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    Vill Wannarot (SPICY Vol.12 no.544 February 2015)

    cute shoot...cute vill....
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    Vill Wannarot (KULLASATREE Vol.44 no.1059 February 2015)

    i don't really like the make up but vill sure pulled it off.....
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    Vill Wannarot (TV POOL Vol.25 no.1289 February 2015)

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    HONEYMOON+TRAVEL Vol.13 no.152 January 2015

    cute and fun shoot...
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    [Ch5] Leh Nangfah (Exact - Scenario)

    just finished watching this drama subbed at viki (thanks to the subbers)....the drama was nothing but pure cuteness...all the characters are super awesome and cute, there were no annoying characters...push and vill were so adorable together, their chemistry was right on (it was a bonus that both...
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    Tik Jesadaporn Pholdee (GQ THAILAND Vol.1 no.3 November 2014)

    still so handsome....he just needs to do more lakron...
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    Vill Wannarot (BaNANA Magazine Issue 8 August 2014)

    nice photoshoot of vill here...agree that vill sure did rock the concept here....
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    Tik Jetsadaporn & Ann Thongprasom (F3 Magazine)

    both are so lovely....
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    Vill Wannarot (HER WORLD vol. 9 no. 106 December 2012)

    nice shoot vill has here.....
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    Various Actresses (SUDSAPDA vol. 30 no. 716 December 2012)

    a nice shoot cuz everyone is pretty here n the dresses are beautiful....
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    Tik Jesadaporn (CHEEZELOOKER vol. 2 no. 24 November 2012)

    handsome tik....
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    Tik Jessadaporn Pholdee (TOUCH MAGAZINE Vol.1 no.23 October 2012)

    he is a work of art....
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    Mai Davika (SUDSAPDA vol. 30 no. 712 October 2012)

    nice...i like her outfits....
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    Boy Pakorn & Margie Rasri

    cuteness overload....
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    Vill Wannarot (SPICY no. 413 August 2012)

    lovely...vill looks very lovely the dress....everything is right on except the color (mention above)...
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    Vill Wannarot (LISA vol. 13 no. 32 August 2012)

    lovely shoot of vill...
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    Best Chanidapa and Vill Wannarot (SWEETY vol. 1 no. 21 August 2012)

    lovely shoot of best and vill....
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    Kwan Usamanee (Tur Gup Chun Volume 29 Issue 626 | July 2012)

    she does look wasted in this that what they were aiming for...
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    Son Yuk and Vill Wannarot (KULLASATREE vol. 42 no. 996 July 2012)

    both looks great in this shoot....
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    Margie Rasri (LISA vol. 13 no. 23 June 2012)

    pretty n cute..margie really matches this kind of style...
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    Jieb Pijitra (SLIM UP vol. 1 no. 53 June 2012)

    her outfit are gourgeous.....
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    Margie Rasri (HUG vol. 4 no. 7 June 2012)

    she is super lovely in this shoot...
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    [Ch9] Sao Noi (Exact & Scenerio)

    the trialer looks very promosing....vill and son's scenes at the countryside/island has beautiful background...
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    [Ch5] Pan Ruk Pan Rai (EXACT)

    i don't know them, but they look cute together.....
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    Toey Jarinporn, Note Panayanggool (Sudsapda vol.30 no.704 June 2012)

    cute and fun photo shoot....toey n note looks lovely here....
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    Noona Neungthida (SUKKAPAPDEE vol. 4 no. 48 May 2012)

    noona is pretty in this shoot...
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    Vicky Sunisa (HEALTH PLUS vol. 7 no. 75 May 2012)

    she's glowing....
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    Pinky Sawika (RUNWAY BY CAMPUS vol. 1 no. 7 May 2012)

    the angle of this shoot makes her look not so good....
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    Aum Patcharapa (TVINSIDE vol. 8 no. 426 May 2012)

    she looks very nice....
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    Boy Pakorn and Margie Rasri (WE vol. 8 no. 97 May 2012)

    more couple photo shoots for these two please....
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    Vill Wannarot (LIPS vol. 13 no. 19 April 2012)

    the cover didn't look as good but the inside shoots are not that bad....
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    Tle, Pong, Om, Boy (OOPS! vol. 8 no. 180 April 2012)

    super cute....the dudes should take more photoshoot like this, they beat the girl's sexiness that the girls always does...
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    Vill Wannarot (LIPS vol. 13 no. 19 April 2012)

    not her best...
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    pang Ornjira (เปรียว vol.31 no.692 April 2012 )

    she is pretty but the background is more beautiful....
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    Aum Atichart (OOPS! vol. 8 no. 179 April 2012)

    cute cover...
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    Namfon Patcharin - TV POOL Issue 1139

    she looks great...agree with the cover she is the girl next door...
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    Margie Rasrie - Candy 086 March 2012

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    Vill Wannarot the make up, hair and outfits and of course vill...
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    Vill Wannarot

    pretty...the make up is nice...
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    Cherry Khemupsorn

    love cherry...she always keeps it classy n elegant...
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    Various Stars

    for some reason i like the BTS pics more....all the girls have beautiful smiles...
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    Chom, Aum, Nadech, Yaya

    yaya n berry is the cutest ever...
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    Margie Rasee

    margie is glowing beautifully....
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    Aff Taksaorn

    she should show off her legs more...she's beautiful...
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    Mark Prin and Mint Chalida

    super cute....the magazine should just release the BTS pics as the official pics, they don't need all those glamor, lights etc,
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    Namfon Patcharin

    i like this shoot of fon...she's pretty...
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    Vill Wannarot and Guy Ratchanon (Bangkok Post: Issue 199 November 2011)

    nice photo shoot of vill n guy...both looks so high class
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    Noon Woranuch

    noon is beautiful here...
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    Yaya Urassaya

    she's the cutest thing the thai entertainment world has now...
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    Margie Rasee

    she's the dresses
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    [Ch3] Mae Taeng Rom Bai (Step Onward)

    namfon is super lovely in the clip....beam n namfon seems to make a cute couple....
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    Margie Rasee

    lovely...this is one of her best shoots....
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    Boy Pakorn and Margie Rasee

    so lovely....
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    Boy Pakorn & Margie Rasee

    extremely cute and lovely....
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    Vill Wannarot

    this is a very nice photo shoot of vill...
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    [CH3] Suparburoot Saleum Saleu (Step Onward)

    thanks dancy for the pics of the cast...the cast looks is very handsome...namfon n her transformations looks awesome.....
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    Mint Chalida

    cute, she just has a little too much make up on...
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    Lakorn Mia Teng

    this is a pretty cast....chom is pretty but her white dove head piece is distracting...
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    pretty dresses...i just realized she's cover up...
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    [CH3] Suparburoot Saleum Saleu (Step Onward)

    i like this couple...they r super cute 2gether n they r dating 2 so that's a plus...
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    Mint Chalida

    the girl is super lovely...
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    [Ch5] Kohn Teun (Exact - Scenario)

    this drama seems to have a lovely cast....vill n guy makes a cute couple...
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    Anne Thongprasom

    pretty...she can never do wrong with this kind of shoot...
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    Vill Wannarot and Mom

    vill n her mom is very pretty...
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    Taew Nattaporn

    pretty but the girl gotta eat more...
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    Aum Patcharapa

    this is a very nice photo shoot of aum...the bras are beautiful....
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    Mint Chalida

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    Vill Wannarot

    pretty...nice shoot...
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    Namcha Jiranut

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    Vill Wannarot

    super cute...
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    Lydia Sarunrat

    she looks so skinny now...
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    Pattie Ungsumalin

