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  1. lido_kt

    What song are you listening to right now?

    jesse mccartney's leavin i'm soooo addicted to it right now
  2. lido_kt

    Tell me it's not true...

    what noo hopefully it isn't true
  3. lido_kt

    Jay Chou is now a teacher too!

    omg haha dangg i wanna be his student
  4. lido_kt

    Pat Napapa & Por Thrisadee: Blanc-Esque

    omgg they look sooo cuteee together
  5. lido_kt

    American Remake of Asian Horror Movie

    yeahhh american remakes are retarded and gay. they try to cram everything up and change the storyline and make it retarded. they just mess up the movie. i mean why wuld u take a perfectly good creepy asian movie and make it retarded just for the american audience? then the americans watch it and...
  6. lido_kt

    new singer!

    whoa he's really kute. good singer too
  7. lido_kt

    Apichet ''BiG'' Kittikorncharoeun

    awwww sniff sniff omg that is soooo sad. no more D2B forever.. i was hoping he would recover too...hope he rests in peace T_T may he live on in our hearts forever
  8. lido_kt

    pix of ur accomadation & ur stuffs

    nice pad u got kevin and ice ur mom's house looks like it's one of those lakorn houses really nice but kinda a lido too flasy wif the gold
  9. lido_kt

    Thai Stars - That you dislike

    hehehe don't hate me guys but here's my list 1. Kob S. i dunno but she just pisses me off everytime i see her 2. Yardtip seems kinda b**chy in her roles 3. Noon W i don't hate her but i like her better as a celeb than an actress
  10. lido_kt


    it depends on the guy but most of the time it's hot
  11. lido_kt

    What song are you listening to right now?

    am to pm by christina milian
  12. lido_kt

    Subject: Psychopath Test

    hahhaha this is so old the answer is that she was hooping the guy wuld come back
  13. lido_kt

    Toilet shaped house

    wow that is soooo funny and kool at the same time thanks for sharing
  14. lido_kt

    Pat Napapar: Art Student

    wahhhhh soooooo pretty. pat is hawt :wub:
  15. lido_kt

    HK Series & Lakorn in Khmer dubbed

    No, That's the thai version. I do have the mayura dubbed but haven't put it up because I have to put it in DVD first. Please email me at and I will give you the lists that I have.
  16. lido_kt


    pat is gorgeous and i love her yellow dress but the other 2 ... i dunno they're pretty too i just never really liked them
  17. lido_kt

    Digital Camera

    aww this sony looks so hawt :spin: i want it do u know where i can get it from?
  18. lido_kt

    Dan Beam or Golf Mike?

    hmm this is a hard question..... i can't choose i love them both
  19. lido_kt

    Matt Peeranee:Good Looking

    aww she is so cute she looks alot like paula i thought it was her at first
  20. lido_kt

    Aum Patcharapa

    whoa she is so beautiful very gorgeous!!! i love her dresses!!
  21. lido_kt

    The Pussycat Dolls show

    yea melissa r is hawt. hope she makes it. btw what vdo was she in with corbin bleu?
  22. lido_kt

    8 top actresses

    aww they all look so pretty thanks for sharing
  23. lido_kt

    [Pix]Ch3 Fancy Night

    wow they all look soo pretty and some of the outfits are so cute but some are just wierd
  24. lido_kt

    cee vs film

    FILM!!!! hands down but cee is also really hot too
  25. lido_kt


    wow mo is sooo pretty i love her hair and her shorts
  26. lido_kt

    Aum Patcharapa

    sexy as always but the first pic really does look like mo
  27. lido_kt

    RIP: Taiwanese actress Xu Weilun dies

    OMG why did she have to die? she was so young and talented not to say pretty too. aww R.I.P
  28. lido_kt

    Hana-Kimi Taiwan Series

    thanx alot!! ur the best :yahoo:
  29. lido_kt


    yeah tell me about it wu zun is super hott jiro is really cute too
  30. lido_kt

    Hana-Kimi Taiwan Series

    omg i was just thinking that too wu zun really looks like film especially when he was wearing that hat and when he runs
  31. lido_kt

    Hana-Kimi Taiwan Series

    hey does anybody have the ost for this movie? i really like the end song
  32. lido_kt

