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    Mario contracted with Ch3

    Mario's first drama with Channel 3 will be Taew. Those two are like hot right now. They are the future of channel 3 for sure.
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    Pae Arak Says Thai Girls Are Much More Beautiful Than Laotian Girls

    Have you read the negative comments on that blog? Oh Thai girls are sluts, chasing after white men for visas, they get plastic surgery. It's really mess up to say something like that. Plus I don't see the point of them saying that about Thai girls if they are only piss at P'Pae.
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    Pae Arak Says Thai Girls Are Much More Beautiful Than Laotian Girls

    Also there is no need for you guys to like threaten him and the comments on that blog is kind of mess up... calling Thai girls sluts and prostitute? The things that you guys say make you no better than him. What did Thai people ever done to you guys to make you guys say stuff like that?
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    Pae Arak Says Thai Girls Are Much More Beautiful Than Laotian Girls

    Are there a lot of Laos on this forum? If then I am sorry for P'Pae... trust me not all Thai guys think Laos girls are ugly. I'm Thai and I have to admit what he said is kind of rude. Don't hate Thai people.... >_<
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    I have a cursh on her since the first time I saw her in that Pancake MV :wub:
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    Did Waii really say this????

    ^If she thinks that it will make both of them look bad why is she still talking about it with the press? Seriously what is Waii thinking? I always wonder when will RS go bankrupt because all the stars they are developing and releasing are all fake. Now I know why there are so many anti-Waii on...
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    Did Waii really say this????

    I never really was interested in her and her work. I know that there is a lot of Anti-Waii in Thailand and on the net but you can't deny that she has talent. When I heard her talk about this mini "scandal" I just felt that she was just another one of "RS" attention SEEKER. First it was P'Film...
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    Did Waii left Kamikaze???

    I was wondering did waii left kamikaze? cause I've been hearing that she left.
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    Thai Version of Boys Over Flower

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    Thai Version of Boys Over Flower

    Geum Jan Di : Toey Gu Jun Pyo : Pitt from C-Quint (He fits the role of Jun Pyo. Come on now.) Yoon Ji Hoo : Mario Maurer So Yi Jeong: Peck Palitchoke Song Woo Bin : Aof Pongsak Chu Ga Eul: Pattie Angsumalin
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    Payu's new MV One Kiss

    I always wonder who is the better singer and dancer between P'Chin and Payu. But yeah Payu has improved a lot since his last album. His music sounds more mature now than the last one.
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    Kat performs Beyounce's Single Ladies and PCD's Buttons

    Can she go inter now? She is so talented in singing and dancing!
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    P'Tae latest single!! P'Tae latest single Ruk kun krung nueng...kid tung talod pai from his new album!!
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    chin chinawut in taiwan filming a taiwanese drama

    It's actually a Malaysia fund drama but with a Taiwanese Cast. Chin is the lead Thai actor I think.
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    Techin is GMM's new artist. I think he won the 2007 Dutchie Award or something. But yeah he is really talented, he can sing from classic to loog toong to pop! Anyway his songs are good in my opinion. ^_^ MVS:
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    Vill and Aerin on 3 Num 3 Mum Show

    They're both cute!! Techin is mad talented. ^_^
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    [NEW MV] Techin's new MV

    GMM released a new MV for Techin's latest single "Kum Torb Kong Hua Jai".
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    Do most actors start their career in MVs?

    Pueng was in Bie's MV too. I think it was for Toh Mah Wah Ruk
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    [New MV] Bua Chompoo - In Love

    P'Bua's new MV is out!!! She is so beautiful in this MV!!! P'Bank (Clash) wrote this song for her and the lyrics are good indeed. I love her voice, it's so sweet and innocent ^_^
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    Bie's new MV is out!!

    Bie's new MV for his latest single "Wait a Minute" is out!!!
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    Kaew Lom Pet (Exact)

    I'm planning to sub this lakorn but I don't if there's subbing of it yet. So if anyone know please tell me so I don't have to sub.
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    [MV] Ruj - Yoo Puer Ter (Kaew Lom Petch Ost.)

