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    Why are khmer and Thai ppl hatin' each other? Help me!!!

    Okay, it all started when I was visiting Cambodia when I was 17 yrs old in 2004, stayed there for over 2 months. WHen I asked why there was no thai tv shows on Cambodian cable all of my relatives started talkin bout how thai ppl and anything related to thai stuff is now allowed in Cambodia. My...
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    Request : Khmer Song/Karaoke/Movies

    did anyone watch kob and chakrit movie where the opening have this cambodian song. I want to know who sings the chinese version and all i know is that a guy sings it
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    Mafia Tee Rak-(Methamahaniyom)

    i don't understand thai but I'm so watching it but can someone please give me a detailed explanation of epiosde 1 and 2 because I really need a translator for those episode I want dialogue
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    Ruk Nee Hua Jai Rao Jorng(Lakorn Thai)

    what roleis janie playing as? who is she? also who is ken really in the movie?
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    could someone summarize the ending please?
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    <span style="color:blue"><b>Sai Lom Gub Sam Rouw</b></span>

    could someone please give me a summary of the last episode and give me hints to watch this movie because nowadays thai movies suck especially channel 7 since it drag and drag
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    Ken's In Music Video

    I was rooting for Janie too, I finally watch the mv
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    [Ch3] Oum Ruk (LakornThai)

    so when is this actually airing?
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    Num How Sow Sai Hua Jai Ping

    what channel is this lakorn airing?
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    how did Pat and por lakorn end?
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    what's out today?
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    what's out this week. How many parts of por and nat are out?
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    Stephan & Aum

    is numfrom and stephan going out?
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    Ken's In Music Video

    what was the mV about? Was it a happy ending?
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    Tawan Ching Plob

    it's digusting sleeping with sisters. Why is Kade alway in a lakorn between two sisters that love him. Example: Bua and May, Tangmo(twin lakorn), and now this one!
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    Kasa Naka

    why does noon want to be a nrai, she looks and act way better than tanmo. No offense to tangmo fans though.
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    Likit Ruk Likit Luerd(Exact:Romance/Action)

    yo I hope the bad captian will turn good in the end, while the cop one turns evil. That would be totally unexpected
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    Likit Ruk Likit Luerd(Exact:Romance/Action)

    is it pang/captian or fang/captian. Who gets with who?
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    Lhong Ngao Jun (Kob and Stephen)

    this movie is okay, but kob was so weak.
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    is kade and bua movie good?
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    <span style="color:red"><b>Raeng Rit Pit Sawad</b></span>

    anyway is aum the nek or numfom?
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    Wo Ai Ni(Ch3:?)

    lol it's airing on MAy 11, 2006. That is my birthday. I'm turning 18
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    Kan Kala

    how's the movie so far? Did it ended yet?
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    Taley Jai

    is this moive better than the old version?
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    Jao Sao Katan Haan

    is this ch.3 or exact?
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    Kuey Yai Sapai Lek(Broadcast Thai)

    I don't like tao somchai
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    Fah Sauy Len Sai [CH 7]

    how's the rating for this lakorn?
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    Hima Tai Pra Jun

    lol is this a ch.3 lakorn?
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    Sroy San Jun-(Bangkok Drama)

    what happen so far?
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    [Ch3] Tang Fah Tawan Diew

    so whaty happen so far?
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    who is the best pra ek !!!!!

    ken, por (ch.3), and chakrit
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    what's new this week
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    ntry lakorns

    what matters, is that you get to watch it so just forget all of those screeching annoying voices.
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    Save The Last Dance For Me

    a dramatic movie thay really gives me hope in realizing true love can never fade even when 2 hearts are apart. Eventually, you will be together at long last
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    Full House Or My Girl?

    my girl just because of Lee don wok. he such a hottie
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    Peun Ruk Peun Rai

    this one better be good than their 1st lakorn because that suckx biiiig time
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    <span style="color:green"><b>Sun Yah Kaen San Ruk(Exact)</b></span>

    finally! A new couple. A fresh start indeed!
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    Likit Ruk Likit Luerd(Exact:Romance/Action)

    fang! why her I just dun like her long face. It does not match with Captain.
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    <span style="color:red"><b>Raeng Rit Pit Sawad</b></span>

    even though I watch all of Aum's lakorn I still don't like her. I dunno, it's like you despise people for some reason. Don't yall feel thgat way sometime?
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    Tawan Ching Plob

    ewww. I hate when the preak slleps with siblings? Yuck
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    <span style="color:blue"><b>Duang Jai Patiharn(Red Drama)</b></span>

    Though I still adore them
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    <span style="color:blue"><b>Duang Jai Patiharn(Red Drama)</b></span>

    I'm sick of seeing them. I want new couples!
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    [DL] Labech Banchort Snaeh

    what is this lakorn aboutz?
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    ntry lakorns

    me, I could watch anyone, either mayure, ntry, or from srok khmer. I got used to it when I went to srok khmer for 2 whole months. Besides, I realized that as long as you have the movies in good condition and could understand it then that should be enough!
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    Kon Rak Game Payabaht(559 OnAir)

    will this air when ann and ken lakorn air? This would be controversial then.
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    Likit Ruk Likit Luerd(Exact:Romance/Action)

    hey, just wondering if anyone kneew anything about his lakorn with bee namthip
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    [Ch3] Tang Fah Tawan Diew

    the lakorn seems good, could anyone please give me a summary of what had happen so far?
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    <span style="color:red"><b> Duay Raeng Heng Ruk(ด้วยแรงแห่งรัก)</b></span>

    is it really that ridiculous. lo, I hate it too when repitition of the same generic of movie drag like that
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    Wai Rai Yod Ruk

    could any 1 please give out summary for this lakorn.
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    Vimean Maykala (Kat English & Johny )

    how much is the Chor Lau Heung 1984. my email address
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    Alec Su and Jang Nara

    Could someone give me the summary for the least episode because my disc is messed up. thanx
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    Alec Su and Jang Nara

    Hey I was wondering if any of you watched a movies with them in it, in 2005. It's basically about Alec who is the king in the Ming Dynasty and he met with Jang nara who like to dress as a boy and people like to call her gold shrimp because she steals money from the bad rich to give to the poor...
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    poo san dao

    what is this series really about. Is it good to watch?
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    who is the best pra ek !!!!!

    Me lets see Willy Ken Chakrit Num Captain
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    Janie and Ken 1-17 ENd is that with the same voice of the pek and nek.
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    benz and Chakrit lakorn

    could someone give me a summary of their lakorn
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    benz and Chakrit lakorn

    could you give me a summary of what happen in the lakorn
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    benz and Chakrit lakorn

    could you guys give me a summary for both lakrons. thanx because i really want to rent something
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    benz and Chakrit lakorn

    I was just wondering what lakorns did they play together because I never watched any of theirs before. Could you guys give me a summary of the lakorn
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    Sapai Tornado

    can someome tellme what happen when they know about kob grandpa. Who is he and who kob reallly is