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  1. Patty

    Fang Pichaya:Blooming Beautiful Bright Girl

    Beautiful Fang!
  2. Patty

    Tuptim Unyarin Teerathananpat

    she's cute!
  3. Patty

    Tangmo & Pinky

    They look gorgeous..especially Tangmo
  4. Patty

    Jarinporn Junkiat [Toey] & Pattarasaya Kruasuwansiri [Peak]

    So kute! I miss them wit golf/mike
  5. Patty

    Min Pechaya

    She's gorgeous!
  6. Patty

    Mai Davika

    She looks lovely in tis photoshoot!
  7. Patty

    Taew Nattaporn

    She's beautiful!
  8. Patty

    Thai Stars with perfect english

    Charm Osathanon
  9. Patty

    Urassaya Sperban [Yaya]

    she's so her eyes..
  10. Patty

    Chompoo Araya & Barry Nadech: Oh My Lovely Babe!

    Barry is so Hawt!
  11. Patty

    Vill Wonarot [Freshy Girl]

    so pretty..
  12. Patty

    Om, Barry and Mark

    aah they're so hot ♥
  13. Patty

    help! does anyone know this song

    Mee kun talod pai
  14. Patty

    Marisa Anita

    i think you're talking about sara malakul lane, not marisa anita
  15. Patty

    TV Pool - Cutie & Sexy : Poy - Treechaya

    she's beautiful!!!
  16. Patty

    Peak - Pattarasaya

  17. Patty

    Chompoo Araya

  18. Patty

    What's on your mind?

    What's on your mind?
  19. Patty

    What's on your mind?

    What's on your mind?
  20. Patty

    Charm [The Ultimate]

  21. Patty

    Tangmo [Where the Wild Things Are]

    TangmO looks very gorgeous...
  22. Patty

    Ming Chalitha [Sexy Ming]

    she's so pretty in the foto
  23. Patty

    Jui Wattaraya & New Wongsakorn

    aww.... they're so cute!
  24. Patty

    Pat Naprapa

    it so does not look like her on the cover...
  25. Patty

    Aum Patcharapa

    she's gorgeOus...
  26. Patty

    Gybzy Wanida [Clothes Tht Get You Notice]

    oops :D
  27. Patty

    Gybzy Wanida [Clothes Tht Get You Notice]

    she's so gorgeous...I like every single pix of this shoot...
  28. Patty

    Pang Ornjira [Look Good]

    i am so loving this shoot of hers... she looks a lot better than before... very pretty
  29. Patty

    Weir Sukollwat [Firmer & Fitter]

    he's so hot!
  30. Patty

    Janie Tienposuwan & Barry Nadet

    Janie looks very pretty
  31. Patty

    Poo Praiya & Oh

    aww, bOth are looking gorgeous!
  32. Patty

    Lydia [Hottest Girl]

    she's cute!
  33. Patty

    Pat Naprapa [Dolly Mania]

    She's so gorgeous on the last one! love her make up...
  34. Patty

    Yardthip & Pinky [Two Hot to Handle]

    aww,they're both so pretty..
  35. Patty

    Chompoo Araya

    Absolutely gorgeous!!!
  36. Patty

    Cheer Tikumporn [Chic&Smart]

    she looks pretty in this shoot!
  37. Patty

    Aff Taksaorn

  38. Patty

    B.O.Y. & Grand The Star

    don't like her hair style...looks weird
  39. Patty

    Bee Namthip

    I almost couldn't tell it was her...
  40. Patty

    Chompoo Araya [Darling Doll]

    wow, araya is pretty...
  41. Patty

    Poo Praiya [Perfect Girl]

    very beautiFUL!!!
  42. Patty

    Aff Taksaorn, Aum Atichart, Tah Warit

    she's gOrgeous
  43. Patty

    Woonsan [Party Girl]

    wOOnsan looks gorgeous!
  44. Patty


    lOve pOy...sO beautiFUL
  45. Patty

    Pinky Savika

    so BEAUTIFUL!!!
  46. Patty

    Pinky Savika - The look you'll love

  47. Patty

    Aff Taksaorn: Black & White Chic

    she's her eyes!!
  48. Patty

    Chompoo Araya [Double Vision]

    wow, she's so beautiful in the the clothes!!
  49. Patty


    she's so adorable !!
  50. Patty

    Tangmo [Sweet on Flower]

  51. Patty

    U PLUZ vol. 3 no. 35 July 2009

    sO cute
  52. Patty

    Noon Woranuch [Beautiful Love]

    she's beautiful!
  53. Patty

    Paula Taylor [Poppy Love]

  54. Patty

    Pinky Savika [I'm (not) a sweet babe!!]

    Pinky's gorgeous!!
  55. Patty

    Aerin & Fang [Naughty Sweet]

    love the shoot! Aerin n Fang are very beautiful!!!!
  56. Patty

    Pancake, Rita, & Others

    Pancake and Rita are beautiful...thanks for sharing!!!
  57. Patty

    Ploy Cherman

    plOy is always sexy and gorgeous...lOve her!!!
  58. Patty


    OMG i LOve this girl she is just tooo..cute!!
  59. Patty


    awww kOy looks soo pretty!
  60. Patty

    Paula Taylor

    she's absolutely adorable
  61. Patty

    Piny Savika: Sexy Spicy Girl

    awww...she's very gorgeous
  62. Patty

    Pinky Savika: See through your heart

    -so beautiFUL-
  63. Patty

    Song by Endorphine ?
  64. Patty

    Wiew Wonarot [Ploy Gam Petch]

    she looks weird with those hairstyle.. not her best!
  65. Patty

    Chompoo Araya

    she's very pretty...
  66. Patty

    Paula Taylor: Praew

    not one of her best...
  67. Patty

    Aum Patcharapa| Sexy Inside

  68. Patty

    Pancake [Hot On Stage]

    she's gorgeous...
  69. Patty

    Tangmo Pattarathida| Mean Girl

    She's pretty in this photoshoot!!
  70. Patty

    Janie Tienpusawan

    awwwe.. janie is so pretty
  71. Patty

    Chompoo Araya

    chompoo is so beautiful!
  72. Patty

    Pancake Khemanit | Pappayon Bunterng

    she's so pretty in this shoot..
  73. Patty

    Maria Lynn & Sammie Bunthita: Dreamy Wedding

    love sammie...she's very beautiful
  74. Patty

    Emmy Atithiya [Ngan Fee Mua]

    she looks kinda familiar...but i dunno where i saw her from....
  75. Patty

    MiX vol. 3 no. 32 July 2009

    Jaja is gorgeous
  76. Patty

    Micky Ployfah [Zoo Weekly]

    woooooooo...i've never seen her before...who is she???
  77. Patty

    Vicky Sunisa&Cream [Star FASHION]

    relly..gourgez... thanks for sharing...
  78. Patty

    Jakjaan [Drop Drape Gorgeous]

