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    hmong vampires? CHANGED to family gossip.=]

    i have heard about it in middle school. always scared the sh*t out of me when someone died. but now i'm a big girl and was always a christian. so we don't hear about stuff like that happening in our christian community. we leave the body in the funeral home and the next day we'll come back and...
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    saving yourself until marriage

    it is possible if the child was well taught growing up.
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    Kids singing!

    it was cute, but the dancing was annoying.
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    Eewww... my new mother in Law is younger than me!!!

    my dad's cousin and her husband divorced because he had an affair with a thailand girl. and wanted to marry her. they may have gotten married, but that j#rk won't say so. also, i work with this one dude who's a divorcee 2 times. got married to a young pretty wife, i think she's in her mid 20's...
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    Ciaj Sia

    don't know him personally, but he seems like a good guy. very talented like everyone in here said. though, i think he can do better when he sings, but gotta give him credit for giving all he got.
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    For Green Mong...

    i agree, wiki isn't the best source. after reading it, one still need to go look deeper. but i do believe about the dr. pao ze part. for many years, white hmong and green mong has fight against each other on who dominate who, and which language is the true language. to me, the true hmoob...
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    For Green Mong...

    i know you weren't baggin on me. i just wanted to clarify it because to us youngsters it doesn't matter how hmong is spelled. but to the elders, there is still a war between white and green dialect. ;)
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    For Green Mong...

    lol...i know! i picked up green living and going to church with green mong. although i'm not a pro at it, i try to speak it and learn it. when i am stuck on a word or say it in white, my fil will correct me. he loves to tell me what word they say in mong.
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    For Green Mong...

    i read somewhere long time ago that it was dr. yaj dao who told the white men in the earlier years to refer us as Hmong. he also wanted the hmong chinese to call themselves hmong and not miao. reading the wikipedia about the hmong, it was dr. pao ze who probably in the 90s (not sure) wanted the...
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    For Green Mong...

    when we say hmoob, air comes out from our nose. but moob in moob leeg does not have air coming out from the nose. so it will sound like when you say mom.
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    For Green Mong...

    Thanks for answering... ;) If you listen to a Green Mong speak, when they say Hmoob, they pronounce it Moob, no "h." For many years, most Green Mong scholar(s) were and still not happy being refer as Hmong. They want to be acknowledge as Mong, another Hmong group. It as been going on since we...
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    For Green Mong...

    Okay, I'm a White Hmong and my hubby is a Green Mong. Lately, I've been listening to Xaab Thoj's song, Tij Laug Xab. To me, I think the song is cute and funny, also educational. But my hubby thinks it's making fun of the Green Mong dialect. We had a debate about it, which he started, and it...
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    bus crashes on its way to colusa casino

    casino is a bad place. it ruin people and their family. getting crazy about gambling is not good. many many years ago, my friend lost her mother due to kev twv txiaj. instead of a bus crash, i think it was a car crashed. sad thing was, they don't even have a father. and it happend in sacto, cali.
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    Toog Vaj

    he's okay lookin. not my type though.
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    Tub yaj

    i wouldn't too if i'm taking pictures with ogs. he looked a little happy when a girl stood next to him. he's probably tired. his lilo bro seems to be enjoying it though.
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    Dao HoTT sister

    A Mong KIMMY GIBBLER! That's what came to my mind. :loool:
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    I'm not the writer, but if you want to put it on your myspace, I guess you can credit the writer. I should have credited him, will edit my post. the title is : The Truth Behind the Name Mong and Hmong Written by: Num Ntxheb "Jesse" Faaj 20 July 2004 (7 Hli, tim 20, 2004) Translated by Tom Hang
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    HERO Topic...

    There are many Hmong people who has made a different for us Hmong. Brenda Song - actress Mee Moua - 1st Hmong & Lady senator Dr. Yang Dao G. Lindwood Barney began working on the writing system with speakers of Green Mong (Mong Leng), Geu Yang and Tua Xiong, among others. He consulted with...
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    Here's a video explaining what was the first language, and I agree with him. Several years ago, a guy wrote about why Hmong has two dialects: edit: The Truth Behind the Name Mong and Hmong Written by: Num Ntxheb "Jesse" Faaj 20 July 2004...
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    Funny picture

    yuck! glad i'm not related to anyone of them. the girl hugging the pole looks like a 13 yrs old.
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    If Singers Were Auctioned Off...

    you know, all them koom haum hmoob people needs to think about that. that is a really good idea and the money can be used to help the hmong community. for example, rules are bid on a singer for a day and they will hang out with the bidder and his/her family for a day during a banquet or...
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    mly14 is still a sarNie hatchling - member 5,852
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    Lis Ceeb and Mai See Remake

    Everyone's complaining that the main guy is not cute. You can't give that name to a good lookin guy. (it's a joke)
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    Lis Ceeb and Mai See Remake

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    green lady for a wedding

    lol...what do you mean hopefully she's cool with you following her around? you're older than she is, just boss her around. heck, she might be the one following you around. anywho, i was one the year before i got married. the bride kept on running away from me. her cousin who was my friend was...
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    the reason why hmong peeps likes it is because it's about a war movie, i'm assuming. if you make a hmong war movie, all the og's will like it.
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    A chinese hmong dubb movie

    yeap, that's the title. i used to watch it everyday when i was a little girl.
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    heard about it, but not a big fan of avp. maybe this movie might change my mind, but have to see it first.
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    Minneapolis police: A mistake, an apology and then medals

    it's a bunch of bolony. i want to know who were "the Hmong community leaders in north Minneapolis" that Dolan spoke to? if he did speak to the understanding hcl, why did they (hcl) not explain it to the khangs? if the cops killed someone in the family, they would say it was a mistake and they...
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    not trying to be a hater, but just because it's about a hmong family doesn't mean all the characters have to be hmong. if any hmong out there wants to be a movie star, gotta take classes and keep trying. one day they will make it big. look at brenda song, she may not be worth millions of dollars...
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    New Horror Hmong Movie Coming Soon: Nkauj Nyab

    want to watch it, but i'm alone. i'll tell my sister to watch it.
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    Lis Ceeb and Mai See Remake

    :lol: ...
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    Lis Ceeb and Mai See Remake

    tus phaj ej seems like he has some kind of sickness to make him look like that. i agree, he's not the best looking guy to be a phaj ej, but at least someone gave him a leading role. i wouldn't buy the movie though.
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    Evil sis-in-law

    if she's going to use the culture on you, then go to cov kwvtij. look for the elder who everyone respect. there will be an uncle who will be fair. talk to him about your situation. ask him what are you doing wrong. if there is something you are doing wrong, then tell you your mistake. talk to...
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    3hmong guys

    My condolences to their families and friends.
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    This is sad...

