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  1. yajvaj

    Hmong Songs

    Thanks all for the response. These were the songs on my list as well. :)
  2. yajvaj

    Hmong Songs

    Hey guys, I am planning a wedding, what are some Hmong songs that can be played at the wedding? I have a few but I need more. Looking for any good songs for dancing, love songs, or wedding related. Help! Thank you!
  3. yajvaj


    lee kong lol
  4. yajvaj

    What ethnicity have you been mistaken for?

    I get mistaken for Mexican all the time! My mom even joked that maybe I got switch at birth because when she was in the hospital giving birth to me she shared a hospital room with a Mexican lady. I got mistaken for being mixed with Thai once. LOL
  5. yajvaj

    dating other races or ethnicity

    To answer your question and from my experience when I first started dating my boyfriend 3 years ago I was afraid to let my family know that I am dating someone outside my race. But eventually they found out a month later. To my surprise my siblings was supportive and till this day they still...
  6. yajvaj


    come to Minneapolis, MN its nice.
  7. yajvaj

    Working Internationally

    lol sorry i should've been more clear. well i will be graduating in medical assistant and i want to be working in like Mexico but i wasnt sure how to search for medical assistant jobs there. i did a bit of research avbout TEFL and TESOL and i was wondering do you have to graduate with some kind...
  8. yajvaj

    Real or not?

    Is a 3.5ct ring a real diamond ring? what is consider a real diamond ring?
  9. yajvaj

    Working Internationally

    do you know where i can find jobs internationally? thanks!
  10. yajvaj

    Working Internationally

    Just out of curiosity is it possible to be working internationally without speaking that language but only english?
  11. yajvaj

    guys , i need help with traveling by planes

    i traveled alone this year twice and yeap pretty much they have covered all of what you need to do. it was my first time traveling ever and getting on a plane too but it went pretty well. but my advice to you is since your trip wwill be much longer than be sure to bring an ipod, or something to...
  12. yajvaj


    thats good to have encouraging parents like yours. my family and parents were never close so we dont tell eachother anything and when my sisters got married they dont tell my parents. lol they say they are going out then later on there goes the phone call. haha
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    Just out of curiosity how did you tell your parents you were gonna get married or how did they reacted when they found out you got married?
  14. yajvaj

    Soccer Match celebrating Ch3 40th Anni.

    this is hard to choose! lol
  15. yajvaj

    Yia The Bull Mua

    omg! this is sad! i just found out today! may he rest in peace :(
  16. yajvaj

    Hmong Superstitions

    I heard some that was previsoly posted and i also learn new ones. here are some that i can think of. *u cant tap/pound on ur plate with ur spoon or the spirits will come eat with u (i think something like that) *when u are scooping food onto ur spoon scoop it away from u not towards u *when u...
  17. yajvaj


    How much does a contact lense fitting cost? And I was wondering will it be cheaper if I buy it from 1-800-CONTACTS? Has anyone order from there? Is it good?
  18. yajvaj

    Intercultural wedding

    i have a cousin who is Hmong, she got married to a hispanic guy and at their wedding the bride wore hmong clothes, the groom in a tux and later on she just changed into a white wedding dress and there was just some hispanic bands there. my niece she is married to a cauasian and they had the...
  19. yajvaj

    What does OK means...?

    just reading your story makes me annoy! not at you but at what he is doing to you. if he really love you like he said to you then he would not care about what his uncles said about him he should be proud to be having a gf by his side! he should show u off to the people he know, including his...
  20. yajvaj

    I'll be waiting

    Sorry i am back with more! i have been busy with school and work... A couple of weeks have passed by and whenever Aff comes over to my apartment she would use my cellphone to call Paul. Sometimes I wonder does Paul know who he was talking with and I hope he don't think it was me. Sometimes I...
  21. yajvaj

    Aerin and View

    they are so pretty!!!
  22. yajvaj

    I'll be waiting

    I was more active in my last year of college. I joined the girls tennis team and badminton team with my friends. Thats what helped me improve on my weight. I went from 200 pounds to 150 pounds in just 1 summer. I was so proud of myself and I felt that more and more guys are noticing me. "Happy...
  23. yajvaj

    trying to get use to the new skin. LOL

    trying to get use to the new skin. LOL
  24. yajvaj

    trying to get use to the new skin. LOL

    trying to get use to the new skin. LOL
  25. yajvaj

    I'll be waiting

    -----------3rd year of college---------------- 3rd year of college. I'm still the same. I worked so hard over the summer break to lose weight, to lose this ugly glasses I had for so long, new wardrobe. But no luck at all. At this time I don't see Paul anymore. Maybe once in a while I would see...
  26. yajvaj

    New Skin

    a new change but kinda confusing for me...for now...i will learn! =)
  27. yajvaj

    I'll be waiting

    It was my senior year in college when I met him. He was the sweetest guy ever. Janie, Ploy and Aff had been my best friends since the start of my college journey. We have been close friends, we tell eachother our secret crush, any kind of problems we face and we just hang out together the 4 of...
  28. yajvaj

    I'll be waiting

    ] poster credit to Aikoden (THANKS) Characters: Paul Pattarpon Cherry Khemupsorn Aff Taksaorn (The Best Friend) Ploy Cherman (The Best Friend) Janie Tienphosuwan (The Best Friend)
  29. yajvaj

    are mix race better?

    i agree with the others! no certain race is better than the others. we are all better in our own ways. but i dont mind having others date outside their race as long as they love eachother. =)
  30. yajvaj

    FF Wallpaper/Poster Pick-Ups

    thank you!!! its awesome!!! =)
  31. yajvaj

    FANFIC Trailers/MV

    these are super awesome!!! lol...but doesnt it take a long time to have one? or was i doing the long way?
  32. yajvaj

    FF Wallpaper/Poster Pick-Ups

  33. yajvaj

    FF Wallpaper/Poster Pick-Ups

    can i request a poster of Paul and Cherry with the title I'll be waiting. here are pictures i want. THANKS!!
  34. yajvaj

    Where do you wish you are right now?

    Right now i wish i was in Mexico! =)
  35. yajvaj

    A Place In The World

  36. yajvaj

    Getting over someone.

    i have been in the same shoes as you! it lasted 1 and a half freakin years! its hard to get over someone who you have crush on for so long it takes time to heal dont expect yourself to be over him over night. the person who i crushed on was a great friend also just like your friend we would talk...
  37. yajvaj

    hey check this out.

    nice voice!! sounds like the guy coob thoj! =)
  38. yajvaj

    What are you thinking right now?

    i'm waiting for your email!!!!!!
  39. yajvaj

    who's some good hmong singers?

    luj yaj dawb thoj
  40. yajvaj

    Who is your favorite actor/actress in the Hmong community?

    i like Txhaj Hawj his acting isnt bad but sometimes he does this thing around his lips and it kinda bothers me. his voice is great! =)
  41. yajvaj

    Ashley Thao looks similar to Ann thongprason

    oh ok. this one time i heard someone said she was only 19. and i was like looks alittle older for age 19.
  42. yajvaj

    SRK News??

    i think that they had to do what they had to do to keep this place a safer place. but also at the same time its idk...
  43. yajvaj

    This or That

    both are good. but i go with cake. headache or stomache? LOL
  44. yajvaj

    Will it cost more?

    ok. thank you sooo much!!! im more relief now! lol...i hope i didnt go over my mins now! haha
  45. yajvaj

    Will it cost more?

    uh oh...yea i used it before my free time. so does that mean it will be a high bill? lol...
  46. yajvaj

    Will it cost more?

    would it cost me more money if i used my cellphone to call out of the country but with a phone card?
  47. yajvaj

    Ashley Thao looks similar to Ann thongprason

    how old is ashley?
  48. yajvaj


    no dust. a closet? lol
  49. yajvaj

    mab sua lis

    yes i agree with the top post. she is there everyday. she's pretty in person and yes her hubby is a kind hearted guy.
  50. yajvaj

    Who is considered to have the best singing vocal in Thailand?

    I like Palmy, and Loso
  51. yajvaj

    Ching Chang (Exact-CH5)

    did anybody sub this lakorn yet?
  52. yajvaj


    i agree with babyt. LOL
  53. yajvaj

    for the guys

    i would say it depends. if you feel like he/she is the one then no matter how long you guys know eachother then get engage.
  54. yajvaj

    Boyfriend's 21st Birthday

    you are not over reacting at all. i know how you feel. but like the other post said trust him because of there is no trust then no point of a relationship.
  55. yajvaj

    Which perfect couples do you like most

    Puri and Ann Kelly and Bee
  56. yajvaj

    3 word game

    u run off
  57. yajvaj

    MBlack Bone Concert

    their myspace. some songs there for you to listen too.
  58. yajvaj

    MBlack Bone Concert

    they are like an old rock band that splited up for awhile and just got back together. they are a rock band.
  59. yajvaj

    Birthday Ideas...?'re funny!! when it comes to ideas for the bf bday im out of ideas too. lol...sorry
  60. yajvaj

    MBlack Bone Concert

  61. yajvaj

    Winner goes to the East

    haha a PZK moment. thats funny. yea like when u walk at the new year and people will always be saying donate some money to help save the people in thailand that is being torture if they always do that at the new year wouldnt the hmong in the US be able to help the hmong in thailand already...
  62. yajvaj

    A-Z hmong dub thai lakorn

  63. yajvaj

    Birthday Ideas...?

    bowling? movies? picnic at a nice park? beach? dinner? just hang out? LOL...i hope these kinda help.
  64. yajvaj

    Hate my brother's gf

    i know how you feel! my brother used to date this lady who is the most annoyingEST person alive!!! she made up so many crap! she dated my bro for about 1 month and she want to marry him cause she is "pregnant" later turns out she LIED! my siblings and i ignored my brother for a while while he...
  65. yajvaj

    dont u hate it when ppl wears the same outfits as u do?

    this one time i went to a high school dance and i see this other girl with the same dress but different color. it was embarassing i was trying to cover it with my jacket. haha...
  66. yajvaj


    you're not too rude.
  67. yajvaj

    CIAJ SIA married hmong-thai star Ntxhi Xyooj?

    is she the girl in nom phaj's movie "I go America" the one where nom phaj and paj thojs mute son is engaged to?
  68. yajvaj

    happy birthday

  69. yajvaj

    CHERRY KHEMUPSORN : sinjaroen brothers show

    cherry is soo BEAUTFUL!!
  70. yajvaj

    new movie at j4

    i forgot is that movie "zog xeeb" or something out yet? i saw the poster at j4 adn it says coming soon but my sis in law already have a copy and said it was scary! lol...
  71. yajvaj

    the movie: Daim Duab

    i saw it. i didnt really like it. it was a bit too slow for me.
  72. yajvaj

    1997 hmong movie "hlub ob leeg" by keystar production

    i remember the movie!! it was one of my dads favorite! i dont remember the song though. sorry.
  73. yajvaj

    Num Sornram & Jakjan Akumsiri

    is she his gf? he is hot!
  74. yajvaj

    Janie Tienpusawan

    i love her hair!
  75. yajvaj

    PROM 2009

    not the best picture. The theme was A Night Under The Stars. **DELETED**
  76. yajvaj

    Large amount of Soda

    i believe room temperature will do.
  77. yajvaj

    mai yang's photo album

    it's been a while. lol...ENJOY!! MORE COMING SOON!!!
  78. yajvaj

    tik got married!