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    Sammy Bunthita & Mint Chalida: Sweet & Spicy

    pretty and sexy just right, not too much not too little...
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    [Ch3] Sapai Paya Yom (Tv Scene)

    i only know nat n some of the few older actors/actress but the casts look super cute....
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    Noon Woranuch

    noon's as beautiful as the diamonds, the diamonds are as beautiful as the noon
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    Nadech, Yaya, Mark, etc

    what a cute and fun shoot...more theme shoots like this please....
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    Margie Rasee

    love her long legs....
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    Donut Manasnan

    i like her hair....
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    Vill Wannarot

    nice shoots of vill....i like it because it has a very summer-ish feel...
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    Chompoo Araya

    she's very pretty n she's a good actress with a good personality but i'm getting tired of this shoot from her, y don't she just do a nude photo book...i noe i noe if i'm tired then don't look at it but can't help it but check out her shoots bcuz sometimes she has the best fashion and make-up...
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    Chompoo Araya

    nice usage of light, the lights give her a innocent feel
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    Toey Jarinporn

    super cute....
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    Rotmay Kaneungnij

    nice cover...
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    Chompoo Araya

    finally she's sort of cover up....
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    Kao Jirayu

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    [Ch5] Kohn Teun (Exact - Scenario)

    i don't noe who guy is but he n vill looks great vill, she keeps improving
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    Anne Thongprasom

    keep shining girl...
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    Kim Kimberley: Sunshine on the Spotless Mind

    she's beautiful...her profile is "sunshine on the spotless mind"....
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    Dome Pakorn and others

    i like the page with bie n his fanclub....the heart shape pic is cute...
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    Kram Wela Ha Ruk (Exact - Scenario)

    thanks TheGurlo22 for sharing those cute scenes of bie and vill...they sure r extremely cute and comfortable together...i will for sure watch this drama...when i heard that it was a musical, i was a bit worried how the lakorn will flow, but fr the looks of it, it flowed perfectly well...the love...
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    Noon Woranuch

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    Tubtim Anyarin

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    Janie Tienposuwan

    that don't look like her, did she get her face done...
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    Mark, Om, Boy, Pae, Kao, Mai, Min, Nhoona, Susie, Pattie, Baifern, Gypso (12 Shining Stars)

    this is an extremely beautiful shoot....everyone looked handsome and pretty and happy....
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    Teya Rogers

    those were some nice bikinis.....she's beautiful and still very youthful...
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    Kim Kimberly

    very beautiful...stay beautiful n sweet like this kim
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    Aum Patcharapa

    cute shoot...aump should do more shoot like this, but we all know she is paid more when she shows....
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    Aff Taksaorn

    she looks great...she looks like a royal...
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    Aum Patcharapa

    i like her make-up in this shoot...
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    cute n very lovely...
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    [Ch5] Talad Arom (Xact)

    noydarny thanks for the summary of eppy 1, looks like it is only eppy 1 but so much is going on...i like krit and vill so i'll catch it once i finish off all my school work....
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    Margie Rasee & Mutmee Pimdao: Dream A Little Dream

    margie n mutmee looks great....margie match these spunky theme a lot...
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    Aff Taksaorn and Other Stars

    every1 is very beauitful....but that girl aff do stand out among them...
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    [Ch5] Talad Arom (Xact)

    the 2nd teaser looks mighty awesome...looks like every1's acting is top-notch...can't wait
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    [Ch5] Talad Arom (Xact)

    the teaser looks good, it was so much better than what i expected...everyone looks great.....
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    City of Love event @ Central Rama 2

    pretty but a little too much make-up for my liking....any1 can look that good with the amount of make-up kwan had on
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    Aff Taksaorn

    the girl is 2 beautiful 4 words...
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    the girl is lovely....
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    Toey Jarinporn

    cute...some shoots and angle reminds me of aump....
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    Kram Wela Ha Ruk (Exact - Scenario)

    the singing n dancing reminds me of bollywood....nevertheless, bie n vill is super cute n lovely....looking forward to this 1
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    Barry, Aff, Ploy, Om, Pancake, Pae Arak: 6th Anniversary

    wat a lovely shoot...
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    Taew Nattaporn

    beautiful....i like the this simple and calm concept alot with teaw....
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    Art Pasut and Namfon Patcharin

    wow...they look great 2gether....this shoot is hot...
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    Slim Up Magazine vol. 1 no. 35 November 2010

    she looks great....
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    Yaya Urasaya

    very very lovely...
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    Barry Nadech & Yaya Urassaya

    cute....they make such a beautiful couple...
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    Pinky Sawika

    her face tone color and her hand skin color is different....the lighting of the cover is bad...
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    Aff Taksaorn

    nice shoot...she's pretty...
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    Pancake Khemanit - Her World

    pretty...i like this shoot of her
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    Ploy Cherman - Lost in Horror

    cool the make up, she looks great
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    Vill Wannarot (Rising Star)

    vill got skinny...she's beautiful
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    Ngao Pray [TV Scene]

    so margie is confirmed...i love her spunky personlaity...oh, that's cool that num n margie is born on the same day n same month...i want num as p'ek, it's ok 2 b p'ek 4ever....
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    Kram Wela Ha Ruk (Exact - Scenario)

    thanks 4 the update...bie looks good with that short hair cut....vill seems to lost a lot of weight, nevertheless she looks great.. wish there was more pics of bie and vill 2gether...oh, i almost 4got, the whole cast looks great....
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    Kram Wela Ha Ruk (Exact - Scenario)

    i like vill, she's cute....they were cute in their pervious lakorn...can't wait
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    Jui Warattaya

    this is a very nice shoot of her....
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    Mint Chalida Vijitvongthongi

    cute n looking very healthy....
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    Aerin Siripon

    cute n very her make-up...
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    Aum, Kim, Barry, Yaya, Mark, Mint, Boy, Margie

    cute n chic....i like the pics...
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    Yaya Urassaya & Barry Nadech:Duang Jai Akanee Premium

    cute n lovely....
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    Aff Taksaorn: Sparkling Star

    the dresses r all so beautiful...aff was the perfect model to model them....
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    Vill Wannarot

    she looks great on the cover....i like her shorts...
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    Her World : Bie the Star & some girl

    bie looks funny (last pic)....
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    Pei Panward Hemanee in Your Pet

    she looks cute like this...
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    Yui Jiranan

    she looks the eye make up
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    Rita Jensen

    is it just me or that red lipstick really did get on rita's teeths (2nd pic)...if that is the case some1 is not doing his/her job...also on the cover her top seems wired, maybe some1 photoshopped her top and shifted her top or something, the top is not covering her boo correctly...nevertheless...
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    Pancake Khemanit

    the make up is nice....pancake looks great.....the car is hot
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    Tubtim Anyarin: Winter On Street

