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  1. GaMoN

    Kwan Usamanee, Bride:

    thanks for sharing.. Kwan is so pretty in the it!!! :thumbsup:
  2. GaMoN

    Tle Thanapol

    Tle lookin cute there... :cheer:
  3. GaMoN

    [Pic] Behind the scenes Ch7 Calendar 2011(2554)

    I love the outfit. Everyone look beautiful and cute. :thumbsup:
  4. GaMoN

    Possibility of Buakaew-Jukgrote PART 2

    I know right.I wanna see too..if they do the sequal. I think the golden hair boy should play as the pre ak... Since now he is fully grown up.. :D
  5. GaMoN

    Who in here are Son&View BIGGEST fans?

    i am not a fan but ..i think they are cute looking together
  6. GaMoN

    Nat Thepasadin

    he s cute..who is he..i mean what movie did he play in?
  7. GaMoN

    Amy Klinpratoom

    love amy eye..soo beautiful
  8. GaMoN

    Tep Sung Warn (Debut Air: January 3, 2009)

    really phone and jame??..ohh..i gotta see this then
  9. GaMoN


    pancake kind of look like noon in this photoshoot
  10. GaMoN

    [Movie] Twilight

    i am soo going to walmart at midnight on frieday!!! just to get the fullscreen version
  11. GaMoN


    i ll be at home watching tv am pretty sure it will be too crowded at the temple!!!!
  12. GaMoN

    Oil Thana GM Magazine

    he s hott
  13. GaMoN

    Who's the better actress between Nok Sinjai and Ann T

    i dont know who nok is so i would say anne all the way!!!
  14. GaMoN

    Son Yuk New hair Style

    oh my parent is watching his lakorn right now...
  15. GaMoN

    daddy ken and his baby boy

    i agree with you too...i dont think he is that cute...maybe he need to grow a lil bit more to see his actual face
  16. GaMoN

    Pleng Ruk Kharm Pob

    oh new is soo cute...i wanna see this
  17. GaMoN

    u pick...

  18. GaMoN

    Khmer Male Artists

    whoa!!!! sen renoth looks good with his new hair cut...heheh :D
  19. GaMoN

    Khmer Female Artists

    i have to admit that the photo shoot is getting more better
  20. GaMoN

    Ariel with Mike or Joe?

  21. GaMoN

    who's cuter??

  22. GaMoN

    Ariel or Rainie?

  23. GaMoN

    The Best Looking Man

  24. GaMoN

    Ariel Lin Hospitalized & Suspected To Have Brain Operation

    i got she feel better soon
  25. GaMoN

    Ken suits...?

    i pick ann
  26. GaMoN

    Ploy Cherman

    love the photoshoot..she is soo pretty
  27. GaMoN


    oh pancake is soo pretty in here....and i love the color green...ohhhweeee
  28. GaMoN


    is mos coming to LA too??
  29. GaMoN

    Yui Jiranan

    yui is pretty...sometime i get her mixed up with fang..
  30. GaMoN

    Pancake & Others

    love her make pretty
  31. GaMoN

    Kob & Brook

    what a cute couple
  32. GaMoN

    Num Sornram & Noon Woranuch (Mae Ying)

    oooohh..i wanna see this..
  33. GaMoN

    Yam VS Cartoon

    yam is is just cute..hehe
  34. GaMoN

    Boy Palinya

    rest in peace Boy sad to hear him leave...he is one of a good actor
  35. GaMoN

    Cambodian Surnames

    my khmer name is Samorn the R is silent..but for short is just (mon)
  36. GaMoN

    These 3 P'ek, Weir, Cee, and Nam which N'ek out these

    i would have to say weir and kwan! :D cee and cheer or tangmo! :D nam and pinky or bee matika! :D
  37. GaMoN

    Likit Kammatep

    i just bought this series..but havent watch it yet...can someone tell me wat it s about...thank you!! :D
  38. GaMoN

    Bie Sukrit & Paula Taylor

    aww..they look soo cute...especially bie!!!
  39. GaMoN

    Pancake Khemanit

    she is pretty...i like her dress
  40. GaMoN

    How come alot of you guys hate Pancake?

    i dont hate pancake.i think she s a good actress..and she also looks cute ...
  41. GaMoN

    Thai and Cambodian Collabration

    i agree with you
  42. GaMoN

    Kwan and Win or Pancake and Weir

    kwan and win....but i would love kwan and weir!!!
  43. GaMoN

    who misses anne and willy?

    i miss them tooo....!!!!..i sure would love to see ann and willy play together in a movie again :D
  44. GaMoN

    Vier & Pancake: You and Me

    awww.they make a cute couple....
  45. GaMoN

    Watch Khmer Tv online free

    thank you
  46. GaMoN

    Bittersweet Lakorns

    here s what i think Dung Duang Haruthai ..with kwan U and weir hua jai sila ...with fang and bie
  47. GaMoN

    Dan Beam or Golf Mike?

    i would have to say dan and beam love them alot!!! golf and mike is too kool for
  48. GaMoN

    Noi Bussakorn: Love Blooms

    awww she still looks pretty with a baby bump...hehe...
  49. GaMoN

    Ken/Noi first baby

    hmm..i say a baby boy!!!!!...
  50. GaMoN

    Who do you want to see as Fairy Tales n’ke?

