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    Pinky S.

    wow, pinky is so gorgeous!
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    10 Pra'Ek CH7.

    definitely p'por nattawut. he's the most talented and i love him dearly. he always perfects his roles "D
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    Boy Palinya

    OMG! i don't know what to say../ i'm so sad !
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    mong bah

    this lakorn was actually hilarious. i dont remember much of it though.
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    Pratin Nawong

    omg... i want to slap PHONE so hard! he's torturing her.. but this is actually better than i thought.. this lakorn is good because its not annoying like Kula San Soy whatever it is or like Grot Gai Ya Siht because of the dumb annoying kids.. its a good thing there's only one little kid!
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    Japanese Movies

    Ace wo Nerae, Attention Please, 1 Litre of Tears, NANA!, attack no.1 ... cant think much right now.
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    Death Note

    DEATH NOTE rocks! i love this anime/manga. i highly recommend it. im so mad cause L died all because of my precious Light. im mad because both of my favorite characters end up dying at the end. I love L and Light.
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    The Anime/Manga Thread

    i love DEATHNOTE! its seriously worth it. dont forget Perfect Girl Evolution (Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge). its so hilarious. i love Hunter X Hunter & Hikaru No Go. I highly recommend both. Naruto and Bleach is good. i got to admit it. I LOVE Prince of Tennis. I dont know why but i like it...
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    i do think she's overrated. her singing is okay. but her dancing is far better than most thai girls.
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    One Litre of Tears

    i really love this drama. honestly, i didt mind that aya died at the end because it was a good drama. best jdrama ive seen in years. i love ako though. and ryo too.
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    Pratin Nawong

    i don't know where to watch it. does anyone know where because i don't see it on iptv.
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    lol this concert is funny a must a watch lol

    no he did sing it i think. cause it really does sound like him. im positive.
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    lol this concert is funny a must a watch lol

    no. really. phone really sang the theme song to gomin. when i first heard it im like, hey it sounds like phone.
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    Pratin Nawong

    i don't like cartoon much because she's not really nang'ek material although she's cute.
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    Nok Jariya

    i love her!
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    8 top actresses

    kwan is stunning these days!
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    X Piya [not for the lil kids... again]

    ahaha. hes hot. but the tights. ahh, the SPLIT. i have a hard time doing that!
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    p o o p y m p a n g < 3 R A N D O M I S I T Y

    thanks for the comment guys.. but i won't me doing graphics until the summer.. im going to lose my skills.. ahh!
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    Vicky Sunisa:Summer Reflection

    Vicky is in great shape..
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    who's the most beautiful actress

    i find Aump most beautiful although everyone else is beautiful. Noon is beautiful indeed but nowadays, she seems a bit worried and is aging quickly. Kob is very beautiful indeed.. as she ages, she gets more beautiful.. there's like nothing wrong with her looks... Ann is beautiful but her...
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    Which Power3 N'ek do you like?

    i like Pat because Pat is indeed the best actress...
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    Sports Anime

    sports anime are the best.
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    Attention Please

    i love this... i was so sad when ryo was looking at F-cup boobs in episode 2.. he became a pervert in that part... but otherwise... i love him! and aya is so kawaii... love her character!
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    Prince of Tennis

    you must watch this.. i was addicted to echizen ryoma! ahhh!
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    SUB! duh! why DUB! its better if you hear the japanese version than the dub version.. its sounds and is so much better...
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    The Anime/Manga Thread

    i don't know... but i think hikaru no go has 7 series in dvd.. i don't really remember... but i definitely recommend Hikaru no Go because it was the first anime that motivated me to watching more.. the music is so intense.. I recomment the prince of tennis; although its jsut about playing...
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    One Litre of Tears

    i love this j-drama. its was touching. it really was. i love dr.mizuno. hehe. and asou-kun. and aya and ako. everything was perfect.. considered a real drama.
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    Mithi Mahudsajun

    this is my favorite boran lakorn.... i love it... really i do... everything is good... it recommend it....
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    Is this really poo praiya ?

    can someone provide us sarnies the link to poo's hi5...
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    bua keaw juk grote vs bua keaw bua tong

    you gotta be kidding me.. buakeaw jugrote can't even pass buakew buatong.... i mean look, buakaew jugrote is so bad right now.... and boran lakorns right now SUCK! ever since tep 3 rudoo!
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    Is this woman the nang ek from bla boo thong 1994?

