solin

    choose your company

    Ch3 because they have the most talented artists
  695. solin

    Best Revenge Drama

    Usually I don't like revenge drama but I have liked very much Leh Pumes ! The actors were great !
  696. solin


    I love Film ! He is so cute and I completely fall for his smile. Moreover he acts well (but I think he should stop singing) and I want him have more lakorns.
  697. solin

    CH 7 star

    I say Oil & Pinky even if he is a little too old for her !
  698. solin

    num needs to stop being p'ek

    I think he just need a break to recover because he looks very tired. But he is still so far better than lot of new young p'ek !
  699. solin

    Full House Or My Girl?

    I also fall for Rain because of Full House :P
  700. solin

    Worst Lakorn of 2007

    I say : - Mafia Tee Ruk - La Ong Dao - Apimahuermar Mahar Sedthee - Poo Som Fao Sap - Maya Pissaward - Tookata Rerng Rabahm - Hua Jai Sila - Kon Ruk Game Payabath
  701. solin

    Best lakorn of '07

    For me It were : - Klien Keaw Klang Jai - Sririta & Rome - Ruk Nee Hua Jai Rao Jorng - Janie & Ken
  702. solin

    Channel 3 2008 Calendar

    My favorite is the January with Sririta who really looks gorgeous in victorian dress. I also like the december one with Ann. Thank for sharing this. I really expect my parents will find the calendar for me (they are actually in Thailand for hollidays), it will be a great gift !
  703. solin

    Sornram accident case has sentenced

    I understant everyone but I think that until it doesn't touch one of your relatives you don't really understand. I know it is an accident but one person is died because of him. Yes, lot of people drunk didn't go to jail and it's unfair ; but even in an accident you have a part of...
  704. solin

    Sornram accident case has sentenced

    I love Sorn but I think the sentence is a little too light ! A person life seems to mean nothing like this. I know that all fans of him will say that it is unfair, and I am also a big fan of him but I also has lost a friend because a man who didn't take care when he is driving. Just want to...
  705. solin

    Num Sornram and....who?

    Want to see him play with someone he has never been paired up before.
  706. solin

    Natural Beauty

    For me is Sririta ! She is a very beautiful person and a perfect beauty naturally. First she is tall and she is well proportionned. Her features are perfect : I love her eyes and her mouth I think you can't walk in the street without remark her !
  707. solin

    Baby Vox come to Phnom Penh

    Yeah ! I knew it and told to my parent to see them because they went to Cambodia for hollidays but they told me that there couldn't because when they wanted to buy billets there is no one ! Sold out all !
  708. solin

    N'eak Looks Like...

    I agree to say that Sririta and Paula looks western and not really thai, more especially Sririta ! Pinky looks indian, kwan a little english. The first time I see Proo I didn't point out she is mix, to me she looks thai. Noon looks full thai and Aum a little chinese, so does Janie. As for...
  709. solin

    Mayura Voice Production

    I think the problem is they always use the same BGM and put it too loud. Sometimes, I am most focused on the music than on the story ! But anyway, I still like them the most even with this annoying music. Maybe should they create a section on their website for our comments and for the lakorns...
  710. solin

    besdong sila

    I like Bie but Hua Jai Sila is not good as everyone say. It's quite boring and banal. Moreover, I don't like Fang so... "Roy adeed hang ruk" is better !
  711. solin

    Mayura Voice Production

    I will for sur support them because I can't stand the other campanies. I live in France, here it's very difficult to get their lakors, and the only shop I know only sell from cambodia, 2euros/episode. It will be great if I can have mayura original dvd for this price ! Mayura is the best but...
  712. solin