    Menasha 2-year-old's death stymies police A decade later, new leads sought in cold case (IF YOU GO TO THE WEBPAGE, THERE'S A PICTURE OF THE LITTLE BOY'S HEADSTONE, HE'S ADORABLE) By Michael King • Post-Crescent staff writer • July...
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    Same song used

    I don't think it's good, because pretty soon, it's going to get old and annoying. Every movie should have it's own music or song to it. Then once in awhile, someone could use a song that has been used before in a movie again.
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    why can hmong (USA) come up with their own songs/music...?

    The singer is Touly VangKhue. I remember when I heard this song, I was what the...
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    why can hmong (USA) come up with their own songs/music...?

    :loool: I don't get it too. When I listen to his very few songs, it hurts my ear. I was never a fan of his, probably will never be too. Plus, who is his sister? Anywho, I don't care what song Hmong peeps copy, but some just make the song sound so horrible. Like some who can't even sing and...
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    Fortune teller ???

    That's true, they will try to milk all they can. When my daddy's aunt was still in Laos, she would tell my parents their fortune and tell them to send her money so she can make it better. But because we're Christians, my parents don't bother with it. It's also sad that she will charge her...
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    why can hmong (USA) come up with their own songs/music...?

    I agree with you, but not just Hmong Meskas, Hmong Nplog and Thai does the same thing too. I just wonder if they even got permission to use the song.
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    one thing i like about babysitting is, when the baby poop or needs bottle, i just give them back to their mommy and daddy. it's sad to hear about another bad parents. life is not fear. people who doesn't deserve to have kids have them left and right. and people who wants kids can't have kids of...
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    i agree...especially those parents who thinks they should charge more for their daughter cause she has a higher education or she's very nquag nquag, or even a niam nkauj ntsuab-YUCK!
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    know why? cause women back then had no saying in anything. if she cheated, her husband would kill her and no one will never know the truth. in the past, most men who murder their wife has said in laos, she would have died and no justice will be serve. one said that, her body will rot for animals...
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    They have already found his body. He hanged himself on a tree. Here's the news on it: Their mother slain, 7 kids are told their father, a suspect, is dead At You Her's funeral, her children learned their father hanged himself after he was...
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    TRuE Or FaLsE nEwS AbOuT KwN LiS

    i think he is married, what a dog! i hate adulters.
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    Fortune teller ???

    My momma always said, "Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get." My daddy's aunt knows that dab khaub rhuab thingy. My mum tells me that sometimes she can tell your fortune backward. I don't want to know my future. I want everything to happen to me according to...
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    if you have money, people love you, look up to you, listen to what you have to say, heck, they want to be related to you. could you blame them? without money, you are nothing. gotta look out for yourself, cause no one will.
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    Living in hell

    xxmiss_maixx, not all in-laws are like that. just those that wants you to listen to them and give them everything they want. my advice is, if you don't want to marry a hmong guy, it's fine as long as the non-hmong guy loves and respect you for who you are. but if you do want to marry a hmong...
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    Living in hell

    I feel your pain sister. I've been there and is still living it. Instead of a MIL, it's my FIL. So far he hasn't complain that I don't cook for him, but in the past he had said alot of hurtful stuff about me and my hubby to other people. Even to my own mother, but luckily I warn her first and...
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    tub yaj and chen vaj's has a new movie

    Sorri Tub Yaj's fan, not a big fan of him and definately not a big fan of Chen.
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    HMONG girls violated by PE teacher

    Hope they find what they need to lock this sicko up for good.
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    Where R U From???

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    loner fans...

    I haven't sat down and listen to their musics, but I know that recently one of the member's brother passed away.
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    China is not sending anymore rice to the U.S?

    Today's News: Wal-Mart-owned Sam's Club limits rice purchases BENTONVILLE, Ark. - Sam's Club, the membership warehouse division of Wal-Mart Stores Inc., is limiting how much rice customers can buy because of what it calls "recent...
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    China is not sending anymore rice to the U.S?

    Peb yog Moob tes, peb xaav noj mov Moob. :lol: One time, my FIL went and bought a small bag of Mekas rice at the store cause he didn't want to drive all the way to the Hmong store. He made the rice in the rice cooker and never touched the bag of rice. That weekend, he went to buy rice at the...
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    Where Do You Live..?

    Born in the West Coast, residing in the East Coast.
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    paj muas

    Me, personally, I think she sucks.
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    Best Hmong Dubb Production

    Txhais Lus was the best dubbers. I haven't been watching any dubbed movies these days so I wouldn't know who is better.
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    Ntsa Iab MV #2 & 3

    next time you see dr. tom, just ask him. isn't he the one who produced them?
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    another war movie...i'm not a big fan of apple production, we'll have to see how it turns out when it comes out.
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    Which clan?

    When it comes to clans or dialect, my parents are open to it. Just as long as we don't share the same clan's name. Even if they were to have grudges in the past with each other, they say it's up to us kids. At the wedding, they'll then try to resolve the past situation(s).
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    China is not sending anymore rice to the U.S?

    It's time to learn how to cog nplej and grow your own then. :lol: My hubby and I could live without rice, but we're still Hmong so we eat it every so often. My hubby likes the Jasmine rice, so hopefully it'll change and so we'll get more rice ship to America.
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    would you ever wanted a second mother?

    hopefully it's not your family you're talking about. but the father should not remarry. first of all, he already forgave his wife. if you forgive someone, you can't go back on your word and not forgive them. he said his father made stupid choices, and his choice of a second wife is smarter? if...
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    Which car should I buy?

