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  1. nikitavang

    Kaew Lom Pet (Exact)

    Did you know that song is Mos Partiparn's song? Hehe..but its a nice Hmong version of it. Thanks for sharing.
  2. nikitavang

    wow, this girl looks so much like Hannah montana.

    Are you talking about the girl in the MV Fly on the Wall? Miley Cyrus...she's the actress who plays Hannah Montana on Disney. So,'d be the same girl.
  3. nikitavang


    Exact 5 is my new fave channel. I so cannot wait to watch Son and Peung's new Lakorn as well as Mos and View
  4. nikitavang

    Kaew Lom Pet (Exact)

    Nang-ek's brother likes nang-ek, that's why her mom(the poor one/not her real mom) does not want her to have any feelings for him. The guy that likes nang-rai is pak-ek's brother. Hope that's understandable. ^_^
  5. nikitavang

    Fang Pitchaya

    Fang looks so different now, I noticed that recently with her lakorns. Did she get surgery or something?
  6. nikitavang

    Pleng Ruk Kharm Pob

    What? Did they change nang-eks? 'Cause I thought Pancake K. was in it, here's a utube clip...
  7. nikitavang

    Another Ch.3 Sex-Scandal

    No, that is not Janie. Anyone with a good eye can point that out.
  8. nikitavang

    Soo Sang Tawan (DaraVdo)

    I am in love with Tle....he's my new fave pa-ek now! *sigh
  9. nikitavang

    New Wongsakorn & Jui Warattaya: Sweet

    Magazine sure photo-shop the boobs on Jui
  10. nikitavang

    Ruk Ter Yod Ruk(Quiz & Quest)

    I agree with you and some others here. Por & Pat are great actors and I like them. But there are just too many lakorns of them together and I am sorta getting tired of seeing. I wanna see them with new peeps. It's more exciting that way.
  11. nikitavang

    Weir & Pancake: Wedding On The Beach

    I think Pancake looks cuter with Tle. The Pa-ek from Susang Tawan.
  12. nikitavang

    Dum Kham (Exact & Ch7)

    This Lakorn looks good, it's a romantic comedy. I never liked Pong as a Pa-ek, the only movie I saw of him was in Leard Hong as the brother of nang-ek Bee Namthip's character. But after watching Ngao Asoke, he is such a great pa-ek....a handsome one! I like him!!! ehehehehe....but here's a clip...
  13. nikitavang

    Paris hilton holding Ice Surunyu's new album????

    Yeah, these were altered. The first picture was taken in Tokyo. Paris went over there to promote her cd. And if you take a close look at the posters of Ice, you can tell that his picture does not align with the billboards.
  14. nikitavang

    Weir Sukollawat, Tle Thanapol, Aof Chanapol

    Awww, I like Tle...he's cute. Hey, girls can do these poses, why not guys? And tis the photographer's fault.
  15. nikitavang

    Weir sukollawat

    I like him since Pleng Ruk Rim Fang Kong, but my most fave lakorn of his is Dang Duang Harue Tai!
  16. nikitavang

    Margie Rasee: Mix N' Chic

    I think she's pretty here, but I never really liked her acting. The only time I liked her acting was the one where she switched bodies with her grandmother and then she acts mature and more polished
  17. nikitavang

    aof chanapol sick!?

    If u watched the end episode of Supapburut sha tan. The couple scenes in the hospital were probably the real thing. And I bet they had to change the script also. Aof wasn't really seen a lot in the episode...and there was one scene where you don't actually see his face when something happens...i...
  18. nikitavang

    Silamanee - remake by compordee

    I believe she is around 18-20
  19. nikitavang

    kens new lakorn

    I want to see him with Janie again. But I want to see him with a differ gal, 'cause i've only seen him with Ann and Janie. Maybe Aff
  20. nikitavang

    [Movie] Twilight

    Ah, there are Twilighters here! I luv Twilight! I think the actors fit the roles perfectly! Robert is a good-lookin guy! And a preview is already out, check utube or check their official twilight movie website!
  21. nikitavang

    Mario super sexyyy w/ glasses :]

    reminds me of Superman Clark Kent
  22. nikitavang


    yeah they definitely have a lot of lakorns together. I really wanna see him with Namfon. I think they only had one lakorn together as nang ek pa ek and that's Jow Sow Ban Rai, I wanna see them together again!
  23. nikitavang

    starting to DISLIKE kwan U

    Kwan is one of the actresses that can really act. There are those who acts, but acts like they're gonna laugh, or just those that does not take the job too serious. But I like Kwan. 'cause she gets into character!
  24. nikitavang

    Which Lakorn you couldn't finish watching?