    its looks like her.. im confused.. but now im pretty sure its her...
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    stars - funny candid photo

    cute :)
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    Best Actress For The Older Generation Of 2006

    i say aump, but if yui was there, i would say YUI!
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    Guess who I saw in SF?

    thats so cool..
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    Bua Kaew Jukgrote

    I am so annoyed by the kids' parts... I mean if it was like the kids' version in the new Gomin, i would totally watch it... By the way, this is the first time where i like Au... i never really liked her in other lakorns... but this time, she is with my hottie toochoo, Lek... yup yup... they...
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    Is this really poo praiya ?

    its all fake... thats how it is...
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    p o o p y m p a n g < 3 R A N D O M I S I T Y

    just three more textless icons..
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    Nat's Creation

    worranat! you have to be my graphic buddy.. you are so good...
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    babe_girl's art work

    that is one heck of a poster!
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    J0EY'S ARTW0Rk. ♥

    awww... rukD2B. the beam banner is so cuddly... and what are you talking about.. D2B are great celebs to make graphics of.... ( i think) hehe!
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    Jen's Collections

    o__o *nose bleed* wow, for a beginner your blending is great... i love aump so much! this graphic poster is very bad.. its a pretty bad poster... yup yup.. super dooper pink and pretty!!!
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    My First Try!!!!! i hope it's good

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    SAiFAH'S G R A P H I C S 020813

    o__o MY WIFE, you are too incredible :) *sniffles* i love your banners..
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    p o o p y m p a n g < 3 R A N D O M I S I T Y

    well, here's another graphic i made.. im not proud of it. but ill try to update more..
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    Some of mine artwork....

    well done, NENA! your posters are awesome.. the blending is incredible.. i love your artwork.. its so unique!
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    Cherrys new haircut

    its cute.. but then there's nothing to do with it.. i guess she's trying to do a style that jessica alba used too have.. but she suits it though...
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    peppers new lakorn!

    Pepper + Ann makes a perfect couple!
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    J0EY'S ARTW0Rk. ♥

    are you kidding me? this is awesome.. so good!!!
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    The Art of Lyn

    you are wicked! posts some more! YOUR ARTOWKR IS INCREDIBLE!
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    Aom Won Asian TV Award

    im so gald for p'aom!
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    Sev Creations

    you are so full of talent.. hey sarah, you and your sisters so look alike... pretty too.. i love your artowrk super dooper!
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    babe_girl's art work

    amazing talent!
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    ~Pinky's Artwork~

    narak jung luer!
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    p o o p y m p a n g < 3 R A N D O M I S I T Y

    hehe! thanks for the comments guys.. my internet server is down, so i won't be able to do any graphics... ill try to post them as soon as i start on some... thanks..
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    Tik j & Ann T

    whoa! cute!
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    amika's banners

    ain't that adorable!
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    My first try!!!

    not bad for a newbie... better than me... i like the moving GIFs.
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    p o o p y m p a n g < 3 R A N D O M I S I T Y

    go ahead ChenrukNote, everything can be used... i wouldn't mind.
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    p o o p y m p a n g < 3 R A N D O M I S I T Y

    ICONS/AVATARS: not the best
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    p o o p y m p a n g < 3 R A N D O M I S I T Y

    hi sarnies! welcome to my thread... i know i have this other thread but the images didn't work so here's another thread.. well, im just gonna show all the graphics i made so far... i know that im not so good but please still enjoy.... if you would like a request, i would be glad to make one...
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    Kror Guy Yasit

    lakorns going down... im hecka serious... is making me mad!!!
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    bua keaw juk grote pictures!!!

    are you kidding me? the yak one looks horrible!!! RIP ME APART!!! kort kiya siht costume is already too star wars like for me and now this..... so much graphics now adays... cant they just stick back to the style like tep sarm ruoo or tepa sin interajuck... even way back...
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    Yam Rachada Ban.

    Channel 7 Host Screencaps: More Channel 7 Host Screencaps: Thep Sin Inter Juck Caps: All images credited to Fantasy Town. Yarn Gachard 2 TVPool 15th Anniversary
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    Yam Rachada Ban.