    Hmong peeps buys TOYOTA because it's easy to fix. Don't know about the newer model.
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    The United States of America Vs Bogus Doctor Charles Cawv Thao!

    lol...He's my MIL's Dr. Cawv. She's always talking about him. Dr. Cawv this and Dr. Cawv that. This has nothing to do with the Hmong, a man's wrong doing is his own fault, not his people. Hopefully, he gets what he deserve if proven guilty,
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    family size

    7 kids I want alot, but my hubby only want 1 and 2 is a maybe. I told him that if that's the case, I pray that I have triplets at one birth. Then we can talk about the 2nd birth. :lol:
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    Which car should I buy?

    They're both import cars so it's up to you. My hubby suggested the Nissan Murano.
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    Are u green, white, or both?

    All of us are mix somehow. Like my niam tias was a Hmong Green and my yawm txiv was Hmong Der. So my mum is mixed. But my father's parents are both white. So I am white but have green in my blood too. I married a green and speak both; according some people I talk to, they say I speak green...
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    would you ever wanted a second mother?

    If mum is still alive and he remarried, then I'll be so piss off at him. The new wife better try to kiss my ass all the time. The reason is, if dad got married to a second wife, mum will not get his full attention. She would be lonely and sad all the time. But for us kid's sake, she'll act...
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    Chai Vang

    That's true, but if he did die, wouldn't you think they will happily put it in wikipedia? :D
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    Nkauj Laus/Nraug Laus

    When they lable you a nkauj laus that just means, they are afraid no one will marry you. The og's thinks that guys only wants young girls. Plus the younger you are the more kids you can have. In America here, I consider nkaujlaus to be around 35 yrs. So don't let their words bother you. Just...
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    hMONG wOMEN has GONE wILd..

    ewwww...they must be in the pojnrauj club. only pojnrauj would go that low. since they already have that bad name why not live up to it. BUT there are those pojnrauj that wants to better themselves. NOT ALL POJNRAUJ ARE LIKE THAT, so i'm not trying to be hating any pojnrauj. if you are one and...
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    Chai Vang

    Don't believe everything on the net. I don't think he died. If he did, it would be on his wikipedia page. Secondly, the Hmong in WS or MN would cry discrimination and will be heard all over the Hmong communities. Thirdly, the white men will be...
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    how to win a pageant

    That too and make sure you show alot of skin. Shake that booty and try a split infront of the judges. You might not impress the lady judges but you will definitely impress the guys. :lol: If your koom haum is the one doing the pagent and they sponser you, more likely you will win.
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    i want ur opinions

    Choose the one that will benefit you later in life. No one wants to leave their family, but you gotta do what's best for you. In time your parents will be glad. Every parents don't want to see their children in another state. Some are better at encouraging their children whether they like it or...
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    I didn't know she sings

    Sorry to any fans of her, but I didn't like her voice at all. The seev part was annoying.
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    How Do You Talk To Babies???

    I talk to them in a high soft voice. Some babies are hard to make them laugh, even if you tickle them. Just got to be patient with them and when they feel comfortable around you, then they'll eventually laugh at anything stupid you do. It's easy to make them cry. Take something away from them...
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    List your favorite hmong

    My favorite actor is Xab Thoj. He's pretty good at acting. I don't have a favorite actress, but that Pog Nplaum is pretty funny.
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    What Is Your Opinion On Dating Other Ethnicity?

    I'm cool with it, as long as they respect each other's culture and religion.
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    Favorite Hmong Band

    The Sounders' my favorite. Heck, I'm listeing to them right now, "Tsis Muaj Koj". I also picked 2U.
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    how tall are you?

    :tease: Don't worry, I'm 4'10 too. :kiss: Hey we're small but we have a big heart. We can go through little space. And we're also cute. People always tell me I'm cute because I'm short.
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    :: sarnies ::

    thanks for sharing. i agree with you that maim can sing live and it sounds just like his cd. you know that's not a fix up voice.
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    I knew it wasn't Tijlaug Tswb. Plus, Tswb sometimes write in Hmong like how he wrote to you, that's why I knew it wasn't him. I don't think she was a MTT. She probably was born there but grew up in America. She became MAIV XYOOJ after she married Tijlaug Tswb because he himself was a singer...
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    Whatever Happend to Bee Monkey?

    i agree with you. it's a disgrace when they refer to him as "The American Guy" in hmong movies, when he can't speak English clearly.
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    maiv xyooj's rumor

    Thanks, but don't believe everything you read on youtube. I don't think he would go on youtube and write something like that. Cause he has a myspace and if he wants to tell everyone the truth, he would probably put it on his myspace then youtube. Maybe it was just a Maiv Xyooj fan or a family...
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    Please help me!!

    Yeap, that's the title. My mum still have the movie. Actually it was mine. Before I got married, I would buy a whole lot of hmong dubbed movies. Then after I got married, just left them for the family. Lui Sau Ling aka Shirley Lui is my favorite actress too.
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    Please help me!!

    Hmong World Production translate it. They are now call Hmong Star Entertainment. Don't know if they are still dubbing though. If you want their add or phone, just pm me. They are the ones who dubbed Errant Love. I think all their old movies are now made into vcd.
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    Nrhiav Niam Txog Qaum Ntuj aka Beta

    Beta, 1992 From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Beta Starring Anil Kapoor Madhuri Dixit Aruna Irani Beta (Hindi: बेटा, Urdu: بیٹا, translation: Son) is a 1992 Bollywood movie directed by Indra Kumar. The film featured the pairing of Madhuri Dixit with Anil Kapoor, who were...
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    It's not ET. His face was photoshop to it. But I think the singing is him; sounds like his other singing. I don't listen to him at all, only occasions; and don't know if that song is one of his, but the judge's comments was funny. The song matches their comments too. :lol:
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    Nrhiav Niam Txog Qaum Ntuj aka Beta

    I think that was the first movie Ntuj Fwm Koob (Txhais Lus creater) translate for ST. Anywho, if you know that they are still selling, please let me know. ;)
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    Nrhiav Niam Txog Qaum Ntuj aka Beta

