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  1. SouthernGal

    Chai and Vicky (they're so cute)

    Does anyone have the Twilight Show for Oct. 22 2007 or can find it on youtube? the one that she was on with her friends and which lakorn was it that chai speaks english? i wanna see him speak english! a lot of times when i think they can, its pretty broken english hehe... i know this is old but...
  2. SouthernGal

    Help with a thai lakorn title please!!!

    Hey, i cannot think of the name of this lakorn. It takes place in.. maybe the 60s-ish.. setting sorta like Sapai Jao. The main characters are Kong, Tik (the girl) nampeung and janesuda. those are the names i can think of. Does anyone rmember the title? i really want to rewatch this... even...
  3. SouthernGal

    Ananda in Laos-Thai Movie "Sabaidee Luang Prabang"

    Does anyone know if this movie is out yet?? i'd LOVE to watch it. shes a cutie and i looove him!!! =D
  4. SouthernGal

    Chai and Vicky (they're so cute)

    I LOVE VIcky, shes my idol! loved her since her first lakorn with Num and her movie Fah....hehehe.
  5. SouthernGal

    Ananda Everingham and GF Jit Santhong

    OMG! Gorgeous, i LOVEE handsome! =)
  6. SouthernGal

    Tookata Rerng Rabahm

    i just watched epi 5 and it was my first one to di love this lakorn already!!! no need to start at 1 im ready for the rest...hehe.
  7. SouthernGal

    Krueng Tep Ratree(Who & Who)

    does anyone know the role of Ja?
  8. SouthernGal

    inside pics of Cherrys new nail salon "La Ferrie"

    omg so nice! very europeanish...i would sooo go when i go to thailand! thehehe...i love how its hands on for her! sooo awesome...i love cherry!
  9. SouthernGal

    Bie & Fang Exclusive Meeting @ Call Center, AIS

    awww...fang does look pretty!!! yay
  10. SouthernGal

    Sood Tae Fah Gumnode(Quiz & Quest)

    ^^ YEAH i know! this was moved quick! hahaha but i def loved this series! one of my favs for sure! i watched it for the second time again, hehe. I also def agree that Pip is ONE HOT DADDY!!! hehehehe i hope to see these two paired up again, they make a cute couple! and im glad that they had...
  11. SouthernGal

    Krueng Tep Ratree(Who & Who)

    im so glad to be seeing Ja again, she and Nott would make a cute couple! although i sorta rather have her the main nang ek...well, either glad shes in the lakorn too! yaya! =)
  12. SouthernGal

    Couples you want to see again

    oh i def wanna see Pip and Ja again! after watching soot tha fa gumnode, oh man...i lvoe them together! sooo cute! i hope they do get to do another lakorn with more cute scenes this time! haha
  13. SouthernGal

    Payak Sao Sab Eelee(Polyplus-NookNarn)

    i cant wait to see this one! i sure hope it comes out soon!
  14. SouthernGal

    Ruk Leh Sanae Luang

    oh and since i skipped so many episode, i dont know whatever happend to Wat's gf? what happend to her? can someone fill me in? thanks!
  15. SouthernGal

    Ruk Leh Sanae Luang

    omg, eventhough i ABSOLUTELY loooove both Ploy and Vicky, i could not watch every episode for the life in me. It really had no story was strange...but i did wtch the ending, and it was so cute though. I loved the very last part when they had a baby and they looked alike that the...
  16. SouthernGal

    Sood Tae Fah Gumnode(Quiz & Quest)

    i saw the last episode and it was grrrreat! loved it!!! too bad theydidnt have more cute scenes thur out the series though, would have been better!!!! i hope they get to star with each other again, they are absolutely cute together! even he does have a family, its okay to just think about it...
  17. SouthernGal

    Payak Sao Sab Eelee(Polyplus-NookNarn)

    man, im excited to see Go again!! woooo!
  18. SouthernGal

    Sood Tae Fah Gumnode(Quiz & Quest)

    hahaha you guys are funny. I love this lakorn, wish it was longer but NOT so drawn out...there were sooo many unnecessary scene sheesh. they make such a cute couple!!!!!
  19. SouthernGal

    Sood Tae Fah Gumnode(Quiz & Quest)

    wait, whos getting married? pip and meji?? no way??!!
  20. SouthernGal

    Sood Tae Fah Gumnode(Quiz & Quest)

    yessss, wkend is coming up!! woohoo! im excited for more epis to come out!!!!!!! :)
  21. SouthernGal

    Sood Tae Fah Gumnode(Quiz & Quest)

    i havent seen 5 yet, gonna watch it tonight when my siters comes..shes hooked!! hahah i love this lakorn, and pip is soooo cute...who is this Ja girl? where is she from, she looks sooo familiar, but i just cant seem to remember....
  22. SouthernGal

    Hua Jai Sila

    I used to not like Fang either, but i think ima like her just fine in this lakorn....and her name is Meen like Mew in the other lakorn with Bie! haha so funny, hes prob like omg another meen?!!! =) I just saw the first episode, and its actually pretty good..i think ima keep up with this...
  23. SouthernGal