    Images of Yam Roongrada: Red Dance Beat Credits to Phone Yam James Club!!!
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    pats new commercial

    narak mak!
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    Yep, I like the lakorn so far! But ITV lakorns are only 30 mins a day! I like Anas and the other guy from Nok Ork, n'ek is ok. So the lakorn is written for the royal family? Well, I think the royal princess or lady who is first main character acts stiff but I don't really want to offend anyone...
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    Kror Guy Yasit

    this lakorn is so pointless... i wish the mnother could just die... and for god'ssake... the war is forever... dumb lakorn...
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    Wong Sa Wan

    i liked this lakorn.. but i was sad because yam got a minor role!
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    BuaKeaw BuaTong???

    the new one is gonna so suck.. the old one was already good,... why ruin it.. ART was hot, Benz waspretty, and so were everyone else.. i loved the theme song too.. and PINKY was in it!!!
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    omg... i did not like this lakorn or the old one... but obviously, au did pretty good for replacing kob inthe old one... i gotta congradulate her!!!
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    Yam Rachada Ban.

    thanks for the info.. il update on it...
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    Yam Rachada Ban.

    Name: Roongrada Benjamatikul Nick Name: Yam B-Day: September 8th 1982 Age: 24 Education: See Pra Tomb college Major: Business management Sibling: Two brothers Favorite Actress: Noi busakorn, Aoum Siriyakorn Favorite Food: Spaghetti Favorite animal: Dog Favorite color: Green Hobbies...
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    Is this woman the nang ek from bla boo thong 1994?

    im not so sure, but i don't th ink its her...
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    Yam is a singer now..

    this is too awesome!
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    ploy cherman in new york city!

    she should have come to boston.. i live near boston!!!
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    Pat's Gallery #17

    omg, i got the picture.. ahah!
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    Art Sarthra Sriwilai

    now art is wicked hot... but i find TIK so much SPICIER!!! whoohoo!
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    Phone Katawut Pintong

    true... hpone is kind of short.. average height.. but good enough to make yam even cuter!
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    Happy Birthday

    happie b-day to p'mo!
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    Pat Naprapa

    gotta be my fav. photoshoot!
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    Kror Guy Yasit

    if she's getting pregnant w/aison... thats okay, because he's pretty hot too... but with bodysorn, thats good too... hopefully, angkard doesn't kill both of them... buayam has some wicked sytrong beauty scent!
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    Kathreeya English [ SINGING CONTEST ]

    i would like to sing... just for the fun... just don't know how to do the microphone thingy majigy and change all the volume controls for it... so sad..
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    true... although they may be acting like they're in love, but in real life, brothers and sisters do kiss each other on the forehead if they love each other alot... i don't find it gross though... just because they're brothers and sisters doesn't mean its gross.. ppl nowadays kiss their siblings...
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    Yam change her real name........

    well, i wish the best luck for her too.. those are both gorgeous names!!!
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    i find it interesting.. even though they're siblings, but they have the guts to do it... and i bet it would take them lots of courage.. i actually am ver proud of them being able to do that kind of role...
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    Bua Kaew Jukgrote

    im not gonna feel for this lakorn at all... i can tell that there is a going to be a major kid scene!!!
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    Who do you like better as the Princess?

    i say anne.. but i love mew too... but mew doesnt match a princess... more like a QUEEN!!!
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    what is your favorite boran lakorn? and why?

    yup, i also agree that these two lakorns yam played in were very good... cut e cute!!!
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    what is your favorite boran lakorn? and why?

    Mithit Mahud Sajun!!! i love boy and tik.. hottness!!
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    SilverDragon 999's Artworks

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    Kror Guy Yasit

    not to be mean or anything but why can't the mom just die!!!
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    +++_____________[POOPYMPANG'S GRAPHICS]

    oopsy, i deleted everything in my photobucket!!! i have to uploiad.. luckily i also have it saved on imageshack...
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    babe_girl's art work

    your work is alwats so nice!!!
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    Old boran movies starring these 2 characters...

    omg.. he's the best boran actor on erath.. he has charisma, everything.. ahh!!!
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    <span style="color:green"><b>Sun Yah Kaen San Ruk(Exact)</b></span>

    i can't wait to see it... l love por and aom! alot!!!
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    <span style="color:blue"><b>Duang Jai Patiharn(Red Drama)</b></span>

    this is actually the first lakorn where i like kob and num together... hmmm.. weird!!! but my favortie lakorn of num is in the Thi-Yai!
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    +++_____________[POOPYMPANG'S GRAPHICS]

    just three quick icons... i know its not that great, but im still pacticing how to make icons.. i know they're not the best though!
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    babe_girl's art work

    Dee! ilove your work!
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    i can speak thai, just not able to read it.. but i will learn thai one day... but yet not understand some of it!!!
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    Pat's Gallery #17

    omg.. yam had that same dress!!!
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    Quiz-What Kind of Flirt Are You?

