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  1. dee_vang

    PHR You're mine only mine

    does anyone know where you can watch this series with english subbed?
  2. dee_vang

    PHR You're mine only mine

    does anyone know where you can watch this series with english subbed?
  3. dee_vang

    Rent traditional Thai clothing

    Hello, Does anyone know any place in minnesota where you can rent thai traditional clothing? Thanks.
  4. dee_vang

    [Ch3] Ruk Ork Akard (Polyplus)

    Hi guys! I'm sorry if this question has been asked before and answered but anyways, Is anyone subbing this lakorn?
  5. dee_vang

    menstrual question

    For mature readers only. Hey Gals, So, when i get my period every month, it usually starts out heavy and stays heavy for like a day or two. After the 3rd day it will slow down and evetually go away by the 4th day. My concerns are , there are months where my period comes very slow. What I...
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    Sawan Saang [Dida]

    guys, do you know anyone whose subbing this lakorn?
  7. dee_vang

    MN July 4th tournament

  8. dee_vang

    3 Hua Jai (Ukrapon Media)

    have anyone subb this lakorn yet?
  9. dee_vang

    Peaw Tarad Taek [TV Thunder]

    dude, havent tangmo and kade done 2 lakorns together already? my lord. :rolleyes: i still love tangmo though.
  10. dee_vang

    Sai Soke(No Problem)

    im sorry if this question has been asked already but..... HAVE ANYONE SUBB THIS LAKORN?
  11. dee_vang

    Ruk Nai Marn Mek (Dida)

    p'ek's mom is such a b****!!!!!!! I just hate lakorns like this!!! n'ek is super cute and pretty. I'm still waiting to Kudalakorn to subb the lakorn. :)
  12. dee_vang

    Suay Rerd Cherd Sode (Broadcast)

    I think the lakorn is funny although Janie's role is starting to get annoying. On the other hand, flim is so damn sexy. :blush:
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    have some hot great sex tonight
  14. dee_vang

    Paula Taylor and Edward Buttery ? (Her BF!)

    well, u can't really tell by just the side of his face
  15. dee_vang

    3 Hua Jai (Ukrapon Media)

    I love Pat.
  16. dee_vang

    Ruk Nai Marn Mek (Dida)

    sort of remind me of Ying Ruk Ter about a few years back. anyway, is anyone subbing this lakorn? OMG... i wish someone would do so!
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    Losing weight/ diet pills

    Hey ladies, So, I am 5'0 and weight 130 (when my stomach is empty) and about 135 when I am full. I'm gaining weight like crazy even since I turned 16 and now I am 19 years old. I gained so much weight in my belly and face. I LOOK LIKE I AM PREGNANT! I really want to lose some weight and...
  20. dee_vang

    Weight loss pills

    Hey ladies, So, I am 5'0 and weight 130 (when my stomach is empty) and about 135 when I am full. I'm gaining weight like crazy even since I turned 16 and now I am 19 years old. I gained so much weight in my belly and face. I really want to lose some weight and become fit again. Everytime...
  21. dee_vang

    Hey guys, I found this website called and they sell many many brand name stuff for a cheaper price. I want to buy some of the makeup that they have including MAC. so here's what I want to buy, a set of 32 MAC brushes...
  22. dee_vang

    Deal or No Deal? That's the question.

    Thanks for sharing. Pleae update when you get the chance
  23. dee_vang


    Hey sirena, Can you update us on the Pearl cream (getting rid of acne scar)? I have been reading your every post. :blush: Please let me know how it has work for you now. Have your acne scar slightly faded away? I want to try it too and really want to know how its been working for you...
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    What excerise are best for losing belly fat?
  25. dee_vang

    Reun Sawn Ruk [ DaraVdo ]

    Is Kob even the n'ek in this lakorn? Yeah, she more like the n'rai. If this lakorn starts Kob and Kelly, why does it seem like she's not really the main character. Its more like its all her sisters and just ramdom people in the house who are the main. I don't really like this lakorn but I love...
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    Peung Kunya Leenuttapong Official Thread

    I just think its so dumb how Peung is banned. The reason- she kissed her bf ON THE CHEEKS? that's such a dumb reason to BANNED someone from the industry. I love Peung and I really want to see her again. You see so many other stars who do wrost stuff and nothing happens to them. All I got to...
  27. dee_vang

    Anyone here ever brought anything from ""?

    Hey readerz love, Did you prder frm them already? I plan on to order some lakorn from them too, but I'm not sure. Any input?
  28. dee_vang

    Warning: Deadly Prank Calls Overseas

    scary. i'm going to tell me parents
  29. dee_vang

    what annoys you the most about your boyfriend/girlfriend?

    to me, its annoying when my bf would tell me he would be back in a hour or two but comes home after 3 hours or so. ERRR..
  30. dee_vang

    Malai Sarm Chai (Exact)

    wow. aom and captain again! thats wonderful!!!! can't wait for it to air! Aom looks very pretty
  31. dee_vang

    (CH.7) Waan Jai Yai Thaang Dao [Exact]

    i miss her too. OMG.... I want to see her in another lakorn!!!
  32. dee_vang

    Proong Nee Gor Ruk Tue [Exact]

    hey thank you so much. i've been waitting forever for the continue subbs! Thanks for the new channel~
  33. dee_vang

    Proong Nee Gor Ruk Tue [Exact]

    yeah I know. Thanks for the info anyway. im waiting....................
  34. dee_vang

    Proong Nee Gor Ruk Tue [Exact]

    At least u started already! Im still waiting for the subs!
  35. dee_vang

    Proong Nee Gor Ruk Tue [Exact]

    i cant wait to watch this lakorn. PONG AND AOM!! omg
  36. dee_vang

    Weir Sukollwat [Firmer & Fitter]

    what a hottie.
  37. dee_vang

    Need HELP!

    Learn here. LearningThai
  38. dee_vang

    Short Boyfriend....

    Dont break up with him just because of his height! If you know you love that person why should their height matters? If you feel that way about him just because of his height, you dont really have feelings for him do you? -_-
  39. dee_vang

    Yok Lai Mek(Broadcast Thai)

    I agree.. Enough of the Old generation.... we get it. :P
  40. dee_vang

    Aom Piyada | Health Plus

    she have such a beautiful smile! -_-
  41. dee_vang

    Sister is b****

    Wow! Thats horrible. Even though my older sister and I dont really get along, we just dont talk to each other. -_- You know, I really wish I had a better relationship with my older sister though. :rolleyes:
  42. dee_vang

    Hmong Tournament

    thanks guys! i usually only go to buy food. hahha
  43. dee_vang

    Engagement Aom Phiyada 4-Jul-2009

    aom is beautiful
  44. dee_vang

    Hmong Tournament

    I believe there is a certain time around the afternoon when they let people in for free. Anyone who went or is planning to attend, would you please ask one of the people up front what time it is for FREE ADMISSION? Thanks very much!
  45. dee_vang

    Wanida Termthanaporn [Gifsy]

    i dont know y my posts are not being posted. <_<
  46. dee_vang

    Buang Ruk

    i think the lakorn was okay. puri was hooootttt
  47. dee_vang

    STAR's album vol. 15 no. 562 June 2009

  48. dee_vang

    HELLO STAR vol. 1 no. 13 June 2009

    Personally, I think Pae looks WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY better with his long hair. I was kind of sad when he cut it. It makes him look to young! His long hair made him looked so grown and hot. -_-
  49. dee_vang