    I'll probably buy one in the near future. Does it have subtitle?
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    Nrhiav Niam Txog Qaum Ntuj aka Beta

    Does anyone know if they are still selling this 16 yrs old movie? ST Universal are the dubbers. I use to have one and someone borrow it and never gave it back. Til this day I still want to watch it. I like that movie alot. I might go buy the India version, but I also want the Hmong version too...
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    Whatever Happend to Bee Monkey?

    lol...i agree. that's why i said him. we don't have any good actors or actress out there. they are still too shy to look into each other's eyes and the camera. i like xab thoj, i think he's a good actor.
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    Whatever Happend to Bee Monkey?

    lol...maybe that white guy? he was speaking hmong in one of the movie he made.
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    Whatever Happend to Bee Monkey?

    thanks for the info's. i notice he got quite for a long time. now nom phaj is showing up on the screen. ;)
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    i understand why it's not free. even cable tv/satellite isn't free. we have to pay an installation and a monthly bill. by paying $450 a one time fee isn't bad at all. it's just that we have to pay a lump sum in the begining. i'll get it when i get more info in it.
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    Whatever Happend to Bee Monkey?

    I'm not a big fan, but just want to know whatever happen to him?
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    i don't care if it's just one channel, as long as it's 24/7 hmong all the time. is the hmong channel like what ciajsia's video about? like current events, entertainment, movies, sports and so on?
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    A Very Heartwrenching DabNeeg

    I am a Lee and never heard about us not being able to marry Vangs. I think it's only that particular Vang family who has something against the Lee clans. Otherwise, Kou's parent would have forbid him not to date Rose. And I don't think it's the Touby Lyfoung story. Because most Hmong hold...
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    $450! :blink: So, I pay a one time fee and will never ever ever be billed for using their satellite? Cause my hubby will kill me if they start billing me every month. Give me more info if you can and I'll keep up to date with their website too. As of now, it doesn't say much. Thanks!
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    A Very Heartwrenching DabNeeg

    Okay, for those who can't read the Hmong, highlight the Hmong words and paste it on the Lomation's Hmong Text Reader and press read. It should read it for you.
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    A Very Heartwrenching DabNeeg

    That is so sad. I hate it when the elders have stupid rules or grudges like that. I believe it must have had something to do with the past, them and the Lee clans. Maybe Kou and Rose are the ones who will open the door for the Vangs and Lees to start a new friendship. But pride is pride, and it...
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    so how much will we be looking at?
  105. M


    interesting, have to wait and see first. thanks for the info.
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    New Hmong Movie: 5 Lab Dollars

    I agree with you about the father daughter part. Plus, didn't the father feed domanic and the white guy and took them to go see nom phaj? Then why at the end, the father has grey hair and walks with a stick while nom phaj is still young???
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    E.T Yang

    haven't seen him in person, but saw a little of his music vid and that one movie he was in. he's not too ugly and not too cute. although i think his songs are gay. sorry if i offended anyone.
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    she should stick to acting. too many singers out there singing the same type of music or same song.
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    dont come in this one go to above one

    I am a stuborn and nosie person, so I had to come to this one. What is "lo siento?" It better not be a bad word or a curse! So "lo siento" back at you.
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    Spare Change

    i do sometimes. i'll find them in parking lot at work or at the grocery stores.
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    hmm, how did you get these pictures? anywho, i thought they were thai, didn't know they are hmong. but like some said, it's all about makin money. hmong can't act good enough to be a movie star, so why not model and get paid good money just to show off your body.
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    how do u like ur PHO....?

    All the main stuff in Pho... Spices: soy sauce, fish sauce, Sriracha Hot Chilli Sauce, black pepper, cilantro, green onion, oyster sauce, lime/lemon Vegetables: green lettuce/ice berg lettuce, bean sprout, basil leaves When we were little, I liked how mum did our Pho. Now I crave for some...
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    Tu Siab

    Well, it's really up to your heart to make the decision. My brother-in-law's father had 2 wives and when my sister-in-law married him, my mother-in-law was so mad. She cursed at everyone and even at tus niam poj cuag. They've been married for 15 yrs now and they are very successful. Never heard...
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    omg caution're funny. none wasted...
  115. M

    omg caution

    i vote kinda because they are not chinese but mien. they are like us, we look like chinese and maybe was once chinese, but we are not chinese, we are hmong. like what someone said, just tell the mod that you want a mien topic and tell all your mien friends to come here to keep it going.
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    I just met MAIM TSHEEJ TSHEEJ!!!!!!!!

    lol...I met him at the NY too and got his autograph for my daddy. then later on took a picture with him. Not a big fan of him but why not, he came far away for me not to take a picture with him. He didn't hit on me because I was dressed up like a Tom Boy.
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    New Hmong Movie: 5 Lab Dollars

    watched it on youtube. here's the link and just watch it there. that's the first clip then you can upload the rest of the clips. there are 43 clips total.
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    Tu Siab

    tus viv ncaus, txhob tu siab os mog. yog vim li cas es cov laus thiaj li tsis kam neb sib tham ma? raws li koj hais txog koj tus hlub mas, nws yuav ntxim yog neeg zoo. tabsis thaum cov laus tsis nyiam lawm ces yuav tsum yog dabtsi lawm xwb. li cas los xij, tsuas yog koj ibleeg thiaj li paub nws...
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    Ntxhuav Yaj (tub yaj youngest brother)

    Just by looking at the cover and the title, I know that it is going to be a stupid boring movie. My goodness, how lame can they go.
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    maiv xyooj's rumor

    Maybe they were but realize they needed each other to go on. Things like that can happen to any couple. But it's good to know that they are still together.
  121. M

    Txhais Lus

    The two worst dubbing team is the one who dubbed for Namanuna the first one, not Hmong World Promotion. Thanks God they re-dubbed it. And the second one is the ppl who dubbed for Fong Sai Yuk. These are the two suckiest Hmong dubbing team. The other one is not as bad as the ones who dubbed for...
  122. M