    Plik Tai Kub Bai Kao(Quiz & Quest)

    man i sooooooooooo cannot wait for this to air..its gonna be a while prob..that little girl is cute! and finaly something new for vicky! yay!
  24. SouthernGal

    Ruk Leh Sanae Luang

    yeah, i def agree!!! being too alike isnt going to work out in the long run...
  25. SouthernGal

    Ruk Leh Sanae Luang

    yeah, i dont get it either..i thought they were twins...but just look alike? um..okay wahtever. I just watched epi 3, and its getting better! woohoo, its cute! hehe love all the characters!!! =) i wish ther were more episodes!
  26. SouthernGal

    Ruk Leh Sanae Luang

    i think Vicky is getting with the blind one and Ploy is with the jerkish kinda balances out.
  27. SouthernGal


    Yeah, i agree..the boo'ing was def uncalled def has to do with the relationship with us and mexico. Sad, oh so sad. I also really liked Korea, i rooted for her..but def had a feeling thta Japan was going to get it.
  28. SouthernGal

    Vicky Sunisa Jett:Fabulous Magic

    mannnn she is soooooooooooooo GORRRRGEOUS!!!!! love her, thanks!
  29. SouthernGal

    Chin Info

    yeah, i defnitely see k-fed...thats not good.
  30. SouthernGal

    SPICY Board Offline?!

    phew, i soooo thought it was just me!! i hope it gets fixed. spicy is alwyas like this! :(
  31. SouthernGal

    Getting To Know Mark

    Whaaat? He's from Ga? no way, i wonder if he and Patson are like..."dude you're from ga?!" hahaha..or did he just go to school at SCAD? niiiiice!
  32. SouthernGal

    yard and ananda mag

    i've never seen it either!! does anyone have the shoot? i would love love love to see it! hehe
  33. SouthernGal

    3 n'rais on Ruk Euy

    haha, Kik is by far the scariest...and maybe cos shes so loud too! hehe but they all are great actresses.
  34. SouthernGal

    Ruk Leh Sanae Luang

    HOLY MOLY! my TWO favorite actresses will be starrin together!!! but, whos the main one? both of them are?? aahhh, i sooooooooooooooo cannot wait wiat wiat!
  35. SouthernGal

    Angie and Joe Nuvo

    i believe they broke up a lonnng time ago!
  36. SouthernGal

    entral international watch fair

    wow!! gorgeous!! wait, is she back? or was this? huh? i thought shes in england!
  37. SouthernGal

    Kaew Tah Pee

    wow, with a quick glance, i thought it was Vicky for a sec there. Siiigh, cant believe its coming to an end. But it was all good! every episode was really good! I guess only the first 2 epi was in thailand then huh.
  38. SouthernGal


    She lives and attend school in California, but she has friends in NYC and i suppose she used the time visiting friends and did the photoshoot there too!
  39. SouthernGal

    Kaew Tah Pee

    i feel so bad for Cherry, its like, he wont ever trust her. Its so sad, one min hes really sweet and the next hes just horrible. Siiigh, i cant wait til everything is resovled!!! but the cute scenes in epi 11 was still cute as can be!
  40. SouthernGal


    She currently resides in LA, Cali...but if i remember correctly, those photos were taken in NYC. :)
  41. SouthernGal

    Meeting Lift from Lift&Oil

    oh wow, thats so awesome! Which uni are you studying at? I wanna study abroad too! you are so lucky!
  42. SouthernGal

    vicki sunisa jett

    buying a new house in Thailand? will she still be living with her bro and grandma? if i can remember correctly.
  43. SouthernGal

    vicki sunisa jett

    I'd like to see her in a more romantic lakorn with Chakrit too...the one they had, he was just too depressed. haha. I looove Vicky eversince Yod Ya Yee, shes just so adorable!
  44. SouthernGal

    Num How Sow Sai Hua Jai Ping

    man, i didnt even finish this lakorn...i stopped at where Kelly's fiance ran off with the other guy. i think they just stopped uploading it or something...i dunnoooo.
  45. SouthernGal

    Pin Mook (Daravdo)

    haha, i reeeally like this lakorn too...sometimes i cant stand Aum...and i dont really like her lakorns..i dunno why.. but i reeeally like this one...
  46. SouthernGal

    Pin Mook (Daravdo)

    i really enjoy this lakorn, it kinda reminds me of that lakorn with Jui and NOte, the one where she pretends to be deaf...i think...well, it kinda reminds me of that... Cee and his glasses are growing on me! hes so hot! haha
  47. SouthernGal

    Kaew Tah Pee

    wow, its getting really good! Cherry has so many haters...poor gal. im glad shes keeping it cool though, hehe.
  48. SouthernGal

    Bua Chompoo "Bright Side"

    she is such the cutest thing ever! her smile is soo pretty! and her eyes jsut sparkle with happiness! i looove her!
  49. SouthernGal

    Yardthip admires Ann T.

    aww, I love anne! shes just so sweet and always knows what to say!
  50. SouthernGal