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    Punch Worakarn

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    Barry Nadech

    cute...he has the same smile in all the pics...
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    Aff Taksaorn

    she is a beauty...
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    Susie Susira

    she looks great.....
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    Nat Myria

    beautiful (both the dresses and her), but her mouth kinda of annoys me....i like the ones where is smiling best...
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    Aff Taksaorn:Marie Claire

    this girl is nothing but beatiful...
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    Ploy Chermarn, Pinky Savika, Yardthip, Charm Irvin, Mo Amina, Pecky Yanee: Angel Brides

    they r beautiful...ploy looks like a mother to all of the other girls...
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    Namfon Patcharin

    fon looks great in this shoot, nice hair, nice make up
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    Aff taksaorn : Rose Story

    to all those other stars who are showing so much and trying so hard to be sexy pay attention to how aff does it...i love this shoot alot, she is sweet, sexy, beautiful,calssy all in 1....most importantly she looks like she is having fun and that comes across
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    Aff taksaorn : Lisa weekly

    she is beautiful....
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    Aff Taksaorn

    so so beautiful...
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    the girl is so rocking the dresses....she makes those dresses so beautiful...
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    Sinjai Plengpanich [Nok]

    she's beautiful....
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    Wanida(Lakorn Thai)

    thanks 4 sharing...the mv teaser looks very promising and romantic...tik is so handsome, aff is pretty....
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    Khemarpsorn Sirisukha [Cherry]

    the dresses are beautiful as well as cherry, she rocked the dresses
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    Toey Janiporn[Inside Pics updated]

    she's cute...
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    Ploy Chermarn Boonyasak [The End]

    ploy looks awesome, the dresses are also very beautiful....
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    Anne Thongprasom:Camelot Princess of the best shoots i've seen these days....
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    Vill Wonarot

    beautiful...i like this shoot alot, it was able to capture her youthfullness
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    Vill Wonarot & Bie Sukrit [Just the Two of Us]

    they looks cute 2gether but i don't lik vill's make-up
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    Various Stars (Film, Janie, Aum, Benz, Noon, New, & Others)

    cute...cute...every1 is cute...stars should take more pics like this...
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    Noon Woranuch

    purdy...the fourth pic she looks like aump...
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    Namfon Patcharin

    fon looks great in this shoot...i love the eye make-up, alot of peeps can't pull of that hair but fon looks great with it...
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    Patcharapa Chaichua [Aum]

    she rocked the long black dress....
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    Vill Wonarot [Freshy Girl] everything about this shoot, the dresses, the make-up, the necklaces, the hat, the shoe, oh, n love love her hair....
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    Chompoo Araya

    pretty....the three shoes she wore is so nice....
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    Kob Suvanant

    i c berry...he's cute
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    Noon & Todd

    noon looks great....she looks great from all angle...
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    Kob Suvanant & Susie

    i like kob's hair...
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    Om, Barry and Mark

    hot...all three are so hot looking....
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    Vill Wonarot [Freshy Girl]

    i don't really like the cover (she looks wired), but the inside shoot are beautiful....i love vill's size, she's not so skinny but not so chubby just right and sexy...
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    Barry Nadech

    hot...can't wait to c the inside...
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    Noon & Todd [Sweet Wedding]

    noon is glowing.....
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    Noon & Todd [Love Makes the World Go ' Round]

    noon is so beautiful...todd is looking better....berry is hot
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    Aeh Sasikarn Apichatworasil [Splendid Thai Couture]

    the dresses are so beautiful....
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    Aum Patcharapa & Om Akapan

    aump is so sexy....she is not doing that mouth thing, she should take more shoots looking like this......i like this shoot...
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    Kwan Usamanee: Hottest Girl

    the shoot is okay, i think there is too much lighting
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    Barry Nadech

    berry is looking mighty fine
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    Dok Ruk Rim Tang [Exact]

    i enjoy this lakorn so's sweet and very light-hearted...i love all the character...vill is a smart n'ek (we don't get that a lot)...bie is so cute....
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    Mak Prin & Mint Natwara in Pappayon Buntenrg n mark r cute together, (she resemble aump a lot), we just need some cuteness like the last pic in the lakron....
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    AFF: Lips :: The Legendary Voyage, Vol.11 No.20 | April 2010 this shoot of aff
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    Grand The Star 5

    this is a very cute shoot...
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    Chompoo Araya & Great Warintorn

    not liking this shoot @ all, n so not feeling the color theme
  182. T

    Chompoo Araya

    i feel the same with aikoden...
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    Chompoo Araya: I’m A Lover

    she's beautiful not this is not my fav shoot of chompoo
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    Bie Sukrit & Punch Worakarn: The Flying Stars both their smiles...just want to pinch bie's cheek
  185. T


    love this shoot...cherry is one of those few that i never get tired of looking...sure she's not extremely beautiful like the other girl but she's so dynamic....
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    Dok Ruk Rim Tang [Exact]

    i love the 2nd teaser.....bie n vill look so cute 2gether....
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    [CH3] Ngao Ruk Luang Jai (Makers J.)

    i just finally started on this lakorn n so far i like.....i like it alot because of the quality of the drama/script/directing/and angle usage of the camera.... n of course p'ek, 2nd p'ek is hot, n'ek is pretty....
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    Khun Nai Sam Salueng

    finally got a chance to catch eppy 1....i love love namfon's fashion in this lakron, everything is right on, her make-up, hair, espically her earings etc, she's beautiful...also mam, she's beautiful like always...
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    Peung Kunya Leenuttapong

    pretty but yeah a little too much make up
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    Sririta Jensen: Summer Breeze

    there rita goes again with her lips...more pics like the 2nd to the last will be great...on the other hand she's very pretty
  191. T

    Dok Ruk Rim Tang [Exact]

    the cast n crew looks close...they r all so cheerful and full of smiles....
  192. T

    Khun Nai Sam Salueng

    thanks for the summary...the story actually sounds nice...nothing new but sounds like an enjoyable plot
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    Aum Patchrapa : In the Heart of Milan

    she looks great like always....
  194. T

    Chompoo Araya

    i like the close-up pics...
  195. T

    Sririta Jensen: Sassy Sririta

    she looks the same n all the pics to me...
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    4 Hua Jai Haeng Khun Khao

    from the caps above margie looks cute....i would love to c margie with boy...
  197. T

    7 Prachan Barn

    i love fon n art...can't wait 4 this 1
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    Punch Worakarn: Good Girl Idol her dresses...
  199. T

    Aff Taksaorn & Aum Atichart: The Perfect Match

    extremely lovely....
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    Pancake Khemanit: Pancake Very Cutie

    she looks great in short dresses/skirt....
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    Dok Ruk Rim Tang [Exact]

    the previews look good n very promising..bie n vill looks cute together....
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    Jam Luey Gamathep (Maker J.Group)

    thanks 4 sharing the above pics....the cast looks extremely q bts.....i'll put this lakorn on my to watch list
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    Ch 2010 Caldendar:Love Ch3

    oh, my eyes deceived me, i didn't recognize her....thanks
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    Ch 2010 Caldendar:Love Ch3

    nice...was it just me or there's no aff, she's like everywhere so no aff here was a personal fav. is april, it's not as glmourous and elegant like the others, it's just simple, breezy, nice and very relaxing, plus pat n art and the other guy (don't know his name) looks great...
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    Theptida Pla Rah (Step Onward)

    thanks 4 sharing those pics....omg art n pat looks so q 2gether......
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    what a nice shoot this is...krit looks mighty great n hot
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    Aom Piyaya [Colorful in Nepal]

    she looks like joy in some angle n pic...
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    STAR CLIP vol. 3 no. 58 October 2009

    i don't like the cover but the two pics after the pics r really nice....he has nice skin
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    Charm [The Ultimate]

  210. T


    love her n this photo does show how smart and elegant she is
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    Pancake Khemmanit [Autumn in Korea]

    this is a very nice photo shoot...all the angle of the pic are done nicely....she's pretty
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    Lydia [Hottest Girl]

    q....but she looks awkward and wired on the cover...the inside pics r better, why didn't they pick from 1 of those...
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    May Pichanart [Sexy Body All-Over]

    nice..i like this shoot..she stands out a lot
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    Aum Patcharapa

    purdy n her eyes on the cover
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    Hi! vol. 8 no. 1 September 2009

    pretty girls....i liked vicky's pic the most, she looks so natural, girly, q, classy all at the same time...
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    Aff Taksaorn, Aum Atichart, Tah Warit

    1 of the best photo shoot in a long while....looks great/hot
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    Pat Naprapa [Dolly Mania]

    i like this shoot of pat...she looks great...
  218. T

    Cheer Tikumporn [Chic&Smart]

    she looks wired on the cover...i love the fashion
  219. T

    Chompoo Araya [Darling Doll]

    she's pretty no question about that...but i'm tired of c-ing her in this kind of shoot....
  220. T