    One Missed Call

    lol not really but part 2 is even worse than part 1 but it was still good very creepy though*chills*
  33. lido_kt

    One Missed Call

    i was watching this creepy movie called One Missed Call (Chakushin Ari) and i really wanted the ringtone for it i was wondering does anyone here have it for the rzr phone and if u do can u send it to me pleaseeeee :lmao: i wanted this ringtone so bad.
  34. lido_kt

    Guess who I saw in SF?

    oh kool you are so lucky to have met a famous person in SF too i wanna see the pix
  35. lido_kt


    i agree with this list especially with noon and paula kinda wished aum was on there though
  36. lido_kt

    Edison Chen Featured in People Magazine's "Sexiest Man Alive" List!

    kewl i'm so happi for him i need to go get that mag by the way what does the cover look like? so i know which one to get.
  37. lido_kt

    dj peck

    can anyone tell me about this lakorn with todd and dj peck in it called Nong Mai Rai Borisuth? is it an old lakorn?
  38. lido_kt

    Aump Patcharapa Chaichuer:

    ahh aum pretty as always she looks really cute in these pix.
  39. lido_kt

    Interlove forum

    u have to register again. :D
  40. lido_kt

    Interlove forum

    thank u so much.
  41. lido_kt

    Interlove forum

    can someone please help me i can't log into inerlove forum.
  42. lido_kt


    haha yea me too she so sexy as always :lol:
  43. lido_kt

    For Fun

    kao piek mmmmm..... :drool:
  44. lido_kt

    Don't Look!

    aww u r so cute!! take more pics....;D
  45. lido_kt


    yea here's my myspace
  46. lido_kt

    Laos Sarn Members Photo!

    i can't get my pic up can anyone tell me but if you can't here's my mysace. www.
  47. lido_kt

    Pleng Ruk Rim Fung Khong (Ch.7)

    oh kool alexandra gonna be in a thai lakorn, yay she representin lao ppl it seems very interesting does anyone know what it's gonna be about?:)
  48. lido_kt

    favorite laos food?

    haha, that's funny i love tum mak hoong too but i can't eat it that much but yuo guys are making me soo hungry just looking at these pics.mmmmmm
  49. lido_kt

    Fake Stars

    Haha Sarn you're funny. lol :lol:
  50. lido_kt

    Fake Stars

    Well I was jut wondering are all stars fake? I mean you know how if you see them often in a lakorn playing the "good" p'ek or n'ek you kinda wanna assume that maybe they could be like that in real life,but they're not. Take Aump for example I used to look up to her but in real life se has...
  51. lido_kt

    typical asian height

    I'm 5 '2' and loving it. Kinda wish i was 5 '3'or 5'4' though.
  52. lido_kt

    Anyone here know how to read or write

    yeah me too it's really weird that i can read thai but i can't read lao i can't write anything though. I also have the same problem where if i relally want to know something i can't let it go until i get it. :mellow:
  53. lido_kt

    Laos Sarn Members Photo!

    [font=Comic Sans Ms] aww all of you guys look so good.
  54. lido_kt

    YOur Lao Name??

    I have an american name but my parents gave me the name orasa. :)
  55. lido_kt

    10 Hotest P'eks

    I totally agree.... here's my list 1. Por T 2. Tik 3. Ken 4. Cee 5. Vee 6. Chakarit 7. Num 8. Poh Stefan and Paul should'nt even in there...No offense to his fans.... :P
  56. lido_kt


    not to sound dumb, but what did aump get done? She looks the same to me or maybe i'm just blind....
  57. lido_kt

    Aump Patcharapa

    Really, thanks.
  58. lido_kt

    Aump Patcharapa

    I was in another forum and I found out that aump had said something really bad in an interview. I was wondering what did she say exactly? I'm really curious.
  59. lido_kt


    Aww. You spoiled my hopes and dreams too :wavecry: :lol: Oh well, I guess I'll get over it.Eventually..........hahaha
  60. lido_kt

    Khun Chai Rai Rem Guean

    yeah, this lakorn seems really interesting. Does anyone know when it will air?
  61. lido_kt

    Pat with who?

    Pat and Por look cute together, but I'm still going with Pat and Film. :D
  62. lido_kt

    Lao Ghost Stories

    Do any of you know anymore ghost stories? If so can you post them? :D :rolleyes: