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    A great site to upload songs and d/l songs

    hey thanks!!!
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    Gillian And Edison

    I do agree with you two on this they are human too and if they want to have sex let them be. also, yes i do give gilian props for showing up unlike edc. many people are saying that he cannot be at hk anymore because there are people over there who will kill him or hurt him he show his faces...
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    Edison Chen Scandal w/ various actresses...

    yes I agree with you Mister Bubbub on how EDC keep saying victims over and over! yes and that apology video is lame. he didn't seem to say anythign like sorry for not keeping those photos and clip safe now all of you are trouble. He is the one who had those pictures and how stupid could you get...
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    Fahrenheit or Lolipop??

    neither! i don't even know them well and their music are ok! i wouldn't pick either of these groups i guess they haven't sang a song that got me to like them
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    not to be mean or anything! I'm a huge fan of jet lee and i was looking forward to a movie with jet and jackie but seeing the trailer when i went to The Eye. this movie doesn't seem that good! but i am still going to watch it just for the sake of my asian stars!
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    Gillian And Edison

    i guess its not over yet! i thought that Rachel Ngan is the last since Kira is getitng pay already. But i guess he is releasing new pictures. Here is a website you guys can go and check it out. It has nothign to do with any of the pictures but just an update...
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    Aum goin out wif VJ Jar

    aww that is sad to hear that! I feel sorry for them! but i guess its ok! they can go and find new parnters! well, thanks for sharing!
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    they can pass as sisters (well to me) I like them both! they look so pretty!
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    IMAGE Magazine : AFF

    funny how i never notice her until JLR! THANKS FOR SHARING!
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    Gillian And Edison

    oh and i forgot to tell you guys and ladies this "that this is like a last year problem, where kira had ask for a money but EDC and EGG did not agree to it and so the newspaper and so did not print anything out and one of the memeber in the Kira group got kill because he got caught and did not...
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    Gillian And Edison

    from what i have known is that he is dating Vincy Young (however her name is spell like) she is the niece of EGG (think this is how its spell too). there were recent picture of him coming back to HK and going shopping with her and waving at the camera who took their pictures. I think that EDC...
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    edison's sex clip?

    yeah i think so too! there was a clip of him and gillan supposely but you can't really see the people clearly so it could just be someone making it up since this scandal is seem to be pretty big plus the room doesn't look like any other room that was from the pictures! but who knows.
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    a girl in sac is ordering tub yaj

    LOL!!!! RIGHT NOW!!! LOL!!! Not a fan either, but i find what you wrote to be funny! LOL!!!
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    I believe both of the girls do play the piano. However, the pa girl may not be a very good piano player like the second one. Like many of the people had said in here you can see her (second girl) hands move around and stuff also, good piano player can close their eyes and stuff. LIke that jay...
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    LOL! Not a fan of Tou Yaj but find that to be funny! Why marry I guy who have fans if you can't stand the fans that is all I'm saying! but that is pretty funny! Also, I hope your friend is OK and not hurt or anything from that lady! thanks for sharing! LOL! stilly find the funny!
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    wow! i didn't know dan sang one of seven's song! well, i went to imeem and check it out and i have to say they both are good and they have their own way of singing it but i still like seven verison more. to me it sound much better so will have to go with seven.
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    Subway Hmong Shaman

    wow! that is very interesting! thanks for sharing!
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    What Is Your Opinion On Dating Other Ethnicity?

    I don't mind at all! I mean we are all human its just that we have different skin color. But I know my parents won't like it. If some day I adopt my own kids (not planning to get marry) and they want to get marry to a different race I say if they like you and you like them yeah I'm fine with it...
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    [DL] 3 Tiam Hlub Tsis Tsim Nyog [2007] - Part 1 & 2

    thanks for the upload! title seem interesting (hint can't read hmong)! LOL! Anyway thanks for uploading this!
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    Leslie's Artworks

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    Please help me!!

    sorry i can't help you much! I am as interest in this as you! also, before leaving this topic thanks for the information you are sharing here and I also like her too! she is so talented! old school movie rocks!
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    voos yaj two new movie

    haven't seen any of these movies here! but anyway i agree with you on the part where he slap his sister for no reason and die! that did sound really stupid! well thanks for sharing the summary!
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    i guess they didn't want to do it the hard way up and be known they chose this way even though knowing it is not right or so. maybe they don't think like me. however, either way is still hard to get famous but i am guessing this is the get famous easy way. well, thanks for sharing your opinion...
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    Klin Kaew Klang Jai (dubbed in Hmong)

    man, this movie piss me off! i was watching it on crunchyroll! its not a bad movie or anything but i felt like it was too draggy and there were things that didn't need to be in there. i didn't even start watching it from epsiode 1 either i started somewhere in the middle and than skip to the end...
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    A true miss hmong california?

    interesting topic going on here! one is too young and the other one is too old to be doing this! LOL! not to be mean! but i don't even really know who these two are so yeah! i do agree with a lot of is being say here! i think they could pass as mother and daughter! what i really want to know is...
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    Thai Lakorn w/Eng Sub

    thanks for sharing!