    You Are a Natural Flirt Believe it or not, you're a really effective flirt. And you're so good, you hardly notice that you're flirting. Your attitude and confidence make you a natural flirt. And the fact that you don't know it is just that more attractive! What Kind of Flirt Are You...
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    Pat and Mann's Photoshoot

    i love mann and pat so much!!!
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    Pat's Gallery #19

    she's very cute esp. w/ her short hair!!
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    Pat's Gallery #32

    awww... cutenesss!!!
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    Likasit Huajai Screencaps

    i never saw this lakorn beofre... but i hjave to watch it!!
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    <span style="color:darkblue">Boran Songs/Karaoke Only!</span>

    please reupload to songs for gort giya siht please...
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    Kror Guy Yasit

    i know.. the writer sucks so much.. they gave buayam the suckiest role.. i mean, she could have played someone else's role.. errr!!!
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    Kror Guy Yasit

    hey! you guys know what.. i have to say that Amipica + Poomin's couple is sort of like Interajak + Juntalak!!! i mean, Ampica is no longer allowed at her place just like Juntalak and so they go to their enemy's side.. and plus, Poomin and Interajak were pretty gullible and dumb that time.. yup..
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    Poo & Note movie

    im not feeling it for this movie.. i mean, NOTE!!! his movies aren't that good... he's not a bad actor but also not a good actor..
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    do you play a sport in school?

    well, im gonna become a sophmore so today, i actually had my first volleyball practice at school.. summer is so fast..
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    What's your name?

    my dad is funny.... he named me after the word metaphor<-similar to metaphor.. used during new year.. My name is Pajlug Xyooj... But in School, my name is Panglu... funny huh..
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    Korean series

    there's something in me that makes me dislike korean dramas.. it annoys me so bad!!
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    Do u know how to write in Hmong?

    i honestly can't write hmong.. i struggle... even reading it and writing it.. i also have very little issues speaking hmong.... ughh.. life is so insane!!
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    Should Hmong wear Hmong clothes to Hmong New Year?

    i think hmong people should wear their hmong traditional costumes because its basically what it is for.. i mean, you don't wear all gangster to a hmong new year.. that's just wrong.. and i bet many parents will be like this to their children: , " you see those kids in gangster clothes! they're...
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    ntxhais lauj was murdered

    that's so sad.. i don't even know hmong stars.. i don't even watch hmong movies.. but its so funny... is she a singer?
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    The Hmong Teens' reputation

    my hair is black... i will never want to change my hair color because i think asians with like brown/yellow strieks or whatever just looks to common... i hate it... ughh.. black is never to old.. its beautiful!!
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    Your Hmong Last names

    me too!! im a young teen hmong xiong girl.. yay!!! i wish i was thai too.. that'll be cool.. it'll also be nice if that was my permanent language.. hehe!! oh well.. im a xiong!
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    +++_____________[POOPYMPANG'S GRAPHICS]

    here you go [/B].. its stil not the best but ive tried..
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    the offical myspace page for boran fans

    i got one.. please add me... im poopympang!!
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    Pat's Gallery #36

    ccute!!! i love him and her!!
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    Por Tiksadee and...

    okay... this is hard but i like them both very much.. but its so hard i can't tell.. but i say with pat!
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    yard kissing ploy

    omg.. thats so cute!!! good friends these days!!
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    +++_____________[POOPYMPANG'S GRAPHICS]