    Kaew Tah Pee

    its airing tomorrow! yippeee! im excited..i love this lakorn...the more misunderstandings there are, the more cute scenes there are too! heheheh yay!
  51. SouthernGal

    Pin Mook (Daravdo)

    ^^ hahahahaahaha omg, that was really funn! yeah, jthepsen, glad you are okay too...and STILL uploaded lakorns for us! crazyness! thankyou
  52. SouthernGal

    Pin Mook (Daravdo)

    when does this air again? i dont remember, I like how Aump is in this lakron! hehe Cee is cute too, but im not really feeling the glasses.
  53. SouthernGal

    Pin Mook (Daravdo)

    that guy that play as Miengs brother, who is he? he is reeally cute, i love his dimples! hehe
  54. SouthernGal

    Noon Woranuch : Superlative By Nature

    shes so natural looking! love her, thank you for sharing !
  55. SouthernGal

    Kaew Tah Pee

    ^^ turn on i know! i love it everytime he looks at her, he keeps smiling! hehe
  56. SouthernGal

    Kaew Tah Pee

    haha Jap is pretty whimpy in here, its funny...i cant wait til she finds out he can seee!
  57. SouthernGal

    Kaew Tah Pee

    thats the same one i DL earlier, is that the one you DL too? or did you watch yours from the actual site? oh well, i guess i'll just wait til someone posts the entire epi later.
  58. SouthernGal

    ch3 daras at charity event

    ooo thanks for sharing Tinah, everyone looks so good! anne and ken..sigh, and Vicky! aahhh, she needs to come back onscreen! well, sitcom is coming soon, but i want a lakorn!!!
  59. SouthernGal

    Tey Jai Ruk

    the teaser was pretty good, all the gals had one bright colored dresses...cant wait to watch it!
  60. SouthernGal

    Kaew Tah Pee

    yeah, i've only seen like 1hr of it...i watched the one Youa posted in this thread. and it was missing some parts or something.
  61. SouthernGal

    Pin Mook (Daravdo)

    oh man, im not a huge fan of Aum, but im soooo wanting to watch this!
  62. SouthernGal

    Jamleuy Ruk (Makers Group)

    ^^ thats true, and maybe the fact that the fans wants him and ann to get together in real life has to do with it too, and he doesnt want anymore rumors..por Noi...oh well, Ann and Ken are cuter. haha
  63. SouthernGal

    Kaew Tah Pee

    im sooo looking forward to epi 5, this one was still cute..Aom is sooo annoying! !aah
  64. SouthernGal

    Sai Nam Sarm chewit ( Pau Jin Jong)

    dude, i just watched that and it looks sooo intense! i dont know if i can handle that along with Oil oh man, i might have to skip that...haha thanks for sharing! btw, it kinda looks like a big screen movie but i guess not. haha
  65. SouthernGal

    Tee Tra Koon Song

    oOOoOOOOOoOO i cant wait for Ruk Euy with them! yay!
  66. SouthernGal

    Pin Mook (Daravdo)

    haha i was wondering what you were talking about! But yeah, i do remember on one of her interviews she said something about playing two ppl, and she corrected herself so we wont mistaking it as to her playing twins..i guess day time shes someone else and night time shes another characterA?
  67. SouthernGal

    Pin Mook (Daravdo)

    twin? i dont think theres a twin, or is there?
  68. SouthernGal

    Sai Nam Sarm chewit ( Pau Jin Jong)

    man, Oil is soo hot! cant wiat..but hes going to die..booo...and his doggie looks kinda scary! but so pretty and white!
  69. SouthernGal

    Tee Tra Koon Song

    Mike the HOTTIE is 24 mamsters! :wub:
  70. SouthernGal

    Win Tawin

    is he from the states? or somwhere? cos i was watchin Dao Kra Jai, and Poo Priya said something like "I was the same way when i got here [thailand], i couldnt eat anything", so from that, im assuming he wasnt raised in Thailand?
  71. SouthernGal

    Win Tawin

    Yup! these two cuties are brothersss! their names are quite alike too! hehe and they look alike tooo! =)
  72. SouthernGal

    Kaew Tah Pee

    hahaha, i know! that part was so cute, his smile is killerrrr! hehe
  73. SouthernGal

    Win Tawin

    aww, i was just googling him...but everything is in Thai! haha, hes such a cutie, thanks for sharing...anyone has his profile??
  74. SouthernGal

    Khun Chai Jorm Yoong

    hmm..does anyone have this lakorn to upload?
  75. SouthernGal

    Sarnie IDOL

    wow, everyone sounds great! I really like PINK's voice, its cute...and i like the song she sang Glua Tur Roo, i forget whos that by..but its cute! goodjob everyone!
  76. SouthernGal

    Kaew Tah Pee

    i loooooooooooove the chemistry~ man oh man, im loving this lakorn! its greeeeeeeeeat! and the location, is sooo beautiful!~
  77. SouthernGal

