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  1. bugsy

    Wow, I just read the recent news about Sarn and the domain change. Having not been here for...

    Wow, I just read the recent news about Sarn and the domain change. Having not been here for years, it's quite a shocker but I'm glad that you're staying committed Darvil! Thank you for that!
  2. bugsy

    LOL! I took quite a nap. Nice to see old faces around here. && It's still sarnworld to me.

    LOL! I took quite a nap. Nice to see old faces around here. && It's still sarnworld to me.
  3. bugsy

    Damn, I'm old! When did this place become Hello old loves!

    Damn, I'm old! When did this place become Hello old loves!
  4. bugsy

    The Blah Thread

    Hi Char! Yes, been long long time. I've been back in the US for half a year now. I do miss Australia and traveling though. I've got two-ish more weeks of summer and then its back to school again. So till then I'm just hanging around. Realized I haven't come here for a looooong time so just...
  5. bugsy

    The Blah Thread

    I MISS YOU GUYS!!! DAMN, where does the time go?
  6. bugsy

    Tong Pakkaramai & Marisa Anita: Welcome to the Private Party

    Haha, again....DAMN!  It's hot though.  And if you read by the title on the cover page it says "it's man man's world" ...hahaha.
  7. bugsy

    coming out story

    To answer the person above, I believe the way people become gay is both - they were born that way and/or they had chosen to be gay. But it's an interesting thought though eh? Each person is different and so is each gay person. Anyways, my brother came out a few years ago. He's only a year...
  8. bugsy

    Oil and Lift Thai singers

    I hear they're also coming to Minnesota THIS WEEKEND (um, friday i think). A few of my aunts are going. Just thought I'd let you guys know too if you lived too far from Cali and wanted to go. But I'm not sure if its sold out yet or not.
  9. bugsy

    upcoming hmong new year

    Hey! Sorry for the late reply but thanks for answering my question...well, kinda. lol. And yes, I am hmong. But darn...I wont be staying in Australia much longer so I wont make it to Brisbane. But yep...thanks anyways!
  10. bugsy

    upcoming hmong new year

    At kazz143 or anyone else.... When are the Australian Hmong New Years? Is there one in Sydney? I think it'd be quite interesting to check one out being that I'm in Australia right now and if it falls between now and before I leave home. :D
  11. bugsy

    Domestic Abuse

    Serves the brother right. I mean, she had to get hospitalized! It becomes a tough situation when the abuser is family (which is mostly the case) so it's understandable for her not reporting it earlier. I wouldn't take any grudges if I was the sister in law. I wonder how the sister in law is...
  12. bugsy

    The Blah Thread

    So I ran into a glass door yesterday and woke up with a black very first! Damn, it was embarrassing but hilarious at the same time.
  13. bugsy

    Chay Vang

    I actually saw this on tv when it aired and didn't think the guy was THAT talented, but I give him kudos for having passion for what he does. And I just felt bad for him. He was so humble. Poor guy. Sure, he came off as kind of dorky but the judges were rude and how they even edited the...
  14. bugsy

    Bernie Mac dies

    Wow...i'm still shocked. May he rest in peace.
  15. bugsy

    The picture I have been looking for, I found it!

    i'm scared to look.
  16. bugsy

    2008 New Year's Resolution(s) Kept ?

    I forgot if I even made one. I probably wouldn't have succeeded in whatever it was though.
  17. bugsy

    Sung by Me - Koj Hlub Kuv Npaum Cas

    I didn't listen to the other song but as for this one: great beginning! You have a nice, smooth voice and it's easy to listen to. I would've liked to hear more from you towards the end there as it seemed like it was just all at the same tone...know what i mean? Kinda monotone - but not quite...
  18. bugsy


    Not my name but with my "hmong" name, I'm a mai. The full thing, I'm not sure how to I use to hate it, but now I love it. Of course, if my whole family were mais' (or even if all my friends were) then I'd have a different impression however. It's just part of the culture. You...
  19. bugsy


    Haha, nice. I thought of darvil the whole time.
  20. bugsy

    Happy Birthday Mrs. Yim late am i? At first, I was like who's mrs. yim? Then I realized who it was, even if nai didn't say it. This is cute. Corny, yes indeed, but cute. lol. Happy belated Birthday Tina! Hope you guys had fun! And thookie, that was a lovely post. I believe everyone can agree on that.
  21. bugsy

    What time is it?

    It's 12:02 pm and I'm drenched in rain. :(
  22. bugsy

    The Blah Thread

    Wow! Haven't been on SW in foreverr! Charly!'re in Taiwan! You sound like you're having lots of fun. Just don't drink too much. :P And ning&joey, thanks for doing that! I got that trojan thing too and was freakking out. Update on me, I'm also out of the Aussie land...
  23. bugsy

    Kenshizzle's Artizzie

    Hey, good job. Just thought I'd comment. I think if you really want the muscles and all to look should incorporate some shading. It really helps. Not that I'm any good either...haha...but I do know some pretty awesome artists. Keep on drawing. :D
  24. bugsy

    b a u 's ps

    Dude, you're GOOD!! They're awesome. ^^
  25. bugsy

    Darv's GONE! have a point there nai. I wouldn't want want Darv's hand me downs either. Darn. And joey...i like your new name. I mean...if I'm reading it correct....koj yeej haib haib tuag mas! :D
  26. bugsy

    Darv's GONE!

    Noooo....I want Beam!!!! Darv, remember that! Then again, I sooo wouldn't mind a piece of Cee either. Share please, Nai and Sarath. ^^
  27. bugsy

    Who lives in an apartment complex?

    I'll be living in one next year. Hopefully it goes well and my upstairs neighbor is courteous enough. I lived in a duplex this past year and my neighbors were my it was okay if i said something mean. I don't think strangers would like that very much. Darn.
  28. bugsy

    Do you have dimples?

    Dimples are those things on people's cheeks when they smile. Only some people have them. Dimples happen to make one appear "cuter". Those who do have them might have just one, or two (one on each cheek). I don't know how you can have three...but I guess there's a possibility? I have one...
  29. bugsy

    Going to Australia

    haha, i know and i did. I just was trying my luck to see if anyone replied before i did that. But yeaaa..never mind on that...I got my plane ticket all set to go! :D
  30. bugsy

    Going to Australia

    Hey guys! Has anyone ever travelled with STA Travel? It's a student site for traveling. Anywayss...quick but urgent question. So this guy booked my flight for me and I got the confirmation email and stuff but the thing is I have to pay by tomorrow! And I don't know what I was thinking...I...
  31. bugsy

    How does it feel like to get kick in the nuts?

    Hahaha...I accidentially threw something at the same guy friend twice....different times..and got his nuts. O wait...I tossed! Not throw. It was soo soft but the look on his face was priceless. He got all teary. BUT! You know...I always say...a girl's period cramps are wayy worse. At...
  32. bugsy

    Going to Australia

    char --- gratz to you too! And I dont know if there's an ISC thing at SCU but I do know that if I email them beforehand, I can get picked up at the airport. I'm not too worried about that part. But thanks! D --- yea, im trying not to overpack but it's just so exciting, but dont worry, im too...
  33. bugsy

    Going to Australia

    Hey guys! I'll be studying abroad in Australia this coming Fall semester (second semester for Australia) and thought I'd start a thread since there's some Aussies in here. So yea, I'll be in Lismore, New South Wales at Southern Cross University. Does anybody live there....or near there? I...
  34. bugsy

    Muddie's Pics!

    sniff...I want a new car too. :( Btw, Muddie...what camera do you have???????????????????
  35. bugsy

    Happy Friggin' Birthday Darvil

    Muddie,'re soo sweet. And DARV!! Happy Old Birthday!!
  36. bugsy

    Somethings I missed about sarNworld

    I never got into that whole atk shop thing because i came on a few days after it started and didn't know how to play the game. :( One thing I miss forsure.....CHAT! Crazy zombies.
  37. bugsy

    family size

    18 kids altogether. I'm counting in my WHOLE family which includes all my half brother and sisters. And we come from three moms; so my mom didn't shoot out 18 kids. lol. That'll kill. And I don't call them my half brothers & sisters, I just refer to them as brothers and sisters because I...
  38. bugsy


    I wear glasses too. But I only wear it when I need to, like in class to see the board and driving at night or on the highway. Other than that, I'm glasses free.
  39. bugsy

    13th Hmong National Conference

    I went to the past two and was hoping to go again this year but our organization here is hosting our own conference in April and that'll just be too much to do in these short weeks. And like Mae, I GREATLY ENCOURAGE everyone, Hmong and non-Hmong, to go to these conferences! They are very...
  40. bugsy

    To the creators/admins/mods of Sarnworld forum

    Soo much loving. I love sarNworld long time too. And i find it amusing how silly people always going off topic. lol. Such dorkos.
  41. bugsy


    What a waste. I would personally never invest in that much money for a Hmong celeb's concert. Especially Tub Fwm's....cause that dude stole my foundation. Hmfp. I think I can plan a better party with all that $150's.
  42. bugsy

    July 4th in MN

    lol muddie. I'll try to see if my friend knows. If you haven't gotten it yet, I'll see what I can do. ^_^
  43. bugsy

    I live about half hour from Stevens Point. But I'm currently away at school, which is two hours...

    I live about half hour from Stevens Point. But I'm currently away at school, which is two hours away. Why? You coming to WI?
  44. bugsy


    Nong Jo, do you want to adopt me? haha...or maybe your mommy can. I would love for someone to pay for everything I cant. It's even harder as a student. ARggg...damn bills!
  45. bugsy

    YAY! Let's go drink water! And thanks you. Love, me. :D

    YAY! Let's go drink water! And thanks you. Love, me. :D
  46. bugsy

    You're too sweet. Can I eat you? lol, thanks again.

    You're too sweet. Can I eat you? lol, thanks again.
  47. bugsy


    Why, thank you Char and Joey! Yep, it's the big 1-3. :D
  48. bugsy

    The Blah Thread

    lol's STILL snowing in wisconsin! Just when you think it'll clear up, it snows again. And the weather here is freakkin weird too. Been getting sick alot this winter. Damn weather! But it sounds like you're excited for snow... that makes one of us. :D Enjoy it while you have it.
  49. bugsy

    The Blah Thread

    Where is everyone? I guess everyone ran off to magic school or something. We're very good at disappearing and popping in and out. O yes, I bought a shirt the other day for $1. *sigh* If only all shirts were that cheap. Cheap stuff are awesome.
  50. bugsy


    Best part of the day so far: 25 cents Ice cream! YaY! Still chowing down mine at the moment. :D
  51. bugsy


    At first I was like....ummm...M=Mighty, M=Morphan.....power rangers? No. Nvm. I dont play.
  52. bugsy


    Happy Birthday to Char!! Hope you have a great one!! And lucky you....on Valentines Day too. Or should I say poor you? Either way, Happy Vday too!
  53. bugsy

    MidWest Snow Storm

    We're not getting as much snow as Milwaukee, but I slipped on ice this morning. Good thing no one was looking.
  54. bugsy

    Taking Care of The Bill

    So Muddie, does that mean that if we have a Sarnworld meetup, you'll pay the bill? Gosh, you're too nice. But like namie and others, I like to do the slip the money into their pocket thing too. ^^
  55. bugsy

    What attracts you?

    Sounds like you all are on a talk show. lol. And I love how some of you even have pictures. Muddieeeee....BIG BANG!! Ahhhhh! I'll marry TOP anyday! I'll think about coming back and answering the questions when I have time.
  56. bugsy

    recent movies you've seen...

    well Marduk, mine was matinee. Otherwise it'd be $7.50, but yea....still cheaper than you. :P And we have a smaller theater that plays movies after they've been in the big theater for a while but still not out on dvd yet for $4.00. But the $2.50 still beats it.
  57. bugsy

    recent movies you've seen...

    So I went to watch Meet the Spartans today. Didn't even know what it was and watching it was a last minute decision. And lets see.....I want my $5.50 back!! The movie was sooo LAME!! They totally overdid everything, like seriously. I think they tried too hard to be funny. I did like the...
  58. bugsy

    2012...If the world ended...

    ok, never mind on Marduk...I'm with Namie. :) This is much funner. And D, we could use our ninja skills. I'm pretty good at sneaking into places. Muahaha.
  59. bugsy

    recent movies you've seen...

    The latest movie I saw was 27 dresses. And maybe I've just been more vulnerable the past weeks or could it be that I really liked it? Hmm..but yea. I liked it.
  60. bugsy

    What's your style?

    Wow, you dont wear alot of things. You should post a pic of what you DO wear so I have a better picture...cause you got me all curious now. I mean, tshirts are the easiest things to wear. But yea. *edit* Uh did I manage to double post the same thing? Delete one please...
  61. bugsy

    What's your style?

    Wow, you dont wear alot of things. You should post a pic of what you DO wear so I have a better picture...cause you got me all curious now. I mean, tshirts are the easiest things to wear. But yea.
  62. bugsy

    2012...If the world ended...

    That rock thing sounds cool. Can I join in also?
  63. bugsy

    What's your style?

    Ooh D! Me like! And nai nai, you need to take a picture of yourself in that dress one of these days. Awww, I can imagine. You'd be so cute!
  64. bugsy

    2012...If the world ended... funny. This whole winter break, my guy friends keep on saying the world's gonna end in 2010 (sarcastically). So we keep joking that we might as well drop out of school right now since I (and them) plan on graduating in 2010. So yep, if the world was going to end in 2012, I'll just...
  65. bugsy

    The Blah Thread

    Muddie, I hope you're feeling better. :) Namie, you're a dork.
  66. bugsy

    What's your style?

    I love sweatpants. Soo comfy. :)
  67. bugsy

    lol..sorry. HI! I don't really know you but see you around here and there...that's why I...

    lol..sorry. HI! I don't really know you but see you around here and there...that's why I stopped by....was going through ppl's profiles the other day. Alright. See ya around.
  68. bugsy

    gimme your hat.

    gimme your hat.
  69. bugsy

    hey girl. how are you? I see you here and mysterious. lol. Hope you're doing...

    hey girl. how are you? I see you here and mysterious. lol. Hope you're doing good. Miss chatting with you.
  70. bugsy

    lekie lekie are you? O yea, and I finished Likit Kamathep. Pretty good stuff. ^^

    lekie lekie are you? O yea, and I finished Likit Kamathep. Pretty good stuff. ^^
  71. bugsy

    sarath! where are you? i miss you!

    sarath! where are you? i miss you!
  72. bugsy

    Charly, my knight. lol. How are you?

    Charly, my knight. lol. How are you?
  73. bugsy

    hi cutie. Nai Nai me ntxais. lol. That rhymes in hmong, means Nai Nai little girl...

    hi cutie. Nai Nai me ntxais. lol. That rhymes in hmong, means Nai Nai little girl. Anywayss..just wanted to say Hiiii! O yea, and i saw a clip of ice cream dying last night. Made me sad, and i also thought of you.
  74. bugsy

    daring!! omg..I was wondering who pimpstress was. lol. How are you doing?You pimpstress you...

    daring!! omg..I was wondering who pimpstress was. lol. How are you doing?You pimpstress you. Anyways...o gosh, I haven't checked my profile thing in forever! so I just got your message. lol. If you still have the recipes, please share. ^^ Take care now.
  75. bugsy

    Dream homes

    lol Muddie. A panic room? lol...I like that idea.
  76. bugsy

    Hlub Pauj Kev Chim (classic movie)

    wow...I dont think I've ever seen this. And I've seen quite a few of those old classics growing up. Those two in the movie are sooo short! hahah...they're soo two little munchkins.
  77. bugsy

    Nraug Laib Tus Txim Hlub": Mafia Tee Ruk (My Beloved Mafia)

    lol...cheesy title indeed. But it's also kind of cute in a way. lol.
  78. bugsy

    wat r ur dreams?

    I can't believe I read that whole thing...but thanks for sharing, Ning...cause I"m also like you....very unsure of what I want to do. For now, I think I've got a clearer sense of things...but it's still scary. Ok, so to hopefully not write an essay, here's my story: I came to college blank...
  79. bugsy

    asian breast

    So you talk to your pepper? Cool. I talk to my boobs too. They wont grow either. :( lol. jk. Mine are good for me. Marduk, get yourself a pump.
  80. bugsy

    KIDS know you love em. As for myself....I'm not planning on it until I'm financially and emotionally stable...but I do plan on kids one day. I love kids!'s just how much I can tolerate them. When they're not mine...I love watching over them....but once they start...
  81. bugsy

    The power of makeup

    I'm laughing so hard right now at darv and marduk's comments. hahahahahaha...This makes me wonder how they hooked up. lmao. But yeaaa....about the makeup and pics.....i find it very cool....yet scary at the same time. I'm going to agree with Muddie on could very well be her. Makeup...
  82. bugsy

    Breasts, boobs, jugs, tits... so behind...just finally got done reading. And haha...char cracks me up. I'm not surprised to have seen the majority of sw guys (or maybe all of them?) in here. And I didn't know that guys could put in fake abs.....I wonder how that works? Really...I'm curious. Hmm. But...
  83. bugsy

    asian breast

    omg...lmao! Sarath, you're too funny. I think Ning knew what you were getting at. I agree w/D. Eyes talk, anyone? Lips? But it's probably not as interesting as this boob thing. And lmao at marduk. Pervvv.
  84. bugsy

    Baby Vox come to Phnom Penh

    no wonder...I was like...whoaaa...they got major plastic surgery. lol. So Baby Vox has descendents? lol. That sounds kinda funny. But isn't it a little weird taking another group's name? Unless the old BabyVox planned it or they worked something out between the groups. O well....just wondering.
  85. bugsy

    My town was hit pretty hard by the storm

    Does Oregon get alot of storms? But yeaa, hope no one got hurt.
  86. bugsy

    The Blah Thread

    Ok Marduk, it's super late but it's forgive me. "Happy Be-lated Birthday!" Now for blahing... *deleted* ^_^
  87. bugsy

    New Album

    still listening atm....will be back to comment. But I like it so far. Rueng Tummada is adorable. :D *edit* I also loved Khon Jai Orn. :) And was it just me or did "Sarnworld" and "Reuh" get cut off early? And "A Whole New World" only played the first 3 seconds. Hmmm. But overall...cute...
  88. bugsy

    DWI OR DUI ????

    I don't think it's so much of you going in the wrong direction, I think it's more of you, being that you'd had had some to drink, put yourself behind the wheel and drove. You should've taken the breathilizer. Btw, did you refuse nicely or was it one of those where you were like "hell no, I...
  89. bugsy

    [Chakrit's New Girl]

    Gosh, the media is just all out for mr. hottie, huh? He can't have a friend who's a girl for any second without ppl assuming stuff. O well. That's how he rolls. Kinda sad though.
  90. bugsy

    Getting To Know Mark

    lol, chill out on his "white skin, big eyes" comment. We all have a certain type. Don't lie. And I just got done watching his lakorn with Ann. I must say...he's a cutie. But then I got kind of eww when I told myself he looked like an advisor of mine. lol.
  91. bugsy

    pix of ur accomadation & ur stuffs

    Nong Ice...dammmn! It's like a scene from a lakorn. Very nice but I personally wouldn't like to live in a place like that .... it's grand but it's not "homey". (your mom's place that is). I like that last sink though. And I like the little mermaid soap jar next to it. lol. Now that's...
  92. bugsy

    Best lakorn of '07

    Kling Kaew Klang Jai (lovvved it!) and Hua Jai Sila (o man, o man...what can I say? Absolute favorite of mine for 07) ....was too lazy to watch other lakorns, so can't say much about them.
  93. bugsy

    dont come in this one go to above one

    Please don't waste space like this. Thank you. And "de nada"
  94. bugsy

    Gift from secret santa's pics

    lol muddie, I was wondering who azngurlo was. You ghetto mama. lol. But yea, here's what I got from my sarnie secret santa. I love it. Soo cute...exactly what I asked for. lol. And fits perfectly too. Secret sanata good. ;) And I got a little camwhorey. Sollie.
  95. bugsy

    Gift from secret santa's pics

    Muddie, you so silly. But lucky're secret santa hand made it with :wub: . That's a sweet gift though.
  96. bugsy

    Gift from secret santa's pics

    lol 7270, I know who your secret santa is too. :D And I just opened my gift today! I love it! Thanks secret santa (I have an idea of who you are). :D I shall take a picture of it one of these days.
  97. bugsy

    Gift from secret santa's pics

    lol no, I'm not Muddie's secret santa. I said Muddie cause she was the one who planned the secret santa thing and all the addresses went to her. But yea, thanks volunteering to guard my gift for me. lol. ^_*
  98. bugsy

    Gift from secret santa's pics

    lol, there's still so many gifts behind you. Open those too. :D jk. I was lame and I gave my school address to Muddie instead of my home address, so I wont get to open it until I get back to school. Crap, and I just remembered, hopefully it could fit inside the mailbox....cause there wont...
  99. bugsy

    New Album

    marduk, your new name is so lame. <_<
  100. bugsy

    Reminiscencing Once More....Ning and Jen

    two words: loved it! :D and jen love, what scary thing? Are you talking about the thing that was talking at the beginning and end? If so.......I know what it is!! :D :D Do I say it here? And when do I get a Lao beer?
  101. bugsy

    Apichet ''BiG'' Kittikorncharoeun

    May P'Big R.I.P. You will be missed. You are always and forever in our hearts and prayers. My condolences to P'Big's family and friends. :(
  102. bugsy

    "i'M tAlkInG To yOu!!!"

    I wish the song lasted longer so I could dance with you all night. Either way, thanks for making my night! :D Can I like you again?
  103. bugsy

    muddie dear...did you get my pm?

    muddie dear...did you get my pm?
  104. bugsy

    Christmas present! guys are too funny. I say get him a nice cap. (if you're poor, get one of them from Wal-Mart :D) If he doesnt like it...send it to me so I can give it to my guy friend. lol.
  105. bugsy

    New Album

  106. bugsy

    New Album

    I'll go ahead and credit myself with the back cover. :D still suck for abandoning my song. But I'll still listen anyways....for my girls. :P
  107. bugsy

    Let's get Fobby!

    lol...I lovee how you named the thread. But sorry....I have none. Thanks for those who are sharing though. I think it's awesome going old school...i mean like OLD old school. lol.
  108. bugsy

    new year photos

    I think E.T. is really cute in person. Teehee. :)
  109. bugsy

    Korean Series dubbed in hmong

    awww're too kind. :) I hope you find the series.
  110. bugsy

    help feed third world countries

    oooooooh. ok. :) Thanks Char.
  111. bugsy

    help feed third world countries

    Is this forreal? Will they really give grains of rice away? Why don't they just give it away instead of having to do all this? But yea....I'll check out the website anyways. :D
  112. bugsy

    Financial Aid

    Whatever Financial Aid you get goes towards your tuition, room & board, meal plan and everything else. It's just a matter of if you get enough to cover it all. If not, you'll need to dig up some other resources. When I was in the dorms, financial aid covered most of the costs for everything...
  113. bugsy

    Wish List

    -Money! -Good grades! (god help me on this one!...eek) -For my family to be happy & healthy. -A miracle to happen (^_^) ......
  114. bugsy

    Secret Santa!

    LMAO @ Nai Nai! :lol: Marduk, I'll send you some snow. It'll be free too, no pay. :D And hmmm....I'm still thinking about this.....
  115. bugsy

    POJ RUAM a MOUA LEE film

    OKay so we didnt see any scary parts yet but DUDE, right after I finished the clip, the wind outside my window blew soo crazily and it made such scary noises. Gave me the creeps. lol. But yea, I love the cinematography ... did i spell that right? Hope to see more soon. :D Your work is...
  116. bugsy

    My Apologies

    KT is coming back? Cooolness. :) Welcome back KT! And yes, please come clean cause it's very messhy.
  117. bugsy

    ur current word/phrase that you are constantly using at the moment

    I've been saying "O, geez" or "O, gosh" alot recently.
  118. bugsy

    Battle of the Piles cute! I had to work last night so I couldn't do much. I gave candy to the client's children though cause they couldn't go trick or treating. :) Kev, did you go steal some little kid's candy?
  119. bugsy

    Oliver Pupart

    any pictures? I have no idea who he is by name.
  120. bugsy

    how dumb are you

    Awww...Im dumb like Kev. :(
  121. bugsy

    SarnWorld Meetup

    awww, we all shy. S'ok...we can be shy together. :D Let's all fly up to Canada!
  122. bugsy

    Halloween Costume!!!

    I still need an idea. Help!
  123. bugsy

    Nai_1_1's Pics

    Awww, birds. :D
  124. bugsy

    I would like girls opinion

    A guy who loves his family is one thing.....a mommy's boy is another. I would need my man to love his family and I understand if he'll have to choose them over me at times but there are limits. And we don't know enough of the story to give you much advice that will help with her situation, but...
  125. bugsy

    is it possible for a hmong person to...

    Definately. Just gotta have what it takes. Talent & looks. I mean, you can't like ... suck at it and blame it on racism.
  126. bugsy

    Hmong Dubbed: Ruk Nee Hua Jai Rao Jung

    "Chee Meng" and "Gao Nou". Hahahaha....Nice one. But in all seriousness, I agree. :D
  127. bugsy

    Study Abroad in Thailand

    Hey Splenda...Thanks for the info. Sounds like fun. And yea, one reason why I was attracted to Cha-am was because it was close to Hua Hin...which means...the beach! lol. But that wasn't the only reason. But yea, I love how other countries have easy transportation systems. Last spring break...
  128. bugsy

    Photos of Shahkrit Yamnarm

    Okay, so I know he has fans cause I mean, how can he not, right? But I haven't seen a fanclub or fansite for is there one? An English one? And who's Shakrit's board? They have a site for him or something? That'd be cool to know. But for the pics....I still think...
  129. bugsy

    Study Abroad in Thailand

    If it was a hot rich thai dude, I don't think rape is the word. More like :w-scene-pop-corn: :D
  130. bugsy

    Ying Ye San Jia Yi (YY3+1)

    I havent had to time continue watching...last I saw was probably episode 3 or so. Did anyone else think that the fighting was kinda lame? It's sooo unrealistic lol. But I still love Mingen and yea, it does seem like the series is gonna get better from where I left off.
  131. bugsy

    Study Abroad in Thailand

    Ray, are you willing to pay for my plane ticket?
  132. bugsy

    Study Abroad in Thailand

    Aww Sarath....loveee your new sig and avatar. Fightingg!! Remember, I'll smuggle you in. :D and Muddie, wow....Dental Hygiene? I get discount right? I'll come to you when Im old and my teeth are falling out. :D And I haven't heard of techs having study abroad programs either. I know...
  133. bugsy

    Harrow International school's

    Do they really make you wear those hats on Mondays and send you to detention if you don't?
  134. bugsy

    Study Abroad in Thailand

    OKAY MUDDIE! LET'S GO! :D :D But why can't you go? I'm sure you still can unless your major is like hardcore. But dude, it'd be soo cool to actually go together. But yeaaa, ummmmm....I haven't thought about failing. Gee, thanks for lowering my spirits. I not smart either. :(
  135. bugsy

    Study Abroad in Thailand

    Nong Ice! If anyone replied, I knew you would. :D Thanks. And yea, I was also going with Rangsit too...I just need to go talk to a few advisors first. But yea, I'll make sure to bug you on msn if I need help. lol. :D
  136. bugsy

    Study Abroad in Thailand

    So as the topic says, I've been looking into studying abroad in Thailand for next year. There's this one program for Rangsit University International College in Bangkok.....does anyone know this Univeristy? Im sure those of you who are in Thailand do. And then there's Webster Univeristy in...
  137. bugsy

    Nai_1_1's Pics

    I second Kev. Explain more please nai nai.
  138. bugsy

    Chakrit's Lakorn [Hmong Dubbed]

    There's also the first one Chakrit and Bee N. did together. Winarm Sai or something like that. Sorry, don't know how to spell the Hmong title and can't give you the productions cause I dont know.
  139. bugsy

    Hua Jai Sila Dubbed

    Im posting just cause my sig goes. lol..jk. But dudesss....they better have dubbed it nicely or else...RAWRRR! This lakorn is like....heartthrobing, heartbreaking, heartloving good! So yea. :D And I'd also like to see the cover too if anyone has access to it.
  140. bugsy


    Dude! I just had to comment even though this is an old thread. So I just got done watching this movie and I gotta say, it was SWEET! lol. It was funny and very good. lol....I gasped alot at the perverted parts cause I didn't know they'd be in there but even those were funny. I liked how...
  141. bugsy

    Fobbie Girl!

    LMAO! Love the chicken part. And the "I can't believe they made me kill a pig" HAHAHAHA. Thanks for sharing Muddie.
  142. bugsy

    SarnWorld Meetup

    Hahaha. I like your and Darv's idea, Muddie. After we're successful and at a Thai concert?? But can someone come pick me up in their private jet cause I have a feeling it'll take me a looong time. lol. But dude, that'd be awesome. And Muddie, wow....meeting all them people? You could've...
  143. bugsy

    hottest actors

    Man, Chakrit's pictures (not only this one but alot of the ones I've seen) does not do him justice at all! As for the question. Are ya kidding me? It's all or none for me. :P
  144. bugsy

    The Blah Thread

    dude, where can I buy posters of thai celebrities online? Are there none?
  145. bugsy

    The Blah Thread

    La La La. I'm bored. O yes, Hi.
  146. bugsy

    Blaum Lwm Blaum Liam Part 3 & 4

    Good. Cause I was kinda like WTF!! at the ending of part 2. Still need to watch it myself before I can comment but I bet it's funny.
  147. bugsy

    sarNworld Blues

    How weird. I was thinking this exact thing before I came on Sarnworld like two minutes ago. I do miss Sarnworld...ALOT!!! I haven't been able to get online much at all in the past weeks and it's so sad to see it still soooo dead when I do get a chance to come on. :( Where'd all the people...
  148. bugsy

    A toy pet with life?

    I seriously think I"ll cry if that was real and it came near me. It's just......creepy.
  149. bugsy

    Ram Pee Sawas

    hahaha...mongstaness, you should've put that last sentence near the top as a warning. But its okay cause it's long enough to know that there's going to be major spoilers. Anyways, thanks for the summary. I dl the first two episodes and wasn't sure on watching cause I wasn't sure if it'll be...
  150. bugsy


    HAPPY 22nd BIRTHDAY TO LEKKIE!! I hope you enjoy yourself today. Don't party too hard. If you're throwing a wild party, be sure to invite me over. :D Love ya! HAPPY 17th BIRTHDAY TO PEE!! Can't believe you're 17 already! Gosh, everyone's growing up. Have a great one pee! To both of...
  151. bugsy

    Who's the best kisser?

    Omgg...that kiss! *blush* I agree with Bee Sawis. And totally more with Chakrit! *blushes again*
  152. bugsy

    Hua Jai Sila

    Great acting, great chemistry, great ending. :clap: And now I have nothing to watch. :(
  153. bugsy

    Tatoo anyone??

    I think guys with some tattoos are hott. Not all over body though (although I'm not disgusted by this). I definately wouldn't turn down a guy I like if he's got a tattoo. I guess it's that whole "bad boy" feel. lol. That's hott. As for those who have it all over their body...I don't find...
  154. bugsy

    Hua Jai Sila

    o gosh! I shouldn't have gone back one page and read all those spoilers. Thanks alot Phew. lol..jk. That's my own fault. *sniff sniff* Anyways...can't wait to watch the next episode!! So is this next one the last one?
  155. bugsy

    Klien Kaew Krang Jai(Broadcast)

    Wow. It ended perfectly! Definately one of the better endings for lakorns. But goshh...why'd they have to make me cry soooooo much for Apo. I felt really bad for her. At first I thought she was going to get a little psycho but thank god she didn't. She's a really good actress. And the...
  156. bugsy

    Hua Jai Sila

    ahhhhhh!! Im going crazzyy! I was like screaming at the previews. Goshhh and all the spoilers....don't put too much spoilers please. This is the first lakorn in a while that has got me this crazy. I'm sooooooooooooooooo in LOVE with Bie!!! Sooooo heroic. :kiss: Gosh...I feel soo sad...
  157. bugsy

    Klien Kaew Krang Jai(Broadcast)

    o wow..only one more episode to go? So sad that it's ending though...I've enjoyed it while it lasted. And yess, the last episode was really emotional. With the little understanding of thai language that I have, it was still enough to get the gist of it and kinda...made me feel sorry for both...
  158. bugsy

    Sroy San Jun-(Bangkok Drama)

    o gawd...i watched episode one and I love rome's look!! Im not digging the dreads but totally loving the hair when they're in the modern world. Makes him more ruggedy...which is hott. Some guys don't match it at all...but Rome is totally pulling it off for me. :D And Rita's such a gem! She...
  159. bugsy

    Hua Jai Sila guys are hilarious! It was fun reading all the comments on Bie and Fang's r/willing scene. lol....right on..totally was hott. And omggg..I thought I was the only one annoyed by Fang's character. Good to know a few of you guys are too. I wanted to reach into the screen a few times...
  160. bugsy

    Buang Bajatorn

    O gawd...this lakorn was the one that did it for me and Chakrit. It was all :wub: and :kiss: after that. He was definately soo manly in there. And oohhhh.....that one scene where he passionately kisses Marsha outta nowhere after she comes back from the future...AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH....:D...
  161. bugsy


    the man's english is sooo :drool: HOTT! It's very.....him. You can just totally hear the similarities. I's his voice and all so duhhh... but sometimes I think when people switch from language to language, their voice seems like a whole new one...if you know what I mean. But...
  162. bugsy

    J0EY'S ARTW0Rk. ♥

    Dude,'re awesome! Picking out the hottest clips and feeding them to us crazy know what that can do? Serious damage. I can't get enough of Beamie...I lah him mak mak. :wub: And Dan is oh so yummy too. Eekkkkk....look what you've done.
  163. bugsy

    Goofball's Paintroom~

    oh're goood. Im loving your last one. Show more please. :D :D
  164. bugsy

    how to become a SINGER?????

    So are you in this for the fame and money or for the love of music and singing? And I love hakkie's response...just pick up a mic and sing. lol. But it's very true though. Being discovered nowadays is not hard at all. If you want to sing, simply grab a mic, sing, upload it onto various...
  165. bugsy

    welcome missy inveeya here this website!

    LMAO at sarath. :D And guys, guys....I think you guys scared her off.
  166. bugsy

    my favorite picture of joe cheng!

    ummmm..... :blink: Why is he dressed like that?? Nooooooooo. lol. Sorry but that's a little weird for me. Guys dressing as girls to be comedic is funny and cute but this is a little extreme for me. Noo.....Joe, come back to your cute self.
  167. bugsy

    Oscar the Grim Cat Reaper

    I actually wouldnt mind knowing it BUT that's only if its because of old age .... that way I can get family and friends together. But why a cat? Im scared of cats. :( If he was to come near me, I think I'd be scared to death instead.
  168. bugsy

    Kymmy singing Thai....WooHoo! LOL *UPDATED*...just added another one

    lol...yes but its only for my ears. :D And now we know that charly secretly sings too. :P
  169. bugsy

    Kymmy singing Thai....WooHoo! LOL *UPDATED*...just added another one

    omg, mommie is singing! nice selections of songs and oh...mommie sounds soo cute! :D so question. what kind of program do you guys use to record?
  170. bugsy

    i dont remember talking to you because i have stm but i do see you around sw. Hopefully we can...

    i dont remember talking to you because i have stm but i do see you around sw. Hopefully we can chat in flashchat again then. :D O yea...I saw your artwork section too and dang...your good.
  171. bugsy

    DL Tseem hlub

    omg, you are freakkin awesome!! Dude...thanks for this classic song!
  172. bugsy

    movie- Kev Hlub Nyob Qhov Twg? parts 1-3

    uh oh....she disappeared? That's no good. Let's hope she comes back cause I have a question for her as well. But on another note, I wanna say no to the makings of part 4. It just wont have the same feel anymore being that its been so long and it'll only be about their son now. Unless the...
  173. bugsy

    Eugene Official Thread

    a movie? not drama right? is this out to watch online? and yes, her english is really cute. I just love this chick! She's awesome! She's just full of competence.
  174. bugsy


    gooo nai!! totally dawg! Anyways, vina_lek, there's no way to tell how long its going to take but it will come to an end one day if you let it. For some it's months, for some its a year or two and for others, its more than that. I use to be a sucker for romance so it took me 3-4 years to get...
  175. bugsy

    hi prisna. im doing good. and you? thanks for the add btw. but i know you? lol..that...

    hi prisna. im doing good. and you? thanks for the add btw. but i know you? lol..that was meant in a nice way. im always welcome to making new friends. :D i'll see you around then. tootles.
  176. bugsy

    Big Bang Official Thread

    o mommie, what did you do to them? lol. jk. I prefer my big bang to be big boys though. :D
  177. bugsy

    Who among the Hmong stars (singers, actors, etc..) would you like to marry?

    its all about the looks baby. lol.
  178. bugsy

    anyone have the hmong version

    haha...why is the Samee song being used for Oum Ruk? and sorry...i dont have the hmong version. i have the thai one though..:D
  179. bugsy

    The Blah Thread

    huh? what stars are you talking about?
  180. bugsy

    Yang Brothers

    is it just me that cant be able to see the similarities in the brothers? the only two that are similar are tub and sue and that's only on certain angles, not front view. Hmmmmmmm... But o well, no biggie. Tub is still the cuter brother though. And thanks Joon, for uploading. :D
  181. bugsy

    The Blah Thread

    O-M-G!!!! Why o why has chat been secretly going on when I've checked time and time again for the link!! Damn you Darv!! Thanks my dear sarath. :kiss:
  182. bugsy

    Ying Ye San Jia Yi (YY3+1)

    So I dont know if this has been posted; I've kinda searched around SW and havent found a topic yet so here it is!!!..... ATTENTION MINGEN FANS!!! If you haven't heard, Ming Dao and Qiao En are collaborating again on a new drama!! They've already been filming for a month now and the show will...
  183. bugsy

    [2007.05.17] Battle on Bed With Ariel, Joe Complained of Back Pain [蘋果日報]

    so does this mean i cant have a tall bf otherwise i'd probably break his back? darn. lol. and oooh la la....joe just couldnt help himself eh? :kiss:
  184. bugsy


    I agree. Although this movie wasn't as heartracing as others I've seen, it had me on edges with all of its twists. I liked the ending too. Gave me chills. ooooooh.
  185. bugsy

    The Blah Thread

    dude, where did chat go?
  186. bugsy

    Dawb Thoj/Maiv Huas Hawj's new movie

    oooh...interesting title and synopsis. I like Dawb Thoj so i will be waiting to see long as it's decent, according to some of yalls. Sounds like a lakorn, eh? with jealousy and misunderstandings. too bad it's not a r scene. lol. :P
  187. bugsy

    Who among the Hmong stars (singers, actors, etc..) would you like to marry?

    ahhaha...why all the seriousness? This is suppose to be fun...lets not take it to heart. To answer the question....umm...Tub Yaj...only if he doesnt talk. He just needs to look good in front of me and occasionally sing me songs. lol. O...and that one beam look-a-like dude. He's too skinny...
  188. bugsy

    My hot Ning is backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    welcome back ning!!! :clap: i think everyone else just about said it all. :D
  189. bugsy


    seriously! those applications are getting super annoying. i still have so much friend requests to add this and that that i've never even looked at. and some of the applications...where do people get these ideas from?
  190. bugsy

    Looking for songs

    you're sooo nice! *cries* :D Thanks!
  191. bugsy

    Looking for songs

    Damn! Where was I when this thread came about? Those movies are super old but I still like em. Both were really good. Wait...was the second movie the one about them dying and then reborning with the mole? That's all I remember. *shrugs* Anyways...Vamkim...sorry to bug you again but I second...
  192. bugsy

    Ua Neej Raws Txoj Hmoo

    haha...the summary makes the movie look wayy too good when in fact it wasn't. I like how you worded it though. I dont watch much Hmong movies and when I recently decided to, I dont know why I chose this one to watch out of alot of other ones. The storyline was predictable but it would've...
  193. bugsy

    Xab Thoj's MV

    wow..the quality is really nice. Thanks for sharing the clips. And yesss....that song is saweeeett! lol. It's flippin cute. :P And off topic, well....kinda, not really...but this dude is one of the few phaj ehs that I think can really act. I mean...he makes it so natural and he can be...
  194. bugsy

    Hmong Movie starring Dawb Thoj

    O yaww...this movie was good. I miss those actors!! Wish they'd come back on screen more.
  195. bugsy

    J0EY'S ARTW0Rk. ♥

    wow joey! you're good! :D And yes, poor Beam indeed. You should make more of him only for my eyes. lol. I love my beam. Really digging that last avatar of him...soo cute. :wub: But keep it up on Dan, Big, Beam and the whole crowd.
  196. bugsy

    Battle of da Gansturrrssss Rollin'

    HOLLAAAA!!! The ladies are pimpin it!! HOTtness! Marduk...I already gave you your comments. :P You guys are so funny. lol.
  197. bugsy

    Thov Qib Hlub Koj Ib Zaug

    thanks. thats what i was thinking too but i wasnt sure. interesting title though.
  198. bugsy

    [Film] Windstruck

    maybe shes thinking of My Sassy Girl. Both stories confused alot of people ... mistakening it for prequels and sequels because of the ending of Windstruck and the beginning of My Sassy Girl and how there's that one guy in there. But it's not part 2...they're different movies. That is, if...
  199. bugsy

    Destiny Music Video

    hey jai...yea..thats what i thought too. and thanks yajvaj for putting up screencaps. looks interesting.
  200. bugsy

    whoa!!!!!.....dis sarnworld is getting dead! been pretty mia on msn...but you're never seem online either. O well. Visiting is good. :D And o..the great debate..hahaha. Don't you see all those General Vang Pao threads? was heated but it's cooled down now. And wow...Joon....the majority of those albums are yours...
  201. bugsy

    Thov Qib Hlub Koj Ib Zaug

    sounds kinda like patson & namfon's lakorn and this one other hmong movie made a couple years back. And one question....what does "qiv" mean?
  202. bugsy

    confused on this friendship

    You obviously think there's something more otherwise you wouldnt be worrying like this. You might even be a bit jealous. So just either ask him out and get it over with or set things straight with him...but if you choose this way, you gotta know that you wont be jealous when hes out with a new...
  203. bugsy

    sexy skin

    Im just giving you a hard know we appreciate all you do for sarnworld. ^_^ Now get moving! ;)
  204. bugsy

    [Film] Windstruck

    I love that chick's movies! She can definately act and is soo cute! If you havent already...go watch her other movies as well. I really liked Daisy as well as her other classic, My Sassy Girl. Il Mare could've been better for me but I still liked it. Anyone got any more movies from her?
  205. bugsy

    Fly to the Sky

    Hwanhee got surgery?? O my..whatever for? He's already gorgeous enough! But I have seen new pictures of him. He's also got a new hairdo. Gosh o gosh...he's soo fineeee! He looks more mature.
  206. bugsy

    [2007.03.30] Fates of Joe Cheng, Ariel Lin continue in ISWAK 2

    I still have to finish the drama period. lol.
  207. bugsy

    child stars grow up

    I know which drama you're talking about..its called Treasure Venture....but I dont think that's Siulong, was it? I know the fat little boy was in there but the other boy doesnt look like Siulong. Hmm...I could be wrong. But yeaaa....they sure have grown up! But that dude with the mustache...
  208. bugsy

    whoa!!!!!.....dis sarnworld is getting dead!

    OMG OMG!! It's Lynn!!! this a comeback or did you just miss me too much? lol. Anyways...miss talking to you! Hope all is fine and dandy and come visit more often. ^_^ And yeaaa...hmong section's been dead for past few days. You should've been here during our great was...
  209. bugsy

    sexy skin

    what? then why bother moving everything? you're confusing people.
  210. bugsy

    "NRAUG LAUS" a MOUA LEE film

    The storyline seems to be interesting and I hope it can deliver something worth watching. But I dont doubt you as your other movies have been a hit in the Hmong community. I like inspirational stories and this one, in a way, sounds like one. Im a sucker for romance movies too but I've yet to...
  211. bugsy

    whoa!!!!!.....dis sarnworld is getting dead!

    lmao at Joey. You sound soo hyper those first two post of yours. No more sugar for you. lol. And Joon...since we're speaking of dont know me but I leech off of your archive sometimes. lol. I gotta say, I truly appreciate people like you. Now I just got to put some stuff...
  212. bugsy

    Destiny Music Video

    It seems they've been on the downlow for some time now, eh? Or is it just me? :unsure: I dunno but hey...have they have any albums out recently? Or is the mv just a compilation of their old songs?
  213. bugsy

    Rome Patta(M-Thailand)

    only 21!!! That's perfect! oh I gotta start hunting. lol.
  214. bugsy

    sexy skin

    Wait...Darv, you're not making sense.
  215. bugsy

    The Blah Thread

    awww...I miss you two too, Nai nai and Lekkie! Nai nai...I wish you and your husband the best of luck. Lemme know if he does come crashing your door down in the near future so I can get some of that love spell too. :D And Lek..I can be very cold sometimes in real life to certain people...
  216. bugsy

    The Blah Thread

    whoaaa....sarnworld has moved. And has chat been down the past couple of days? I stopped by once in a while and I dont think I saw it in the last few days. O well, sarnworld has been slow anyways. Where'd all the spammers go? I swear...its so boring nowadays. Maybe that's why Marduk's pmsing...
  217. bugsy

    Spice Girls Reunion

    GIRL POWA!! I dont think Ive ever seen marduk soo excited. lmao. I bet he's getting his platforms and mini skirts ready.
  218. bugsy

    Karaoke Night'd be interesting. i'll try to tune in tonight. you're gonna karaoke for us right sokkie?? :D
  219. bugsy

    BEST Hmong Wedding SONG

    this is just totally off the top of my head but its a really sweet song and wedding songs can be just about anything.....but....ummm....haha....i dont really know the title. It's by Paradise and the beginning starts off like (in english cause my hmong sucks) "when you are here, you make my...
  220. bugsy

    Saeng Soon

    Damn! Thats super fast! They must've been on its tail and dubbing at the same time or something to have it out this fast. Im sure it'll be at the tourney this next weekend if anyone goes so updates people! :D
  221. bugsy

    HMONG PROTEST!!!'re native american? i never knew that.
  222. bugsy

    Ken & Noi

    wahhh! he's giving me the look...i must faint now. gosh hes so hott with facial hair... :drool:
  223. bugsy

    Let hear ya'll sarnies talk

    haha nai....gosh you are sooo cute! Lovely speech me :P And omgg! I LOVEEEE your choice of background music! :D
  224. bugsy


    oiii...i wish i wasnt so sensitive sometimes so my head wouldnt be all tangled up in headaches. lol. guys sure know how to go off subject. I was updating myself and reading all the posts in this thread and I obviously read lots of rebuttals...well, bashings more like, but...
  225. bugsy

    General Vang Pao Arrested???? i finally came back and updated myself. Whew..those are some long articles you posted ceda. But thanks for keeping us posted. yeaa...the topic has really died down the past couple of days huh? But it was fun watching snow and anti-hmong. hehehe. gosh....this is why i dont think i...
  226. bugsy

    Nameless Graphics

    wow...i didnt know you had a thread here and am i glad to see it even it its like 2 years late. lol. Im totally loving your work! Where'd you go, namie????
  227. bugsy

    Hmong leader commits suicide???

    its just a prank...some person just did some photoshoping.
  228. bugsy

    phobias that's why you never seem to be sleeping at night eh?
  229. bugsy

    Let hear ya'll sarnies talk

    marduk! you ruined the song! but i cant be mad long...cause that was wayy cute. hahahhaha! sam, you've a cute voice and you're so nice! such a nice and modest speech. :D tina, you are always sounding cute as always. hahah...and "forget about the non active ones"? hahahah..your funny.
  230. bugsy

    Sw Cartoon

    hahaha....thats wayyy cute! Marduk is so pretty, D looks evily sophisticated, I didnt notice that was a g-string on Darv..I thought it was his hands covering his you know Muddie looks like she wants to beat someone up and you look scared. lmao. Keep it up namie!
  231. bugsy

    Your favorite childhood tv show

    -Power Rangers! -Definately Boy Meets World!! -Full House -Bill Nye the Science Guy -Dr. Quin (?) Medicine Women -The Magic School Bus -Sister Sister -Bananas in Pajamas...lmao! -Sesame Street -Captain Planet -that one dinosaur one I cant remember -and that dragon one I cant remember...hahah...
  232. bugsy

    200 Pounds Beauty Cause I didnt watch it in theatres.
  233. bugsy

    200 Pounds Beauty

    Thanks to Dyno and Nai hooked on this movie. hahaha. And the OST too! Watched the movie two and a half times already and been listening to the OST since I got it. Definately a recommendation.
  234. bugsy

    Jaja Primrada:Brighten your day with Jaja

    yawww....i think she's super cute!
  235. bugsy

    Dome and Ploy

    Thats soo sweet. :rolleyes: Glad to hear they're back together. Let's celebrate!?? :D
  236. bugsy

    royal court of d&moo

    The kingdom is growing fast with such beautiful girls. The recent adds are looking hott and all thanks to D! Woot..Woot!! Our lovely ruler D is most awesome. :D
  237. bugsy


    lol lek, ya dork. Anyways...I miss you too ty!! Come back and spy on us in chat. :D
  238. bugsy


    So what?? Where's the protest at and what are people gonna put on their signs? I just find it a little odd. And I agree with Muddie and Natty...we should be protesting about the genocide, not GVP. And no more new years? Ummm...I dont think we need to wait for him in order for new years to...
  239. bugsy

    Tangmoe pix from accident

    dang! thanks for the info natty. Thats harsh! Must've been a terrifying and painful memory. And its scary how the cause is actually very simple. Im sure many of us have driven on the road at night, sleepy as hell; forgotten (or not) to put on our seatbelts; speed; and definately stayed up...
  240. bugsy

    General Vang Pao Arrested????

    Wow...its getting HOTT in here!! Anyways...that was very very immature and rude of you to say that you wish JaM to be one of those suffering in the jungles and question her bloodline to yours. Sure, this is a debate and a mighty fired up one but I think you went over the line with your...
  241. bugsy

    General Vang Pao Arrested????

    whoaaaaa....a little insane must i say?
  242. bugsy

    Joey's A Star

    haha..great acting. And was that a real funeral or did you guys get actors?
  243. bugsy

    General Vang Pao Arrested????

    lol joey...i love how you ended your post. But gosh..your font's too
  244. bugsy

    General Vang Pao Arrested????

    Coverup? As much as some people would hope, I dont think the Laos government set this up. Isnt it more logical that after 30+ years of being "ignored" by the US with the situation of Hmongs in Laos, something like this would happen? Something like a plan by Hmong people's "leaders" to...
  245. bugsy

    Aom Phiyada:colors does matter

    lol...i like this photoshoot....she does make a gorgeous barbie doll. :D
  246. bugsy

    Old lakorn with Chakrit

    omg!! finally!! I have been wondering where ever in the world did this lakorn go and if anyone knew it!! The first lakorn that that was posted, that is. That's the first time ever that I saw Chakrit and back then...omg...I thought he was gay! lmao! Not gay as in homosexual but gay as in you...
  247. bugsy

    Does anyone know French?

    You guys are soo nice, helping out with homework and all!! Sarnies do rock! :D
  248. bugsy


    Omg! Does his father still owns a Thai restaurant in Budapest?? Cause I ate at one when I went there! It was the only Thai one we could find! omg! lol. It'd be cool if that was them but with my luck..I doubt it.
  249. bugsy

    General Vang Pao Arrested????

    wow....thats all i can say atm. and can you give the link to the source you found this article at? thanks
  250. bugsy

    royal court of d&moo made me tall!! lol. And I think my head's a little off in both pictures...but thats okay. :D
  251. bugsy

    Cov lus Cog Cia ( The Promise)

    Hahah..."two Baos in love with one beamie"..that got me laughing. lol. But s'ok...we can all share him. :D O yeaa...and apparantly my sister has the movie so Im gonna go borrow it tomorrow to see for myself if he really looks like Beam. lol. p.s. Sorry...I'd help with the screen caps but Im...
  252. bugsy

    My Blockbuster to you!

    Thank you for sharing. :D
  253. bugsy

    royal court of d&moo

    Where's my picha, kev? lol.
  254. bugsy

    who are you????

    dang! your only 15??!! Seem so young and you got mad photoshop skills already! I've always enjoyed your work but never knew you were only 15. hahah...Im making myself sound old...well not really...just older than you. lol. Anyways...just wanted to comment and say "hello!" cause I think you're...
  255. bugsy

    pinky savika

    DITTO!! She's a natural beauty and wayyy gorgeous.
  256. bugsy


    oooh...pretty dresses. Gimme gimme! And all the girls are lookin flyyy. :D ALL OF THEM! :D
  257. bugsy

    Vicky Sunisa Jett:Fabulous Magic

    wow..just like a doll. It looks really photoshopped but either way, she's always been gorgeous and still is!
  258. bugsy

    Tangmoe pix from accident

    ouch..damn! When did she get into a car accident? She had some pretty bad injuries but Im glad shes better now.
  259. bugsy


    oooh..Thanks Namie! Yea Nai..I like yellow too!
  260. bugsy

    I think SW is wacked today. I wasnt even online at noon! WEirdd. And um, Im out of school...