    Manassanan [Donut]

    i love donut.
  50. dee_vang

    Sudsapda vol. 27 no. 633 June 2009

    Noon looks beautiful! I dont like Vill in this shoot. -_-
  51. dee_vang


    i think shes perfect! the dresses are beautiful!
  52. dee_vang

    Trichada Malyaporn [Poy] + Aum Atichart

    tat girl is hot and Aum is finee!!!!!11
  53. dee_vang

    Ying Ploypapas Thananchaiyakarn *

    she is pretty!
  54. dee_vang

    Our Chinese Nang'akes

    i love the one of pinky!
  55. dee_vang

    Buang Ruk gamathep (Exact)

    i really wish someone would finish subbing this lakorn! :angry:
  56. dee_vang

    Suwanan Kongying [Kob] & Brook

    i love the pink color
  57. dee_vang

    Chai Vang--yesteryear's news..

    hes not dead yet. he's someone who my family calls UNCLE because we;re not really blood related but a cousin.
  58. dee_vang

    Joy R.

    shes hot
  59. dee_vang

    Ruj, FFK, Chin, & Wiwis Bawornkiratikajorn [Teeh]

    the one in the blond, is that a dude or a lady?
  60. dee_vang

    Ruj The Star

    beautiful voice and a beautiful man
  61. dee_vang


    shes very pretty!
  62. dee_vang

    My own review to Nang Aek

    I totally agree. I think Ann T. is beautiful! She's great!!!!!
  63. dee_vang

    Pueng , Thai Fans/Websites ?

    lol. i miss her on screen! i made a myspace fan page of peung. PEUNG'S MYSPACE
  64. dee_vang

    Buang Ruk gamathep (Exact)

    aww. thank you sweetheart! I didnt even see ur post until now! omg. Thankd a lot!!!!!!!! lots of HUGS! :lol:
  65. dee_vang

    Ngao Ah Soak (Exact)

    I loved PEUNG and the lakorn! -_-
  66. dee_vang

    Nursing Major

    its never late to go back.
  67. dee_vang

    Buang Ruk gamathep (Exact)

  68. dee_vang

    Noon Woranuch

    shes sexy
  69. dee_vang

    Rinlanee Sripen [Joy]

    i like her too!
  70. dee_vang

    Nursing Major

    I want to thank everyone who responsed! Great advices and suggestions! I am going to give it my best shot!!!! ;)
  71. dee_vang

    Mother's Day

    I still don't know what to get for my mom. -_-
  72. dee_vang

    Buang Ruk gamathep (Exact)

    i swear I saw this lakorn subbed on youtube. I just can't seem to find it no more. Anyone know if this lakorn is going to be subbed?
  73. dee_vang

    Nee Chewit

    seripusly, i hated the lakorn. I wished they casted another actor p'ek beside Nam. He was so stiff and had NO EMOTIONS whatsoever. <_<
  74. dee_vang

    Mother's Day

    Hey everybody! I was just wondering what everyone has in mind for their mommy. :lol: I'm kind of clueless about what to get for my dear mother. -_- Any creative ideas or suggestions to give us? Sarnies who are mothers, what would you ladies want for mother's day??
  75. dee_vang

    SLIM UP vol. 1 no. 17 April 2009

    looking like Tata Young
  76. dee_vang

    Bee Namthip

    the last pic is pretty! she's beautiful!
  77. dee_vang

    Aum Lakkana Wattanawongsiri

    She's vcery hot! i'm not a Les. but I'm loving the BOOBS.
  78. dee_vang

    Paula & Beau

    very colorful, i like it!
  79. dee_vang

    Bee Namthip

    her dress on the cover looks awful.
  80. dee_vang

    Pat Napapa & Ae

    i love the cover of Pat
  81. dee_vang


    LOL, I am glad things are better for you now.
  82. dee_vang

    Nursing Major

    Hey everybody! I'm will be attending my first year of college in Fall 2009 and would like to major in the Baccalaureate Nursing program. I am going to the college of St. Catherine located in St. Paul, Minnesota. I was wondering if there are any Nursing major students here who can share the...
  83. dee_vang

    Pong & Pancake

    OMG. pong is sexay!!!!!!!!!!!!! wishing it was peung though
  84. dee_vang

    Jeab Pijitra Kittikul

    shes pretty
  85. dee_vang

    Intira Ketworasoontorn [Cartoon]

    i think she's pretty. At least she looks more better than those other actress.
  86. dee_vang

    which newbie you think that can cry well

    Peung in Ngao Asoke! Peung and Pong's garden scene CLICK
  87. dee_vang

    Ploy Cherman

  88. dee_vang


    too sexay!
  89. dee_vang

    Bee Namthip

    i like her long hair
  90. dee_vang

    Tangmo & Chompoo

  91. dee_vang

    Your First Manga

    Peach Girl and Inuyasha
  92. dee_vang

    Suay Sing Kra Ting Saeb

    i see
  93. dee_vang

    Deep In The Jungle -- Starring Tik J.

    when will is be out ja?
  94. dee_vang

    Buang Ruk gamathep (Exact)

    i agree.
  95. dee_vang

    [Ch3] Satroo Saneha (Lakorn Thai)

    guess we all have to wait n see
  96. dee_vang

    Buang Ruk gamathep (Exact)

    Thank you so much ;)
  97. dee_vang


    Oh dear. :lol: Here you go, PLEASE READ. Our bodies do not expend calories when absorbing cold water. In order for water to hydrate the body, it need not be at room temperature, or even at the same temperature as our bodies'. As a matter of fact, the American College of Sports Medicine's...
  98. dee_vang

    Street Fighter: The Legend Of Chun Li

    she still doesn't look thai to me
  99. dee_vang

    Numfon Kullanant

    She's still looking young and beautiful. I believe she can still be n'ek
  100. dee_vang

    Numfon Kullanant

    Wow. I never even knew that and i've been such a fan. She's still very beautiful to me. I love her!
  101. dee_vang

    Janie Tienphosuwan: Holy Heart Hunting

    such a beauty
  102. dee_vang

    Nat Evirita

    oh. its her. shes pretty pretty
  103. dee_vang

    Nat Evirita

    oh. its her. shes pretty pretty
  104. dee_vang

    Numfon Kullanant

    thanks dear.
  105. dee_vang

    Aerin Siriporn

    wow. shes sexy
  106. dee_vang

    Pictures from Fresno New Year

    those are very great pictures
  107. dee_vang

    Hmong Girls on Tyra Banks Show

    wow. shes 19 n he 39 nasty
  108. dee_vang


    Wat was his reaction? What did he say about you cancelling the prom date?
  109. dee_vang

    [Ch3] Satroo Saneha (Lakorn Thai)

    Hahha, Ken is gonna RAWR Cherry! lol. I love the cast! cant wait :r-scene-pop-corn: :baby-scene-pop-corn:
  110. dee_vang

    Liam Ruk

    P'ek is Cee or Vee? Cee = YES, YES :yahoo: :dude: Vee = NO, NO :arrg: :wacko:
  111. dee_vang

    Mia Luang ( DaraVdo)

