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  1. donna

    [Ch3] 3 Musketeers Series 1: Maya Tawan (Tv Scene)

    Eak is cute! anyone know who he is?
  2. donna

    [Ch3] Khun Samee Karmalor Tee Ruk (Maker J)

    aww i love the ending of this lakorn! so cute and sweet... naruk maak!   :heart:
  3. donna

    so loving Raeng Prathana right now. looking forward to each and every weekend lol

    so loving Raeng Prathana right now. looking forward to each and every weekend lol
  4. donna

    yay! i can finally log in here after a week of trying thanks!

    yay! i can finally log in here after a week of trying thanks!
  5. donna

    [Ch3] Majurat See Nam Pueng (Broadcast Thai)

    i hope that they make a better ending for this remake. the old one left me very unhappy
  6. donna

    [Ch3] Punya Chon Kon Krua (Thong Entertainment)

    ahh! mark kissed kim on the lips in the cave on the island
  7. donna

    What ethnicity have you been mistaken for?

    i've been mistaken for mexican, hawaiian, and this cracked me up the most. no offense to all the Hmong ppl here but i just found this one so funny cuz i'm taller than most Asian women and i'm tan not pale lol so when they talk to me in Hmong i laugh and tell them that i'm not. most Lao ppl don't...
  8. donna

    sarN's message and email

    has anyone been able to get in touch with Sarn? i emailed her constantly about my refund but yet she doesn't respond back
  9. donna

    [CH3] Ruk Mai Mee Wun Tay (Polyplus)

    OMG i am loving this lakorn! i love the chemistry between the two how they can still be civil towards one another after their breakup. and damn Dome is so freaking hot! he looks so yummy with those black shades ^_^ cant wait until next week!
  10. donna

    sarN's message and email

    nope and i have yet to get my refund... i've emailed her at least once a week with the same info over and over yet no response
  11. donna

    Fail Remakes

    they did a bad job on Tukkatha Rueng Rabum Pancake and Paul the old version is WAY BETTER Nueng Nai Suang Ken and Janie didn't like that they turned it into a period drama when it came out in the 90's buang hong pancake and vee the old version is wayy better. it starred ken's wife and john nuvo...
  12. donna

    Sellers [Feedbacks]

    + imuso responds to PMs and prompt delivery Thanks!
  13. donna

    Sarn Store

    thanks for all the support everyone! and a BIG thanks to Darvil. i got it last night thanks so much! i thought it would never get resolved
  14. donna

    Sarn Store

    i am freaking angry at her! she still hasn't sent me my order and its going on 2 months now! she don't respond back to my emails. the last one she sent she said she was going to express it to me. it should take 2 days right? well its been over a week now! does anyone know her personally or can...
  15. donna

    Sellers [Feedbacks]

    SARN dang! i placed a HUGE order with her last month and she still hasn't gotten my order out yet. sheesh i don't mean to blast her but dang money don't grow on trees. i dont know what else to do i email her and she doesn't respond back got jiffed out of my monies!
  16. donna

    Peaw Tarad Taek [TV Thunder]

    man they remade this! i hope they don't screw it up. i remember watching a lakorn by this name damn many many years ago lol the p'ek was a guy named duke and the n'ek was a gmm or rs singer named Yui. she has a nice voice
  17. donna

    Which version you like of "Tat Dao Butsaya"

    i like kob version. it has more detail on what is going on. yes it didn't show her grandmother and too much of her dad but still to me it was better. por and punch version is cute! it doesn't have a lot of the same characters from the older versions and it doesn't go into much detail either...
  18. donna

    Kularb Neua Mek (DaraVDO)

    i like this lakorn. its cute if only they weren't fighting over stefan, omg!
  19. donna


    someone needs to sponsor him if he is to stop here in WI. i doubt anyone will tho. majority of the famous ppl that come here are morlum/look toong singers. the last person that came here was Pepper and that was years ago!
  20. donna

    Real Bie Facebook page?

    i figured it was fake. i read a post of his that was too ghetto sounding. i don't think his english is that good where he would type so ghetto? i saved him regardless tho lol
  21. donna

    Sai Lub The Serie gub 24 Kadee Sud Ham Jai (GTH)

    this series is cute! dan is funny. so cute
  22. donna

    Jam Luey Gamathep (Maker J.Group)

    man mek is so arghh! so frustrated with him at the moment. :angry: she tries so hard to get him to forgive her and yet he turns around and does all this crap to her!!! but i so love this lakorn! haha
  23. donna

    Which Willy Classic Do You Wanna DL?

    Taam Hua Jai Pai Sood Lah Manee Yaad Fah/The Princess are both good lakorns. i hope you upload both! tee hee but the one that i really want is the one he starred in with Angie Hastings. man he was hott in that one!
  24. donna

    Jam Luey Gamathep (Maker J.Group)

    damn he hot with that wig on!!! fans myself :drool:
  25. donna

    Thai Stars with perfect english

    the talk show host woody speaks it pretty clearly. i was bored and started watching his old shows and came across an interview he did with jackie chan.
  26. donna

    Drama for sell

    does your sister have old thai lakorns that she wants to sell too? i'm looking to buy some old lakorns from the early 90's era. for the taiwanese series, do you have mars? if you do can you save that one for me!!! oh also full house. its a korean drama. my sister is looking for that one. let me...
  27. donna

    coffee slim

    my mom bought some. she told me that you have to give up milk and soda. i can't give those up!!! i drink both once in a while when i have a taste for it. i told her forget it! haha she just started taking it didn't hear her say that its working or not yet tho
  28. donna

    Clash in Chicago - Who from SW is going?!

    u were warned that i drive fast! lol aww that's okay then ^_^
  29. donna

    Buang Hong

    i don't know if anyone posted this yet but they have the old version on YT. look for bopolsci and go to the playlist section. the old version starred john nuvo and noi bussakorn. i watched it and it so far so good.
  30. donna

    Clash in Chicago - Who from SW is going?!

    i'll be there!!! jenny you should follow me again. it was sooo fun! lmao
  31. donna

    Vote for who you would like to see in America next!!!!

    i want to see dan, bie and nat. they all are good singers and it would be good to see them live in concert!
  32. donna

    Vote for who you would like to see in America next!!!!

    oh my gosh! I want dan and bie to come for the guys end females pinky annita and nat
  33. donna

    Jaew Jai Rai Gub Khun Chai Taewada (Polyplus)

    man this lakorn is hella funny! lmao when aum n pae are fighting. she call him i foo so funny. cuz of his frizzy hair
  34. donna

    Cheer new hair do

    don't like the top part of her hair. the bangs do the cut no justice
  35. donna

    Khun Mae Jum Laeng(Cholumpi)

    i was wondering the same thing! i didn't see the part where he punched that guy either! i was waiting to see that part too. i don't know, chakrit makes one ugly woman to me! sorry to say i still love him! he is one of my fav actors
  36. donna

    [Movie] Twilight

    man am i slow! i didn't want to watch it at first but then did cuz i was bored. movie blew me away! sooo many good looking men in this movie. i like the love story between the two. gonna buy it when it comes out on dvd
  37. donna

    Khun Mae Jum Laeng(Cholumpi)

    OH MY GOSH!!! chakrit is one ugly chick! haha his gay friend is hilarious... makes me wonder if he really is? he plays as a gay person quite often too, huh anyways so far so good. liking it
  38. donna

    Seu Ruk Chuck Yai Olaworn (Broadcast)

    aww i so love this lakorn! the ending was excellent so sweet... they have great on-screen chemistry! love their love scenes so sweet. had me blushing and awwing at the same time! hehe
  39. donna

    LIFT & OIL Concert ~ Chicago Area

    man want to go but broke. had fun at the elgin one. whoever going to aroma letting you know in advance that the place is small! there was hardly any room to walk or stand when ice came. have fun regardless
  40. donna

    Jao Ying Lum Sing (Polyplus)

    i like it so far. pinky acting as a boy so funny. he was giving her a boost and she shrieked! hehe how could he not tell then that she was a girl. her face is too pretty for a boy
  41. donna

    LIFT & OIL Concert ~ Chicago Area

    that so sucks! can't go now. dang it was looking forward to seeing lift oil too oh well
  42. donna

    do you coloror hilite ur hair or is it ahhhh nattturrallll?

    i hilite or do a full head. the dark brown/black makes me look sickly and i'm not a light person. lighter colors in my hair compliments my coloring
  43. donna

    Peter Corp Dyrendal

    it looks like he lost some of his muscles! he still cute tho like his smile
  44. donna


    so what day and time for MN? and where?
  45. donna

    Sen...Seur Ruk Suer Winyarn [Exact]

    she used to look aite now she looks weird. she got some plastic surgery done on her face and now it looks umm, yeah haha
  46. donna

    Sapai Look Toong(Lakorn Thai)

    looks like a funny lakorn. just seeing the previews made me lol. like ice new song too. nice!
  47. donna

    Nathalie Davies
  48. donna

    Thai Actors and Actresses and Parents

    i know quite a few people who look more white then asian. the white genes are very strong in them. my nephew and this girl i know for instance. hehe
  49. donna

    Soo Sang Tawan (DaraVdo)

    what did the note say? when pancake was sitting in the club and the waiter handed her the note she read it then got up and left
  50. donna


    aum and james. in that one lakorn where he changes his face. oil was in that lakorn too. in the end her and james kissed! in bow see chompoo chakrit and angie hastings kissed! khun noo tevada wier and pancake kissed
  51. donna

    Anyone going to support Chakrit in Bangkok Dangerous this weekend?

    i did! he so funny. i was laughing at his fobbish english. it was so funny. he should have had more parts though. so cute!
  52. donna

    This Hair/Blood Thing

    i agree. many og's that i know say the same thing. pom geen luerd it's prolly like a myth or something. but i do have thick curly hair growing out my scalp. it don't itch tho
  53. donna


    i agree! that was so bogus. if i have to rsvp for this concert i want to be able to seat everyone! not just some. ^_^
  54. donna

    Your Lao childhood memories....

    my friend hubbie was telling me a story about sieng mieng. but he was a human tho. if i remember correctly: his mom told him to take a bath for his brother. she said to wash every part of him and make sure the he is clean. he takes things very literally so he washes his brother. he cut him up...
  55. donna


    i agree! need more info cuz there might be prolly 8 of us going to MN need more info so everyone can ask off, haha
  56. donna

    Laos is in the Olympics!

    yep! my sister was telling me about that yesterday. i wasn't home to watch it tho.
  57. donna

    Janie Tienpusuwan:A Modern Bride

    like the dresses. it looks like she lost some weight. her cheeks sunk in
  58. donna

    Ethai CD

    i think that there is an international fee. my sis was looking at her bank statement and she said she saw an international fee. it wasn't much under a $1 i think. but i agree. the site is legit. i order stuff from there all the time too.
  59. donna

    Ice Sarunyu's Los Angeles Concert

    aww that gonna suck! if the place is small, man no elbow room. haha
  60. donna

    Ice Sarunyu's Los Angeles Concert

    oh forgot to add that you can also purchase your tickets at Bangkok Video too. she said something about having to open a bottle of black label didn't really understand that part. so if anyone calls her ask her what she meant by that. forgot to ask
  61. donna

    Ice Sarunyu's Los Angeles Concert

    i called the chicago place and they said that you have to make a reservation of 8 or more to get a table. if you don't have the 8 you have to stand then. they gonna have ppl at the door looking at IDs so you have to 21 and older i guess. the lady said that it's $35 and it starts 1:00 AM and...
  62. donna

    Kor Phan Sar

    wat is that? i ask many people and their answers are all different.
  63. donna

    Lao people I need your help

    i don't really use the word "koy" when i refer to myself. i usually say "hao". when i talk to older people i say "koy" but if they are close to me, again "hao" if i don't know what to call someone older than my mom, i usually say "pah" if they look very grandma-ish is say mae thou. the only...
  64. donna

    Payong(Quiz & Quest)

    yeah they did a remake of this lakorn already. they messed it up royally. didn't like the ending at all. it was weird. the old one was the better
  65. donna

    Traditional Laos Dowry

    seeing that their daughters are like that more than likely they would prolly run off with the guy! haha i have a friend who is very promiscous and her parents asked for 10 grand (i think) he paid it not really understanding how the system works. instead of doing it for the child it was more of...
  66. donna

    Traditional Laos Dowry

    the groom pays. i remember reading somewhere about in europe back in the old days that the female would be the one to pay. most of the time they were the ones that were well off than the guys oh one more thing. lao ppl still practice this in america. they be wanting ridiculous prices for their...
  67. donna

    Rotmay vs. Som

    to me rotmey is a better actress. she is in better control of her facial expressions than som is
  68. donna

    Tong Neur Tae(Planet 6)

    wow looks good. gonna go dl it
  69. donna

    Matt Lauer Live From Vientiane Laos

    that's so cool! thx gonna go watch it. don't get to see the today show. at work by that time too
  70. donna

    What kind of khone Lao are you?

    we call that nam. is that the fried rice balls with pork sausage (nam)?
  71. donna

    What kind of khone Lao are you?

    my mom says that we are from kangsayabouri in the middle of mueng luang and vientiane. i think that we don't have an accent but people say that we do. most of the lao ppl i know are from the same village as us. some do speak with an accent. i can't speak that much lao so it dont' matter. its...
  72. donna

    when someone says "I am Laos"

    i get tired of ppl saying where is laos at? so when they ask me i tell them that i'm asian and leave it like that. they always think that i am hawaiian or indian cuz i'm dark. when they ask me specifically what i am then i say i'm laotian. i used to say i'm laos but that was way back then tho. haha
  73. donna