    Tangmoe, I'm sorry i used a different pic... i just had a new idea so i got another two photoshoots.. i still hope you like it... here you go!!
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    Jao Sao Ban Rai

    i can't wait to see a rape scene... yipppeee!!!!!!!
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    Gnuern Rissaya (PauJinJong/HM)

    i know.. its so amazing for a new actress like poo to pair up with the top p'eks like an instant.. i guess they really want poo to rise up really fast..
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    Yhark Jah Ruk Diew Jud Hai

    one day, poo might become a top n'ek even though her acting is not good.. but yeah.. bon and poo make an okay couple... yet not the best..
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    Sai Nam Sarm chewit ( Pau Jin Jong)

    well, um.. i want to see this lakorn.. i just love por! but everyone else im okay with.. i just Poo improves after 99 Wan Chun Ruk Tur..
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    +++_____________[POOPYMPANG'S GRAPHICS]

    tangmoe, i would gladl to make you a banner of golf and mike, but can you please post some pics of them.. thank you.
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    Jao Sao Ban Rai

    :D oOooo... i love namfon, i think she is very pretty and i think she has talent... i know it is kind of hard because she just finished with cyber angel but i think she can act!!! she is talented and she looks good!!!
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    Tey Jai Ruk

    i think she is very pretty!!! :D
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    Kror Guy Yasit

    meeh 2! i think it's time when something starts to happen... i think it is pretty cute... i can't wait to watch the next episodes when angyanee and henhao and suniwarn is together... i wonder wat's gonna happen... nothing much but waiting for something good to happen...
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    Karen's Artwork

    i love the kwan and twain banner.. they are also my favorite couople in that lakorn..
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    +++_____________[POOPYMPANG'S GRAPHICS]

    well umm, beamsgirl.. if your the one who requested a banner of beam from interlove too, i would gladly to give you the banner.. well here's the banner + avi...
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    +++_____________[POOPYMPANG'S GRAPHICS]

    fere are 3 morebanners i made.. hope you guys like it...please credit if used!!!!
  135. P

    +++_____________[POOPYMPANG'S GRAPHICS]

    here you go Worranat , I hope you like it..
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    Sally's Artwork

    omg.. your so talented... i would kill to have your skills..
  137. P

    Sally's Artwork

    omg.. your so talented... i would kill to have your skills..
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    Five things about yourself

    1. love the outdoors 2. thai entertainment is the sh** 3. love graphic designing 4. i have 8 siblings 5. thai is also my first language just like hmong but im not even thai one bit.. yup... i know thai better than hmong!!
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    Mab Vaj

    i have no clue who she is... the only hmong girl i know is Maiv Xyooj.. but maiv xyooj is good.. she is pretty too..
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    Aum and Vee: Sweet Love…Save Sex

    wow.. they look good together..
  141. P

    CHerry Lakorn w/ Tik Opening Ceremony

    wow.. i like cherry.. and tik is good too.. hopefuly this lakorn turns out good.. can't wait.. Tik is my mom's favorite p'ek..
  142. P

    Joy Siriluk

    she's aging pretty quickly! but still pretty..
  143. P

    Ken Theeradeth Wongpuapan

    Omg.. he reminds me so much of my younger brother.. they look alike but my brother also looks like the p'ek in the lakorn Yui just finished..
  144. P

    Namfon Patcharin

    shes's so cute and pretty..
  145. P

    Namfon(stephen gf) new photoshoot

    I Love her A Nin Nita... she can act.. thats good.. and the one lakorn with Brook.. Brook was a child malester in that lakron... LOL
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    Film and Pat "Love At First Sight"

    wow! they make a cute couple!
  147. P

    yard's hospitalize

    omg... thats new! the only lakorn i seen her play was in Mah Lek then i quit on her.. but hope she gets better..
  148. P


    yeah! i was cherring for miss thailand too.. and she was yougnb too.. but miss puerto rico is very beautiful..and i like her traditional coutfit!!!
  149. P

    Boy Piyarat Arthakornsiripho

    hehe.. when i saw him on screen.. i was like, "Hey, he got bigger!"
  150. P

    ch. 7 vs ch. 3

    you gotta be kdding... ch7 is 100 timnes better than ch3... everything is better.. now to be mean or anything but ch3 makes the characters fly funny...
  151. P

    Ti da bah danh

    i wish i could see this movie because my sis said that it was good.. but maybe someday i can watch it..
  152. P

    Bla Boo Tong

    this was a good lakorn.. but i only like when pinky was inthere playing nong Ae and Nong Eur!!! it was fun!
  153. P

    Deen Nam Lon Fai

    wow.. this lakorn sounds interesting.. just wandering if i ever saw it though...
  154. P

    tep 3 radoo

    i have to say that the only thing good in this lakorn is Yam and Phone.. that's all i have to say!!
  155. P