    I think SW is wacked today. I wasnt even online at noon! WEirdd. And um, Im out of school already. Why do you think Im around more often? lol.
  261. bugsy

    pix of tou yang & chen...

    the guy is still hott but why he gotta put his fingers in the belt holes? Totally ruined the mood.
  262. bugsy

    Cov lus Cog Cia ( The Promise)

    Did someone say Beam?? I'd gotta go kidnap that dude! .... or maybe just watch the movie..haha. And like your make it very interesting. You should join the story thread and bring that back to life. And Bao?? Where where?? Bao = beamsgirl? If so...thats...
  263. bugsy

    Movie Recommendations sounds like she's talking about the one with Tik and Janie and that one came out like last year.
  264. bugsy


    where the pictures at?
  265. bugsy

    Fresh preview of next album

    Marduk...did you erase the votes for "hott"?? Shame on you.
  266. bugsy

    Fresh preview of next album

    Mad props to nai nai!! You're freakkin adorable and I love the attitude you put into the song!
  267. bugsy


    Beautiful as always! And I really like that Yui one..awesome job!
  268. bugsy

    "i'M tAlkInG To yOu!!!"

    To him: -I hug you, okay? okay. -Im still waiting for my picture. -Stop acting gay. To her: -You know, you really do hurt me. Just because you're hurt doesnt mean others can't be. -I really wish you'd stop flirting with him.
  269. bugsy

    At The Moment I want To........

    hug him soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad!! *pouts* but i cant. Darn!
  270. bugsy

    Have you ever...

    yes. (Dont know if this has been asked but...) Have you ever done the slap and kiss to anyone? (you know..the famous lakorn scenes)
  271. bugsy

    This or That

    Mangos! marduk or darvil? muahahaha..
  272. bugsy

    3 word game

    can heal the (1st time in here and having no idea where the story is at but I dont think that matters anymore. lol.)
  273. bugsy

    Fansign Game!

    did i kill this game? Sollie, sollie.
  274. bugsy

    Marduk Madness

    you've got pretty white teeth and a pretty smile too. :D O yea...congrats on graduating. Now show us them pictures!
  275. bugsy


    arrgg...i hate the program! But i like your mv. :D
  276. bugsy

    Dong Won's official thread

    i thought there was going to be alot of pictures? :unsure: Anyways...are ya seeking or something with all that profile stuff in the beginning there? Cause if you are.... :w-scene-pop-corn: LMAO!! And as others have said..."welcome to sarnworld!!"
  277. bugsy

    Fansign Game!

    lol lek...your welcome again. And make me blush .. lol. But yeaa...the next person shouldnt try to "top" me...there's nothing to top. I'll be happy so long as I get a sign. :D kev...i think my pretty nails would match your pretty hands. (p.s. Im gonna cut them soon..dont worry...
  278. bugsy

    Fansign Game!

    I was gonna do one for sarath but Lek beat me to it. So I call dibs on Lek! ------------edit-------------- you go Lek.... I tried my best. lol.
  279. bugsy

    Fansign Game! the sign suppose to be for whoever it is that's above me or for the last person who posted with a picture??
  280. bugsy

    SARNWORLD T-SHIRT size fits all and its large? We're asians remember..we're small. lol. But its okay. And what if we dont have a paypal? Someones gonna have to teach me how to make one or will you accept other forms of payment?
  281. bugsy


    so selling them right now?? cause I definately want one!
  282. bugsy

    Sarnworld Idols 3

    oooh...this should be interesting.
  283. bugsy

    Nai_1_1's Pics

    nai pictures. And yay! Another shorty to the team. ^_^
  284. bugsy

    8 top actresses

    i want kwan's skin!
  285. bugsy

    Ning is the Sweetest Sinner

    this is awesome! I too have been waiting! I'm downloading them right now...can't wait to listen! ---edit---- Done listening. Your album is wayy HOTT!!
  286. bugsy

    Deadliest Mass Shooting in US History

    This is a tragedy and my prayers goes out to the families of the deceased and those students who had to go through this terrible event.
  287. bugsy

    Tina's Album

    lols tina. He's your ugly fork.....That's cute. And i like the outfit your friend picked for the bear. That 50's outfit. I was a '50's girl on Halloween this past year. lols. Brings back good memories. So, Kudos for her! :D
  288. bugsy

    car photos

    Damn!! Malee, what a coincidence, I just saw the exact same car yesterday and was thinking "nice carr!" lols. And Kev! Dayymmm! I'm loving your car! Careful.. :ph34r: Sadly, I don't have an official car of my own yet. Hopefully this summer.
  289. bugsy

    Big Bang Official Thread

    Don't remind me! I wanted to kill someone when I found out I can't go cause I have to stay for a conference. Gahhhh...stupid conference! Otherwise I would sooooooooooooo go!! My friend is and I am oh-so-jealous! To those who are going...take lots of pictures!!
  290. bugsy


    what?? away gift?? Ning, where are you going?
  291. bugsy

    For how long have ya been a member here?

    So Im feeling mushy too right now so prepare for the longness. Lets see...I've been a member since October of 2005 so thats like 1 year and a half that I've been here. I, too, came in here for lakorns and found this site via a friend. I, too, was just another leecher in Buddie Media until I...
  292. bugsy


    lols want some credit? I hate you! lols..jk. But you guys suck...I was soo scared. Good joke though.... :dude:
  293. bugsy


    Gahhh....I still hate you! Made me panic like crazy. But props to Darv/ guys got me the bad yesterday. I wont be soo guillible next time.
  294. bugsy

    A Question

    How hard have you tried so far? If you haven't tried to your full potential yet, then keep trying. But if you have and its not going anywhere, then stop because it probably wont go anywhere from there. But whatever it is, as long as you try so as to not have regrets about it later.
  295. bugsy

    Taya Rogers

    looks like she was photshopped into the background.
  296. bugsy

    Fujin's Pics

    wow...i came in here thinking i'd see pictures of people but nope. S'all good. You got an real nice place. You an interior designer? Or you just like watching tv? And ARE real flirt. Goshers. High Five to Nai. :D p.s. Careful of buglars. (however you damn spell it). :ph34r:
  297. bugsy

    wo de zhao pian

    those kids are adorable! Pucker up little boy...muah! Teehee. (not you Jaru...the other little boy..lols). And Hawaii looks awesome! I shall go one day.
  298. bugsy

    Some of The Stupidest Song's I've Heard Is..

    omg! Me too! I think that song is soo dumb! You would think that if he's sick of love songs...he'd rap or yell or something...but nope.....its a love song itself! WTH!
  299. bugsy

    How does your name define?

    bugsy -- [adjective]: Visually addictive ----- so are people visually addicted to me? or am i visually addicted to stuff? bao -- [noun]: A dance involving little to no clothing ---- oh la la my other name -- [noun]: A real life muppet ----- cool! lmao! and just for the heck of it...i...
  300. bugsy

    Nai nai! I miss you too! And I did enjoy my time away but I really missed sworld...just that I...

    Nai nai! I miss you too! And I did enjoy my time away but I really missed sworld...just that I couldnt get to a computer. :( Well...hopefully I'll catch you in chat sometime soon. Till then.take care. :D
  301. bugsy

    Pictures of your Meal

    Lols...I was being sarcastic...the plate of food there IS my cake. And it was at a way can I make something and present it like that.
  302. bugsy


    Happy Birthday!! Another year wiser eh? Wish you the best!
  303. bugsy


    Happy Birthday to Tang and Sallysosilly!! Go out and enjoy yourselves today. :D
  304. bugsy

    Pictures of your Meal

    This was my birthday cake. Not much of a cake but it was goooood! salmon steak in lemon sauce w/rice and such.
  305. bugsy

    Pho' Shizzles!

    omg! You guys are killing me! I want some! In fact...I'm having some later tonight.... :dude: And like teeruk's picture pho is usually red like that after I'm done putting in all of the ingredients. Stuff I like in my pho: lime! *shiver* I love lime! And omg...can't forget the...
  306. bugsy

    The Insomnia Thread huh? And its funny....for me...I like to cover my head with my blanket cause if I dont, I feel like something's gonna grab for it..or like start caressing my hair or something. Damn...Im getting creeped out now. Lets stop this discussion.
  307. bugsy

    The Insomnia Thread

    Wow..what a coincidence...I was just thinking about this. Last was an *itch tryin to fall asleep...dont know why. Then around 2:40 am, out of nowhere!..I started thinking about Emily Rose. Dammit! And the fact that I sleep in a dorm hall wasn't much help. That kept me up for a while.
  308. bugsy

    Pictures of your Meal

    Damn Kev! You sooo skinny!! And look at all that grease. I hate you!
  309. bugsy

    Nadia & Minnie Mouse

    I've always thought this chick was waay cute first time I saw her. And now she's even cuter.
  310. bugsy

    The Blah Thread

    Lek! Gosh..i still admire you for taking care of your grams. You are truly awesome! Pee..omg...long time no see you at all. I think its soo cute that you're falling for guys but sucks to be crying over them. Don't cry too much, okay? And keep up those grades and come back and update us. :D...
  311. bugsy

    Pictures of your Meal guys make me jealous. I eat dorm food. :( Dorm food = junk food.
  312. bugsy

    The Blah Thread

    Blahs for today: Mannn....I'm wasting my days just slacking off. I need to start watching movies again. <---- More slacking off. No good. I'm beginning to dislike my professor even more. Grrrr at her! And has anyone ever been to Hungary??
  313. bugsy

    omg! i hella u??

    hahah...this is funny. But the old days...I sure miss them. I got up for cartoons and it was WORTH it! Now? Ehhhh.... And...omg! MASH!
  314. bugsy

    Vicky Sunisa:Summer Reflection

    HOTT BODY! And she's got a nice tan. I've never seen her so sexy...when I think of vicky..I think of cute. But s'all good. :D
  315. bugsy

    death of a baby

    Wow...i got speechless reading that first few sentences. This is truly tragic. Hope the family is coping well. My heart goes out to them.
  316. bugsy

    Aum Patcharapa

    Im totally LOVING her hairdo! The short one that she has in almost every pic, that is. Sooo cute but has that messy sexiness to it. lols. Hott.
  317. bugsy

    Pictures of your Meal

    Damn! $6?!! That thing better be huge.
  318. bugsy

    Purity test

    Your score is 18 point(s). Statistics : Positive answers percentage : 18 % Positive answers about Drinks : 40 % Positive answers about Drugs : 8 % Positive answers about Sex : 5 % You barely make your grandmother proud -----and gosh...I dont even drink much..but s'ok...overall, im still...
  319. bugsy


    Wow..... I second sarath. You're are really pretty. I would say beware of sarnworld guys...but nahh....beware of sarnworld girls! lols.
  320. bugsy

    has enywun been to texas im goin there next month

    lols make texas sound soo awesome with all that boring time you'd have to be bored. Poor must've been very bored living there. lols.
  321. bugsy

    The Texas Chainsaw of Masscre two dorkos.
  322. bugsy

    The Texas Chainsaw of Masscre

    what?? you guys didnt know it was real??
  323. bugsy

    Jariya Enfone

    so how old are we talking about here? Im curious.
  324. bugsy

    Aff Tusakorn @ her movie premire

    i want her skin! OMg..its flawless! And that dress is rockin it.
  325. bugsy

    The Blah Thread

    Getting into college does suck...all the anxiety. But why orange?
  326. bugsy

    Happy Valentines Day!!

    I wanna wish all my fellow sarnies a very Happy Valentines Day as I, too, am without someone special this year. So lets all celebrate together!! :D Me loves you guys.
  327. bugsy


    It's cute but its too pink. Kinda scarying me. Just not sworld-ly. Whatever that Tim must be feeling very :wub: . Har Har Har.
  328. bugsy

    Ning's Pictures!

    i love looking at your traveling pics. And your comments..hahah..cracks me up. "Beets and salmon was their shit." Hahaha. But food on the pricier train looks aboslutely delicious. My mouth is watering. Although..I wouldnt mind the Raisin Bran...lols...I love Raisin Bran. I'll be waiting...
  329. bugsy

    Muddie's Pics!

    Hahaha...I agree. Same messy face. And same messy outfit. lols.
  330. bugsy

    Marduk Madness

    Those are gorgeous pictures, marduk. Take me next time you go.
  331. bugsy

    The Blah Thread

    Omg! Were you hiding in my room or something?
  332. bugsy know what darv? I guess I didnt figure it out last night. It wont let me upload a... know what darv? I guess I didnt figure it out last night. It wont let me upload a pic for my profile. Weird.
  333. bugsy

    sarath! Whats happening? Im soo bored atm. And I second what lekkie just said. HOTT HOTT!

    sarath! Whats happening? Im soo bored atm. And I second what lekkie just said. HOTT HOTT!
  334. bugsy let me recapture my thoughts. That was alot you wrote on my thingy. Okay, so you ARE... let me recapture my thoughts. That was alot you wrote on my thingy. Okay, so you ARE on my friend's list if you actually LOOK. Just that your on the second page. :D And my bowl cut hair is cool. Don't hate. Btw..don't you have school or anything? Stalking everyone, i see.
  335. bugsy

    Wai wai! Of course you'd be on my friends list. I love wai wai! :D Btw...Im gonna eat your...

    Wai wai! Of course you'd be on my friends list. I love wai wai! :D Btw...Im gonna eat your cousins in a bit here. :)
  336. bugsy

    Nai Nai. You're awesome! I love you too. But being that I'm outdated with sw happenings, Im...

    Nai Nai. You're awesome! I love you too. But being that I'm outdated with sw happenings, Im not the first here. :( S'ok though..:D
  337. bugsy

    The Blah Thread

    Time. Gosh...hate that word. Time only allows us to forget whatever that is that we wish to forget because during that time, we encounter more stuff to wish to forget, which makes the older stuff less important and we forget them. lols. I dont know..dont listen to me. But wai
  338. bugsy

    Paid to surf

    when i read 'surf' I thought you were talking about surf boarding. Nvm.
  339. bugsy

    Dental Hygenist Career

    okay...dumb question...but.....what are W's? And I think if you have the time and money, go for it. I'd rather spend more time on something I really want and am confident in versus being in a career in which I feel watever in. But ack, what do I know...I'm still iffy myself. But you bring...
  340. bugsy

    Can u be a mother when u have only 11 years old?

    Yep, girls can start their menstrual cycles that early. Scary thought actually with all of what youngsters are trying out today. In that first article where the parents and whoever are saying that the 11 year old isnt old enough to understand about sex...uhhh...wrong! Even as preschoolers...
  341. bugsy

    Yuam Kev Taus Hlub

    Or you can go download it at d-addicts. However if you prefer youtube, knock yourself out. Either way, you dont want to miss out on this lakorn.
  342. bugsy

    Yuam Kev Taus Hlub

    are you freakkin kidding me?? This lakorn is AWESOMEEEE!! many parts is this translated into? They better not make it suck. <_< p.s. Ken <------ :drool: Teehee
  343. bugsy

    Help One Last Time to Cast Leading Role In Film

    I was just wondering....what is your guy's website for the movie?
  344. bugsy

    Muddie's Pics!

    Ok Kev...I reuploaded it. Scroll back.
  345. bugsy

    The Langauge of Roses guys are no fun. lols. But..yaww..I agree. :D I actually would much rather just prefer white daisies. They're simple and pretty at the same time.
  346. bugsy

    The Langauge of Roses

    I have a red rose here. Who wants it? ^_^
  347. bugsy

    The Blah Thread

    ooh..i know what that means! I think. :D sucks. My french toast is yucky and my tooth hurts! ARGgggg! Anyways...Lekkie, Tina and Kev....I hope you guys feel better!! Aja Aja Fighting! :D :D
  348. bugsy

    sarNie Roll Call

    when the server goes down and you start panicking.
  349. bugsy

    The Blah Thread

    Thanks P'THookie. :) Well, I talked to that person and we're all good now. So yay! lols. Gosh...that was one stressful weekend. I haven't been that stressed for a while now. But I'm soo happy I talked and worked things out with him. And after reading your post made me feel better...
  350. bugsy

    Word Association Game

  351. bugsy

    Muddie's Pics!