    She's beautiful...
  79. Patty

    Aom Piyada [Health Plus]

    she's so beautiful in the foto.
  80. Patty

    Amy Klinpratoom [Mirror Mirror]

  81. Patty

    Pang Ornjira [TURN on Ornjira]

    Shes gorgeous, nice big eyes and good figure.
  82. Patty

    Aff Taksaorn

    she's relly..gourgez... beautiful....
  83. Patty

    Margie & Taew [Can't Get Enough of You]

  84. Patty

    Sawika Chaiyadech [Pinky]

    thanks for the pictures. Picky is really an effective actress because she has very expressive eyes. she's pretty, too!
  85. Patty

    Chompoo Araya: Princess Blythe

    she's relly..gourgez... beautiful....
  86. Patty

    Up coming Actresses

    omgsh! it's hard to choose but i choose wiew, tarn and sammie...
  87. Patty

    Maria Anita

    she looks gorgeous...
  88. Patty

    Best vs Toey

    i choose TOey ....
  89. Patty

    Lisa weekly Vol.10 No.23

    i LOve this girl she is just tooo..cute!!
  90. Patty

    Sudsapda vol. 27 no. 633 June 2009

    She's beautiful, I like her with short hair and long hair.
  91. Patty

    Jui & Pinky

    they are beautiful...
  92. Patty

    Vill on Spicy Tv Pool 13-19 June

    she's so adorable !!
  93. Patty

    Patcharapa Chaichua [Aum]

  94. Patty


    is she the same girl from "Din Nam Lom Fai" as nicky?
  95. Patty

    Trichada Malyaporn [Poy]

    OMG i LOve this girl she is just tooo..cute!!
  96. Patty

    Benz & Tangmo

  97. Patty

    Trichada Malyaporn [Poy] + Aum Atichart

    she's really pretty ^^
  98. Patty

    Taew vs. Vill (article)

    how can i choose?? I love them Both---- -crying- but , I love Son/Vill-- so i prefer Vill...
  99. Patty


    very cute...she looks so natural here
  100. Patty


    She looks so beautiful...
  101. Patty

    Thai stars / Western Stars

    i agree^^
  102. Patty

    Aum Patcharapa

    Wow! she is stunning!!!
  103. Patty

    Chakrit Yamnam:New Life

    whoaaa!!! hottt!
  104. Patty


    i think she's very pretty
  105. Patty

    Bow Pakamon Jaroenwarodom

    she's absolutely adorable
  106. Patty

    Poy TREECHADA - The Perfect Girl

    OMG i LOve this girl she is just tooo..cute!!
  107. Patty

    Random photos of Ying Ploypapas

    she's adorable...
  108. Patty

    Anne Thongprasom & Pae Arak

    he looks so much better wid short hair
  109. Patty

    Aff Taksaorn & Bie Sukrit

    She looks great in every picture...........
  110. Patty

    Bee Namthip

    she has a really unique beauty....
  111. Patty

    Aum Patcharapa

    Wow, she's so beautiful in the foto!
  112. Patty

    Hi! Magazine: Volume 7 Issue 8 | April 2009

    She is a beauty and very pure looking...
  113. Patty

    Aum Lakkana Wattanawongsiri

    she looks kinda familiar...but i dunno where i saw her from....but i think she's pretty
  114. Patty

    Paula & Beau

    she is just tooo..cute!!
  115. Patty

    Lisa Weekly: Volume 10 Issue 16

    RITA is definitely one of the most beautiful
  116. Patty

    SHAPE vol. 3 no. 38 May 2009

    I think Lydia is getting a lot prettier than the first time I saw her
  117. Patty


    wow, she's so beautiful in the foto.
  118. Patty

    Peak & Toey

    OMG i LOve Toey she is just tooo..cute!!
  119. Patty

    Aum Patcharapa

    Thanks for sharing! she's very pretty!
  120. Patty

    Ploy Cherman

    i think she's very pretty... love her eyes so much ....
  121. Patty

    Ann Siriam

  122. Patty

    Sonia Couling

    wow, sexy shots!
  123. Patty

    Paula Taylor

    Wow.. She looks adorable....
  124. Patty

    Kwan and Pancake

    i first saw pancake with wier so i'll choose them they complement each other.... such a great chemistry.... they're the cutest couple ever for me!!
  125. Patty


    I don't think she is very pretty like in the way of being beautiful, she's ok. I actually like her, but in some pic she does look sorta weird
  126. Patty

    Vill: Bie's New MV Nangek in "Hug"

    AHHHH!!! I can't wait to watch it =)
  127. Patty

    Kat performs Beyounce's Single Ladies and PCD's Buttons

    I can't even recognize her... but you must admit she is talented great singer, great dancer, great performer, n great looks... she's so good and her music as well blush...
  128. Patty


    she reminds me of tik kanyarat...
  129. Patty

    Plane Ticket

    thanks guys...really appreciate it!!!
  130. Patty

    Plane Ticket

    where can I get a cheap and affordable round trip ticket from San Francisco(CA)to Vientiane, Laos??/ Leaving in March 2009, Non stop at Thailand maybe Taiwan or Singapore please help...
  131. Patty