    For some reason, I was never to login into my account. I signed up n everything, got my email confirnation and still i cant login. <_<
  112. dee_vang

    Mae Ying (Compordee)

    i love noon
  113. dee_vang

    Buang Ruk gamathep (Exact)

    im sorry but who kids are those in the lakorn? :spin: :blush:
  114. dee_vang

    Numfon Kullanant

    :huh: HAHAH omg. my lameness. Oops. :lol:
  115. dee_vang

    Numfon Kullanant

    Okay, okay, Numfon Kullanant. ^_^ I believe she said that she was taking a break from acting. Its been a while now, does anyone know what she is up to? When she may return? OMG, I just miss seeing her on screen. -_- This is like the ONLY picture I can find of her now. :spin:
  116. dee_vang

    Ann Alicia & Puri

  117. dee_vang

    Ann Alicia & Puri

    OMG. I cant believe Puri wore the underwear. :lol: HAHAHAHomg. Ann is super sexay!!!!!!!!!
  118. dee_vang

    ngao asoke version 1999's awesomenesss

    im going to watch it real soon. ;)
  119. dee_vang

    Buang Ruk gamathep (Exact)

    Yep, thats Ploy's older sister. shes pretty :D
  120. dee_vang

    Pattarathida Patcharaweerapong [Tangmo]

    shes hot
  121. dee_vang

    Kwan Usamanee

    looks very young but cute
  122. dee_vang

    Namfon Patcharin : Papayorn Bunterng

    lord, shes hot
  123. dee_vang

    Tangmo- Hug

  124. dee_vang


    she looks lovely
  125. dee_vang

    Jui W, Aff, Sirita Jenson:The Way Forward

    wow! i love it!
  126. dee_vang

    Ae Issariya

    look a lot like Aff
  127. dee_vang

    Aum Patcharapa

    green apple
  128. dee_vang

    Rybena Tanwimol [Nana] & Sririta Jensen

  129. dee_vang

    Vill needs to work with a different desinger

    she pretty n i like her dress
  130. dee_vang

    Chompoo Araya

    seriously, someone tell me why shes with the dolls again. :P
  131. dee_vang

    Ploy Jindachot

    cute dog
  132. dee_vang


  133. dee_vang

    Aom Phiyada

    aom is beautiful! She has the most pretty smile. My fav is the second pic
  134. dee_vang

    Son Yuk New hair Style

    hes hot
  135. dee_vang

    Aline (Aerin) Siriporn

    LOL she was such a b**** in the lakron. but she pretty
  136. dee_vang

    Yui Jiranan

  137. dee_vang


    LOL. I hope you get ur place back na ka. :)
  138. dee_vang


    I would not say much if its DAYLIGHT and they do it but its NIGHT TIME when people goes to sleep. I just really hate these dljfkfskfsdlkjfjfklsdflsjflkaflsdhfewhfroweirhfelknfklascf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  139. dee_vang


    BTW, The tentants would irritate us by pounding on the walls or floor when we stomp back. (I know, we should not but we cant help it!!!!!! We're trying to sleep!) They excessively play their music to a maximum volume just to get us pissed off! These people are disrespectful!
  140. dee_vang


    The managers told us that they have notify the tentants. The dude up stair even try to sell WEED to my roomate!
  141. dee_vang


    How do you deal with this kind of shit!! (This is the serious section) I live in an apartment with a roomate and for the PAST WEEKS we've been experiencing noise disturbances coming from the apartment up stair from us. Ever since we moved in the tenants up stairs are so loud. The couple often...
  142. dee_vang


    LOL, SOMETIME i think they look so girly. theyre cuties
  143. dee_vang

    Kwan Usamanee

  144. dee_vang

    Khemmanid Jamikorn [Pancake]

    i still think shes pretty!
  145. dee_vang

    Masha Wattanapanit

    LOL, i agree.
  146. dee_vang

    The look you'll love

    i sure do love her look in this photo shoot. Pinky is pretty as always!
  147. dee_vang

    daddy ken and his baby boy

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...... :D
  148. dee_vang

    First vol. 2 no. 31 March 2009

    they sang in thai but are really Japanese? why are their names Japanese?
  149. dee_vang

    Girl Berry (Giftza)

    Tat GIFTZA. She's a member of Girly Berry!
  150. dee_vang

    Yui Jiranan

    Yui is very pretty in this shoot! Love her!
  151. dee_vang

    Ann, Chompoo Araya, Bie, & Mario

    beautiful people! :)
  152. dee_vang

    Nathalie Davis & Chokchai Boonworametee [Boy]

    she a hottie
  153. dee_vang

    MaeKa Kanom Wan(Makers Group)

    lolz,,, cherry's the man! :lol:
  154. dee_vang

    Nichkhun Horawechakul [Khun]

  155. dee_vang

    ชีวจิต vol. 11 no. 250 March 2009

    seriously, I think she's not as cute nor a good singer than Mod.
  156. dee_vang

    All magazine vol. 3 no. 11 March 2009

    very pretty in pink!
  157. dee_vang

    Jeab Pijittra

    both are very prettyy
  158. dee_vang

    SLIM UP vol. 1 no. 16 March 2009

    she's very pretty
  159. dee_vang

    MaeKa Kanom Wan(Makers Group)

    this lakorn is so good! I love cherry in here. OMG. :lol: B)
  160. dee_vang

    Sopitnapa Chumpanee [Jiab] & Aom Phiyada

    my fav!
  161. dee_vang

    Pat Napapa

    she's pretty! Loving her red dress!
  162. dee_vang

    Jui & Amy

    amy looks a lot like Paula Tayor. anyhow, both are beautiful!
  163. dee_vang

    Nok & Vinny

  164. dee_vang

    Mars, February 2009

    Very beautiful!
  165. dee_vang

    Kwan Usamanee

    Kwan looks a lot like the n'rai in Ploy Lum Petch.
  166. dee_vang


    she pretty!
  167. dee_vang

    Dum Kham (Exact & Ch7)

    Me too. Maybe because I just saw the r sence. Tat was all i wanted o see. omg. :lol:
  168. dee_vang

    Ann Alicia & Puri

    Puri is so HOT! omg. lOVE ANN AND PURI!
  169. dee_vang

    Pueng Kunya

    Wow! She's beautiful! Peung looks like a DOLL! Very cute!
  170. dee_vang

    Pueng Kunya

    She's beautiful and very cute!
  171. dee_vang

    Tik Jesadaporn & Aom Sunisa

    Tik = so HOT
  172. dee_vang

    Tangmo crying

    Aw...tangmo is a pretty gurl. she can find someone else.
  173. dee_vang

    Nat Myria

    they're all prtty!
  174. dee_vang

    Dum Kham (Exact & Ch7)

    Diamend: Ooohh.. hahaha lame me! LOLz. Thanks! Love the lakorn!
  175. dee_vang


    I think I read somewhere in his forum that she was half Hmong or somthing? Or is it JUST HER mama that is Hmong? If you read Sarnie Wiki information, it state that she live with her mother who is Hmong?? Someone please correct me if I am wrong. :P
  176. dee_vang

    PUENG KUNYA & PEI PANAWARD: Feel Different

    love peung!
  177. dee_vang

    Dum Kham (Exact & Ch7)

    Hey girls, I don't know if this is my computer or whatever but I can't see the solier. There's a dark black line covering it. Did you guysjust blanked it out or is it just my PC?
  178. dee_vang

    Lao Troops Told 'Shoot to Kill' Hmong Rebels

    Please excuse me! I AM SO SORRY! Fucking bullshit! Leave them the fuck alone!
  179. dee_vang

    Lao Troops Told 'Shoot to Kill' Hmong Rebels

    Please excuse me! I AM SO SORRY! Fucking bullshit! Leave them the fuck alone!
  180. dee_vang

    Where did your boyfriend take you on your first date?

    We went to a creek down my house. ^_^ we're still together and lasting... :P 3 years!
  181. dee_vang

    Gift Ideas for My Bf's Upcoming Birthday

    i have the same problem.
  182. dee_vang

    [Ch7] Ban Sai Tong (DaraVdo)

    Seriously, I did not like this lakorn at all. OMG.. I hated it but I had to watch it with my grandma. She would pull me with her to watch it all because of Num! OMG.. My grandma is crazy about him! HAaha Anyway, I think the lakorn was pretty dumb and very boring. There was not really any...
  183. dee_vang


    OMG.. girl, report her ass. Even if its your sister-in-law, she shouldn't hve done it sry, I'm just getting piss off reading this! -_-
  184. dee_vang


    wait, n who is tat? MIss Hmong 2009 or wat? sry, I'm pretty late huh? -_- :lol:
  185. dee_vang

    Do anyone know if this drama has been hmong dubbed it?

    girl, i feel you! :lol:
  186. dee_vang

    she looks weird here

    wait, how is that gurl?
  187. dee_vang

    Aom Piyada

    Aom is very pretty!!
  188. dee_vang

    Dum Kham (Exact & Ch7)

    The lakorn is very funny. Mo is super cute and funny. Pong is just HOT! :lol:
  189. dee_vang

    Aom & Sunny Bed Photo's Exposed Across The Net?!

    he's cute and so is aom. I really dont think theses photo are bad.
  190. dee_vang

    Koo Pbuan Olawon (Dida)

    i really dont like vee and mo starting together again. -_-
  191. dee_vang

    R.I.P Scrappy

    She lives with my friend and her family. They didnt want to take her in for x-rays and so, I took her and paid for all her check-up and everything. She was suppose to have a normal dev. The night before she die, I told them to take her in to the doctors for one last check-up and they didn't...
  192. dee_vang

    This or That

    ice saranyu Cats or Dogs?
  193. dee_vang

    R.I.P Scrappy

    I'm sad to hear about your boy. Thanks.
  194. dee_vang

    R.I.P Scrappy

    She wasn't able to have any. All of her 10 puppies died along with her. Thanks for the help. I had to cancel work today to be with her.
  195. dee_vang

    R.I.P Scrappy

    Do anybody know how of who I should call for her burial?
  196. dee_vang

    R.I.P Scrappy

    My dog Scrappy died this morning around 2:00AM after trying to give birth to her 10 puppies. She was not able to give birth to any puppies. Here's a picture of my baby. When she was a puppy This is Scrappy and me R.I.P baby Scrappy. I will always love and remember you always and...
  197. dee_vang

    Ngao Ah Soak (Exact)

    i love the n'ek. she's so pretty n cute
  198. dee_vang

    Ngao Ah Soak (Exact)

    hahaha.. lol
  199. dee_vang

    Ngao Ah Soak (Exact)

    awww,............ can u plz. omg.. i'm fallin in love w/ u
  200. dee_vang

    Ngao Ah Soak (Exact)

    in ur blog? can i get the link plz? i havent been here in a while and i'm very cludless about everything. lol hhehehe
  201. dee_vang

    Ngao Ah Soak (Exact)

    ahh.. thank u. lol. is anyone summerizing the lakorn yet?
  202. dee_vang

    Ngao Ah Soak (Exact)

    can someone tell me who the n'ek is pretending to be? She said she's "piyada" to make the mom not go crazy. Is she suppose to be fang from the beginning or the n'rai?? Is anyone telling this lakorn from start to end? As in of summaries of each esi. ?
  203. dee_vang

    Nameless Graphics

    OMG.. so cute
  204. dee_vang

    Buang rak - Pepper & Fang

    I love this lakorn. Fang is so cute and Puri is so fine.. LOL
  205. dee_vang


    so pretty
  206. dee_vang

    Tangmoe pix from accident

    OMG.. hopefully she's doing good. I love Mo.
  207. dee_vang

    Aom Phiyada:colors does matter

    Aom is beautiful!
  208. dee_vang

    Dome and Ploy

    Aww... they broke up? Sad. Ploy and Dome makes a cute couple.
  209. dee_vang

    Lydia and her Boyfriend Pics

    they're dating? wow..
  210. dee_vang

    Aom Phiyada

    So beautiful
  211. dee_vang

    Yeng Ruk Ter

    i'M selling this lakorn in DVD format. Anyone who wants it please, email me. :)
  212. dee_vang

    Interlove forum

    this just very piss me off. Them admin are telling me the same thing over and over.
  213. dee_vang

    Interlove forum

    I AM ALSO! I contact the Admit and they said that everything's going fine. But i cannot even register or logg in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :arrg:
  214. dee_vang

    Pin Mook (Daravdo)

    omg.. from your banner, cee raped aum? omg :lol: :yahoo:
  215. dee_vang

    Off Aphichati Die......

    omg... so sad. i like him so much. he's so cute and such a good actor! omg.. omg.. :lmao:
  216. dee_vang


    they're so pretty! all of them are so wouderful!
  217. dee_vang

    Interlove forum

    they change the url.
  218. dee_vang

    I am About To Make A Movie

    can i be in ur movie? lol
  219. dee_vang

    Kasa Naka

    Mo looks good in red! Very evil looking. I like that..
  220. dee_vang

    Khao Har Wah Nhoo Pen Jao Ying

    i don't know about people disliking Bee, But i llike her. I think she's cute in nee chewit with Nam. She's still cute.. i like her. i'm a fan!!!!!!!!!!
  221. dee_vang

    Khun Chai Rai Rem Guean

    thanks. theyre so cute together!!!!!!!!!!!! i dont know about this lakorn. seem kinda boring.
  222. dee_vang

    Kom Ruk Kom Sanae ha (ITV - Polyplus)

    aww.. the lakorn seem good. i want to watch this lakorn.. can anyone post any pictures or preview for this lakorn?
  223. dee_vang

    Kon Rak Game Payabaht(559 OnAir)

    aww.. this lakorn is looking so good.
  224. dee_vang

    who do you like with aom?

  225. dee_vang

    For the ladies

    ww... funNy and cute at the same time. eheheh
  226. dee_vang

    ploy cherman in new york city!

    aww... love cherman.
  227. dee_vang

    What do you think of this?

    yup..yup My bf dont ever call me any names like that. He knows of what I will say and how I will feel.
  228. dee_vang

    share your hmong banner ~ nploog siab khuab lig cua

    i hate this movie. its so sloww.....
  229. dee_vang

    Aom Phiyada

    i agree with u Kayla.. AOM ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
  230. dee_vang

    ploy and dome getting a massage

    they're still together... how cute
  231. dee_vang

    Kom Ruk Kom Sanae ha (ITV - Polyplus)

    Can someone please write a little summary of each esi????
  232. dee_vang

    Aom Phiyada

    i love her too
  233. dee_vang

    Cheer & Araya hair style

    i like both. Araya looks better with her hair. Cheer's cute always. Her hair match her a lot now.l :lol:
  234. dee_vang

    Kon Rak Game Payabaht(559 OnAir)

    wow.. thanks for the screen caps. kob is very pretty.
  235. dee_vang

    Somchai Yang

    can someone post another picture of him??? i dont know him.. weird..
  236. dee_vang

    brenda song

    in my opinion.. she is just stupid.
  237. dee_vang

    A Xiong Man & A Lee Woman

    I read somewhere that the woman who cheated.. her husband cruse her to see if she was cheating. He use some Vodo or something like that...
  238. dee_vang

    Kom Ruk Kom Sanae ha (ITV - Polyplus)

    umm.. this lakorn seems good. eheh.......... :lol:
  239. dee_vang

    Kon Rak Game Payabaht(559 OnAir)

    awww.. i want to watch it so bad.. I'm excitied! YUP..yup :lol:
  240. dee_vang

    Pleng Ruk Rim Fung Khong (Ch.7)

    He's handsome :lol:
  241. dee_vang

    movie star doing porn????

    She did whattttt? Porn???? WTF???? my gosh.. she's so pretty. but how could she? they do anything for money dont they?? I heard she got kids already and she was once married.
  242. dee_vang

    Best Thing About Summer "2006"

    I spent my summer with my bf only. LOL and worked..
  243. dee_vang

    Quotes and Poems

    "Don't go where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trial."
  244. dee_vang

    New Skin.. !!!

    Honestly, I liked the old version of sarnworld better. But this one is ok too.
  245. dee_vang

    Happy Birthday

    I think its her birthday! September 14? HAPPY BIRTHDAY TANGMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :wub:
  246. dee_vang

    Summary for likisit hua jai

    :angry: [color=#CC0000]Somebody was suppose to get me this lakorn. BUT THEY NEVER DID!!!!!!!!! YEA YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  247. dee_vang

    movie star doing porn????

    dame.. can someone post some pics of whoever you guys are talking about?
  248. dee_vang

    Pauj Kev Hlub

    Kate is beautiful! miss her.
  249. dee_vang

    Por & Namfon in Hmong

    aww.. dame.. i want to watch it too. Looks good. can someone please summarize the lakorn????
  250. dee_vang

    Npawg Tooj

    yup.. he was.
  251. dee_vang

    Ciaj tuag los yuav hlub

    hey.. whats the story about?
  252. dee_vang

    <span style="color:green"><b>Sun Yah Kaen San Ruk(Exact)</b></span>

    aom is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!
  253. dee_vang

    Pin Mook (Daravdo)

    urgg... i dont like Cee... sry...
  254. dee_vang

    Movie Recommendations

    urg.. i dont like TNT.. they actually sings the real thai song. and they keep putting on Density's songs.. annoying... :wacko:
  255. dee_vang

    What do you think of this?

    well.. to me.. i think thats a bad relationship. because if he really loves u he would not call u that. :)
  256. dee_vang

    HLub Nrog Lub Kua Muag

    woo.. interesting... ehehe are they good at translating? i never heard of them before.
  257. dee_vang

    Npawg Tooj

    urg.. i hate that guy! his acting of trying to be funny is so freaking annoying!!! urgg..........
  258. dee_vang

    Learn HMONG LEES/Green Language

    hey.. i'm green hmong. Maybe i can help u too.
  259. dee_vang

    Anyone interested in...

    he good looking. i like him too,.
  260. dee_vang

    Pood Ruk Nah Moh

    man..I'm tired of seeing beam and dan. -_- lol -_-
  261. dee_vang

    Aom Phiyada

    my god! she is too cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  262. dee_vang

    Kev Hlub Tsis Yooj Yim

    The Hmong verison had Num and his n'ek's picture on the cover. I was like... why do they put Num's pic on there when Flim is p'ek. LOL well.. anyway.. is translation GOOD?
  263. dee_vang

    Oh.. my

    :huh: Really? Thank you Darvi! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!! :P l
  264. dee_vang

    Oh.. my

    :huh: :blink: :wacko:
  265. dee_vang

    Oh.. my

    okies... Used space: 4,417,126,400 bytes 4.11 GB Free space: 4,688,224,256 bytes 4.36 Capacity: 9,105,350,656 bytes 8.47
  266. dee_vang

    Tseem Mun Siab

    lol. really. how many parts to it?
  267. dee_vang

    Oh.. my

    Darvil what do i change the size into? :( Harddrive...??? how do i get there? SRY.. I realy dont know anything about these.. :(
  268. dee_vang

    Oh.. my

    Virtual Memory minimum too low. What do i do now? How can i fix this problem?
  269. dee_vang

    Tseem Mun Siab

    yes, n'ek has very long hair. well.. the son goes something like.. when i look at the sky, it's you.. and blah..blah.. :P
  270. dee_vang

    <span style="color:blue"><b>Duang Jai Patiharn(Red Drama)</b></span>

    thanks for posting the pictures!
  271. dee_vang

    Tseem Mun Siab

    LOL.. True I like the song too! The song is call "Yog Koj" sang by IONO... lol :sweat: :lmao:
  272. dee_vang

    Tseem Mun Siab

    Really? Can u explain the movie a little? Because the preview looks very good. I mean... its like.. the guy loves her at frist, then try to kill her at the end? :blink: :huh:
  273. dee_vang

    Tseem Mun Siab

    Anyone seen this movie? It was suppose to come out in the year 2001. But i never saw it. It was by Khaub Lig Cua Entertainment.
  274. dee_vang

    Happy 20th to..

    happy birthday!
  275. dee_vang

    little boy from Ju-ON

    yeah... it was me who had that. LOL
  276. dee_vang

    ***Super Junior***

    wow! I swear... they are very cute! :D
  277. dee_vang


    My name is Dee. Dee means "cucumber or watermelon" in Hmong. :D
  278. dee_vang

    Wb Zoo Ib Yam - Tik and Janie's Lakorn

    shoot! I don't know if i shoud buy this or not.
  279. dee_vang


    i like him
  280. dee_vang

    Kaew Tah Pee

    QUESTION Did someone alreayd post the sumary of this lakorn? Because I still have no ide to what this lakorn is going to be about. If someone knows, please post it up for me. Thank you guys! :w000t: Tik is so.... :wub:
  281. dee_vang

    (CH.7) Muen Rao Ja Rak Kun Mai Dai (Lenitas)

    oh! Here's the posters! credits to CH7. The title of the lakorn is calledLove at last ?
  282. dee_vang

    (CH.7) Muen Rao Ja Rak Kun Mai Dai (Lenitas)

    aww.. mo is awsome! I lobe this girl! Mo rocks! But i still think the p'ek shoudl be someone a little younger. Like.. humm.. Todd or Dan!!!! And even better,,, PURI! :wub: yo pze.. can u tell us what's happening? :D
  283. dee_vang

    Wb Zoo Ib Yam - Tik and Janie's Lakorn

    translation good?
  284. dee_vang

    HMONG in you - Magazine 2006

    is it onnly in Cali or MN too?
  285. dee_vang

    New movies in Hmong

    do u guys know the company that translated it and are they good? I mean, I reallt hate those company that translate but put no music in the back. It's very annoying. For example, when an action part comes up, the background's dead quite. :wacko:
  286. dee_vang