    Hey's some pictures of my guy friend. --pictures deleted-- Ok shhhh...I'm not suppose to post his pics but don't they look alike?
  352. bugsy

    leeSahs drawings

    Wow, your the first I've seen who's posted up actual drawings. BTW, Your artworks are so freakkin cute! And I love that one with the banana...very awesome. Keep it up!
  353. bugsy

    Talay Rissaya (Scenario)

    *high five* I would've loved to help you strangle her too. lols.
  354. bugsy


    Lols. If Im not wrong, the name Cua = Choua, right? If so, that name is unisex, but hahaah, its funny how you said that. And I miss him too. He seems to have been offscreen. Come back to me, baby. Lols...I use to have a secret crush on him...but now you all know. Blah. Waittttt......I...
  355. bugsy

    kob and ChaKrit

    Damm, they fast. Hahaha....whats new nowadays.
  356. bugsy


    Didn't know this. But too late now, it's already "tomorrow." But I wonder how they're gonna incorporate History of Hmongs into their curriculum when there's only theories out there and its still really fuzzy. Plus, uhh, shouldn't we educate ourselves first before educating others? Because...
  357. bugsy

    hmong girls are short

    lols dyno. Bravo, bravo. And yesss....Imma break a guy's back one of these days! Muahhahaha
  358. bugsy

    The Blah Thread

    Im feeling horrible atm. :( I said something mean to someone. :(
  359. bugsy

    hmong girls are short

    You call that short? Why, I ought to slap you! Be grateful as some of us *cough cough* are shorter. I'd be crazily happy to be your height.
  360. bugsy

    Muddie's Pics! freakked me out muddie. Those last two pics of your co-workers...I know a guy that looks like that dude. Whoaa...and was like what??! Muddie knows him? But naww....they're different ppl. Anywho, cute pics. :)
  361. bugsy


    love the facial hair...omg..hottt! But he needs a different hair style.
  362. bugsy


    Damm....ticklles and snow took my words. two words: TOO SCRAWNYYY!! He needs meat, man. BTW...for those of you who needs a visual....there's already a thread on this movie. Go here
  363. bugsy

    A hmong story

    O wow! I totally forgot this thread existed. My bad. But yeaa....seriously....we ought to stop slacking. *sighs* But it just isnt the same anymore. Everyone's either busy or mia.
  364. bugsy

    The Blah Thread

    I agree w/ Muddie. I love Windstruck and personally would prefer that over My Sassy Girl. The reason: my first time watching My Sassy Girl, it was the Hmong dubbed version and omgg...they totally ruined it for me. Never really got to watch the entire original version actually. But watver...I...
  365. bugsy


    Natty, Have a safe trip and lots and lots of fun! Take lots of pics and stalk me some cute boys. :D You will be missed. Report back occasionally as sworld chat will not be the same without you. Be safe, take care, dont get lost and HAVE FUN!! -Bugsy :)
  366. bugsy

    hmong girls are short

    no need to state the obvious. [although there are exceptions]
  367. bugsy

    Tik & Cherry lakorn

    Here is this link, Mee_123. Enjoy.
  368. bugsy

    How To Keep A Girl

    LMAO! Thanks for the laugh. Pwhahaha..
  369. bugsy


    LMAO at number 5!! Im still cracking up.
  370. bugsy

    Tik & Cherry lakorn

    The original title for this lakorn is "Kaew Ta Pee" and can be found in Buddie Media. So for those interested, you can check that out. As for the Hmong version, I didnt check which production it was but I saw one version and it was up to 7 parts. Sorry...I cant help other than that...
  371. bugsy

    karenyang's artwork & fan MV's

    That Rani one is very awesome! Soo pretty. :D
  372. bugsy

    babe_girl's art work

    Simply beautiful! All your work is like wow. Keep it up.
  373. bugsy

    __[ PBV's MakeoverShop ]__

    ooooh....i loveee how you made over mike_lover's picture. Absolute cuteness!! She's like a doll. You good. :D
  374. bugsy

    Talay Rissaya (Scenario)

    you guys are crazy to say that its draggy! Im about to pull my hair if someone doesnt give the mom a major ass kicking [well...besides from the sister].
  375. bugsy

    what would you do???

    Okay...wanna know what i think? I think you should totally say "NO!!" I dont believe in that fortune telling crap. And even if it were true just a little...pleaseee....realistically speaking...we make our own choices, for better or worse. Yes, there's a lingering of superstition but...
  376. bugsy


    Who cares if you've heard it or not from your parents. It's what you believe. I have to agree with Lek and Dyno on the first page there. They said it nice and simple. Use your head. And I always find it amusing when people say something about other races and then say "for example" and gives an...
  377. bugsy

    Guess who I saw in SF?

    i wrote in your other thread..but couldnt resist...your still one lucky girl. Upload the other pics too please. :D
  378. bugsy


    I loveeee those dresses!! And omg! She's only 18?!! No way! I cant be older than her! She looks older than me. I guess...bad thing for her...good thing for me? Or is it the other way around? lols.
  379. bugsy

    Jakjun Akumsiri that third pic...she looks like a doll. But yeaa...shes really pretty.
  380. bugsy

    Do they look alike?

    i too think they look similar. Uh huh....they soo do. :P
  381. bugsy

    Guess who I saw in SF?

    Lucky you! Lols...had nothing else better to say..but its true! I would've died to meet a celeb...especially Mos!! OMGG....*faints. And he's sooo flipping cute with his fuzzy hairdo. :D :D
  382. bugsy

    I'll be gone for a few days so don't freak out!

    HHAHAH. You guys crack me up. Go on. Fight. Cause this popcorn aint gonna last the whole day.
  383. bugsy

    Pinky's Memory Box

    You are too cute! And o my....soo young too. A young and cute chick. You better be careful on sworld.
  384. bugsy

    Ning's Pictures!

    totally loving the elephant hand stand. Cute..cute...cute! And I think I'd be scared to go too close to the wax figures. I find them freakky.
  385. bugsy

    Saifah's Photo Collections!!!

    dont ask why...but i always pictured that if you were to be a cartoon character, you'd be a cheetah....and hottt one too. what can i say. im in random mood. :D
  386. bugsy

    One Missed Call

    ooooh....a friend of mine had it after we watched it...but that was like...last im afraid he doesnt anymore. Sorry. And I forgot who had it too....lols. Sorry again. Gosh...what big help, eh? I forgot why i wrote here. *scratches head*
  387. bugsy

    I'll be gone for a few days so don't freak out!

    wow darv. This places actually misses you. *cough* some more or less. But yeaa...come back soon and bring me some moola. :D
  388. bugsy

    sarNie Roll Call

    Does that mean you have some? And :P back at Tina. ^_^
  389. bugsy

    sarNie Roll Call

    lol...quite an interesting thread you guys got here. First sworld goes down and chat is broken, ty is bored and apparantly very hungry, then tina and ning is gonna take darv to a nursing home, tys gonna pay for ning to thailand, sexybacks are at a disagreement and people are chatting away at a...
  390. bugsy


    Cool..a new years eve baby. Happy Birthday to KT!!
  391. bugsy


    Merry Christmas to you too, Lili!!! And to everyone else out there reading this...MERRY CHRISTMAS & a HAPPY NEW YEAR! *Be SAFE yo!
  392. bugsy

    CHRISTMAS THREAD wishes and good luck to you on that one, tang.
  393. bugsy

    Life Lessons...

    ~Really good things burns brightly but then it quickly dies out. ~Start thinking about your future, it comes sooner than you think. ~Don't expect your friends to always be there; they need to grow too. ~Money MATTERS! So dont say it doesnt. ~Be social and take risks. No one else is going to...
  394. bugsy


    *HUGS TO LEKKIE!* What I want for Christmas this year? ----> An amazingly wonderful moment to remember. ^_^ And a digital camera. Someone nice enough to gimme one?
  395. bugsy

    Five things about yourself

    LOLS. Does Darv know about this?
  396. bugsy

    Have you ever...

    most definately. =D Have you ever gone a couple of months living off of ramen as your main source of food? [damm....still aint tired of them...what is wrong with me?]
  397. bugsy

    My First Thought Upon Waking Up..Today..

  398. bugsy


    My eye twitches randomly all the time. I wish someone would've told me that little story...i've never heard of it. Then at least I would've been excited. lols.
  399. bugsy


    lols....i cant believe they have a most beautiful breasts and abdomen category. my opinion, pinky and noon are gorgeously beautiful and they both fit what they got. Even if pinky was wearing lenses, I've always thought her eyes are very wow. And noon's hair is always soo pretty.
  400. bugsy


    hi hi!! Welcome to Sworld. Hope your meeting good people. Anyways...would you be interested in being a part of marduk's groupie? ^^
  401. bugsy

    Have you ever...

    yes! Sometimes i can care less but other times .... like whoaaa....what the hell...i need to figure out what's going on. lols. Have you ever sing and danced in your undies?
  402. bugsy


    CONGRATULATES to all the sarnie graduates!! :D
  403. bugsy

    __[ PBV's MakeoverShop ]__

    interesting. And very awesome job pbv. Is this shop still open?
  404. bugsy

    ARMY CORE IS A SLUTTY GAME lost. What's the game here? And what do those things under our names mean? Damm, Im slow.
  405. bugsy

    My First Thought Upon Waking Up..Today..

    "what a wacked up dream"
  406. bugsy

    Msg From Tina

    TINAAAAAAAA!!! O nooo. I hope you're feeling better and hope all is going well now. Get better soon and come back. Your banh bao is still here. :)
  407. bugsy


    Happy Birthday, Sarath!! May this year bring you happiness and smiles. :D
  408. bugsy

    Aum sexy pics

    freakkin hott bod.
  409. bugsy

    Muddie's Pics!

    That's freakkinnn ADORABLEE! Lets all say "awwwwwwwwwwwwww" :D
  410. bugsy

    The Reagan!

    You just are. :D
  411. bugsy

    What are you thinking right now?

    im thinking.....if i should ever tell him. Hrmm...should i?
  412. bugsy

    The Reagan!

    What?? Ray got a haircut?? Or did you just style it differently? btw Ray, your slack!
  413. bugsy

    Don't Look! does look hott even with her face missing. And Penny...i lovers your haircut. Its freakkin cute! Now post up that face of yours.
  414. bugsy

    sarNie Roll Call

    i dont post much anymore but im still HERE! Right HERE! See me? ------>> Here lols. :loool:
  415. bugsy

    How Are You Feeling? (2nd Version)

    aww're too sweet. Thanks....and *hugs* back to you too. Im feeling much better now. ^_^ Hope YOU'RE feeling alrighty. If always offering hugs too. ^^ Tk now.
  416. bugsy

    How Are You Feeling? (2nd Version)

    Very sad. :(
  417. bugsy

    Kon Rak Game Payabaht(559 OnAir)

    Ewww sarN...that's gross.
  418. bugsy

    Flirting 101

    One thing I learned from two days ago....get your friends in on it!! hahah....they can help and can be very good at that. My friends sure did. haha.
  419. bugsy

    What happen to spicy guys?

    Yes...I wanna know what happened to spicy guys too! haha. Where all the spicy guys at??
  420. bugsy

    Kon Rak Game Payabaht(559 OnAir)

    Dammit!! Im soo far behind! Only on half of episode 2! It's getting sooo exciting!! OMG!
  421. bugsy

    What is wrong wid hmong people these dayz!!!!!!

    so are you saying that by how you're complaining about this, it makes you a better hmong person? Here's the thing. It dont MATTER whatever the hell us Hmongs (or not even Hmongs, just any other minority out there...but in this case since you're pinpointing the Hmongs...Imma use them) .. but...
  422. bugsy

    Nuclear power in North Korea

    The topic itself about nuclear weapons is just scary to me. And the issue of North Korea having nuclear weapons doesnt mean any different. The thing is, Kim Jon II is pretty scary himself. It seems all he wants is power and will do anything for it. He's willing to use the weapons if he needs...
  423. bugsy

    Flirting 101

    this thread is too cute. Well, Im not good at advices about flirting cause it really depends on the other person and thats really too hard sometimes to make a call. Some guys can be real eggheads. Anyways...from what i read, it seems like you dont just want to flirt for play..rather you want...
  424. bugsy

    A hmong story

    OH NO, BABE_GURL! WHAT DID YOU DO?? *Kicks* hahaha...jk jk But yea...i thought it was gonna end. :( Man o man...when is this story gonna end. Nevertheless, good job continuing. And keep it up cause we need it. Seems like this thread have been forgotten. :( Alrighty...i'll try to get back...
  425. bugsy

    Five things about yourself

    black or white? every single article of clothing? ARe you serious? wow...i would like to see this.
  426. bugsy

    brenda song

    What do you call a bee that gives milk? :lol:
  427. bugsy

    My Sister Dancing Group

    oooh....wat did they win?
  428. bugsy

    A Xiong Man & A Lee Woman

    confirmed? how? and from what sources?
  429. bugsy

    brenda song

    whoa whoaaa.. Whats with all the assumptions?
  430. bugsy

    A Xiong Man & A Lee Woman

    wow...thats a first that ive heard. hmmm.....i wonder how that works. Soo weird. Never knew that could happen. Maybe it wasnt wet enough? lols. But seriosly...maybe. That's just soo weird. Kinda freakky and embarrassing if you have to go to the hospital. How'd they make it there anyways? O_o
  431. bugsy

    Movie Recommendations

    totally off topic but....CHAKRIT IS SOOOOOOO HOTT!! *drools*
  432. bugsy


    well...if there are two different dubbed versions for this one...i saw the one with the picture quiet-ness posted above. And yep...its good. :D
  433. bugsy

    Why Straight Turn Gay/Les/Bi

    you should try talking to them and asking them try to talk to some of the lesbians at your school or something. I think that it'd be very interesting and you'd get more of a personal stand on it. And dont be afraid or watever, they're just people like us who has feelings for...
  434. bugsy

    Anan Anwar

    yea beamsgirl...i dont know the title or watever of that movie but i know what your thinking about..and its him. And O-M-G!! Are you serious? He's 20! I've always thought he was younger than me! Now why did i think that? lols. But nevertheless, Happy 20th Birthday to him!!
  435. bugsy


    i absolutey LOVED this lakorn!! And the hmong version was good too...i liked it.
  436. bugsy

    Hmong: "Hmong Tua Hmong" in Wisconsin...

    omg....he shot himself (and probably the others) in front of five of their children!!! BASTARD!!! Poor kids.
  437. bugsy

    The Reagan!

    lols shaddy...s'ok. :P And ray....which one of yas is the rich one?
  438. bugsy

    Don't Look!

    lols. But I dont have any black outfits.....wanna cover that for me too dynomite?
  439. bugsy

    The Reagan!

    Well well...if it isnt Reagan, Raygay and Raegan. So ray....... do you have girl twins too?? :P
  440. bugsy

    im so happy i got an A*

    lols ice, you dork! Congratulations on your A.
  441. bugsy

    Survivor 13

    yea...i heard about this one too. All i gotta say'll be very interesting. Btw....when does it air and which channel? lols. Cause I never ever watch tv anymore but I thought I'd try to catch this.
  442. bugsy

    Don't ploy has a sister who use to be a nek?

    Im sooo off topic but omg....chakrit and joy S. going to have a lakorn out together? OOOHhhhh.... :D They'll look sooo cute together!!
  443. bugsy

    Ruk Leh Sanae Luang

    soooooo.....lemme know if im right....the lakorn is going to be por and joy s.? And I think thats a good match....actors/actresses need different variety of people to play with...not just the same ones over and over.
  444. bugsy

    Namfon K and Stephen in "In" mag

    namfon is looking prettier and prettier each time i see her. But she needs more meat. Stephen is cute as always. I wonder what all the words say.
  445. bugsy

    Hunting incident

    Its not going to matter even if you place a mixture of blacks and mexicans, as you so say, on the jury........its still going to turn out racially biased. Just the thought of putting on only blacks and mexicans themselves is already making it biased.
  446. bugsy

    Bugsy's Stuff

    OKay....another Japanese Drama coming at ya. Not sure if yall have seen this already but I just had to upload it cause the net relation reminded me too much of us (although I doubt we're THAT weird....hahaha). So if you're one of us sarnies who have alot of close friends here on...
  447. bugsy

    Anyone interested in...

    my brother reminds me of im kinda ahhkk at calling him hott. haha. but he is good looking.
  448. bugsy

    Bugsy's Stuff

    **Summer Snow COMPLETED! YAY!**
  449. bugsy

    Singing from the Heart.....

    gosh lek....I was soo excited to click on this topic...and there's no songs yet! wanna hear! But s'ok...Im patient. Cant wait to hear ya beautiful voice.
  450. bugsy


    can i squeeze your cousin? She's adorable!
  451. bugsy

    how to make yourself lol

    How to make a bugsy Ingredients: 3 parts mercy 1 part ambition 5 parts beauty Method: Layer ingredientes in a shot glass. Serve with a slice of wisdom and a pinch of salt. Yum! lols....
  452. bugsy

    The Almost Millionaire

    lols pond. I like the first one. Very smart women.
  453. bugsy

    Your 411

    name: Bao birthday: March 9th birthplace: Thailand Current location: Wisconsin age: guess eye color:brown hair color: black height: lets just say I can get into rides at amusement parks...ahahha weight: :x right handed or left handed: Lefty!! favorite colors: green favorite foods: chocolate! ice...
  454. bugsy


    Happy Birthday to Jensen, Muddie, Mam, and alll the sarnies I've missed. Hope Im not too late (although I know I am on alot of them). Happy Birthday wishes to you guys anyways. ^_^
  455. bugsy


    ummmm...forgive me ... but ....what is paypal? lols. I wanna donate but dont have money at the moment. This is a no deadline kinda thing right?
  456. bugsy

    Bugsy's Stuff

    *edited* Summer Snow Episodes 1-9 are up!
  457. bugsy

    Movie Recommendations

    I got recommendations. First off, these are all Chakrit's lakorns that they dubbed in Hmong. So far, I've loved the Chakrit lakorns they've dubbed....and also just cause Krit is in there. lols. :wub: Sorry, I dont know the name. Don't kick me. Hopefully someone will know and help me out...
  458. bugsy

    Movie Recommendations

    Ummm....I dont think that's them. The girl looks like Janie..but Dan's not there. and Janie looks nothing like that in the movie.
  459. bugsy

    frog prince

    *cries* *cries some more*...what have they done to my froggy drama?......*cries*.....i want my money back!'s soo they just say whatever and not translate what they really say....omg *cries again* =( =(=(=( :angry: :angry: :angry: I feel ya pain. :wavecry:
  460. bugsy

    kev hlub nyob qhov twg

    Hey, thanks for the songs.
  461. bugsy

    The Revealing Truth about Channel 7 Stars

    OOOH....There's plenty of secrets in this world. But I do agree with you on one thing.....what's consider the truth? What's consider a lie? It is all up to the person perceiving it.
  462. bugsy