    Aff Taksaorn

    i like the pale's hard to make the girl not pretty....
  221. T

    Mai S. [Sexy Girl]

    sexy n fierce....
  222. T

    Ploy Cherman [Naturally Sensual]

    wired fashion....
  223. T

    Pare Pisarat [Unlimited Hot]

    same question as the above who is she
  224. T

    Ae Isariya [Autumn Winter]

    q....the fashion is right on 2
  225. T

    Pancake Khemmanit [Glamorous Girl]

    nice dresses and purse.......she's beautiful but not so fond of the make up
  226. T

    Seven Days [Korean Fever]

    cute but a little 2 koreanish/colorful....oh, the hair bothers me 2
  227. T

    Pancake Khemmanit [Chic & Smart Choices] her long legs.....
  228. T

    Tv inside hot Awards 2009

    pretty n handsome.....vill and airen has the same make-up.....
  229. T

    Weir & Pancake [Again & Again]

    beautiful shoot
  230. T

    Grace Karnklao & Ice Atichanun

    for a moment i thought they were twins.....
  231. T

    Pinky Savika

    4 some odd reasons i don't like this shoot....she's pretty though
  232. T

    Pok Piyatida [Enjoy Life]

    she looks great and fit
  233. T

    Noon Sirapan

    she looks great n sexy just need to work on the mouth more
  234. T

    Noon Woranuch & Todd Piti

    wow, wat a lovely shoot....noon looks great like always...todd doesn't look that bad, they make a lovely couple
  235. T


    son n vill looks great 2gether....vill lost her baby fat around her face, which i thought was cute, it made her look bubbly
  236. T

    Tata Young

    tata looks wired, i mean it doesn't even look like her
  237. T

    Metinee Kingpayome [LookKate]

    creative shoot....she looks great
  238. T

    Namcha [It's a Girl Thing]

  239. T

    Noon Siraphun [Chic Style]

    cute...i really like how she blended in cute with sexy.....
  240. T

    Kob Suvanant

    she looks pretty but this is an ok shoot 4 me
  241. T

    Chakrit & Wanida Termthanaporn [Gifsy]

    krit looks great
  242. T

    Tangmo [Sweet on Flower]

    nice dresses.....
  243. T

    Aum Patcharapa

    she's actually all cover up...she still looks sexy and beautiful....
  244. T

    Noon Woranuch [Beautiful Love]

  245. T

    Rawit Terdwong [Pip] & Darika Terdwong [Praew]

    cute family pic
  246. T


    cute a liitle smile would have been better....
  247. T

    Tangmo [Bodilicious]

    bad concept 4 a made tangmo look extremely cheap
  248. T

    Ploy Cherman

    nice dresses.....
  249. T


  250. T


    nice hair
  251. T

    Pancake, Rita, & Others

    nice dresses....
  252. T

    Aerin & Fang [Naughty Sweet]

  253. T

    Aff Taksaorn [Dream On The Moom Shines Brightly]

    she looks great....
  254. T

    Nakak Dok Son Klin (TV Scene)

    from the stills aum and noon looks so cute 2gether....
  255. T

    Bee Namthip

    very creative shoot...she looks great
  256. T

    Harry Potter Events

    win n margie looks cute 2gether....
  257. T

    Yardthip Rachapal [Hi!]

    i don't like this shoot, don't know y
  258. T

    Ying Chalotorn [Health Today]

    simple n cute
  259. T

    Wiew Wonarot [Ploy Gam Petch]

    i actually like this's edgy.....vill looks great
  260. T

    Tangmo Pattarathida| Mean Girl

    is 'mean girl' the concept of this shoot, if it is i didn't c it...btw tangmo looked pretty
  261. T

    Pancake [Hot On Stage]

    nice fashion, she rocked it
  262. T

    Aum Patcharapa| Sexy Inside

    the camera loves her....
  263. T

    Usamanee Waitayanon [Kwan]

    agree with every1.......bad shoot....
  264. T

    Pancake Khemanit | Pappayon Bunterng

  265. T

    Weir Sukollawat & Rotmay | Smooth & Soft Touch

    beautiful hair...
  266. T

    Aom Piyada | Health Plus

  267. T

    Aerin [Dawn of Denim]

    that's some nice shoes......
  268. T

    Amy Klinpratoom [Mirror Mirror]

    one of her best shoot...
  269. T


    interesting dresses.....
  270. T

    Margie & Taew [Can't Get Enough of You]

  271. T

    Aff Taksaorn

    as the days go by, aff just gets prettier....i wish more of those girls would go for this kind of shoot and look rather than all those skin baring/bikini shoots.....
  272. T

    Chompoo Araya: Princess Blythe

    she looks wired on the cover....
  273. T

    Sarah Malakul Lane

    i don't know her but i like the concept of this shoot
  274. T

    Pinky Savika

    she basically looks the same in all the pics, just her head is moving, except the last 1.......
  275. T

    Sudsapda vol. 27 no. 633 June 2009

    noon looks extremely good in this shoot....
  276. T

    Manassanan [Donut]

    she looks good but this is kind of a boring shoot to me.....
  277. T

    Lisa weekly Vol.10 No.23

    pretty, love the shorts.....
  278. T

    Vill on Spicy Tv Pool 13-19 June

    cute love her expressions...
  279. T


    4th pic her fav pose...
  280. T

    Jareeya Enfoney (Nok) WHAT WOMEN WANT /

    nice, beautiful and simple all in one....
  281. T


    nice dresses....
  282. T

    Taew Nattaporn:Beautiful Girl

  283. T

    Our Chinese Nang'akes

    aum still has that hella sexy look in her eyes....
  284. T

    Weir + Pancake - Japan/Tokyo

    nice and romantic photoshoot....the background is just breathtaking beautiful, also the fashion is right on 2.....
  285. T

    Kwaan Usamanee

    wired photoshoot, maybe because of the background
  286. T

    Aum Patcharapa

    this photoshoot is awesome, it was albe to capture aump's forever youthfulness look....
  287. T


    i like the fashion in this shoot....
  288. T


    like her hair.....
  289. T

    Aum Patcharapa her body......
  290. T

    Aff & Bie @ Ratree Samosarn : Prajun See Roong

    that girl aff is 4eva pretty, love her smile, love her eyes, love her dress/shoe.......bie also looked cute 2......
  291. T

    Papayonbutung- Vill Wanarot Vol.1688

    she is a little stiff in here but nevertheless still really cute......i'm use to her bright smile
  292. T

    Janista Liushalermwong [Bam]

    nice dresses....
  293. T


    pinky is pretty but i don't like how the pics are taken/the angle....
  294. T

    Cherry Khemupsorn

    cherry looks really beautiful in this shoot....
  295. T

    Myria Benenetty [Nat]

    beautiful dresses....
  296. T

    Pattie Angsumalin: So Cute & Beauty, Happy Terms Begin

    cute....gosh i think we need more photoshoots like this rather than all the sexy and boob poppoing photoshoot....
  297. T

    Sinjai Plengpanich [Nok] wonder she's the best
  298. T

    Noon Woranuch

  299. T

    Noon Woranuch

    noon = beautifulness
  300. T

    Nat Myria & Apissada Kuakongka [Ice]

    nat is pretty but i don't like the make up and the eye lashes....
  301. T

    Noon Woranuch

    she looks cute with the short hair....noon is lovely
  302. T

    Hi! Magazine: Volume 7 Issue 8 | April 2009

    the pose on the cover pic is pinky's fav pose, she always does that pose
  303. T