    Oh, I see. Yeah, understandable.
  25. nikitavang

    Which Lakorn you couldn't finish watching?

    What?! You stopped watching Tur Kue Cheewit?! It is really good, I liked it, especially when Kwan Usamanee came along.
  26. nikitavang

    Which Thai dara do you want to see in the U.S?

    let me rewrite my faves ....Ice...Bie....and Dan! Please have it for St. Paul, MN!
  27. nikitavang

    Which Thai dara do you want to see in the U.S?

    Well, I want to see Weir. But for singers it would probably be Bie and Ice Saranyu
  28. nikitavang


    Ko Sawat Ha Sawan starring Tao & Nook, I liked that movie, and want to see a remake, maybe with Weir & whoever can sing
  29. nikitavang

    Beam's lil sister Bua

    Did u watch her 2nd lakorn with Dan, Beam, and Benz, called 'Poot Ruk Namo?
  30. nikitavang

    Golf & Mike's New Lakorn

    Golf and Mike's new lakorn is called Ubat Rak Kaam Kaub Fah. Golf will play a nature-loving guy who would like to be a star. Mike will play a half Thai-Japanese guy who comes to Thailand to search for his mother and later realize that Mike and Golf are actually brothers, having the same mom...
  31. nikitavang

    Pratin Nawong

    I don't have any problems with the new thai boran clothes. The hairstyles are better this way now then it was back then. And besides, the stylin has to match the story and the characters. But upcoming lakorns and certain characters in these boran are still using the traditional hairstyle (men...
  32. nikitavang

    News on VEE?

    He has another Lakorn coming out. The nang ek is Noon Woranuch. The nang rai is Araya Harget.
  33. nikitavang

    do you think Pat and Aff Tusakorn look alike?

    I agree with u! I saw Aff's new Lakorn. And Aff totally reminds me of Pinky!
  34. nikitavang

    Do you think they look a like?

    Ton looks more like nat than win. Ton is so cute!!! My opinion win looks girly.
  35. nikitavang


    do you have 4 yod ku marn with boy, aom, yam?
  36. nikitavang

    Sung Tong

    I know it is getting good...can't wait to see when they are older!!!
  37. nikitavang

    Best lakorn of '07

    Nong miew keaw petch-cee and pinky Dang duang harutai-wier and kwan Mae Krua kon mai-pat and nat Klin kaew krang jai-rome and siritta and many more...
  38. nikitavang

    Sung Tong

    I am so excited to watch this..can't wait until it comes out!!! It looks good so hopefully it turns out good.
  39. nikitavang

    Sung Tong

    Thanks for sharing the pictures...i am so excited and can't wait to see this lakorn!!! So whos the evil ones or all they all nang ek and pra ek??
  40. nikitavang

    Priew: Pat, Yard, Anita, Sara

    Out of all of 'em I like Pat. Her outfits are not too revealing. She doesn't come off as hmmm, I guess a sex symbol. As for Yard, I like a couple of her lakorns, but this shoot, it just looks like she's trying to be sexy and desperate or something, I dont know.
  41. nikitavang

    Sung Tong

    I think the boy is cute and they look cute together...can't wait to see this lakorn. Pratinawong is taking a long time. when will it be over???
  42. nikitavang

    Sung Tong

    they should make yam and boy together again because they were so cute in kror guy yasit.
  43. nikitavang

    Who do you want cee to be with in the future?

    I think i like him better with pinky but he and amy are also cute together so either is fine.
  44. nikitavang

    Mixed Thai Stars

    Brenda Song is half Thai and half Hmong!
  45. nikitavang

    Which of your FAV. HOTT COUPLES would you like to date in real life

    Pinky Savika and Cee Siwat...Janie and Ken...that is all i could think of now.
  46. nikitavang

    Scary/Horror Lakorns

    The scariest Thai Movie I saw was Shutter. I recommend that movie if u have not seen it.
  47. nikitavang