    Txhais Lus

    Yeah, I like that movie alot. I always watch it and it still cracks me up. Too bad my video cassette is getting old. I might have to buy the Chinese version one. My favorite top 3 dubbing team is Txhais Lus, Hmong World Promotion aka World Video Promotion (I think), & St. Universal Video. All...
  123. M

    Tonight November 22nd AVP concert

    Thanks for the info, but I live too far. Anywho, I don't even like any of their singers. Well, to be fair, I haven't heard the other singers and I'm not a big fan of Paj Muas.
  124. M

    Txhais Lus

    This is the movie's translation: There are many geese under the mountain They rush down to the river Let's roast a goose After roasting, you'd better go home for a screw
  125. M

    Blaum Lwm Blaum Liam Part 3 & 4

    It was okay, not really funny but pretty good. Someone upload it on Youtube, that's where I saw it.
  126. M

    Txhais Lus

    I'm not sure if they changed it to TIME, because Ntuj Fwm Koob, the owner of Txhais Lus keeps refering to him as the main voice of Txhais Lus. At his booth, he had "TXHAIS LUS" on his banner. "Nyob saum roob muaj ib pab os sib raws los mus rau nruab deg mus raws ntes los tuaj ci noj thaum tsau...
  127. M

    CHOOSE UR Favor Hmong Singer

    I picked Xab Thoj and Dawb Thoj. Wow, I didn't realized I picked ob tug Hmoob Thoj. I always liked Dawb's singing. Then listening to Xab, he's not that bad. Somchay Yang, Kos Lis, and Mab Sua is not that bad too.
  128. M

    Txhais Lus

    This past weekend, Ntuj Fwm Koob has come to our NY to sell medicines and his older movies. I didn't get a chance to ask him if they were still dubbing. But he looks so different. Right now, he's devoting his life or career into selling herbal medicines to the Hmong. As I heard him on the radio...
  129. M

    " How does one translate this into English?"

    "The deer ran out of nowhere and I (he) hit him." You don't have to find every English word for every Hmong word, because it will be impossible.
  130. M

    New RnB/Pop Singer - Jade Lee

    haha...i justed watched it on youtube. i was like "is that mai?" she sounds nice, but why not be original? why sing other ppl's song?
  131. M

    show hmong pride here

    It must be Pahawh Hmong Alphabet.
  132. M

    what happen to

    maybe they're just updating or in the process of renewing their contract.
  133. M

    Anyone listens to Hmong kwv txhiaj?

    I like to listen to some but not all. The ones that they sing then pause.......sing then pause.......sing then annoying. There was one on youtube I clicked on it and I just had to stop it cause I didn't like it. But I like listening to is the one that starts out, Ua cia.......It's...
  134. M

    Dishonest people

    Not just khej dub but anyone in general. We just have to be careful. Last week, I went shopping with my sister and an old khej dawb guy came up to the front of the driver side asking my sister if she can spare him some change for food. She said okay and handed him $3.00. I told her, "You better...
  135. M


    We can't get away from ppl like that, but if we know the truth, prove it to them on their topic to shut them up.
  136. M

    Would you ever work under a Hmong woman leaderhsip in a company?

    Well...I think I gotta stick up to the two Hmong women who made it to be supervisor. Come on, listen to what you guys are saying. They treat the Hmong women bad but treat the Mexican women good. If I'm correct, us Hmong cannot wait for another Hmong to have power so they can "go easy on us." But...
  137. M

    brenda song speaking hmong

    The person who wrote out in hmong of what she said, "Kuv lub npe hu ua Brenda" but it's really suppose to be like this, "Kuv lub npe yog Brenda" At least she knows hmong or that part. Her grandma looks just like one of my aunt (close relation by lastname), her sister. I remember one year, my...
  138. M


    Hey, just because you single girls out there hear these sad stories doesn't mean for you girls not to get married. Our stories is to tell you to be smarter then us. Have money by the time you are married so you won't rely on your in-laws. Do to your in-laws how you want your sister-in-law to do...
  139. M

    hmong hater right here

    ah...anyone can say and be tough behind the computer. probably got dump by a hmong boy. it's okay, let her express her feelings online. it just make her look more stupid and pathetic.
  140. M


    Well...I have been married for 7 yrs now. My in-laws are divorced, so my FIL lives with us. From what I heard, my MIL is a loving mother who just got into a bad marriage. The first yr into marriage was great. But after that everything went down hill. If I were to tell my marriage life story, it...
  141. M

    Txhais Lus

    :lol: I always sing it to my hubby. He just laugh and calls me crazy. I like that movie too. One other one that I like was Phem Swb Zoo "The Last Hero in China" with Jet Li.
  142. M

    Txhais Lus

    Thanks, we moved to NC in 1996, so I just haven't seen any of their last ones then. There are so many dubbing team out there that it's so unreal. There are those who does it to make money and careless if the dubbing turn out good or bad. Not to hate, but I never liked Hmong Production (with a...
  143. M

    Txhais Lus

    They dubb alot of good movies back then. The Last Hero From China (Wong Fei Hung) "Hurt my heart, my lung too." Kuv Hlub koj (india movie), Jet Li in the Master, and so on.
  144. M

    Mai xyooj & Tswb vaj

    where did you get that pic from? and did he really said that?
  145. M

    Txhais Lus

    Txhais Lus use to be my favorite Hmong dubb team. Are they still around? I haven't heard or seen any of their dubb movies since I moved here. Where I live, Hmong store don't carry new dubb movies. They only sell old movies for the price it was back when it came out, or it'll be 2-3 dollars off...
  146. M

    I would like girls opinion

    :lol: You are right! And those ppl deserves to live that kind of life. It's not like things like that don't happen. It happens everyday in the community and yet, there are still stupid ppl out there who think they are so in love and ends up in a bad marriage. Always look for signs when you are...
  147. M

    I would like girls opinion

    Well, no need to worry no more, she already broke up with him. Don't worry about him spreading lies about her. They were not meant to be together. She will find her soulmate one day, but she has to be patient. He can say all he wants, but when the community sees differently, they won't believe...
  148. M

    Water festival?