    Cream Premsinee: Extra Creamy

    she's HOT!!!
  132. Patty

    Rome & Rita

    waaaaaaah!!! I LOVE IT!!!! omg!!! the cutest couple ever!!!! R.Rita
  133. Patty

    Paula Taylor: An Angel On Earth

    she's so hot!!! love it
  134. Patty

    Lydia Sarunrat

    She is pretty, but I am not feeling this photoshoot.
  135. Patty

    Oops: 100th Issue

    noon looks the best, absolutely gorgeous
  136. Patty

    Parppayon Bunterng: Issue 1665 | December 17-23

    they look so good together so sweet!!!
  137. Patty

    TV Magazine & Dara Pappayon: Kaew Lorm Petch

    aww!!!! so KUTE!!!!
  138. Patty

    Dao Ja Rat Fah(Who & Who)

    "man i really dislike Benz's character. i just can't stand for her. love Foh and Por character..." (Kermint) hi fi!!!!
  139. Patty

    Ice Sarunyu - In Magazine In Korea

    Ice is such a hottie...
  140. Patty

    Fai Ruk Arsoon (Lakorn Thai)

    WOW! Vicki's playing twins. Can't wait to see for p'ek no comment...
  141. Patty

    Dao Ja Rat Fah(Who & Who)

    Por is so mean!!! but he's too cute to be hated. hahaha man its gettingg so damn good cant wait til nxt week..
  142. Patty

    Sakul Ka (Exact)

    awee! i cant wait for this lakorn to come out! i LOVE Wiew! she's so BEAUTIFUL!!
  143. Patty

    Paula Taylor: Naughty Star Touch

    she's really cute
  144. Patty


    View looks gorgeous!
  145. Patty

    Idol World site is back

    thanks for sharing!
  146. Patty

    ruj the star

    i agree with u about the hair...suits him WELL!!! Ruj is such a cutiee...
  147. Patty

    Pinky Savika: Denim Goddess

    she is totaly rockin' it in this shoot!
  148. Patty

    margie's new look

    i like her better with long hair...
  149. Patty

    Paula Taylor: Let’s Party Together

    she's adorable!
  150. Patty

    Jui Warattaya: Festive Factor

    jui so beautiful in this shoot...luv her hair!
  151. Patty

    Chompoo Araya

    she's naturally pretty!
  152. Patty

    Poy Treechayapa

    Oh rly? my god she is gorgeous though!!!
  153. Patty

    Aff Taksaorn: Before Sunset

    AFF is so gorgeous!!! im in love with her hair!..
  154. Patty

    Kaew Lorm Pet - Prenangs Look Similar to

    they do look similar...
  155. Patty

    which celebrity you wish they could date in real life?

    por+numfon son+wiew pong+pueng bie+mew
  156. Patty

    Kwan and Win or Pancake and Weir

    No doubt!!!kwan+win
  157. Patty

    Tong Pakkaramai & Marisa Anita: Welcome to the Private Party

    Oh goodness!!!its gonna fall off
  158. Patty

    Tangmo Pattaratida: New York Highlight

    So beautiful!
  159. Patty

    Pinky Savika: Blossom Love

    pinky looks so pretty!
  160. Patty

    Marisa Anita

    Oh...!!! She's so sexy
  161. Patty

    Chompoo Araya: Naughty & Nice

    Wow....her clothes are sexy...thanks!!
  162. Patty

    Golf-Mike, Kae Chollada: Double Actions

    Golf's lookin fine...
  163. Patty

    Gibzy Vanida: Goes Sexy

    wow. gibzy looks soo HOT in these photos...
  164. Patty

    Hot Actress of the Year 2008

    I would say Ann for the "Hot Actress of the Year 2008"...
  165. Patty

    Cee Siwat & Amy Klinpratoom on I DO Magazine

    they're simply one of the cutest couple...always lovely together
  166. Patty

    Jonny Olsen, a 28-year-old former semipro skateboarder who plays a khaen

    i met him in L.A during the festival,he's very friendly
  167. Patty

    ch7,ch3, and ch5, who is your most favoites couples???

    hmmm.... ;) ch3 por/numfon p. rome/rita ch5 pong/pueng/bee son/wiew captain/pim ch7 cee/tangmo win/kwan oh/benz oun/rotmay
  168. Patty

    Luktarn Alisa: Sexy Attack

    She has a really nice body!
  169. Patty

    Joy Sunansa

    she looks very pretty in this one...probably the best one i've seen so far... love her new hair cut, suits her well!
  170. Patty

    Aum Athichart & Chompoo Araya: Tantalizing Makeover

    i love araya's dresses...she's gorgeous
  171. Patty

    Aff , Janie, Nok Sinjai, Nok Jariya, Dome Pakorn,Ploy Cherman: 27th Anniversary

    very beautiful ladies...but i like aff the most...dome is very handsome... thanks for sharing!
  172. Patty

    Pancake Khemanit & family

    it's her younger sister... i can see the resemblance between them...
  173. Patty

    Paula Taylor: Sparking As The Star

    she's so kute! but i don't like those bangs
  174. Patty

    Aff Taksaorn

    Oh...!!! She's so the clothes
  175. Patty

    Tong Pakkaramai

    she looks old in this shoot...
  176. Patty

    Pae Arak & Aum Patcharapa

    she's gorgeous...
  177. Patty

    Pitta, Jeed Sangtong, Jeab Pijitra: Discover Your Natural Beauty Through Colours!

    pitta stands out the her hair
  178. Patty

    the new andrew gregson

    about time he's back...andrew is still as hot as before...
  179. Patty

    Katreeya English may have tour in US and Europe!!

    i want her to come to s.f
  180. Patty

    Dao Ja Rat Fah(Who & Who)

    i'm so into dis lakorn rite now...i can't wait for the next ep(7).. love por+fon couple!!!
  181. Patty

    andrew gregson is back!

