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    Digital Camera

    im planning on gettin a digital camera and just wondering who got one and what kind do u guys have...what brand are the good ones??? i really like these new kodak easyyshare...i love the way it nice! the design is my fav. out of all the camera i've seen so far...but im not sure...
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    Couples you want to see again

    ehhehe...ta warit and namfon patcharin....hehe....they were so cue in Jao Ying Kor taan..this time i want a drama/
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    Priksa Sawad(Step Onward)

    i hope aont is the p'ek...chatchai is a good actor but dude, he is getting think its gonna look weird...he would look like Fon's dad/uncle next to her...hehe...
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    Vicky Sunisa:Summer Reflection

    yea, this girl look good...she got curves and a nice body...not just SKINNY...
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    Big Bang Official Thread

    that guy TOP is so still lost who is who man...they can dance...
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    Leh Kularb (Master One)

    any more updates??? hehe
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    [Question] Text Quality

    thanks..but im using PSP not adobephotoshop
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    The Texas Chainsaw of Masscre

    hahhaLOL. you so funny sarn..
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    Added New Desktops

    i like how you stylize your pics too:]]
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    The Texas Chainsaw of Masscre

    whoah! that is scary as HELL i saw him i would actually faint.. :spin:
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    Couples you want to see again

    all the four couples in tee tra koon song.. aump&&bua mike&&pimpaporn kik&&aff aof&&ployplin &&i also want them to be in the same lakorn all together:]]that would be nice:]]
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    The Texas Chainsaw of Masscre is in texas i guess in the country side..really scary &&damn freaky! :o
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    Aff Tusakorn @ her movie premire

    when does this movie comes out?
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    My Artwork!:]]

    hahhaLOL.thanks alot mike luver:]]
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    What song are you listening to right now?

    im listening to my obsession song:]] Tee Tra Koon Song Theme song by Aof Pongsak
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    she looks pretty..thanks for sharing
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    Jariya Enfone

    i be more intrested if it was sinjai than her:]
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    My Artwork!:]]

    thanks..i was thinking of making other celebs..but cant really find it..hahhaLOL..
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    My Artwork!:]]

    here is my other one:]]
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    My Artwork!:]]

    thanks alot everyone:]] i will post some more up later:]]
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    SAiFAH'S G R A P H I C S 020813

    its cute:]]because namfon &&poo is pretty:]]
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    Jao Ying Khor Taan

    i also skipped a bunch of this lakorn..didnt really get it..but i love namfon &&ta! so cute &&sweet! but unfortunately..its gonna END! :(
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    Tee Tra Koon Song

    omg this is so funny..because im currently watching this lakorn.. &&im only in the 2nd episode.. ^_^ i never heard of this lakorn..i just notice this lakorn just like last week.. :lol: &&like im just so into the lakorn cause of Mike..he is so HAWT! :wub: but the lakorn has ended..a long time...
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    Aff Tusakorn @ her movie premire

    ouuuuu! i like her! she is so pretty! thanks for the pics &&the info tinah..also like what is the setting of this movie? drama, romance, etc... &&like is it out yet? or like been?
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    Bee Namthip & Kelly

    im not really feeling bee's front hair..but she still pretty as for kelly never liked him..but dont hate him..he is okayy..they look cute overall:]]
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    [Question] Text Quality

    can any1 please help me to make my quality of my text looks better? i use the program PSP 7 and like when i ever i would like put a text in an animation...the text somehow like has antialias look or something like that and it's ugly &&wierd..unlike some other people when they make thier banners...
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    My Artwork!:]]

    awwww..thanks for the compliments alot! wells anyways...i will be making some more:]]
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    My Artwork!:]]

    heres my other one.. hope you like it!:]]
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    Added New Desktops

    these are nice:]]
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    babe_girl's art work

    nice work! keep it up!:]]
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    My Artwork!:]]

    thanks alot! i will be posting some more up:]]
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    ch. 7 vs ch. 3

    ch.7 rocks!
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    Yam vs. Au

    always YAM!
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    Wallies is nice yoou should put it in Talent/Artwork!:]]
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    My Artwork!:]]

    hey..i did original wallpaper and just want to share it with yoou guys!:]]hope you guys like it:<BR><BR> THE THREE BRIDES
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    Your fav thai site to listening to latest music ?

    i just go to thaimusic..but mostly i like to go to kapook.. thaimusic isn't update all that much..but i just listen to their musics..
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    Thangmoe Patarida & win tawin

    WIN is cutttteeee! but as for MO like i said...she is okayy
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    Jui and Cherry

    i think they are really pretty..i like JUI in lakorn better than shoots
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    Lakorn DVD for sell (cont.)

    awwww..too badd you don't have Tee Tra Koon Song:[[
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    Ta Warit and Namfon Patcharin

    they look so cute! i really thinkk they should go out in real life!
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    yeahs..i never heard about POR &&PAT going out..
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    VoTe NoW fOr tHe RiTe gUy fOr PaT nArApA!!!

    i have to say POR! cause i seen only his lakorns with her &&they look really cute together!
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    who's the most beautiful actress

    i have to say Anne &&Noon...but i will just go with Anne cause she is just gorgeous!
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    Vee & Nok

    she's pretty..iunno about vee though..
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    X Piya & Jik

    ummmmm..he's HAWT! but the lady got to should be like a younger person..that would look so HOT!
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    Tye & Tangmo

    Tye is real HAWT! but im not so a fond of Mo. just think she is okayy
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    Sonia Coolings latest mag issue

    she have a nice body but i don't think she is all that offense..but sometimes she can be real pretty:]]it depends.
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    Namfon Patcharin

    she's always pretty as usual! &&also they should make her wear a white gown..she would look even more prettier! :D
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    i actually got to say that she is really cute &&pretty in this shoot :wub:
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    Which Power3 N'ek do you like?

    i like all of them..i think they are all gorgeous! but overall i got to go with namfon! she just so pretty!
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    Aum Patcharapa

    she's always BEAUTIFUL!!!:]] her eyes and lips are sexy! :]]
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    Laos Sarn Members Photo!

    you guys all are really pretty &&cute in your own unique way:]]
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    Singing From the Heart Part II

    wow..u sound so damn good...i love the taley rissaya theme song..good it coming...heheh....good job..
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    Jao Ying Khor Taan

    yea, if P'Kob give Ta and Fon another lakorn, i hope its more drama/revenge type...hehehe...eps. 16 i cant get enough, have to keep going was just too good...they had the island all to the 2 of them...
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    Leh Kularb (Master One)

    hehehe...i think they all will fall for Yard....ehhe...since she's like a rose, but w/ tricks...hehehe...cant wait how the lakorn will, a p'ek who is a player and a n'ek who is looking for revenge..saucy! hehehe..
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    Do they look alike?

    i think they actually do look alike. but anyways like when raven was a little younger she does look like kat, but now im not sure.hahhha. but they both still really pretty though:]]
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    Tee Tra Koon Song

    i hella like this lakorn..mike is so HOT and cute! as for Kik he is cute too. Aef she is reall pretty, Bua&&Aump.. same old people..but they still cute. just not so interested in the girl that gets with Mike..does anyone know her name? and the one i think that supose to get with...