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    [Ch7] Sen Tai Salai Sode (Workpoint)

    thanx 4 your hard work. I've been waiting for the next episode :)
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    [Ch7] Sen Tai Salai Sode (Workpoint)

    I'm enjoying this lakorn more than I expected lol. Im not a vee fan.
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    [Ch7] Sen Tai Salai Sode (Workpoint)

    thankyou so much for subbing this lakorn.
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    did mayura dubbed "kha kong khon" ?

    I'm waiting for it to get dubbed too. hopefully they do dub it.
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    [Ch7] Sen Tai Salai Sode (Workpoint)

    cant wait lol ive never seen noon in a romantic comedy.
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    Kha Khong Khon [Exact & channel 7]

    I'm waiting for Friday too. Loving this lakorn.Can't wait for more noon and pong and of course margie lol.
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    Kha Khong Khon [Exact & channel 7]

    i hope the rating will get higher. Looking forward to more noon and pong.
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    Mae Ying (Compordee)

    Yep! This lakorn was good. Too bad it was cut. Noon and num should pair up again.
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    Mae Ying (Compordee)

    I liked that scene too. They should have more scenes like that b4 it ends.
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    Mae Ying (Compordee)

    Me too. I can't wait 4 tomorrow's episode.
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    Mae Ying (Compordee)

    When I first saw Ann singing that song.her actions and stuff was so weird. Didn't even listen to the song. Now I quite like it though.
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    Mae Ying (Compordee)

    The boat part was funny lol. Can't wait for the next one.
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    Mae Ying (Compordee)

    I liked how num bribe that lil girl with food lol. Noon and num r cute together. Can't wait 4 more scenes of them.
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    Mae Ying (Compordee)

    I'm enjoying the lakorn. Can't wait 4 monday.
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    Mae Ying (Compordee)

    I can't wait to see the 1st episode lol hope I won't be disappointed.
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    Mae Ying (Compordee)

    Yes! Noon lol. I'm fine with weir or num. Hope it gets confirm soon.
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    Rook Kard (Dida)

    Well we all know whose gonna end up with por lol. Although I would love 4 jui to get with por. So that noon can get with someone else lol.
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    I have but it's not original. Althpugh the quality is quite good.
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    thankyou! I'll checkout this site now.
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    Does anyone know a website that sells original mayura dvds? I can't purchase from mayura voice production. I can't seem to register. I don't live in the states.
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    [Picture] - Thailand sur Seine ( Paris ) + VIDEO UPDATE | 18-19-20/07/08

    thanx so much 4 the pix and vdos.
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    Pleng Din Klin Dao

    you wanted more scenes of them,right? I do too.
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    Pleng Din Klin Dao

    I rewatched the last episode and I just notice noon was singing that song slow version. It's that song cee sings too. I like the slow version...too bad it's not on the cd.
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    Pleng Din Klin Dao

    I wanted more scenes between them too. Are they gonna be on a talk show together??
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    Pleng Din Klin Dao

    lol..too bad those scenes weren't part of the lakorn. I like the last couple minutes of the lakorn though right after they planted those cute.
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    Pleng Din Klin Dao

    I like noon and cee together. I also like this lakorn although I wanted slap noon at I can't wait for the ending. Yeah it was sad when noon gave cee back the candy.
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    Pleng Din Klin Dao

    noon's character should smarten up. Geez, why won't she listen to the guy she loves.
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    Pleng Din Klin Dao

    the lakorn is ok. I hope theres more scenes between noon and cee.
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    Pleng Din Klin Dao

    I'm actually starting to think noon looks good with short't wait for the next episode.
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    Pleng Din Klin Dao

    I liked the shower't been more too
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    Pleng Din Klin Dao

    It's at the ending of the episode. It's right before the ending credit.
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    Pleng Din Klin Dao

    yeah episode 10 was boring..I was really looking 4ward to it the next episode looks good from the preview.
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    Pleng Din Klin Dao episode 7 noon does look heavy..poor episode 9..I like all the parts where noon follow cee when he walked out of the't wait 4 more.
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    Pleng Din Klin Dao

    lol..there hi5 for this lakorn and I just saw the mvs to this lakorn.
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    Pleng Din Klin Dao

    I like it too and I'm looking forward to the upcoming episodes.
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    Pleng Din Klin Dao

    thanx 4 the pic. I'm looking forward to seeing this lakorn..every weekend.
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    lakorns in khmer

    I wanna know some sites or people that u bought from that are reliable. I recently bought some from akanin and never got them no lakorns or no money back and been like 2 months.
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    Pleng Din Klin Dao