    Congrats to them!
  182. Patty

    Toey Jarinporn

    she's adorable!
  183. Patty

    Tong Pakkaramai: Portrait of a Superstar

    i dont like this photoshooot of her at all...she looks quite scary in the last pic...
  184. Patty

    Noon Woranuch

    She's gorgeous! love the white short she is wearing
  185. Patty

    Poo Praiya

    Po is pretty...but her eyes looks sad
  186. Patty

    Ploy Cherman & Pang Kwankao

    they're both gorgeous...they really could pass as sisters
  187. Patty

    Aff Taksaorn

    She looks gorgeous in this shoot... Love the neutral make up on her... her dresses are cute too...
  188. Patty

    Paula Taylor: A little Magic girl

    she's cute! in some ways she remind me of Matt Piranee...
  189. Patty

    Noon Sirapun: Turn To Comedy

    she looks really cute in this shoot!!! Love some of the outfit she have on
  190. Patty

    Benz Pornchita

    Awwh so pretty! thanks a lot for da pics
  191. Patty

    Buachompoo Ford: Feeling Pretty

    She's gorgeous!
  192. Patty

    Paula Taylor

    Interesting shoot! But the hair style has to go....
  193. Patty

    Dome Pakorn Lum: Konnichi wa Kobe

    nice shooting! i like the black and white ones
  194. Patty

    Jakjaan Akumsiri: Living With Mind

    wow i actually think she looks nice here...I like the 2nd picture
  195. Patty

    Amy Amaria: Have Fun with Plaid

    i have to say i love this shoot of her...she's a cutie
  196. Patty

    Aum Patcharapa: Lady First

    Awwh so pretty!
  197. Patty

    Jui Warattaya: To Be Fascinated

    The cover is also my fav!!
  198. Patty

    Aum Patcharapa, Casts of Superstar: 28th Anniversary

    aum looks gorgeous!
  199. Patty

    Pancake Khemanit: Hot Model, Cool Style

    oh wow..Pancake looks gorgeous in this shoot
  200. Patty

    Stefan Sunti & Kwan Usamanee

    wahhh what a cute photoshoot...
  201. Patty

    Aff Taksaorn

    awwwww she's so pretty
  202. Patty

    Tangmo Pattaratida: Open My Mind

    she actually looks pretty in this one...
  203. Patty

    Aff Taksaorn

    Absolutely Beautiful!!!
  204. Patty

    Academy Fantasia 5: Star Entourage

    I didn't like this season at all...but nice photoshoot though
  205. Patty

    Chompoo Araya & Pancake Khemanit

    chompoo looks pretty, but the wig gotta go...
  206. Patty

    New Wongsakorn & Jui Warattaya: Sweet

    OMG...New looks girly in this photoshoot...maybe because of the lip gloss
  207. Patty

    Paula Taylor

    she's gorgeous...
  208. Patty

    Aimee Morakot: Charming Witch

    Aimee is so pretty in these photos...
  209. Patty

    Noon Woranuch: Rumor Has It

    wow! Her hair is gorgeous
  210. Patty

    Ploy Cherman: Fall Essentials

    aaww Ploy is so cute and pretty...thanks for sharing
  211. Patty

    Ase Wang & Ananda Everingham: Up Close and Personal

    She is really gorgeous!Thanks for sharing
  212. Patty

    Jooy Warattaya

  213. Patty

    Weir & Pancake: Wedding On The Beach

    i love them two...they were made for each other
  214. Patty

    Jui Warattaya IN : Vol. 87 [October 2008]

    Wow! She looks really different...She looks pretty on this shoot..
  215. Patty

    Nadia & Oil Akonsiri

    this is a nice shoot of them...very cute
  216. Patty

    Aff Taksaorn & Janie Tienphosuwan

    Aff looks pretty as always
  217. Patty

    Ploy Cherman: Time For Me

    she looks alrite here...
  218. Patty

    Pinky Savika

    she looks pretty...I really love her hair
  219. Patty

    Aff Taksaorn

  220. Patty

    yardthip rajpal

    her face looks different for some reason...
  221. Patty

    Aum Patchrapa: Soft & Sensual

    she looks very pretty!
  222. Patty

    Aff Taksaorn

  223. Patty

    Pancake Khemanit & Jakjaan Akumsiri: Blazing Angels

    the hair gotta go....
  224. Patty

    Aff Taksaorn: Delightful Day

    Aff looks very refreshing! very pretty
  225. Patty

    Pancake Khemanit: Precious Angel

    wow she looks gorgeous!
  226. Patty

    Kratae Supaksorn: Super Size Extra

    nice swimsuits!
  227. Patty

    Chompoo Araya: Colors of the Lady

    araya is so freaken pretty...
  228. Patty

    Tangmo Pattaratida

    she looks gorgeous with her new haircut
  229. Patty

    Vicky Sunisa & Tah Warit, Som Thansinee

    Vicki looks good in all the photos....It's so natural and looks like she's having fun
  230. Patty

    Pang Ornjira

    She looks very lovely in this the clothes
  231. Patty

    Noon Woranuch: Excellent Dress You Up

  232. Patty

    Jieb Lalana

    I'm not digging the hair...But she seems skinnier though has she lost weight?
  233. Patty

    Sririta Jensen: Make It Right, Make It Bright

    Rita is soooo gorgeous in this shoot...
  234. Patty

    Cindy Sirinya

    she has a really long face...she looks better when she's smiling...I really like her outfits
  235. Patty

    Tangmo Pattaratida

    BEAUTIFUL! Mo looks great in the traditional clothing!!!
  236. Patty

    Aff Taksaorn

    awww... she looks so pretty in this photoshoot!! Thanks for sharing!
  237. Patty

    Aff Taksaorn: Delightful Day

  238. Patty

    Bee Namthip, Kelly Thanapat

    I just disliked her hair...
  239. Patty

    Actors That Don't Look Their Age...

    To me Pancake looks older than her age
  240. Patty

    Aom Phiyada
  241. Patty

    Aom Phiyada:Limited

    she's very pretty in this photoshoot
  242. Patty

    Silamanee - remake lakorn by Workpoint

    why Kob and Paul? I mean I'm ok with kob but Paul hmmm....
  243. Patty

    Gae Roy Ruk or Supapburut Satan?