    (beauty and the beast)...kwan U and weir :D
  51. GaMoN

    p'ek and n'ek that can sing

    wat about pancake...?
  52. GaMoN

    khmer face inside Cosmo

    i just realize...he looks like the guy in bpai kaew nang hong series...the second main guy..
  53. GaMoN

    Sung Tong

    do Mild wear glasses? cause looks like she have a contact lens on in some picture... just wondering
  54. GaMoN

    Pancake Kemmanit

    i think she is cute but not pretty tho..hehe she have the baby face i like...hehe :D
  55. GaMoN

    9 Entertainment Awards 2008

    wow most of the star looks great...but yeah some of the style ...looks weird..hehe other than that everyone looks great
  56. GaMoN

    Pancake Khemanit & Weir Sukolwat: Sweet Couple

    i just saw a tv series of them two they looks so cute together
  57. GaMoN


    i would hae to say namfon kullanat.... i love her acting ..dont kno about the other namfon hehee
  58. GaMoN


    do u have immortal love?
  59. GaMoN

    Is Mayura going to do a voice over for Sawan Bieng?

    i just bought sawan bieng from ntry well the voice was alright but...OMG...y do they have to put khmer music that doesnt even goes with the scene was just plain annoying...i would rather like to hear the original soundtrack to the movie better. :o next time im gonna watch series from...
  60. GaMoN

    Help??? Looking for a boy and a girl thai name....

    hmm i got some i dont kno if it sound weird or not..hehe girl name: kinora garlyan monoria anantida boy name: lersan pavi gavin
  61. GaMoN

    Anne/Ken Upcoming lakorn!

    hehheeh are u talking about sawan bieng thea....?
  62. GaMoN


    i am tired of seeing janie....and noon....
  63. GaMoN

    Favorite Concert Photo 2008

    thanks...hehe in the san deigo one i think me my sister and cousins was waiting in line to take picture with he came from behind an my cousin turned around...she saw him and grabbed him to almost got knocked down....
  64. GaMoN


    i would have to say hua jai sila!!!!!!!!! Bie is soo cute
  65. GaMoN

    Hua Jai Sila

    is this lakorn out in khmer dubbed yet???
  66. GaMoN

    Favorite Concert Photo 2008

    no problem ...hehehe he gave the fans a peace sign and a wink.... :lol:
  67. GaMoN

    Favorite Concert Photo 2008

    hi everyone my name is mon..i ll post my picture up first then..hehe me and p-num in san diego CA i look nerveous...cant get my smile my first concert i ever ... :D performing in san diego me and san francisco CA hehe i remember i was like..going after him trying...
  68. GaMoN

    Sung Tong

    wow..i was so wrong about wanting the movie to extend...i thought it would be good watching the character...but everyone is right...the movie is dragging ..i am tired of watching this lakorn now..hehehe i ll just wait until it s over...or something
  69. GaMoN

    Which Thai dara do you want to see in the U.S?

    ummm what about Modesto CA , Stockton CA...
  70. GaMoN

    Which Thai singers do you want to see perform in the U.S?

    i would have to say Bie The Star Touch B-Mix bogie and doge Pup Dunk Pongpipat Kongnak Dan and Beam... :D i have more but too many to name ..hehe
  71. GaMoN

    "Bangkok Dangerous" w/ Chakrit Yamnarm...

    from wat i see in the preview the movie looks gonna watch it wen it come out...cause chakrit is such a hottie.... :D
  72. GaMoN

    Sung Tong

    i agree ...the grls should change their color it s getting old....especially p- aom outfit....i think the color thats she s wearing is ugly...hehe it looks like poopy... :blink: sorry if i offend anyone, but i think she would look better in a different color outfit beside yellow and green :)
  73. GaMoN

    Sung Tong

    wow alot of picture thanks for sharing ...hehe the characters looks cute especially wen they do their peace sign...they must of love peace sign there..hehe :D
  74. GaMoN

    Khmer star pixs

    wow..thats a cute pic of her and her baby....i didnt know she have a baby girl..hehe ^_^
  75. GaMoN


    wow!! i thought they cancel the one in san francisco cause he had a lot of fans interviewing him so he missed he s flight...thats what this one lady said when my sister call to make sure.. lucky my sister and i didnt get ready haha.or else we would be getting ready for nothing.....but we are...
  76. GaMoN