  79. yajvaj


    PUNCH! lol...sorry Rain fans Pepper
  80. yajvaj

    new movie at j4

    Well i didnt see any new ones. that seems interesting. there is a dr. tom movie called dr tom nyob thaib teb with ciaj sia, dao and jade lee movie, this movie with nom phaj and maiv puv call i go america...thats all i know. lol...
  81. yajvaj

    PROM 2009

    aww...cute! and yes i love your dress! i will post mines up later. lol
  82. yajvaj

    Word Association Game

  83. yajvaj

    Sister is b****

    you did your part as an older sister and if she push you away then forget about it you want the best for her but she dont see it only thinks your jealous, so let her do what she always do and one day she will regret. and come back to you guys for help. yes she may steal from your mom disrespect...
  84. yajvaj

    Hmong Tournament

    the admission is $4 but yea after 4:30 sometimes 3pm (i think) is free
  85. yajvaj

    Any Hmong volunteers please? :D

    im interested!! =)
  86. yajvaj

    Cheap Airplane Tickets

    thank you everyone for helping me out!!! =)
  87. yajvaj

    Num Sornram

    so in Mae Ying he does not play as the p'ek?
  88. yajvaj

    Cheap Airplane Tickets

    oh yea and i hate it! whenever i search my possible dates on the websites they always say something like to either change ,my date or location because they cannot find any airlines on that day. its so annoying, its making me consider a travel agency! lol...
  89. yajvaj

    Cheap Airplane Tickets

    the part i'm going to i am not sure if its the 'HOT ZONE' but i'm planning to go to Cuernavaca, Mexico.
  90. yajvaj

    Cheap Airplane Tickets

    i have been searching around looking for flights from Minneapolis, MN to Mexico and the lowest price i found so far is $356 does anybody know what other website i can look into? i tried hotwire, tripadvisor, and more but they cost more than this one where i found on cheapoair. thank you!
  91. yajvaj

    Aff Taksaorn

  92. yajvaj

    Masha Wattanapanit

  93. yajvaj

    Help with asian diet pill

    it does help you lose weight. they do have some capsules and a shake with a variety of flavors with it. =)
  94. yajvaj


    my brother. who was the last person you texted?
  95. yajvaj

    Kob Suwanan Kongying & Pancake Khemmanid Jamikorn [Beauty Issue/Beauty Forever]

    pancake and kob is very pretty!
  96. yajvaj

    Help with asian diet pill

    its not asian diet pills its from Herbal Life and its a shake. i tried the shake once it wasnt that bad it have many different flavors i tried the coffee on it actually kinda taste like a creamy coffee. i know someone who takes it regulary and loss alot of weight.
  97. yajvaj

    Tik Jadesadaporn is getting married!!

    congrats to him! =)
  98. yajvaj

    Manassanan [Donut]

    i actually like the shoot and make up she looks very pretty
  99. yajvaj

    Vill on Spicy Tv Pool 13-19 June

    so pretty!
  100. yajvaj

    Jui & Pinky

  101. yajvaj

    Ying Ploypapas Thananchaiyakarn *

    she kinda reminds me of Ae Irassiya (cant spell her name) and the chinese actress Vicki Zhao Wei.
  102. yajvaj

    Thai stars / Western Stars

    haha agree with me on this one. Chad Micheal Murray and Pepper. When i see Chad he reminds me of Pepper. lol...
  103. yajvaj

    Thai stars / Western Stars

    Alyssa Milano and Nat Myria looks alike to me cause of their eyes, and sometimes smiles...what do you guys think? Kim Kardashian and Pinky Savika
  104. yajvaj

    Celebrities' Babies

    pancake and wiers baby looks like my baby when i did that a while back! lol...
  105. yajvaj


    are they real?
  106. yajvaj

    Kaew Lom Phet (Hmong Dub)

    is there a eng sub one?
  107. yajvaj


    everybody looks so nice! =)
  108. yajvaj

    Suwanan Kongying [Kob] & Brook

    cute couple!!
  109. yajvaj

    Chakrit Yamnam:New Life

  110. yajvaj

    sisters in laws is a thief

    i dont have a sister in law that is married to my brother from same parents but i do have sister in laws that are married to my cousins. i dont know if they steal but i would hate to have a sister-in law like that.
  111. yajvaj

    Ananda Everingham, Saengtong Kateuthong [Jeed], & Khemupsorn Sirisukha [Cherry]

    whose the girl with anada? she looks like cherry. lol...but awesome picures!! =)
  112. yajvaj

    Kade (female)

    she did play one with oil too. i like it...
  113. yajvaj


    no just 2. in you room do you have any pictures of friends/family?
  114. yajvaj

    Hnub Lis

    the baby is actually 5months already. the other day i actually got to talk with him myself and i was holding my 5month old nephew. hnub's hubby held my nephew and seems like he misses his son. cause my nephew is also 5month old...
  115. yajvaj

    Kade (female)

    so pretty!!
  116. yajvaj


    nope they're all open. lol a fan?
  117. yajvaj

    Contacts? Is it safe, Questions.

    i have a question also. lol...have anyone tried swimming with contacts on in pools like at the YMCA cause i know they have chlorine or some kind of chemical in it. is it safe? or a good idea?
  118. yajvaj

    Tsov txaij tawv neeg txaij plawv

    haha i was gonna say the same thing
  119. yajvaj

    Contacts? Is it safe, Questions.

    i wore my contacts to sleep a couple times. the first time i did it got really dry and seems like it was super sunny! i couldnt even look at people even when its not sunny. i also wear my contacts during my showers lol yes i am lazy but it just gets irritated for a bit then it stops.
  120. yajvaj

    Swine Flu - 331 confirmed cases worldwide

    did the flu stop or anything now?
  121. yajvaj

    cua yaj and mai yeng lee(my cousin) they are married

    haha same here!! the first time i saw him was in the movie with dawb thoj i think she have a twin and one of her twin died or something...but i thought he was good looking and kept re watching that
  122. yajvaj

    Sinittra Boonyasak [Noon]

    i love that lakorn too!! =)
  123. yajvaj

    i wonder if she made the hmong dress

    wait is she hmong? or chinese?
  124. yajvaj

    Alphabet Game'07

    E- Ear plugs
  125. yajvaj

    Person above you...

    the person above me is
  126. yajvaj

    Word Association Game

  127. yajvaj


  128. yajvaj

    Today's Menu?

    Breakfast: one sweet bread with orange juice Lunch: nothing Dinner: Burger King
  129. yajvaj

    i wonder if she made the hmong dress

    i agree...
  130. yajvaj

    "Gran Torino"

    i didnt finish it i thought it was kinda slow but yea i heard its good maybe i just need to finish watching it...
  131. yajvaj

    G l i m p s e *

    really nice artworks!!! =)
  132. yajvaj


  133. yajvaj

    Hnub Lis

    the other day my sister went to visit hnub's husbands close friend which her husbands close friend is my bro in law's brother and he told us that hnub gave birth to a baby boy!! congrats to her!! =)
  134. yajvaj


    my mom who was the last person on your mind?? :unsure:
  135. yajvaj


    my sister who was the last person you cried for?
  136. yajvaj

    Word Association Game

    street fighter
  137. yajvaj

    Noon Woranuch

    she is getting married?!? no way!!! =( she is always pretty
  138. yajvaj

    is this nkauj cua's real voice?

    i believe it is
  139. yajvaj

    baby hmong boy name

    here are some that i like: -chim meej -koob pheej -tsheej -koob meej -va meej haha i notice i have alot of meej/pheej names...these are just some
  140. yajvaj

    Annoying brother!!

    he got a super cement head!! all my close cousins and uncle tried EVERYTHING! nothing works...and she is so freakin dumb the day she claimed she was prego by my bro she demanded him to marry her and that night when she came to my uncle house wanting to get married she packed her crap into his...
  141. yajvaj

    Annoying brother!!

    thank you!!! yea he is a senior this year not graduating. he is 18 and her ugly ass is 22...
  142. yajvaj

    Annoying brother!!

    my brother is the dumb-est bro ever!! he caught her clubbing with other guys and she sweet talk to him my bro gets all happy again!! he so dumb!!!
  143. yajvaj

    Masha Wattanapanit

    awesome! nice outfits and i like her eyes!!
  144. yajvaj

    Annoying brother!!

    ok so i have a younger brother the baby brother! so he met this one girl on asiantown and started talking to her and all then met her on the day before superbowl we thought she was a nice gal and all but the truth is that she is a LIAR!! when she started dating my brother she was also dating...
  145. yajvaj

    Personality or Looks?

    i go for both!
  146. yajvaj

    Bee Namthip

    i like! nice!
  147. yajvaj

    New Hmong Dubb Lakorns?

    thank you Fearless
  148. yajvaj

    New Hmong Dubb Lakorns?

    whats the name in hmong?
  149. yajvaj

    Elder Thai Actors & Actresses then and now

    she is aunt kaew in mae ka khanom wan
  150. yajvaj

    Ur Parent's Favorite Phrases

    that is my moms favorite phrases too! lol...
  151. yajvaj

    Cartoon married at 16?

    she is a pretty gal...but...oh
  152. yajvaj

    Rita Jensen

  153. yajvaj

    Cartoon married at 16?

    credit to fanaticstar and a link talking about it briefly... click
  154. yajvaj

    Nussaba Wanichaangkul [Nuch]

    nuch looks fimiliar what lakorns does she play in?
  155. yajvaj

    Tye & Rita Kwan Reun April/2009 Issue

    thanks for sharing! they make a cute couple too!! =)
  156. yajvaj

    Anyone could help me if like

    do they usually have english subtitles too or no? i havent tried ordering lakorns from ethaicd but i ordered cd's...
  157. yajvaj

    what annoys you the most about your boyfriend/girlfriend?

    haha no i dont require him to call me but i guess he calls me cause we dont talk much cause during the day he's in school and he calls me in the morning before he leaves which is like about 10mins and the rest of the talking we do is usually after practice or a match and he gets tired and...
  158. yajvaj

    what annoys you the most about your boyfriend/girlfriend?

    one thing my boyfriend annoys me the most is when he gets tired after tennis practice or a tennis match and calls me and gets annoys at me and i ended up getting annoyed at him too cause he starts blabering about the most stupidest thing and gets annoys at small things that he wont get annoy at...
  159. yajvaj

    Steam Rolls Recipe

    thank you everybody for all your help!! =) i very appreciate it!! =)
  160. yajvaj

    Cartoon married at 16?

    any pictures of her?
  161. yajvaj

    Todays Pet Peeve

    my tooth. its hurting like crazy!!
  162. yajvaj

    this guys is cute

    OMG! this dude IS cute!! i like his acting!! =)
  163. yajvaj

    Cover up Shooting in Fong Lee Case

    i read it in newspaper also and this is messed up! the police are covering up so many things!!
  164. yajvaj

    Elder Thai Actors & Actresses then and now

    haha interesting!!
  165. yajvaj

    need HELP!

    nice designs! yea try ebay or flea markets...where does tsab mim xyooj sell her necklace at?
  166. yajvaj

    my dad's favorite phrase "I'm sick and tire of all this bullshit."

    that is soo like me!!! i dont go out often and when i do i tell her like a few days ahead of time and she says its ok and when that day comes she complains i go out waay too much! around the house i wash the dishes, cook, clean the house anything you can think of and she still complains i am...
  167. yajvaj

    If I Could Be Someone For A Day I Would Be...

    if i can be anyone for a day i want to be a rich and spoil kid! lol...
  168. yajvaj

    Steam Rolls Recipe

    thats what i heard too but how do i measure it? thanks iamhmong i will give it a try! =)
  169. yajvaj

    Steam Rolls Recipe

    I want to make steam rolls but my only problem is i don't know how to mix the flours together. so i was wondering does anyone know how to?
  170. yajvaj

    let's gossip :D

    i thought she have daughters too??
  171. yajvaj


    voted! nice job!! =)
  172. yajvaj

    i want

    omg! i am soo full right now that i am not craving for anything! lol...but i love sushi!! =)
  173. yajvaj

    Bee Namthip

  174. yajvaj

    Fan's Outraged!! Ken gives back Trophy.

    haha i got fooled too!! although i was a day late! lol...
  175. yajvaj

    Janie Tienphosuwan: Holy Heart Hunting

    beautiful dresses!! =)
  176. yajvaj

    Worawech Danuwong [Dan]

    whose the couple in the front of the magazine kissing? thats soo cute!!=)
  177. yajvaj

    Today's Menu?

    Breakfast: Lucky Charms (Cereal) Lunch: Rice with smoked pork and peas No dinner yet its only 1pm here...
  178. yajvaj

    Kat performs Beyounce's Single Ladies and PCD's Buttons

    great voice!! =)
  179. yajvaj

    Ruammit Sai Namkeng Variety Live Concert by Ice Saranyu

    they remind me of korean singers!!
  180. yajvaj

    Rita Jensen

    beautiful!!! =)
  181. yajvaj

    Komchadluek Award 08'

    really nice pictures!! kwan looks different...or is it just me?
  182. yajvaj

    Ann Alicia & Puri

    they have great chemistry!! =) cute couple!! i hope to see them more! =)
  183. yajvaj

    Pinky Savika

    great outfits!! and i like her smile =)
  184. yajvaj

    Old School Tv Shows

    lol i miss these shows!!! =( -sisters sisters -clueless -full house -brady bunch -fresh prince of belle air (something like that) -90210 -save by the bell -arthur (still love it! lol) -doug -recess -bobby's world -woody wood pecker ( the wood pecker bird) lol... -dennis the menace and many...
  185. yajvaj

    Kev hlub tsis raws siab xav

    thanks for sharing!! whats the story line? by watching the preview it looks like a guy is engaged to a girl but he have a gf and she also have a bf...looks good...
  186. yajvaj

    Nattrakorn's Artwork

    nice work!! =)
  187. yajvaj

    BlackBone is back!!!

    i went!! it was good! got pictures but will post some later!! =)
  188. yajvaj

    MaeKa Kanom Wan(Makers Group)

    thank you!!! =)
  189. yajvaj

    MaeKa Kanom Wan(Makers Group)

    ok im too lazy to go back to all the post but i was wondering about one of the song in the lakorn who sings it and where can i download it? its the not the opening song it just plays in middle of scenes...
  190. yajvaj


    i dont know if it was competion or for fun but if you live in MN the one in minneapolis i see them play badminton...
  191. yajvaj


    i need help i want to join a badminton team that competes at the new years or sports tournament but i don't know how or how to start a team so i was wondering can you guys help me out? THANK YOU!!=)
  192. yajvaj

    Namfon Patcharin : Papayorn Bunterng

    i love her hair!!
  193. yajvaj


    i like her!!! hit and run? thats bad
  194. yajvaj

    Ae Issariya

  195. yajvaj

    Do couples get jealous???

    no i dont think its just hmong girls. some girls other than hmong girls do it too...but i just think that is stupid...
  196. yajvaj

    BlackBone is back!!!

    go support them!!! =) its this coming saturday!! =)
  197. yajvaj

    Ae Issariya

  198. yajvaj

    BlackBone is back!!!

    the last guy on the right is the new singer
  199. yajvaj

    Aff Taksaorn

    beautiful! =)
  200. yajvaj

    hey im tryin to fine tis hmong movie i need help findin it

    do you know the title? cause the story line sounds like a movie i might have seen before by moua lis the title is call Hlub Zaum Ob Hlub Zaum Ob
  201. yajvaj

    Yui Jiranan

    beautiful dresses!!! yui is too!!!
  202. yajvaj

    BlackBone is back!!!