    The Revealing Truth about Channel 7 Stars

    My thoughts exactly. And off topic but omg....I think one of my friends look like Hugo. lols.
  463. bugsy

    Hunting incident

    ahhhkkk....before i was talking outta frustration. But i think we should stop on this topic. There was never a clear answer that came outta it and we can go on this forever.
  464. bugsy

    frog prince

    hey....anyone knows the production company? maybe we can write a complaint letter as a whole. If not...i'd still like to know for future reference.
  465. bugsy

    Tina's Album

    lol penny.
  466. bugsy

    Hunting incident

    Omg, this is like old news. Like two-ish years ago that it happened and mannnnn....was it controversial. Even today, people still bring it up once in a while but it's gotten better, I hope. It was in the news for a while after it happened and it was kinda weird cause us hmongs werent sure of...
  467. bugsy

    frog prince

    omg...good thing she didnt buy it. I wouldnt even consider it even if the voices were good actually. For me, if i really really am totally in love with a drama, such as how i am with this one, I would rather buy the original. I dont buy alot of originals, only those that are worth it. And...
  468. bugsy

    frog prince

    OMG OMG OMG...YOU ACTUALLY BOUGHT IT! I saw it at the July 4th tourney for like only 5 seconds and I couldnt take anymore. It was like...yuck!...What have the done to my Frog Prince drama! Anyways...agreed, it made me mad too, and i only saw like 5 seconds of it! I mean...there ARE good...
  469. bugsy

    A hmong story

    omg queeny_bee! you had me on the edge of my seat! At first i thought it was a dream..but then it was real and i was like ahhh...wat? But good twist though. Thanks for the upload!
  470. bugsy

    whos ur bestfriend in sarnie're generous. I was thinking someone would start at $.1. Lols ray...i kid i kid. And sarath and guys can be my close friends. Deal?
  471. bugsy

    Pictures of latest thing you bought,

    aww went shopping thinking of me? how sweet. lols. Anyways...hott. ^_^
  472. bugsy

    Hmong people exist in Australia!

    i know huh? Aussie accent is hott. And your cousins...when they speak in there an accent too? I wanna hear how that would sound. It'd be cool!
  473. bugsy

    Frog Prince

    *sigh* good times...good times. Mann...i seriously have to rewatch this again one of theses days. Still my favorite drama yet.
  474. bugsy

    Star Apple Garden

    ooooooooooh....thanks! My friend told me about this and I was like watttt?? ive never heard of it...but i'll definately watch it. Can't miss out on my Ming Dao! The title my friend gave me was "Star Apple Garden" though....hahaa...and i laughed cause i thought she was making it up cause the...
  475. bugsy

    Hmong Talent

    mad props to those ladies. they can sing like jealous.
  476. bugsy

    whos ur bestfriend in sarnie

    who wants to be my best friend?? jk...i dont believe in best friends. Only close friends. Or really really close friends. Or really really close friends. lol.
  477. bugsy


    wow...nice entrance. And welcome. :D
  478. bugsy

    A hmong story

    Yay! An update! and penny, we dont know the ending could be a happy ending still. If its can stalk down the person who writes the end. pwhahaha....i kid i kid.....cause it might be me. eekkk....lets just wait and see.
  479. bugsy

    Hmong people exist in Australia!

    What the?? I am???
  480. bugsy

    Something to laugh about

    hahahaha...this is hilarious! Thanks for sharing. I sounded soo cool reading out loud in that accent. :lmao: :lmao:
  481. bugsy

    SarNie Radio?

    tina...i thought ty was gonna post this? ahahah...o least someone did. And yessss...Im liking the idea too.
  482. bugsy


    its 11:58 pm so its officially not over yet! Therefore, I can still say "Happy Birthday to Pleang Sney and Yai Bai Baa!!!" Hope you guys had fun got two more minutes. Well....actually just one now. hahha....Happy Birthday!
  483. bugsy

    Tina's Album

    awww tina....i just loveee your new pictures! adorablenessss! I tell look waay better when you smile....your soo cute! And your making me miss my old hair. I permed it once...haha....its true. Looked just like yours but curlier and it just died out this year. I say i miss it but im...
  484. bugsy

    A hmong story

    mannnn....where is everyone!! Lynn!!! YM_gurl!! Quenny_bee!! Madalia!! EVeryone else who I cant think of!! Where'd all our writers go?! :(
  485. bugsy

    Hmong people exist in Australia!

    lols ray....your such a dork. Aren't I suppose to be the first hmong to meet you? GAwsh! lols..i kid. But yea....we're all over ray. We are watching youuuuuuu.
  486. bugsy

    Criss Angel

    omg...i just finished those video clips posted up and .... that one with the women in half scared the shisss outta me. I think i'd cry if i were there live. but still...i love that mindfreak, Chris Angel. He's awesome!
  487. bugsy

    Criss Angel

    OMG...I LOVE CHRIS ANGEL!! That mindfreak! His stunts and magic is soo awesome! I've watched his show a couple of times on cable and him. And may i say that he's cute too. haha. answer your question, i have yet to determine if i really believe it or not. But i do...
  488. bugsy

    Bugsy's Stuff

    OKay so I WILL BE (future tense) uploading the Japanese series "Summer Snow" here but it'll take a while. I started uploading them and actually got done with two of them but something went wrong with the links, so sorry. And since I've already made this page here, I didnt want to waste it...
  489. bugsy

    Soukie's pics [=

    Your cute. I'm loving your smile and the fact that you're not afraid TO smile. lols. You be smiling all up in this section. S'all good though.
  490. bugsy

    Bugsy's Stuff

    Back for more randomness? you may or may not know, I absolute <3 the "Prince Who Turns into Frog" series!!! :wub: :wub: :wub: So here are just some random music videos.....enjoy. Frog Prince Opening: *credit to [jem]* Frog Prince...
  491. bugsy

    Happy 33rd B-Day To.........

    Awww....Happy Birthday to the both of you!! Happy Birthday to P'Num!!! Be safe and I hope this year will be your best yet! and Happy Birthday Num4ever!! You lucky gal you...being born same day as your lover. lols. Anyways...same safe and hope this year will be your best yet...
  492. bugsy

    Bugsy's Stuff

    Okay, Im back. Well, just as I stated in my topic section is going to be randomness. So...I'll be uploading whatever comes to mind or in otherwords, just a bunch of random stuff. lols. Hope that doesnt scare you guys away though. So check back to see what I have. Right now...I...
  493. bugsy

    Bugsy's Stuff

    Hello World!! Cool! I have my own Archive now... :D So here i go. 1st Rule: No posting in here. Just simply pm me on comments/questions/reuploads/other and I'll try to get to ya as soon as possible. (thats all the rules i can think of right now...haahah) Since I'm new in the archive...
  494. bugsy

    nplej xyooj

    oooohh herrrrr! I heard Xanakee was the founder of her. Anyways....i've heard some of hers a while back and i agree....shes good.
  495. bugsy

    Best Thing About Summer "2006"

    This summer is okay. Nothing beats last summer for me though. *sigh* last summer was THE summer for me and my friends. Good times...good times. summer's not over yet but so highlights are: -also meeting some cool people on sworld -going to Wisconsin Dells for the first...
  496. bugsy

    The Reagan!

    ooooh ray ray has an album. And the first picture the haircut we were discussing before? If it is....very niceeeee. :D One more! I havent seen a picture of you smiling yet. C' that cuteness off.
  497. bugsy


    oooh my...pretty pretty!! Krystal is very cute and pretty. ^_^ I like you in traditional clothes...its gorgeous. And the traditional wedding is soo beautiful. :D
  498. bugsy

    What song are you listening to right now?

    Keane - Everybody's Changing :(
  499. bugsy

    Question game

    1......2......3! Haven't you seen that owl commerical? JK. I dont know but i am bound to find out one of these days. Everytime i try..i lose count. (And yay....lek notices my love for chocolate!...lols...) Since we're on the topic of stuff that reminds people of you have any...
  500. bugsy

    Things You Noticed About Love

    wat i notice about love?? People's always talking about it. :lmao: And im not. :huh: :blink: :lmao: :wavecry:
  501. bugsy

    Which last name guys do you think are better looking?

    lmao! this question is funny. comment.
  502. bugsy

    Tina's Album

    awww.... and yay....tina smiled! And shes doing it with kisses too! ^_^
  503. bugsy

    Muddie's Pics!'re sooo cuteee! Keep those pictures coming cause believe me...we wanna see moreeee!
  504. bugsy

    SarNie Oscars

    Most handsome/most beautiful – Ben/Ly Most intellectual – wai wai/darvil/marduk/dfemc Best Smile - saifah Most Cutest - pee Most thoughtful - annee Most Friendly - ben cutest couple – tina/Kevin and muddie/namie SarNie Clown – Hakkie/Sarn Most Arrogant - Best Personality – Best All Around –...
  505. bugsy

    Tina's Album

    *pokes tina* yay! i touched her! watchu gonna do..watchu gonna do? And tina....ooh so cute! Keep them coming! I dont see much pictures of you. I want more. your hair naturally wavy?
  506. bugsy


    Happy Birthday to my lovely sarnies!! Happy Birthday koblo! Happy Birthday Lek! Anddd Happy Birthday Pee! May today bring you many good surprises and be your best birthday yet. :)
  507. bugsy

    Your favor Hmong American way back 90s guys have good memories. I cant believe i forgot about Vaj Yim Leej!! But you guys bascially named them all. Seriously! Those movies waaaay back in the days are waaay better than those Hmong American ones of today. Those owners or companies should go back and search for those...
  508. bugsy

    kev hlub nyob qhov twg

    *sighs* Mannnn....good times....good times.... :D
  509. bugsy

    kev hlub nyob qhov twg

    Omg...Tub toua..hahahah....thats right! And omg omg...please....can you upload the songs for me? :wub: :D
  510. bugsy

    a old dubbed chinese movie i think...

    lols....I meant to say Dark Tales but couldnt think of it. O well. And that bird one seems interesting. Havent seen it.
  511. bugsy

    A hmong story

    UPDATED (see above)
  512. bugsy

    a old dubbed chinese movie i think...

    hey Fearless, isnt that one of those Chinese Ghost Stories? I've seen it before too....but forgot the exact titles.
  513. bugsy

    kev hlub nyob qhov twg

    who else in here agrees with me that the older hmong american movies are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than those of now?? That movie was one of my favorites growing up .... although i havent seen it for ages. And i would like to again....but unfortunately...i dont think its...
  514. bugsy

    Ideal Lover, Descrbe that person!

    Exactly! Thats why im doing this. lols. To create my own human beings. Of course i know my ideal might not be out there....but thats what makes it so fun to just think about it. lols. But i think we all know better than waiting around for that ideal to come .... although you can always...
  515. bugsy

    Goodbye for a while leaving us for a year? Whoaa...thats long. Anyways...if you do decide to good girl and study hard. Remember that we'll still be here when you return. ^^ O yeaaa.....and have fun!! Goodbye and I hope you have a nice, safe flight there.
  516. bugsy

    Freakish thing....

    BOOO!! oooh....freakky indeed!! A similar thing happened to my friend.....this musical toy just all of a sudden went off in the CLOSET! :o And I bet most of us have had creeepy experiences like this before. Dont worry....your not alone. So did you go sleep with your mom and dad? lols.
  517. bugsy


    Happy Birthday Ty and LaDyEsCenCey!! And Mango...its your birthday too?!!! Happy Birthday!!
  518. bugsy


    One advice i can give you is....READ YOUR READINGS!!! lols....alot of time there will be classes where you are expected to read chapters and stuff outta class and you better do them....or at least most of them cause if you dont...your gonna get lost. Unless you're smart and a fast learner...then...
  519. bugsy

    ah ha ha!!!!

    hahahaha....this is funny. And umm....yea.....gross. But .... it sucks because if you REALLY think about it....we're all related in one way or another. Like...i might be your 5497623847 cousin. But we'll still be related. ahhahah.
  520. bugsy

    random pics

    whats with all the pictures? I mean...i like your artwork and all but ... urmmmm....just asking. And if you read darvil's he said....Laguna Beach is probably easy to find....just google search for it. There should be torrents out for it.
  521. bugsy

    William from Green Forest in MV with Aom Piyada...

    cool...thanks for sharing. im still downloading it at the moment. btw....i dont think they match. lols.
  522. bugsy

    From GossipStar:

    okay i could care less about aum....but chakrit...yay! And someone fill me in this is gonna be a hollywood film? Like....gonna be in theatres and stuff? Cause that'd be cool. But either way...the title sounds cool anyways and Chakrit's in i'd definately watch it!
  523. bugsy

    words that can spell both backward and forward dork. lets seee.....MMMM and MMMM Suna ---- Anus :huh: snot ----- tons dew ----- wed mann...this is giving me a headache.
  524. bugsy

    What are you thinking right now?

    i gotta STOP eating!!!! EEERrgggg...
  525. bugsy

    Korean series

    Thats the Glass Shoes/Glass Slippers drama i was talking about earlier. Like i said....I hateeeeee the ending! With a passion!
  526. bugsy

    Ideal Lover, Descrbe that person!

    Name: uhh...never thought about this. Who does? Sex: Male...durr Age: MUST be older than me (even if its by a day) lol. Nationality: For some reason im more attracted to asians Birth Place: now isnt this one being a little picky? Current Place: in each other's heart...^_^ Eye Colour: any Hair...
  527. bugsy

    What are you thinking right now?

    cause they're people..and people are complicated. Thats all there is to that.
  528. bugsy

    A hmong story

    But before she could finish, he was out of sight. “Meng, I’m sorry,” she sighed to herself. “Good. This is probably for the best. It’s also probably harder for me than it is for you but....I’m sorry.” Then with a hand on her tummy, she slowly looks down and says, “I’m sorry too, baby. You...
  529. bugsy

    our story

    hi hi....sorry to rain on your parade...but we already have a thread dedicated us sarnie's story. Right now we're kinda stalling on our current story but feel free to read and add on. click link to go to thread
  530. bugsy

    who's cuter??

    lol say they're good as if you're trying to say good to eat. And i would definatley eat them. Yummy!! They're all hott...but only one of them made me FALL in love....and that hottie is Ming Dao. However, I had a small obsession peroid with each one but like i said...they didnt...
  531. bugsy

    The Person Below You.... too!! For some strange reason....I woke up early this morning too! A first this summer. lol. The person below will sing me a song.
  532. bugsy


    is he the guy from Nobuta Wo Produce?
  533. bugsy

    check this out i come...*faints* OOOOO goshhh...!!! Someone pinch me...i think im dreaming. Look at Tik!! Ahh....and Mos!! Mann..those two are hottt in prep clothes. OOiii....Chakrit...*sighs* But someone get in outta that poor chakrit looks very uncomfortable. lol. Everyone...
  534. bugsy

    video chat for sarnworld

    this is cool! But i havent been able to go on yet....wel...i took a quick peek at it...but seems like no ones in there. Any update on how well this is going?
  535. bugsy

    The Person Below You....

    if you call pj pants hott pants...then all up in here with my hott pants. ^_^ The person below will BOW to me.
  536. bugsy

    share true real life love story

    *applause* Mannnn...thats the way to do it. I lovee how you left him. I mean....i sympathize with both sides...and i feel your must've been in pain when doing that too.....but good for you. ^_^
  537. bugsy

    favorite hmoob-thai translate movie

    mannn.....i loveeeee all the dubbed ones of Chakrit so far. I've seen Krit and Marsha's lakorn, Krit and Noon's lakorn and Krit and Bee N's lakorn and i LOVEEEE them all. Not just cause my hottness is in there...but cause they were good. And others I think were good were HuaJai Chocolate...
  538. bugsy

    why hmong parents are sooo strict?

    girlll.....did you even read ANYTHING before posting this up? Yea yea yea....alot of the hmong community has to do with repuations and for some families.....thats what its ALL about. But dude...thats only the stupid people. Im sorry to say.....but quite whining already. I've been surrounded...
  539. bugsy

    The Fact or Fiction Game

    urmm....that my friend, is true. lol. what can i say? he told me to slap him (just for fun) and since i was drunk....well.....i did. :D Felt great. My first slap too.
  540. bugsy

    Random - I'll try

    whaaaa?? wrote this??
  541. bugsy

    What are you thinking right now?

    i think imma turn bitchier. I'm too "good" and it sucks. Goshh...F**cken A people who prejudge you. STILL mad about this.
  542. bugsy

    What are you thinking right now?

    damn that googles!! judging me like that!!! Dont compare me to her and DO NOT even start on the topic. Miss goodie two shoes?? DAmmit....i'll show you. Juding someone before you know them is NOT cool!
  543. bugsy

    The Fact or Fiction Game

    Boy....this is a tough one. But I'll have to go with fact....and thats my final answer. (wait a minute. do we know if we're right or wrong? Is the person asking suppose to come and say yes or no afterwards? Soo....right right afterwards? or whenever? UMMMm.....) Lets...
  544. bugsy

    What are you thinking right now?

    i made waaaaay too much spaghetti.... :( and i just saw a shadow freaked out.....then realized it was just my fan. :shock: :lmao:
  545. bugsy

    Hmong go on strike at City Hall

    hey dancy....thanks for the update. May i just ask where you got the information from? Im not doubting you but i would just like to know. And pshh....the info above......just as i thought. :angry:
  546. bugsy

    were did sarnworld go?

    hahaha....we're soo crazzzy. Yelling and calling people for no reason. LoL. Just proves our love to sarnworld. BTW....i FREAKKED out too! lol. But thanks to sarnworld going down....i finally got my butt to watching some dramas again. :D
  547. bugsy

    have u seen kob's movie with stefen

    hey chewy_choua.....nancyvang already wrote out what happened. Just scroll up and click on the spoiler.
  548. bugsy


    kakashi is deadly hotttttt!!!! thats all i wanted to say. :lmao:
  549. bugsy

    whats good to watch???