    Scary/Horror Lakorns

    A lakorn called I think....Talay sab See Leard, it's a good one I guess.
  48. nikitavang

    favorite on screen couple

    Let's see....Cee & Pinky.....Weir & Alexandra.....Por & Fon......Dan & Bua.....Ken & Janie.....Captain & Pim
  49. nikitavang

    Recommended Thai Drama's

    Watch Mae Krua Khun Mai and Nong Maew Kaew Petch everyone!
  50. nikitavang

    Who's Dating Who

    Nok is from the lakorn Rang Rit Pissavas starring Stefan and Patcharapa. She played the past life of Stefan. And she was in a lakorn Duang Reng Heng Ruk with Mos and Noon.
  51. nikitavang

    Kror Guy Yasit

    Jekalang, the tiger lady, made herself turn into a human...she is okay...suriyah's mom is annoying..this is an annoying offense, but i will keep watching it. I hope buayam comes back.
  52. nikitavang

    Yam is a singer now..

    What is the title of the cd
  53. nikitavang

    Kror Guy Yasit

    Well, I don't know. It was just released so probably not, but you could order it. I told this dude to order it for me, so i will pick it up Friday.
  54. nikitavang

    Kror Guy Yasit

    Well, the cd has all the songs. The titles are: 4. Kwarm rak jao euy 5. Muen parn larn yod ngam tha 6. Kror guy yasit 7. Yah mong pieng roob gai... Kror guy yasit ended? Are you serious?
  55. nikitavang

    Kror Guy Yasit

    Hey...this is off topic but did you all know that the Kror Guy Yasit CD is out now. It is with other shows like khing koh rah kah koh rang. Here is the website..
  56. nikitavang

    Kror Guy Yasit

    I haven't seen the does Buayam die? I am going to be mad!!
  57. nikitavang

    Kror Guy Yasit

    Bua yam really dies? I can't believe it...but maybe her spirit will still be one knows, I think the writers have something that will show Yam or something...they better. But I really do hope that buayam will come back to life.
  58. nikitavang

    <span style="color:darkblue">Boran Songs/Karaoke Only!</span>

    Anyone have the song in Kror guy yasit where the guy and girl sing together?
  59. nikitavang

    Kror Guy Yasit

    I can't wait to watch even though all of that is happening. I think it is going to be a fight against aungkat, badesarn and aisoon...hopefully the end is good. Anyone know the exact date that this movie is going to be finished filming?
  60. nikitavang


    Where is Sarn Store?
  61. nikitavang


    Well, I was looking for the new version with boy and yam in it. Do you have that one. I haven't seen the old version, so I don't know if it is good. Is it in DVD or VCD form?
  62. nikitavang


    I was wondering if anyone is selling 4 Yord kue marn in DVD or VCD form. If anyone has it, please tell me. Thanks.
  63. nikitavang

    ch. 7 vs ch. 3

    Ch7 has hotter actors and pretty actresses and the boran movies are awesome.
  64. nikitavang

    Please tell me who sings the songs in Kror guy yasit

    Does anyone know who sings the songs in Kror guy yasit. The girl song, guy song, etc..thanks.
  65. nikitavang

    <span style="color:darkblue">Boran Songs/Karaoke Only!</span>

    Could somebody post up the song in Kror guy yasit where the guy and girl sing together please.Thanks!!
  66. nikitavang

    Kror Guy Yasit

    what is the episode where boy hug yam at the waist because she sprang her ankle? Could you please tell me...teedee!!
  67. nikitavang

    <span style="color:darkblue">Boran Songs/Karaoke Only!</span>

    Does anyone have the song from goh gaya sith where a guy and a girl sing together. If anyone does, could you please post it. Thanks.
  68. nikitavang

    Puenbarn songs...

    I was wondering who sings theme song for Gomin and who sings the songs in Kror guy Yasit.
  69. nikitavang

    <span style="color:darkblue">Boran Songs/Karaoke Only!</span>

    Yes, I forgot to say, Could you upload these songs and anyother song you have from Kror Guy Yasit. If you could, and if you have it, please re-upload the longer versions. Thanks.
  70. nikitavang

    <span style="color:darkblue">Boran Songs/Karaoke Only!</span>

    Could you please re-upload these songs.
  71. nikitavang

    <span style="color:darkblue">Boran Songs/Karaoke Only!</span>

    Hey, can someone please re-upload the songs from Kror Guy Yasit. The one with the girl, boy and yam scene, and any other ones please.