    I would say Gae Roi Ruk and I really loved the song sung by Annie
  244. Patty

    Paula Taylor's lakorns...

    here's the pic of pra'ek, but I don't know his name
  245. Patty

    Phom Ruk Roy Adeed vs. Ngao Asoke

    I would say Pom Ruk Roy Adeed :)
  246. Patty

    94 EFM Fest Award

    Congrats to all the winners, I'm so happy that Aum P. won for the most beautiful
  247. Patty

    Ja Jittapa: Romance the Air

    yes...she's very pretty
  248. Patty

    Pantip Fav. Actor/Actress of the week poll

    I totally agree wid u...they're so kute in BJ
  249. Patty

    Weir Sukollawat & Pancake Khemanit

    what a lovely them together
  250. Patty

    Ken Teeradeth & Aff Taksaorn, Ginnie Thanida: Cheers

    After seeing their photoshoot together...I can't wait for their lakorn to air
  251. Patty

    Pueng Kanya

    she has such a cute smile...I really like her in TSDF
  252. Patty

    Current fav. drama

    As for me, I pick Badal Jai
  253. Patty

    Kam & Ruj The Star

    she looks nice on cover... thanks for sharing
  254. Patty

    Kalamare: Love Me, Love My Life

    I really like the cover picture, she has such a nice figure...thanks for sharing
  255. Patty

    Marsha: Charming Queen

    not feeling this photoshoot, there's no emotions and the whole concept is just weird esp. the hairs
  256. Patty

    Yui Jiranan: Sexy Goddess

    she looks gorgeous in this photoshoot, I like the clothes very pretty
  257. Patty

    Who would Som p'ke be?

    I wanna see her wid Aof...I liked them in Nang Tard :D
  258. Patty

    Janie Tienphosuwan

    she's pretty as always
  259. Patty

    Sawan Bien Beat JLR!

    I'm so happy that the rating is high...congrats to both Ken/Ann
  260. Patty

    aff-presenter of balancing cool

    wow...she's pretty
  261. Patty

    Which Thai singers do you want to see perform in the U.S?

    Peck Pelitichoke Lydia Bie
  262. Patty

    Itriya Saisanan (Ae)

    I'm glad to see Ae in a photoshoot again...she's pretty as always
  263. Patty

    Which Oldschool Nang Ek Would You Wanna See Again?

    I wanna see Emma Woraranat or Tik K. again
  264. Patty

    Guy in Likit Kammatep?

    He kinda reminds me of Tui(AF3) especially the pic with the red t-shirt on
  265. Patty

    does anyone have noon sirapun's bio?

    Name : Siripun Wattanajinda Nickname : Noon Birthplace : ChiangMai, Thailand Birthday : May 22nd, 1982 Age : 23 Height : 170 cm Weight : 50 kg Siblings : 1 Younger Brother Works Dutchie Girl 2004 Music VDO "Jak Kon Ruk Kao" By Oaf Lakorn Airing Soon : Pin Din Hua Jai - With Tang Upcoming...
  266. Patty

    TV POOL Noon Sirapun

    She's pretty
  267. Patty

    Num Sornram @ L.A. Thai New Year Festival

    Yes, I totally agree wid u that he's superrrrr cute in person and much younger looking...I was liked up front to the stage, so I get to see him real close...but too bad I didn't get a chance to take any pics wid him, it was too dam Crowded and HOT...He's very easy going... I'll post up dah pics...
  268. Patty

    Mario Maurer and Apinya Sakuljareonsuk

    he looks cute...
  269. Patty

    Aff and Ae

    I agree, at certain angle she looks kind of like Ae
  270. Patty

    Aff Taksaorn

    lovely always
  271. Patty

    Pong and Bee Namthip

    Pong looks hot in this photoshoot and Bee's pretty
  272. Patty

    Dao Prasook remake

    Rome as Khun Pak Sirita Jensen as Dao Pra Sook
  273. Patty

    guy in Jumloey Ruk
  274. Patty

    guy in Jumloey Ruk

    His name is Ryan Jett and he's Vicky Sunisa Jett older brother...
  275. Patty

    which guys is hotter?

    I choose Rome all the way...
  276. Patty

    Which New Couple Will Be Hotter?

    I'd prefer Ken and Aff...
  277. Patty

    Thai Stars with perfect english

    Any clips of Amy Kilnpratom speaking english?
  278. Patty

    Thai Stars with perfect english

    Pitta's Pic
  279. Patty

    Thai Stars with perfect english

    Here's my list of Thai Stars with perfect english: Dan Danai Paula Teylor Teya Roger Pitta Tata Young Jennifer (Show Girls) Araya Sara Malakun land Bua Chompoo Ford Poo Priya Hugo This is all I can think of as for now...
  280. Patty

    Aff Taksaorn

    she looks great in these shoot...
  281. Patty

    Sirita Jenson

    I loved this photoshoot of her....she's very pretty
  282. Patty

    beautiful aff

    I loved all of her pixs, she's pretty as always
  283. Patty

    rome & aff presenter of a drink

    After seeing these pixs, I really wanna see them pair up in a lakorn
  284. Patty

    Aum&Aff in Priew Magazine

    I really love this photoshoot of them...they're so cute together
  285. Patty

    Rita @ Scotch Collagen E event

    she looks pretty....
  286. Patty

    Pat Napapa & Por Thrisadee: Blanc-Esque

    this is not the best photoshoot for Pat, but it was okay
  287. Patty

    yard & aff on volume

    Aff looks pretty as usual,love all of her picz
  288. Patty

    Jam Leuy Ruk

    I choose the 3rd one
  289. Patty

    Aff : Stefan on Oops !

    Aff looks cute and pretty in this photoshoot...I really like her hair,outfit,and her big smile
  290. Patty

    yam siriwattana picture here!!