    BLACKBONE IS BACK AT LUCY'S! COME SUPPORT!! Remember back in the 90's? A Hmong rock band was form called BlackBone! Now they are back bigger and better!!!
  203. yajvaj

    Masha Wattanapanit

    nice but kinda weird
  204. yajvaj

    daddy ken and his baby boy

    it kinda looks like he is choking the baby! lol...
  205. yajvaj

    Khemmanid Jamikorn [Pancake]

    she is really pretty
  206. yajvaj

    Yui Jiranan

  207. yajvaj

    At The Moment I want To........

    At the moment i want to slap his face! and hers! lol... (i'm always talking about slapping someone in this thread!)
  208. yajvaj

    Pang Orinja

    she is pretty
  209. yajvaj

    KajSiab Txhua Hnub

    lovely voice!!
  210. yajvaj

    Jeab Pijittra

  211. yajvaj

    Oil Thana GM Magazine

  212. yajvaj


    interesting!! thanks for sharing!
  213. yajvaj

    [MV] The Hottest TUB YAJ Ever!

    this hairstyle suits him better!!
  214. yajvaj

    help! lao store/pho restaurant in Minneapolis/St. Paul

    there is one on nicollet its call pho tau bay its good but their customer service is bad! they ask you for tips!!
  215. yajvaj


    thank you all! last night i could not take the pain anymore that i went to the emergency room! lol...i have strep throat =( and they gave me a shot in the butt! i can't even spell it's something like presilin and they gave me some pain killers which i can eat a bit now...the doctor says the pain...
  216. yajvaj


    omg! i am in pain and its killing me!! =(
  217. yajvaj


    hi sarnies! i am like sick, mad now so whoever gets in my way i get mad cause now is not the right time. lol...a few days ago my throat was hurting i thought it was sore throat but it got worst and it was my tonsils enlarging!! i hate it when this happens because the last time it happend to me...
  218. yajvaj

    "i'M tAlkInG To yOu!!!"

    hahaha...i like this!! =) you go girl!
  219. yajvaj

    At The Moment I want To........

    At the moment I want to slap her face!! :arrg:
  220. yajvaj

    Bee Namthip

  221. yajvaj

    Karnklao Duaysianklao [Grace]

    i agree
  222. yajvaj


    i really like her haircut!!!
  223. yajvaj

    Mars, February 2009

    at first i was thinking why are they saying HE when she is a SHE! lol...i understand more as i read mroe post!. BEAUTIFUL!
  224. yajvaj

    Aom Phiyada

  225. yajvaj

    Masha Wattanapanit

    she looks so different but pretty! =)
  226. yajvaj

    Is this too mean?

    no they broke up on friday the 13th! lol...
  227. yajvaj

    Yui Jiranan break up with her boyfriend

    At Top Awards held last night. Winner of Best Supporting actress “Yui” Jeranan announced her break up to rocker boyfriend “Peed” Bodyslam. The actress reveals to Gossipstar news: “Peed and I broke up. We’ve been apart for a long while now. We changed our status from boyfriend and girlfriend to...
  228. yajvaj

    because Sala is beautiful

    aww...cute pics!
  229. yajvaj

    because Sala is beautiful

    aww...cute pics!
  230. yajvaj

    Is this too mean?

    well it went well, joy didn't plan to tell dan but then on friday dan was planning to take blah out to eat for vday and joy got annoyed and broke the news to him...he finally believed it! lol...and they broke up...i didn't have anything to do with this...but i am glad they broke up because he...
  231. yajvaj

    Kwan Usamanee

    love her hair!! and eyes!
  232. yajvaj

    Is this too mean?

    thank you all so much for all ur point of view!! well Joy found out more and tonight we are going to show him something he need to know! lol...
  233. yajvaj

    Ann Alicia & Puri

    this shoot kinda reminds me of rome and rita! lol...probably with the jean jacket. but aww...lovely couple...=)
  234. yajvaj

    Is this too mean?

    lol...thank you 7270
  235. yajvaj

    Is this too mean?

    haha...sorry i was just wondering if pretending to be a guy to get to knowgross blah if it was too mean and out of line. because now Dan will not listen to anyone telling him that she was once divorced and just didnt tell him the truth. joy did all this cause its like ur case she took care of...
  236. yajvaj

    Need Help! Pics of Hmong People In France and Australia

    try google? sorry i don't know much.
  237. yajvaj

    Is this too mean?

    ok well is this too mean? my friend Joy have a brother Dan who is 18 years old and just recently started dating a 21 year old girl name Blah. It only have been about 3 weeks into their relationship and Dan is CRAZY IN LOVE with Blah so this one time Dan brought Blah home while Joy and Dan's...
  238. yajvaj

    Any New Hmong Movie? Anyone?

    Hluas Nkauj Dab Trailer Hluas Nkauj Dab Exclusive Clip
  239. yajvaj

    Any New Hmong Movie? Anyone?

    this one scary hmong movie call hluas nkauj dab trailer on youtube
  240. yajvaj

    What bothers you the most when u watch a dubb movie or drama?

    u said it already! lol...
  241. yajvaj


    its the
  242. yajvaj

    Pueng Kunya

    she kinda looks like bee namthip on the first picture
  243. yajvaj

    Pepper & Earn @ Event

    how come the link takes so long to load?
  244. yajvaj

    Sinittra Boonyasak [Noon]

  245. yajvaj

    Portraits of Hmong Women

    it was really interesting!! thanks for the website
  246. yajvaj

    PUENG KUNYA & PEI PANAWARD: Feel Different

    both are pretty! i think peung looks really nice in yellow and her hair onto one side...
  247. yajvaj


    its what u like to do not what they like to do....if you like graphic design stay with graphic design
  248. yajvaj

    Hmong version of F4

    lol...hmong version? hm... :huh:
  249. yajvaj

    Tangmo crying

    whose her bf?
  250. yajvaj

    {Request} Kaew Lom Pet

    she stopped at episode 2 =( well not stop but havent subbed the rest yet...
  251. yajvaj

    Ntiaj Teb Txoj Kev Ntsuag

    i think its zuag vaj i forgot her name...anyways this movie was sad!!! i like it...does anyone know what happend to cua yaj and zuag vaj? here's a link to one of cua yaj's music CLICK ME
  252. yajvaj

    your first lakorn

  253. yajvaj

    random thoughts

    same here my cousins do these too! they help the women prepared the foods and set up tables and all, later they help us clean too! =)
  254. yajvaj

    your first lakorn

    1) what was the first lakorn you've seen? how did you stumble upon it?: Bansaithong (Num and Joy), my cousin introduce me to the lakorn. lol... 2) what was the first lakorn you've seen that got you interested/addicted in lakorns?: Bansaithong 3) list the lakorns you've watched (state whether...
  255. yajvaj

    Who looks better in a dress...?

    haha i couldn't tell if that was KEN!! wow! lol...well i guess ken is "sexy" in a dress and chakrit seems to be one of those tough women so i say CHAKRIT!! lol...=)
  256. yajvaj

    NEW MOVIE!!!

    hey i like that old guy at the mountain thing he reminds me of my dad
  257. yajvaj

    Do U love Ur mom? If so come here.

    wonderful voice!! =)
  258. yajvaj

    maiv xyooj's back~!

    if chue wasnt her type then why married him in the first place?
  259. yajvaj

    Settling the biases...

    im with you
  260. yajvaj

    *Upcoming Movie* Nuj Nplaib Special

    nice! when does it come out?!?! lol...
  261. yajvaj

    advice on Losing Actually weight?

    i have been trying so hard to lose weight and finally slowly i did i lost 30 pounds my senior year caused i joined sports and eat little i guess, but since i went to college i gained it all back! =( i guess i have to say eat small portion and do activities. it dont have to be and everyday thing
  262. yajvaj

    OMG...Check it out!

    nice voice!!
  263. yajvaj

    gran torino

    i thought it was really slow...i didn't finish watching it
  264. yajvaj

    This or That

    Dennis O'Neil Aum Atichart or Ken Therradeth
  265. yajvaj

    ok listen to this~!

    wow! nice voice! you sound just like coob thoj!! great job! =)
  266. yajvaj

    BEST PLACE TO ASIAN MOVIE thats the only two sites i know...
  267. yajvaj

    Nqee Xyooj&Paj Huab Xyooj

    i think nqee xyooj is very pretty...hope to see her in more movies... CLICK CLICK
  268. yajvaj


    that always seems to be the excuse...
  269. yajvaj

    The GunMan

    This was a good movie. the songs were awesome like always and u should see it. sorry i don't have a picture of the cover... TRAILER
  270. yajvaj

    Nangrais in Volume magazine

    very pretty!!! i like this shoot!
  271. yajvaj

    who is the best pra ek !!!!!

    chakrit, pepper, puri, oil, num, por
  272. yajvaj


    i need help with my life! lol... i'm a full time college student looking hard for a job right now
  273. yajvaj

    Are Hmong star[s] approachable?

    Lee Xiong: approcable. friendly, always have a smile
  274. yajvaj

    Rome & Rita

    FLAMIN HOT!! :drool:
  275. yajvaj

    Kayla's Artwork

    i'm stealing your artwork!
  276. yajvaj

    Jai Rao(Makers Group)

    is aff going to be pregnant in jai rao? i've been seeing some banners with her pregnant stomache and ken holding a baby, or was it for something else?? confused
  277. yajvaj


    HAHA...he does look like Aum!!
  278. yajvaj

    Nkauj Ntsuag txoj Kev Hlub (asok ngao)

    i thought i saw another one with only 4 parts and different title??
  279. yajvaj

    Who won Prince Charming and Miss Hmong American 2008-09?

    hey! the winner for miss hmong american was also a contestant for the river centre new year!!
  280. yajvaj

    gran torino

    so it came out already in theatres?
  281. yajvaj

    Thai Stars and Their Famous Family

    i love ploy and her sisters eyes! so pretty!! =)
  282. yajvaj

    What time is it?

    5:27pm in Minnesota, flurries, slippery, and cold!! =(
  283. yajvaj

    [Taiwan] Fated to Love You (SETTV)

    i forgot where i left off but somewhere when she was in shanghai, yea those parts were boring!! =( i will finish it someday! lol
  284. yajvaj

    MOS-GOLF-MIKE-ICE-BIE Shooting for Praew Mag

    bie's face look so stiff except for the last photo...
  285. yajvaj

    Best Criers

    Female: Noon W. Ann T. Bee N. and Aff T. Male: Chakrit Y.
  286. yajvaj

    Gen.Vang.Paos Bday

    HAHA thats funny!
  287. yajvaj

    Weirdest Celebrity crush

    haha...i dont know his name but i'll have to say that guy from iron man!! =)
  288. yajvaj

    Hnub Lis

    well i found out that her husband will be leaving in 2 months to go see her and try to get everything so she can come here, maybe sooner than the sports tournament!! =)
  289. yajvaj

    Hnub Lis

    i believe cha pao is single never been married...
  290. yajvaj

    Miss Hmong MN 2008-2009

    no this year there talent was dancing, singing, paj huam, or whatever they can do...
  291. yajvaj

    Happy 81st Birthday to The King

    he looks young! but happy birthday!
  292. yajvaj

    Miss Hmong MN 2008-2009

    no each of the girls do their own little talent like dancing or singing or doing whatever they know how to do, but most girls was either singing or dancing, i didn't see all the girls but the ones that i saw was either singing or a india dance, kinda annoying, did anyone do a hmong dance?!?
  293. yajvaj

    Hnub Lis

    No thats not his real name...his real name is Cha Pao Vang i don't know why he did that! lol...but yea if you guys know he is also a member in DaPlayers. But he is going back to Thailand to see if she can come here by the summer time...
  294. yajvaj

    Jai Rao(Makers Group)

    how many episode are out already on air?? i think i am waay behind?!!? im on epi 3 lol
  295. yajvaj

    Miss Hmong MN 2008-2009

    thanks for the clip! oh man! i missed out on her talent i was there for most i think since they didn't went in order...
  296. yajvaj

    Caub Fab

    i wanted my mom to buy this at the new year cause txhaj hawj is cute! but my momdidnt want to. i saw parts of it at the new year it does look good but is it just all war fighting?? no romance? lol...
  297. yajvaj

    Miss Hmong MN 2008-2009

    What was her talent that she did??
  298. yajvaj

    b a u 's ps

    may i steal a jai rao banner from you?
  299. yajvaj


    i want a laptop, digital camera, new phone, a car, and lots and lots of money!!!! lol...
  300. yajvaj

    Did he stop making movies?

    not to be mean but he not good looking ying yang can do waaaaaaaaaaay better! i saw him at the new year dress in a all blue suit holding a toddler and his hair was long! shoulder length and it looks like he permed it or something cause it was curly!!! i saw this poster at the MN New Year he is...
  301. yajvaj

    Nkauj Nyab ?