    GTO!!! (Great Teacher Onizuka) Loved it! And...uh....Summer Snow is alright. I know alot of people like that one but it was just alright to me. You can check it out though. But i definately love love love the theme song in there. Oo ooh...and and....Densha Otoko!! Reminds me of us. :D
  550. bugsy

    What song are you listening to right now?

    the temptations (I LOVE THEM!!) - Lean on Me
  551. bugsy

    PinkyAmanda not talking about hardcore rock or any such thing. but just punky stuff. And it would definately sound awesome if we could find the right people....which would be hard because like you said....they've gotta have major vocals for it. hrmm.....maybe i should start a band. lol. hahah...
  552. bugsy

    im soo stress!!

    slap your girlfriend silly!! that's soo ridiculous! she got herself into this mess and even if you are the one that's "suppose" to save her....this is too big if she happens to get pregnant. I should be a good friend and care and be involved in this situation but your friend...
  553. bugsy

    S.H.E. Forever official thread

    o yes....S.H.E......they're good!! Better than good...they're awesome singers!! And they're songs are really good too! Im not a regular checkup fan of them but i do like them. If you have anymore news or such about em up. I'd like to see how they're doing nowadays too. And one...
  554. bugsy

    have u seen kob's movie with stefen

    well chewy_choua....there ya go.....nancyvang beat me to it. And good thing she did too cause i think she explained it better than i would've. But then again....its always better if you see it yourself.
  555. bugsy

    yard, aum, may

    heyy...this is totally off topic so im sorry but here goes. I never knew that Chakrit went girl to girl like that. Anyone care to update me on who alll the girls have been so far? And even better....any pictures?
  556. bugsy

    bee sting

    oooh...ive only got stung once and it was inbetween the toes. Ouch! Now that hurted!! I hope your boo boo is getting better.
  557. bugsy

    yard, aum, may

    wow...thanks for the translation. well....sounds like a good formula to fame. I better go get started. hahah...i wish.
  558. bugsy

    Hmong go on strike at City Hall

    police can fire if they feel they are being threatened .... and it doesnt just take a gun to threaten people. Many things can be used for weapons. but it's a pity that such thing has arose....for both the guy and the cop. Lets face it....cops are pretty dumb too and can be asses. I can say...
  559. bugsy


    thanks yajvaj.... mannn...she's ghetto. lol. her voice is nice but i think she still needs alot of improvement to get up there. She aint got much omf (<---or however you would spell that). And this is off topic....but i would like to, for once, (or maybe im late) hear a hmong female...
  560. bugsy

    Question game

    urmmm....i havent really officially dedicated any songs to any particular guy or girl although i like to say to myself that i dedicate it to them. lol. O and i also like to think that people dedicate songs to me too...haha. Like there's this one song that i like to think this guy dedicated to...
  561. bugsy

    The Person Below You....

    lets see.....i got a list. and i forgot where i put sorry...cant tell ya at the moment. lol. but one of them is you, tina. scared? The person below me loves me and will buy me a christmas present. :D (hehehe....i am NOT greedy)
  562. bugsy

    request for summary of chakrit's and noon's lakorn

    o shooo....i saw this a while back and i dont think i remember much. Lets see....uhh....Noon lives in a village where her and her brother are like the "leaders" and in that village....they make/weave clothes the old traditional way....with the the manual machine and all. And Chakrit comes...
  563. bugsy

    have u seen kob's movie with stefen

    i think it's HLUB TIAG YOG TUS NEEG ZOO. Dont quote me...but im pretty sure. It should be the nicer looking cover.....hahhaha.
  564. bugsy

    MING DAO (183club) so HOOOOOT :D

    you traitors!! dont worry ming dao...i will and forever will love you. (*note...i was jk about the traitor thing....please dont hit me)
  565. bugsy

    Who Do You Like Better???

    uhhhhh....i'll have to come back later and pick from your list...but while i was reading....i thought of .... what about joy sirilak and joy rinalee? I would pick sirilak....she's gorgeous and very talented.
  566. bugsy

    have u seen kob's movie with stefen

    yea...there are two versions of this lakorn. the one i watched was the longer version (9 parts)....the other one is shorter...although i dont know how many parts exactly. I dont know about you guys but whenever i watch dubbed movies...i try to watch the one that is longer....just so i get to...
  567. bugsy


    does anyone have any samples of her songs......or any direct link to where we can listen to em?? like maybe that youtube link? or her myspace?
  568. bugsy

    Man Im a Loser

    haha....thank gawd you dont use pickup lines. and....depending on the might not want to approach her and say "Hi, i think you're beautiful" might come off as a little too weird. not saying you cant. At the least....just go up to her and introduce yourself...
  569. bugsy


    i can answer that.....and the answer! I used to have a stalker....well....he still stalks me when he sees me nowadays...and he's a real cutie but mann.....he's just freakky. So even if he's attractive...i would still pass.
  570. bugsy

    Question game

    i went to work. if you were the star of your own exotic adult film....what would it be called? :lmao:
  571. bugsy

    im dying

    UGRRRRR!! YOU BASTARD!! JK. Take LOTS of pictures and have fun!!!
  572. bugsy

    What are you thinking right now?

    hrmm...should i go jogging?? o gosh...urmmm.... :unsure: this is how unfit and lazy i am... :lmao:
  573. bugsy

    have u seen kob's movie with stefen

    I soo agree that the ending could've been better!! I doesnt have to be a "let's go to the beach and hug and make up" thing but I kinda expected more cause it was such a good lakorn. O wells.
  574. bugsy

    Man Im a Loser

    so you gonna see her again? or was it just a one time thing? if thats the for you. But time....go say hi. And uhh....dont use one of those corny pickup lines....they're sooo lame. :lmao:
  575. bugsy


    O gosho!! I'm late!! EEekkk I wanna wish a very very VERY Happy birthday to all the birthday people today: wintr, MizzAznKim, sunny_gyr, and last but not least....TINAAA!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TINA! Hopefully today went by wonderfully and may all your wishes come true! Happy 18th!!
  576. bugsy

    Hmong go on strike at City Hall

    wow...sad story indeed. lets just hope that race was not involved in this. And despite if it was or wasnt....the world's f**ked up anyways. *sigh* No more comment.
  577. bugsy

    Five things about yourself

    Oooh....that matsujun guy is cuteee.
  578. bugsy

    What are you thinking right now?

    im getting hungry myself...but im sooo lazy to go cook. Hrmm....maybe i'll find some candy lying around. lol.
  579. bugsy

    Peb Tiam Hlub

    AWw man....I hate it when the singers suck and they still try to copy the original thai or other language songs. I aboslutely LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the songs in Buang Baja Torn and when i heard the hmong version of it at the tourney....i was like....YUCK!! O gosh.....i mean....if the singers...
  580. bugsy

    have u seen kob's movie with stefen

    I watched it and I can say that it's not that bad. They still cut some parts out but it's not THAT bad compared to other companies. I saw the original and now this one and thank god they translated it cause I sooo wanted to know what all the family talks in the lakorn was about. lol...
  581. bugsy

    Dan & Beam

    :w000t: I want!! I especially want that Beam pillow! Where can you buy this again? Anyone found out yet?
  582. bugsy

    Beam and his fan lucky. I wish i got to see him up close....even when his face is saying "i need to goooo". *sigh* I LOVEEERS BEam!!! :wub:
  583. bugsy

    What are you thinking right now?

    im still feeling a little guilty from last night. I went to a friend's birthday party and blah blah blah happened and i yelled at someone. With cussing and all.....and I dont even know that person well. We know each other from high school but more like aquantances. Anyways...mann....that was...
  584. bugsy

    Pictures from your childhood

    ahahaha....i just lovee lookin at our style back then. Mann...its soo sweet! :lmao:
  585. bugsy

    tsab mim interview

    hmong has a country genre?? whoaa....
  586. bugsy

    Mab Vaj

    ooooh....herr!!!! Omg....she annoys offense to any of her fans. I mean...her voice is alright and all....its just....something in her voice....its annoying. Anyways....I think Mai Xyooj is a wayy better singer even if they're being compared to each other.
  587. bugsy

    Magazine Picture...X)

    OOoh..really? When did he cut it? Do you have a picture? much as i wish he'd cut his hair...i agree with you that his long hair is like his signature.
  588. bugsy

    TV Inside-Kob Suvanant?

    ooooo.....hottness!! I loveee her outfits. She's soo gorgeous in this photo shoot.
  589. bugsy

    Five things about yourself

    OMG!! :lmao:
  590. bugsy

    What song are you listening to right now?

    Shattered Echoz - Peb Haiv
  591. bugsy

    Reduntant scenes in most thai movies................

    hahaha....nice one! And....why....on the rape scenes....does the guy always go for the neck??? lol....its annoying me. I prefer the lips, thank you.
  592. bugsy


    lmao. can you girls picture kevin in heels and an evening gown....not to mention the makeup and hairdo. Pwhahahahha!!!! You should take a picture kevin....maybe we'll consider you the winner. Maybe...just maybe. Anyways....back on track...I didnt watch it...but im sure they'll be re-showing...
  593. bugsy

    Pagnia Xiong

    Pagnia Xiong, the Hmong Idol winner? I think she's also a sarnie. She sanged for Sarn Idol I. ^_^ And yups....she's got talent.
  594. bugsy

    A hmong story

    “What did you guys just say?” said a quietly trembled voice from the doorway. Houa turned around and, “Meng!!” she gasps, “what are you doing here? …How’d you…..don’t tell me you…” “That’s right,” replied Meng, “I followed you. It was the only way I would’ve found out Mai’s location. Now tell...
  595. bugsy

    What are you thinking right now?

    o gosh...i know i shouldnt have a cow about it....but mom has been annoying me soo bad lately. Hrmm...probably cause im kinda moody too...but gosh....why'd she gotta be sooo unbelievably thats even the right word. I hate her asking us questions....its getting soo...
  596. bugsy

    What are you thinking right now?

    man....people are seriously trying to torture us at work today! My hands hurt just from opening damn disposable cameras all day! Ughh.... I've never hated cameras soo much...especially those waterproof ones! urgg...
  597. bugsy

    Post your desktop!

    okay....thanks sunstar.... here's mine....i didnt make know who you are. my friends are prescious to me....^_^
  598. bugsy

    Five things about yourself

    Hey first own topic on Shout Out.....I'm soo proud of myself. lol. Anyways...i dont know if we've already had this topic but o well. List FIVE things about yourself....and remember to keep it FUN!! first.... 1) I love nuts. LOL! Cashews, coconuts, peanut butter, peanut...
  599. bugsy

    Post your desktop!

    how do you get a screen shot of your desktop? How do you do a screen shot in general? lol. I soooo need to learn.
  600. bugsy

    Magazine Picture...X)

    does/did louis EVER cut his hair?? i use to track him a while back but i dont anymore....and damn....hes still looking hott...but another thing he still got....his hair! I tottally think he should cut his hair. He needs a new look.
  601. bugsy

    Reduntant scenes in most thai movies................ guys crack me was fun reading from page one because its sooo true. what about when.... they both end up sleeping in one room and the guy always gets to sleep on the floor next to her….but before he does…they always have an argument/talk about who’s getting the floor...
  602. bugsy

    22nd july 2003

    my love and blessing goes out to him too! Mann...this is making me :(
  603. bugsy

    Namfon(stephen gf) new photoshoot

    Same here....never seen that side of her before.....but wow....she's got sexiness written all over her. Eh...i gots a question. Call me slow long have her and Stephen been dating?
  604. bugsy


    there's always two sides to the story. ALWAYS. So its not totally her fault if she's mad....there must be a reason why shes doing that to you. Im not trying to lecture just saying....there IS always two sides to the story. And like the other girls say....there might be some...
  605. bugsy

    How do you express your feelings

    Okay since everyone was writing...i thought i'd give it a shot. Here are just some random stanzas i wrote today. They all share one topic, and that is friendship, but do not go together in any particular order. Again, they're just really random....its not together. Amateur here...dont laugh...
  606. bugsy

    Chalk Art first i read "i like the cookie one".....and went up to find the cookie one....but there WASNT a cookie one. I was like...Nameless....wth? lol. But i can read. :D
  607. bugsy

    Txhob Haus Ntshav Tes

    that title makes it sound like another typical horror movie. The couple haus ntshav tes...and then someone cheats and somehow something happens and one of them dies and comes for the other. Typical. It'd be good if they make it different.
  608. bugsy

    Question game

    i'd totally love to go crazzy on my friends right now. Well....some of them, that is. I wanna slap some sense into them....literally! Go all out and explode on them....tell them the truth....ripe their selfish little hearts out and break the news to them. *sigh* whats the sweetest thing...
  609. bugsy

    Korean series

    "Nyob Los Ntxub, Tso Los Nco".....AWWWWWWWW....i think its such a cute title. Waaaaay different from "Full House" ... obviously.... but yawww....just wanted to comment on that..... dont mind me
  610. bugsy

    hmoob jail bait!

    jail bait?? I dont get it. :unsure:
  611. bugsy

    how tall are you?

    *HIGH FIVE* Wanna join me in kicking people in the knees?
  612. bugsy

    What are you thinking right now?

    i wished i miss somebody......mannn.....ya guys are making me feel bad cause i dont have no one to miss. Hrmmmm....I miss the old days....does that count? lol. Its not someone....its something.
  613. bugsy

    My Job - Your Job

    searching for a job sucks butt.....i feel ya guy's pain. Good luck job hunting though....
  614. bugsy


    outta sarnworld, my friends call me: -by my real name......of course -bugsy - i got this waaaaaaaay back -bugs - its what my brother calls me -shamoo - a nickname my silly friends made for supposedly Shamoo the Indian chick who lives in story...dont ask -margey -...
  615. bugsy

    If you could meet anyone on sarnworld it would be..

    *high-fives sarn* wow sarn....we have something in :lmao:
  616. bugsy

    what type of phone u got?

    I have the latest version of the invisible phone. And the coolest was free! Cool, eh?
  617. bugsy

    Question game

    rice....cause we're outta rice and im HUNGRY!!! If the world was going to explode and you only had an hour left....what would you do and where would you go?
  618. bugsy

    [MBC] Goong (Princess Hour) bitch. thats funny. ummm....sure...if you wanna use that word. But i personally dont think he was all that bad....he was just too much in love with her....and seeing that Shin Goon was doing nothing....of course he did what he did. I feel sorry for him. He didnt do anything...
  619. bugsy

    First Kiss

    Pwhahaha!!!! O-M-G!!! Thank you? You poor guy you. No wonder you've taken on sooo many masters. lol.
  620. bugsy

    What are you thinking right now?

    nooo....dont even know what it is. wat is it? energy drink? soda?
  621. bugsy

    A hmong story

    oooooooh......niceee. But damn that meng!! he's soo weak!! he looked down when talking to his dad about mai!! That weak bastard!
  622. bugsy

    What are you thinking right now?

    this mountain dew is not doing its job! grrr.... haha
  623. bugsy

    Your Dream

    okay since im bored....i'll come and blab about some of my past there was this one dream ..... Britney Spears came to visit me at my house all of a sudden and I was like...."whaaa?? britney?" (im not a big fan of hers) ... Anyways....i forgot what we were talking...
  624. bugsy

    If you could meet anyone on sarnworld it would be..

    is superman part of sarnworld?? I wanna meet him too!
  625. bugsy

    Your Dream

    Hahahah....Tina.....dont you just hate alarm clocks? Cool ass dream you got there....mannn....if only it was real. I'd be rich!
  626. bugsy

    If you could meet anyone on sarnworld it would be..

    cool! I want a list too. Okay....they're not in any specific order. I was gonna go and do a little description too...but i got started and it was too much for here's just a list. -Lynn -Tina -Annee -Hakkie -Kevin -Tyzair -Wai Wai -Muddie -Ning -Ly -Ben -Tim -Pee -Sarn -Lek -Ray...
  627. bugsy

    A hmong story

    thanks for the update guys. But im confused on one part. Why is she back in school? Isnt it still summer? I thought she was only trying to get away from home so she can see the doctor without any worries from her family. Lol. O well. S'all good.....the story still goes. Keep it coming...
  628. bugsy

    Sarnworld Chat...

    aww man! I wasnt in the new record! DAmn wireless....i blame you! But wow....SEVENTEEN!! Thats wow......look there's no more room for the member's names. lol.
  629. bugsy

    Your Dream

    omg....i have to share my dream from last night!! Its sooo wacked! So i was hanging out with my supposedly friends in the dream (mixture of guys and girls) and one of them was Crystal from Return of the Condor Heroes. She was dressed in her outfit from that drama and there was also this other...
  630. bugsy

    mike with???