    She's pretty as always
  291. Patty

    fon putcharamai picture

    she's pretty...
  292. Patty

    koh kaya sith picture

    awww....Boy looks cute....thanks for sharing
  293. Patty

    Dome and Ploy

    what a lovely couple....this is a very nice shoot of them
  294. Patty

    TV Inside : Vol. 239 - Vee+Nok Sweet Valentine

    This is a very lovely shoot....they're so cute together
  295. Patty


    I would say Weir and Pancake
  296. Patty

    Kade new girl is....

    I would choose Kade and Jib
  297. Patty

    which actress(es) do you think have a nice figure?

    mine would be.... Yui Jiranun Pancake Noon W. Vicky araya Sirita Jensen Numfon Patcharin Tangmo Jui Warrataya Pang
  298. Patty

    Vee & Nok

    she's pretty and he's hot...they make such a cute couple
  299. Patty

    actresses who look best with dyed hair

    i would say Aff
  300. Patty

    Ananda in Laos-Thai Movie "Sabaidee Luang Prabang"

    she's pretty
  301. Patty


    love this photoshoot of both... very pretty
  302. Patty

    choose your company

    I picked ch.3
  303. Patty

    CH 7 star

    I picked weir and pancake
  304. Patty

    Top 5 Sweetest Couple in the biz

    Cee and Amy Dome and Ploy Nok Sinjai and Nok Chutchai
  305. Patty

    Hottest lakorn on air at the moment?

    from the list above, I picked dung duang haruethai, but I also like JLR too...
  306. Patty

    Aum A.

    I would have to say Aff cause I'm so into their lakorn rite now...
  307. Patty

    Yam vs. Au

    :D Yam awaysss.she preety all the wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
  308. Patty

    Talented Actress, that doesn't get enough screen time..?

    I would have to say Aff Tuksaorn, Bua Chompoo Ford, and Bee Namthip
  309. Patty

    Worst Lakorn of 2007

    I didn't really like Satree tee Loke Leum
  310. Patty

    Best lakorn of '07

    Pieng Puen Fah Mafia Tee Ruk
  311. Patty

    Chompoo Araya

    she's pretty in these photoshoot....thanks for sharing
  312. Patty


    wow, she's in good shape...thanks for sharing
  313. Patty

    Best Teen Actress 2007

    from dah list above, I voted for Benz Punyaporn
  314. Patty


    I would say Roy Adeed Hang Ruk is dah best one for me
  315. Patty

    What is your Pao?

    I'm 100% Laos
  316. Patty

    who do u want oil to play with?

    I want to see Oil wid Aum...
  317. Patty

    Sirasak or Palapol?

    I'm not voting for dis one cause I like both of them
  318. Patty


    I would have to say Yaya Ying
  319. Patty

    Who do you want cee to be with in the future?

    I want to see Cee with Amy or Tangmoe in the future
  320. Patty

    Favorite Actor - lists them ^_^

    here's my list: Cee Siwat Rome Pitta Por(power3club)
  321. Patty

    Tik Kanyarat

    pretty and sexy as always
  322. Patty

    Event Pictures

    awww...she's pretty in all of her pixs
  323. Patty

    Janie Tienpusavan

    thanks for sharing, she's pretty
  324. Patty

    Noon Sirapun

    me too, I like her outfits...very cute..she's pretty in this photoshoot
  325. Patty

    Ann Thongprasom

    wow, Ann looks pretty...thanks for sharing
  326. Patty

    Jui and Cherry

    very nice photoshoot of them...
  327. Patty

    Jeab Chompunut @ Ch7 Chat Zad on November 6th, 2007

    love her smile... very cute and natural looking
  328. Patty

    Wier & Pancake : Love Scene!

    it looks like they're so in love wid each other...this is a very sweet photoshoot of them
  329. Patty

    Supporting Actress

    I would have to say Jieb/Benz...
  330. Patty

    what's better or what do u like RS or Grammy

    Between RS/GMM, I'm more on GMM side
  331. Patty

    who looks better with ???

    mines are: pepper/ann a. rome/rita ken/ann t. tik/aom oil/aum kade/noon vee/yui bie/mew por/pat/numfon p.
  332. Patty

    Best Revenge Drama airing right now

    I would have to say "Rai Rissya" man...this lakorn is getting better n better
  333. Patty

    true beauty

    I voted for Noon
  334. Patty

    Teens lakorns

    I would say Ben Jah Kee Tah Kwarm Ruk
  335. Patty

    Aum and Vee: Sweet Love…Save Sex

    they make a cute couple...
  336. Patty

    Aum Artichart & Aff Taksaorn:

    they look good together...he's handsome and she's pretty
  337. Patty

    Pat Napapa: Beautiful Girl

    she's pretty in this photoshoot especially dah one on cover
  338. Patty

    Butterfly lover

    thanks for your help
  339. Patty

    favorite chinese stars/singers

    here's dah list of my favorite chinese stars/singers: Alyssia Chai, Ruby lin, Leila, Michelle Yip.... Peter Ho, Nichlas Tse, Louis Koo... more....
  340. Patty

    Butterfly lover

    Is this a new serie of Peter Ho "Butterfly Lover" ?
  341. Patty

    Aump Patcharapa

    She's very sexy....thanks for sharing
  342. Patty


    This sound fun "Loy Kra Tong", but too bad I can't go...
  343. Patty

    Pra'ek Ma Raeng 2007 many choices, but I would say Rome Pitta dah "Pra'ek Ma Raeng 2007"
  344. Patty

    Kwan Usamanee

    she's pretty as always....thanks for sharing
  345. Patty

    Noon Woranuch

    She's beautiful, thanks for sharing
  346. Patty

    Jui W, Aff, Sirita Jenson:The Way Forward

    dah three of them is so pretty in this photoshoot
  347. Patty

    DAN-BEAM spliting..!

    I just wanna wish both of them "Good Luck"
  348. Patty

    Glitz&Glam : Luxury Janie

    Janie is so pretty...her color contacts is very attractive
  349. Patty

    VoTe NoW fOr tHe RiTe gUy fOr PaT nArApA!!!