    Nang Sib Song

    i love nang sib song... every thing so good.. esp the nang' rai! from the old one and new one!!!
  156. P

    Nil Manee

    omg.. is this the ch3 boran lakorn.. ilaugh at it all the time.. its so funny how they fly!!! whhhhhhheeeeee!!
  157. P

    New Boran lakorn forum!

    i alrezdy joined and this forum rocks too!! love the layout!!
  158. P


    true truw.. to many boran lakorns w/ too many graphics is not good.. now, just now, they are changing the costumes like what they use to do before but it doesbn't look right.. but yup.. i stilll go for Mithit Mahud Sajun!! dude... Keow Na Mah is so funny....
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    Whew!!! Alot of Boys in here

    i like Tik who played in the old Glot Ped Jed See!!! he's my favorite with Boy from Bla Boo Tong too!!!
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    Kror Guy Yasit

    true true.. the only couple i like is the main one, angkard w/ buayam, and the yellow girl with the star wars guy.. thats what i call ampica's brother.. the star wars guy...
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    Poo Praiya

    yup.. she is gorgeous!!
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    +++_____________[POOPYMPANG'S GRAPHICS]

  163. P

    TeRrI's CrEaTi0n

    love the wallpaper.. you are very talented!!!
  164. P

    Kror Guy Yasit

    i hate the green girl... but i like the yellow girl... can't wait to see her couple...
  165. P

    karenyang's artwork & fan MV's

    you have awesome talent!
  166. P

    +++_____________[POOPYMPANG'S GRAPHICS]

    hehe.. well ive done graphics before lkike a yera ago but i haven't touch my program in like some wicked long months so now, i just started touching it and im getting the hang of it again...
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    +++_____________[POOPYMPANG'S GRAPHICS]

    just another poster.. i like it.. so cute!!
  168. P

    +++_____________[POOPYMPANG'S GRAPHICS]

    hehe.. my graphics aren't the best...
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    1-luv3-y0u not so l0v3ly artw0rks...

    cute!!!! i love song hye kyoo!!! especially infull house!!
  170. P

    +++_____________[POOPYMPANG'S GRAPHICS]

    thanks for the comments guys, yet, ill try to create new things.. here are just two quick banners... not the best!!!
  171. P


    Pym: got that name ever since i was 6-7 because my sister named me after Pinky Sawika in the lakorn Kra Seu! Pang: my full name is panglu but at school, everyone just calls me pang... Poo: got that 3 and a half years ago because my baby cousin couldnt' pronounce my hmong name so thats how she...
  172. P

    How Often

    i go alot.. thats all i do.. thai forums.. graphics.. lalal!!!
  173. P

    what age did you....

    what age did you start watching a thai lakorn.. for me, i've been watching them ever since i was born, sort of.. but i don't remember really.. only this really old scary lakorn that use to scare the heck out of me.. ..
  174. P

    How old are you?

  175. P

    +++_____________[POOPYMPANG'S GRAPHICS]

    one i made today.. in 1 hour and a half.. hope you gu ys like it.. i wil update more.. later..
  176. P

    karenyang's artwork & fan MV's

    man! you got skills.. hot stuff!
  177. P

    Vector and Thangs

    i love your photography.. its so awesome..
  178. P

    SAiFAH'S G R A P H I C S 020813

    i love your work.. keep it up and post up more.. i wanna see your work so bad!!
  179. P

    +++_____________[POOPYMPANG'S GRAPHICS]

    umm, this is my first time sharing my graphics so this is all i have because i started this yesterday and it took me forever just to finish it so i hope you guys like it.. please don't mind.. just a newbie!! i guess!!!
  180. P

    Nat's Creation

    these aren't bad at all.. i have to say that they're TTTTTEEEERRRRRRIIIIFFFIIICCCC!!!!!!
  181. P

    <span style="color:#33CCFF"><b>Waew Sieng Seung (Hunk Manogka)</b></span>

    im in love with this lakorn and so is my mom.. yui is (to me) the best of the best!!!
  182. P

    Ever had thoughts about commiting suicide?

