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    Love Spell: Pattie & Toey

    cute!! thanks for sharing!!
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    Wong Wian Hua Jai (Ch7 Kantana)

    here's another MV I made: Enjoy!! =]
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    ^^haha.. Yeah I didn't like the MV all that much.. they all looked like perverts I like Kotic.. but I would say Tomo&Poppy did a better job for 2High Monkey Heros song isn't all that great and I feel its just a waste of time to even make a track just because Tomo and Poppy were doing a...
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    Actresses and actors (not newbies) that still needs to improved their acting.

    Guys: Vee, Stephan, Win, Bie, Grate, New, & Tle Ladies: Pancake, Kwan, Poo, Yui, Pang, Aff, & Rita
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    Wong Wian Hua Jai (Ch7 Kantana)

    ahHHh.. so cute^^ they really do look like a real couple. I wonder .. if Pinky can really steal Weirs heart from Pan .. would Pan hate Pinky? it would be a dream come true if Pinky&Weir became a couple foreal!
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    Aff Taksaorn, Aum Atichart, Tah Warit

    it would be better if Tah stood on the other side of Aff because standing by Aum looks awkward other than that.. the mag is HOT HOT HOT!! woOo.. look at dem abs!! 555
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    Wong Wian Hua Jai (Ch7 Kantana)

    Does pinky have color contacts?? she really does look american in that pic. hehe.. but pretty no matter what!! Weir is sexay as always..
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    WHAT HAPPEN TO P'GOLF? ^^could someone translate?? thai2english doesn't seem to work .. 55 so can anyone just explain what happen to p'Golf. thank you!!
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    Twisted Fate: Teaser

    Are you going to post the first chapter?
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    Wong Wian Hua Jai (Ch7 Kantana)

    Pinky is gorgeous!! Miss Bow&Thot so muchhh!!! Weir is hot in the Men's Health mag!!!
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    free thai ringtones

    I was wondering where I could download them. Anyone know any good sites? i want a ringtone like p'Aums!! its so cute aa. ^^its at like .. :20
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    Payu's new MV One Kiss

    the part where he says "sometimes i want to dance... dance to forget her" i was like .. awwie Payu. <33 the choreo in sexy bad girl was kewl!! it was a great mv. it beats Keun tee neung MV
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    the last dude is Techin. hehe.. luv James n Leo!!
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    BodySlam Concert USA

    dang tickets are expensive. im broke manggz.. i wanna go when they come to chicago!! gahh.. gotta ask ma cuhz
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    Adobe CS4

    thanks so much!! =]
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    SEED Awards #4 Nominees

    no Chin. heu =[
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    Willy, Ple, Hoy's New Movie Project "Sara Nae Hao Bpeng"

    hahaha omgosh can't wait for this!!! p'moo from bangruk soi 9!! dat train looked real mang i like the last song
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    America's Best Dance Crew: Season 3

    Quest won. Congrats to them.. i was rooting for BF all season so much respect to them for reppin for the ladies!! yeah!! hehe...
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    awwie Techin. i like techin!! hehe hes cuzins wif Chin!! ahahaha... j.k ^^ it was sumtin dat Golf said in this one video
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    chin chinawut in taiwan filming a taiwanese drama ^^n'ek is the girl in this video with Chin Winnie Zhong they have finished filming already. Chin was in Taiwan for like the whole month of January
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    America's Best Dance Crew: Season 3

    Before this challenge, i was wit BEAT FREAKS ALL THE WAY but they really sucked on thurs. they didnt bring any energy or creativity it was like ... "what are they doing? wheres the excitement?" QUEST JUST SHOWED AMERICA THAT THEY ARE ABDC CHAMPS. they killed it with both performances BF just...
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    At The Moment I want To........