    Best Teen Actress 2007

    I vote for Pinky ! She acted in different kind of role and changed lot of partners. Moreover, she is always so pretty. But I would to vote for Pat if she change her role. She was amazing in Mafia Tee Ruk, but in the others lakors she always played the same type of character. As for kwan...
  713. solin

    ch 3>>>ch 7

    I think Ch7 only relys on the popularity of their actors !
  714. solin


    I say Kat ! She has an amazing voice.
  715. solin

    how did stars get into showbiz

    I agree ! and have relations in the Showbiz too.
  716. solin

    Pinky's P'eak

    Even I don't like Kade, I think that they should play together again because they made a cute couple in Chum Tang Ruk I also want to see Pinky paired up with Stefan in a lakorn just by curiosity.
  717. solin

    Favorite Actor - lists them ^_^

    I have many favorite actors but there are two that I like the most Tik Jedsadaporn Oil Thana
  718. solin

    Thana co-star

    I love Oil and Aum but I want him to paired up with Pinly again because the last time I was quite deceived by the lakorn. I also want to see Oil play with Amy one day because I really like her ! If it is possible, I would like to see him and Sririta in a lakorn together because first, it is my...
  719. solin

    who do u want oil to play with?

    I prefer Oil with Aum ! Even if I know it is impossible, I really like to see Oil and Sririta paired up in a lakorn.
  720. solin

    Da Ren Wu ???

    That is a great news ! I can't wait to see this drama that I have watch it on youtube until ep 11 but I don't really understand. Nic and Angelica are so cute together and I really like the character of Si Si !
  721. solin

    Thai Stars - That you dislike

    It is not that they are not talented nor anything els, just the fact that I can't stand them at all ! Don't have feeling with them ! - Pancake - Kob - Ann Alicia - Pang - Yardthip - Fon - kade - Chakrit - Stefan
  722. solin

    Cho Shin Sung (Supernova)

    Today is 17th november and I just waked up so : Happy Birthday To My Lovely Prince Sung Je !!!!!!! Now he is 22 ! I wish him a beautiful day with all his friends and family ! I hope he will realise all his wishes and have lot of sucess for the futur ! I love you !!!!
  723. solin

    Mixed Thai Stars

    Is it real ? because I read somewhere that he is half thai, but it is true that he doesn't look like thai at all !
  724. solin

    behind Scenes of Ch3 08' calendar

    Thank ! Ann is very pretty dressed like that ! Is there another month with Sririta ?
  725. solin

    Cho Shin Sung (Supernova)

    Just want to share two other pictures :
  726. solin

    Cho Shin Sung (Supernova)

    Cho Shin Sung (Supernova) is the new new group who has debuted the 21th september 2007 on KBS Music Bank with their song Hit. Their first clip, staring Eugene (from SES), including Hit, Where Were You and Romance last 37'38mn. Name : Jung Yoon Hak (Hak) Star : Spica Position...
  727. solin

    Mixed Thai Stars

    Poo Priya (Priya Suandokmai ) : she is half Swedish I find that she is one of the prettiest new thai stars !
  728. solin

    behind Scenes of Ch3 08' calendar

    I really want one ! I think I will aske my parents for buying one for me because they will go to Thailand this december. When should it out ? I just realise that Ken and Rita could be a very cute couple, hope they will pair up together in a lakorn soon.
  729. solin

    N'eak Facial Features

    Eyes = Rita Mouth = Paula Nose = Pinky Hair = Aum Eyebrow = Pat Face = Poo Figure = Ann Skin = Kwan
  730. solin

    hottest actors

    Tik for sur !
  731. solin

    what's better or what do u like RS or Grammy

    I like Grammy most than RS because I find that grammy has more better artists than RS.
  732. solin

    true beauty

    Ann is very beautiful but I prefer Pinky !
  733. solin

    Thai Womans Trying to Look Like Western (White) Womans

    I also noticed this but if in the beginning I found it's a good change, actually I find that boring and don't really like this tendence. Indeed, asians are asians and not westerns and I don't really want to see asian people become westerns. I am not offended but I don't want to see everyone...
  734. solin

    Aump Patcharapa

    Very sexy as always !