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    Paula Taylor : Angel Paula

    cant see fotos?
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    Need Help With Old Chinese Drama (Qhov Muag Ntuj)

    Hi everyone. I've been desperately looking for a old Chinese drama from the mid 1990's. It's one of those fighting ones and since I was only a kid at the time, I don't quite remember the storyline, all I know is that the Hmong Dubbed version was titled "Qhov Muag Ntuj". Does anyone happen to...
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    Yah!! It's Finally Here! The Age of the REAL Kiss has arrived

    Have you guys noticed the increase in popularity of REAL on screen kisses in Thai dramas?!? I'm so excited to see that Thai lakorn is finally stepping out of that angle-shot, thumb kissing, head grabbing- age, it's so old and boring. Anyway, I was hoping everyone can help post the dramas they...
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    Jareeya Enfoney (Nok) WHAT WOMEN WANT /

    She has the classic Thai Beauty even though she looks mixed. So hot at her age...a new source of inspiration for me...except I'm not going under the knife...hahaha
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    Paula Taylor

    Paula is ever so cute...but the guys...their fake smiles are not very attractive
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    Run Natthamonkarn

    I was just gonna say...she's like a cross between tangmoe and poo priya.
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    Hmong Remixs

    go to Imeem and check out, "Hmong Women Beat", "Mam Hlub Lwm Tiam Remix", "Ntuj No Tuaj Lawm remix"
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    Kaew Lom Pet (Exact)

    The ending took too long to unfold. There was nothing unpredictable about the ending and it got too corny after the deaths of Phikul and Kaew Kao. Although the kisses were really cute! >_< The love story between the leads went dry because the drama took too long to end. I wished it had...
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    That's funny because I used to think Oil was always hotter than Lift but....after I ran into Lift in Thailand duirng my study abroad trip, I feel in love!!!! He's gotten hotter over the years and I'm loving it!
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    the new andrew gregson

    ohohoho, i likie! Me likie the muscles...can't wait for a rape scene so he can take off his shirt...hehehe.
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    Paula Taylor

    Love paula! love the shoot. Love the rain!
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    Beam Kawee & FFK, C-Quint

    BEAM's hot!
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    New Wongsakorn & Jui Warattaya: Sweet

    New looks like he has more makeup on than Jui. But, nonetheless, very cute. Thanks for sharing!
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    nong da & pee lee

    the hmong title is something like "lus cog cia"
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    Woman's Story Noon Sirapun

    I love the short hair! That's VALOR right there QUESTION: Is she still dating p'Tang?
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    I love it!!!! I'm a sucker for nerds!! and CHAKRIT, thanks for posting!!! :D
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    Voice, Mind & Soul

    wow, you're amazingly talented!
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    yard & aff on volume

    In the 3rd picture, Aff looks like Pinky. so GORGEOUS!!
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    Which is your favorite couple?

    I'm pretty sure that Willy and Yelly are married now. I voted for Ken and Noi.
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    POJ RUAM a MOUA LEE film

    Hi Moua Lee, the clip was very compelling because it leaves you to wonder why the name "poj ruam" for what seems to be an action-packed movie. to be honest, it either seemed that you didn't finish the trailer or there really is supposed to be some mystery in the short unconcluded clip...
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    Let's get Fobby!

    thank you maiv for posting the kwv txhiaj and the transcription. thank you! :D
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    Let's get Fobby!

    I'm starting to get really into kwv txhiaj and I am hoping that someone can upload some kwv txhiaj for my "training". Here's one of the first albums I've ever listened to in it's entirety. Please upload your parents' kwv txhiaj so that we can start getting in touch with our cultural arts...
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    Actor Sornram's car allegedly hits and kills woman

    I'm actually in Thailand right now and when my mom saw him on the newspaper she told me that Num was in an accident and had passed away. I came online to confirm, fortunately he's ok, but I am even sadder now that the woman passed away.
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    kwv txhiaj

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    Anne Thongprasom:Glittering Star

    i like the nice clean armpits!
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    Ok...I don't think there's anything wrong with posing nude but the problem with this is, they are portraying all Hmong girls to be sluts because they are posing with Hmong clothes and their website is called "". These girls know very well that they are "sluts", maybe not in real life...
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    ntxhoo lauj and lee da hae

    yeah, they sorta do.
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    ntxhoo lauj and lee da hae

    yeah, they sorta do.
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    Utt Utsada

    are these photos aimed at women or gay men?
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    Namfon Patcharin

    thanks for sharing the pictures. i think she's gorgeous and all, but her acting is rubbish. especially in jao ying kaw tang. that ending was horrible, her acting needs a lot of improvement.
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    Chiang Mai Rock Festival