    Kwan Usamanee

    boring shoot
  304. T

    Sririta Jensen in Slimming's May/09

    this shoot is bad, espically the make up
  305. T


    she actually pulls off this look, she looks hot
  306. T

    Pancake & Weir

  307. T


    nice, i love the clothes, so summerish
  308. T

    Aum Patcharapa

    this is a nice shoot of aum, n she sure did justice to the dresses
  309. T

    Hmong Girls on Tyra Banks Show

    the girls are stupid....y make the Hmong girl's look so bad..........
  310. T

    Matt Peeranee Kongthai & Taew Nataporn

    nice and cute, but i don't like the tone of the shoot....
  311. T


    i actually like this shoot alot....i think it's unique...come on we have seen 2 many smiley, smiley shoots and same old sexy shoots so this one is a huge's great i think she's good at modeling judging from this shoot/pics
  312. T

    Yardtip Rachapal [Yard]

    everything about this shoot is wired, even the make up....not her best....
  313. T

    Num Sornram & Noon Woranuch (Mae Ying)!!

    num and noon looks cute 2gether
  314. T

    Namfon Patcharin : Papayorn Bunterng

    namfon looks good...i like her shorts....also i'm glad she is being sexy but not trying so hard to be sexy.....
  315. T

    Kwan Usamanee

    is it just me or kwan looks sleepy in this shoot, in some pics her smile seems to be forced....the fashion is okay....
  316. T


    i think this is a nice shoot....not bad but not totally good....i like the 8th pic
  317. T

    Aom Phiyada

  318. T

    Aff Taksaorn

    aff is more than gorgeous
  319. T

    Aum Patcharapa

    nice..aump looks great....
  320. T


    pretty but she looks scared in the first pic
  321. T

    Aline (Aerin) Siriporn

  322. T

    Yui Jiranan

    pretty...but the eyelashes bother me a bit
  323. T

    Khemmanid Jamikorn [Pancake]

    what a funky photoshoot, just glad that pancake can pull it off or else it will look extremely wired
  324. T

    Yui Jiranan

    she looks nice and sexy here
  325. T


    pancake has a great body
  326. T

    Look Sao Gamnan(TV Thunder)

    1st eppy was cute and funny...i love fon and tui and all the characters so far
  327. T


    one of her best shot so far....
  328. T

    Look Sao Gamnan(TV Thunder)

    thanks for the youtube and namfon is super cute....just from the short clip i see nomfon's improvement
  329. T

    Sanae Ha Ngern tra(Step Onward)

    margie is cute and such a promising actress
  330. T

    Benz Pornchita

    i like the ones where is she smiling, the others ones are okay maybe it's the lighting
  331. T

    Lydia Sarunrat

    nice, i don't really like the make up but it looks perfect on her
  332. T

    Oops: 100th Issue

    noon and aff is lovely, everyone is cute
  333. T

    Random pix of Wiew Wonarot

    cute and pretty...
  334. T

    Nangrais in Volume magazine

    these n'rai rules, they are n'rai onscreen but their life is less dramatic then n'eks (except a few)
  335. T

    Parppayon Bunterng: Issue 1665 | December 17-23

    they make such a hot/cute couple, they should take more photoshoot together
  336. T

    [Ch7] Ban Sai Tong (DaraVdo)

    you are right that the character pohjama is still a school girl, but she is very mature and intelligent, so i would like to see someone who has a mature feel to take on the role
  337. T

    [Ch7] Ban Sai Tong (DaraVdo)

    i feel weir and kwan is too teen-looking for me to be cast in ban sai tong, we someone who is more mature looking like the old cast, joy and num and i agree with mongstaness, leave it to ch 3 and ken and ann is good choices...
  338. T

    Aff Taksaorn: Before Sunset

    i think even after or before the sun set, this girl will always shine with the help of her beautiful smile and eyes....
  339. T

    Sanae Ha Ngern tra(Step Onward)

    i think margie is not that bad for a newbie, i like margie and her spunky personality....her new hair cut is cute, brings out a new margie....
  340. T

    Luk Maai Blien See (TV Scene)

    margie is cute and the her co-actor looks cute
  341. T

    margie's new look

    she is pretty with both, her spunky personality helps her pull if off....margie is cute
  342. T

    Kaew Lom Pet (Exact)

    i haven't got the chance to watch this lakorn yet because of school/finals but for sure i will watch it....just from the discussion thread here only i can see and feel son and wiew's i like the scene above (even without watching it yet, thanks for the translation and caps) when...
  343. T

    Pae Arak & Aum Patcharapa

    this is a very nice shoot of aump...she's beautiful...
  344. T

    Pae Arak & Aum Patcharapa

    aump is overshadowing the guy....aump looks beautiful
  345. T

    Aff , Janie, Nok Sinjai, Nok Jariya, Dome Pakorn,Ploy Cherman: 27th Anniversary

    very unique shoots...i like aff and nok's the best...they shine and they really brought out the theme of the shoot...janie is pretty but i think she didn't bring out the "social lover" theme, it was more like a party girl theme to me
  346. T

    Pinky Savika: Blossom Love

    Alhambra1 the question you asked was the same question i had in my head so what's the concept with the hola hop thingy....
  347. T

    Aum Patcharapa: Lady First

    nice, pretty and sexy all in one go
  348. T

    Fang Pitchaya

    nice body but the pic no comment
  349. T

    Aum Patcharapa, Casts of Superstar: 28th Anniversary

    aum looks super pretty
  350. T

    Pinky Savika: Glamerous Style

    i second that...i thought i was the only one thinking that, she's pretty but this photoshoot theme/concept doesn't match her....and what's up with the eyelashes, it looks better when she close her eyes...
  351. T

    Pat Napapa

    pat is beautiful and i like the make up...
  352. T

    Bie Sukrit & Pat Suthasinee

    the brush up work is bad, too much make up
  353. T

    Look Sao Gamnan(TV Thunder)

    thanks for sharing...namfon and tui looks cute together...
  354. T

    Aff Taksaorn

    nice...keep those beatiful pics coming in aff....
  355. T

    Aff Taksaorn

    i'm so use to her big smile but she still looks beautiful, so no compliants...
  356. T

    Noon Woranuch: Rumor Has It

    noon is beatiful
  357. T

    Rome, Namfon, Yardthip

    the pics don't look right, i mean it looks like they cut and paste it together...yard looks like she is trying too hard...namfon looks uncomrtable...
  358. T

    Bie Sukrit - Aum Patcharapa

    bie looks nice...aump is usually in good fashion, this night was not her night...
  359. T

    Aff Taksaorn

    she's beautiful...she can pull off any look....
  360. T

    Janie Tienphosuwan: Spicy Lady

    not too fond of this shoot...they and her can do better...
  361. T

    Aff Taksaorn sure is hard to make the girl look unpretty....
  362. T

    Margie Rasee: Mix N' Chic

    margie is cute...i like the girl......
  363. T

    Pat's sexy in TV Inside (latest)

    pat looks lost to me.....
  364. T

    Aum Patchrapa: Room On Fire

    you read my mind....i so agree with you.....other star looks the same in their photo shoot and stuff but no one says anything but when it comes to this girl, everyone is on her....poor aum it's because she's on top of her game.... oh, i find the shoot sexy and nothing like porn star....
  365. T

    Aum Patchrapa: I Love New York

    this is a very nice shoot of aum....the camera loves this girl.... the styling in this shoot is great too...the hair, the makeup and the fashion were all well done.... i think what makes these pictures stand out alot is her eyes...her eyes are speaking to us...
  366. T


    i'm a fan....out of all the new and leading actress now, i find margie to be the most promising....and i love her perkiness like pointed out by many of you...i also think she has such a healty image (correct me if i am wrong)
  367. T

