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  1. Weir-Pancake


    Me too i love Kamikaze <3333333333
  2. Weir-Pancake

    Bie, Ruj, and Singto the star

    Bie Sukrit is so handsome, love him so much <3
  3. Weir-Pancake

    Yardthip & Pinky [Two Hot to Handle]

    They are both HOT but i don't really like Yard so i prefer Pinky :P Pinky Powaaa <3
  4. Weir-Pancake

    Kwan Usamanee: Quest for a Perfect Dress

    Kwan is so so beautiful, like her as an actress <3
  5. Weir-Pancake

    Pinky Savika: Denim Goddess

    Pinky is sexy and cute, is one of my favorite Thai actresses <3
  6. Weir-Pancake

    [KBS2] God Of Study

    In fact Master of Study is a remake of Dragon Zakura so this drama is Dragon Zakura Korean Version ^^
  7. Weir-Pancake

    Kung Fu Drunk

    This films is just so great i liked itttt, Jay POWAA <3 And the OST was awesome :P
  8. Weir-Pancake

    [Taiwan] Black & White (PTS)

    When i see this topic it reminds me of finishing this drama, i have begun it since last year LOL The reason why i've stopped watching it was not that i didn't like but i had no time and then my dramas' list has skyrockated/increased on one shoot so now i can't watch all these dramas at the same...
  9. Weir-Pancake

    Down With Love

    This drama seems to be awesome but i don't like to see Ella near Jerry Yan (he's not my husband but i like him as a star XD) !!! I'll think about it again then will take another decision if i'll watch it or not :P
  10. Weir-Pancake

    [Taiwan] Autumn's Concerto (TTV/SETTV)

    Oh oh this drama is just so great i really really like it, i think everybody is crazy about this drama hahahah, i can't wait to see the last episode :P Ady Love Van Ness Love Ady (L) Xiao Xiao Bin (Xiao Le) is so CUTEEEEEEEEE <3 How can he has a cute face like this ? I'm very jealous LOL
  11. Weir-Pancake

    Ethan Ruan

    Yep yep agree with you, he's sot HOT, love this guy , love him in Fated To Love You with his partner Joe Chen <3
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    Oh i really don't like the voice from Ntry company, it's so annoying, i prefer the old voice Mayura <3333 !!!
  13. Weir-Pancake

    [KBS2] God Of Study

    Title : Master Of Study (Dragon Zakura Korean Version) Other titles : Lord Of Study, God Of Study Gender : Comedy Episodes : 16 Chanel : KBS2 Release date : 04 January 2010 Official Website Casting : Kim Soo Ro as Kang Suk Ho Bae Doo Na as Han Soo Jung Song Yoon Ah as Jang Ma Ri Yoo Seung Ho as...
  14. Weir-Pancake

    [MBC] Tamna The Island

    Hey Tigra, we meet again hahahahah i'm Asian87 XD I have to speak English here because i think they don't understand french ^^ I've seen the episode 1 to 5 then had no time to continue but this drama was awesome <3
  15. Weir-Pancake

    [Film] Heaven's Postman

    I have seen this telefilms (it's a films and not a drama) with fancam, can anyone know the official release date for the DVD please ? I can't wait to see it in HIGH QUALITY :P
  16. Weir-Pancake

    You're Beautiful Vs. BOF

    OH MY GOD, it was not an easy response for me because i liked them both T__T But i had to make a choice so i voted for YrB because of the story and the cast <3 Jang Keun Suk, Lee Hong Ki, Jung Yong Hwa, Park Shin Hye, UEE...<33333333333
  17. Weir-Pancake

    news on Aum and ??

    He is so hot Aum i like him but he looks better with Aff
  18. Weir-Pancake

    me and p'kens pictures

    Awesome !
  19. Weir-Pancake

    Anne/Ken Mv made by a fan

    He is handsome and i like the MV
  20. Weir-Pancake

    Ken's Profile

    I really like him as an actor in "Oum Ruk" and "Sawan Bieng" with Ann Thongprasom
  21. Weir-Pancake

    old photoshoot of CHerry

    I can't see the pics !!! no idea who she looks like
  22. Weir-Pancake

    Likhit Tee Luek Dai

    Does anyone subb "Kom Faek"?
  23. Weir-Pancake


    I love his songs, his voice is so dreamy
  24. Weir-Pancake

    u pick...