    World Food Fears Mount

    that's good. my mom was complaining about how high it is. where i'm at its like almost $40 for a 50lb bag of sticky rice and almost $25 for 25lb of jasmine rice
  74. donna

    Sood Tae Jai Ja Kwai Kwa (Quiz & Quest)

    its so funny that they first star as bro n sis now they are main! hehe looks good so far. man his older bro in the old one was an ass and the same for this version. it gonna have me crying with him all over again. so sad...
  75. donna

    Ngao Ah Soak (Exact)

    gosh! they gonna mess up the timeline for this lakorn! man wat's up with that? i agree totally loved this lakorn also. anxiously waiting for it to air
  76. donna

    Tur Kue Cheevit (Dida)

    i just watched 11 and man was it so sad! i feel his sorrow weir. his love is so everlasting so to say
  77. donna

    [color="DDA0DD"]LAO NEW YEAR[/color]

    don't really like going to my laos new year party where i'm at. they don't do much to make it more interesting or better. its always the same with the same corrupt judges for the beauty pageant. i see all that money going into the wat but it still looks the same. the party hall is old and looks...
  78. donna

    Ngao Ah Soak (Exact)

    if they go that much back it will change the lakorn a little. in nueng nai suang they did the same thing. in pete's version of that lakorn it was modern not so far back
  79. donna

    [Ch3] Sawan Bieng (Lakorn Thai)

    i just got finished watching epi 5 and oh my gosh! he is like a sex fiend or something haha. sexy tho. feel sorry for narin.
  80. donna

    Tur Kue Cheevit (Dida)

    man that sang guy is evil! like the yah pat too. she will do anything for him. trying to kill her sister
  81. donna

    [Ch3] Sawan Bieng (Lakorn Thai)

    man this version is so different from the sam/monradee version i watched back in the day. i was asking my mom about that version so i can compare it to this one. she said that he never kidnapped her and that he raped her like in the middle of the lakorn. this one he did it so early, haha. and he...
  82. donna

    Ngao Ah Soak (Exact)

    those pictures didn't do her any good! she look so old in them. from watching nat gub nat she looks alright in that series...
  83. donna

    [Taiwan] Fated to Love You (SETTV)

    when he found out that she is pregnant he looked so worried. he was all thinking about her and what she doing, so cute! and the bathroom scene was too hilarious. they bust in on her when she was taking the preganancy test. then it was broadcast all over! so embarassiing!
  84. donna

    Payak Sao Sab Eelee(Polyplus-NookNarn)

    they fooled me! i thought that they were really going to get killed off. then come to find out that it was their plan all along. haha good acting peeps!
  85. donna

    Aum,Beam,Rome,Mario,Mart,Film,Por T

    ooh all those fine looking men!
  86. donna

    great news film rathapoom fans

    i'd watch it. love rome!
  87. donna

    Actress Pancake and 'Guy' Nawapol Lampoon

    he looks just like his mama! he so short compared to her. unless its the heels that made her taller than him
  88. donna

    lao last names

    i know some chanthavongs in milwaukee. do you have any relatives there?
  89. donna

    Shutter (2008)

    i wanted to watch this on friday but the weather wasn't cooperating with me! all that damn snow we got. man messed up all my plans i still want to see it tho. maybe this weekend?
  90. donna

    King Kaew Kar Fark (Maker Group)

    i think that its ending soon too. cuz they already know who killed the grandma and are trying to catch the brother. he is so evil like his mom. i hope he gets his just desserts! when kaew got off the roller coaster her hair was all standing up. i was laughing so hard. they are such a cute couple!
  91. donna

    Plik Tai Kub Bai Kao(Quiz & Quest)

    i dont' think that its chai. she would have admitted it to everyone then. it might be that cop guy. he looks suspicious and always be sweating her.
  92. donna

    Nang Sao Puck Kee Lew(Duang Malee)

    this episode was kinda sad. earth has heart problems and it caused noon and tye to misunderstand each other again. but at least she said that she loves him too so thats good
  93. donna


    i would like to see kao pluek remade. the old one starred kat english and tao. i'd like to see kat star with chakrit again. they make a cute couple even though they are just friends
  94. donna

    [Taiwan] Fated to Love You (SETTV)

    i watched the first epi and it was good so far. her bf is such an ass for using her. i'm glad that her and ethan got back at him.
  95. donna

    Tur Kue Cheevit (Dida)

    pinky character is so innocent. well naive in a way too haha cute tho. liking it so far.
  96. donna

    Yah Leum Chun

    i remember this lakorn after watching the previews. its kinda like a revenge type lakorn. he was mad at her for leaving him so he wants to get back at her. it was an okay lakorn. don't remember much of it tho.
  97. donna


    is he gonna make a stop in chicago? mn is kinda far for me
  98. donna

    Payak Sao Sab Eelee(Polyplus-NookNarn)

    yeah but according to their boss, they had plastic surgery done so that somehow changed their face a lil. to us its the same but to the ppl in the lakorn, its supposed to be new to them. all they did was put on a lil more makeup and dress nicer. i like the part where they got that lesbian back...
  99. donna

    Payak Sao Sab Eelee(Polyplus-NookNarn)

    go is so funny! i like the bathroom part. he came out with his shirt around his neck and crying! i was lmao so hard. he is fricking hilarious, haha i like their couple. they got some funny parts
  100. donna

    Wu Chun and An Yi Xuan???

    wat dramas has she starred in? she doesn't look familiar to me
  101. donna

    Thai stars height???

    let me correct tik height. he is 5'8" my bad! haha he is one of my favs yet i got his info wrong, oops! so sorry
  102. donna

    King Kaew Kar Fark (Maker Group)

    kaew is such a dork. she electrocuted herself with the taser. it was so funny! haha she finally knows who her real mom is. her mom got released from prison too. khing is with her right now. she just don't know who she is that all
  103. donna

    King Kaew Kar Fark (Maker Group)

    episode 7 was cute. he is showing signs of jealousy towards kaew which is so cute. he was so commanding towards her, saying you have to come out and see me. you are smart figure a way to come out
  104. donna

    pantips latest poll..

    i don't know about kob. to me her acting skills have diminished. its not like how it used to be, her expressions look fake like she can't control them anymore. it looks funny when she tries to look mad, haha sorry to say
  105. donna

    Thai stars height???

    tik is pretty short. some of his n'ek have to wear flats or he has to wear shoes that have high heels, haha i think i read somewhere that said he is 5'5"?
  106. donna

    Mae Hau Lam Pong (Step Onward)

    haha that girl thinking that patson is gay. so funny her daydream. she so stupid
  107. donna

    Songkram Nang Fah (Exact)

    man pong is so selfish. wanting her to be with him yet he did nothing but hurt her repeatedly. i'm glad that she was able to speak so she told her side of the story. then he hears how she suffered throughout the marriage. he starts to cry wat an ass.
  108. donna

    Paula Taylor and Marc Nelson

    ooh she got a hottie too! happy 4 her
  109. donna

    Oh no, are ALL actors GAY?

    oh no! not rome, cries. he is too sexy to be gay. but then again almost all the fine guys are gay. sigh so sad
  110. donna

    Payak Sao Sab Eelee(Polyplus-NookNarn)

    i'm watching epi 4 now and its good so far. i liked the part where the cop went to noi house and asked her for some food. she said that on her days off she likes to order pizza. she brought it out for him and he was like it tastes like shoes. she was like it 2 days old. he spit it out. then he...
  111. donna

    Nang Sao Puck Kee Lew(Duang Malee)

    i know its getting too cute! he looks like he getting jealous that she spending time with the singer dude. he cares about her feelings.
  112. donna

    King Kaew Kar Fark (Maker Group)

    man i like the way the kaew thinks! she is so strong compared to khing. all that girl does is cry and cry. she don't get up and fight for herself. at least she knows know that her mom isn't dead yet. that's cool. so that way the mom can come back and clear all this crap up and bust that evil...
  113. donna

    Songkram Nang Fah (Exact)

    shoot so who is really the p'ek then? kong or pong? to sad that she didn't get with kong in the first place. pong character is something else. he needs a beat down or something. i'm really glad that bee is standing up for herself now. she was so weak in the beginning
  114. donna

    E.R. or Grey's Anatomy?

    i used to watch er but not its not interesting anymore. i like watching grey's over er.
  115. donna

    Yuthakarn Hak Karn Thong(Broadcast Thai)

    no it got one more episode. i feel sorry for nam. i prolly do the same thing that she gonna do. to get away from all the pain that she is feeling. feel sorry for her. that girl is a capital bee. she had her temper tantrum in front of rome mom. plus it made her able to speak! she don't want to...
  116. donna

    man forced to marry goat

    haha that's funny. but some ppl are into doing it with animals now. some kind of fetish.
  117. donna

    Yuthakarn Hak Karn Thong(Broadcast Thai)

    today's episode had me teary eyed. so many tears, sad. he tells her that he loves her yet he goes off and marries that bee... ugh she makes me mad.
  118. donna

    King Kaew Kar Fark (Maker Group)

    that's what i thought. how could they be twins when khing was a few years old when her mom went to jail. there were no signs of kaew either. that's cool that they're sisters instead of twins.
  119. donna

    read only if you are not gross or easily distured by the images

    oh my gosh! those ppl are gonna burn in hell! that is so sick and sad. shudders. poor baby rest in peace...
  120. donna

    tata young or Kat english

    i think that kat is better. always liked her songs. there are time that some of her songs can be weird. like tata too but like kat more
  121. donna

    Mae Hau Lam Pong (Step Onward)

    man it plays for like 30 minutes every mon - fri and its making me mad! it gets to the good part then i have to wait 2 more days to watch more. but today's epi was boring. didn't really like it
  122. donna

    Yuthakarn Hak Karn Thong(Broadcast Thai)

    i thought he really did it too! i was all blushing and like oooh! haha good that he didn't tho. cuz that would make noon hate him even more. its really starting to get even better now. she is starting to be more open with her feelings towards rome. they make a cute couple. they're more...
  123. donna

    Koo Bpan Koo Bpuan

    episode 24. it was so cute and sad. haha that what he get for being mean to her and making her cry. she don't believe anything that he says now. she does still love him but she just hurt that he said that he'll take care of that mimi chick. that girl is a big "b" and so fricking annoying! <_<
  124. donna

    Koo Bpan Koo Bpuan

    aww he declared his love to her. but she didn't believe him. he looked so heart broken, aww feel bad for him. but damn he so sexy tho! he hugged her from behind and was like are you sure that you only think of me as a brother? that was so cute!!! had me blushing his acting skills are...
  125. donna

    Mae Hau Lam Pong (Step Onward)

    she care about him, just that she mad that he on the bad ppl side. she gonna be madder once she finds out who he really is! haha
  126. donna

    Koo Bpan Koo Bpuan

    i don't know, don't remember actually. he is just now, well 2-3 epis ago, starting to show that he like amy. i liked it from the get go. not cuz beam is in it but cuz its funny. if you like comedy romance then this is a pretty good lakorn to watch
  127. donna

    Koo Bpan Koo Bpuan

    this lakorn is getting good and beam is so cute! he starting to show his jealousy and amy is just eating that up! she does things to make him mad and she pushes herself up on the other guy just to get a rise out of beam. haha so cute! i love this lakorn so much!
  128. donna

    Koo Bpan Koo Bpuan

    man all these misunderstandings between the two! just when things start looking good, that damn mimi girl steps in and ruins everything! beam looked so heartbroken when he found out that amy was wearing that dude's watch. so sad! but that what he gets! he keep being on that girl side and making...
  129. donna

    MidWest Snow Storm

    i almost got stuck in the snow but i'm a pro now so i know what to do, haha. i didn't have work today so that made me very happy! but i had to go to walmart to get a shovel. i need it to unbury my car tomoro. that is going to suck
  130. donna

    Laos food

    i love me some geng het! especially the oyster one. mmm, yummy!
  131. donna

    Jamleuy Ruk (Makers Group)

    i'm loving the screen caps and the teasers. it looks as if it is going along with the teaser. i'm hooked on this lakorn so much! went home for lunch just to watch this lakorn. got my mom hooked on it too! she was asking me if there were more episodes. i told that it airs only on monday and...
  132. donna

    Mae Hau Lam Pong (Step Onward)

    i like epi 25 too. he was like i know that you aren't a girl cuz you aren't embarrassed that i kissed you. she was blushing but she wasn't facing him so he didn't see. then he stalks her so that he can escort her to her destination. that was so cute. i like the telephone part. she was twisting...
  133. donna

    Yuthakarn Hak Karn Thong(Broadcast Thai)

    she sed kon arai tum mai nah fud kanard nee not the other one haha don't know exactly wat that means but along the lines of he hella romantic? i think don't quote me on that haha
  134. donna

    Yuthakarn Hak Karn Thong(Broadcast Thai)

    haha epi 7 is cute! man andrew can sing. he has a nice voice too. haha she kept hitting him on his head so funny. he wrapped himself up trying to get noon to feel sorry for him
  135. donna

    Koo Bpan Koo Bpuan

    man beam is so inconsiderate of amy feelings. then when she bit him, he was staring at the mark thinking about her. that was a cute sweet scene. i loved that part
  136. donna

    Yuthakarn Hak Karn Thong(Broadcast Thai)

    man i like that way rome acts in this lakorn. so agressive! i likes that haha andrew is so fricking hott too. his lil player ways is so cute. i've never seen him play in a role like this haha love this lakorn so much
  137. donna

    Jamleuy Ruk (Makers Group)

    man i love this episode! he trying so hard to get her to forgive him. so sweet... his facial expressions are so sincere. but i'm with her tho. he did all them bad things to her. i wouldn't forgive him that easily either haha. gotta get some revenge of my own in too! man i so love this lakorn...
  138. donna

    Mae Hau Lam Pong (Step Onward)

    man it got some sweet scenes in here. the way he looks at her has my heart melting! he watches and protects her from afar, so romantic! i love that she is starting to show that she has some feelings towards him.
  139. donna

    Koo Bpan Koo Bpuan

    man beam is so selfish. he is so unaware of amy feelings. well maybe he does know but he just brushes it off. so mean of him. i love the song that he sings. so sweet and especially when it goes with the ending clips. i love the way beam acts. i can't see him in a stiff role like dan gets.
  140. donna

    Yuthakarn Hak Karn Thong(Broadcast Thai)

    man this lakorn is so my life! about the karn thong thing tho, haha. i need someone to break mine so to say! i love this story line. its so cute. i don't really like rita character tho. she is too clingy and needy. i like rome and noon couple. so cute! he is so agressive in trying to get her to...
  141. donna

    Taking Care of The Bill

    it depends. if i day i got it i got it. but when i don't, we have an agreement to go half on the bill. it all depends on the circumstance. but other than that, it a you pay your part, i pay mine. then we half the tip
  142. donna

    Talad Nam Dumnern Ruk Part 2

    pinky is such a prankster! nam is scared of some kind of lizard thing to the point that he climbs up a coconut tree! haha she beat him up pretty good too for hugging and touching her
  143. donna

    Koo Bpan Koo Bpuan

    i watched the first episode and i have to say its okay so far. beam is so cute in this lakorn! he so mean for not liking amy tho. can't wait to see more
  144. donna

    Ubat Ruk Kham Kop Fah

    is it gonna be a sitcom or a lakorn?
  145. donna

    do you consider any nang ek chubby or fat?

    it may be that they are kinda short so that's why they look chunky at times. if they were taller, their bodies would look leaner
  146. donna

    A song you can't stop listening to...

    i have a new one now! i put it on repeat for a few hours a day. so in love with it Clash - Kern Kum Wa Ruk
  147. donna

    one missed call

    didn't go see it. was going to but saw i am legend instead. it was a pretty okay movie. my sis friend said that she saw the asian version of one missed call. she said that it was scary to her. but then again she is a fraidy cat
  148. donna

    do you think Pat and Aff Tusakorn look alike?

    kinda but not really. she kinda looks like pinky in a way
  149. donna

    Dan Beam or Golf Mike?

    i voted dan beam. i love dan's voice and man can he hit his notes! so sexy haha. they have a natural look about them. they're not so worried about their looks like golf mike. gm face is too made up verses db. when db have pimples it shows on their face. haven't seen a pimple on gm face...
  150. donna

    A song you can't stop listening to...

    i feel that way sometimes too but i still love it. i listen to the radio at work at it seems like they play it every hour or something. i have other favs too but this one i love the most. got my lil nephew singing it too. he only 2yrs old
  151. donna

    A song you can't stop listening to...

    mines is Alicia Keys - No One
  152. donna

    Breasts, boobs, jugs, tits...

    i asked some of my guy friends that question before and they say that they like them bigger too. not too big where they aren't able to "play" with them just perfect. they seem to prefer a C cup. when i wear something that shows a little cleavage it draws guys eyes there. i'm like hello, up...
  153. donna

    Worst Lakorn of 2007

    Sood Tae Fah Gumnode was sucky too! i think the p'ek name is pip(?) and the n'ek kinda looks like beam lil sis but it ain't her. she is the girlfriend of janie lil bro in krung thep ratree. don't know her name. i thought the lakorn was horrible.
  154. donna

    Worst Lakorn of 2007

    yep didn't really like the lakorn but i love Tik! haha
  155. donna

    Fortune Teller

    oops my bad. i meant the other fortune teller. physic card watever not the asian one (tarot card readers!)
  156. donna

    Worst Lakorn of 2007

    i didn't really care for bussaba reh ruk. it dragged and i lost interest in it. the beggining was pretty good but then...
  157. donna

    Likit Kammatep(Broadcast Thai)

    man still blushing over mart confession of love. so sweet... she so loves him to but its just that she still angry over the fact that mart harmed her, haha. i don't want this lakorn to end. its getting so good and interesting
  158. donna

    Aum+Pinky pictures

    he looks to old for her. i don't want them to date! ahh no way haha
  159. donna

    Mae Hau Lam Pong (Step Onward)

    i like this lakorn! namfon is so tomboyish. i like her kick first ask later attitude, haha.
  160. donna

    N'eak Facial Features

    they all look pretty in their own way
  161. donna

    Fortune Teller

    i went to 2 of them with my friends and what they sometimes is mua nim. they lie sometimes. they did my friend's husband fortune and she said that he isn't married and got no kids. we looked at each other was like wtf? his wife is sitting right next to him and she has one of their children with...
  162. donna

    Sabaidee Luang Prabang

    cool i would watch this. i've never gone to Laos before and hope that one i can be able to afford to go there. i've seen pictures of laos but never clips of their famous tourist attractions
  163. donna

    Likit Kammatep(Broadcast Thai)

    he gonna tell her in the next episode! so cute. he admitted his love for her. i can't wait to see the next epi!
  164. donna

    Do you have any Lookreung family members??

    i have niece that is half mexican and a nephew who is half white. other half is lao
  165. donna

    Likit Kammatep(Broadcast Thai)

    when i saw the attempted rape scene i was like ooh! and then it looked like he kissed her on the lips made me say ooh even more! it seem like the lady is starting to piece everything together. i want to see her reaction when she finds out the mart was the one that raped ann. she might go off on...
  166. donna

    Bpee Kaew Nang Hong (Red Drama)

    he so jao chu! tryn to cop a feel. haha
  167. donna

    Chompoo Araya

    her shoots are starting to get very revealing! love her hair!
  168. donna

    Plork Sanae Ha(Scenario)

    i was so disgusted with that fact that puri slept with mor ice. so gross. i know that he has the ganthunyu personality but damn, i wouldn't do that to repay someone back. it looks like the sister fell for him already. she prolly wouldn't have any beef with him for sleeping with the doc. she has...
  169. donna

    Likit Kammatep(Broadcast Thai)

    he so stupid! she keeps on hinting a little about the baby being part of mart family and he ain't getting it. he keeps saying that she pregnant with her ex. if she was a virgin when he raped her, couldn't he tell? or was he do infuriated that he didn't notice? i like that she beats the crap out...
  170. donna

    Royal Wedding

    oh wow. that wedding is huge. thx for sharing the info.
  171. donna

    Where to go in 2008

    kool! we made number one! i'm surprised that thailand isn't in any of the picks
  172. donna

    Apichet ''BiG'' Kittikorncharoeun

    so sad to hear, rest in peace...
  173. donna

    Priew: Pat, Yard, Anita, Sara

    nice shoot. yard has her mouth open too wide in some of the shoots. sara n pat looking nice as usual
  174. donna

    noon siraphun before and after

    i say long too. the short hair elongates her neck but the long hair suits her face structure. love her outfits!
  175. donna

    Wish List

    i want an ipod or money will be good! we started doing secret santa in my family so everyone gets a gift now.
  176. donna

    What's Hanging In Your Car?!

    i have a purple friendship feather that my native american friend gave me and i have a little cross hanging on the string of the feather. i have to admit that i have it bad when it comes to road rage too. i don't actually tail someone and try to hurt them but do i cuss them out in my car! i...
  177. donna

    Have you ever notice that...

    we have a lot of homeless and starving ppl here in the states cuz the govt always trying to butt their noses into other ppls business. they need to make sure that we are okay before they try to go and help out/fight other ppls wars. i work in the social service field and i see a lot of hungry...
  178. donna

    Miss Laos

    i agree. we need to become a well knowned country like the others. i hate having to explain where Laos is exactly.
  179. donna

    You Know You're Lao When...

    i agree with most of the list. it so applies to my life and fam. i have to add one more thing tho. i read a list that was similar to this one and they mentioned about not being able to say refrigerator, they say lefredgalator. that list was hilarious too.
  180. donna

    Who's the best kisser?

    i say chakrit too. he kissed that one girl in the movie february and in bow see chompoo with angie hastings. and he really kissed her too! it didn't look like camera angling to me. james kissed aum in that one lakorn where he kept switching faces. oil was in it too
  181. donna

    Tookata Rerng Rabahm

    she finds out from paul. her uncle came to him and confessed everything that the stepmom did to pancake's parents. he told paul to go and take care of her. he catches her the next day pouring the poison into pancake rice soup. it was too rushed and too easy of an ending. you'll see what i mean...
  182. donna

    Tookata Rerng Rabahm

    i'm disappointed too. they rushed it so much! when pancake found out that she was being poisoned, her reaction was too fake, sorry to say. they caught the stepmom so easily. this version had some cute scenes but the rewriting of the script sucks. sigh, love my classics. i liked the part where...
  183. donna

    Plork Sanae Ha(Scenario)

    eww... i think that puri slept with the doctor guy, yucky! he said something about giving up his humanity last night or something like that. shivers... gross
  184. donna

    Likit Kammatep(Broadcast Thai)

    i wouldn't have taken his offer to marry him instead of his dad either. she tried to explain to him that she didn't know what was happening but he was too riled up to listen to her and raped her. it is true what she said. it was because of him that she had to marry his dad. he kinda forced her...
  185. donna

    Likit Kammatep(Broadcast Thai)

    who the guy that stars as her guy cousin? he kinda hott!
  186. donna

    Likit Kammatep(Broadcast Thai)

    it seem like he prolly got some kind of feelings for her. whether it be hate or like he always be sweating her. he gotta be feeling something, haha. i like him in this lakorn. he so aggressive that its sexy... nice body too btw
  187. donna

    Tookata Rerng Rabahm

    she was horrible in that scene too. her acting isn't too good sorry to say. it looked to fake. i know that its fake but some people make it look believable
  188. donna

    Plork Sanae Ha(Scenario)

    it's okay to me. got some kiss slap scenes and i'm all for dat!
  189. donna

    Tookata Rerng Rabahm

    he tried to rape her! it was so funny looking. they switched it too. when he knocked down the doll, the will was stuffed into the bottom part of the doll. this one, there is a key. i think that they trying to drag it out some.
  190. donna

    Likit Kammatep(Broadcast Thai)

    this lakorn is good so far. but man she has to marry p'ek dad just cuz her auntie wants her too. how sad
  191. donna

    Rai Rissaya(Tv Scene)

    man i love this lakorn. i was cheering her on when she got her revenge on benz. sah jai for real man. benz was so evil, man. i hope this ends pretty good.
  192. donna

    What is your Pao?

    from what my parents tell me i am full lao. don't have any other blood mixed in
  193. donna

    Plork Sanae Ha(Scenario)

    i don't think that she is that much older than him. she is in her 30's and he is almost? i think. plus it's great to see her on the screen again. i like watching her lakorns and she is a great actress. i agree with the human part. just cuz she's famous doesn't mean anything. look in america...
  194. donna

    Rai Rissaya(Tv Scene)

    man i so love this lakorn now! i like the strong cherry not the weak always crying one. i was so happy when she slapped benz in the face. i was like you go girl! i can't wait to see more episodes!
  195. donna

    Tookata Rerng Rabahm

    this new version is moving so fast. they are getting married already in epi 5.
  196. donna

    Rai Rissaya(Tv Scene)

    man i can't wait to see when cherry gets stronger and slaps around everyone! i'm so waiting to see that. i can't stand his parents. so fricking mean. i know that they love their son but dang, its time to let him make his own decisions. he is a grown ass man! donut is something else too. i liked...
  197. donna

    Tard Ruk Torranong

    did he kidnap her? oh my god! hehe so caveman
  198. donna

    Ruk Nee Hua Jai Rao Jorng(Lakorn Thai)

    the ending is so cute. i love it! kudos to the writers. yay writers! i love how u ended this lakorn. ^_^
  199. donna

    Hott Rome!!!

    damn he got a nice body! ooh lala
  200. donna

    Nong Mhiew Kiew Petch

    the ending was nice. she stayed in miew body and everyone had a happy ending. i'm satisfied ^_^ ;)
  201. donna

    Wedding Pix of Thailand's Supermodel and Her Hi-so Man

    it might just be superstition. i've seen some people wear black dresses to a wedding before. when i went to my friend's wedding another friend had on a red dress and many ppl were saying that she was trying to draw attention away from the bride. i don't think that i've worn black to a wedding...
  202. donna

    Tard Ruk Torranong

    man the ending of episode 5 was so sweet! :blush: he couldn't hear because of the explosion so she leans in close to his ear and said that she was praying for him to be okay. he was like thanks and they were staring into each others eyes. too cute! i love the agressive behavior of chinaput...
  203. donna

    Mae Khrua Kon Mai(Step Onward)

    the ending was cute. can't complain. its better than some of the other remakes.
  204. donna

    Mae Khrua Kon Mai(Step Onward)

    in the old version, when the mom found out who she was, she didn't get mad at lomdao. she was actually happy. i don't think that its gonna end yet. lomdao still has to find a way for the mom to forgive her.
  205. donna

    Nong Mhiew Kiew Petch

    it looks like she will be able to go back into her old body. miew gets shot and then phet wakes up. plus the mae chee said that once the moon is over she will be able to go back into her old body. i don't know that meaning of the name that she called the moon. it was a full moon to me.
  206. donna

    Pat Napapar: Art Student

    her photoshoots always seem to turn out beautifully.
  207. donna

    Mae Khrua Kon Mai(Step Onward)

    i finally got the old version of this lakorn. most of the epis in the new version are similar to the old one but pierre is white not asian. leeka n the mom gets along in the old version. oh what's funny is that the old leeka is lomdao mom in the new version!
  208. donna

    Rome with spikes, slick or long hair?

    he looks frigging hot with the long hair! he looks so manly with it. he should seriously think about keeping that style. i know that it might be extensions but damn he hott!
  209. donna

    Mae Khrua Kon Mai(Step Onward)

    yep he was like i want to be normal like everyone else. too bad for lomdao in the next epi i don't think that there will be a willing/rape scene. maybe its a setup like when he supposedly raped her at home.
  210. donna

    Nong Mhiew Kiew Petch

    i didn't know that phetnali is older than sila! i thought that they were about the same age. it was so funny when he called her pee and she got mad. she told him to call her nong phet and she called him pee sila. that was too cute! the part where she kissed him on the cheek was cute too. it...
  211. donna

    Por Thrisadee-Sirita Jensen:Something still remain

    look at where por hands are! hehe nice shoot
  212. donna

    Mae Khrua Kon Mai(Step Onward)

    man this lakorn is finally getting intense! in the next part his mom finds out who she is. man i can't wait! ahh!
  213. donna

    Nong Mhiew Kiew Petch

    man i kinda figured that he was the bad guy. i hope miew beats him up good! i don't want it to end yet but it looks like everything is just about to wrap up. i wonder if sila is going to accept that miew is phet? i hope so
  214. donna

    Who is the meanest N'rai?

    i think kik is the meanest. in some of her lakorns, she was so bitchy that it made me wanna kick the crap out of her! hehe
  215. donna

    Nong Mhiew Kiew Petch

    man sila is so slow. miew was like did you use my expensive soap? he was like no. she said let me smell your cheeks and he let her. she was like i think you did. smell mine, it smells like this. he smelled her cheeks too. that was so cute! it like the roles were reversed or something. she said...
  216. donna

    Nong Mhiew Kiew Petch

    that was so cute the so called proposal scene. i was blushing for her. the cop is an ass. how he gonna say that he loves phet but yet try to get with the sis? plus he rapes her too. eww that gross. the sis know that she likes it too. she got feeling for him to so that why she didn't get too mad...
  217. donna

    Nong Mhiew Kiew Petch

    i know the lip thing was too funny. i was laughing so hard!
  218. donna

    Mae Khrua Kon Mai(Step Onward)

    i know! i'm watching epi 19 right now. i was lmao at that part. i'm pretty sure they had to do many takes on that scene. i wouldn't have been able to keep from lmao if that was me, hehe :lol:
  219. donna

    Rome with Ae @ her opening

    he cut his hair. aww he was hotter with longer hair
  220. donna

    Sood Tae Jai Ja Kwai Kwa (Quiz & Quest)

    no i meant the older sister slept with the bro not n'ek! hehe
  221. donna

    Nong Mhiew Kiew Petch

    he gonna tell her that he loves her in the next epi. thats so cute! i love this lakorn. i am so hooked! they make suh a cute couple. mayber he should drop amy and try to hook up with pinky ;)
  222. donna

    Mae Khrua Kon Mai(Step Onward)

    in the next epi, was it me or did that guy that was dressed like fai dum look like nat? i kept rewinding it and it still looked like him. why was he dressed like her? he looked so funny. man i gotta get the old version from my mom!
  223. donna

    Sood Tae Jai Ja Kwai Kwa (Quiz & Quest)

    i remember this lakorn! its hella sad. n'ek family is the same too. they love the older daughter more than her. the older sis ends up sleeping with p'ek bro and i think she tries to get with him too. ta was always crying in this lakorn. the dad was so freaking mean, ugh! he finally sees the good...
  224. donna

    Who do you want to see Pat with out of Power 3 Guy?

    i want to see her with Joon. he is one hott actor. i loved him in sawadee khun kru. he looks so hott in that lakorn
  225. donna

    Mae Khrua Kon Mai(Step Onward)

    they put too much lipstick on him. it makes him look gay. and he's only 19! damn he young. how old is pat then?
  226. donna

    Mae Khrua Kon Mai(Step Onward)

    yep that what my sister said too. she has a boyfriend and he comes to look for her.
  227. donna

    Mae Khrua Kon Mai(Step Onward)

    okay! i just talked to mom and she says that there is no rape scene. she says that n'ek and p'ek gets married in her fai dum disguise. his mom didn't approve so she kicked them out of the house. they had to go stay at the beach house. i repeat, there wasn't a rape scene in the old version. not...
  228. donna

    Mae Khrua Kon Mai(Step Onward)

    today epi was so funny. she was running away from p'ek and had to hide out in the heat tent with her friend. they were moving around and whispering pretty loud yet pat acted like he didn't notice anything. he got suspicious when he heard the cellphone ring so he got up, looked through the hole...
  229. donna

    Mae Khrua Kon Mai(Step Onward)

    i know! my mom is gonna be like what the hell are you remembering from these lakorns, haha. she watched all the old versions and i'm pretty sure she remembers the lakorn. when i talk to her, i let you guys know what she says.
  230. donna

    Mae Khrua Kon Mai(Step Onward)

    i don't remember there being a rape scene. and i watched the old versions too. gotta ask my mom about that.
  231. donna

    Board Setting

    mines is screwed up too. i think that the admins are trying to fix the board up a lil.
  232. donna

    Cee's profile

    man there are a lot of chinese ppl who are thai stars! well people who i thought as being thai turning out to be full chinese. kinda cool
  233. donna

    old photoshoot of Tik&Vicky

    man tik is hott! he is still number 1 to me, hehe vicky looks nice too. thx for sharn
  234. donna

    Sroy San Jun-(Bangkok Drama)

    i just finished watching the ending and it was so rushed. left me confused on many things. i agree with the part 2. they need to wrap up all the loose ends
  235. donna

    Lued Nai Din

    i agree. the actors are good but the story line is shot! ughh!
  236. donna

    Nampueng Kom(Makers Group)

    i feel old too cuz i've seen almost all the reamkes of the list also. gotta tell all the younguns that the old versiona are A LOT better. in the monladee version, the p'ek looked very old and the n'ek was in her early 20's. wat makes this worse is my mom loves this lakorn and i think that she...
  237. donna

    Mae Khrua Kon Mai(Step Onward)

    does anyone remember how they caught her?
  238. donna

    Lued Nai Din

    man i can tell that they are gonna so rush this lakorn. it dragged once it got towards the ending. it started off strong then this? shakes head...
  239. donna

    Who do you like Fang with?

    how old is fang? i heard that she and oil got something going on. if that's true, man she likes them older!
  240. donna

    Who do you like Fang with?

    she looks nice with all 3 guys but i like the way she acts in hua jai sila. she not too soft hearted. i love all 3 guys. they are all hott!
  241. donna

    Waen Dok Mai(Tv Scene)

    this lakorn is so funny. its hilarious how everyone thinks that kong is gay, haha. its cute too that khem is falling for him even thoug that she thinks that he's gay. kong bro is evil. he always getting on kong case yet he that one who is committing adultery. ughh
  242. donna

    Klien Kaew Krang Jai(Broadcast)

    he kinda looks like bee namthip to me. certain views of him reminds me of pepper too. loving this lakorn. he is hott! n'ek needs to be stronger, so like a lakorn nam nao n'ek, hehe. can't wait to see tomorrow's epi either. its starting to get even better!
  243. donna


    this movie was the shit! i loved watching it. i would so go watch it again
  244. donna

    Tookata Rerng Rabahm

    i'm okay with paul as the p'ek but why pancake? i don't really like the way she acts, sorry to say. can't they find someone better than her? i agree with the messing up classics. whenever they remake a lakorn, they always somehow rearrange the story line and shorten it. sigh but i love this...
  245. donna

    Lao Flag

    i know. i didn't know that they had more designs than the one now and the elephant one. i have the elephant one hanging on my wall at home.
  246. donna

    GOONG season 2!!

    he ends up with the palace maid.
  247. donna

    Wiwar Aollaweng

    how is vee gonna call her dum when he is dark too himself? to me i think someone with a lil color looks better than someone who looks as if they never get any sun. i just finished watching epi 4 and it got some cute scenes. i really like the part when she was washing his hair. how romantic!
  248. donna

    Wiwar Aollaweng

    i love this lakorn! vee is hot with his dark self and i like jui hair. its nice. i laugh everytime they get together and start fighting. its cute!
  249. donna

    Kaeng Kradon(Dida)

    this lakorn is hilarious. i didn't want to watch it at first cuz i don't really like cheer too much. saw part 1 and got hooked! it had me lmao just about all the time
  250. donna

    P'Matt and Lydia

    wat a cute couple! want to hear this new album love both of their voices
  251. donna

    Talay Saab See Luerd (Polyplus)

    so the maid son is related to boy somehow right? i kinda skimmed this lakorn cuz it bored me in certain parts. i kinda knew that the son was the one killing off them ppls. he had that crazy look in his eyes whenever one of them did him wrong
  252. donna

    Saeng Soon(Exact)

    i love lakorns where the n'ek is strong. i can't stand the ones that cry all the time and let all these ppl step over them. if they're gonna portray a n'ek it should be someone who is realistic. there aren't that many females out there that are goody goody. i can't wait to see this lakorn.
  253. donna

    Royal Family

    that's right. lao women rule haha. but that's good to hear that she never forgot about the lao ppl in laos. also good to hear that she made it out alive
  254. donna

    Where does everyone reside in?

    midwest baby! kinda sucks wish i lived someplace warmer...
  255. donna


    Happy Lao New Year to everyone! i'm not doing anything for this new year's. tired of going to the temple parties cuz of all the drama that goes on in there. not a temple person anyways used to but not no more
  256. donna

    Tradition of lao

    w/e dum! haha
  257. donna

    Tradition of lao

    w/e champ! u know what she meant! haha picking on da blackie u gonna make her cry ^_^
  258. donna

    Tradition of lao

    Karen is Laos, right blackie? haha showing her some sister love here! as for the eating after your parents, that all depends cuz for me, i eat before my parents. its cuz i eat and run, gotta go home to rest! paternal grandparents - ya and poo maternal grandparents - mae tao paw tao i call...
  259. donna


    lmfao! i thought yall was for real! i was like no not another one closing! yall got me good... hahaha
  260. donna

    ME rapping LAO (video)

    haha he so fricking funny! i didn't think that some white ppl would know how to talk lao. well besides the ones that are married to one. thats good that he know. props and many kudos to him!
  261. donna

    [Pix]Ch3 Fancy Night

    dang those some crazy costumes! this isn't what i would call fancy, haha. more like halloween party! ^_^
  262. donna

    where do you guys eat at home

    thats how we eat my mom house. she has a pa kow that everyone sits around to eat. or she has this lil table that she lays out food on and we put all the dishes on top of that and sit around it. she has a dining room table but the thing is, is that it doesn't get used. haha we just like eating it...
  263. donna


    man the ending kinda sucked! it had like a cliff hanger effect. i hope that there will be a hana kimi 2! or else i will be soooo disppointed.
  264. donna

    GOONG season 2!!

    i'm loving this series! i just watched epi 8 and i can't wait to see more. he so loves her and vice versa. he was gonna give her his mom necklace but he overheard his cousin asking her to not give her heart to anyone until he gets his situation settled. how sad!
  265. donna


    thx for wishing me a happy birthday KhoOnxNouxWanxJai!
  266. donna

    Laos people in the U.S. looking like Thai Lakorn Stars

    yeah i know this one kid who could be a good actor. he got the looks and height that most thai guys lack.
  267. donna


    i noticed that now that its about to end, ella is starting to look very girly now. she looked so mannish in the beginning. in epi 12 she looked very feminine in it. how come no one can tell that she is a girl?
  268. donna


    at first i didn't want to watch it but i accidently came across it in youtube. and now... i love it! its funny and got some hott guys up in it. dang so many cuties in one series. its like She's the Man starring Amanda Bynes and hottie Channing Tatum
  269. donna


    the two that are in Hana Kimi are so damn Hott! fans myself...
  270. donna

    My First Thought Upon Waking Up..Today..

    i hope i don't have to clear snow off my car
  271. donna

    What song are you listening to right now?

    akon - i wanna &%& you
  272. donna

    What are you thinking right now?

    i need a vacation... far far away from here!
  273. donna

    The Blah Thread

    i feel kinda depressed. man life sucks sometimes. my job is kinda boring me but then again it might be that i feel kinda depressed. sigh...
  274. donna

    Something Awesome about a Lao Friend

    that's too cool! i like that Lao ppl are getting known. Kudos to u and all the upcoming Lao ppl
  275. donna

    Your Last Thought of The Day

    man that man makes me so fricking mad! i hope he never comes back to the restaurant. argh...
  276. donna

    7 Types of Guys Women Can't Resist

    can we have a man who has all those traits? damn i would fall for him in a heartbeat! haha but for me i like intelligent or considerate guys
  277. donna

    Pinky and Benz: Tack Team Boom

    nice photo shoot. like some of the outfits that they have on
  278. donna

    ❤️You know you are watching a Thai lakorn when...

    when someone gets a little cold they get rushed to the hospital when you get punched you have to take some pills to prevent infections, no one does that! over exaggeration
  279. donna

    ❤️You know you are watching a Thai lakorn when...