    $26?!?!? thats alot! my bro got his for $20 bucks...
  302. yajvaj

    happy birthday ken!

    happy birthday!! :)
  303. yajvaj

    This or That

    McDonalds. Jum Leuy ruk (Aum and Aff) or Jai Rao (Ken and Aff)
  304. yajvaj

    i need oipions plz....

    he is an ASS! i would be very hurt too because he is the 1st of everything! i'm also dating my 1st bf right now too and i am scared of getting hurt...i hope you are doing better!
  305. yajvaj

    ❤️You know you are watching a Thai lakorn when...

    i don't know if this one is said already but you know your watching a thai lakorn when the pa'ek is always rich owning some kind of company and na'ek is always poor living with one parent and a sibling who is disrespectful.
  306. yajvaj

    Hnub Lis

    not really a good picture but this is the cover to Nkauj Nyab and her husband is the one with her
  307. yajvaj

    Hnub Lis

    Hnub Lis will not be starring in anymore movies with Xab Thoj because she is married or getting married to a hmong american in Minnesota. She will hopefully be here in the Summer time! hopefully in time for the tournament in MN. Oh yea her husband is Cha Pao who plays as Pob Zeb in Nkauj Nyab...
  308. yajvaj

    Nkauj Nyab ?

    it was ok i was expecting to see more scarying parts but its scary how she talks especially when he pretended he got to go use the bathroom! i got woken up this morning from that part cause my sister was watching it and had the volume up so loud!!! overall its o, she did a great job!
  309. yajvaj

    Bellefire Artwork

    lovely! very talented!! =)
  310. yajvaj

    Jai Rao(Makers Group)

  311. yajvaj

    Aum Patcharapa: Lady First

    in the 7th picture she looks like donut
  312. yajvaj

    Where did your boyfriend take you on your first date? first date was to the movies watched iron man...
  313. yajvaj

    How will you feel?

    omg! i have been there and done that! i HATED it soo much!! senior year in high school this dude likes my friend she doesnt so i don't even know him but my friend wanted me to add him on myspace as a friend i did we became close friends i liked him for a year he went to college got a girlfriend...
  314. yajvaj

    friends, crushed, enimies?

    yea thats what i told her he used her, what an ass! the situation dont really bother her but at times she gets really sad about it, i think she deserves a better friend. thank you ohitsnoyyy
  315. yajvaj

    friends, crushed, enimies?

    ok i need help i have a friend vanessa* who was nice to this one guy back in high school. name jason.* .and jason* used to like my friend Vanessa friend Mindy* but in return mindy does not like jason he found out because he expressed his feelings to mindy. then jason turned to vanessa for help...
  316. yajvaj

    Gran Torino Trailer

    even if it dont look intereseting i'm going to support my peoples!! =) but to me it do look interesting! =)
  317. yajvaj

    What song are you listening to right now?

    Us Against The World-Christina Milian
  318. yajvaj

    Ngao Ah Soak (Exact)

    is there an ENG SUB to this one? i think they make a cute couple!!!
  319. yajvaj

    Anyone going to support Chakrit in Bangkok Dangerous this weekend?

    i went to watch it on the day it came out...i guess it was ok i wanted to see chakrit more! lol...but the ending is sad! :( is the mute girl chinese? she looks fimiliar
  320. yajvaj


    you guys all have really nice phone! makes me want to get a new one!
  321. yajvaj

    Interacial Relationship

    thanks everyone for your opinions and of right now my mom seems to be pretty ok with it now because he was there to help us out alot, she haven't really said anything much to me about him. but thanks again!
  322. yajvaj


    ooooh ok thank you guys!
  323. yajvaj

    Closing ceremony 2008

    i missed the opening and closing ceremony!! =(
  324. yajvaj


    i don't know if this topic has been started but post a picture of your cellphone if possible and what service are you in? Here's mines:
  325. yajvaj

    What runs in your bloodline?

    i'm so boring! i'm 100% Hmong
  326. yajvaj


    ok i'm sorry i'm not really into her why is she so "famous" was she miss california or something? fill me
  327. yajvaj

    New Horror Hmong Movie Coming Soon: Nkauj Nyab

    when does it come out?
  328. yajvaj

    Xais Yaj (Tub Yaj's cousin) - New Hmong P'ek

    i saw it and i didn't like it but the song in there was GREAT! i just didnt like the storyline it's just kinda like evryother hmong movie...
  329. yajvaj

    green lady for a wedding

    i've never been one before and would want to experience it! =) it'll be cool...
  330. yajvaj

    New Hmong........'re funny!
  331. yajvaj

    Interacial Relationship

    yea that is true too! thank you!! :)
  332. yajvaj

    What time is it?

    11:41am, partly cloudy
  333. yajvaj

    Ngao Ah Soak (Exact)

    sounds so INTERESTING!! gotta watch!! :)
  334. yajvaj

    Aom Piyada's new boyfriend

    yea he is cute!! WAIT! so puri and ann is dating?
  335. yajvaj

    My Best Guy Friend :: Pepper/Ann

    May 2008 One day after my Badminton practice me and Aff was waiting outside for my nephew Brian to finish with his Tennis practice and when he came his friend Rome also came along we usually see eachother after practice but I did not know him well enough to talk with him although we do say HI...
  336. yajvaj

    Interacial Relationship

    Thanks! yea i think i just need to give her more time than she'll accept him. Thank You!
  337. yajvaj

    mai yang's photo album

    [b]i love taking pictures but i am not good at it. but enjoy some of my pictures!! =) i get lazy at uploading because it takes forever! lol...but for now enjoy what i have! =) **DELETED**
  338. yajvaj

    Interacial Relationship

    He's Mexican HAHA...thats what i said too when i wasn't in a relationship! but look now i'm with a Mexican!
  339. yajvaj

    My Best Guy Friend :: Pepper/Ann

    Sorry! i am back for more updates!! Soon I saw pictures of Pepper and his girlfriend. I could not take the fact that he have a girlfriend now I am still very hurt inside but is trying not to show it to my friends. It has been days that we had not talk with eachother and I really want to get...
  340. yajvaj

    dating younger guys???

    like people always say age is just a number! if you you like him too go for it! :) i'm currently in a relationship with a younger guy a year younger it just feels liek a normal one but my friends always call me a child molester but who cares...they'll be one soon! :)
  341. yajvaj

    What time is it?

    It's 10:20pm the weather is warm NOT TOO COLD AND NOT TOO HOT.
  342. yajvaj

    Current food craze

    haha...i am craving for alot! anything chocolate, chicken fried rice, sushi, mc chicken, papaya salad, pizza and cake!! many more also! LOL
  343. yajvaj

    What nationality are you?

    Hmong- but i get mistaken for Mexican, Lao, and Thai LOL...
  344. yajvaj

    What song are you listening to right now?

    Stay here tonight- Enrique Iglesias
  345. yajvaj

    Interacial Relationship

    Who here is in an interacial relationship? i was just wondering because i am currently in one and it took me almost a month to tell my mom about him! i was surprise she didn't flip out when i introduce him to her after my graduation, but now she minds if i go hang out with him so each time i...
  346. yajvaj

    [Taiwan] Fated to Love You (SETTV)

    i kinda lost interest after she had her miscarriage!! i hope something good and surprising will give me back my interest!!
  347. yajvaj

    [Taiwan] Fated to Love You (SETTV)

    epi 12 is sooo sad!!!! :(
  348. yajvaj

    b a u 's ps

    love your artworks!! :)
  349. yajvaj

    Bie Sukrit & Fang Pitchaya

    she's pretty!!! :) he's hot!! :) cute couple!!! :)
  350. yajvaj

    old thai movie

    OMG!!! i have been looking for this forever also!! i love thsi one!!! anyone know where i can still buy it in hmong dubbed? in a way he kinda reminds me of Pepper! LOL...
  351. yajvaj

    [Taiwan] Fated to Love You (SETTV)

    i have a feeling we might not get to see the baby!! i hope we do! that will be AWESOME! many episodes are there anyways?
  352. yajvaj

    "Bangkok Dangerous" w/ Chakrit Yamnarm...

    Same here! finally it'll be out!! :)
  353. yajvaj

    Noon Woranuch: Sweet Sensation

    love her hair!
  354. yajvaj

    Dao Puen Din (PolyPlus)

    looks interesting!!
  355. yajvaj


    new movie??
  356. yajvaj

    hmong funeral shooting in sacramento

    this is sad!:(
  357. yajvaj

    [Taiwan] Fated to Love You (SETTV)

    great drama!! he's really cute!:)
  358. yajvaj

    My Best Guy Friend :: Pepper/Ann

    My Christmas break was 2 weeks and during those 2 weeks we only talked for 2 days for a total of 30 minutes because he will always be making an excuse like he have to eat or something, I was fine with it. Before I went on my break I baked him a cheesecake along with a "ticket to space" because...
  359. yajvaj

    My Best Guy Friend :: Pepper/Ann

    will try to update soon!!
  360. yajvaj

    Miss Hmong California 2007-2008

    OMG! i know her!! she's really nice!!! :) she reminds me of that girl that plays in some of xab's movies her name is tshiab (clear) or something...
  361. yajvaj

    family size

    3 bro, 4 sis 8 kids total!
  362. yajvaj

    My Best Guy Friend :: Pepper/Ann

    I would be very happy if someone is willing to make a poster for this, I would but I don't have adobe anymore!! :( well enjoy the updates!! Pepper got on the same bus as Aff and I because he works at a nearby park which he teaches kids to play sports. "I guess we split here." Aff said as we...
  363. yajvaj

    added Thai Lakorn (HMONG LANGUAGE ONLY)

  364. yajvaj

    Ram Pee Sawas (polyplus)

    i didn't really like it but first lakorn i watch of Paul, he's not bad. :) alot of people died in this lakorn though!! :(
  365. yajvaj

    yajvaj's work

    i don't have adobe photoshop anymore so the program that i used for these photos are kinda like a mini, mini version og adobe! this is the best i could do out of this leave me comments and enjoy!! :D my most recents ones!! :) i think this one is the best one out of the...
  366. yajvaj

    WHO'z all pack up to see p' soram thepitak

    OMG! i cannot believe it i will miss this one too!!! :( i hope he comes again in the near future!! :) i'll go FORSURE!!!! never been to any concerts before can you believe it!!?? well who ever is going have fun and take pictures!! :)
  367. yajvaj

    Klien Kaew Krang Jai(Broadcast)

    haha, this is a crazy question but who is the actor that acted as Prepai's father? P' Orachun? he's not bad looking!! LOL...:)
  368. yajvaj

    Aff Taksaorn

    love her hair!
  369. yajvaj

    How long does it take for you guys to get over Lakorn fever???

    it takes me a while but if i saw a new one i get crazy over that new one until i see a new one too! lol...
  370. yajvaj

    Academy Fantasia Season 5

    she have a great strong voice! i wish i can vote but i can't! :( but good luck to her!!:)
  371. yajvaj

    Sao Baan Rai Gup Nai Hi-So (TV Thunder)

    where can i find more pictures of this lakorn?
  372. yajvaj

    My Best Guy Friend :: Pepper/Ann

    We were the last ones to get off and we went straight into his room. It was really plain. The bunk bed, tv, microwave, refridgerator, and by the window one chair, and his computer. While I was looking around his small room Aff was already sitting on the one chair he have in the room. Pepper...
  373. yajvaj


    haha...i fooled 2 of my guy friends and one of my friend tried to fool me but i didn't fall for it!:)
  374. yajvaj

    My Best Guy Friend :: Pepper/Ann

    LOL, thank you guys so much for reading, i hope it's interesting, it's based on a true story that happened to real people,it was just that i used ann and pepper, and it happened not too long ago... So Pepper and I was IM eachother for anothert 30 minutes until he had to logg off and finish...
  375. yajvaj

    My Best Guy Friend :: Pepper/Ann

    August 19, 2007 at 6:00pm was our date and time to hang out, Aff came along and at exactly 6:00pm Pepper was outside my house waiting already. This was the first time I get to see Pepper eversince June and we did not really talk at all in the car. "So where are we going Pepper?" Aff ask...
  376. yajvaj

    Movie: Secret

    it was confusing so i stopped watching! lol...
  377. yajvaj


    the guys are cute but i didn't really like it, never finished it too
  378. yajvaj

    [Taiwan] Fated to Love You (SETTV)

    great drama!! can't wait to finish it!:D
  379. yajvaj


  380. yajvaj

    My Best Guy Friend :: Pepper/Ann

    So that night Pepper and I talked for almost 3 hours on the phone. The next morning "OMG! did I really confess to him? He's the first guy I confess to, I wish it's just a dream." I said to myself. It was Monday a school day and when I see Pepper I just kinda ignored or walk pass him like I...
  381. yajvaj

    Two Faces People

    oh man! i hate people like that too! here's my story! lol...i was there for him all the fricken time and he always puts himself and myself down when i try to help him, it's just last month that we were not friends anymore because his dumb self was listening to a whole bunch of lies from his...
  382. yajvaj

    p'ek and n'ek that can sing

    how about pepper? lol...
  383. yajvaj

    Hot news "N'ek Kob Suwanun a secret mistress"

    kob can do better
  384. yajvaj

    [Taiwan] Fated to Love You (SETTV)

    does anyone know where i can watch the whole drama? i wastched it on mysoju but they only have it up till epi 2
  385. yajvaj

    Poo Priya

    i love her eyes! and hair!
  386. yajvaj

    Klien Kaew Krang Jai(Broadcast)

    i finally finish watching thsi lakorn today and it is really good!! rome was so HOT!!:D
  387. yajvaj

    Sao Baan Rai Gup Nai Hi-So (TV Thunder)

    OMG!!! how can i miss this?!! where can i download this or watch this with english sub? thanks!:D
  388. yajvaj

    Bio on Rome

    his birthday is May 1st, 1984 he's 23 years old
  389. yajvaj

    interview of Rome on Kwanruen mag.