    ^ I'm not sure because there's not that many songs from him that are out. If he release new MVs like next month from his new album, I will try to sub them.
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    Kaew Lom Pet (Exact)

    Just got subbing the MV of the lakorn's Ost. ^_^
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    [MV] Ruj - Yoo Puer Ter (Kaew Lom Petch Ost.)

    I just got done subbing the MV of Yoo Puer Ter by Ruj the Star. Please let me know if the subbing is good or not lol. It's my first time subbing ever!! Thank You! ^_^ Click for Video
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    Kaew Lom Pet vs Jai Rao

    This is a hard choice but I have to say Jai Rao..... but hey Kaew Lom Pet wins on the soundtrack cause Yoo Puer Ter is number one on the chart right now =P
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    ruj the star

    His voice is good and yeah he's like really popular right now. I don't know that he will be as popular as Bie though unless he start acting. Bie got to superstardom because his lakorn and album came out at the same time and both did well. If GMM put Ruj in a lakorn and release his first album at...
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    What happened to T-intermedia forum? The link is not working.
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    Ubat Ruk Kham Kop Fah

    lol P'Toey from yesterday's episode!!
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    Ubat Ruk Kham Kop Fah

    I love P'Toey. ^_^ The only reason why I'm watching this lakorn is because of her =P lol well for Peak too... actually for the whole cast. lol >_< GM is cool.
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    can i say something about ch7 and ch3??????

    Well in my opinion, I think Channel 3 lakorns are better than Channel 7. Channel 7 lakorns look low budget and camera angling sometime suck.... Channel 3 lakorns filming are really nice. Most channel 3 lakorns are really well written.
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    Clash new album!!

    Just got Clash's new album 3 days ago!!! The album is titled "Rock of Ages". The guys said that after this album they will be taking a long break!! All the touring and stuff these past months must of been tiring. Anyway yeah the new album is awesome!!! Every album they release always meet the...
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    Current fav. drama

    Its all about Badarn Jai ^_^
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    Forget Me Not

    Joe, Tune, Jack, Ta, Dong from Academy Fantasia just release their new special boy band project call "Forget Me Not". Their first single is "Nueng Nai Khon Glai Tua".
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    Clash is about to release their new album "Rock of Ages" later this month!!
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    [NEW MV] Zeal ft. Buachompoo - Mod Chewit....

    Another new MV for their other single "Dao". Just to let you guys know Zeal produce all their albums themselves, one of the most talented band out there right now ^_^.
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    Golf Mike New Promotional Single for I-Mobile

    GM got a new promotional single for I-Mobile call "Inspiration".
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    Badarn Jai(Act Art)

    P'Aof Pongpat must be one of the best director right now!! From his movies to his dramas ITS ALL MAD GOOD!!!!
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    [NEW MV] Zeal ft. Buachompoo - Mod Chewit....

    Zeal just release their first MV for their new upcoming album "4 Real" first single "Mod Chewit...chun hai ter" featuring P'BUACHOMPOO FORD!! WOOT P'BUACHOMPOO IS BACK. SHE IS REALLY PRETTY IN THIS MV! =) Love P'Bua 4 ever. Click Here
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    New Peck Aof Ice single!!

    PAI new single call เรื่องไม่ดีไม่จำ :Rueng mai dee mai jum that is climbing the charts really fast!! P'Aof, P'Peck, and P'Ice is the best ^_^
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    RS Artist for Grammy - vice versa?

    Keyword, GMM Grammy is a dream place to work for if you are a Thai singer. RS don't really give that much opportunity and that is why P'Jame decided to move. Plus as you can see singers like Golf & Mike and Ice Saranyu already going inter unlike RS singers.
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    Mafia Tee Rak-(Methamahaniyom)

    This drama is so cool. first episode is great.
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    Hua Jai Sila

    I love this drama!!!! Bie is like a player in this one cause he get all the girls lol!!! Is this drama a hit in Thailand like Roy ardeed hang ruk?
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    Dan Beam or Golf Mike?