    NUM SORNRAM FAN MEETING i just came from long beach..cant go back now.. :(
  77. GaMoN

    num sornram in sd

    her name is Kal Convert
  78. GaMoN

    Possibility of Buakaew-Jukgrote PART 2

    hehe maybe if they put their hair up in a bun with crown.. it won t look weird :D
  79. GaMoN

    Possibility of Buakaew-Jukgrote PART 2

    i hope they put one of the guy from kror guyasit or the pra ek from nank paya prai...i think he s cute :P
  80. GaMoN


    i cant wait to till my sister an see the looks on her face...she ll pass :lol: :lol: :lol:
  81. GaMoN

    Sung Tong

    lol ...i totally agree with you :lol:
  82. GaMoN

    Sung Tong

    wow..i am gonna wait till they grow up...!!!
  83. GaMoN

    who do you want to see aom with?

    i would like to see aom play with phone..or is nice to see her with james, but a new couple would be nice :P
  84. GaMoN

    Sung Tong

    oh? extended the lil kid part...hmmm..???...i was waiting to see part 12 cause i thought they re going to grow up...awwww... :mellow:
  85. GaMoN

    Sung Tong

    thanks Thanamas89 :)
  86. GaMoN

    Sung Tong

    ummm. does anyone know which sister is the nice one in the movie ? cause in the channel 3 movie of sung tong... theres like 2 sister thats nice...
  87. GaMoN

    {GALLERY} Pra Tinawong

    all of these picture are great ..thanks for sharing...
  88. GaMoN

    Sung Tong

    wow ..the first and second part i thought it was sad...but the movie is not dragging so far i like..well it can drag when the charachtor grow up..i dont mind because phone and yam is in there...hehehe :D :D
  89. GaMoN

    Pratin Nawong

    wow... kids already? when was this.. this series is pretty long.... :o
  90. GaMoN

    Greatest Love

    i would have to say Pratina Wong and Thepmonta (pratina wong -new version) Rahoo and Sawan Ampon (thep sarm rudoo) Interajak and Janrat (theptin interajak) :clap:
  91. GaMoN

    Pratin Nawong matter how old the lil grl is...the point is she can act in that role .. which is pretty good for a 4 or 5 year old..but yea she s too young to learn about those love an marriage stuff :yahoo:
  92. GaMoN

    Phone and Aom would be interesting to see aom an phone play in a movie together cause and cartoon series pratinavong is already look interesting :yahoo:
  93. GaMoN

    <span style="color:darkblue">Boran Songs/Karaoke Only!</span>

    hey here s the link to dl kula saen suey theme song i just upload it.. :)
  94. GaMoN

    Pratin Nawong

    thanks val...the preatra dude ..looks more handsome in this boran lakorn too..hehehe
  95. GaMoN

    Bua Kaew Jukgrote

    hehe...yeah he s cute....i think he s name is .. tar..or am i wrong? :yahoo:
  96. GaMoN

    Pratin Nawong

    wow ..i think phone looks cute in that outfit...hey is that..that one dude from kror guyasit..? well mmm... the dressing is kind of better than kror guyasit..i see a lil bit of crowns an more nicer outfit.. i think i ll watch it ..... :yahoo:
  97. GaMoN

    favorite boran lakorn

    hmm...i woulid have to say the new gomin kula saen suy thep sarm rudoo kror guyasit kaew nam ma nang paya prai theptin interajak pikon thong hehehe...well basically i have no favorite ...i love all the boran lakorn that i have watch... :loool:
  98. GaMoN

    Kror Phet vs. Kror Guya Sith

    i would have to say i like kror guya sit ...because i never saw the old version b4 ... i like it wen the movie drags because ....i get to see my favorite character longer...8) however ...there clothings are ok...but not ask pretty as any other old boran lakorn.....hmm..yeah too many computerize...
  99. GaMoN

    Chaiya Mitchai

    :D yup yup he s a very good actor hmm...i remember chaiya is the main guy in (kew nam ma and pekon thong...)
  100. GaMoN

    Kror Guy Yasit

    hey Saifah thanks for the info...^ v ^
  101. GaMoN

    Kror Guy Yasit

    [COLOR=blue]hey does anybody kno at tym is this lakorn goin to air in california i wanna kno..can someone tell me.. plz. :D
  102. GaMoN

    Kror Guy Yasit

  103. GaMoN

    who do you want to see aom with?

    I would have to say Jame...
  104. GaMoN

    Yam vs. Au

    i think Yam and Au..are both pretty and cute ^_^