  390. yajvaj

    Aom Pratamaporn pisser here

    i think she is really pretty in boran clothes
  391. yajvaj

    Klien Kaew Krang Jai(Broadcast)

    i agree with you he did far so good! i only have 7 more episodes to go! i can't believe it that i'm almost finish watching it!!:D
  392. yajvaj

    A song you can't stop listening to...

    i don't know who sings it or the title to it but its the girl song in Klin Kaew Klang Jai, at first it was annoying but it got good! Lol...
  393. yajvaj


    haha...i agree but this lakorn was saad! :spin:
  394. yajvaj

    aff's new look!

    she looks great!:D
  395. yajvaj

    Artitarn Ruk (Exact)

    ooooooooo, looks interesting!!! what character is ann??
  396. yajvaj

    The Impossible Quiz

    hahaha...this is fun!
  397. yajvaj

    A song you can't stop listening to...

    now i can't stop listening to Every breath you take P.Diddy version and Over you by Chris Daughtry, it's really good!:D
  398. yajvaj


    looks hot on some...
  399. yajvaj

    lao last names

    one of my friend is Phommajack, i think Lao last naem is so cool!:D
  400. yajvaj

    Botun Greep Sood Tai(Tv Scene)

    sounds interesting!:D
  401. yajvaj

    ET & Pashoua Yang Party

    doesn't ET live in the US?
  402. yajvaj

    Chenling's Artwork :)

    AWESOME artworks!!:D
  403. yajvaj

    Borisud Bumbut Kaen(Broadcast Thai)

    sounds really interesting!!:D
  404. yajvaj

    Por Thrisadee & Pat Napapa

    he's HOT!
  405. yajvaj

    My Best Guy Friend :: Pepper/Ann

    "Oh really? thats cool." Pepper said. "Uhh...I don't know now I feel weird telling you this." I remember saying. "What? Don't feel weird it's good that you told me, it's good foe me to know and good for you because you got a load off your shoulders." Pepper said comforting me. "I know, but I...
  406. yajvaj

    Rita @ Scotch Collagen E event

    she's really pretty!!
  407. yajvaj


    i love that pepper and ann poster!!:D
  408. yajvaj

    Hott Rome!!!

    he's HOTTT!
  409. yajvaj

    jum loey rak???

    dubbed already? wow!
  410. yajvaj

    Nraug Laib Tus Txim Hlub": Mafia Tee Ruk (My Beloved Mafia)

    oooooooooooo,,,por and chkrit in here!!:D
  411. yajvaj

    My Best Guy Friend :: Pepper/Ann

    thank you amikrazie for the b-day wish!! and sorry for posting late, ive been kinda busy lately!! The next day when I saw Pepper walking out of his classroom he went the opposite way that he and Joy always walk. And this time he was walking alone, he didn't say anything to her. Then he saw me...
  412. yajvaj

    My Best Guy Friend :: Pepper/Ann

    sorry haven't been back to add more, but WOW!! i'm heading that direction too! lol...
  413. yajvaj

    Jam Loey Rak (completed)

    thank you for subbing this lakorn!! you were so fast too!:D
  414. yajvaj

    Goofball's Paintroom~

  415. yajvaj

    help!!! any thai fans needed!!!

    here's the link, his name is Chalet Hildrebrant
  416. yajvaj

    My Best Guy Friend :: Pepper/Ann

    "Well do you know if Joy likes you back?" I ask Pepper. "I don't know last week when I walked her to class i held her hands and she just looked at me and smiled." "Wow! you held her hands?" i said trying not to sound sad. "Yea, and Iwas wondering can you do me a favor? ask Joy if she likes...
  417. yajvaj

    Stardust's Creations

    really nice keep up the great work!! may i steal one of pinky?
  418. yajvaj

    yajvaj's work

    thank you all for the comments!! i haven't been updating recently because some computer problems!! i do miss doing banners!! :( but come back fro updates!!:D
  419. yajvaj

    Leslie's Artworks

    really nice!!
  420. yajvaj

    babe_girl's art work

    i like your artworks!! so magical!!:D
  421. yajvaj

    My Best Guy Friend :: Pepper/Ann

    thanks for reading and leaving me comments!! yea its confusing so i'll try to fix it, and yes "I" is Ann Alisha
  422. yajvaj

    help!!! any thai fans needed!!!

    oooo, i have this lakorn!! but sorry i don't know where to find it...
  423. yajvaj

    My Best Guy Friend :: Pepper/Ann

    My first time writing again eversince 2005!! And I notice I tend to drag when I write... Base on a True Story! lol... And i am just going to use some random Thai celebrity names. Characters: P'ek: Pepper N'ek: Ann A. N'ek friends: Kwan, Ann T, Noon, Pinky, Aff Others: Oil, Joy It all started...
  424. yajvaj

    Aff : Stefan on Oops !

    lol...its kinda funny because on the 2nd picture it looks like he is digging her nose!!
  425. yajvaj

    Jamleuy Ruk (Makers Group)

    i think towards the end of the lakorn he got hotter!! lol...
  426. yajvaj

    Thov Qib Hlub Koj Ib Zaug

    so there is a continuation to it?? oh gotta go get it!! lol.l..
  427. yajvaj

    Chai Vang

    wait he died?? i don't know i haven't heard about this in any hmong news paper...but yea he lives in MN and the inccident happened in WIS...
  428. yajvaj

    sev c r e a t i o n s

    may i steal one??
  429. yajvaj

    Jamleuy Ruk (Makers Group)

    lol...i thought the endong was really cute!!
  430. yajvaj

    Aum's Birthday 20th Feb!

  431. yajvaj

    Your favourite Aum lakorn

    Jamleuy Ruk was the first one i saw him in so i'll say Jamleuy Ruk
  432. yajvaj

    Jamleuy Ruk (Makers Group)

    haha...thank you!!
  433. yajvaj

    Jamleuy Ruk (Makers Group)

    i have like 2 test tomorrow and i should be studying but i'm here!! lol...does this mean i have the JLR fever too?? lol...
  434. yajvaj

    Jamleuy Ruk (Makers Group)

    great lakorn!!:D
  435. yajvaj

    Jamleuy Ruk (Makers Group)

    i want a pearl bracelet too!! lol...i think what he said about the bracelet was so sweet!! love this lakorn can't wait to watch the last episode in eng sub!!:D
  436. yajvaj

    Jamleuy Ruk (Makers Group)

    so only 14 episodes?! thats good i can watch it over also!!:D
  437. yajvaj

    Jamleuy Ruk (Makers Group)

    i think the Gayu is cute!!:D
  438. yajvaj

    Jamleuy Ruk (Makers Group)

    i started watching yesterday and so far so good!!:D
  439. yajvaj

    what lakorn are you watching at the moment?

    Jam Leuy Ruk w/ Aff and Aum
  440. yajvaj

    Apichet ''BiG'' Kittikorncharoeun

  441. yajvaj

    Alphabet Game'07

  442. yajvaj

    num needs to stop being p'ek

    Num is a great actor he's good looking also but i do agree he's getting older and in the pictures i see him in seems like he haven't slept in days!
  443. yajvaj

    Thov Qib Hlub Koj Ib Zaug

    if you guys are wondering about the main opening song it's by doua thao and his cd is not out yet? or something, i asked Lee and she told me that!:D
  444. yajvaj

    a Dude sing Tub yaj song!!!!

    his voice is not abd at all! really good!:D
  445. yajvaj

    Minnesota Bridge Collapse

    i was very shcok when i received the news that one of my friend was in the bus, luckily she was ok with a back fracture, she ahve to wear a brace for at least 3 months...
  446. yajvaj

    can u speak read and write ur race

    -I'm Hmong so i read,write, and speak it. -Took Japanese for 2 years, sadly can only read, speak, and some easy writings. -Currently learning Spanish from friends.
  447. yajvaj

    Ua Neej Raws Txoj Hmoo

    the very beginning was very sad! until it got to the part where they got married it kinda bored me out because it's kinda like his other one "Txij Nkawm Tees Kuas Muaj"
  448. yajvaj

    Something about Luj Yaj

    she played the daughter of bee monkey!!?! thats her?? WOW!
  449. yajvaj

    babe_girl's art work

    i REALLY like it! keep it up! :D
  450. yajvaj

    yajvaj's work

    like always not good but ENJOY!:D
  451. yajvaj

    Dadaa's first attempt....

    GREAT JOB! the one with Por seems to take alot of time!
  452. yajvaj


    really cute!
  453. yajvaj

    What albums/vids did you get?

    i didn't get much at all! 1.Nraug Laus 2.Thov Qiv Hlub Koj
  454. yajvaj

    Yang Brothers

    sounds interesting! i was going to buy this one or either the Xab i mihgt go and get this one also!thanks for teh upload! :D
  455. yajvaj

    Thov Qib Hlub Koj Ib Zaug

    i my opinion i think it is but the ending is unclear...yeas Lee Xiong does take request for another sequeal, i am going to send an email also! :D
  456. yajvaj

    Who among the Hmong stars (singers, actors, etc..) would you like to marry?

    OMG!!! TXHAJ HAWJ! and TUB YAJ lol...
  457. yajvaj

    Kaew Tah Pee

    i've just decieded to watch it yesterday and so far so GOOD!:D
  458. yajvaj

    ~Pinky's Artwork~

    ooooo...really nice! :D
  459. yajvaj


    Loving the artwork! keep up the good work! :D
  460. yajvaj

    Xab Thoj's MV

    the only song i liked was the first one! "Nws Tseem Me Me" the rest was ok...but i very like the songs he sang in Khib Ciag Khib Tuag and Blawm Lwj Blawm Liam it should've been in there! :D
  461. yajvaj

    so does this mean all the dramas shown have english sub titles??
  462. yajvaj

    yajvaj's work

    thanks Milk_luver
  463. yajvaj

    Thov Qib Hlub Koj Ib Zaug

    i agree with you and the ending like i said wasn't clear because they didn't tell what happened to the other characters and some unanswered questions...but Lee Xiong is might be having part 2 if her customers want her too...i want part 2!!
  464. yajvaj

    Thov Qib Hlub Koj Ib Zaug

    No Problem...yea that's the movie i think it's call Paj Ntsua and Tub Plis or something like that, also i was wondering is he in other movies? this is only the 2nd one i saw him in, and he also SINGS!lol...
  465. yajvaj

    Thov Qib Hlub Koj Ib Zaug

    yea i think i know which one you're thinking about too! when i first saw this one that movie pops up...and compare this one to Lee Xiong's other movies it's different (my opinion) in this one there isn't really a guy who is ALWAYS chasing the main girl, it kinda happened in here but not really...
  466. yajvaj

    Destiny Music Video

    eMAEwhy you gotta help me if i don't remember to list some of the songs...also this is not the order of the MV... 1.Xa Ya Nrog K 2. Nco 3. Just For Love 4. Ntshai 5. You Moved On 6. Koj Twb Paub (i thinki forgot) and more but i forgot i only watched it once! lol...:D
  467. yajvaj

    child stars grow up

    WHAT!! the cute fat little boy plays in Treasure Venture? WOW! does he look the same? i saw TV and did'nt notice!! i need to go abck adn watch it!
  468. yajvaj

    Thov Qib Hlub Koj Ib Zaug

    Well here's the summary it wasn't really clear to me so i might be confusing... (sorry i always tend to tell the whole story and not a summary)... The girl is Nkauj W(NW) and she was to marry her fathers friend's son Tub Pheej(TP). NW didn't really agreed and so did TP because he have a...
  469. yajvaj

    <span style="color:green">Mor Lum Summer</span>

    doesn't joy siriluk and i forgot the actors name have a lakorn called this too?? where she's all dressed up as a singer or something??
  470. yajvaj

    Thov Qib Hlub Koj Ib Zaug

    here's the cover, sorry i don't have a scanner so i have to do it the hard way... he also plays in one of Herr's video production with dawb thoj also...
  471. yajvaj

    Thov Qib Hlub Koj Ib Zaug

  472. yajvaj

    Destiny Music Video

    i want this!!!! when i went to the tournament i didn't see their booth anymore!!! but my nephew bought it so i'll try to get some SC asap... *************************************************** I got some SC sorry not good quality but their filming was GREAT!! [ sorry again for the bad...
  473. yajvaj

    BEST Hmong Wedding SONG

    hey! i was listening to this song nkauj lug xyooj- Foom hmoov rooj tshoob and it's quit good! lol...:D how about Destiny-Kuv Hlub Koj
  474. yajvaj

    yajvaj's work

    thanks babe_girl
  475. yajvaj

    yajvaj's work

    wow! haven't been updating for a while! well here new ones! BANNER Ken RE-TOUCHING my niece me! lol... Roosevelt High School Football team! :D thats it for today! lol...ENJOY!:D
  476. yajvaj

    SAiFAH'S G R A P H I C S 020813

    nice artworks!! :D
  477. yajvaj

    babe_girl's art work

    really NICE!!
  478. yajvaj

    3 word game

    that will make
  479. yajvaj

    Have you ever...

    lol...nope... have you ever went a week without showering?
  480. yajvaj

    Actor Sornram's car allegedly hits and kills woman

    shocking news...i hope he feels better and the lady rest in peace...
  481. yajvaj

    Hot Or Not

    HOT! lol... your bf/gf or crush?
  482. yajvaj

    Have you ever...

    nobody calls me in the morning :( lol... **Have you ever went on a date with someone who likes you but you don't?
  483. yajvaj

    What song are you listening to right now?