    I know how you feel, although those mutual feelings we share are directed to Clash in my case. I don't think it's the fact that they really dont have chemistry with their audiences and fans, but rather because we expected something too spetacular from heir range, and more accurately from their...
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    Chiang Mai Rock Festival

    there's 60 pictures to upload and last time i tried, the connection died so i had to start over, then i hit another button and it disappeared...i think i give up on that, but even if you're not a facebook member you should be able to see the photos. the link i provided is a public one.
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    Chiang Mai Rock Festival

    hey guys, i went to a Thai rock concert this past week. check out my facebook for pictures!!! Clash, Modern Dog, Burn, Paradox and Endorphine were there! enjoy!
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    Guess who I saw in SF?

    darn it, i came all the way here to Thailand to find him, and now i find out he's it America?!? grrr...but please do put up pictures soon, so i can be even more jealous. :)
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    Pictures of Luj Yaj and Coob Thoj

    As part of my time studying abroad in Thailand, I visited my grandparents for the Hmong New Year. During the night performances I was surprised to learn that Luj Yaj and Coob Thoj (who I previously did not know of) were invited to perform. Here are some pictures I took. enjoy!!! sorry...
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    mmm, i'm glad you guys don't think he's all that great looking, that leaves him all to me!!! muahahaha! :)
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    Palmy In Concert

    sawatdii kha phuen phuen took took khon! I'm currently studying in Thailand right now, and yesterday I had the GREAT opportunity to see Palmy in Concert! She came to a well known night club in Chiang Mai called Monkey Club. We got front row seats...well not really seats since it was a concert...
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    Meeting Lift from Lift&Oil

    I'm currently studying abroad in thailand right now...i spent this past weekend in Chiang Rai province (northern) and at one of the markets I ran into Lift from Lift and Oil. I was really psyched...but he didn't talk much, I just took a picture with him, thanked him, then went on my
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    kwv txhiaj

    so no? no one has kwv txhiaj to share? :(
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    kwv txhiaj

    I have no clue how to sing it....YET! hahahaha, my hopes are high but without goals, there would be no achievements...i'm excited to learn. Right now I think it's important for us listen to it first so that we can familiarize ourselves with the music, later we just have to transcribe and...
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    kwv txhiaj

    thanks for all info on the other site....i think that kwv txhiaj yog ib yam uas peb yuas tsum khaw cia because it is an identity marker. Think about it, lwm haiv neeg tus twg thiaj li muaj kwv txhiaj thiab? Certainly they have their own distinctive cultural folk music but nyob tawm cov hmoob...
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    kwv txhiaj

    hi everyone...I REALLY want to learn how to sing kwv txhiaj and I was wondering if anyone had any to share...i'd like to hear a whole variety of kwv txhiaj tsis hais moob leeg lo moob dlawb le. Ua tsaug!
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    &&. ________________ miko's ART x{

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    Au & Prae

    that last pic of Ae, he looks like that Final Fantasy character
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    Hmong Human Rights!

    No wonder nothing is happening at a big scale about the deaths of the Hmong people hiding out in the jungles, fearing for their lives! It's because we are all here debating over whether these people deserve it or not! Despite what the issue is, NO ONE DESERVES TO DIE THIS WAY!!!!!...not even...
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    Hmong Human Rights!

    Hi everyone! I'm currently working on buttons to promote awareness of the "Hmong Genocide" taking place as you read this in Communist Laos...this is part of an org on my college campus in which we have been having lots of difficulty attracting attention i came up with the idea of making...
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    Amy & Cee @ Ning's (Yui friend in Nok Ork) Wedding!

    it's so cute that they're matching...they are sooooo cute! and orange is my favorite color by the's in the cards for them!
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    Song Rao Nirandon

    it's so sad!!!!!!! I watched this ending at the library and then starting crying and a girl sitting across from me kept looking at me like i was crazy...hahaha, those tears were worth it though...hahaha
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    Por Thrisadee Sahawong

    hard gulp! HOTNESS!!! LOVING THE TATOO!!!
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    which drama/lakorn was NOT a waste of $$ for you?

    I bought an Oil movie, I don't know the name of the actress, but it's called, "Hlub mob siab npaum hluas tawg kub" sorry I can't write or read hmong yet...just wrote it from memory...which isn't too acurate. but anyways, I didn't like this lakorn, Oil wasn't romatic, and I don't think anyone...
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    who know how to speak thai and read thai?

    I only understand/read/write a little. I'm in my second year of learning at UW-Madison, but I'm studying abroad in Thailand next year...hopefully, I will become more fluent over a course of a year!
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    Sev Creations

    i love your work! keep it up!
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    Ghost Of Mae Nak

    the trailer link doesn't work, it's just a text document
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    Man is found after 21 days

    to d2bnarak: even if that's true, i don't think it's any of your buisness to post family problems like that. i'm just thankful that waa survived and that his family is happy and relieved to have him back in their lives.