    I want to go to one, never been to one. But the truth is, if there was one here, I probably wouldn't go to it. Have fun yal!
  149. M

    I would like girls opinion

    You are right about one thing, us girl will tell her friend to drop her boyfriend. Because when a girl gets marry, she leave her parents to be with a man she hopes will love her as much as her parents or even more. But if his family comes first before her, that means he just want her there for...
  150. M

    I would like girls opinion

    That's not good. And sorry to put your friend down but she is stupid to even said it's okay if he loves his parents more than her. Because when his parents don't like her, they can tell him to marry a second wife or he should hit her if she doesn't do whatever he says. Sure, we are in America...
  151. M

    does anyone have this song?

    I'm sorry, I don't know how to upload it. :unsure:
  152. M

    does anyone have this song?

    umm...he's has some songs that is like that. There's one call "Tsis xav tias yuav hlub" and it talks about how he never thought he was ever going to find his honey. Is it that one? whoo hoo... oh honey, tsis xav tias yuav ntsib koj tsis tau xav, yuav tau hlub koj....
  153. M

    Actor Kwm Lis Father was shot!!!!!!

    Oh, I didn't know that Kwm Lis' parents lives in the US. Hopefully Wang Thao Lee will get better soon and tell everyone who shot him.
  154. M

    Another One: Kev Hlub Tsis Muaj Tshuaj Kho Tau

    I will NOT buy this movie. Find out why...Sorry if I'm hating...
  155. M

    New Hmong Movie: Goodbye Tus Kuv Hlub

  156. M

    WHO CAN SING????

    I can, I'm a bass. :tease: "Noo body knows, the trouble I'm going through, Noo body knows but Jesus..."
  157. M

    Hmong New Years is coming!!!!!!!! UPDATE!!!!!

    Not really, because I have no money to go buy movies. :(
  158. M


    I'm not quite sure about encountering them and then seeing them. But I do have bad dreams or nightmare. Sometimes I dream the monsters/spirits would be chasing me or trying to attack me. Then I call on the name of Jesus to help me and cast them away, and they all disappear. The power of Jesus'...
  159. M

    vang pao case

    GVP is under house arrest. He has to have an electronic monitors on him. He can not have a cell phone or a computer and can only communicate with immediate family, his physicians and lawyers. His children put up their properties as security that GVP will return to court. If conditions are not...
  160. M

    hello! chen vang in myspace

    He's a Hmong Fakis (French). Looking at his age, he's probably a MTT too. ;)
  161. M

    What kind of movie do you think Tub yaj should do next?

    I haven't really sat down and watch him act, so I wouldn't know what to say. But I do believe some of you when you say he cries in his movies. Every Hmong made movies always have a crying part, wheather it's happy, sad, or meem meem txom. Maybe he should do some Muay Thai or martial arts movies...
  162. M

    hello! chen vang in myspace

    I haven't seen Chen acts, and I'm not a big fan of his songs. Although he looks tall for a Hmong guy.
  163. M

    Chu Lian Nkauj Ntshuag

    Mae, the actress you're talking about is Lui Sau Ling/Lu Xiu Ling/LU Hsiu-Ling/Shirley Lui. She is also my favorite actress too. There's not much about her online, so disappointed! "She was famous in the early 80's when she starred in the Taiwanese romance movie of Chong Yau such as Wild Goose...
  164. M

    Chu Lian Nkauj Ntshuag

    thanks starryXing, no more searching...i have been searching the net for this movie for the past couple of days and can't seem to find it anywhere. (was trying to help candi out) of corse i search for the movie by looking at the actor O Chun Hung filmography, because he was the step dad; but it...
  165. M

    Xab Thoj or Tub Yaj

    i vote for xab thoj. i've seen some of his movies and think he's a better actor than tou yaj.
  166. M

    2 concerts/party in sacramento!!!!!!

    yeah yeah...rub it in! :lol:
  167. M

    how to become a SINGER?????

    hey girl, it doesn't matter if you can sing or not. there are some who i think sound so horrible but someone else think they sound great. then there are some that i think sounds so nice and someone would hate it. in this world you can never please everyone. that's why follow your dreams and...
  168. M

    Tsis Muaj Leej Twg

    i like this song too because they kept on playing it over and over in the movie kuv nplooj siab ib leej niam txawv txiv or something like that.
  169. M

    how to become a SINGER?????

    just do what my cousins and brothers did. they went to someone who knows how to record music/cd and paid him to play music for them while they write the lyrics for the music. then make a cd and give yourself a name and sell your cds at new year or at the hmong store. you can sing at new years or...
  170. M

    2 concerts/party in sacramento!!!!!!

    i don't mind going to kos lis' concert, but like angelxmdawb said, i'm three days drive away too.
  171. M

    Xab Thoj's MV

    i thought it was funny in the nws tseem me me mv when the two old woman was singing, especially the one who had two pony tail on the side. i like the song but no the mv, or how they made it.
  172. M

    Hmong MV: Txhim Nkawm Teev Kua Muag

    too much crying in hmong movies. there is no movie that no one is crying.
  173. M

    toog vaj

    nope, but i'll look for it...
  174. M

    Xab Thoj's MV

    i'll buy it during 08 new year, cheaper that way...
  175. M

    Who among the Hmong stars (singers, actors, etc..) would you like to marry?

    it would be okay to halfdream if both of you are not married. me, i wouldn't want to marry a hmong star. because most of them end up having two or more wives. i don't want to marry a husband who flirts behinds my back and ends up marrying someone (by force or willingly) too. it's sad and disgust...
  176. M

    vang pao release on bail 1.5 million

    it's nice to hear that for now.
  177. M

    What about...

    someone said his name is "Yongyut Sanhanchai, and I believe his Hmong is Hub Haam" if you look at the begining when they have his picture, his name is on the left side of the picture. that's how i figure it out. :lol:
  178. M

    Lam Ching Ying(林正英)/Lam Gun Bo( 林根寶)

    I am a big fan of his. :wub: It's sad to lose him at a young age. I stumble upon this website in memory of him. Please go check it out if you are a fan of the late Sifu Lam Ching Ying. If you don't know who he is, he is best known as a Taoist Priest who kills Chinese vimpires; or let's say...
  179. M

