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    Vill Wannarot (TVPOOL vol. 23 no. 1158 August 2012)

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous gal! Seriously she looks amazing.
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    Vill Wannarot and Guy Ratchanon (Bangkok Post: Issue 199 November 2011)

    Aw, they're so cute and hawt!!!! :wub: Luv all the pics!!! She's beautiful, he's handsome, they're sexy together! :drool:
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    [Ch5] Kohn Teun (Exact - Scenario)

    I really loved this lakorn and the main couple (Guy & Vill). Gilly and Kohn Teun are the main reason why I joined asianfuse. I'm missing them like crazy. :cry: Sad to know that they're both in Sao Noi but won't be pairing up. Guy's too good for Best. They don't even match. :whatever...
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    hi cux! :3

    hi cux! :3