    here's a few when you get shot/stabbed and your blood looks like kool-aid you can just walk up into someone house cuz they door is never shut or locked there's always a feud over a will n'ek either lost her memory cuz of some bad accident or is tortured by family (nam nao)
  280. donna

    My First Thought Upon Waking Up..Today..

    i'm sleepy. this second job is kicking my butt. i work the whole day, everyday.
  281. donna

    The Blah Thread

    i'm feeling full. i jsut ate lunch and it was pretty good. i had pud grapow
  282. donna

    Mother roasted her children

    what a pschotic bee! it don't matter how much she was abused. them kids are her blood! damn she needs to get the same treatment like her kids got. break her neck and roast her ass too!
  283. donna

    Anyone know how to set up call tones?

    when i put a call tone on my phone, i get it from the sprint dl site. for verizon i think that it's the same. not too sure tho. my friend has a chocolate phone. she got it when it first came out and just finally figured out how to dl songs to her phone
  284. donna

    <span style="color:red"><b>Raeng Rit Pit Sawad</b></span>

    i like that stefan is starting to show some feelings toward aum. its cute. i'm loving this lakorn
  285. donna

    Bua Prim Nam(Makers Group)

    yeah there are a lot of drama in here! i like that khem beats up the mom and don't give in to her shit. i feel sad for her because that lady is like a pitbull. she bites and don't give up. i wonder what khem did for the mom to hate her so much. they need to do a flashback scene to inform us.
  286. donna

    Thida Satan

    this lakorn is not like any other teen lakorn. its kinda good. but man name is a fricking, ugh! can't stand him! i hope pinky makes him suffer for all the shit he put her through!
  287. donna

    Kom Ruk Kom Sanae ha (ITV - Polyplus)

    man i hope this lakorn is gonna end next episode. gosh stupid scenes and events keep happening. but i still keep watching it for some reason. i guess something to watch when there's nothing good on
  288. donna

    My First Thought Upon Waking Up..Today..

    finally its here! this holiday took too much of my money!
  289. donna

    What are you thinking right now?

    argh! stupid eye quit twitching!
  290. donna

    Life Lessons...

    that i should have a lil more courage. sad to say but i've had my fair share of "what if". should of just went with what my heart and mind said to do.
  291. donna

    Aum and Vee: Sweet Love…Save Sex

    ooh Vee is hott in this shoot! had to fan myself a lil
  292. donna

    Vee & Pok

    i loved him in this lakorn. he was so caveman like.
  293. donna

    Teens lakorns

    i really enjoyed watching Benja. it was one of my all time favs. i watch it now and then to this very day
  294. donna

    Prik Waan Namtarn Ped

    does anyone know when this lakorn is going to end? kong knows the truth about his bro now so hopefuly soon?
  295. donna

    Yhark Jah Ruk Diew Jud Hai

    they had a operation to get poo to reveal her feelings. that was funny. i was lmao. liked the ending. it was pretty good
  296. donna

    Nook and her baby!

    she was a RS Promotion singer ooh, i think like 10 years ago. could of been more, not too sure. she also was an actress too. she starred in many lakorns with Tao Somchai
  297. donna

    Kom Ruk Kom Sanae ha (ITV - Polyplus)

    man its getting too cute. p'ek went over to see n'ek one night and he threw up. she started laughing at him and smiling. he was like its not funny. when i saw your face i felt nauseous. haha he was eating all this pickled fruits and n'ek was like you acting like you pregnant or something!
  298. donna

    Is this really poo praiya ?

    those are pages are created by the fans. there are some thai actor/actress that have a myspace account tho. i know for sure that Louis, Anan Anwar, and ugh forgot her name. Louis ex dang it forgot her name. i think that it start with a "T".
  299. donna

    Best Teen Actress 2006

    i think that kwan is the best. i especially loved her in Khing Gor Rah
  300. donna


    Merry Christmas to everyone and have a very happy New Year! May all your dreams and wishes come true on this very joyous holiday! May God bless you and yours. Much love to everyone
  301. donna

    Bon Assanai/nadia

    yeah i heard the same thing. he keeps saying that ifhe were to find a girl he would look for someone who is like Nadia. i guess she don't want to be like some people who "eat young grass". haha
  302. donna

    Pu Praiya & Dome Pakorn Lum

    screams: dome is so fricking hot! jealous of poo and ploy...
  303. donna

    Poo Priya: Freshy Freshy

    nice shoot! she got a nice bod too, sigh wish mine could look like that
  304. donna

    Yhark Jah Ruk Diew Jud Hai

    thx for the pix. it looks like they had a lil nice wedding. can't wait to see it!
  305. donna

    Yhark Jah Ruk Diew Jud Hai

    man today's epi was too cute! she finally starting to soften towards him. it was so cute! but then that pita girl came and f'ed up everything! ugh she makes me mad. her dad threatened bon and now he has to marry that conniving b'. the one thing about poo that hasn't improved is her crying. man...
  306. donna

    Lao-US citizens slain in execution-style killing

    i didn't hear about this. that's sad, lao on lao crime. when will it ever end...
  307. donna

    lao last names

    oh no! i'm not saying that ur not lao, just that most lao last names end with the ones that i listed! haha
  308. donna

    Sufun Nirondon(Who & Who)

    yay another lakorn with one of my favorite couples. i can't wait to watch this then
  309. donna

    Wai Aollaweng

    i saw the teaser for this lakorn. it looks like its gonna be good. kade is a lil bad boy and he changed his hair style. it looks nice on him. makes him look even younger
  310. donna

    What song are you listening to right now?

    listening to mai ard ruk kun. its from a movie don't know the artist name. its pretty nice...
  311. donna

    Cherry Khemupsorn & Pong:In Vogue In Dubai

    damn he is hott! i like his lil wanna be smirk or smile. he didn't really appeal to me before but now, oh my god! cherry looks nice too.
  312. donna

    lao last names

    see! common factor... vong
  313. donna

    do you know how

    i don't even know how to make tum muk hoong. actually tum anything. usually my aunt, sister, or mom makes it for me or i go to the laos store and buy it from them. my taste runs pretty hot so sometimes it be like 10 and up. i agree with the rice thing. i sometimes can't even make that right...
  314. donna

    lao last names

    i noticed that most lao last names end with: vong many souk sack mines is khanthavong what is yours?
  315. donna

    temple parties

    i was wondering... in your state or country, is there a party thrown for new year? cuz where i live, they throw one for new years both american and laos and they also have a valentine's party too! if they do throw one, do you go to them? for me i used to go to them with my friends. that was...
  316. donna

    <span style="color:red"><b>Raeng Rit Pit Sawad</b></span>

    yeah it was pretty good. they are the descendants of the drama from years ago. how cool that their love keeps going through time.
  317. donna

    How Are You Feeling? (2nd Version)

    i'm feeling tired. its this fricking weather we're having here. its raining when it should be snowing. we ain't gonna have a white christmas
  318. donna

    What are you thinking right now?

    man i got to get up earlier tomoro. i have to be the one to open up the buildind at work. there's usually someone here to do it but he went on vacation. crap! and i hate getting up earlier than i have to... sigh
  319. donna

    Teh Uten's Wedding

    yeah i heard the same thing. he was dogging lao folk. anyways congrats to him regardless
  320. donna

    Have you ever...

    oh no! i'm like you, scared of heights too. have you ever took someone's car for a joy ride?
  321. donna

    **New Year Resolution 2007**

    forget that someone... lose some weight gonna join a gym i hope! make some money to pay off all these bills! have a social life. i need one so bad
  322. donna

    Bua Prim Nam(Makers Group)

    thx for the sc of this lakorn. can't wait to watch it. i love revenge dramas. it spices up things a lot! haha
  323. donna

    Yhark Jah Ruk Diew Jud Hai

    she finally finds out that achee and chokedee are the same person. she was mad at him! and he finally realizes that he loves her. that's good. a reformed playboy
  324. donna

    My First Thought Upon Waking Up..Today..

    man i feel crappy. no fun when you're on it... yall kno what i mean! sorry, kinda gross but still that's what i was thinking when i woke up this morning...
  325. donna

    What are you thinking right now?

    i spent too much money! dang it! and like 10% of it was spent on stuff for me. sigh... hurry up and go x-mas!
  326. donna

    Exact Upcoming Lakorns of "07"

    man what's up with titles having sanaeha and hang ruk! did they run out of ways to name lakorns? haha that was kinda funny to me. but i'm glad that OoPaTiHeaHaengRuk (Mos & Pim Zaza) is gonna air. i am waiting to see that one! thx for posting the names and keeping us informed!
  327. donna

    Kom Ruk Kom Sanae ha (ITV - Polyplus)

    man next epi is gonna be sad. she asked him to let her go if he doesn't love her. in a way that was kinda sweet and sad cuz they gonna split. i like that she was like i don't need a father for my child. i will be both mother and father to it. you go girl!
  328. donna

    Yhark Jah Ruk Diew Jud Hai

    this lakorn is getting a lot better. it just needs to speed up a little. poo is starting to wonder about the 2 guys. her mom thinks that they might be the same person. finally, haha. i want to see more sweet scenes between p'ek n n'ek. at first it was all about the 2nd couple
  329. donna

    Yhark Jah Ruk Diew Jud Hai

    i just watched today's epi and its getting better. bon knows now that poo is kea nah mah and silamanee. it was pretty funny how her teeth fell out in front of him! it looks like the 2nd couple is getting along better now. how cute!
  330. donna

    Prik Waan Namtarn Ped

    i just watched the latest epi and it was hilarious! she was kidnapped by kong for 2 weeks and she's preganant already and the doctors know about it too. how can that be? man the magic of movies is too unbelievable, lmao
  331. donna

    do you know how

    oh there isn't something that i want to know how to cook. i just want to know if there are lao folks out there like me who don't know how to cook and apparently there are quite a few! haha
  332. donna

    This or That

    eww neither! but having to choose... i say hairy chest christmas or thanksgiving
  333. donna


    love santa and his christmas cheer! also love the gifts he brings ^_^
  334. donna

    Kom Ruk Kom Sanae ha (ITV - Polyplus)

    they need to rush the ending and just stop. no point of dragging it on anymore. just stop!
  335. donna

    Words or Phrases you Overuse

    oh really! stupid a@# shut the @#@$ up! i don't care. who the hell you think you are! just a few
  336. donna

    Ideal Lover, Descrbe that person!

    my ideal lover.... hmmm. love me for me, gotta be taller than me, don't matter if he look nice it's all about how he carries himself. oh big must he has to have a job. i don't want no broke man and he gotta live on his own. also don't want no mama's boy! i'm not too picky i don't think.
  337. donna


    they just say that to make you feel better. i don't think that it really means anything. my left/right eye twitches all the time and nothing has cahnged in my life or anything! just a superstition
  338. donna

    My First Thought Upon Waking Up..Today..

    gotta get ready for work again. man i wish i was on vacation!
  339. donna

    What are you thinking right now?

    my stomach hurts and i feel gassy. lol also what am i going to give for x-mas gifts? man that's hard
  340. donna

    do you know how

    everyone can eat it well. i love certain lao food. but i never mastered the art of cooking it! haha
  341. donna

    <span style="color:red"><b>How Do Men See You</b></span>

    ***Men See You As Choosy*** Men notice you light years before you notice them You take a selective approach to dating, and you can afford to be picky You aren't looking for a quick flirt - but a memorable encounter It may take men a while to ask you out, but it's worth the wait
  342. donna

    [QUIZ] Your Ideal Gentleman

    Name: Donna Age: 25 Fav Color: purple Your Gentleman will be Romantic ... A Great Dancer ... Owns a Motorcycle Have A Smoking Body Annual Salary $344,874.42 Will Spend the Rest of Your Lives Together (8) - It is certain. - (8) whoo hoo! yesss!
  343. donna

    How much money did you spend today?

    man nothing. i'm broke until this friday. yay PAYDAY! haha
  344. donna

    What song are you listening to right now?

    listening to Beyonce - Irreplaceable, watching Pen Tor, on SarNworld, and burning a cd all at once
  345. donna

    Yhark Jah Ruk Diew Jud Hai

    i don't know. the story line is kinda dragging now. it was good at first now its so-so. i still like tho and can't wait to see more epis! hopefully it gets better...
  346. donna

    Getting To Know Mark

    love the dimples. hottie!
  347. donna

    do you know how

    haha that's sad... it seems like no one knows how to cook our own nationality food. my excuse is that when i used to live with my mom, i was always at work so i didn't have time to watch how she cooks. so wat's urs?
  348. donna

    do you know how

    just wondering who in here knows how to cook any kind of Lao food? i know how to make stir fry, gang(chicken only!), marinate meat for frying or baking i don't really cook Lao food. i live by myself so i mostly eat American foods. easier to make... haha what about you?
  349. donna

    Oil's Birthday

    he's thirty? wow i didn't know that! happy birthday!
  350. donna

    P'Aof R.i.P

    how sad R.I.P. you will be missed dearly
  351. donna

    Lao tradition for funerals

    i've never been to a lao funeral before. it might also be because i go to church so the funerals that i've gone to are held at the funeral home and then the cemetery. when my friend's father died, i saw her mom put some food and water onto a serving platter and carry it out to a tree. she...
  352. donna

    Talay Rissaya (Scenario)

    pong don't show no kind of remorse for getting bee fired. when he's by himself he does but when he sees her he's all mean to her. haha its funny how puri is getting sweet scenes before bee and pong are!
  353. donna

    Yhark Jah Ruk Diew Jud Hai

    man dat girl is something else! daycha asked her to be his gf and she was like hell no! so mean. he really likes her too. she still believe in the fortune teller mumbo jumbo thinking that bon is her soul mate. urgh stupid. feel so bad for daycha. he a lil hottie too. like the grunge look! its...
  354. donna