    I love that lakorn with charkit too and noon's a good actress
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    Pleng Din Klin Dao

    thanx 4 the clip..they actually look good together..can't wait 2 c this lakorn.
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    Rahut Risaya (PolyPlus)

    paul and noon r so cute in episode wait 4 tomorrow
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    Rahut Risaya (PolyPlus)

    are the pix when they r in white in the upcoming episode 13??? by the way thanx 4 the pix.
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    Rahut Risaya (PolyPlus)

    lol..can't wait 4 episode 9..I wonder how many more episodes are left
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    Likit Hua jai(Lenitas)

    can someone tell me who sings that song in this lakorn?? it's not the theme or the ending song and a guy sings it. thanx!
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    What lakorn you look forward to most on the daily-weekly basis?

    Rahut'm loving this lakorn
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    Picture Ceez & Noon at Champs Elysees (PARIS) + VideO

    u guys r so wanna meet noon too..thanx 4 the pix
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    Rahut Risaya (PolyPlus)

    I hope someone upload this soon too
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    Likit Hua jai(Lenitas)

    I like that scene too..the holding hand
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    Likit Hua jai(Lenitas)

    I liek this lakorn so far..can't wait 4 episode 4..the ending of 3 was
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    Likit Hua jai(Lenitas)

    seems interesting wanna c the next episode...ending credit looks good
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    TiK vs Oil

    I say oil too cuz I don't find tik atttractive..well only in his first lakorn with
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    Kasa Naka

    Although I want noon to b nek..but mo is ok...I still wanna c this.
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    Kasa Naka

    I'm gonna watch this becuz of she odesn't dies or something...
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    the pix r making me wanna c it more..LYF is so pretty...liking her more and
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    Noon Woranuch

    I like noon's hair and makeup in here...she's pretty..thanx!
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    cool! really?? I never knew thye r going to have a lakorn together...I wanna watch anyone know what it's about??
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    Khun Noo Fah Gup Maew Karng Baan

    what genre is this lakorn?? horror?? mystery?? lol..thanx!
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    so..who's you're favorite actress rite now??

    it's noon 4 me
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    Khun Noo Fah Gup Maew Karng Baan

    oh my gosh..I really wanna watch this...liked them in that twin movie....yeah the one with vee.
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    who's your favorite...

    I'm not really a f4 fan...but i like vic out of all of
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    Noon on IMAGE:Long Hair Real Me

    I always love her smile..thanx!
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    TangMo Pataratida

    I like her....but I only like some of those pix..some r
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    Paula Taylor

    she's so pretty...yeah but not the
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    Kaen Lum Kong

    is there anymore pix?? plz...thanx!
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    Kaen Lum Kong

    I really hope this airs
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    benz and Chakrit lakorn

    I never knew they had two lakorns i only watch the one where he does to jail 4 his bro...
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    Roung Keing Dao

    yeah I don't know who I like neither...dao and rung seems
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    Nai Gra Jork

    dan is a hottie..sara and him so
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    The Myth

    there's so much jackie chan it's as good as new police story
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    I'm waiting 4 the if it's out yet
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    War of In-Law

    I like watch this..sounds good
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    Length of Boran Lakorns

    I haven't seen a boran lakorn in a long time too
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    lol..i don't really like her make up on those pix...but she's pretty
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    Noon pretty...thanx 4 the pix
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    Heavenly Sword and the Dragon saber

    lol..I think I'm gonna watch the alec version now...since ppl seem to think it's good
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    Kwan Usamanee on Image!

    wow she looks she half or something??
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    I think she looks kinda cute in these pix...thanx!
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    WaveR Special Edition - Feature Cee & Mo

    I'm loving cee more and
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    thanx 4 the summary...sounds good...arnus looks good.. lol
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    Vicky MV

    vicki?? is it her new song?? I like her songs from romance in the
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    I don't like her hair or clothes in these thanx!
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    Wimarn Sai

    I heard lots of ppl say this was good...r there lots of cute scenes between nek and pek??
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    [Drama] Wedding

    what's happening so far?? only saw episode 1...don't know if I should continue
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    my boyfriend is type B

    really?? man I guess I'm the only one who likes this more than sweet
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    Aom Phiyada "Sentimental Beauty"

    she looks good in those pix...thanx!
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    "Benz" - Beautiful Dreamer

    thanx...she's hot...there just something about her face
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    Hua Jai Chocolate

    it airred today?? how's the first episode?? lol
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    what lakorn has she been in?? lol..never seen her b4
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    Roung Keing Dao

    I want dao to b many episode air?
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    Nueng Tawan Paan Dao

    so there's not much action between nek and pek?? I saw a couple parts and this lakorn looked interesting..too bad
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    Rang Ngao