    ATM i want all the snow to melt and summer to come!!
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    13-year old boy becomes a father *Not A Father After All*

    stupid!! they're both so young. doesn't the girl know better?? wtf!! she don't even know how to hold her own child. is he sure thats his child?? poor kidd.
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    Adobe CS4

    ^^ Same here Does anyone have the keygen for CS4?? can you please please upload it?
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    Gran Torino

    Pissed me off how Clint Eastwood died though. He didn't even pull out the gun. gosh. But yeah didn't like the part where Sue came home all banged up. Sucks!! anyway.. it was funny at the end when his family thought they were gonna get the car .. << laugh in there face so nice of Clint to...
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    America's Best Dance Crew: Season 3

    Yeah I watch this show. Kinda sad that Boxcuttuhz are out. =[ The crews that I think are good are: Quest, Beat Freaks and Strikers DE are okay. TM just doesn't impress me. Their choreo is wack. It doesn't excite me whatsoever. hopefully they do better next week
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    Having trouble with PS font

    I've check my resolution and its at 72 all the time so yeah. Yeah probably the resolution was low because I had like a type size of 6124 something. Thank you!!
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    Having trouble with PS font

    I was working on a icon and downloaded a new font. I added it to photoshop and tried to use it. After trying to use it, it didn't work all of a sudden. Pixelation font or w.e Everything is suppper tiny. I try to figure how to get it back but I can't. The blink thing where you make a text...
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    Mario Maurer, Saiparn, Top, Joon, Aek: Jump Party

    nice. one dude looks like Mos and the other looks like Por T Mario looks cute as always
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    to all the ladies...what is in YOUR purse? haha

    hehe...uhms what's in my purse.. wallet new/old receipts ipod (sometimes, I forget to grab it when I leave) lotion deodorant vaseline or lipgloss eyeliner mirror pens/pencils gloves (its cold where I live..hehe) my glasses calculator candy clips coupons note pads/ notes water bottle school...
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    Ken Teeradeth & Aff Taksaorn (Pics Updated)

    they look beautiful together!! Ken is glowing!!! hes so handsome
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    Trouble with PS

    thank you!!! it works now. hehe...
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    Trouble with PS

    I exit out of the internet and everything. Then I install it. The window where it ask for the activate by phone didn't appear so I couldn't enter the code. So now I click to open PS and this appeared what do I do??
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    New Ice MV featuring Yardthip

    they both are like hott!!! omgosh... I can't to see the MV
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    The picture I have been looking for, I found it!

    that was scary looking!!
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    Dirty jokes/Funny rhymes

    haha omg!! these are so funny!! that grandpa one was yucky!! bus driver one was funnay and the docter getting owned.
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    Miss Teen Thailand 2008

    i like her too ^^ shes pretty.
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    French Language (help please..)

    ^^dito!! This is my 3rd yr in French in HS. and yeah.. I know the basics like Bonjour, Je m'appelle ok_na_tur. haha yeah.. I guess you could ask me questions if you need help. since the new things I learned are still fresh. and I have a book so yepp
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    Video Site Banner Poll

    so pretty banners!!! hehe
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    omg I know him. wow. Toby has changed.
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    Chompoo Araya Moves to Ch.3 (Confirm) !

    wooO with a Ken .. hehe!! nice. i like her as n'rai better!! she acts so much better and evil. ahahahahaha...
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    One Tree Hill

    Can't wait til monday!! ahhh so scared for Jamie. freaky nanny but it is sad that she lost her son but stupid to kidnap Haley and Nathan's cute angel. feel bad for Dan and Brooke I wish it was Brooke that Lucas called at the airport. Don't really like Peyton all that much.
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    T-intermedia not working?