    Golf-Mike seem to have more talent since they can dance too unlike D-B. Plus they're younger than Dan and Beam.
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    mySpaCe add me if you want na krub. :P
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    Your fav thai site to listening to latest music ?

    For the latest from GMM, I go to Gmember.
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    Fav lakorns of this year (2006)

    Have to say Kaew Ta Pee, Kuer Yai Sapai Lek, and Sa Doot Ruk. :)
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    Exact Upcoming Lakorns of "07"

    Fluke coming back? Man haven't seen him for a long time.
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    Cherrys new haircut

    She look pretty in any style :)
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    Clash - Crashing

    Anyone have their new album yet? They getting better and better!!!! lol anyway the album just arrived today in the mail and I'm loving it!Plus each new Music Video they make is looking more High Budget!!I guess GMM giving them High Budget music videos cause they are one of their big artist. :)...
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    Bua Chompoo "Bright Side"

    p'bua is sooooo cute.
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    What song are you listening to right now?

    M Auttapon - Yaa Ron Tua
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    Kaew Tah Pee

    paris look so pretty in this lakorn just like cherry.
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    Nuclear power in North Korea

    kim jong need to start focusing on the economy and his peoples instead of trying to make nuclear weapons....For example south korean teens are like what 5 inches taller than north korean teen boys...what I'm trying to say is poor nutrition...the korean peoples of the north have little to eat...
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    Khun Chai Rai Rem Guean

    Wow Film third lakorn.....isn't he famous for just looking korean?
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    ploy cherman in new york city!

    new york suck *cough* boston is the best*cough*. lol anyway ploy look pretty like always.
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    Pat's Birthday

    Happy B-day P'Pat and hope you stay as cute as this when you reach your 30's hehehehe.
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    Going to Thailand

    Also don't forget to eat while you there...there so many cheap restaurants in thailand....even when it look fancy its cheap!
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    Tik Jessadaporn and Cherry Khemsorn:Comfy days

    Man tik should go back tot he fohawk....i wonder why he stop styling his hair that look so cool. Anyway Cherry look sooooooooooo pretty.
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    ploy and dome getting a massage

    Man why did dome cut his hair...his hair was so cool when it was his hair look like jay chou's style.
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    The FOOD thread

    I can eat thai noodle soup aka gaa deal everyday...I love the street version! hehehe.
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    can anyone make me a noon sirapun or pat napapa signature please. :) thank you.
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    Going to Thailand

    Hehe dress kpop in thailand cause right now the korean wave took over the whole country ahahah. Yes you can wear mini skirts in thailand now......thailand not like laos...we're more modern and more western than those other poor country surrounding us....thailand = south korea or japan of...
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    if you want mine just pm me. hehe :)
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    This or That

    Chocolate Chip Cookies Clash or Bodyslam
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    What song are you listening to right now?

    Listening to the whole Smooth Album from Clash on mp3 player.
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    how many sarnworld 's member u know

    lol none....just a new kid on the block.
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    Pat with who?

    Dan? Dude who don't even have chemistry in that lakorn with Janie and two he suck at acting lol. P'Num? Ew come on now if they make another lakorn with him and P'at. I will still see them as brother and sister hahahahah. Haven't seen that lakorn with Por and Pat but isn't Por look too old for...
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    Hima Tai Pra Jun

    The lakorn was good cause I never seen like Korean type drama. I was watching it for Pat but Film change my mind about his acting on this on which is cool. I think I got episode from 1 -8. Just don't have time to continue to record the rest but hmmm maybe I will record all the episode on...
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    This or That

    Mad is better than sad in my opinion. TPOP or KPOP
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    interview of Andrew

    Can anyone translate this I can't read Thai lol but can speak though.