    I didn't like the weak ann and dodo in this lakorn
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    Ngao Asoke

    I think it was called shadow of some kinda of but i don't remember the tree..
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    vimpires and monster

    ghosts yes.....monsters not so sure....vampires is possilbe
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    waht's your favorite gum or candy?

    jolly ranchers and gummy bears
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    Neung Tawan 1000 DaO

    yeah when r they gonna talk to eachother face to face?? lol...
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    Buang rak - Pepper & Fang

    never saw fang pepper and her r't wait 4 the rest..
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    Ton Rak

    they r cute also like the song
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    Boringest Thai Lakorns

    Meung Dala that one i couldn't even get pass the first
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    Whats your favorite apples?

    crab sauce...yummy
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    Tampons or pads?

    pads...tampons feels weird
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    Gnuern Rissaya (PauJinJong/HM)

    they look good...hope lakorn is
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    I wanna say dub cuz I hate I kinda miss parts...but subs r better cuz I hate dub voices...
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    Your First Manga

    salior moon...I was so in love with that had like cards...
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    I like yeah her singing is not as great as
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    Heavenly Sword and the Dragon saber

    i've seen the one with tony and the tvb one done in the one with alec worth watching?? I don't really like watching remakes...
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    mob sister

    anyone seen this movie?? any good??
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    really sad lakorn..I remember the whole family staying up until like 6 am..watching and
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    [DL] Labech Banchort Snaeh

    I used to b like that..only watch mayura voice.....but i'm use to it by think they sound different in a good
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    Song Hye Kyo

    lol..she's really top # 1..
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    [Drama] Wedding

    I like Jang Nara...gotta watch
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    what is your favorite boran lakorn? and why?

    glor pet jet see...cuz i thought it was funny...and at that time i thought all the 7 guys were not the dark..curly hair one...I still have this lakorn..only boran one i have...
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    How many times have u rewatched a lakorn

    probably 30..cuz i'll get sick of it...4 some can only rewatch older lakorns...the new ones that i find good i can't rewatch....well mayb after 4 months...
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    Nueng Tawan Paan Dao

    I really starting to like this lakorn is good..
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    [CH3] Ruk Lamoon Loon Lamai

    I like ann but i don'r really like kong...ehhe guess I'll watch it 4 ann
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    Sapai Tornado

    this lakorn seems interesting...wonder what the ending is like
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    Nai Gra Jork

    what is this lakorn suppise to b about?? comedy or something?? dan is
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    Kulurb See Dum

    is mew and chakrit about the same age??
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    Look mai Lark see

    man I really wanna c this..too bad...gotta wait 4 it to b
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    Buang Ruk Pomridsaya

    lol....fang and pepper....suit eachother so much.....anyone knows how many episode this lakorn is??
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    Cee & Amy - Making cards 4 eachother!! their faces especailly the one where cee puts his figner into his
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    true beauty

    noon..I just think she's really beautiful...
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    nic is this hottie doing these days?? more films I
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    [CH7] Mae Pra Torranee

    I never interesting..
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    Roung Keing Dao

    not really a fan of kade...but this looks
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    Num Sornram

    pic 4 and bright still looks good...
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    heaven't seen her in a long time..the onyl thign is I don't like her
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    Noon & Kratai

    thanx 4 the pix! especailly the noon
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    Andrew Gregson

    he's hot but what's up with his head gear?
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    Joy Rinlanee

    wow! she look different with her
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    Dan & Beam's collection is this?? I
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    Ken Theeradeth Wongpuapan

    I like
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    I don't like her hair and make up but i like not in those pix
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    Num & Aum

    they look good's just something about the 4th pic...I
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    Beam and his fan

    lol...nice scripts....I like both of them..
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    Proong Nee Sai Tee Ja Ruk Gan Casts

    what is this lakorn about?? I don't know any of the cast...but they look
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    Oil & his doggie

    oil is cute..too bad I'm afraid of
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    Buang rak - Pepper & Fang

    someone plz write the summary...plz
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    Buang rak - Pepper & Fang

    I knwo who pepper is but got no idea who fang... sc...makes me wanna watch it..
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    Bi-Rain Official Thread

    I like rain..he's cool...yeah full
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    Ruk Kong Nai Dok Mai

    yeah...num and janie...hoping the lakorn is good
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    Film+ Cee+ Beam ( sudsapda magazine )

    lol..all hotties...but I like film most..
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    Cee Siwat and Mo

    I'm starting to like cee more and more...
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    Look mai Lark see

    I like't wait to c it