    Thai Jasmine Flower

    I really like this picture! I like the way you took it, looks really professional..isnt this the flower that Noon likes in Kan Lum Kong?? its really pretty.
  78. SouthernGal

    Kaew Tah Pee

    im such a dork, i posted in the wrong section...haha but anyway, i sooo agree! they have great chemistry...i honestly cannot imagine any other actors playing their role! epi 2 was great! aahhh cant wait for more!
  79. SouthernGal

    Kaew Tah Pee

    goodness, everyone looks really great, i've been waitin for epi 2! gotta go DL now! thanks for uploading!
  80. SouthernGal

    Ning Panita

    Woohoo, what a hottie! i just love her hair...i think she is really pretty! her boobies look smaller than her other photoshoot..maybe it was airbrush! haha but otherthan that, she is really pretty! thanks for sharing!
  81. SouthernGal

    ploy cherman in new york city!

    was this for business or personal?
  82. SouthernGal

    ploy cherman in new york city!

    aw man, i wish i was living in NY!!! is she still there? aahhh, whats she doing in NY?
  83. SouthernGal

    Kon Rak Game Payabaht(559 OnAir)

    aww, Buachompoo sings the theme song, so pretty! It looks like an interesting lakorn, thanks for the clip!
  84. SouthernGal

    Pinky Sawika:Uniquely Singapore

    wow, soooooooo BEAUTIFUL! thanks for sharing!
  85. SouthernGal

    Tee Tra Koon Song

    oh my lord, now you know ima drool over that! that pic of him is sooooooooooooooooooo HAWT! woohoo! thanks for sharing!
  86. SouthernGal

    Tik Jessadaporn and Cherry Khemsorn:Comfy days

    oh, i see the pics now! yaya, verrryyy HOTT! love it! it looks like they took this at the mall or something...cos if you look at the second to the last pic, you can see the escalators and stuff...hehe but the photos are veryy hot none the less, thanks for sharing!
  87. SouthernGal

    Marsha-God save the Queen

    wow, the eyebrows are CRAZY! i love her hair though!
  88. SouthernGal

    Tik Jessadaporn and Cherry Khemsorn:Comfy days

    oh hot! but i can only see the first two pics..?
  89. SouthernGal

    ploy and dome getting a massage

    they have been dating for alittle over two years now!
  90. SouthernGal

    Cheer & Araya hair style

    i like em both, Cheer's is a bit more funky, I like Araya's better though, cos its longer..
  91. SouthernGal

    Kaew Tah Pee

    how often is this Lakorn airing? i hope fri sat and sun!!! that would be GREAT!
  92. SouthernGal

    Kaew Tah Pee

    OMG, thank you for the summary! I cannot wait for someone to upload it! aaahhhhhh, thank you! it seems so goooood!
  93. SouthernGal

    true beauty

    me too!
  94. SouthernGal

    Tee Tra Koon Song

    i like this Lakorn, Bua's character gets on my nerve sometimes too, but i guess thats her character! haha...oooh and what makes me mad is when Aof hit Aum, man oh man..and Mike he just felt and looked soo guilty, my poor mike! =(
  95. SouthernGal

    Kaew Tah Pee

    ahh so pretty! aw, shes gonna be gone...
  96. SouthernGal

    Yuer Marn

    yeah, they do need improvements...but they are doing a GREAT job so far! Also, i thought i was the only one that notices the way Por sits...haha..guess not!
  97. SouthernGal

    Lakorn DVD for sell (cont.)

    if you sell one lakorn, does that mean its not available anymore? haha... also, when you say DVD you dont mean VCD right? thank you!
  98. SouthernGal

    Tee Tra Koon Song

    are you talking bout mike? the oh so hot and tall one?! GAWD i love him! heheheheheeh
  99. SouthernGal

    Wic 3 Pra Ram 4 Pictures

    yay! thanks for sharing, everyonoe looks goood!
  100. SouthernGal

    Ann and Andrew new photoshoot

    wow, SO HOTTTTT! i cant wait to see more!
  101. SouthernGal

    Marsha Wattanapanich pregnant?

    she has two kids? i thought she only has one! hmm...i dont think shes pregnant, i doubt they wanna pull another mam kat...i do think its the way the dress fits...i dunno, thats my thing on it!
  102. SouthernGal

    Best Revenge Drama

    i dont even know what Jao Sao Prissana is! haha i voted for Ken and Ann
  103. SouthernGal

    Tee Tra Koon Song

    aww, they all look good! finally they grow up! yay! Bua is sooo pretty, and Aum sure does look funny in that thing...haha thanks for sharing!
  104. SouthernGal

    1st Anniversary of "IN Magazine

    aww, i cant see the pics!
  105. SouthernGal

    Anan Anwar

    haha, happy birthday Anan, do you know him personally?
  106. SouthernGal

    Happy Birthday

    If i'm not mistaking, i think shes turning 21! but dont quote me on that. haha
  107. SouthernGal

    Tee Tra Koon Song

    im glad its showing fri, sat and sunday! woohoo! i looove it, i loooove the song esp! hopefully someone will upload it...and i LOVE Mike! hehehehe he's soo cute! i love how he looks so cheery! wheeee!!!
  108. SouthernGal

    New Skin.. !!!

