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    Half-Thai model in a lawsuit in Taiwan!

    poor richie! he's too hot to go through this.
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    "E Turk" aka Aump P with the large forhead?

    even though it has no mentioned names on there but if u are an avid reader to thai gossip columnists everyone can tell who da person is. even da comments left on the orginal article will reveal who da person is. no names but ppl already have a clue and guessing.
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    Ruk Nee Hua Jai Rao Jorng(Lakorn Thai)

    ahh! ken and janie agin! can't wait for this one
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    [Ch7] Fah Jarod Sai (DIDA)

    I go with Araya too! Aump looks too Asian to play mix
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    Japanese Stars

    face off
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    what happened to bee? long time no see her
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    The Revealing Truth about Channel 7 Stars

    i don't believe any of this