    I did but onl once.. because my baby cosuin sliced her foot.. and it had this really big scar on it and she wouldn't hand me the knoe.. she was trying to stab me but i guess it sliced her foot.. and i was like this is all my fault.. i was really sad.. i wanted to die.. then..
  183. P

    Petch Ron Fai

    god.. this ws the worst lakorn ever amde.. im so ugghhh!!! hated everyone nin this lakorn...
  184. P

    Poo Praiya Profile

  185. P

    What's your favorite Benz?

    Koo Kum!! woot woot!
  186. P

    "Aum Stabbed In The Back By Stephan" so juicy!!!

    Go P'AUMP!!! Boo Stephan...
  187. P


    yeah! 'Mithi Mahut Sajun'
  188. P


    well.. mines private but fel free to add me.. yup yup... poopympang's myspace
  189. P


    the only movie i love is maha sajun!!! im in love!!!
  190. P

    Poo at TV POOL 17 years Star Party

    looks like she's wearing a wig!!!
  191. P

    pix of bollywood'actress

    Juhi Chawla is my favorite too..
  192. P


    i was just wondering, what is your favorite boran lakorn that you have seen so far ever since you were born til now...
  193. P

    Kasa Naka

    Darn it, the new guy sports Korean hairstyle and Vee looks better, oh well, I guess any guy will do as long as he blends to the backround. :)
  194. P

    Kasa Naka

    yes, vee is getting chunky..,noon is a great actress and my favorite lakorn of her was in the pled wa sa tad.. yup yup, so evil.. and mo, i like her too.. i say that she's one of the best new actresses.. and yam, she's my favorite... i can't wait... im gonna die.. omg, someone, hold me.. my...
  195. P

    Yhark Jah Ruk Diew Jud Hai

    hmm.. i think bon is cute looking.. his acting is not bad.. but he just doens't match being main pra'ek.. and poo. i like her too, just hoping that her acting seems alot better..
  196. P

    Gnuern Rissaya (PauJinJong/HM)

    i love phor.. i say that he's the best actor... and poo, i like her alot.. just her acting is not that great.. but she's still really young so there's always time for her to improve..i can't wait to see this lakorn...
  197. P

    <span style="color:#33CCFF"><b>Waew Sieng Seung (Hunk Manogka)</b></span>

    yui and tae are great actors/actresses.. they show great chemistry.. and he's so sweet.. their love is so tight.. ugghh.. if only the next part came.. i can't wait until they marryy... iaaaahhh..i wanna scream so bad for them.. i think that yui is the most talented actress!! i love thbis lakorn..
  198. P

    (CH.7) Muen Rao Ja Rak Kun Mai Dai (Lenitas)

    i very addicted to this lakorn.. ning just makes me so aggravated.. they all are great actors and actresses.. i just think that vee should improve.. his acting has always been the same... but this lakorn is great!
  199. P

    Kon Rak Game Payabaht(559 OnAir)

    I'm still in love with Num and Kob, so happy it is coming out, although I'm still waiting for this lakorn to come out! :D
  200. P

    (CH.7) Muen Rao Ja Rak Kun Mai Dai (Lenitas)

    Interesting lakorn!
  201. P

    <span style="color:blue"><b>Duang Jai Patiharn(Red Drama)</b></span>

    Yeah..... Yeah...... Whoopee! :D Yay! Let's go to the party,,,, dadadadada! I'm so happy
  202. P

    Commercial of Diff. Dara...

    these are awesome commercials....
  203. P

    May Fuengarhom

    umm.. all i got to say is that she is very beautiful in these pics.. but they seem quite unappropriate.. but if it was me, i think she would be a girl on the sex tape if i didn't know anything about her../. and i would also say that she just may be posing for victoria's secret.. hehe..
  204. P


    she's just gorgeoud.. im so happy for her..
  205. P

    How did you come up with your username?

    oopsy.. i accidentally was on my sis's account.. (forgot to sign off).. but im still POOPYMPANG..
  206. P

    TV Pool: Por and Pat

    i think that por and pat is so cute...
  207. P

    FHM Sexiest 100 Women

    i don't really find kob, bee matika, or cheer sexy at all, but its cool.. they are all very cute..
  208. P