    Same here. It always says Page error and address not found.
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    Golf, Mike, & Toey, JKI

    Jay is smokin sexay!! hahaha...
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    America's Best Dance Crew Season 2

    another west coast. i love the jabbawockeez but i don't like super crew. ROOTING FOR SOREAL CRU SINCE THE BEGINNING. SUCKS TO SEE THEM NOT GET THE WIN. next season... if there is an all guy crew that knows how to do bboy or breakdance they will win. AMERICA SEEMS TO LIKE BBOYS N...
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    America's Best Dance Crew Season 2

    A.S.I.I.D really brought the dance moves last thurs. they shouldnt even get booted. super crew is okay but i like ASIID more. go SoReal!! fanny pak is good. supreme soul is boring. boogie bots are ehh... but some of the doods are hawt!! hehe... FIGHTING!! SU!! SU!! SOREAL CRU!! ^_^
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    Pinky Savika @ IIFA AWARDS

    pinky so pretty!!! she dances good to in the video.
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    wow. you sure do know how to gets peoples attention. gosh.. you scared all of us. && I don't know what lakorn that would be but it sounds familiar
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    the next upcoming fever of 08'

    cant wait for Chakrit and Ja n Paul n Pat!!
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    Are Thai stars approachable?

    awwie .. that kewl. i cant wait for his lakorn to air!! anyhu hahaha... a bit of a big head!! funnay!!
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    when someone says "I am Laos"

    haha... i alwaies say "I am Laos" 55+ is that a bad thing?? when i try sayin laotian it alwaies comes out like .."lay-o-cean" instead.
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    Are Thai stars approachable?

    awwie... mario being shy!! thats cute. hehe... has anyone met Alex Randall?? is he approachable?? oh n *Ice* you posted that K-Otic are not approachable. awwie... are all of dem not or juss a few?? i want to meet Tomo n Kenta aa!!
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    i like B.O.Y!! specially Leo n James!!! Chin is 18 turning 19 on august 13. He doesnt look young to me but yeh we hav differ opinons.
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    Pinky & Nam Recieve Scholarships

    3.6 GPA!! wow. thats kewl to get scholarships. they deserve it. tryin to work n focus on school is such stressful.
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    aum or noon? ...

    p'Aum all tah way!!
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    Are Thai stars approachable?

    a lot of sarnies realle?? awwiez... thats kewl. i wanted to go but my dad was like... "blah blah blah its too far, i aint driving that far blah blah" Kal came too rite?? i wanted to met her too aa. i love her muzik. ^_^ mayb next time... <_< I WANT TO MEET AUM PATCHRAPA!! she seems...
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    FHM: Thailand 2008 Sexy 100

    yay p'Aum. so what if she wins the award again. shes sexay. get over it. plus... look whos on top.
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    aow... i love pat & por together aa. their cute n hott!! hehe.... this is off topic but KristyS!!! i LOVE YOUR AUM PATCHRAPA BANNER!!!
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    Vier + Pancake: Rao Pben Fan Gun

    why pancake p'Vier?!?!? goshez... should hook up with Pinky instead.
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    Are Thai stars approachable?

    i had a feeling Chin would be a stuck up a**. I would say ppl fall for him for his looks and i did. (hehe..) but yeh... he should have some love for us since we got some love for him shoot. freakin dumba** anywaies... i never met a celeb or any thai singers. i wanted to meet Chin but ehh... i...
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    i dont see anything aa. =(
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    spicy forum

    lucky for those of you that get to log in. I miss spicy forum too. I miss reading whats new about the lakorns and the admin and mods going off topic. 555+ Its pretty fun to read though.
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    spicy forum

    is that why its been down for awhile!! ^^ i see... i kind of miss spicy forum. but they gotta do what they gotta do.
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    2012...If the world ended...

    SAVE THE WORLD LIKE CHICKEN LITTLE!! haha.. juss keeding. i dont think the world will end. unless scary aliens invade us or comets hit us. evrything starts - vocanoes, tornados, hurricanes, tsunamis but if nothing happens.. then we go on with our lives. WOOO!! PARTTAYY!! LOL
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    America Best Dance Crew

    is it true that KM are going to perform at the finale??
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    One Tree Hill

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    America Best Dance Crew

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    Series Poll

    King Kaew Kar Fak!! love Pat and Por too!! hehe..
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    America Best Dance Crew

    last night i was so scared kaba was going to go. so happy they didnt!! woOo!! really want kaba to win. SQ needs to leave nxt week. Judges really like jabbawockees .. especially Shane. i think hes the only judge that knows what hes talking about. everyones performance wasnt that...
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    If you got to go to Thailand....