    Boy Blinya

    he is so fricking hott! i loved all the borans that he starred in especially sanou noi ruen ngam
  355. donna

    peppers new lakorn!

    thats good to hear! i want to see him star in more lakorns. if it isn't ann then fang will do!
  356. donna

    Your 411

    i'm a female of course name gives it away! i say female and not girl cuz i'm a grown! haha
  357. donna

    Bua Kaew Jukgrote

    isn't bua keo bua tong about the fish? correct me if i'm wrong! if it isn't wat is the name of the one about the fish
  358. donna

    Bua Kaew Jukgrote

    hey isn't this a remake of an old boran? i was telling my mom about it and she said that storyline sounds kinda familiar.
  359. donna

    My First Thought Upon Waking Up..Today..

    man i don't feel like going to work but i'm glad that its friday! yesss!
  360. donna

    How Are You Feeling? (2nd Version)

    i'm bored. tired from work
  361. donna

    What song are you listening to right now?

    hmm was just listening to a soundtrack album. got tired of it so closed out media player
  362. donna

    Alexandra came to ching roi ching loi show

    i'm surprised that the thais understood her. there are some thai ppl here where i live who don't understand me when i talk to them in lao. they look like i'm crazy and say what did u say? haha i then have to talk in english to them or in broken thai.
  363. donna

    Vic's new series...Silence

    sorry for the late reply! it ends at 20.
  364. donna

    Winter White

    yeah i got caught in that snow storm. wasn't supposed to be at work but went anyways. my boss didn't tell me that there was no work. i'm glad that it snowed now instead of waiting until january like it always does.
  365. donna

    Does anyone in here smoke?

    tried it and didn't like it. was nasty!
  366. donna

    Talay Rissaya (Scenario)

    man pong mom is such a bee! her and the auntie are money hungry ppl. and pong wat the heck is wrong with him? eventho these ppl make me mad i'm still watching it regardless. haha
  367. donna

    Cherrys new haircut

    she looked better with long hair.
  368. donna

    Yhark Jah Ruk Diew Jud Hai

    man its getting good. p'ek and his friend are trying to catch the girls lying. they trying to figure out how keo nah mah figures into all of this. its so funny that they can't tell that it her. her ex even noticed that she looks like the original her. haha
  369. donna

    Why is it so hard to let go?

    its hard to let go cuz your heart got placed way too deep in the relationship. eventually the feelings will fade but it will never go away. and this i know cuz i still have those feelings eventhough i know nothing can happen. just mark it up as a lesson to learn from and something to draw...
  370. donna

    Talay Rissaya (Scenario)

    man p'ek mom is fricking evil! she a gold digger just wanting bee dad sombath! and pong what the hell is his problem! he is so fricking mean to bee. i know that she mistaken him as one of the ppl who work there but damn, give her a break. she is new! i wonder when the truth will unfold. it's...
  371. donna

    Yhark Jah Ruk Diew Jud Hai

    man this lakorn is so cute! i love it. i like the fighting that they do and i like the second couple. he has feelings for her but he doesn't admit to them. i wonder what other "people" they are going to transform into. haha can't wait to see more!
  372. donna

    Edison Chen Featured in People Magazine's "Sexiest Man Alive" List!

    man he is so hott! my sis showed me the magazine when we went shopping! screams! so happy for him. he deserves it. good job!
  373. donna

    Tey Jai Ruk

    man the ending was so fricking sweet and cute! haha i was blushing left and right! i loved it! oh yeah! tah and meji kissed lip to lip! also i think that por and som kissed for real too, well it looked like it!
  374. donna

    babee babee

    Feb Abstract thoughts. Loves reality and abstract. Intelligent and clever. Changing personality. Attractive. Sexiest out of everyone. Temperamental. Quiet, shy and humble. Honest And loyal. Determined to reach goals. Loves freedom. Rebellious when restricted. Loves aggressiveness. Too...
  375. donna

    Moving to Laos

    i'm pretty sure that they have those there. but if you're in the country they might not have it(i think!) the city might have it. u would probably have to travel some distance to get those things. that's cool that you're going back. i was born here in the states. i am a city girl so i don't...
  376. donna


    yeah i agree. the pete version wasn't too good. i don't remember who was in the old one but it was a lot better than this version
  377. donna

    Likit Hua jai(Lenitas)

    man the n'rai is a bee! she married to his dad and she still going after p'ek. and his dad is so stupid! can't he see that she a gold digger?
  378. donna

    Talay Rissaya (Scenario)

    i haven't watched this one yet. i hope its good tho
  379. donna

    Yhark Jah Ruk Diew Jud Hai

    i like the feel of this lakorn! the way they go at each other is hilarious. its getting very interesting and i can't wait to watch more! plus bon is cute. i liked him better in the one he was paired with nadia. he was hott in that one!
  380. donna

    Sao Lao Bao Thai

    cool! i heard about this. don't know when its gonna air tho
  381. donna

    Tey Jai Ruk

    he bought her some under things. she chased him around the room trying to grab it from him. he was all like you look like an "A" and she was like who told you! i'm a "C" and he said that's what i thought so i bought it. oh, also when she said to him you have gotten bad luck since you met me but...
  382. donna

    Which lakorn is your favor out of these 3?

    i like khing gor ra kah gor lang. i love the love/hate thing that n'ek n p'ek have. its cute!
  383. donna

    Talay Rissaya (Scenario)

    it airs today? can't wait to watch it...
  384. donna

    Likit Hua jai(Lenitas)

    man kay n her mom are bees! so manipulative. i'm glad that noon isn't one of those soft n'ek. she actually talks back and voices her opinions. can't wait to see more.
  385. donna

    Likit Hua jai(Lenitas)

    i'm starting to like this lakorn. p'ek is so fricking hilarious. he gets drunk then causes all this drama. i cna't wait to see more!
  386. donna

    Tey Jai Ruk

    man i agree with you. no wonder pat don't like her dad family. they all "hi so" that they put down all the common folk. her granny needs to be taught a lesson! argh! i like this epi. there starting to have more sweet scenes of pat and go. i like the bathroom scene. that was hilarious!
  387. donna

    Tey Jai Ruk

    it seems as if her granny don't like her. did you guys see her expression when pat came in the room where por is practicing for the charity play? she had like a disgusted look on her face. man! when she was crying i started to cry too. that's so sad. she was all like i give up. grandma took...
  388. donna

    Fav lakorns of this year (2006)

    Kaew Ta Pee - Tik n Cherry Duay Rang Hang Ruk - Mos Noon Oum Ruk - Ann n Ken Tang Fah Tawan Diew - Tik n Janie Tey Jai Ruk Nuk Wang Phan - variety of stars Power 3 Hima Tai Prajun - Film n Janie there are some more but can't think of them right now
  389. donna

    Compare&Contrast Thai and Laotian Food

    to me is the flavor. lao food has a "kick" in their foods. u can say that we have more flavor in our foods. i went to a thai restaurant and ordered volcano chicken. it didn't taste too good. when i went to a laos owned "thai" restaurant, the v c tasted a lot better. its kinda like puerto rican...
  390. donna

    sarNie Roll Call

    i try to get on as much as possible. but yeah, i'm "here" too!
  391. donna

    typical asian height

    haha that's ok. i;m taller than all my sisters especially my older sisters. everyone says that i'm older than them too. but then again i look very mature. i'm the one that likes to put makeup on. as for my youngest sister, she is taller than the sister after me. everyone says the same thing too...
  392. donna

    Smile Pasta

    here's the pix of the series man i love this series! the main guy isn't too hot but his brother is! ooh wee! haha... there are 15 epis so far but only 11 are subtitled. i can't wait to watch more. its so cute! i love the songs from this series. i can't understand a word but it has a very...
  393. donna

    Off Aphichati Die......

    oh my God!! dang... that's so sad. i like the movies that he stars in too! sending my prayers and thoughts to his fam. he looks young too, how sad...
  394. donna

    Kon Rak Game Payabaht(559 OnAir)

    i just finished watching the ending. it was okay. the n'rai went psychotic and tried to kill kob. it was kinda funny to me. i can't explain why
  395. donna

    Pin Mook (Daravdo)

    man karma couldn't of come any quicker! the lakorn is going to end soon(from what i've read, correct me if i'm wrong) and the n'rais are now just getting their just desserts? man this lakorn dragged for me. it was good at first then kinda dragged. i'll prolly wait until it ends to watch the rest.
  396. donna

    Tey Jai Ruk

    mann is obsessive with ann! he is on the verge of going psychotic. i don't blame her for treating him like that. he kinda deserved it. maybe this will get him to change some, to be a lot calmer.
  397. donna

    Thai people's strange eating habit.

    haha i guess that they do. but if my burger is too big i use the knife to cut it in half.
  398. donna

    Kaew Tah Pee

    man they could of made this epi a little longer. tik shoud of suffered more than that! she gave in so easily. i want to see more scenes where he has to beg for forgiveness. sigh, but it was a pretty good lakorn. the ending was so fricking sweet!
  399. donna

    Kaew Tah Pee

    man this epi was so good! he finally admits that he was gullible. finally smart person(being sarcastic!) that's good that cherry keeps runing away from him. you go girl! she tells you the truth and you don't believe her. ooh i can't wait to see tomorrow's epi!
  400. donna

    Kaew Tah Pee

    aww man! its gonna have a rushed ending. that so sucks! we should petition it to extend a few more epis. that would be a lot better than this! i can't wait to dl this epi. 2 more hrs till i get off work...
  401. donna

    Talk-a-tive : Academy Fantasia 3

    dey got some cute looking guys in this group. thx for sharing
  402. donna

    Thai people's strange eating habit.

    umm we do that in my family! i don't think that we're ban nok. we are family so it don't matter. we have a soup bowl and we all eat out of it. just as long as you don't hover over the bowl as you are sipping your soup. now that's gross! when i eat with chopsticks i pick up food with it for ppl...
  403. donna


    that's a revealing shoot! hopefully she don't get no bad press cuz of it
  404. donna

    Kon Rak Game Payabaht(559 OnAir)

    this epi was sweet! the way he was acting towards her, aww how sweet. she finally says that she gonna stop her "game".
  405. donna

    Pin Mook (Daravdo)

    haha, i agree. she was so bent on getting her revenge but in the end forgave them so easily. i didn't see any revenge on her end. if i was her, i'd be beating some butts right about now. they wouldn't be beating me!
  406. donna


    wat was this for? (the black planet party) is it a benefit or something? they look nice. thx for sharing
  407. donna

    Tey Jai Ruk

    man i love meji and ta! their couple is the most interesting out of everyone's. when she asked him to be her pretend bf, he was acting like he didn't want to at first. but then when she said that there are other guys that can help her he gave in. he was acting jealous and he starting to show his...
  408. donna

    Kaew Tah Pee

    everyone is right in their own way. but he still gotta trust her too. i don't blame her for the stuff that she does. she tries to explain but he don't wanna listen. if she didn't care for him, she wouldn't take care and do stuff that stuff that she does for him. and then he flaunts his ex in...
  409. donna

    Tey Jai Ruk

    man pat dad is something else! i can see why she is so mad at him. he is hella old and trying to date someone who is younger than she is. i like that pat is so vengeful. it makes the lakorn more fun to watch. she is the best out of the girls but when it comes down to couples, i think tah and...
  410. donna

    Kaew Tah Pee

    he better get smarter! cherry should make him pay for all the times that he made her cry. sighs, he is fine and everything but he is the dumbest guy ever. he trusts the wrong ppl
  411. donna

    [MBC] Goong (Princess Hour)

    i just finished watching this series n i loved it! could've used the cousin as the main character. he is cute! kinda looks like beam from D2B in a way.
  412. donna

    Kaew Tah Pee

    groans: why oh why! why don't these ppl leave them alone? :arrg: gosh when everything is going good they gotta come mess everything up sigh. next epi is so f'ed up. he wants to divorce her cuz of the setup the n'rais did. well at least the young one will prolly get raped by her very own uncle...
  413. donna

    Kaew Tah Pee

    haha ur so funny. he makes me so mad in this lakorn. argh! now that he got his sight back, he is so fricking blind! :arrg:
  414. donna

    Kaew Tah Pee

    man today's epi had me all teary eyed. i felt bad for cherry. tik went hella overboard. ugh wat a dumbass! his character in this lakorn makes me wanna strangle him! how he gonna believe all them haters over cherry? man!
  415. donna

    Prik Waan Namtarn Ped

    she has like an airy way of talking. it sounds like she got a stuffy nose or something and sometimes she can't talk thai. well prononce some words right.
  416. donna

    Kom Ruk Kom Sanae ha (ITV - Polyplus)

    i know! there might be a rape scene. it looks like it. he threw her on the bed after she said something about him not being one of the guys who had her. man he is so frigging stupid! ugh, kinda reminds me of tik in kaew ta pee. so stupid the both of them. at least his mom is nice to n'ek. in the...
  417. donna

    Roy Adit Hang Ruk ('Xact)

    i don't know if she gonna get raped or not. from what it looks like, he tries to take off her dress. that's what he said too, take off that dress. then she says what? i like the under the bed scene. he grabs her hand then he yik kew to her! that was so cute. and the coffee part. she gave him all...
  418. donna

    Pee Chai Tee San Dee(Ch3:Drama)

    i saw the ending and it was pretty sad. he ended up blind eventho he went in fo that surgery. i didn't see all the parts but it was pretty good. i like the song that dan sang for the competition.
  419. donna