    I actually like it, its really pretty! I also like the color and its dunno the word, but the texture is nice? hahaha if that made anysense.
  109. SouthernGal

    Jamleuy Ruk (Makers Group)

    man, this is all confusing! haha...i hope this gets confirmed soon...maybe they are waiting for Ann, but isnt it funny how supposedly Ann got the script first and we were all waiting for Ken, but now its turned around and we are all waiting for Ann...craziness! It would be great to see them on...
  110. SouthernGal

    Yuer Marn

    oh wow, i just finished watching epi 1, and it was pretty good! i have to say that Fon's acting has improved!!!! yay! she's not so stiff anymore =)
  111. SouthernGal

    ch 3 promoting their 4 lakorns

    oh yay! cant wait!
  112. SouthernGal

    Kom Ruk Kom Sanae ha (ITV - Polyplus)

    aw, she is cute! its so short though...humph, but i like it! hehe i hope they upload some more epi, i've only seen the 1 thats uploaded
  113. SouthernGal

    Pat and Yard competiting?!

    20? i thought she was 18...i dunno
  114. SouthernGal

    Magazine Photoshoot

    man, they need to hurry up with their new lakorn!
  115. SouthernGal


    wouldnt it be great if he was back in Ga, i'd so go find his house! cousin actually went to school with him, but says he doesnt come home very often...but that was a while back..soo who knows...he should come back! doesnt he own a club with his friends in Thailand?
  116. SouthernGal

    Dutchie's Upcoming "2006" Event

    is that guy Amy's brother? amy kingpayom
  117. SouthernGal


    aw man, i havent seen him in foreverrrr! I miss him, he is sooo cute! i really enjoyed that lakorn he had with Ning, it was so funny and cute! hehe thanks for sharing!
  118. SouthernGal

    Yuer Marn

    ooooh, that sounds goooooood, i cannot wait!
  119. SouthernGal

    Note as a Villian in new lakorn

    aw man, a bad boy? i dont know if i can watch it..haha
  120. SouthernGal

    <span style="color:green"><b>Sun Yah Kaen San Ruk(Exact)</b></span>

    haha i remember that lakorn, it was something with fruit not falling too far from blah blah..something, and the gf was Araya right? it was her first i think. haha
  121. SouthernGal

    Yuer Marn

    OMG i CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!! ahhh, those sc are sooo omg! haha...and Por's arm is oh lordy lord...SEXY! they are sooooooo cute together...i hope theres a twist too...i dont wnat them to play as others through out..i want them to be them! that would be awesome! so close oh so close! =)
  122. SouthernGal


    whos Boy? does anyone have Boys pic?
  123. SouthernGal

    Tee Tra Koon Song

    same here Tinah! man, i cant wait..its on air when Sept 10 i think...and then Yer Marn is sept 11? something like that..OOMMGG! hehe
  124. SouthernGal

    Be My Guest Concert

    does anyone have this concert? both of them i guess
  125. SouthernGal


    its like...romeo and juliet! ahhhh...well, not really i guess. haha...i wanna see the ending now!
  126. SouthernGal

    Kaew Tah Pee

    man, i cant wait to watch this lakorn..i love Tik and Cherry!
  127. SouthernGal

    Jamleuy Ruk (Makers Group)

    yeah, i agree...i think its up to the with tae parn korn, i really didnt like it that much..but i liked Anne and Num, so thats why i watched it...but othere than that, it wasnt like that good... Now, if she and Ken starred in this other lakorn...with a storyline like that it...
  128. SouthernGal

    Por's Gallery #58

    omg, he is soo hot! haha i find him SUPER hot in his graduation gown, cos lord knows he is one well educated man! wooohooo! thanks for sharing!
  129. SouthernGal

    Tee Tra Koon Song

    I just saw the teaser too! and that was my exact thoughts..I LOVE THE SONG! im like what song is sounds soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good! haha i cant wait till someone uploads the song!
  130. SouthernGal

    Tee Tra Koon Song

    yeah, i know..they look a lot alike!!!! hes a hottie!
  131. SouthernGal

    Pics of Dome and Ploy on vacation?

    yeah! she was soo cute in Ruk EUy, she was all like "mew mew" hehe, sooo cute! So far so good, i think they are the cutest couple! they compliment each other very well! :)
  132. SouthernGal

    p'mam and her family

    that baby is just toooo cute! Now you know he will become an actor/model when he gets alittle older haha. Oh man, i dont know what would happen when she comes back... hmm...i hope someone posts the show when it airs! thanks for sharing Tinah! always on the ball arentcha! =)
  133. SouthernGal

    Tey Jai Ruk

    omg, i cannot wait for this lakorn to come out! it needs to come out now! ahhhhh, i love em all! the anticipation is killing me!!!!!!!!11 ahhhh! haha
  134. SouthernGal

    Por's Gallery #5

    OOMMGG he is sooooooooooooooooooo HOT! how could i have missed this one! yikes! haha
  135. SouthernGal