    Always be my baby-Mariah Carey
  484. yajvaj

    What are you thinking right now?

    these contacts are bothering my eyes! he going to call tonight??
  485. yajvaj

    Lydia and her Boyfriend Pics

    in some ways he looks like brad pitt and josh harnett
  486. yajvaj

    Who's Dating Who

    WHAT! oil and fang?? Oil Thana and Fang in that one lakorn with pepper????
  487. yajvaj

    Leh Ratree

    this lakorn is the best! Pepper is hot! :D
  488. yajvaj

    Saeng Soon(Exact)

    AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Chakrit and Bee again!! :D
  489. yajvaj

    Ning K is now married!

    nice cake!! and congrats! :D
  490. yajvaj

    Jen's Fashion Photos

    really nice!:D
  491. yajvaj

    Aff Tusakorn:Get the Summer Look

    shes really pretty!:D
  492. yajvaj

    Niam Txiv Hlub Tsis Cuag

    i never really watched it but was Cai the boyfriend to Hnub's husband's sister??
  493. yajvaj


    lol...i knew that was just an april fool joke! lol...:D
  494. yajvaj

    A Question

    lol...thanks guys/gals! well that "thing" is my goal for the future to someday own a business, but it seems like a hard goal!but i won't give up yet! thanks again!! :D
  495. yajvaj

    zaza - new 'sexy' look

    they're all pretty! thanks for sharing! :D
  496. yajvaj


    omg! i didn't know there was 6 parts to this movie!! :o
  497. yajvaj

    A Question

    ok well i was just wondering about this so yea i want others point of view...You have always liked/wanted this thing and even though you know you won't get it at the end you still keep trying, would you still keep trying or would you give up?
  498. yajvaj


  499. yajvaj

    babe_girl's art work

    SO NICE!!!:D
  500. yajvaj

    Num/Anne-Tae Parng Korn performance

  501. yajvaj

    [Pix]Ch3 Fancy Night

  502. yajvaj

    great (preppy girl)

    in a way she reminds me of namfon in Jao Sao Ban Rai
  503. yajvaj

    What are you thinking right now?

    why isn't he online yet? is he working? lol... :D
  504. yajvaj

    How much money did you spend today?

    lol! i spent $0 today! wow! :D
  505. yajvaj

    This or That are yucky though :D the person who u like or the person who like u? (sorrie if repeat)
  506. yajvaj

    Daily Addiction

    the computer! lol...cannot go a day without using it! :D
  507. yajvaj


    THANK YOU TINA!!!:D ur so SWEET! :D
  508. yajvaj

    Senior Artist Fantasia

    is is pretty! like her eyes! :D
  509. yajvaj

    The Orphan Boy and His Wife

    this is NICE! :D
  510. yajvaj

    Blaum Lwj Blaum Liam part 3

    part 3 for Blaum lwj Blaum liam? hmm...i wonder wast gonna happen! i didn't like the ending! its good but Xab didn't get her! anyways looking forward to it! :D
  511. yajvaj

    Herlinda Vang is suing

    WHAT!?? she suing him? she should be happy that he not suing her cause she's the one at fault!
  512. yajvaj


    the 1st part was good i like it! :D
  513. yajvaj

    This is so Gay!

    lol...that was FUNNIE! but was his voice good? cause he got the ticket...
  514. yajvaj

    ❤️You know you are watching a Thai lakorn when...

    -pra'ek always wait outside of na'ek house in the rain sorry if thsi had been said...
  515. yajvaj

    Cua Yang & Paj zaub Vwj (New movie)

    wait!?! his name is cua yaj?? OMG! he is HOT! i like him! :D
  516. yajvaj

    karenyang's artwork & fan MV's

    really nice keep it up! :D
  517. yajvaj

    Nathalie's Artwork

  518. yajvaj

    Mann's Work

    keep up the good work!!!:D
  519. yajvaj


    sorry but i was wonderin wat's SEG?
  520. yajvaj

    Crystal Liu Yi Fei

    she's pretty...but i agree with rukmos her facial expression is the same...
  521. yajvaj

    Pat Napapar: Oriental Chic

    she's really pretty on the 1st picture! :D
  522. yajvaj

    Vicky Sunisa:Summer Reflection

    doesn't look like her at all! but she is really pretty! :D
  523. yajvaj

    The Myth Song - Hmong Version

    hey not bad...kinda good...he do kinda sound like jackie and the girl do kinda sound like kim...:D
  524. yajvaj

    Happy B-Day To Ann Alicha!!

  525. yajvaj

    yajvaj's work

    thanks for the comment XCappy, babe_girl and Milk_luver
  526. yajvaj

    TeRrI's CrEaTi0n

  527. yajvaj

    Vector and Thangs

    rally like ur photos! keep up the good work! and ur sister is a great model! :D
  528. yajvaj

    Soupansa's Work

    keep up the good work! :D
  529. yajvaj

    A Stranger's Footprints

    ooooooooo...PEPPER! lol really NICE! :D
  530. yajvaj

    Xc's Works

    i like it! keep it up!
  531. yajvaj

    ST Universal Videos

    yea...the famous singer...and his brother is coob thoj...
  532. yajvaj

    Couples you want to see again

    -Pepepr and Ann A. -Willy and Ann T. -Num and Joy -Chakrit and Bee -Chakrit and Marsha
  533. yajvaj

    yajvaj's work

    thanks for the comment one today... BEFORE AFTER
  534. yajvaj

    Amy Artworks

    keep it up! really nice! :D
  535. yajvaj


    hot hot hot! :D
  536. yajvaj

    Most Memorable Lakorn Scene Or Line

    Leh Ratree-when ann gave pepper these kind of coffee that made him fell asleep during a meeting! and he came home looking for her... lol...funnie part! :D
  537. yajvaj

    ❤️You know you are watching a Thai lakorn when...

    -pra'ek try to get na'ek jealous by holding hands with nang'rai -na'ek always have a good friend by her side -na'ek friend and pra'ek friend end up 2gether -there is always servants in the house -misunderstandings -hatred at 1st -na'ek is always innocent -pra'ek gets mad easily lol...all i can...
  538. yajvaj


    her hair is nice! :D
  539. yajvaj

    Aum Patcharapa

    pretty! in some pictures she looks like donut
  540. yajvaj

    ST Universal Videos

    well im not sure myself but i heard many rumors saying that they accused him of poisioning pao thao? idk...
  541. yajvaj

    RIP: Taiwanese actress Xu Weilun dies

    this is sad! RIP...what character did she play in meteor garden?
  542. yajvaj

    Smile Pasta

    i LOVE all the songs in here! and great drama! :D
  543. yajvaj

    ST Universal Videos

    All Pro production is by Su Thao and yes like all u say Su Thao and Lee Xiong are working 2gether...and i forgot but i heard she will be having a new movie coming this July with the girl in Npauj Npaim Lub Kua Muag (i think i forgot, maybe it's another girl) and the guy is in Herrs video...
  544. yajvaj

    yajvaj's work

    thanks for teh comment mike_luver and babe_girl...i haven't been on here for a while now! well i got nothing done really but here is one of pepper and ann in their new lakorn maya pissawat i just did minor things on it...enjoy! :D
  545. yajvaj

    Maya Pissawas (Exact)

    can't wait to see this lakorn! pepper a doctor? OMG!! :D
  546. yajvaj

    Aff Tusakorn @ her movie premire

    pretty in blue!
  547. yajvaj


    i watched it lost interest and had no clue wat was going on...
  548. yajvaj

    Hot Or Not

    not hot!it gets annoying! guys who wears glasses HOT? or NOT?
  549. yajvaj

    babe_girl's art work

  550. yajvaj

    somchay yaj

    so the main song in ib leeg niam ntxawv txiv is the girl who sangs with somechai in teh MV? wow! great voice! now i wanna see it!! :D
  551. yajvaj

    somchay yaj

    by the way is his name SOMCHAI or SOMCHAY? well i saw one of his music videos in the movie IB LEEG NIAM NTAWV TXIV and i was wondering is it out yet? he got a good song in there!
  552. yajvaj

    ❤️You know you are watching a Thai lakorn when...

    hehe...getting interesting! -pra'ek always own 2 houses or villa -na'ek always have a brother that is doing illegal things -pra'ek always get jealous -na'ek won't admitt she loves pra'ek -poor na'ek doesn't own a car -na'ek life always have something to do with money -there is always a nang'rai...
  553. yajvaj

    Hmong hunter was shot, stabbed

    go to it's the front page...
  554. yajvaj

    10 best / 10 worst pickup lines

    "Do you believe in love at first sight? or should i walk by again?"
  555. yajvaj

    ❤️You know you are watching a Thai lakorn when...

    the na'ek always start out immature or doing embarrasing stuff in fromt of pra'ek and towards the end she got more mature...
  556. yajvaj

    Hmong hunter was shot, stabbed

    yea i heard about it a couple of days ago too...i heard he is a hmong refugee and his funeral is today through monday in Legacy funeral home...
  557. yajvaj

    Do any thai actresses/actors come to the U.S?

    quite a lot came to the US but i NEVER got the chance to meet them!
  558. yajvaj

    ❤️You know you are watching a Thai lakorn when...

    this is sooo funnie! and so true...i like # 17! hehe... :D
  559. yajvaj

    Ning Kullasutree Married

    i was just gonna post this up...
  560. yajvaj

    Bee Namtip

    the 7th picture does not look like her at all! :D looks like a doll...
  561. yajvaj

    peppers new lakorn!

    i cannot wait to see! :D pepper looks good like that! :D
  562. yajvaj

    Guess who I saw in SF?

    lucky you! :D
  563. yajvaj


    i like bloopers! they're fun to watch! and i also like previews of new movies but not too long! :D
  564. yajvaj

    "NRAUG LAUS" a MOUA LEE film

    sounds good! can't wait to see! :D
  565. yajvaj

    Av Luaj Quav Tsis Tau Wb

    i thought it was short! but i like the song in there where Hnub sangs...and is that real tattoo on the guys arms? wow! some parts he look good some he looks like a little boy!
  566. yajvaj

    yajvaj's work

    thanks for the comment saifah! i guess these are my artworks for 2006! well i made a couple but something is wrong with my photobucket i can't post it up so i'll post it up when it get fix! HAPPY NEW YEAR! :D
  567. yajvaj

    ~Pinky's Artwork~

    really nice! :D
  568. yajvaj

    SAiFAH'S G R A P H I C S 020813

  569. yajvaj

    Sek Loso At New Year

    which new year?
  570. yajvaj

    LaLa's Artwork

    really nice! :D
  571. yajvaj

    yajvaj's work

    thanks for the comment lala tsab, babe_girl, and katy new one latest obession (im always late on everything!) zhang ziyi
  572. yajvaj

    another hit comedy from link pictures

    can u upload teh cover? or whose the actors and actress??
  573. yajvaj

    Pictures of Luj Yaj and Coob Thoj

    coob is cute! he looks funnie in that outfitt! hehe...
  574. yajvaj

    if you could make a movie

    if i could make a movie it would probably have to be about my life...although there at times in my life that is boring but there is many times in my life that i know other teenagers like me are struggling with today...maybe it'll be interesting seeing my life as a movie...
  575. yajvaj

    Hnub Lis new movie

    same here! hehe...this is the one made by SKY Production right? i wanna see it so bad now! but there's a sad ending!! :(
  576. yajvaj

    yajvaj's work

    thanks for the comment one made im on my winter break hopefully i'll have more updates! ENJOY! :D
  577. yajvaj

    babe_girl's art work

    really nice! i like the tic and aom one also the aum too! keep it up! :D
  578. yajvaj