    Prik Waan Namtarn Ped

    this lakorn is interesting. he isn't really getting revenge more like he enjoys gettin on her nerves. and it looks like they both have feelings for each other. its more comedy than revenge. i still like it tho
  420. donna

    Roy Adit Hang Ruk ('Xact)

    man he is very agressive. she is "falling" out. u kno wat i mean! *wink
  421. donna

    zan & peemai got married

    dang wat a happy couple? haha they don't even look like they are in love. no show of affection watsoever
  422. donna

    Roy Adit Hang Ruk ('Xact)

    i know! did u hear that smack after he kissed her! he kissed her on the mouth or cheek. all i know is that it has to be real cuz of the noise. when i kiss my nephew on his cheek i hear that muah*smack* noise!
  423. donna

    Lao Superstition

    don't hit someone on the head cuz it'll cuz them to pee on the bead oh my friend told me this one. don't say that the baby is cute. u have to say like "sung na mun" like say opposite what u mean cuz it'll affect the baby in some way. this one is kinda weird for me. don't really understand it
  424. donna

    Kaew Tah Pee

    thx youa for the epi. there wasn't much sweet scenes, wat a bummer. i still love this lakorn regardless. i love tik facial expressions whenever he realizes that he forgot to act that he's still blind. haha so funny!
  425. donna


    yeah that's what every guy calls a trashy girl "rake" haha that's funny!
  426. donna

    thai actors with hottest bod

    TIK! Puri Note Peter
  427. donna


    man wat a garden tool(if he was a female!) he forever getting engaged then breaking it off. i like him and everything but this is getting out of hand!
  428. donna

    [Serie] Devil Besides Me

    man i watched this series and i loved it! mike is so fricking fine! the story line is kinda like a thai lakorn that i watched.
  429. donna

    Kaew Tah Pee

    i can't believe that its about to end too! i don't want it to end yet. this is like one of most romantic lakorns i've seen. i love the chemistry between the two and the way tik's eyes get. man he makes my heart melt with those sexy smiles and eyes! ooh!
  430. donna

    Pleng Ruk Rim Fung Khong (Ch.7)

    wow a laos person in a lakorn! this i got to see!
  431. donna

    Bua Chompoo "Bright Side"

    i love her hair! thx for the pix
  432. donna

    Kaew Tah Pee

    man i just finished watching epi 6 and i so fricking love this lakorn! tik is damn fione, ooh, makes me shiver! he had cherry blushing in so many parts of this epi. haha i loved the wipe down scene. i wish i was her. i'll rub everything! lol! the part where he was trying to put her necklace on...
  433. donna

    Pin Mook (Daravdo)

    its so funny how cee is kinda flirting with aump over the air. is this how their love blossoms? like sexphone in a way? i like him in this serious role. he looks so hott with them glasses!
  434. donna

    Roy Adit Hang Ruk ('Xact)

    i didn't like p'ek or n'ek either at first but they just have to grow on you? they're ok now to me. this is their first time acting so they aren't as natural as the pros. say this lakorn is aite as of now. have to see a little more to judge
  435. donna

    Kon Rak Game Payabaht(559 OnAir)

    haha it didn't even seem like a r scene. i was like did they sleep with each other? it confused me. all i saw was him saying that he loved her, his head lowered, and it was morning. wth was that? it was more of like a willing scene then anything. she didn't struggle with him too much
  436. donna

    Vic's new series...Silence

    man, i just watched the ending it is soo sad. sniffles... why he gotta die? thats not fair. he's too fine to die! haha but yeah it has a sad ending, made me cry
  437. donna

    Be Inthavong - famous handbag designer

    yes! a rich laos person! haha, its just so rare to hear about lao ppl. we don't really make the news that much
  438. donna


    i celebrate it. i also celebrate just about almost all the important holidays. we go all out for easter, halloween, independence day, thanksgiving and x-mas
  439. donna

    For Fun

    gang het mushroom soup
  440. donna

    would you do this?

    how do you feel about arranged marriages? for me, two words, hell no! that is so outdated. i wouldn't want to be forced into a relationship. there has to be feelings involved to make the relationship last! the reason i brought up this subject is cuz i know of a few ppl who had to marry someone...
  441. donna

    Prik Waan Namtarn Ped

    i saw the teaser for this lakorn. it looks pretty good. angie has like a bratty attitude and kong has his flirty ways as usual. can't wait till it airs
  442. donna

    Kaew Tah Pee

    man i so love this lakorn. tik is so FRICKING HOTT! i loved the bathroom scene too. i wish i was in cherry place. i would love to take off... umm... his watch! haha ^_^ i agree. he is so flirtatious as a blind man.
  443. donna

    Kon Rak Game Payabaht(559 OnAir)

    man so much is happening and its just the first epi! now this is the kind of lakorn that i like. loving it so far!
  444. donna

    Tik Jessadaporn and Cherry Khemsorn:Comfy days

    ooh my man looks hot! haha thx for sharing. they are very nice pix
  445. donna

    Kaew Tah Pee

    yay this lakorn is out! tik is so fricking HOTT! i love him!!! so far it seems like a pretty good lakorn. can't wait to see more
  446. donna

    [Ch7] Fah Jarod Sai (DIDA)

    huh interesting pairs. gonna have to watch this lakorn to see if there are any on screen chemistry
  447. donna

    The Protector

    haha i guess that they can't translate everything from the original version. i wonder if tony is gonna speak english in here?
  448. donna

    Loke 2 Bai Khong Nai Diew

    liking her new do! wonder what this lakorn is gonna be about
  449. donna

    Kuey Yai Sapai Lek(Broadcast Thai)

    man the ending wasn't that good. it seems like just about almost all the lakorns i've seen recently have sucky endings! grr
  450. donna

    Ying Klet Tur Ying Rak Tur

    aww this lakorn is getting good! she is starting to have feelings for him. and i loved the scene at the hospital. that was so cute! but her sis, man. something else. she starting to turn into a n'rai.
  451. donna

    What's Your Favourite Bubble Tea ?

    i love thai tea bubble tea. i have this one store taht does bubble teas here where i live. they use the powder to make it and it doesn't taste too good. i've had a fresh strawberry bt and it was pretty good. i would prefer fresh fruit bt than the powder ones. but the one that i prefer the most...
  452. donna

    ur fears

    i hate: spiders creepy crawly things heights thunder n lightning bunches of small lil things ex: egg sack from lobsters, crawfish, bunches of ants, etc... ghosts
  453. donna

    Kuey Yai Sapai Lek(Broadcast Thai)

    i know! just end dang it! i still think that aon n noon couple is so cute. it was so aww, when he told her that he will love her until the day that he dies. how romantic!
  454. donna


    oh, no wonder. thx for telling us!
  455. donna


    i still can't get in to sendspace. is anybody having the same prob as me?
  456. donna

    Khuy Yai Sai Diew:(Ch3:Broadcast Thai)

    yay another lakorn with him in it and he is the main p'ek too! that's good. he used to be okay now he's starting to catch my eye.
  457. donna

    Khun Chai Rai Rem Guean

    ooh i wanna watch this! something about film that makes me... j/k gotta stay faithful to my boo. but neways, it looks like an interesting lakorn.
  458. donna

    Vic's new series...Silence

    i am. i love this series! vic is so HOTT! i recommend you to watch it cuz u won't be disappointed
  459. donna

    check this out

    screams my heart out!!! :shock: tik looks so damn hott! i think i might faint. :wub: everyone else looks good too. i agree i want this magazine. it will be worth the money! ooh, everyone looks good oh btw, who is the guy in the red shirt? i've never seen him b4.
  460. donna

    Real Kisses in a lakorns

    chakrit/angie hastings - bow see chompoo
  461. donna

    Your 411

    yep i'm a valentine's baby. sometimes suck cuz u would think that u'd get 2 gifts cuz it's my birthday n a holiday but i still get only 1 gift.
  462. donna

    typical asian height

    wat u trying to imply? u couldn't handle this! i'm too woman for you! haha ur funny... :lmao:
  463. donna

    Your 411

    Name: Donna K birthday: February 14, 1981 birthplace: Atlanta, GA current location: WI age: 25 eye color: Brown hair color: at this moment, reddish brown height: 5'9" weight: umm... right handed or left handed: right handed favorite colors: pastel colors, black favorite foods: so many, can't...
  464. donna

    typical asian height

    okay... u're 5'10", and? haha u keep mentioning that :rolleyes:
  465. donna

    Jao Sao Ban Rai

    danai is the guy who likes namfon too. he's the one that the auntie used to try to break up namfon and por. he know that namfon loves por so he tries to protect namfon from the bad ppls, ie: her brother.
  466. donna

    Kuey Yai Sapai Lek(Broadcast Thai)

    man aon is so stupid! he was like you wouldn't know how it feels cuz u've never been in love. noon was like who sed that i don't know how it feels? i was like stupid, look deeper into her words! ugh, made me so mad. and at the part where they were on the cliff and she tried to get away from him...
  467. donna

    typical asian height

    since this kinda clicks with what i asked, what is your ideal height for your mate? for me, since i am 5'9" i would prefer someone as tall as me or taller. just put it like this, if i have heels on and you are still shorter than me, move around. rejected!
  468. donna

    Hima Tai Pra Jun

    teary, he dies in the end... how sad! he was just laying on her lap he he dies...
  469. donna

    Jao Sao Ban Rai

    i hope that there won't be a rape scene. there is already too much drama in this lakorn. she is always slapping him but he deserves it cuz his mouth is so wicked at times. the auntie is starting to soften towards her. i guess cuz she heard her say that she loves por and plus she gave blood to...
  470. donna

    Kuey Yai Sapai Lek(Broadcast Thai)

    i thought that Tao and Ae were the main couple. you would think that since they are older that they would be the main characters. but either way, i like Aon couple better. he is cute in this lakorn. i love the way that he acts. its hilarious! but it's too bad that he likes Ae. noon cares so much...
  471. donna

    typical asian height

    wat? am i the only tall girl in this forum? dang, it's like skool all over again! lol
  472. donna

    typical asian height

    juss wanted to know... do you fall in the typical asian height? you know short as hell! hahaha as for me, i'm about 5'9", pretty tall compared to my other asian friends. but not as tall as white/black ppl. so, how tall are you?
  473. donna

    Laos Ranked 172 down to 182

    i didn't know that we have a professional soccer team! dang that goes to show youhow much i pay attention to my own culture...
  474. donna

    Jao Sao Ban Rai

    do you think that he loves her? he jumped at the chance to marry her. its sweet that he watches out for but yet he yells at her the same time
  475. donna

    [Ch3] Oum Ruk (LakornThai)

    so when is she gonna sing that song to him? in the last episode?
  476. donna


    mine is: hope to see u guys there!
  477. donna

    Jao Sao Ban Rai

    HAHA! they tried to make Por look thuggish! thats funny! but i agree, i can't wait to see the next episode. her bro is so selfish. how he gonna leave her on her own like that!
  478. donna

    A Touch of Friendship Foundation

    see that's wat stars should do. give back to the community. he's doing a great job.
  479. donna

    news on yard with some guy

    isn't that the guy that she and angie hasting was fighting over?
  480. donna

    news on janie

    see looks grown in that pic. yea, can someone translate?
  481. donna

    who's kissing?

    i'm currently watching this lakorn. i don't remember seeing this part in the episodes i've watched. he tried to kiss her but not contact like this. i can't wait to see more episodes!
  482. donna

    great news!

    oooh! i want to see that mv when it comes out! they are a hot couple(in lakorn) right now!
  483. donna

    Num How Sow Sai Hua Jai Ping

    ugh, can't stand phetae. how she gonna push up her wedding date just cuz that guy isn't the good guy she thought he was. how evil! kelly needs to admit to everyone that he loves Pim and drop that 2 timing Phetae!
  484. donna

    anything new about Laos?