  25. Weir-Pancake

    Fahrenheit or Lolipop??

    Fei Lun Hai of corse because BBT are so youngs lol
  26. Weir-Pancake

    Best Teen Actress

    Ariel Lin and Rainie Yang
  27. Weir-Pancake

    Ariel with Mike or Joe?

    She is better with Joe coz Mike is better with Rainie
  28. Weir-Pancake

    question from a thai Chun&Ella Fan

    No, they are not bf gf in real life, they are just freinds, Chun said that because they work in the same company ! Don't think that Chun will goes out with Ella because he is mine always and always !!!! lolllllllllllllll
  29. Weir-Pancake

    Wu Chun and An Yi Xuan???

    Wo aiiiiiii Niiiiiiiiii Chun but i don't want him to film with her
  30. Weir-Pancake

    Wu Chun and An Yi Xuan???

    I love you Chunnnnnnnnnnnnnn
  31. Weir-Pancake

    Ariel or Rainie?

    I like both but Rainie is the cutest
  32. Weir-Pancake


    Calvin is a top 4 in my classement xD lol
  33. Weir-Pancake

    The Best Looking Man

    Chun is cute lovely...but Mike He is just ok for me
  34. Weir-Pancake

    Fahrenheit cries infront of 700 fans~April 10, 2008

    I always cried when i watched those vidéos, so sad
  35. Weir-Pancake

    who's cuter??

    I've voted to Mike He but why there are not Wu Chun and Arron Yan in that list?
  36. Weir-Pancake

    S.H.E. Forever official thread

    I like them, the most beautiful is Hebe then Selina then Ella
  37. Weir-Pancake

    Wu Zun!!!

    He is the best, the most handsome in the world for me, nobody can imagine how wuch I love him lol
  38. Weir-Pancake


    My classement of fei lun hai is : Chun Wu Arron Yan Jiro Wang Calvin Chen
  39. Weir-Pancake

    Lee Wang Hom

    He is one of my taiwanese favorites stars, he is so talented
  40. Weir-Pancake

    Tokyo Juliet

    The drama is good but i don't like Chun's hair
  41. Weir-Pancake


    I don't like Ella in this serie, she is not cute with Chun
  42. Weir-Pancake

    It Started With A Kiss

    I've just een 4 episodes because i had not time to continue and now i have a lot of dramas to watch xD
  43. Weir-Pancake

    Butterfly Lover

    I don't like his dress in Butterfly Lovers but i always love him héhéh I <3 u Chun
  44. Weir-Pancake

    fahrenheit videos..

    Arron looks so cute in this pic, but the best for me is always Chun Wu <3, Da Dong and Arron stay at the same place lol
  45. Weir-Pancake

    fahrenheit videos..

    a lot of laugh when they kissed those guys lol
  46. Weir-Pancake

    Caucasian speaking/singing khmer

    Here Americain guys talking khmer, they are 4, they form a singer group named "Meuk" in english "Octopus" (i'm not sure)
  47. Weir-Pancake

    Caucasian speaking/singing khmer

    Thanks for sharing it i had a lot of laugh
  48. Weir-Pancake

    Baby Vox come to Phnom Penh

    I've seen their concert in Phnom Penh but the presenter had a bad english talk anyway i like Baby Vox I heard that another korean group went to Cambodia too, that was "Paran", right?
  49. Weir-Pancake

    Anyone in France?

    J'suis de france, j'habite dans le massif central à peu près 400km de Paris mais c'est dommage je pars au Cambodge le premier août puis je rentre en France le 2 septembre et après c'est la rentrée aussi
  50. Weir-Pancake

    Is Mayura going to do a voice over for Sawan Bieng?

    I've seen Sawan Bieng three time, the first time with thai the second with english subbed and the third with khmer dubbed xD Just bcoz couldn't wait lol
  51. Weir-Pancake


    For old generation i like Noon For New generation i like Pancake and Kwan
  52. Weir-Pancake

    Pancake Khemanit

    Pancake is the best, she is really pretty, I wish I were like her! I've just finished her new lakorn with Weir "Khun Noo Tewada", it was awesome, I like them always and always
  53. Weir-Pancake

    Wier & Pancake : Love Scene!

    So they are not dating in real life? no no no I want them going out togather they are so cute togather