    Donnie Yen

    i think he's hot too... :wub:
  180. M

    huab tais xya leej nthxais...aka nananuna

    i use to think the guy was cute, but that was many many years ago...
  181. M


    thanks! ;)
  182. M


    :loool: you're so funny!!!! that's general vang pao!!!! :lol:
  183. M

    Ciaj Sia's 6/11/07 Speech at Sac Rally

    here's a clip of Ciaj sia's speech he gave to the protestors. Enjoy...
  184. M


    lol...i seen alot of law and order to know that they are giving him a plead bargain. "give us more info and we'll reduce your sentences." don't know who got lied to, the hmong or him. but oh well, good luck to them all...
  185. M

    GVP hospitalize Gen. Vang Pao hospitalized Bee Metro Staff - Last Updated 3:21 pm PDT Friday, June 22, 2007 Gen. Vang Pao, the 77-year-old Hmong leader charged in an alleged plot to overthrow the government of Laos, was hospitalized Thursday night for chest pains...
  186. M


    hey thanks for the update. i think the feds are giving jack a plead bargain. so the hmong will pay for it and jack will get lesser time. sucks to be those, i bet you he'll give them all the names they need too.
  187. M

    Indian movie--BABUL

    oh, so it's kinda like that one anjalie and rahun movie? i want to see it!
  188. M

    general vang pao is not dead.

    ah, remember when ppl said chai soua vang committed suicide in prison? ppl will say whatever, but as long as it's not in the news and i can't seem to find it anywhere, i won't believe them. plus, vang pao did said he wanted to walk the street of laos before he died, forgot where i read it, but...
  189. M

    Soua Lo

    you would think the mother in law would brag about her...i guess she'll have to stop singing then.
  190. M

    Hmong leader commits suicide???

    my mom called and asked me on monday if it was true. i google vang pao and nothing came up. although there was two og who died of a heart attack after the arrest of vang pao. click here for one of them:
  191. M


    :lol: ...i thought the singer sounded familar. i thought it was him, but they did say so. i was told kos lis is a singer from laos. he's a tall hmong man. the song might be an india song, because they say he sings india songs. like that o priya song, he sanged it and called it thaum plig yav or...
  192. M

    anyone going to the hmong protest @ st.paul?

    too far. i think nc just had one on the 16th or the 18th. i didn't go, had to work.
  193. M

    Indian movie--BABUL

    what is it about? and who dubbed it?
  194. M


    haha..if you click on it, it takes you to their myspace. i guess they're called hmong 715. ;)
  195. M


    dao's myspace
  196. M

    ET Yang & Tub Yang

    tub yaj is okay, but i do not like e.t. he sounds so g*y. i always wonder how he sings and went on youtube to look at his music vid and i x it out after the first sentences.
  197. M

    Laos must make peace with Hmong

    i second that, it's time to let the past go. the older hmong generation needs to realize that the war is over and the laos govt. needs to forgive the hmong for siding with the americans. and i think the american govt. needs to really listen to both side and investigate if both sides are telling...
  198. M

    Laos must make peace with Hmong EDITORIAL Laos must make peace with Hmong Vang Pao's arrest offers Vientiane a chance to peacefully reintegrate the ethnic minority into its society The interception by United States authorities of a plot by Hmong rebels, including...
  199. M

    Timeless love -the haunting and Tou & Mai

    you can get it at peb hmong. just look for tou and mai at the best seller catagory, which should be the first one.
  200. M


    i saw the trailer on youtube. interesting...
  201. M

    Water Festival at Fresno!!!!!!!!!

    well...since i'm across the states, i can't make it. hope ya have fun...
  202. M


    you can tell that yada can speak hmong a little. the parts that she speaks hmong and it's not clearly IS her speaking (mainly part 1), but the part that she speaks hmong clearly is a dubbed voice.
  203. M

    Water Festival at Fresno!!!!!!!!!

    what is it? is it like in thailand or laos where everyone throws water at everyone? :lol:
  204. M


    i like the pre-ordering thing. i'll think about it...
  205. M

    who are you????

    my name is mly... i am married and live somewhere in nc... i like collecting pm figurines... sorry i don't want your computer to crash, so i won't put up a picture of me... :lol:
  206. M


    can't wait to see it... hey, you have an order thingy on the website. if we order it, when are we going to get it? you said it won't come out until july, 2007 and it's only may. on your website, it says Please allow 5 to 7 days for delivery. so if we order now, are we going to get it first, or...
  207. M

    movie- Kev Hlub Nyob Qhov Twg? parts 1-3

    i agree with the other two...for old movies, you might not want to be greedy and charge a whole lot. $20-$25 for all 3 part is probably resonable.
  208. M


    mly14 voted for #3... :dude:
  209. M

    Timeless love -the haunting and Tou & Mai

    thanks! ;)
  210. M

    April Vang former band Paradise releasing solo album

    don't know who she is
  211. M

    Any IIU Fan? Here's a IIU Music Video song

    Here's a music vid of IIU. Hope you enjoy it!
  212. M

    A Tub Yaj look-a-like

    haha...that's how tub yaj will look like if he lived in America...
  213. M

    Timeless love -the haunting and Tou & Mai

    is this movie a scary movie?
  214. M

    guess who i saw

    don't know who you're talking about...mai phu?
  215. M

    News on Tub Yaj & Ntxawm from Nuj Nplhaib

    we're the type who doesn't watch porn, so how will we know :blink:
  216. M

    Where are you from?/Koj nyob qhov twg?

    oh...if you guys wants to talk about birth place too, i was born in cali and now residing in nc.
  217. M

    News on Tub Yaj & Ntxawm from Nuj Nplhaib

    i guess this confirms it is true...
  218. M

    News on Tub Yaj & Ntxawm from Nuj Nplhaib

    i'm not a tub yaj fan, i think he's cute and sings okay, but i just want to know the truth.
  219. M

    Sanjaya:Hmong AMERICAN IDOL

    yeah, it's funny... :lol:
  220. M

    News on Tub Yaj & Ntxawm from Nuj Nplhaib

    we want some proof... picture of the cover if you can provide it, then we'll believe you.
  221. M

    Where are you from?/Koj nyob qhov twg?