    Kasa Naka

    I so agree with you sunstar! :angry:
  287. dee_vang


    Yep, if watched America Next Top Model every week like me, you girls would have seen Joy's pictures shown on it. :D
  288. dee_vang

    Nee Chewit

    Comparing Nam to Bee, I think Bee's a better actress. Because Nam's face expression ain't that good. When he's supoose to look sad, he look more mad. And when he's supoose to look mad, he looks more clueless. :unsure: Nam's a bad actor. SOrry.. only my opinion.
  289. dee_vang

    [Ch3] Tang Fah Tawan Diew

    gosh... tik kissing janie like that is so hot! lol hahah :D Tik .... :wub:
  290. dee_vang

    If you could be the n'ake in a lakorn...

    as for me, roy leh sanae rai with TIK Song Rao Nirandon with KEN Huajai Lud Fah with FILM Tik..... :wub: :w000t:
  291. dee_vang

    <span style="color:#33CCFF"><b>Waew Sieng Seung (Hunk Manogka)</b></span>

    don't tell me yui is going to have a baby?? :wacko:
  292. dee_vang

    Kasa Naka

    I love Mo too! And I'm so gald she's going to have another lakorn out soon. Plus with Noon? OMG.. I'll love it. But I still think another p'ek would be best. Vee is alittle... <_<
  293. dee_vang

    Roy Leh Saneh Rai

    humm...i would sub this lakorn for you. But too bad, i ain't got no computer. :blink:
  294. dee_vang

    Nee Chewit

    i liked this lakotn a lot. Because the begining was very good. Nam and Bee made a hot couple. Bee was cute! But.. i got to say.. acting was bad...
  295. dee_vang

    Fah Sauy Len Sai [CH 7]

    wow.. nam is lookin fioe!
  296. dee_vang

    Lhong Ngao Jun

    yeah i saw this lakorn at the stores! which company translate this lakorn and r they good?
  297. dee_vang

    Nee Chewit

    no, this lakorn was not traslated into hmong. but it as good though
  298. dee_vang

    Kaew Tah Pee

    This lakorn loos good and all. BUt all the blindness and craziness of lakorns drives me crazy! I mean, i hate it when the n'ek or p'ek acts like they're still this and that when they are actually fine>.... lol :lmao: OMG... Tik is so HOT! :shocked: :D
  299. dee_vang

    [Ch3] Tang Fah Tawan Diew

    hahaha reading everyone's comments about this lakorn seem very cute!
  300. dee_vang

    <span style="color:#33CCFF"><b>Waew Sieng Seung (Hunk Manogka)</b></span>

    wow! The lakorn looks so GOOD! :w000t:
  301. dee_vang

    Music Video of the "R" scenes

    wow! thanks! hahah so sexy!
  302. dee_vang

    Ch3 36th Anniversary pics (RS vs Ch3 soccer)

    what's up with all the chinese looking?
  303. dee_vang

    Wo Ai Ni(Ch3:?)

    can you post the pictures? :D
  304. dee_vang

    I'm scared

    It's true. When I call to cancle it, they kept offering me stuff!
  305. dee_vang

    [Ch3] Tang Fah Tawan Diew

    One easy question.... What is this lakorn about?
  306. dee_vang

    I'm scared

    Ok... I very want internet on my computer. So yesterday I got thhose CD where you can get at those mimi stores. The CD's that you can connect to your line phone and it will gave you internet, for example... I got a AOL cd. Now, I'm scared because if the cost come to my phonebill, my brother...
  307. dee_vang


    HEY! I just went there yesterday! :D
  308. dee_vang

    Yai Bai Bah

    Is someone summarrizing this lakorn? PLEASE????
  309. dee_vang

    <span style="color:blue"><b>Lhong Ngao Jun (หลงเงาจันทร์)</b></span>

    gosh.. i hate those kind of lakorn.... LOl... younger sister being mean.. lol..
  310. dee_vang

    <span style="color:blue"><b>Lhong Ngao Jun (หลงเงาจันทร์)</b></span>

    well.... i can't read thai so can someone please summarize each esi here at sarnworld?
  311. dee_vang

    Bee Matika N Rain

    aww... wow!
  312. dee_vang

    <span style="color:blue"><b>Lhong Ngao Jun (หลงเงาจันทร์)</b></span>

    Can someone please summaize each esiÉ
  313. dee_vang

    happy valEntIne pEople...

    ehehe HAPPY V DAY!!!!!!! :wub:
  314. dee_vang

    SarnWorld Is the Best Site..EVer!!!

    hahaha I LOVE SARN WORLD TOO! ehehehehehehehehehehehhehehehe :D
  315. dee_vang

    Michelle Kwan

    yeah!!! i love her! i was hoping she will wins! too bad she is not compelting anymore.
  316. dee_vang

    Bee Matika N Rain

    no pics? umm...or is it just me?
  317. dee_vang

    Hmongs New law

    sometime you just got to hate your own laws eh?
  318. dee_vang

    Aum and Vee: Sweet Love…Save Sex

    Aum is fine... as for Vee.. they need a better p'ek.
  319. dee_vang

    Pat & Por

    ok looking..
  320. dee_vang

    For Lydia Fans..

    umm.. hiow do you get it to work?
  321. dee_vang

    I need a Valentine! sweet.. ehehe
  322. dee_vang

    Buang rak - Pepper & Fang

    aww.. i was hoping puri and may would get together. :D
  323. dee_vang

    Can someone sub Song Rao Nirandon

    i wouder where all the sub team are at..
  324. dee_vang

    Buang rak - Pepper & Fang

    aw.. so what happen to Puri and May?
  325. dee_vang

    DeNNiS O'NEiL!!!!!!!!!!

    he's hot!
  326. dee_vang

    Moua Lee Upcomming Movie

    thanks for all the ews and update!
  327. dee_vang

    HOw to lose the weight under ur chin

    frist of all.. someone refresh my meom.. what is cardio? :blink:
  328. dee_vang


    I hate football.... :w000t:
  329. dee_vang

    woman plus.. cindy

    umm what is she mix with?
  330. dee_vang

    Bee Namtip

    Bee's pretty! :D
  331. dee_vang

    describe these actress looks :

    They're all beautiful! :lmao:
  332. dee_vang

    AMmie and Cee

    Again, Cee is getting way too many attention! Urg........ <_< :wacko: The magazines are still cute.
  333. dee_vang

    aum patcharapa on tv-inside

    very sexy!
  334. dee_vang

    hey have yall heard Destinly's new album?

    can you post it? share
  335. dee_vang

    A Very Promsing Hmong Movie!