    Aump Patcharape in Darapappoyon

    i have always loved her looks..
  209. P

    Benz Pornchita

    p'benz so luxurious in these clothes...
  210. P

    Kat English

  211. P

    Araya Chompoo

    araya is so cute in this photoshoot..
  212. P


    i soo want her outfits too.. and she does look dead in the first one.. but she is very beautiful
  213. P

    boy & au

    p.boy is in gor gayasit which he is...sootlaw... but still... one of the good ones still out there!
  214. P

    Petch Ron Fai

    pboy was jux doing his pra'ek role and this movie was a drag because after this he was no pra'ek no more and now... look at him... he is so sad! wellz, i think he is still good... he is so kute, anywaise!!! :wavecry:
  215. P

    Kror Guy Yasit

    oOoo mei god... bodysarn ish so kute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's so romantic... in a way! :lmao: ahaha! love him... but thea betta be no r scene... i still love mei angkad! hell yea!!! muahz!
  216. P

    Who play/act best as TWIN!

    I say YUI!!! and AUMP!!!
  217. P

    Who's here are 21 +

    wow, i wish i was 21.. im only fourteen!! <--early teen years
  218. P

    who is the best pra ek !!!!!

    i sya por, because he;s good looking and yet, a good actor.
  219. P

    Sarnie Idol 2

    i reserve the kula san suay song!!!
  220. P

    help with idol thing!!

    how do you guys do the idol thing.. like i know how to record and stuff but not the thing to the volume.. can someone explain it to me???
  221. P

    Kror Guy Yasit

    i think this must be a website of her's!! yam's website
  222. P

    art sarthra (อาร์ต-ศาสตรา ศรีวิลัย)

    i truly love him in glot pet! he was so hot!
  223. P

    Kror Guy Yasit

    so far im hating on this lakorn.. they should stick back with like the old tradition and the most animation put in should at least be a fairy with some monster baby like in kula san soy.. or not even... i mean, this lakorn is so unrealistic and thep;ek can't act or fight.. makes me want to kill...
  224. P

    art sarthra (อาร์ต-ศาสตรา ศรีวิลัย)

    omg i love him like totally.. hes really hot and i love him.. he so talented too.. i wish he can act in boran lakorns again.. i havent seen him in a while..
  225. P

    Ka Ra Sand Suay

    i have a feeling that part 30 is going to be part end because i just watched part 8 and 29 today and it was really weird.. i guess.. hh!!
  226. P

    who do you want to see aom with?

    boy... all the way because they are such a cute couple... yea james and her do act alot together but i think boy and her makes a cuter couple... he is the bad guy in thep 3 rudoo... the cow's son... or pra'eg in prasuton menorah 2nd version...
  227. P

    Yam vs. Au

    i have to say that au looks better in this pic.. but yam is so much better in talent and of coruse in other photos!!
  228. P

    pics of Aom from Si Yod Ku man

    i dont really find her pretty in this one.. i think shes most beautiful in wongsawan!!
  229. P

    Lek Jassada

    when i first saw gomin and some of his other boran lakorns, im like hes so much hotter looking than the p'ek!! hehe!!
  230. P

    Most common last name in China, Xiong

    hmm.. is that right.. i must be a y xiong tooo!! yay!!!
  231. P

    my first impression...

    hey, well i was accidently onmy sister's name which is der052 but here's another one i made of me..its a gif.. dont freakout.. hehe.. i love sarnies!!
  232. P

    Khun Noo Fah Gup Maew Karng Baan

    i'm satarting to lovet his lakron.. sometimes it freaks me out if i just think about it!!!
  233. P

    Thepsin Interajuck

    omg.. i extra love this lakorn; yam & boy-> their love is so ADORABLE!!!
  234. P


    in da beginning it is kind of boring but as it moves on it is getting better...i like dis movie because i am a big fan of benz... hehe... i jux like her and i think she is pretty in a natural sexy way... i love louis... i think he ish so hot! i knoe dis sounds weird but he is a hottie!
  235. P

    Boy Blinya

    i love dis guy especially da bulan that he acted wid benz!!! ma ha sa jun... hellz yea... dis movie made him banging... hehe!!!
  236. P

    Thepsin Interajuck

    no!!! actually i think boy did a perfect job if u noticed! boy(interajak) is always with nyam in borans and even if they don't get together there is like chemistry and stuff... jux cause phone and yam looks good... yam could be paired up wid other peoplez... buttah the funny thing id i am not...
  237. P

    Yam+Phone Dating!!!

    this is too good to be truue....