    Nook and her baby!

    pretty! :D and so cute! :D
  579. yajvaj

    Tub Yaj

  580. yajvaj

    stupid hmong guy at the dome new year!!!!

    i hate it when they don't understands that NO means NO...
  581. yajvaj

    Jen's Collections

    a beginner? are u sure? hehe...NICE JOB! keep it up! :D
  582. yajvaj


  583. yajvaj

    New Hmong movie from SKY Company

    oh so Hnub Lis is the main actress? or Hli? huh? im confuse...
  584. yajvaj

    The Art of Lyn

    i really like teh last one! :D
  585. yajvaj

    ~Pinky's Artwork~

  586. yajvaj


    kinda weird how they say te most beautiful breast! hehe...but i agree with the picks! kwan so pretty! :D
  587. yajvaj

    Exact Upcoming Lakorns of "07"

    oooooooooooo...chakrit and bee! :D so glad to see them again! :D
  588. yajvaj

    New Hmong movie from SKY Company

    i REALLY want to see this now! :D
  589. yajvaj


    all i want for christmas is a CELLPHONE!! i really need one!last year i wanted a piano and i got a laptop! i never use it! i always get things that i don't use!
  590. yajvaj


  591. yajvaj

    J0EY'S ARTW0Rk. ♥

    really cute artworks! i really like it! :D
  592. yajvaj

    peppers new lakorn!

    please be ann alicia! haven't seen her for a while now!! ann and pepper makes such a cute couple!! :D
  593. yajvaj

    Oil's Birthday

    Happy be-lated birthday! wow! 30 still looking good for 30! :D
  594. yajvaj

    My First Try!!!!! i hope it's good

    lol! i thought i was the only crazy one around doing this! hehe...nice job! :D
  595. yajvaj

    yajvaj's work

    thanks for the comment babe_girl and saifah! this one i did last night when i couldn't go to's not a very good one...ENJOY! and this one today wanted to try something different...hehe..por looks really different!ENJOY! :D
  596. yajvaj

    Soukie's pics [=

    i love ur hair! and cute smile! :D i love ur hair! and cute smile! :D
  597. yajvaj


    pretty name adn pretty smile!! :D
  598. yajvaj

    Pinky's Memory Box

    really pretty! cute smile!! :D
  599. yajvaj

    OMG its SARN

    when i saw the myspace i was like wat!! sarn's a boy but then i get it!hehe...funnie!
  600. yajvaj

    Your 411

    fe + male = female! hehe...
  601. yajvaj

    yajvaj's work

    sorry haven't been updating for a while i have been nusy with schhol lately but here is one i did today it was a quick one but enjoy!! :D
  602. yajvaj

    peppers new lakorn!

    omg!!!!! :yahoo: did i hear right????? pepper is having a new lakorn!! OMG!!!! so HAPPY!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: thanks for sharing!!he is so hott!! :lmao:
  603. yajvaj

    Por's Gallery #61

    can't wait to watch this!! when i think of ghost that lady pops up in my head! but she's really pretty!! :D
  604. yajvaj

    Aum's Birthday

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! she looks young for 28 years old!!
  605. yajvaj

    New Hmong movie from SKY Company

    Ntxheb Xooj...the girl in Moua Lee's film Nkauj Hli Txoj Hmoo right? i can't wait to see either!! :D
  606. yajvaj

    Mai Ntxawm Yaj

    this is just stupid why would they use a fake person to lip sing and why would'nt the real maiv ntxawm do anything about it too?
  607. yajvaj

    New Hmong movie from SKY Company

    SKY Production? ooo...i really want to see this! i mihgt go get me a copy when it comes out! hehe...yea i think this is their first movie...thanks for sharing!! :D
  608. yajvaj

    SAiFAH'S G R A P H I C S 020813

    really nice!! keep it up!! :D
  609. yajvaj

    who is ur favorite pra'ek&Nang'ek

    actor: Pepper actress: Bee Namthip
  610. yajvaj

    What do you like about Hmong New Year?

    i go for the movies! this year is the first year that i go and come home with only one movie! usually it would be sets of movies but this year im so BROKE! did u notice teh food is getting more expensive! $5 to $8 now!!
  611. yajvaj

    Tye & Mai

  612. yajvaj

    3 n'rais on Ruk Euy

  613. yajvaj


    so nice!! i really like ur artworks!! may i steal ur por and namfon banner?
  614. yajvaj

    ~Pinky's Artwork~

    i like teh GB one! keep it up!! :D
  615. yajvaj

    My first try!!!

    nice ones!! good start also!! :D
  616. yajvaj

    Sev Creations

  617. yajvaj

    Ch3 Male Star Challenge 2007

    i think that they need more actors then actress it's good they're doing this! it could change somebodys live!!! :D
  618. yajvaj


    i wanted to buy the mab sua lis one but wasn't sure if it was good...thanks for sharing!! :D
  619. yajvaj

    Are you coming to the mn st.paul new year???

    i went yesterday i forgot wat number u were! but i have a friend who is in there too #3
  620. yajvaj

    What do you like about Hmong New Year?

    i went to the new year in MN yesterday it was boring same thing and the pagent was gay! the girls danced in cowgirls or watever! anyways parking was $10 and entrance was $5!
  621. yajvaj

    TeRrI's CrEaTi0n

    i like it! nice color also!! :D
  622. yajvaj

    p o o p y m p a n g < 3 R A N D O M I S I T Y

    really nice!! i love th banner of jao sao ban rai!!
  623. yajvaj

    Actors with last name Yang...

    i don't really watch his movies but i just think he;s a good actor
  624. yajvaj

    Kwan Usamanee In Kwan Ruen 2006

    really pretty! love her eyes!! :D
  625. yajvaj

    ~Pinky's Artwork~

    really nice for a beginner!!! :D
  626. yajvaj

    Movie news

    i don't think it'll be a good one because wat else is there to do? maiv puv already died xab and hnub back 2gether wats gonna happen in nom phaj siab dub??
  627. yajvaj

    Tee Jai Rak cast in a new mag!

    really cute!!! :D
  628. yajvaj

    I'm leaving on the 23th of this month

    have fun in cambodia sarn!!! :D
  629. yajvaj

    areeya and anas lakorn

    so is it worth buying or watching?? hehe...sounds like my type of lakorn!
  630. yajvaj

    Stars: BEFORE and NOW

    interesting! :D
  631. yajvaj

    Off Aphichati Die......

    OMGGGGG!!!! he cannot die! he's only 30 still have a life ahead of him!!! i still can't believe it! i loved him in the series with ploy sister! he was great looking in there, the last lakorn i saw him in was the noon and chakrit one! i still can't believe it!!! may he R.I.P!! we will miss you...
  632. yajvaj

    Por at the Three Twenty Four Event

    really pretty and cute!! :D
  633. yajvaj

    Ploy Cherman

    really pretty!!! :D
  634. yajvaj

    yajvaj's work

    thanks for the comment luvtik and karenyang!! will try to update soon!!! :D
  635. yajvaj

    Do Thi Hai Yen (movie)

    oh it's a movie? i thought it was a play or something! hehe...sounds like a good one!! :D
  636. yajvaj

    SAiFAH'S G R A P H I C S 020813

    i really ur signature!!! and teh noon and aum banner!! keep it up!! :D
  637. yajvaj

    Tik & Cherry lakorn

    so how many parts does sky have???
  638. yajvaj

    XAB THOj

    i think 2 of his songs are in Khib Ciaj Khib Tuag kinda ok...
  639. yajvaj


    OMG!!!!!!!!!! Por is having 2 lakorns!!!! with Pat again and Ploy that's new!! can't wait!!!! thanks for sharing!! :D
  640. yajvaj

    Tik & Cherry lakorn

    i think i'll go with sky production
  641. yajvaj

    picture of pepper

    pepper is cute!!
  642. yajvaj

    karenyang's artwork & fan MV's

    oooooooo...lee hom is really cute!! hehe...he kinda looks like nic, anyways cute artwork! :D
  643. yajvaj

    yajvaj's work

    Thanks for the comment babe_girl!
  644. yajvaj

    Por's Gallery #44

    i like these pictures! really cute!! also i like teh picture of por in jao sao ban rai that is hanging on his wall where he touches his hat! that one is cute!! :D
  645. yajvaj

    babe_girl's art work

    really cute ones!! ur artowrks looks like a real photo!! keep up the great work!! :D
  646. yajvaj

    yajvaj's work

    haven't been here for a while now but here is one i did awhile back it's just that i didn't have the time to post it up, this one is messed up...but ENJOY!! :D and this one is made today, im a BIG fan of POR now!!! ever since Jao Sao Ban Rai!!
  647. yajvaj


    they make a cute couple!!! wat a cutie!!
  648. yajvaj

    P'AumP& Tang Mo

    i agree with you, also when i first saw Donut i thought she was Aum! :D
  649. yajvaj

    Por & Namfon in Hmong

    YAH!!! i bought the rest of teh parts and it is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD/CUTE/ROMANTIC!!! Por and Namfon makes a cute couple but i think that they cut too many pasrts out! but it's still a good one!! :D
  650. yajvaj

    Tina's Gay Things

    nice tina!!! wanna teach me how to do the animated words?? hhe...nice!!
  651. yajvaj

    Thailand Safe?

    WOW! this is wat i wanted to do too but my mom wouldn't let me and yea it'll be hard for me to go places if i don't speak the language and nobody to go with me, i was thinking of japan but im still not sure, you're lucky cause 5 other friends are going so it'll be fun, one looking after...
  652. yajvaj

    2 HITS, 1 NIGHT, 2 STARS

    like always i couldn't make it whoever goes have fun and take pictures!!! :D
  653. yajvaj

    Dan D2B tells the truth

    so he single?!?!?! she's pretty!! :D
  654. yajvaj

    yajvaj's work

    thanks for the comment saifah! ur such a big Dan fan!! hehe...:D
  655. yajvaj

    new movies

    im a BIG fan of this they have tables at the MN new year like last year? i was looking for them but i didn't see...
  656. yajvaj

    the QUOTE game...

    this quote is such a cute one!!!! :D sorry i don't know any...
  657. yajvaj

    Who would you choose

    i choose tina she got a great voice! hehe...
  658. yajvaj

    This or That

    a rich man Asia or South America
  659. yajvaj

    What song are you listening to right now?

    an old song by Surface- Shower Me With Yor Love still a GREAT song even it's old!! hehe...:D
  660. yajvaj

    Let is SNOW!

    it's not snowing here in MN but it's getting there! getting cold but today was a beautiful sunny warm day!! i like snow but not the cold! im sick already from the cold weather!! hehe...:D
  661. yajvaj

    yajvaj's work

    haven't update for a while now but here are some...ENJOY!! the banner for pepper n ann forum and my latest obession Takenouchi Yutaka!! ooo,la,la!! :D hehe... :D it's messed up! hehe...but enjoy!:D
  662. yajvaj

    Share your Hmong posters

    i agree this movie is waste of $ but i still want to know wat happened! hehe...somchia is cute in here! :D that's the only reason y i want to see part 2! LOL!
  663. yajvaj

    TeRrI's CrEaTi0n

    cute one!! :D
  664. yajvaj

    Your picture

    cute smiles cutienu and mee_123!!
  665. yajvaj


    have anyone saw this drama yet? i just saw it last night and finished it this afternoon it was a great one! Takenouchi was really good looking in here! hehe...i recommend this drama to drama lovers!! hehe... a picture credit to d-addict
  666. yajvaj

    Are you coming to the mn st.paul new year???