    Chinawut Indracusin Aum Patchrapa K-otic Waii Pinky Sawika Alex Randall Oil Thana Por T Clash Thai-tay Tangmo Kob Bee Namthip Ken Cee-Amy G-Jr Kamikaze group Louis on FiveLive Bang ruk soi 9 cast
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    SE7EN vs RAIN

    i picked se7en!!! i liek his musix more!!
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    Your favor n'ke for ch 3, ch7, ch5?

    ch7 = Pinky ch3 = Aff .. i didnt kno who to pick. i dont realle watch ch3 lakorn ch5 = Fang!! luved her lakorn wif Bie!!
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    Chin Chinawut Album 2

    i dont liek tha hair either but... excited for the album tho!! hehe...
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    Pho or Papaya?

    i choose neither!! i juss had pho yesterday!! aahaha... anyhu ... ben eatin pho n papaya salad my whole life. cant really take either side. kinda get sick of it when ur eatin it evry other week.
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    [Tutorial] Making Video GIFs!!

    it didnt work for me so i couldnt make my banner but thanks for your help anyway.
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    Buppay Leh Ruk

    is aum going to be at 7 see concert?? but yeh...what time does it start?? cuz i want to catch it live.
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    [Tutorial] Making Video GIFs!!

    Yes i do have it in AVI format. and yea i do hav quicktime!! hmmm... okie ill try converting it to MPG. ill come back if it works or not. edit* YAY it worked!! thanks muddie murda!!! YOU ROCK!! ^_^ okie okie.... edit again* im lost now!! heu heu =..( how come there is onlee one...
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    [Tutorial] Making Video GIFs!!

    im Making Video GIFs. but im stuck. When i try to open the file onto imageready it alwaies say " Movie contains no image data" so i dont know what to do!?!? getting so frustrated!!! plez helpp??
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    ~Pinky's Artwork~

    i agree wit alina!! dat preppy g one is awesome!!
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    Do you look laos?

    ur so rite missjoy!! white ppl gotta get it straight!! dey be callin me Chinese juss becuz dats all dey kno!! i be lyk "IM LAOS u idiots" matter how many times i tell dem, dey still dont get it!! dey still dink i speak chinese....and these r ppl at my skool!! pretty much tha whole skool...
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    where do you guys eat at home

    i used to eat on the floor with tha pa kow and stuff lyk dat but iono wut happen to it!! lol....since i moved in wit my sister, she onlee lyks sitting on tha chair and eating at tha table!! i get yell at if i eat in my room but i do it nywaies cuz i clean it up nyhow!! i lyk eating lyk on tha...
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    happy late easter alina!! sorry i wasnt on today....dats cuz i wuz driving bac to wisconsin!! so...

    happy late easter alina!! sorry i wasnt on today....dats cuz i wuz driving bac to wisconsin!! so yah...i had no tyme for tha com!! sorry...
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    i miss u though!!! 555+

    i miss u though!!! 555+
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    haha...hmmm!! pretty much addicted to evrything!! lol...nah im juss in minnesota so i...

    haha...hmmm!! pretty much addicted to evrything!! lol...nah im juss in minnesota so i dont go on tha com as much.
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    laugh out loud!! haha i so luv ur personal photo....its so kewl juss lyk u!!!

    laugh out loud!! haha i so luv ur personal photo....its so kewl juss lyk u!!!
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    babe_girl's art work

    babe grl!! ur artwork are kewl.....i luv ur icons!!
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    ~Pinky's Artwork~

    awesome!! Pinky those are really gud....keep up tha great work na ja!! :D