    Not to be mean or anything.... but this is only my opinion. I think that Yeng Tha's movie suck big time! SO BORING!
  336. dee_vang

    Roy Leh Sanae Rai

    I love this lakorn so much! ONE OF THE BEST!
  337. dee_vang

    Samee(The Husband)

    love this lakorn!
  338. dee_vang

    Kaen Lum Kong

    can anyone summarize the esi?
  339. dee_vang

    Kaen Lum Kong

    look good. anyone knoe the summary?
  340. dee_vang

    <span style="color:blue"><b>Lhong Ngao Jun (หลงเงาจันทร์)</b></span>

    now wait.. i don't get it... is kob the younger or older sister?
  341. dee_vang

    You know who this person is?

    gahhahahahhahaha funny.
  342. dee_vang


    you know what album it's in? cuz.. I'll buy it! eheh
  343. dee_vang

    Tangmo Pattaratida

    she's pretty
  344. dee_vang

    Amy & C

  345. dee_vang

    Benja Keeta Kwarm Ruk

    This lakorn was one of the BEST!
  346. dee_vang

    Kev Hlub Hlas Ntuj

    ooh.. really? Cool. I thought both your mom and Dad were Hmong...
  347. dee_vang

    You know who this person is?

    Maybe yal should close this topic down...
  348. dee_vang


    That song in pepper and Fang's movie is good. It match too. Anyone has it? Please share?
  349. dee_vang

    Girly Berry

    They are very beautiful! Thanks for sharing.
  350. dee_vang

    Kev Hlub Hlas Ntuj

    Hey..'re half hmong?
  351. dee_vang

    Kev Hlub Hlas Ntuj

    hahha... I did find it funny to see Flim head on Bogie's body. But o well...
  352. dee_vang

    Ghost Of Mae Nak

    Thanks for the bad news,,,
  353. dee_vang

    Hmong Actor & Actress

    I like her too.
  354. dee_vang

    Hmong Actor & Actress

    kool. Something to know about hmong actors and actress.
  355. dee_vang

    Dawb Thoj

    I saw her at the St.pAUL new year. :D
  356. dee_vang

    TiK vs Oil

    Tik is the hottest... eheheheh
  357. dee_vang

    Pic Aum & Vee in WAn wan yang wan yu

    Vee with looong hair too? hahhahahahah
  358. dee_vang

    cee vs film

  359. dee_vang

    describe these actress looks :

    Aum Patcharapa - sexy Joy Rinlanee -pretty Ann Thongprasom - no comments Kob Suvanant - BEAUTIFUL Benz Pornchita- sexy Janie Tienphosuwan - BEAUTIFUL Numfon Kullanant - BEAUTIFUL Yui Jiranan - BEAUTIFUL Ning Kullasatree - cute Noon Woranuch - BEAUTIFUL Ae Isariya - no comments Aom Piyada -...
  360. dee_vang

    TiK vs Oil

    I choose Tik! Tik is the best!
  361. dee_vang

    Ken Theeradeth---I have a big crush on him!

    OOhh.. Ken is feaking DAME hot!!!!! So hot... :loool:
  362. dee_vang

    Moua Lee Upcomming Movie

    Moua Lee, I LOVE YOU! You movies are very interesting. I have bought all the movies that you made so far. Each one bring tears to my eyes! I'm hoping to see The Forest Keeper when it is release.
  363. dee_vang

    You know who this person is?

    He's a Thai actor right? Wasn't he in this one lakorn? :blink: Beside, i do not think he's half Hmong.
  364. dee_vang

    Ghost Of Mae Nak

    IT'S NOT that good is it? umm... should I still get it?
  365. dee_vang

    Hima Tai Pra Jun

    They look HOT!!! so... Pat plays a korean gurl also?
  366. dee_vang

    Bollywood News

    She looks a lot like pinky. :huh:
  367. dee_vang

    Dok Bia Hila Rak(CH 7)

    They look cute!
  368. dee_vang

    Tle & Cheer in TV Inside*~*

    aww.. they are so cute!
  369. dee_vang

    <span style="color:blue"><b>Lhong Ngao Jun (หลงเงาจันทร์)</b></span>

    This lakorn seem so good. I'm wacthing it for sure...
  370. dee_vang


    Mines are: Lose weight Save money for something inportant Learn how toy cook better Get a freaking job
  371. dee_vang

    weightloss help / weightloss competition!!

    I'm trying to lose weight also..I weight 118 and lost 5 pounds last December. :lmao: Now.. I'm 113. But it's so hard to be in a deit.... :angry: So rice give you fat? :huh:
  372. dee_vang


    Sorry.. but i find these gurls all uglee.
  373. dee_vang

    Prince Charming: Her Thao aka HERSHY

    I'm so happy Her Thao won! :D
  374. dee_vang

    Kadee Ded...Haed Haeng Ruk

    they look cute
  375. dee_vang

    Ghost Of Mae Nak

  376. dee_vang

    Who do you want to wish a merry chirstmas? WIsh everyone in here a very MERRY CHIRSTMAS!!!!!!!!!!! I want to wish Sarn and all my frands in here a great chirstmas. Enjoy!!!!!!!! -_-
  377. dee_vang

    Kasa Naka

    I love Mo! Can't wait to see her!
  378. dee_vang

    Golf & Mike

    CUTE! :P
  379. dee_vang

    Ghost Of Mae Nak

    Hey thanks Ana. Where will it be sell at? :D
  380. dee_vang

    Captin and Aom's lakorn dubbed in Hmong

    didn't TNT translated this move also? Because Sun prodution and TNT are the same.
  381. dee_vang

    Sex Phone in Hmong..

    I have the movie in Hmong. You want it? PM me :D
  382. dee_vang


    Thank you a lot!
  383. dee_vang


    hey does anyone ave the osng that they put in pepper and fang's lakorn?
  384. dee_vang

    Ghost of Mae Nak

    I was wouderinf what ever happen to Ghost of Mae Nak,which start Cee and Mo? I thought it came out in Thailand but what about over in the U.S.? :blink: Plus it isn't out at ethai or anywhere. Beside.. we're looking for the DVD! :D Plus... when will Scared and Yui's new ghost movie come out? :D
  385. dee_vang


    Sorry... i forgot the link.. it's been so long... can someone with a kind heart please drop it for me? :P
  386. dee_vang


    Tik is so HOT! :wub:
  387. dee_vang


    Chai ka. This_one is still selling it.
  388. dee_vang


    urg.. i can't believe they puit in destiny song again in pepper and fang's lakorn! :angry:
  389. dee_vang

    Dan and Sara

    wow. she's beautifull.
  390. dee_vang

    Roung Keing Dao

    no.. kade marry the good one. Of course... aww.. that's sad for Dao. And the homeless guy was very cute loving too. Dame.. this lakorn.. just is... sad... :shock:
  391. dee_vang

    How did you find sarNworld?

    How'd did you stumble upon this awesome site? Goggle serching What made you stay?The animated pictures! Why do you love sarN so much?Because.... she's so cool :P
  392. dee_vang

    so..who's you're favorite actress rite now??