    Noon Woranuch: Girl Going to the Future

    noon is beatiful but the fashion are okay...
  368. T

    Margie Rasee

    margie is cute...the shoots are cute...she was cute in BJ...out of all the new and upcoming actress i think she is good and has such a healthy image...she doesn't look that good in these expensive shoot but her candad pics, and self-shot pictures, she looks adorable and very natural looking...
  369. T

    Aum Patchrapa: Perfectionist

    pretty...but yeah not her best
  370. T

    Margie Rasee

    nice shoot of margie...she shines....
  371. T

    Badarn Jai(Act Art)

    thanks for sharing those pics of the three beautiful ladies, no wonder the drama flows so well, it is because the people get along so well off-screen....i love margie's perky personality both on and off-screen...donut is cute on and off for the actress that played aom in BJ she...
  372. T

    Botun Greep Sood Tai(Tv Scene)

    what a beautiful couple.....aff is really made for aum and aum was created for aff....they are the best on-screen couple i have seen in years...can't wait to watch this lakorn....
  373. T

    Namfon Patcharin

    she looks different...but a new look a new side...
  374. T

    Poo Praiya

    the hair color makes her look pale and tired
  375. T

    Pat Napapar

    cute pat, cute smile, cute dress....a little more weight on her will be better....
  376. T

    Aum Patcharapa: Let's Get Naughty

    i like her hair in this shoot....
  377. T

    Aum Patcharapa

    pretty shoot...i like the make up the best.....
  378. T

    next rising actress of ch3

    these actresses are all new to me, it's not fair for me to vote, but out of all of them i picked margie...currently watching her in BJ and she is winning my heart...
  379. T

    Margie Rasee:

    cute....i find her style to be very cute.....i hope marige stays like this for us and do not change but only mature.... i don't want her to change like everyone else (always wanting to be sexy) we need more girls like margie....
  380. T

    Margie Rasee:Colorful Girl

    nice....margie looks tall in this shoot....i agree that she does look older than her age but in this photo shoot what i like about it alot is that it showed her matureness....she looks better on screen than in pics, but in pics her personality comes across very strong
  381. T

    [Picture] - Thailand sur Seine ( Paris ) + VIDEO UPDATE | 18-19-20/07/08

    thanks for sharing...noon is pretty all doll up or not...
  382. T

    Fai Ruk Arsoon (Lakorn Thai)

    agree with everyone paul please....
  383. T

    Namtan Mai(Tv Scene)

    aum and benz agian....i don't hate benz or anything but i want aum to star with someone else......
  384. T

    Pantip Fav. Actor/Actress of the week poll

    go margie.....she so deserves it, she is doing such a good job in BJ.....donut is cute too....aum should have been number one...
  385. T

    Margie Rasee

    cute....she has beautiful long legs....i love her bright smile...
  386. T

    Ken Teeradeth & Aff Taksaorn, Ginnie Thanida: Cheers

    what a beautiful couple....
  387. T

    Xais Yaj (Tub Yaj's cousin) - New Hmong P'ek

    i love the hmong clothes.....
  388. T

    Bie n Mew

    bie and mew is cute together...heard that mew is done with her school entrance exam and she is back, can't wait to see her in a new project...
  389. T


    thanks for sharing...bie is such a QT
  390. T

    Pueng Kanya

    pretty....i like the ones where she smiles best....
  391. T

    Badarn Jai(Act Art)

    i know tor is a meanie but we all know perng is gonna get back on her feet...i can't wait for perng's transformation (the short hair and yellow dress)...that is when tor is gonna get his payback and the game is on....
  392. T

    Sawan Bien Beat JLR!

    SB beat JLR in terms of number but if you were to say which was a real hit it will have to be everyone who started watching JLR, we did not expect anything from it but a average lakorn or one of those lakron to fill in the time, but bam we all caught a non-stop fever, JLR hitted us...
  393. T

    Badarn Jai(Act Art)

    LOL you guys or gals are too cute talking about babies...hey but it's keeping the thread alive hehe.... i've been quite busy so i didn't have the time to catch up....but i finished eppy 4, the one subbed by nalika1 and girl you are so cute putting your comments in the subs, when your comment...
  394. T

    Badarn Jai(Act Art)

    i forgot to mention about something....i am in love with the theme song...
  395. T

    Badarn Jai(Act Art)

    just finished the last half of eppy two and half of eppy three.....aum and margie is cute together.....everytime i see aum on-screen i feel acting is so easy for him, it comes so natural for aum, his every move, facial expression are so took me a little while to get use to...
  396. T

    Aum sexy pics

    it's been said already but i still have to say it agian because it's the truth "aum is hot"
  397. T

    Aum(Man on the move)

  398. T

    Badarn Jai(Act Art)

    i started with eppy two and i find it cute...i love all the aum and margie far there has been alot of aum and margie scene and i hope it will increase....more more
  399. T

    Aum and Pinky pictures

    from the pic.....there seems to be little interaction...i was hoping for a little more interaction since it seems like aum has a crush on pinky....
  400. T

    Siam Dara Party 2008

    i think everyone is great and we all have seen they give it all their best....ken and ann has won numerous of time and they have proven themselves over and over... so it would be nice to see others win to help boost their performance and give them more confidence
  401. T

    Badarn Jai(Act Art)

    nalika1, thanks so much for subbing this lakorn for far i agree with what everyone had said, it's a bit slow but nevertheless, it is still good because there are alot of aum & margie scenes...i think everyone in this lakorn is cute...can't wait for the next eppy....
  402. T

    FHM Sexiest Women Award 2008

    congrats to everyone...for some reason yard's look is not working for me, maybe it's just the second pic...
  403. T

    Badarn Jai(Act Art)

    i started on this lakorn (eppy 1)....and it's not that bad...i like far only eppy1 has been shown, it's hard to judge anything yet, but i have to say that i think everyone matches their role very well, except that auey girl.....when i first saw mergie's picture i thought it was a...
  404. T

    Noon Woranuch: I Feel So Fabulous

    this is a fabulous shoot so she should feel fabulous...
  405. T

    Namfon Patcharin Fans

    great that is nice of you... happy b-day namfon.... your hard work is paying off...good luck to you in the future...
  406. T

    Yardthip Ratchpal

    she looks nice but cover up girl...
  407. T

    Sririta Jensen

    i don't know if it is me but i see this expression on her alot...
  408. T

    Aff Taksaorn: Staying Cool

    yeap, aff is staying is hard for her to take a bad pic....she has a smile that just reach out to you...
  409. T

    Ruk Ter Yod Ruk(Quiz & Quest)

    it's funny how when pat and por is not pair up, there is alot of compliants and when they do back to back, there is compliants... i love this pair, so i will for sure watch it...i am pretty sure if they are chosen as the lead for this drama there has been lots and lots of disscusion behind the...
  410. T

    Noon Woranuch: Sweet Sensation

    noon looks pretty and i love her smile, i think she has a magical smile...i have no problem with her hair...what really matters is she is who she is and she shines...she did have shoots where she had wig, so seen her with new look already
  411. T

    Pancake becoming most popular

    i have to admit she is pretty...but i find there is something missing about her...she don't have this star qualtiy chrisma, as we all know for almost every successful star there is this extra speical, different thing about them that makes them a star and who they are and we become their fan...
  412. T


    bie will look cute with anyone....but if i could chose outside the box i will like for him to pair up with pat and namfon...
  413. T

    King Kaew Kar Fark (Maker Group)

    i'm kinda of behind but i making sure i am not missing anything.....pat and por is the cutest...they are so comfortable around each other....i love all the pat and por moment, so far not alot of pat and ace scene yet for me but ace is really handsome....
  414. T

    Mae Hau Lam Pong (Step Onward)

    agree, this drama was cute.....everyone was is hot and namfon is pretty=cute/pretty couple.... i like this drama for namfon's character, i swear we need more n'ek like her, a n'ek who fights her own fights and just have the p'ek there to give her a helping hand, so her character is...
  415. T