    Mike and Rainie! is ariel lin the chick from "it started with a kiss?" I havent seen "Love Contract" but I dont know if i want to....she kinda ruined it for me in "it started with a kiss".....
  631. bugsy

    Sarnworld Chat...

    yay! I'm on the list! Although i wasnt much of a talker last night. Hrmm....i forgot what i was busy doing. O well. O yea...and i dont think i ever found out who changed their name to v-tush. lol. I'm still curious. O.O
  632. bugsy

    Kob Suwanan (The Actress)

    those are some weird places to take pictures....for example...the last picture. but hey....s'all good cause kob is in it. lol.
  633. bugsy

    puri graduated

    ooooh....very cool! Congrats graduates!
  634. bugsy

    What does this mean?

    is this off of a commercial or movie or something?
  635. bugsy

    A hmong story

    hey cool....another writer to the team! well...anyone who wants to continue....feel free to. I"ll be busy for a while so for now i'll just read. And I cant wait to read on too!
  636. bugsy


    cool!!! now THIS is art. Can ya tutor me sarn? lol.
  637. bugsy

    &&. ________________ miko's ART x{

    I didnt want to quote all those pictures but...."WOWOWOWOWOW!!!"
  638. bugsy

    Kayla's Creative Thread

    "WOW!!" Those are incredible posters! Im loving them! If only they were really coming out....I wanna see!! Awww....but they're i'll just keep lookin at the cover. ^_^ Awesome work...keep continuing your work here so i can come back...^_^
  639. bugsy

    MING DAO (183club) so HOOOOOT :D

    psshhhhh.....N-O!!! HE'S MINE!!!! MINEEEEEEE!!!!!! I LOVE YOU MIND DAO!!! *goes on my tippy toes and kisses him* Muahahahahah.....NOW he's all mine!!!
  640. bugsy

    Sally's Artwork

    awwww....i LOVERS it Sally!!!! Thanks sooooo much!
  641. bugsy

    A hmong story

    hahahah...i love it!! Now this sounds more like hakkie....getting hit by girls. lol.
  642. bugsy

    Cant get married, import

    i personally would not take that route if i am at that stage in life. And I feel you too, I dont think I'll have a guy in my life by age 30 but I love myself too much to do that. I believe in love and would never marry just for the sake of old age (although i do not think 30 is old nowadays)...
  643. bugsy

    Le Robe De Mariage Des Cieux (天國的嫁衣)

    i just started the series today...up to episode 3. And im loving Ming Dao's character if i dont already love him.
  644. bugsy

    don't buy this movie "Kev Hlub Ntawm Lub Pas Dej"?

    okay....will do....^_^
  645. bugsy

    A hmong story

    i just had to say....lido! you added hakkie!! lol. And he's a business man? lol. Hakkie's his own boss. I thought he'd be on the street anyways....ini-mini-miney-mo....catch a tiger by its toe....darnit...i forgot.
  646. bugsy

    A hmong story

    uh oh. yes...that is a problem.....i like both of them... :( .
  647. bugsy

    Vector and Thangs

    wow! wow! wow! you should really go into professional photography. and your sister should go into modeling. your better than some studios pictures i've seen. And this is off topic...but are you also the makeup/hair/clothes artist for your sister's photos? Man....whoever it is, they're...
  648. bugsy

    Sev Creations

    i want a camera now too!!! very nice artwork and you're a great photographer. ^_^
  649. bugsy


    omg.......speechless. I loverrss your work! Awesomely beautiful!! And i loooveee how you incorporate nature. Do you take requests? teehee....'re awesome! i wanna see more.
  650. bugsy

    Sally's Artwork're damn talented and im loving your artworks. I was wondering if you could do one for me? A banner/avatar? anyways...thanks for sharing and keep em coming
  651. bugsy

    &&. ________________ miko's ART x{

    wow....i just HAD to comment. They're all just amazing! Keep em coming.
  652. bugsy

    babe_girl's art work

    wow....your artwork is really niceeeeee. im totally diggin it. ^_^
  653. bugsy

    A hmong story

    yay......this story is finally on the roll again. And oooh....babe_gurl.....niceeeee.
  654. bugsy

    share true real life love story

    Wow!! I'm speechless. I can't begin to think of how your feeling right now....but wow....your story is really touching. Thanks for sharing. It made me smile. ^_^
  655. bugsy

    A hmong story

    “DABTSI NO??!!’ shouted everyone in the room. Mai quickly removed his hand around her. “Umm….umm….what to do…what to do” thought Mai to herself, panicking. “Are you sure you’re not still drunk?” she asked with a chuckle, hoping to change the mood. “No, I’m completely sober and what I said is...
  656. bugsy

    Korean series

    you know what i would NOT recommend?? ----Glass Slippers/Shoes....I hate it!! At the end....after the other dude dies....I soooo wanted the main dude to die!! I was like....urg....why cant you die instead!! BAstard!!! And ---Stairways to Heaven.....I refuse to finish it!! I still havent...
  657. bugsy

    Dao Vwj

    eeekkkk.....ya know what? i just realized something. I think he kinda looks like my brother.....just.....a more good looking version. hahah.... gotta be the
  658. bugsy

    Le Robe De Mariage Des Cieux (天國的嫁衣)

    Thanks for the info i can finally watch it!! I've been searching forever.
  659. bugsy

    [Taiwan] The Prince Turn Into Frog

    yes yes...definately a must see. Kitkat...that's what i thought too when i first saw the cast....I was like... :unsure: .....and when i first saw ming dao's picture....I was like <_< ;) :unsure: ......but then...i watched the series and i fell in love with it!!! And as for ming dao, he has...
  660. bugsy

    Ever had thoughts about commiting suicide?

    to answer your question....yes, once in a while. although i've never really attempted anything...just thoughts. and its soooo easy just to think up of such a thing, whether you want to or not. i, too, dont like the idea of commimtting suicide but i can understand why people do it. Behind...
  661. bugsy

    A hmong story

    FINALLY!!! Someone updated!! YAY!!
  662. bugsy

    what's ya last name??

    im a xiong
  663. bugsy

    Korean series

    Hrmm....korean series... Well, I really like Eugene's movies and so if you liked "Save the Last Dance for Me"....why not try her other ones: "Wonderful Life" and "Loving You" And other series I enjoyed were: --Spring Waltz --Delightful Girl Choon-'something' (<--sorry, forgot the other part...
  664. bugsy

    Your picture

    haha...i love my socks too! And just proved that you know your d2b guys because in that could only see one of the guys and its kinda blurry too.....whoa...are you just that good or what?
  665. bugsy

    Ua Zoo Tau Ntuj Ntoo

    can you give us more information? you said it was is it thai, chinese, korean? And do you know who stars in it?
  666. bugsy

    New Hmong singer: Lao Moua

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! OMG.....I CANT BELIEVE YOU GUYS HAVE A TOPIC ABOUT HIM HERE! Well, I think his voice is nice but as for looks....everytime i look at him...i cant stop myself from laughing!!! LMAO! You wanna know why? It's not because he's cute/not cute or his poses ..... but....i swear...
  667. bugsy

    What are you thinking right now?

    im craving for something sooooo cold that will make me go brain freeze. broke though! shooooo..
  668. bugsy

    The things you people find it weird?

    i tend to leave the car door open...and most of the time i find myself doing that at stores/places with alot of people. And i am not proud of that. lol. When i was younger i, too, ate rice with sugar. And i also ate rice with mountain dew instead of rice with water. Yummy! (key word is...
  669. bugsy

    Dao Vwj

    i think hes cute. he has a badboy vibe to him...oooh....thats hot. lets just hope hes not a real one. Anyways...i think he's one of the best young hmong actor ive ever seen.
  670. bugsy

    Your picture

    hey lido_lynn and everyone's my picture.... ... ............... ....... ........ :D
  671. bugsy

    have any1 seen delightful girl chun yun choon

    Actually I dont think that ALL of them suck, although some very much do. But if you've noticed....some of the companies are getting better and better such as the voices and they dont cut out as much scenes as before.
  672. bugsy

    Kob's new movie

    isnt one version longer than the other? i guess if it were me, i'd get the longer one....which i think is the one where the cover is better looking too. The other cover is an ugly photoshop one. And yes...the girl who dubbed the voice for Dala in Luerd Kattiya is pretty good.
  673. bugsy

    Do you think the BM thread needs to be organized?

    THANKS Sarn for cleaning things up in there. ^_^
  674. bugsy

    Where did your boyfriend take you on your first date?

    he wasnt my boyfriend but we went out on a date (my 1st date) and were dancing the night away at the Destiny Valentines Party a couple years back. :wub:
  675. bugsy

    Joon and His Special Someone

    aww...the girl is sooo cute! man...i'd be happy if i had a face like hers. And i'd be happier if i had a photoshoot with him too. lol.
  676. bugsy

    Chakrit's girl

    c'mon....she's pretty despise the smirks....I can picture her and chakrit together. And im loving the poses....i love nature! ^_^
  677. bugsy

    "Old Hmong Men married young girls from Laos"

    hey hey....lets not group all the females over there together. I agree with ya about the girls wanting money and stuff....but im pretty sure it's not ALL of em even if it is the majority or watever. But yeaaa....thats all.
  678. bugsy

    new movie coming out kevhlub120

    wow...interesting discussion here. its either i agree with both sides or im neutral...^_^. comment on that. I just wanted to say that I kinda know the guy. He's my "friend's" older brother and he lives in my town but is just going to college in madision...anyways....i hate his...
  679. bugsy

    have any1 seen delightful girl chun yun choon

    are you guys serious?!!! They only translated up to episode 2 in hmong? That's sooooo lame! And I happen to like that drama too....the WHOLE thing though.
  680. bugsy

    First Kiss

    lol..pee...i'll tell ya all about it when the time comes. ^_^ hrmm...maybe i'll ask tik...:P
  681. bugsy

    share true real life love story

    hrmm....i tried writing mine on microsoft word before i posted it here..but after doing so...i realized that i just couldnt. I couldnt even express how everything happened, how i felt, and how it all ended because there were just no right words for it. All i can say is that he came into my...
  682. bugsy

    Hmong July 4

    o gosh...this year has got to be the worst yet! on saturday, my stepmom wanted us to buy them some sausages and bring it to the we did and when we got was hard communicating and all because we had no idea where they were and we couldn't just stop our car at the front gate...
  683. bugsy

    Hmong July 4

    well....i guess we'll just have to go and see what happens, eh? cause at this point....its kinda complicated .... not even sure whos meeting and all. but i'll still attempt to go and see what happens...hope you guys do too.
  684. bugsy

    Hmong July 4

    hey im going on saturday too but i dont know what time hopefully i'll be there around noon-ish. are we going to tell each other apart again? booth it is then?? If they dont have one about destiny? are they still together...
  685. bugsy

    First Kiss

    my hand is still up high as well. ^_^ and first kiss eh? I'm sorry it was due to a dare but wow...i cant believe you kicked him in the balls...hahaha
  686. bugsy

    Hmong July 4

    hey turns out I'll be going...but only on saturday. What about the rest of you guys? We need to pick a place and time ... and fast cause its getting there. So....a band booth then? or wat?
  687. bugsy

    Levis Engineered Jeans "Free to Move"

    whats up with the wwe belts. lol.
  688. bugsy

    A hmong story

    Hopefully im not late again….here goes…. Mai creeps back into the room and sees that Meng really went out. She quickly but quietly goes to the door and locks it. With a little sigh of relief on her face, she goes to the closet to see if there was anything useful in there. And there was. She...
  689. bugsy

    Your picture

    lol.....pee....thanks. And speaking of pictures....i dont think I've ever seen YOU. post up your pictures my dear pee....either in here or the shout out.
  690. bugsy

    Your picture

    Really!!!??!! Darnit....I missed the note! Uhhhh....I posted in the wrong thread? hahah. Fine, but i'll do it later. And lido_lynn....repost yours!
  691. bugsy

    Hmong July 4

    i havent been there for a while...but isnt there a stage or something with performances?? If so, you guys could meet there. We'll see if i come too. If not...then pick a band .. any band...and we'll meet in front of their booth. And just so you guys/we could tell who is a sarnie or...
  692. bugsy

    Janie Thienphosuwan

    whoaaa.....SEXY MAMA! lol.
  693. bugsy

    Pic Willy & Yelly"s wedding

    im totally loving the whole white and pink theme going on there. and the wedding looks soo dreamy. Congrats to the newlyweds!!
  694. bugsy

    Your picture

    well..i guess im late and some of the pictures are already deleted! :shock: Anyways...keep them coming girls! And...wasnt there another thread like this except it was pictures of you in your hmong clothes? hrmm....i wonder what happened to that one....i liked that one. Anyways....keep em...
  695. bugsy

    A hmong story!! This is getting too good. You authors rock!! It's like you guys are all telepathicaly communicating or something cause so far...both storylines have flowed nicely together. Im anxious to know what happens keep it coming...^_^
  696. bugsy

    "Old Hmong Men married young girls from Laos" thats just disturbing and disgusting!!! Yuck!! Good thing he got locked up...he deserves it!
  697. bugsy

    How did you come up with your username?

    bugsy's my real life nickname and the first one i've ever gotten too. so even if not everybody calls me that nowadays...i still use it. except my brother and this other dude calls me "bugs". ^_^
  698. bugsy

    A hmong story

    whoops....looks like we got a problem. Im sorry...Im a little late. My post was suppose to be after they're in the park and he takes her to his car. If you guys dont post could be the scene before lido_lynn's where they go to the beach house. I read it over...i think it still...
  699. bugsy

    A hmong story

    Hey…this is my first time doing this….so I hope its okay….here goes: “don’t you think for one second that you’ll get what you want by doing this to me!!” yelled Mai. “well, we’ll just wait and see..” said Meng. “I hate you! Do you understand that! Let me out right now!!” Mai said as she...
  700. bugsy

    It Started With A Kiss

    Hrmm....this series is alright. Im just about halfway through and I guess im kinda lagging to finish it. Im not too please....someone tell me that it gets better.
  701. bugsy

    The Blah Thread

    awww....PEEEEE!!! *HUG HUG HUG HUG HUG HUG*** I"m soo sorry to hear that you've had a life like that but girl...i admire you for sticking up for yourself and your brothers. There are some mean people out there and you shouldnt blame yourself for acting or thinking the way you do. It's...
  702. bugsy

    New movies in Hmong

    yea...i saw tik and janies new movie out too. Man...hmong people are fast. And I agree with the person above who says that they are also missing out on alot of good lakorns.
  703. bugsy

    [Taiwan] The Prince Turn Into Frog

    the second ending is kinda like a music video thing...they dont actually act it all out. its on youtube. and i glad they choose the ending they did....otherwise....errrRRRRR!!!!
  704. bugsy


  705. bugsy


    its like the "new" asianavenue cause nobody ever goes to aa now....everyones at asiantown. except me. lol.
  706. bugsy

    Guys and Eyeliner

    ladies.....the men have spoken. lol.
  707. bugsy

    Guys and Eyeliner

    hahaha....thats funny...cute if hes cute....but overall funny. who knows...maybe in the future....we'll actually hear that.
  708. bugsy

    lolz......cute and funny

    HOLY SH**!!! That's hilarious!!!
  709. bugsy

    Sarnworld Chat...

    okay pee. urmm....should we sign a contract or something about this. lol.
  710. bugsy

    I Never saw sooo mUCH BLOOD

    omg sarn....are you alright too?? Sounds like you're in well you should be. Hrmm....I dunno what to say...just that good thing you were there and hope YOU'RE doing fine as well. Update us on the boy's health, okay?
  711. bugsy

    Guys and Eyeliner

    if you look closely, some guys in dramas wear some faint eyeliner. I have this thing of checking it out to see who does and who doesnt. hahaha.... like....i wonder if ming dao's eyes are really that dark around the edges?? lol. Nevetheless....he's still my NUMBER ONE LOVER!!
  712. bugsy

    "Old Hmong Men married young girls from Laos"

    i admire you guys, nekoyuyu and slee00, for wanting to start up this idea. It's totally great and I hope you guys successfully accomplish it in the years to come if you guys are serious about it. And I"m also glad that there are a number of people replying and commenting on this topic because...
  713. bugsy

    Brenda Song

    her co-star, Shen, in the new movie "Wendy Wu, Homecoming Warrior" is SOOOOOO FREAKKKKKIIINNN HOOOOTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!! dROOLSS...
  714. bugsy

    Hmong July 4 we already have some soccer competitors in here already. cool!! lol. idea!! I"ll see if I'm going. But...where in the world would we set up the place? Its gonna be hard. Unless we all wear like...the same colored shirts and stuff....ahahahha.
  715. bugsy

    New Case...

    whoaa....tough world. okay...first off....i thought this thread was about the case of general vang pao and laura xiong....not the idea of going back to laos. And going back to the real topic....Im a little lost. I wonder what the video contained that made the white girl want to sell it and...
  716. bugsy


  717. bugsy

    The Blah Thread just make me smile. ^_^ Well....i've been busy with school and now that school's out...i've been busy trying to find a new job. I HAVE been in and out of sarnworld reading and posting here and there but i've also just been totally lazy the past few...who knows when...
  718. bugsy

    how to act around girls?

    AMEN to that!! I too think that we, girls, are annoying when it comes to dating. Its like....urggg....hrmmmm...ummm.....ekkkk....urgggg...!!!! And is very cool if you could act like yourself (this goes for both males and females) and the other person would still like you....but lets...
  719. bugsy

    Sarnworld Chat...

    hrmm....what time do you guys usually go on?? before it was later at night (11-ish p.m. for me) but now everytime i go...seems like there's no one at all.
  720. bugsy

    how to act around girls?

    lol...reagan...are you gonna try that out?? help a poor girl out and then just disappear?? :angry: okay...go for it.. :D long as its not one of us sarnie chicks....cause we know kung fu. oo yea...up there i said "heel" .... i meant to say "tippy-toes".
  721. bugsy

    Joy in Hong Kong

    i think she NEEDS the weight gain. she has a gorgeous face but i just think she's too skinny. still love her though.
  722. bugsy

    Quiz time again

    hahah..this is too funny. I dont even want to attempt now.
  723. bugsy

    nomadic souls

    i keep telling going to do going to do going to go out of this country and explore one day. And I really wish I could be out there with dfemc and's my biggest issue right now. Maybe next year or the year after that. I plan to go tour...
  724. bugsy

    how to act around girls?

    Omg...I know im late for this..but i just had to say something about this. I had a "book" experience before...not quite like Darvil's here but it was soooo :wub: and soo dumb on my part. was the beginning of this year of my freshmen year in college when we had to go pick up...
  725. bugsy

    How do you express your feelings

    saifah....your just like one of my close gal friends...she wriites out her emotions on paper...which i find is a really good stress reliever. What I use to do was just look out my window and talk to the person up there, God. But i dont do that anymore...:( Now, all i do as a stress reliever...