    Aom's my number 1
  393. dee_vang

    Roung Keing Dao

    How did Dow go blind?
  394. dee_vang

    WWE super star- Eddie Guerrero passes away

    It is very sad to hear theat he did passed away. I am a WWE fan myself. And he was one of my favortives. :( I couldn't believe he died. It's just sad. He's such a huge star in the WWE entertanment. :( Don't you just LOVE the way he cheats in his matches? For example... when he pick up a...
  395. dee_vang

    Roung Keing Dao

    The bad Mo is totally BAD! :D I like her still.. so I'm guessing.. in the end.. the bad mo turn out good?
  396. dee_vang


    wow... a hmong song in hua jai chocolate instead of the thai one? hahahha now i don't want to watch it anymore.
  397. dee_vang

    Pong & Pim (Zaza) lakorn

    well... i'm thiniknig they will translate it soon
  398. dee_vang

    I'm an uncle!! w00t

    hahahahha i like it though. :D
  399. dee_vang

    Roung Keing Dao

    wow! Thanks!
  400. dee_vang

    Buang rak - Pepper & Fang

    wow it ended already? wow! well....
  401. dee_vang

    Roung Keing Dao

    i don't think Dao got rape. Cuz.. you know.. n'eks get save by p'ek. ehhehe :D umm.. i thought Jamie got rape?
  402. dee_vang

    do you believe this?

    i don't know... i remember reading this sonewhere. People says he's hmong but o well....
  403. dee_vang

    Roung Keing Dao

    umm... i agree.. jamie do lok weird. She's more pretty in Hua Jai Chacolate. :D Beside..... what's happening so far?
  404. dee_vang

    Song Rao Nirandon

    ooh.. hahah looks weird. ehehe
  405. dee_vang

    Do you speak white or green?

    i can speak both.
  406. dee_vang

    How old are you?

    15 here.
  407. dee_vang

    WHo in here like's Cee Siwat?

    well... to me.. Tle was way better looking than Cee.
  408. dee_vang

    Roung Keing Dao

    umm.. well now i'm thinking that Rung is the n'ek. Cuz... she's sweet nice.. :blink:
  409. dee_vang

    Roung Keing Dao

    I thought kade loved Dao? Because she was the frist one he sees and fell in love it., :huh:
  410. dee_vang


    I hate TNT! :angry: I'm sorry to say this if anyone likes them! They are good with translating Korean movies... but they should NOT translate Thai. Their voices aren't that good. And the thing i hate most about them is the songs. Instead of putting the real Thai songs.. they kept putting...
  411. dee_vang

    SKY Production

    umm.. I like sky production too. But one thing is that... they make the view not as much clear plus.. they cute a lot of parts out! :angry:
  412. dee_vang

    WHo in here like's Cee Siwat?

    Sorry.. but is there anyone in here who dislike him? Because I'm one of them. I did loved him in Oon Ai Ruk. :mellow: But.. umm... now. I think he's getting way too much attention. He's not that good looking eighter. :( sorry.. only my thoughts... don't come after me. :D
  413. dee_vang

    Roung Keing Dao

    hahah.. somehow or what.. i don't like kade. They should have choose a better p'ek :huh: .
  414. dee_vang

    Roung Keing Dao

    I think this lakorn isn't boring.. i mean.. and like i said before.. instead of reading what people have summazie or post.... you should rent it and watch it. It's very good. Both the Mo's are so pretty. Dao is my favortive one. even though she's the bad one. The nice Mo is pretty too.. but too...
  415. dee_vang

    Hua Jai Chocolate

    aww...mosin here is so cute in here! And aom is so beautiful!
  416. dee_vang

    Song Rao Nirandon

    man.... this lakorn is good! i cried when Ken's soon-to-be wife died! i was so sad! -_- and aom is so cute in here!
  417. dee_vang

    Roung Keing Dao

    this lakorn isn't boring at all if you actually watch it and not read what people wirte.. I watched it and enjoyed it. I mean i think they could have choose a better actor. I don't like Kade. :angry: I like the lakorn. :D I think you people should watch it. it's pretty good.
  418. dee_vang


    umm.. so Mos and Aom already knew each other?
  419. dee_vang


    May someone please do a summary on each esi?
  420. dee_vang

    Girly Berry

    i agree with you sunflower... their rapping does sucks.. lolz.. but still i still like them. :P
  421. dee_vang

    Roung Keing Dao

    Now.. this lakorn seem boring as heck! :shock: ujm........
  422. dee_vang

    Girly Berry

  423. dee_vang

    Reduntant scenes in most thai movies................

    Hey i got one... when n'ek twist her angkel and p'ek is there to recuse her. Carrying her somewhere and help cleaning it.
  424. dee_vang

    Toshi- former member from 2U

    :wacko: lolz.. werid. they were good together.
  425. dee_vang

    April Vang former band Paradise releasing solo album

    I thought she need some time on school? stupid little... thing... skipping Paradise.. lolz.. sorry.
  426. dee_vang

    Roung Keing Dao

    OFF TOPIC hahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahaha :w000t: ON TOPIC wel.... i don't know... this lkaorn seem confusing and boring at the same time. Is it? I might get this.... oh no!
  427. dee_vang

    Roung Keing Dao

    OFF TOPIC hahah.. I always thought the little boy was cute! Don't anyone agree? lolz. His eyes are so cute and big! aww..
  428. dee_vang

    Roung Keing Dao

    OFF TOPIC: LOL.. it's not scary. I find it cute!
  429. dee_vang

    Roung Keing Dao

    :shocked: I guess it confuse almost everyone here! hahaha Just please give a summary for each esi!
  430. dee_vang

    <span style="color:blue"><b>Lhong Ngao Jun (หลงเงาจันทร์)</b></span>

    Nice summary! lol.. I'm watching this when it airs! I agree... p'ek is cute!
  431. dee_vang

    Roung Keing Dao

    Thanks ana. But.. umm.. this lakorn is confusing me!lol
  432. dee_vang

    Roung Keing Dao

    umm... so.. both the Mo know each other?
  433. dee_vang

    Hua Jai Chocolate

  434. dee_vang

    The Birth of SarNworld

    I remember when i got here there wasn't much people. The only people I could remember was Ana and of course Sarn! :D How I remember Ana: Ana posted a topic of how much she hated her sister. lol :D I felt sad for her plus me myself been through it too. I PM Ana and we started talking. And...
  435. dee_vang

    Hua Jai Chocolate

    ahhhhh!!!!!!!!! I can't wait! :lol:
  436. dee_vang

    Buang Ruk......

    well.. sky production translate very good. But they cut a lot out! That's why you rather use the rent than the buy.
  437. dee_vang

    Song Rao Nirandon

    Does seem like a sad lakorn. I'm watching it for sure. but i agree... I'm geting tired of May.
  438. dee_vang

    First Thai actress that you've seen in Thai lakorn

    I think the frist one i seen or remember was Numfon! Dame it's like every movie of her.. i have seen! lol.. but i love her!
  439. dee_vang

    "So you think u can DANCE"

    i flet sad because ryan left... no need for me to watch it anymore.
  440. dee_vang

    "So you think u can DANCE"

    Vote for Ryan!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  441. dee_vang


    I think she'e 18? :blink: Right Ana? :huh:
  442. dee_vang


    Happy Birthday Ana!
  443. dee_vang

    Mint & Pat Broke Up!

    <_< They broke up? wow!
  444. dee_vang

    I know ya guys sub Pepper/Fang lakorn

    Are yal waitting til you guys sub the whole lakorn before posting it?
  445. dee_vang

    Yeeng Rak Ter

    I'm selling Yeeng Rak Ter starting Nutt and Nat A for the price I got. Yeeng Rak Ter DVD Disc number: 6 Price: $20.06 Anyone who want this please PM me.
  446. dee_vang

    Hua Jai Chocolate

    Coming out in October ka.
  447. dee_vang


    This movie seem so good. I'm watching it!