    Ann/Ken at an event together

    oh wow, selling em in the hospital? haha thats kinda odd i think. they are still such a cute couple!
  136. SouthernGal

    Por's Trip to India

    they look sooo close, if this was a personal vacation and no work, then they must be close close friends, awww they look like they are enjoyin it there! were these personal pics?
  137. SouthernGal

    Por at the Three Twenty Four Event

    awww, everyone is sooooo pretty!
  138. SouthernGal

    Por's Gallery #47

    i hope shes cute and a good girl!!! knowing how he is, im sure he made the right choice...cant wait to meet this Jane character!! haha
  139. SouthernGal

    Ann/Ken at an event together

    oh i love ann! and ken too! =)
  140. SouthernGal

    Power 3 Sensation

    oh yall rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you thank you!!!! hopefully more of Go will be updated..hehe my new obsession!
  141. SouthernGal

    Peun Ruk Peun Rai

    tik and cherry, dude, i cant wait for that...i love cherry! but i odnt know if i can see them together, but Tik can star with anyone@! hehe
  142. SouthernGal

    Peun Ruk Peun Rai

    Tinahs back in! haha...Note is reeally cute! i like them together! cant wait to watch it!
  143. SouthernGal

    Sorn Sinchai and Tai Orathai Concert

    I didnt get to see her when she came to Ga, but my parents mom says she looks sooo much prettier in person. Also, do yall think she looks kinda like Namfon from Jao Sao Ban rai? its the way they smile and pose. that innocent look eh? or its just me. haha
  144. SouthernGal

    Tee Tra Koon Song

    Mike Kingpayom or something like that...Lookade's(the model) little brother. the dude in the red band around his head. He isnt all that looking in these pictures, but in his fashion shoot...oooommmgggg...hehehe
  145. SouthernGal

    Tee Tra Koon Song

    Oh my lord, MIKE is in this lakorn?? ahhhhhhhhhhhh he is soooo hott! how come he cant get with the other nang ek..not bua but the other one. ooommmgggg, i cant wait wiat this one coming out soon? bua is sooooooooooo HOTTTTL!
  146. SouthernGal

    Mafia Tee Rak-(Methamahaniyom)

    oooh yay! comedy! i cant wait! hehehe
  147. SouthernGal

    Ying Klet Tur Ying Rak Tur

    oh yeeeah, i would really like epi 5 too! I thought it was like 3 episodes per wkend...i've only seen 2...i think. haha yeah 2 haha
  148. SouthernGal

    Be My Guest Concert

    oOOOO it looks fun! i wonder if anyone has it! hehe that guy behind ann does look cute! hehe
  149. SouthernGal

    which ch.3 lakorn?

    I voted for Oom Ruk, but i really love Jao Sao Ban Rai equally...Hima was just too sad for me. hehe
  150. SouthernGal

    Jao Ying Khor Taan

    ooommmgggg i cant wait! Ta is sooooo cute! Namfon tooo! is that looktan? hehehe cant wait cant wait! yippeeee!
  151. SouthernGal

    Power 3 Club At Ten?

    i only got namfon right! haha...they were all good though!
  152. SouthernGal

    Pat's Gallery #39

    ooooh wouldja couldja please upload them??? :D
  153. SouthernGal

    Power 3 Club At Ten?

    oh yay lakornlover! you rock!
  154. SouthernGal

    Power 3 Club At Ten?

    lthanks for sharing tinah! i wonder if anyone has it to upload! like the actual show! hehe they all sound pretty darn good and omg im looooooving Ta! hehehe
  155. SouthernGal

    Pat's Gallery #41

    they all look sooo good! I saw all of them singing! Does anyone know what song Mann and Meji singing again? or does anyone have it?? hehe
  156. SouthernGal

    Ying Klet Tur Ying Rak Tur

    ta is such a cutie! hehe
  157. SouthernGal

    Ae Issariya and Noon Siripan

    pretty! thanks for sharing Tinah!
  158. SouthernGal

    Ta Warit

    Hey guys! can anyone translate Ta's profile from power3club for me? Unfortunately, i cannot read Thai. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!! :D
  159. SouthernGal

    Ying Klet Tur Ying Rak Tur

    o0h man, i reeeally like this lakorn! I am in love with Ta! hehehe
  160. SouthernGal

    Por Tiksadee and...

    Aww, Jane is one lucky gal indeed! Hmmm...any pictures?
  161. SouthernGal

    Vicky Jett!

    oh yay! i thought i was the only one that missed her!! im glad she is still in ppls minds. I do hope that she will be in a lakorn soon, preferably the one with Ken! =)
  162. SouthernGal

    Vicky Jett!

    I think her lakorn with Ken is still in stock right now. You want her to star with Aum..atichart? or something like that =)
  163. SouthernGal

    Vicky Jett!