    Hi just wanted to know if anyone had any news about Laos. Are there any new buildings, special events, etc.
  485. donna

    [Ch3] Oum Ruk (LakornThai)

    is she really gonna sing to him? that's gonna be so cute! i can't wait to see that part
  486. donna

    Initial D

    i love this movie! i never watched or heard about this until my sister told me about it. she said that edison was in it and i just had to get it! ^_^
  487. donna

    [upcoming TW-nese Drama series] Shen QIng Mi mA (Silence)

    oh my god! vic is so fione in here! i love this lakorn so far. can't wait to see more episodes!
  488. donna

    Yardtip and Sam

    she actually looks nice when she gets dressed up. in some of her lakorns they don't do her makeup right so she looks funky. and the guy, he is cute! has he played in a lakorn before?
  489. donna

    news on angie, yard and some guy

    ewww! they need to be fighting oer someone who looks good, not him! he uh, he's not so hott. angie should of never got back with him. she is too pretty for him. money isn't everything ladies!
  490. donna


    haha! i'm more famous than all of you! i got named after a Thai newspaper you know, Thairath! i asked my mom why she named me that and she said that i was conceived in Thailand and she had me in the US. i was like, okay?
  491. donna

    Num How Sow Sai Hua Jai Ping

    this lakorn is getting so interesting! i loved the part that he hugged her and said " i can't run Pink without you. please stay and help me run Pink. please don't leave me." that was so sweet! he is falling so hard for her and vice versa. he needs to drop his girl and tell Bee how he feels about...
  492. donna

    Jao Sao Ban Rai

    i watched epi 1 of this lakorn. seems interesting so far.
  493. donna

    Ruen Naree See Chompoo(Ch3:Drama)

    wat? its gonna end already? nooo... there are too many unsolved things. they need to extend this lakorn a little bit more. its getting good!
  494. donna

    is dunk gay?

    i read somewhere that he might be gay. but then again he might be one of them feminine guys...
  495. donna

    Pic Willy & Yelly"s wedding

    thx for sharing the pix... wat a beautiful wedding
  496. donna

    Hima Tai Pra Jun

    that's sad that he is gonna die. i like this lakorn so far. i agree some of the beats and scenes are kinda like some of the korean dramas that i've watched before. it seems like this is gonna be like sad love story or something. cuz in that movie, the p'ek dies in the end too.
  497. donna

    Ruen Naree See Chompoo(Ch3:Drama)

    wat that lady is Pat mom? eww, what the heck? how are they gonna end up with each other then? isn't he like her stepdad or something then?
  498. donna

    <span style="color:blue"><b>Duang Jai Patiharn(Red Drama)</b></span>

    man they shoulda got with each other. they look together. brook? ha kob you can do better honey. ne wayz, can't wait to see this lakorn. they are great actors/actresses.
  499. donna

    Kon Rak Game Payabaht(559 OnAir)

    wow. i thought this was out already! i can't wait to watch it now.
  500. donna

    which movies have ya recently watch/saw?

    i saw fast and the furious tokyo drift. it was a pretty good movie. kinda reminded me of initial d. there was one guy in there that looked like Kong from Jao Sao Katanhan. i say that he was the most decent looking asian guy in there. i recommend this movie. it was great!
  501. donna

    <span style="color:red"><b>Sai Leurd Haeng Rak</b></span>

    yeah how can metas be the bad guy's son? and how did alin dad take care of metas? this lakorn has too many mysteries that i bet will be solved on the last episode, just like other lakorns. its still a pretty good lakorn tho.
  502. donna

    Oobatthihed Hang Ruk

    i think that this might be a remake. except that the one that i saw was n'ek ran over p'ek fiancee. i hope that its not the same lakorn. it was ok...
  503. donna

    <span style="color:red"><b>Sai Leurd Haeng Rak</b></span>

    oh my god! i had thought that she got raped too. thax for clearing that up. her granmpa is a bastard though. i hope he and the fiance get what they deserve! :angry:
  504. donna


    man! how come he never is p'ek. he is so cute! they should give him a p'ek role. i think that he can do it. can't wait to watch this! ;)
  505. donna

    Tawan Ching Plob

    i agree. her sis is such a garden tool! i can't stand her! he finally admits to kwan that he loves her. took him long enough! how stupid and slow can he be? loving this lakorn regardless ;)
  506. donna

    [Ch3] Oum Ruk (LakornThai)

    i love this lakorn! ken is such a dork in here. he says that Ann won't become a famous model but when she does become one, he's star struck. its so cute that he is trying to get her to love him now that she is his baby mama!
  507. donna

    Fah Sauy Len Sai [CH 7]

    the ending was...okay. they got married the same way their parents did, at the airport. the mom lost her baby, parents split up then got back together, decided to let the kids be with each other, set them up the same way the kids did to them.
  508. donna

    wat are u?

    wow... kinda figured that many kon Lao would be Buddhist. that's good. gotta believe in what you think is best right? :)
  509. donna

    wat are u?

    I was just wondering, what do Lao people believe in? God or da Buddha... As for me, I go to church. I go to the temple just for da parties. So, what are you? :D
  510. donna

    A quick question about lao people

    yeah i agree. thats wat my mom told me too. they claim that they are e-san. they don't think that they are lao but they are.
  511. donna

    Lao Superstition

    i thought it was if u whistle at night the ghost will twist"bit" your lips? i heard that if u cut ur hair at night, it will shorten ur parents lives, don't step over a guy's head"its Calum, but for what i don't know", don't eat at night by yourself while its raining cuz some kind of ghost will...
  512. donna

    <span style="color:blue"><b>Duang Jai Patiharn(Red Drama)</b></span>

    this lakorn is like an old movie that i saw. the p'ek never does any charity things but once he meets n'ek he falls for her and goes to donate some blood with her. he says that he gonna sign the bag of blood and that he wants her to have it. he also becomes a donor and donates his heart which he...
  513. donna

    Where were u born?

    i was born in the good ole dirty south... Atlanta, GA. but i moved to milwaukee when i was like 6. everything isn't what i remember how it used to look.
  514. donna

    YOur Lao Name??

    my name is Thairath Khanthavong but people call me Donna. i know, my name is one of the Thai newspapers...
  515. donna

    Can you write or read laos?

    i can't do neither. i was in class to learn how to read n write but they cancelled it so... i wish i could though
  516. donna

    <span style="color:red"><b> Duay Raeng Heng Ruk(ด้วยแรงแห่งรัก)</b></span>

    i agree, what am i gonna watch now? i love this lakorn. they make a cute couple! i like the way it ended, sweet...
  517. donna

    [Ch3] Tang Fah Tawan Diew

    hopefully this lakorn is not like his other ones i.e. nai san dee he is so cute in here! i like the way he acts, so cute!
  518. donna

    Fah Sauy Len Sai [CH 7]

    i saw the preview of this lakorn. it looks funny. gonna watch it when it comes over here(where i live)
  519. donna

    Jao Sao Katan Haan

    this lakorn is funny. kong is such a's funny to watch him go after her. i think that she's starting to fall for the new Kong, his cover.
  520. donna

    <span style="color:red"><b> Duay Raeng Heng Ruk(ด้วยแรงแห่งรัก)</b></span>

    thx for da summaries... can't wait to see how it ends! they make a cute couple ^_^
  521. donna

    Do you look laos?

    i'm Lao but many ppl think that i'm Hawaiian or Mexican. i have a deep tan look. one time someone mistaken me as Hmong! i was like "what? hell no!"(no offense)
  522. donna

    <span style="color:blue"><b>Lhong Ngao Jun (หลงเงาจันทร์)</b></span>

    i was disappointed by the way it ended, too abrupt. they shoulda extended it some. the younger sister shoulda got some of that bad karma happen to her and her mom. they were so damn mean in this lakorn. but it had a feeling that it might end sucky. oh well, it was a good lakorn while it ran. ^_^
  523. donna

    [Ch3] Tang Fah Tawan Diew

    oh my god! my sweetie is back! he looks so FIONE! hehehe, can't wait to see this lakorn. i will be looking for it...
  524. donna

    <span style="color:red"><b> Duay Raeng Heng Ruk(ด้วยแรงแห่งรัก)</b></span>

    aimee is ok in this lakorn... its juss that she can't control her facial expressions... she's ok. i love this lakorn! mos is so hot in here! can't wait to see more...
  525. donna

    Jai Diew

    he is so mean in here! is he that handicap man son? note is... he acts weird in dis lakorn... its funny tho ^_^ love it so far
  526. donna

    <span style="color:blue"><b>Lhong Ngao Jun (หลงเงาจันทร์)</b></span>

    i love dis lakorn... but if she forgives him easily, sigh, she is so stupid! come on now, he did all dem bad things to you! she should let him suffer... i have a feeling that i'm not gonna like da ending of dis lakorn <_< but i'm a big fan of it tho!
  527. donna

    Ruk Tid Lob (CH 7)

    i like this lakorn...Cee is so cute! i like the way he acts in here. he trying to control her so he can keep her for himself. she likes him too but for the fact that he's supposed to get married to some girl. it's getting good so far...can't wait till it ends! ^_^
  528. donna

    <span style="color:blue"><b>Lhong Ngao Jun (หลงเงาจันทร์)</b></span>

    i can't wait to see this looks interesting, especially when i saw the preview of it. i was like "I want to watch this!" ^_^
  529. donna

    Khun Nai Sai Lap

    i love this lakorn! she is so hilarious... it's good seeing her again, she's been MIA. plus he's so HOTT!
  530. donna

    Narng Barp

    i like this lakorn but it doesn't show much of the n'ek n p'ek. there aren't many love scenes between the two. it seems like it's more about benz and ae...
  531. donna

    TiK vs Oil

    they both look fine in their own ways but for me it has always been: TIK :wub: all the way!!! ^_^
  532. donna

    <span style="color:blue"><b>Lhong Ngao Jun (หลงเงาจันทร์)</b></span>

    oh god typical storyline...but i'm gonna still watch it. i like him, he so cute! can't wait to watch this ^_^
  533. donna

    Ruk LoK LoK

    no those are the parents of the guy who her dad wanted her to marry. pepper gf brought them to reveal jieb n pepper secret. her dad slapped her when he found out the truth n he punched pepper. i think that it might be ending soon...can't wait too! ^_^
  534. donna

    Song Sanaeha(CH 7)

    i like this lakorn so far. vee is so hot and aump is good in here too. i like the storyline of the lakorn. it keeps me entertained. i was wondering, who plays the singer in the lakorn? he is cute! and the dude who is pi helper, he's so adorable! they kinda look alike. are they brothers? anyways...
  535. donna

    Narng Barp

    this lakorn is scary but i'm liking it lakorn so far(i watch it alone at night by myself, so it gives me the creeps)...Benz is a pretty good actress. i think this is the only lakorn i've seen her in that she plays an evil person. i like the p'ek/n'ek. they're so cute!! it was funny as hell when...
  536. donna

    Sow Noi Aoi Kwan

    this lakorn is dragging. she gets into so much drama. i just want to see how it ends. kinda lost interest in it.
  537. donna

    Kadee Ded...Haed Haeng Ruk

    dang i'm so behind. i gotta wait till my movie store bring it in. i only watched up to part 1. it looks good so far. can't wait to see more ^_^
  538. donna

    [CH3] Jao Bao Kun Krua

    i like this lakorn! it's so funny how Vicki always trying to prove that p'ek is gay. i can tell that she falling for him. can't wait till it ends! ^_^
  539. donna


    Damn he fione!!!! He need to come to America! Watch out baby I'm coming for YOU!!! LOL!!!
  540. donna

    Kadee Ded...Haed Haeng Ruk

    can't wait to watch dis! He's cute!
  541. donna


    its ok so far... will have to wait to see the rest to determine if i want to continue
  542. donna

    Sueb Sao Rao Ruk

    i thought this lakorn was gonna be a comedy/action type but it's not. kinda a little bit of everything. i feel sorry for Nam cuz his dad lum ieng but his bro dies so maybe that'll change. it's ok so far...
  543. donna


    everyone would like to help our country grow and become modernized but first they gotta over throw the government. they need to have a by the ppl for the ppl thing going on. they need to run out them communists and start a government like what we have here in the my nationality to...
  544. donna

    favorite laos food?

    i love all Laos food...well except raw and under cooked stuff. i ain't gonna eat no squirrel, deer, frog and any other animals besides the basics(beef, pork, chicken) ^_^
  545. donna

    Boringest Thai Lakorns

    got tired of watching Hemraj, the one with Go n all them lil kids(about nyuk), Ruk Baan Chum can't think of anymore at this moment!
  546. donna

    Pleung Payu

    no Louis took her to the doctor. her baby is ok, that's also when Oul found out that Aump is pregnant. she didn't have her baby yet even till the end. yea i agree the ending sucked!!! i was like oh hell no, how it gonna end like this! but i still love the lakorn regardless of how it ended. they...
  547. donna

    Buang Ruk Pomridsaya

    dang i'm so far behind with this lakorn... been working too much so haven't had the time to watch it... thx for the updates
  548. donna

    Kulurb See Dum

    i love this lakorn!!! i agree...Chakrit is a bee in here! he starting to like her though cuz he be looking for her. she likes him too but she too focused on getting her revenge. love it so far n can't wait till it ends
  549. donna


    i just got done watching the ending...gotta say i liked it!!! p'ek n n'ek got some on screen chemistry ^_^
  550. donna

    Countries you'd like to visit

    i'd like to visit: Laos, Thailand, Australia, Paris, London, Japan...n many more. hell, i'd love to travel to all of the countries but sigh, i'm too poor
  551. donna

    Which Taste Better?

    i like Coke n Mountain Dew. not really into Pepsi, tastes funny
  552. donna


    ummm.... how do you convert to MP3? sry i'm slow too!
  553. donna

    4 adjective describe you?

    i'm hard headed, friendly, romantic, stubborn
  554. donna

    Who's Laos Come & Say Hi

    sup to all the kon Lao up in here! i'm Lao too btw!
  555. donna

    Your Fav Thai Stars

    here's my list: Females Ann, Aum, Janie, Noon, Araya, Nadia, Kat, Kathaleeya Males Tik, Oil, Num, Chakrit, Pete, Por, Willy, Johnny
  556. donna

    Thai Stars - That you dislike

    i'm not into Aom. she gets on my nerves. May(always nang rai in lakorns) she ok but no one can top Kik! Bee Matika(99 Wun Chun Ruk Ter) don't like the way she acts
  557. donna

    Beam and his fan

    freakin stalkers! following him to the bathroom!
  558. donna

    Sad - Heart breaking scene

    So Sane Ha(Oil n Aum) the part when Aum came back to her mom with her baby n her mom named the baby Pla. she said that no one can take her child from her not even his name. Wai Rai Freshy - when Ryu died n everyone started to cry, that was sad there's more just can't think of any more right now...
  559. donna

    Look mai Lark see

    aww...can't wait to see this lakorn. it looks interesting!
  560. donna

    Buang Ruk Pomridsaya

    thx for sharing! they would make a cute couple. love the lakorn.
  561. donna

    Nai Gra Jork

    can't wait till it airs. its about time he stars with someone other than Donut or Nat!
  562. donna

    Gas Pricing Issues!!!

    i know, wat the hell! damn the hurricanes! gas is so freaking expensive!!