    PeeMai Fanclub

    cool....i'll check it out for sure....
  416. T

    rome & aff presenter of a drink

    she is beatiful with her big smile...even when the light is bad, she still shines....
  417. T

    Aff Taksaorn:Vivid Glamour

    beatiful....i don't know who is more beatiful the dress or aff....
  418. T

    Aum&Aff in Priew Magazine

    one of the best on-screen couple the thai entertianment as created....
  419. T

    Nang Sao Puck Kee Lew(Duang Malee)

    both looks cute....the story sounds kinda of cute...i will check up on it...
  420. T

    King Kaew Kar Fark (Maker Group)

    am not that far into the lakorn yet, but i enjoyed it...pat and por is two shining star that just lights up the screen each time they are on screen love them...ace is also very cute.....i'll continue on with this lakorn for the cast, everyone is doing a good job...even the evil mom...she is so...
  421. T

    Traveller’s Companion: Aff & Umm : Intimate Hideaways in “ Phuket�

    they look like a couple going on their honeymoon....cute
  422. T

    EAT, Eat, eat ! AFF

    stills look good even she is not ready for the camera....
  423. T

    Sudsapda : AFF

    i think when she tries not to be beatiful, that is when she is the most beatiful.....
  424. T

    Aff : Stefan on Oops !

    they should have found another a male model....
  425. T

    Mae Hau Lam Pong (Step Onward)

    i think this is a cute drama...i agree short but it's kinda of drag but i think the cast is doing a good is hot....namfon is very cute and you see her acting as improved by leaps...
  426. T

    Volume: AFF

    beatiful...the eyebrows don't bother me...
  427. T

    Jamleuy Ruk (Makers Group)

    everyone in this thread is too cute.....i have been following the virus around but just didn't have time to leave a post here...i didn't get a chance to leave a post but trust me i read every post though....i just think that if we all were to meet we can talk forever, of course about JLR...
  428. T

    Ezyhealth & Beauty : AFF : Love Actually

    i love her.....i love how she has more then one look
  429. T

    Botun Greep Sood Tai(Tv Scene)

    it would be nice if they did pair aum and aff but usually after a hit like this the couple does not get pair up again till a little later
  430. T

    Aff Taksaorn:Face To Fate

    she is still hot but i would have to admit i like her cute smilie look better...but i am glad to see another side of her
  431. T

    Ruk Son Kaen(Polyplus)

    pat has a new, but with paul, for some reason i am not one bit excited.....i like pat and i don't hate or dislike paul, so i am wondering what is it, what is wrong here????????
  432. T

    Chan Mai Rooh Wan Nan

    i saw this moive a long time ago...i really like the actress...she is so cute, especially when she yells and talk back to the n'rai with a big smile on her's a really light hearted drama..recommended if you are looking for something very light, not to deep not to shallow, just there...
  433. T

    Aum: GM PLUS Magazine

    hot with a pretty boy image
  434. T

    Bie with who?

    mew wins for me for the reason that bie and mew interacted (the The Star 3 singing competition) before filming the lakron so they were familar with each other before....working together just brings them closer....mew and bie together makes my heart jump...i didn't really feel anything when bie...
  435. T

    Favorite lakorn of Namfon

    jsbr for me...that was the first lakron i saw of her and love her in there....por and namfon's chemistry adds on too...
  436. T

    Bow Benjawan-ch3 new actress from the power3

    pretty....let's see if she has the talents too, or just the look
  437. T

    Aum, Krit, Ken, Mart, Bie, Vee

  438. T

    Roy Adit Hang Ruk ('Xact)

    it's me agian....i finished watching the drama and one word, if this is bie and mew's first time as lead or better yet first time acting, they blew me away....i could tell not just them but the whole crew worked so hard and got along so well.....i still don't get all the mean/bad...
  439. T


    bie for me because of his bubbly personality....
  440. T

    Sanae Ha Ngern tra(Step Onward)

    i thought it is confirm to be filiming in jan. 08 or something like that....i heard it from PatnPor_Affection.....
  441. T

    n'ek or p'ek

  442. T

    n'ek or p'ek

    you have my list right there, so i am not gonna retype it, i'll just add on 1) she sucks....i think the only reason she is hot is because she is always pair up with hot p'ek...she never wow me with a performance i just stop watching anything with her... 2) i don't understand her hype too 3) how...
  443. T

    Pat Naprapa Almost got ROB and SHOT!!!

    pat is a brave girl...i am glad she is okay...she has to much to lose
  444. T

    Supporting actress you think out shine the n'ke?

    my vote was for peemai......i loved her in there....she has it all...she handled her character so well...she was sweet, spunky and funny at the same time....i was rooting for her to be n'ek....i swear we need some n'ek that is spunky and funny at the same time...all we been getting are weak and...
  445. T

    Random Pix

    bie is really cute...i don't like fang's hair in this shoot....
  446. T

    Roy Adit Hang Ruk ('Xact)

    i am still on break was just looking around to see what drama/lakron to watch...i am quite behind because of work and school....i decided to check out the thread with the most post and this one is one of those thread with the most pages...(i started from the start to the end to be sure i am...
  447. T

    Jao Sao Ban Rai

    this lakorn is one of the best of the best.....i am glad that namfon and por is pairing up agian....
  448. T

    King Kaew Kar Fark (Maker Group)

    pat and por still hasn't lost the chemistry...this drama is on my to watch list
  449. T

    Mae Hau Lam Pong (Step Onward)

    those are nice pics....namfon looks very good...she pulls off the tomboy look well....
  450. T

    Mae Hau Lam Pong (Step Onward)

    namfon is cute and she proved herself already as a promsing actress but don't know about the actor...
  451. T

    num needs to stop being p'ek

    he is a good actor and a hard worker....
  452. T

    Sanae Ha Ngern tra(Step Onward)

    i am glad to hear that they have another lakorn together...they were so cute beatiful and handsome in jsbr....can't wait to watch them together again...
  453. T

    Pat Napapa

    i just love pat's big beaitful smile...she just smile and everything seems alright.....i love her hair in this shoot...
  454. T

    Best Teen Actress 2007

    pat wins on this one for me...pat proves herself over and over...i love it that she is willing to look gooffy for the camera...i haven't seen that from pinky yet...
  455. T

    Bie Sukrit & Fang Pitchaya

    nice shoot...but i think they shouldn't have gave fant short shorts because it makes her look taller then bie...bie looks very hot though...
  456. T

    Namfon Patcharin

    i love namfon's smile and eyes....her cheeks make her so cute...
  457. T

    Ta Warit & Namfon Patcharin

    beatiful smile...i love namfon's smile, it's so shining and her eyes are also smiling striaght at you....
  458. T

    Gae Roy Ruk(Bangkok Drama)

    cool...rita and rome has another lakorn....
  459. T

    pix of bollywood'actress

    rani is the best...i love her
  460. T

    Tueng Rai Kor Rak(Polyplus)

    fon is so pretty...she just gets prettier and prettier each time i see her...
  461. T

    Mae Hau Lam Pong (Step Onward)

    it's been long since i came any more new news about this drama...or namfon..
  462. T

    Mae Hau Lam Pong (Step Onward)

    wow...seems interesting...i think this is a big step for namfon...all her roles are very different right from the shows she is good with chosing her roles so her fans can witness her acting....i like that short hair cut
  463. T

    Producer goin remove voilence from lakorn.

    well, i guess they can take all those n'rai out and create more better and new plot without the violent n'rais being the one messing everything up.....that takes care of the violence as for the "R" scence, thai lakorn are famous for that....i admit sometimes it's ramantic in a way because we...
  464. T