    I absolutely love Vicky! I think she is absolutely gorgeous and has the cutest smile ever! and she does not have the typical petite asian body! woohoo! I love all of her lakorns too! Esp Yard Ya Yee and Sa Pai Jao!!! *loves it* :D Just wanted to share some pics of one of my fav thai actress...
  164. SouthernGal

    Newer actors and lakorn

    I do agree that Por played the role reeally well, i didnt really like him in his other lakorns with Pat, but after watching Jao Sao Ban Rai...he grew on me and so then i decided to go watch his other ones. Namfon is just now starting, and i think shes improving. I also agree that power3club are...
  165. SouthernGal

    Ying Klet Tur Ying Rak Tur

    I really like this lakorn, Noon reminds me soooo much of Benz Pornchita! her lips and the way she talks, man..just the way she looks! Ta is soooooo cute! he is like a mini Dome pakorn lum! *loves it*
  166. SouthernGal

    Pat's Gallery #39

    i wonder if someone has this!
  167. SouthernGal

    Por's Gallery #41

    oh my, he is soooo hot!
  168. SouthernGal

    Por Tiksadee and...

    aww guys..i just got done watching See San Ban Teung, and Por has a girlfriend =( he said something that shes in America or somewhere.
  169. SouthernGal

    Por's Gallery #44

    im gonna miss them onscreen so much!!!
  170. SouthernGal

    Jao Sao Ban Rai

    i have been computer/internet less for the past wk! ahhhhh, i miss watchin the lakorns!!!!
  171. SouthernGal

    news on aom and sunny

    Im alittle late, but who is Sunny? he looks like hes in a band? *shrugs*
  172. SouthernGal


    Heyy! Im not sure if anyone already posted this subject...I think this was the party that mislead those of us who cannot read Thai, thinking that Power3Club was going to be in San Francisco! But here are some pictures from the SF Music City party!!! Por and Namfon are sooo cute!! :D :D :D...
  173. SouthernGal

    Jao Sao Ban Rai

    oh so true so true....never thought about that. Atleast shes paralyzed. haha
  174. SouthernGal

    Por's Group Pictures

    He always dresses sooo nice! hehehe i
  175. SouthernGal

    A Touch of Friendship Foundation

    Awww...i really really admire his passion!
  176. SouthernGal

    Pat's Gallery #35

    They surely are beautiful!!!!! love em!
  177. SouthernGal

    P'Bird new MV Feat. Anne/ken

    Oh Tinah dearest..once again, YOU ROCK!!!! :D :D :D :D :D Thank you!! i love em together, they are soooo..natural! hehehe...yay!!!!
  178. SouthernGal

    Hima Tai Pra Jun

    OMG...i just watched the last epi. what the heck, Film actually died. Awwwwie...what a way to end a lakorn. Sheesh. =( im so sad now. But one thing for sure i liked obut this lakorn was that it did not drag AT ALL. it was striaght to the point.
  179. SouthernGal

    Jao Sao Ban Rai

    oooh, i remember when he picked her up and brought her to live with him....but before that, he got a phone call..and he told his aunt that "P' [older]" has just passed away thats why she came to live with him. bu ti dont know..haha
  180. SouthernGal

    Jao Sao Ban Rai

    question! is Por really Looktharn's father? or is he her uncle but loves her like a daughter?
  181. SouthernGal

    Jao Sao Ban Rai

    Does anyone know how old Namfon is? or any info on her??
  182. SouthernGal

    Tv Inisde Vol:159

    dude, they make such a cute couple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)
  183. SouthernGal

    Jao Sao Ban Rai

    wow...4 more would be way too long! As of right now, it feels like 15 would be the ending. They are such a cute couple! i seem to always blush when something cute happens! esp when Namfone told Por that she wants to wear a white dress and celebrate their marriage..hehehehehe
  184. SouthernGal

    Jao Sao Ban Rai

    OH my goodness, this lakorn is gettin better and better! i cant wait for 12!!! ahhh, darn, i wish it would show more than just 2 per wkends or whatever. haha
  185. SouthernGal

    Power 3 club coming to San Francisco??

    Wait, omg what???? someon has got to translate all that thai stuff! haha..i wanna knooowww! althought i am sooo on the other side of the country..but i wanna go! haha
  186. SouthernGal

    paul and sara m

    Aww, its not too strange that they are a couple..they are both americanized im sure! She is really cute and so he is..soo yay! they look really happy! =)
  187. SouthernGal


    Its actually not The Sis, i know of the Sis...hmm...i cant really think of em. Like, i dont think they actually have a group name. I think they just got by their nick/real names. It sucks how i cant read thai. This is quite frustrating. haha. but thanks for helping!!!! hopefuly you'll find more...
  188. SouthernGal

    Poo Pi Ta Rak Tur

    who has the theme song to this lakorn? i wanna hear it! haha =) i think shes a cutie too!
  189. SouthernGal


    Hey, i was on Hunsa a while back...and i found these two girls.. one played the violin and the other played the cello..and their music was popish..but then kinda thai contry. they are signed with RS...can someone tell me their name? or name of their band thanks!
  190. SouthernGal

    Por Thrisadee Sahawong

    haha..i think hes hot too!! he totally grew on me...but have yall notice taht his eyes are tired or something?
  191. SouthernGal

