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    where do you guys eat at home

    i like to eat in my room on the floor with the pa kow. my family is old school...LOL we have a dining table but we still choose to eat on the floor its much more fun and cozy.
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    coffee slim

    Whats wrong with a little boost? its just like drinking energy drinks for energy it gives you a boost of energy and at the end it just drains you out. A boost doesn't really do any harm unless you over do it.
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    A 20-year-old Laotian gang member who shot and killed a rival Hmong gang member

    This gang stuff is getting soo old i thought it died out already...Lucas it is possible for gang members to change themselves and become a better person I know many gang members that were once hardcore thugs that are now well educated hard working men/woman. For me alot of people say that...
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    Laos Weddings

    Yes I agree laos/thai/cambodian food are very similar as well as our traditions. We have that same three hour tradition and same type of reception which is held at a hall. We have the same rowdy crowd I mean you can't expect people to be boring at a wedding right?... I'd rather have my guest...
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    coffee slim

    Personally. I don't think that ppl that uses dietary supplements lack confidence but its just that they need a boost to help them achieve their weight lose goal.
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    coffee slim

    Do you mean Tip Coffee? Yes Ive heard of it. My mom actually bought like alot of these coffee. Shes been drinking it for about 2 weeks now and she says she lost 6pounds! She says it makes you go use the restroom and curb her appetite. I think with any diet supplement a sensible meal and...
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    3GP files for blackberry

    I was browsing the website for some 3gp files for my phone and i couldn't find any site that has a 3gp thai lakorns...anyone know of any???
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    my myspace is --->im always myspacin day and night even after the 4am..hahaha...wat a life huh!? well feel free to add me.
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    what is ur favorite perfume or cologne?

    I love Paris by Paris Hilton and Armani favorite scent of the moment