    I say Por cause I like him wid Pat...they make a cute couple
  350. Patty

    Amy Amayria Jacobs Miss Teen Thailand 2006

    She is pretty...I'm just curious is she mixed or something?
  351. Patty

    Ploy Cherman On Cosmopolitan

    Ploy is pretty as always....thanks for sharing
  352. Patty

    Pr'ek with the most attractive eyes

    I voted for Rome P.
  353. Patty

    Pancake Khemanit

    She even looks pretty wid them braces on...nice figure
  354. Patty

    who's the most beautiful actress

    I love Noon W. so I vote for her
  355. Patty

    weir pancake win

    hmmmm...I would say Wier and Pancake
  356. Patty

    Lakorn Magazines

    they make the cutest couple ever...I love dah pics of Rome/Rita together especially when he's grabbing Rita on her waist...very cute
  357. Patty

    rome @ Estee Lauder event

    Rome sure looks fine in these pics...he's very handsome...
  358. Patty

    Supporting actress you think out shine the n'ke?

    hmmm....I have to say Jieb Chompoonuch, I mean she should get a chance to paly as n'ek...
  359. Patty

    Your favourite n’ek out of these…

    AUm is my favorite n'ek so I voted for her...but I think that Yui Jiranun should be in the poll also
  360. Patty

    Which of your FAV. HOTT COUPLES would you like to date in real life

    Rome/Sirita Aum/Oil Ann/Pepper
  361. Patty

    How many times have u rewatched a lakorn

    I never keep track...but I do rewatched my lakorns thought
  362. Patty

    the next mafia..

    I wanna see Rome as a mafia
  363. Patty

    pinky savika

    All of her pixs is so pretty...
  364. Patty

    Vicky Sunisa

    I really like this photoshoot of vicky...very pretty
  365. Patty

    Sirita Jenson:Smart Women Succeed

    She is pretty as always...can't wait to see dah rest
  366. Patty


    FOr me: Gror Phet 7 See, Nam Jai Mae, and Nang Paya Pai
  367. Patty

    Lakorn DVD for sell (cont.)

    hey annenatalie, I would like to order this lakorns from u: Tee Yai-Sornram Kue Auy Kue Kwan-Aum Tawan Tud Burrapa-tik n Tang Tang Parn Gammathep-Andrew n Janie I also would like to request for Jao Sao Karng Tanon summary plz How much will all of this costs? including S/H my...
  368. Patty

    Benz & Ae

    they both are sooo pretty...
  369. Patty

    inside pics of Cherrys new nail salon "La Ferrie"

    According to the pixs, her salon looks very nice
  370. Patty


    I really like all of your artworks...I like dah one wid Pip n Jah dah most
  371. Patty

    Banners By Lilxgxriah

    I love all of your banners...especially the one wid Ann T.very nice
  372. Patty

    Clip Rome sings a song

    I agree his voice is not so bad, for sure Rome can sing :D
  373. Patty

    Rome and Rita Lakorn

    I like Klien Keaw Klarng Jai more better cause there was more chemistry b/w Rome n Rita...and lots of sweet for Soi Seang Jun I'm not feeling this lakorn at all...I was disappointed cause I though it would be as good as KKKJ
  374. Patty

    Pix of Rome,Janie,Ken and Boom on At 10

    thanks for sharing...Rome looks kute
  375. Patty

    Rome on AT 10

    I was surprised when he speak isan, he sounds real good...I wish that they would pair him up with Alexandra....I prefer him in a lakorn that speak isan
  376. Patty

    Rome with spikes, slick or long hair?

    Rome looks hot with ani kind of hair...I really like the last pix of him very handsome looking
  377. Patty

    Joy Siriluke:High Grade

    she's adorable lookin....thanks for sharing
  378. Patty

    do you think Ploy C and Yard look alike?

    In my opinion... they do look alike...they both are so pretty
  379. Patty

    do you know how

    I don't know how to cook, but I do wanna learn how to....but I'm really good at eating Laos food...I just love it
  380. Patty

    Ann and Pang

    I can't wait to see dah rest of the photoshoot...they both looks pretty
  381. Patty

    Aom Phiyada:Limited

    Aom is pretty as always...thanks for sharing
  382. Patty

    Which n'ke cry the best??

    Out of the list, I would say Noon, I mean she looks beautiful, natural, and realistic when she's cryin
  383. Patty

    Pat Napapar: Art Student

    She looks so pretty in these photoshoot...I just love her hair
  384. Patty

    Hott Rome!!!

    He's hott....
  385. Patty

    Set: Ken & Noi Wedding

    Wow, what a good news, congrats to both of them...hope that they live a happy life
  386. Patty

    where do you guys eat at home

    As for my family,we noramlly eat on the floor...
  387. Patty

    YOur Lao Name??

    My Laotian name is Dungmala Singhalath....its sound like a boran name to me
  388. Patty

    Joy Rinalee:The Feminine Express

    Her hair is pretty...she looks nice as well
  389. Patty

    wat are u?

    As for me I'm Buddhist...
  390. Patty

    Rush Hour 3

    The reason why I watch Rush Hour 3 just because I like Chris Tucker...but I really enjoyed dah movie thought...very funny
  391. Patty


    I just can't wait to watch dah next lakorn...
  392. Patty

    Noon Woranuch is now dating...

    I guess he's alrite...
  393. Patty

    Cute pics

    Cee-Amy are soooo adorable together....
  394. Patty

    Cee & Amy - Making cards 4 eachother!!

    Amy is Pretty and Cee is hot...they just make a perfect couple
  395. Patty


    they should definitely pair up agian, I really like them in "Oon I ruk"...
  396. Patty

    cee and amy

    i'm glad that they are dating, they make a cute couple
  397. Patty

    Yam Rachada Ban.

    thanks for sharing...Yam looks very pretty
  398. Patty

    Does anyone know if Vicki Jett is dating anyone?

    I just can't wait to see her 2 new lakorns... :D
  399. Patty

    Windows Vista

    where can I download a free Windows Vista?
  400. Patty

    Who is the meanest N'rai?