    WOW! good luck to you! i will sure be looking out for u! hehe...i might just go 2 days not sure yet! hehe...
  667. yajvaj

    Hmong Frist school

    really? i went there and they were like anybody can come to this school, african-american-cacasin, etc... i don't know now...
  668. yajvaj

    SAiFAH'S G R A P H I C S 020813

    i like teh kwan and oil one! really cute!! :D
  669. yajvaj

    2 HITS, 1 NIGHT, 2 STARS

    hopefully underage could go!
  670. yajvaj


    sad story, leaving 4 childrens?
  671. yajvaj

    Hmong Frist school

    this school use to be located in minneapolis but now is in st.paul it's call hmong academy and it's a uniform school, during my 10th grade year i went and shadow there when it was still in minneapolis i went into hmong class and i felt like i was the only one there who actually know wat the...
  672. yajvaj

    You Guys Are Going To Be VERY HAPPY!!!!!!!!

    he'll be in MN during the metrodome new yar too, wait i think for the after party? i forgot...
  673. yajvaj

    Win Tawin

    his hair looks so soft!! hehe...his smile is like cute!! :D
  674. yajvaj

    2 HITS, 1 NIGHT, 2 STARS

    club cancun do u need to be 18 or older to enter? or is it different for the concert??
  675. yajvaj

    Noon Woranuch : Superlative By Nature

    she is really PRETTY!!:D
  676. yajvaj

    who do you like with aom?

    i'll have to say TIK! :D
  677. yajvaj

    Por & Namfon in Hmong

    i've been to teh flee market last weekend and is it just my blind eyes or is part 2 of the hmong dubb not out yet??
  678. yajvaj

    From Childhood to Now

    i really like the small por with teh hands in his pocket! it seems like he's posing!!! really cute! thanks for sharing!! :D
  679. yajvaj

    yajvaj's work

    new one today! i was making this one for my friend these are favotire guys! yea ENJOY!!! :D
  680. yajvaj

    Nat's Creation

    WOW!! really nice! keep more coming!! :D
  681. yajvaj

    share your hmong banner ~ nploog siab khuab lig cua

    YM_gurli don't know which one now sorry if i confused you, is the girl on one of those banner the nkauj nreev in nkauj nog thiab sis nab? j/w...
  682. yajvaj

    yajvaj's work

    thank you for the comment ones today...i was expermenting with new tools! hehe...
  683. yajvaj

    yajvaj's work

    thanks for the comment saifah!!! :D ur such a big dan fan like my friend!! hehe...:D
  684. yajvaj

    share your hmong banner ~ nploog siab khuab lig cua

    YM_gurl : te na'ek that is thai but speaks hmong in innocent cyclone or are they all hmong??
  685. yajvaj

    ntxhais lauj was murdered

    i just saw the movie of her funeral and it's very sad! her 2 kids are still small, i feel really bad for them and from the movie they show a little part of her dead body looks like she have no clothes on but only a bra did the murderer took off her clothes or did the medical peopl do it so they...
  686. yajvaj

    SAiFAH'S G R A P H I C S 020813

    really nice saifah! keep up teh great work!! :D
  687. yajvaj

    LaLa's Artwork

    ur artworks are so beautiful! and so nice! i wish i could be that creative! cause i seem to never improve on my artworks! nice job on the icons too really cute!keep up the good work!! :D
  688. yajvaj

    yajvaj's work

    thanks babe_girl and saifah for the's new ones i made today i was rushing through it! not improving but enjoy! :D
  689. yajvaj

    Thai Jasmine Flower

    thank you for this thread! i was wondering wats the name of this flower too! i really like it i wish where i live has it but it don't, so it grows on tree??
  690. yajvaj

    disgusting hmong people

    ok everybody i will comfirm to all of us that this is only a rumor that got BIG! my sister-in-law works in the hospital that they say the couple was in and she works in the emergency room she said this story is FAKE she or the staff there has never treated any patients like this situation so...
  691. yajvaj

    is there something wrong with me???

    nothing is wrong with u im the same talk to guys think they're cute but after a while i just prefer them as friends so some of the guys are my friends now...yea ur just waiting for the right one...
  692. yajvaj

    disgusting hmong people

    wow! now after reading wat slee00 posted up im having 2nd thought it migh be rumors...
  693. yajvaj

    For the ladies

    that was cute...i think some guys would be like that but maybe most guy wouldn't think like that! hehe...but really cute:D thanks for sharing!!! :D
  694. yajvaj

    share your hmong banner ~ nploog siab khuab lig cua

    really nice! can somebody post a better picture of her the girl that plays with tub yaj in innocent cyclone? thanks!
  695. yajvaj

    yajvaj's work

    sorry guys! i won't be updating soon because some things are wrong with my adobe photoshop so yea! :Dthanks for the comment teri!! :D
  696. yajvaj

    Willy n'ke

    they make a cute couple in manee yard fah!:D
  697. yajvaj


    OMG! im so behind so how long did nic and cecilia been 2gether for? WOW! they got married how old are they anyways? well congrats to both of them!! he's a singer she's a singer, he's an actor she's an actress! :D hehe...
  698. yajvaj

    Tub Yaj

    i heard my sister said that Tub Yaj will be coming to the Metrodome i think during the Metrodome New not sure when but i'll try to find out...:D
  699. yajvaj

    brenda song

    yea i did saw a little show of her speaking in hmong saying her neam and she also brought some pictures and the baby carrier on te show...i don't know but i like being Hmong! wats wrong with being Hmong? :D
  700. yajvaj

    SAiFAH'S G R A P H I C S 020813

    cute posters!!! keep it up!! :D
  701. yajvaj

    A Xiong Man & A Lee Woman

    OMG! my mom and grandma was talking about this yesterday night that i couldn't sleep! they were saying something like "daij qhov" and i ask my mom wat she meant by that and she kept on saying :daij qhov" and i was confused i thought the husband killed the wife and blah blah but OMG!! i heard...
  702. yajvaj

    A Fairy from wonderland

    isn't tae thai? that's so cool! he starring in Taiwanese dramas...:D
  703. yajvaj

    The Hospital

    i was all around the net and saw that jerry has a new drama out it aired in August 15, 2006 it has 36 episodes and here is the summary for this drama I swear to fulfill, to the best of my ability and judgment, this covenant: Make the care of my patient my first concern; listen to patients and...
  704. yajvaj

    Wic 3 Pra Ram 4 Pictures

    wat event is this? and WOW! the picture with the scary lady in the background is creepy! is she ann alicia mom in leh ratee?? hehe...everybody looks GREAT! thanks for sharing!! :D
  705. yajvaj

    Num and Kob pixs

    really sad! :( may he rest in peace
  706. yajvaj

    Juciy news on Herr's Video

    wat? a 3 amd 4 to khib ciaj khib tuag? wow! ok, but i think it won't be good like parts 1 and 2 cause usually hmong movies start out strong but as they make the story go longer it's getting boring...
  707. yajvaj

    Next n'ke for Por T.

    i want to see him with Aff and Yard! :D
  708. yajvaj

    Kob & Num lakorn

    oooo...sounds interesting! maybe i should buy it! anybody know how many parts there are? thanks for the summary mysticlady83
  709. yajvaj


    this is one of my top 5! it's good and yea kinda sad too! but i recommend to anybody out there who haven't seen it, bee and chakrit did a great job on their role, the hmong dubb one is good too i like the voices! :D
  710. yajvaj

    Por's Lakorn #3

    they are so cute together! i love this lakorn so far!! :D
  711. yajvaj

    Por's Gallery #46

    por and pat so cute 2gether! pat is really pretty in these pictures! :D
  712. yajvaj

    Por's Trip to India

    seems fun! :D
  713. yajvaj

    Por on GM

  714. yajvaj

    Por's Gallery #36

    thanks for sharing! he's cute!:D
  715. yajvaj

    Don't ploy has a sister who use to be a nek?

    OMG! i liked her in the lakorn with Off where she a boran dancer or something!! that was the BEST! now she only play nang'rai? same with Off he only plays the bad guy role...
  716. yajvaj

    -O<><><>Pepsi's Sketchbook<><><>O-

    NICE! keep it up! :D
  717. yajvaj

    Kob & Num lakorn

    wat's the summary?i want to know b4 i buy...:D
  718. yajvaj

    yajvaj's work

    thanks for the comment hunny, new one today!enjoy! :D i didn't do the book like thingy i just got it from somebody else!
  719. yajvaj

    Happy Birthday

  720. yajvaj

    New Skin.. !!!

    hm...maybe im not use to this skin yet but i like the colors! hehe...:D
  721. yajvaj

    yajvaj's work

    thanks for the comment babe_girl! well be updating over the weekend! :D
  722. yajvaj

    Ciaj tuag los yuav hlub

    the cover looks interesting! wat's the summary?? :D
  723. yajvaj

    Suri Cruise

    really cute! on the 2nd picture she kinda looks like a doll and on the 3rd picture she is cute!! hehe...
  724. yajvaj

    SAiFAH'S G R A P H I C S 020813

    keep up the good work saifah, really cute artworks i like the kwan usamee one really much! :D
  725. yajvaj

    Frog Prince

    finally finish watching it! OMG! so good and sweet! i like how they have a couple of kiss scene! hehe...but the ending was sweet, by the way the songs are GREAT anybody have them? please i begg you upload it for me? thanks! :D
  726. yajvaj

    HLub Nrog Lub Kua Muag

    so many good dubbed lakorn out! and im so broke, i still have to finish buying jao sao ban rai! ehe...are they a new production? :D
  727. yajvaj

    9/11 Fifth Anniversary

    i remember this it was back when i was a 6th grader some students in my school cried so they had to leave school to go home...this is a really sad day...
  728. yajvaj

    Frog Prince

    it's good, on the cover they even said it's better than "Falling Star Garden" which is "Meteor Garden"...Ming-Dao is cute in here! :D
  729. yajvaj

    Por & Namfon in Hmong

    so Por is a dad in this lakorn?
  730. yajvaj

    Anyone interested in...

    i think it'll be a good idea, i'll join! :D
  731. yajvaj

    Saifah's Photo Collections!!!

    nice eyes and smile!! :D
  732. yajvaj


    cute hair cut!! :D
  733. yajvaj

    What would you do?

    i wouldn't mind as long as he's not jealous when i make friends with the opposite sex
  734. yajvaj

    this makes me angry!

    well she should forget about him but i know it is really hard to forget someone but try, there's still somebody out there that still need her, so move on...
  735. yajvaj

    Kathreeya English [ SINGING CONTEST ]

    kat is so pretty on the poster! it sounds fun! :D
  736. yajvaj

    Frog Prince

    im currently watching it and is only on episode 3 wow! so far so good! :D
  737. yajvaj

    Por & Namfon in Hmong

    oh thank you starryxing*
  738. yajvaj

    Pauj Kev Hlub

    i haven't seen it but the girl on the right is kate thiyada...that's all i know
  739. yajvaj

    TeRrI's CrEaTi0n

    really nice!!!
  740. yajvaj

    Por & Namfon in Hmong

    wat does "Jao Sao Ban Rai" means anyways? well i was wondering is some of the dubbing even correct? i don't know but it doesn't really seems like it...i may be wrong, so correct me...can't wait for the rest of the part to come out! hehe... :D
  741. yajvaj

    frog prince

    when u buy the hmong dubb version it's like $10 a tape and if there was 8 tapes it's $80 already and u can already get the original for less i buy my taiwanese drama in originals but my thai it have to be dubb cause i don't understand thai :(
  742. yajvaj

    Por & Namfon in Hmong

    so far part 1 is out only...
  743. yajvaj

    Question game

    chicken how was school today?
  744. yajvaj

    Por & Namfon in Hmong

    OMG!!!!!!! i just bought the movie yesterday, and the voices match i like Por's voice, numfon was good too but one thing i don't like is they used the word "hey" too much! hehe...but overall good... :D
  745. yajvaj

    yajvaj's work

    thanks for the comment babe_girl! new one bored...enjoy! :D
  746. yajvaj

    Other star forum

    wat about ann thongprasom? :D
  747. yajvaj

    Lao Moua

    i like his voice it's strong and i love his song "Nrwj Tsis Tau Koj" or Can't Get Away From You, :D
  748. yajvaj

    The Person Below You....

    ooo...yeas i am right now! hehe... the person below me starts school this coming week!
  749. yajvaj

    Pictures of latest thing you bought,

    LOVE the green bag!! where u get that? hehe... :D
  750. yajvaj

    Por & Namfon in Hmong

    ok great! i dind't hear wrong! u know how many parts to this yet?
  751. yajvaj

    yajvaj's work

    not the best made it today...enjoy, school is around te corner so i might be updating almost everyday! hehe...:D
  752. yajvaj

    Kob & Num lakorn

    mae im with you! im also picky! hehe...i think i'll stick wiht teh 4 parts cause im kina broke now...WA they're not bad are they? cause i think i saw one of their dubbed movies's call "qhias tias koj hlub kuv" a philiphino film, the girl's voice is good but i just don't really like...
  753. yajvaj

    Hima Tai Prajun

    still haven't seen this lakorn yet but i really want to!! :D thanks for sharing the pics!! :D
  754. yajvaj

    babe_girl's art work

    really cute poster! keep it up!! :D
  755. yajvaj

    Npawg Tooj

    OMG!!! :shock: is that really him without the tongue???? dang! he looks so different i almost didn't belive it!! WOW!! yea he look better without teh tongue thing...
  756. yajvaj

    This or That

    hm...hard one i think it depends... :D computer or typewriter?
  757. yajvaj

    yajvaj's work

    thanks for the comment penny, and keeytjeeh...made earlier today...enjoy! :D
  758. yajvaj

    Paj Zaub Vwj

    hehe...yea she does look like her...i like paj zaub's dimples! :D
  759. yajvaj

    Lai Lub Salub Larng

    ooo...wats it about?
  760. yajvaj


    i love her hair!!
  761. yajvaj

    Happy birthday P'Tye

  762. yajvaj

    SARNIE IDOL II POLL many good voices and songs!!!! don't know who to choose!!just wanna tell all the contestants: GREAT VOICE!!! :D wish i was as good as u guys/gals!! :D
  763. yajvaj


    i was wondering how do i make borders around my banner? cause my banners are always like a regular picture...
  764. yajvaj

    yajvaj's work

    thanks Mara ones i made today...enjoy! i think i like these 2! hehe... :D
  765. yajvaj

    Pat's Gallery #28 cute! thanks for sharing!! :D
  766. yajvaj


    Minneapolis, Minnesota :D