    At 10 with Anne and Ken!

    wow, they seem really close! like really good friends!!! it would be great if they were to get each other..but for them being such close friends is also a plus!!! they are indeed cute! =)
  192. SouthernGal

    Hima Tai Pra Jun

    awww...that would be horrible. I hope he lives!
  193. SouthernGal

    Jao Sao Ban Rai

    hahahah I KNOW its soo funny to see him mad and then super super sweet!! and im like...wth just happen? and just start laughing!
  194. SouthernGal

    At 10 with Anne and Ken!

    they are sooo cute! hehe, i surely hope someone will post it in BM soon! hehe
  195. SouthernGal

    Pat's Gallery #32

    I love her with dark long hair!! with a tint of brown i guess...but she looks so cute!!!! :)
  196. SouthernGal

    yard's hospitalize

    I agree with you on that! People do need their rest you know, and it seems that only thai stars work their butt off! I mean, americans work hard too...but they get effecient rest you know! soo yeah, i enjoy the lakorns, but i hope that they do get their rest too so they can make more lakorns for...
  197. SouthernGal


    btw, whats the name of the other Miss Thailand who won miss photogenic...i forgot the year..but it wasnt too long ago. she also played in a lakorn with Johnny, but i dont think it ever aired. She was from California. i thought she was really pretty!
  198. SouthernGal


    Oh how i did the same thing!!! haha..i was really happy that she made it to top 20 though....did yall notice that when they announced her name..they didnt show the crowd for anyone cheering for her family and such? i was hoping to see someone wave a Thai flag! hehe... oooh, and i...
  199. SouthernGal

    news on Joy R. and some guy

    I think they are dating, i saw it on See san ban teung. but dont quote me on that!
  200. SouthernGal

    news on Aon Sarawoot

    i wish i could read thai! man girl, you are all up on these news arentcha!!! hehe =)
  201. SouthernGal

    Anne Thongprasom

    Thanks Tinah!!! =) Anne is DEFINITELY my favorite Thai actress!! she is so so so professional. She can fit well in any role. I can hate her ( not really, hehe) and i can looooooooooooooooooooove her!!! she is what i call, a TRUE ACTRESS! shes a natural! =)
  202. SouthernGal


    Thanks for posting that! too bad i cant read it. is that her at the bottom?
  203. SouthernGal

    Hima Tai Pra Jun

    awww, i feel so bad for Pat and Film. I really hope they have a happy ending.
  204. SouthernGal


    So I was watching a short clip of see san bung tung right. and it was about Tye's new comedy with Jenny( i think thats her name) and so they asked about him and his GIRLFRIEND!!!! :shock: My heart totally sank when i heard that, and saw a picture of her!! When did this happen, or am i just...
  205. SouthernGal

    [Ch3] Oum Ruk (LakornThai)

    hehehehe i soooooooooooooooooooooooooo AGREE!!!!
  206. SouthernGal

    Likasit Hua Jai

    oh just kidding, i found it! hehe thanks!!!!!!!!
  207. SouthernGal

    Likasit Hua Jai

    where is her archives? i would love to see ep 19-end!
  208. SouthernGal

    Jao Sao Ban Rai

    I didnt like him at first...but as i watched his lakorn with Pat and then watched this starting to crush on him. hehe =) hey Danny...where are you watching 7? its not in buddy media yet. boo
  209. SouthernGal

    Tey Jai Ruk

    thanks!! im DL'in Likasit hua jai right now...i hope its good!!!
  210. SouthernGal

    Tey Jai Ruk

    what movie did pat and por play in? is it in buddie media?
  211. SouthernGal

    [Ch3] Oum Ruk (LakornThai)

    omg, im gettin the good chills lookin at all these screen caps..i dont think i can handle watchin 12 and 13 with all this emotional thing going on. aaaaah!!!
  212. SouthernGal

    what happen to monton jira?

    No, hehe...but i would love to! I've seen the back and forth msg with others..and he definitely replies!! go for it and let me know how it goes!!
  213. SouthernGal

    what happen to monton jira?

    and yes, i agree...he is DEFINITELY A HOTTIE!!!
  214. SouthernGal

    what happen to monton jira?

    He has a personal website that he created and runs himself...and he also has a blog that he updates every chance he gets. AND!!! he has this google chat thing or board that people talk to him through via messages..check it out! Montonn's homepage
  215. SouthernGal

    What are you thinking right now?

    Definitely thinking about summer school and really wanting to pass, and...the future *siiiigh*
  216. SouthernGal

    Araya Chompoo

    Oooo lala...she looks reeeally pretty in this shoot! she also looks soooo much better with more meat on her bones! she used to be soo thin!! now shes oh so gorgeous..and i do love her hair!!! :D
  217. SouthernGal

    Lao 2005

    awesome! thanks for sharing, does anyone have more pics? i really would love to see them! i wish i could afford to go to laos! =(
  218. SouthernGal

    Chakrit & Jakajan

    who is she? what movie or series does she star in? thanks