    I would say Gig Suwajjanee, she is the meanest n'rai.
  401. Patty

    hottest actors

    Rome and Aum
  402. Patty

    IMAGE: Mafia Tee Ruk

    I can't wait to see dis lakorn :D
  403. Patty

    Pat: Promoting MODESS

    thanks for sharing...Pat is so pretty...I really like her hair
  404. Patty

    win tawin & poo praiya MV

    you did a very nice mv of them...they are so cute together
  405. Patty


    they both looks adorable....
  406. Patty

    Pu Praiya & Dome Pakorn Lum

    Dome is hot and Poo is sexy...she have such a perfect body...
  407. Patty

    Stefan & namfoun:You are my valentine

    thanks for sharing...this is another cute pix of they are so tight together
  408. Patty

    Stephan & Aum

    Aum looks very pretty and sexy...
  409. Patty

    Stefan & Namfon: Field of Romance

    What a cute couple....they are so in love...hope that their relationship last forever
  410. Patty


    I want to go visit Laos, but I'm not sure if I want to go live there in the future...But I do want to help rebuild Laos though..
  411. Patty

    Anyone in here like to Lum Vong??

    I like to watch elders lum-vong at the patries, I mean it's fun to watch them dancing...especially wid them fast songs...but as for me, I do like to lum-vong
  412. Patty

    typical asian height

    As for me, I'm 5'2 :(
  413. Patty

    New Generation Actress CH7

    mine are: :blush: Kwan,pancake,and pinky
  414. Patty

    Fon Putcharamai Site

    You got a good website of her, and I hope to see me updates dah way thanks for sharing wid us
  415. Patty

    Tinawong and Prommin Debate

    for me I choose Prommin because he cares so much about her.
  416. Patty

    Au Thanamas

    I like her in "yor plah klin"
  417. Patty

    Oil Sirima

    I think that she looks more pretty wid them boran clothes on
  418. Patty

    Rome's next co-star

    As for me, I want to see him wid Ae or Aff...that would be great
  419. Patty

    Rome with Ae @ her opening

    Rome looks hot and Ae is pretty
  420. Patty

    Bie Sukrit & Fang Pitchaya

    they are so cute together
  421. Patty


    I don't really like her outfits...but her hair is pretty though
  422. Patty

    jui's random pictures

    thanks for sharing...jui is pretty as always
  423. Patty

    Do you look laos?

    As for me, I was told that I look like Chinese,Vietnamese, perhaps even Korean...I guess is because of my skin color
  424. Patty

    Jay Chou

    I love Jay Chou... as well as his voice
  425. Patty

    jieb's random pictures

    Jieb looks cute on the second pix
  426. Patty

    Dan Beam or Golf Mike?

    absolutely Dan/Beam
  427. Patty

    who is the best pra ek !!!!!

    I vote for num sornram and mos...they are my favorite
  428. Patty


    I think he's him wid Sirita Jensen
  429. Patty

    DeNNiS O'NEiL!!!!!!!!!!

  430. Patty

    Jang Nara

  431. Patty

    SE7EN vs RAIN

  432. Patty

    Yam vs. Au

    I would say yam
  433. Patty

    who do you want to see aom with?

    I want to see aom wid jame again on scrren.
  434. Patty

    Couples you want to see again

    for me: kade/noon vee/Yui ann alicia/pepper tik/aum
  435. Patty


    Moe is pretty in these photoshoot.
  436. Patty

    Top Award 2006

    For new rising actress I will cheer 4 Patcharin Judkrabuanpol.
  437. Patty


    kwan looks very gorgeous in these photoshoots. I really love her third pixs.
  438. Patty

    JakJun ("sexy new look")

    Thanks for sharing, she looks great and very sexy.
  439. Patty

    Ning Kullasutree Married

    congrats to both of them. :rolleyes:
  440. Patty

    Teaser Ch7 Upcoming New Lakorn Year 2007

    This is a good news, there are so many lakorns coming out dis year. I can't wait to see Weir lakorn wid Alex.
  441. Patty

    Pinky and Benz: Tack Team Boom

    Both are beautiful.
  442. Patty

    Sao Lao Bao Thai (Alexandra & Veer)

    I can't wait to see her lakorn wid Veer.
  443. Patty

    stars - funny candid photo

    I really like numfon's picture very kute and natural. But out of all the pixs, Pinky is the funniest one.
  444. Patty

    peppers new lakorn!

    I'm very glad to see pepper onscreen again. can't wait to see his lakorn.
  445. Patty

    Guess who I saw in SF?

    wow, u are very lucky, i'm so jealous. :)
  446. Patty

    pretty handsome chinese boy

    His singing is ok, but he is not that good looking :)
  447. Patty

    peppers new lakorn!

    wow, I can't wait to see his lakorn.
  448. Patty

    Which Lakorn Would You Like to see Remade?

    Nago asoke: Pat n Por Sawan biang: Numfon n por
  449. Patty

    Sirita Jensen

    rite looks pretty and young in those outfits.
  450. Patty

    Off Aphichati Die......

    I'm gonna miss him a lot. :mellow:
  451. Patty

    konwee chai kawee

    Does anione know the summary of this boran series,because I'm thinking about buying it, but I don't know what it is mainly about. :blush:
  452. Patty

    ending them song to teph pra sing intal jark

    hey, thanks for sharing dis song, dis is a very good song.
  453. Patty


    Peter is one of my favorite actor, thanks for sharing the pixs and informations about his new series wid us. All of his series sound very interesting.
  454. Patty


    I really enjoying watching his serie "Proud of twins", and I want to see more of his series in the future. I also want to watch dis serie is called "Big figure", dOes anione knOw where I can get it from. Thanks in advance. :blush:
  455. Patty

    Aump Patcharapa Chaichuer:

    Aum is always pertty and gorgeous in her photoshoots. Thanks for sharing tha pixs wid us.
  456. Patty

    favorite laos food?

    For me, I like to eat kang nor mai, larb seen, and kaow boon. :P
  457. Patty

    areeya and anas lakorn

    The title in khmer is "Labech Banchort Snaeh".
  458. Patty

    Tee Jai Rak cast in a new mag!

    thanks for sharing, everyone of them looks great.