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    Do you think Ann and Pepper are main pranang. From I heard it's that Pang girl and Oh.
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    tata young

    When Tata mentioned that someone special, I think it was her boyfriend not Wang Lee Hom. They were just friends.
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    Maya Pissawas (Exact)

    Wow! look at Ann and Pepper that a picture perfect couple. Did you guys see the picture of Ann and Pang standing together. Look at how beautiful and inocent Ann looks as a nang rai and look at Pang the nangeke dresses and her face expressions like an evil girl. :yahoo:
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    Maya Pissawas (Exact)

    Please let do something. Let ask them to take Pang out. The Prakekes and Ann Alisha are fine except Pang. I can't stand her. If she the nangeke, she will be ruins the story. Oh man! Why they don't they switch the role. Pang be the bad girl and Ann Alisha be the nang eke.
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    Maya Pissawas (Exact)

    please change the nangeke. that Pang girl face does not suit to be the main character at all. They need to stop promoted her. This is suck.
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    [Pics] TATA Young Temperature Rising Live in Bangkok

    If a person is want to be bad. please don't blame on someone elses for your own action. As we all know that she is a singer. If I'm going to a concert I expect a performer to wears something like tata wearing. I don't want to see someone in casual outfit. Growup. Don't judge people of theirs...
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    what is going on with Mayura, they didn't translate a lot of thai lakorn. lay lai obai ruk -Catreeya English and Chakrit kun luang ruk- anus and Areeya duang jai pathihan- kob and num kol rak game yabat- kob and chakrit I try to watch in khmer dubb from cambodia. I can't watch it , they sound...
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    areeya and anas lakorn

    I forgot the name of the lakorn. Does anyone remember the title. and if you have,will possible to upload.
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    Which Lakorn Would You Like to see Remade?

    If there is a remake, I would like to see "Ka kong Kun" this lakorn was good but the nang eke I don't like. I think she is Brook sister-in-law. something like Noi, I don't like when she cried,there are tears but instead mucous came out of the nose. I woud like to see Benz Porchita with Chakrit...
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    [Ch7] Fah Jarod Sai (DIDA)

    Please let it be Araya not Aum. If the nangek is suppose to lukkreung then Araya will fits the role. Aum has chinese feature not European feature. :rolleyes: :arrg:
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    Kon Rak Game Payabaht(559 OnAir)

    jope means end of a conversation.
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    new Ch3 Lakorns

    I'm so happy to hear that Benz will has a lakorn with Tik. I just keep my fingers cross for the kiss/ slap lakorn because Tik portrayed as a player,his face suit him well as a player. Please I hope not the comedy type. I like to watch lakorns that have paeke behave like a player but when he...