    Just wondering where everyone in here is from? Kuv Nyob America Teb. :tease:
  222. M


    have faith in God, He's the one who will help you if you set your heart to it. Although there aren't that many Christians in Thailand, it's better than nothing. We need ppl like you to go if you can and spread The Word. Satan is already working right now, if you read some of the comments here...
  223. M


    i finished part 1 and don't really understand it at all??? i can see why some doesn't like this movie :wacko: but i do feel sorry for paj and her mom, i'm glad their life is better now. ;)
  224. M


    Thanks for the upload! Let's see what's the fuss' about :lol:
  225. M


    So if you know how to upload it, can you upload it for me? I haven't seen it and wants a preview! ;)
  226. M


    haha, i remember this movie!
  227. M

    hmong actor & singer... chen vang from france...

    it's just funny how you said it. it's okay to give your own critic, if we don't, then ppl (singers, actors...) will never learn to better themselves. they will always sound the same and make some ppl more mad and thais lais them.
  228. M

    hmong actor & singer... chen vang from france...

    i guess everyone have their own taste in music. when i listen to chen, i think he is trying too hard to sound good. ly dang is just great. (that's my opinion) ;)
  229. M

    hmong actor & singer... chen vang from france...

    you're making me feel bad :( , because i don't like the way chen sings. if you read my recent post before sweets.
  230. M

    hmong actor & singer... chen vang from france...

    you never heard of him but you know his songs are not that good?? :lol:
  231. M

    Herlinda Vang is suing

    i don't understand hmong ppl these days!
  232. M

    Check Out the picture"Lam Hnub Txhob Txawj Poob" Movie?

    i use to watch it a lot too. my parents still have it.
  233. M

    Australia to take in hmong refugees

    it exit. i heard of it, but i never heard of hmong ppl living there. here's a link to info on Netherlands:
  234. M

    Hmong Frist school

    it's good that they have a hmong school, but i rather go to an american school. and send my children to an american school too.
  235. M

    who's your favorite Hmoob singer/band?

    LY DANG :yahoo:
  236. M

    Flipper- Vim Kuv Los Qheeb

    A new artist(s)? Never heard of him, he good?
  237. M

    Menyuam Hmoob Zos Dej Dawb Ntxim Hlub Kawg

    It is a sad picture, but it's up to his parents to make a difference. We can feel sorry for the Hmong in Laos or Thailand, but they made a decision to stay there; unlike our parents who made a decision to bring us to America, France, Canada, or etc. where we are free from persecution.
  238. M

    HMONG refugees-Hunted and tortured -merciless!

    I think it' been shown to the UN and some US senates, but they think it's a hoax. Because Laos is saying that they are not torturing our people. They just want our people to come out of the jungle. But there are some senates who knows it's true but won't do anything about it.
  239. M

    This is so Gay!

    Check this out! :P Gay and funny!
  240. M

    HMONG refugees-Hunted and tortured -merciless!

    I couldn't watch it. It pisses me off because I can't do anything but pray for them only. May God forgives those who tortured our people.
  241. M

    The Myth Song - Hmong Version

    Somebody upload it at So you might want to go check it over there.
  242. M

    22 Hmong refugees accepted by the Netherlands

    That's what I was trying to figure out. We don't have any Hmong living there I think. I was already surprise when there was Hmong living in Germany. :o
  243. M

    The Myth Song - Hmong Version

    What do you think? <_<
  244. M

    ST Universal Videos

    I haven't heard that one, I heard that it might have been PT's wife and the guy driving with them or something.
  245. M

    Moua Lee's Movies

    Thanks, I don't think I've seen any yet. Although I did saw Nkauj Hli Txoj Hmoo's trailer on youtube. Which one do you like the most?
  246. M

    Moua Lee's Movies

    I have not been watching Hmong movies lately, so I was wondering if Moua Lis' movies are any good to watch? My sister told me that his actors are pretty good and not xu xu siab like some. What do you think? Is it worth buying?
  247. M

    apple videos production are suck!!!

  248. M

    apple videos production are suck!!!

  249. M

    ST Universal Videos

    Are they still dubbing movies? Haven't heard about them for a while now??
  250. M

    Australia to take in hmong refugees

    I don't know if you are Hmong, but don't feel bad for us. We don't need anyone's pity. Even if we don't have a country to call our own, we are still a very strong people. They hate us because they are afraid of us. Our ancestors in China fought for their freedom, our grandparents and parents in...
  251. M

    Australia to take in hmong refugees

    Interesting, Netherlands?? Do we even have Hmong living there?
  252. M

    apple videos production are suck!!!

    if you go to avp's website, they do focus more on xanakee then the other singers. i think their website is more high tech then their movies.
  253. M


    I heard that if the people who's throwing the pageant sponor a girl, that girl always win.
  254. M

    Which hmong movie is the better to watch

    Sorry, I don't watch many Hmong movies. (more into american)
  255. M

    apple videos production are suck!!!

    Maybe brother Ly Dang is just using AVP to get more popular/$$ and then when he finds someone better to help him, he'll ditch them like Maiv Xyooj.
  256. M

    apple videos production are suck!!!

    I'm glad to hear that Maiv Xyooj is out, now if anyone is related to Ly Dang, tell him to get out too.
  257. M

    apple videos production are suck!!!

    I was very dissapointed when I found out they do Xanakee's music vids, because if Xanakee/Ly Dang go else where, his music vids would be better! Maybe one day Ly Dang will find someone else.
  258. M

    Pick one...

    Tub Yaj for me, because the first time I saw him, I thought he was good lookin. Y supeng, go to youtube and I guess just search for Lao Moua, you'll see his music vids.
  259. M


    Hmong movies (DVD) should have special features like American movies (DVD).
  260. M

    hmong actor & singer... chen vang from france...

    Tou Yang sounds better. Ly Dang is probably one of the best singer from France so far.
  261. M


    Can someone upload parts of the movie or the whole movie on youtube? I want to see it!