    Mae Khrua Kon Mai(Step Onward)

    i find the ugly pat to be so cute.....the pretty pat is so beatiful...nat looks kind of stiff or is it because pat is stealing the spotlight from him, hope he is not that stiff in the lakorn....
  465. T

    Joy Siriluck News!!

    the latest news i heard from T-InterMedia is pat is is something about her bf too.....gosh sucks for both sides.....
  466. T

    King Kaew Kar Fark (Maker Group)

    yeah i read about pat replaching joy somewher too....i would love to see pat and por agian together....
  467. T

    Priksa Sawad(Step Onward)

    so this lakorn is a old man and young man relationship still not confirm who is p'ek??????
  468. T

    Ruk Leh Sanae Luang

    this drama is a cute far i am only watching this por...both vicky and ploy is very pretty....can't wait till the next ep....
  469. T

    Jao Sao Ban Rai

    this is a great lakorn...i liked it alot...this was my third por lakorn and he is a hottie..this was my first for namfon and i think she imporved alot towards the end...she is very cute...i think this lakorn is a classic....if there is a remake it'll never beat this on...there were alot of cute...
  470. T

    Priksa Sawad(Step Onward)

    any more update about this series...from the small pics, namfon and namfon both looks very pretty...
  471. T

    Who do you like better?

    i like pat and namfon...yard is good but there is something missing in her for me...but if i have to choose i would say namfon because she is not perfect but she is a sweety, i like the matureness in her....and although people say she is still kind of stiff she imporved heaps.....look at her...
  472. T

    Spicy Issue

    pat looking so good...she is so pretty....i love her smile...
  473. T

    Saeng Soon(Exact)

    i'm watching this right now and so totally in love with chakrit...he is good....i love his acting....bee annoys me.... i think she can't really act beside her i think the whole cast is doing a good job so far...
  474. T

    Joy Rinalee & Vicky Sunisa:Casual Style

    beatiful...not just the fashion but both of them...the shoot was also very beatiful....nice job...
  475. T

    The hottest Guy

    thanks for sharing...well, it seems like he knows he is hot no need for us to say...
  476. T

    Aum Patcharapa

    these are indeed some sexy photoshoot from aump...what i like best from these shoots are the angles... the angles are taken so nice and aump looking good in them are a plus...i always say this 'the camera loves that girl'
  477. T

    Cherry Khemupsorn:Modern Romantic

    i like the first two pics..cherry is beatiful..her eyes communicate to you...
  478. T

    Plik Tai Kub Bai Kao(Quiz & Quest)

    glad to hear that vicky is back on screen....
  479. T

    Cherrys opening a Nail Salon

    congrats to cherry...she is actually one star that i see not relying on only one job/career...she is multi-talented...i am glad that she is using her star credibiltiy to be something else....good for her wish her all the luck....
  480. T

    8 top actresses

    they are missing some peeps...and i don't agree with a this from ch. 7 only..
  481. T

    King Kaew Kar Fark (Maker Group)

    this is going to be an interesting pair...i believe they are almost the same age but joy just seems older because she's been around for a long time and por is like new to the scence..well, both are good actors and actress so looking forward to this...
  482. T

    New Site

    hey, thanks..........
  483. T

    Magazine Photoshoot

    both of them looks cute...the hair bother me but after a little while, it went away...
  484. T

    Por's Gallery #35

    nice...i love namfon's smile
  485. T

    Por's Gallery #55

    por is too cute for words..i love that big smile of his...
  486. T

    Por's Gallery #33

    por is so those so much of his bubbly personlities....
  487. T

    Por's Gallery #47 this big smile of por in the first pics..his mom is pretty that is why he's so cute...
  488. T

    Por's Gallery #5

    thanks for sharing por looks so cute...i like what he is wearing...and i like how he strikes his cute
  489. T

    Por's Gallery #59

    i have to say thanks for sharing so much...por is just so tastyly his expressions...
  490. T

    Mafia Tee Rak-(Methamahaniyom)

    pat is too young for chakrit..but i think chakrit can pull if off and make them look cute, he is a good actor...but i would love to see pat and por together because those two are so comfortable with each other..just seeing them on screen makes u smile..this lakorn is gonna be sad because our...
  491. T

    Cherry Khemupsorn:Be Classy

    pretty...the clothes she's modeling are wow so eye catchy...yeah both long and short hair matches her..i am getting use to her short hair....
  492. T

    Oom Siriyakorn

    been long since i heard something about her..miss seeing her on screen..she is indeed a great actress and so beatiful...i love her when she smiles...
  493. T

    Aom Siriyakorn

    i've always love this actress...she is cute and very pretty not to mention she has such a big heart....
  494. T

    Noon on IMAGE:Long Hair Real Me

    yes....extermely pretty and charming....
  495. T

    Aum Patcharapa

    nice...aump is beatiful and still looks very sexy in a wedding dress....
  496. T

    Ta Warit and Namfon Patcharin

    cute was the first word that came to my mind...numfon is so pretty
  497. T

    Jui and Cherry

    one word...stunninglypurdy...well, i mean two to her and the clothes...
  498. T

    Aum Patcharapa

    aump is so pretty and the sexinness just come to her so naturally...
  499. T

    Aom Phiyadas new haircut!

    i have to admit it does look wired but it's not that bad...i think we just need a better pic of her...(with that hair...)
  500. T


    hey thanks...
  501. T

    "NRAUG LAUS" a MOUA LEE film

    fianlly there is news from Moua Lee....out of all the hmong porduction..i look forward to your poroduction...even if i don't enjoy the movie much i have always enjoy your scenery....i have always thought that u were a great director with a clear vison in your head (alot of hmong production just...
  502. T


    he is cute but i think he is a little to skinny
  503. T

    Surb Lub Rahut Ruk(Bangkok Drama)

    this is a lakorn to be waiting for...ken and vicky will looks really nice..... something new for the no update yet...
  504. T

    Ken Theradeth:Happy New Year 2007

    ken and his chessy smile makes him so hot...i like what he is wearing in the pics...
  505. T

    Surb Lub Rahut Ruk(Bangkok Drama)

    wow....this is a lakorn to be waiting for...they will make a beatiful couple...hope the chemistry will be there....
  506. T

    Lao Moua

    i saw his music video DVD and i was like okay u show us who u wanna be now who are you....the last song he copied jay chou's dong feng po and i was like u are not even creating the stuff but coping only can u make it better then the original since the work is all done for u and all u have to do...
  507. T

    Tok Kra-dai Hau Jai Ploy Jone

    this lakorn was great....tik and mam rocks....they had many cute they slwoly fell for one another was sweet and so developing not like other drama where p'ek and n'ek fell for one another right on spot...we see why tik fell for mam and why mam canot resist tik.....
  508. T

    Kaew Tah Pee

    this lakorn was great....when i first heard that tik and cherry was gonna pair up i was like huh...cherry and tik that was so not on my mind...and so out of the blue for me...but after the first esp. i was hook....i know tik and aom was good but if u never step out of the box then u don't know...
  509. T

    Samee(The Husband)

    this is one of all time favorite lakorns.......everyone did a good job.... jay and pol makes a cute couple...the chemistry between them was great....
  510. T


    cherry looks extremly hot and sexy plus beatiful...i always love cherry's hair....this photoshoot makes her look tall....
  511. T

    CHerry Lakorn w/ Tik Opening Ceremony

    they looks so good together.....tik and cherry makes a cute couple.... i like cherry's hair in these pics....tik looks hot
  512. T

    Cherry Khemupsorn:Hot Enchantress

    cherry is lovely
  513. T

    Cherry & Tik

    thanks for sharing...tik and cherry looks good.....i love the clothes....
  514. T

    Joy SiriLAk

    one actress these days show more skins...but joy looks sexy in a clean way...